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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Monday, September 25, 2017

alzheimers news-post walk thoughts

these walks are what keeps the alzheimers engine going

these funds raised
provides education about this terrible disease
provides an opportunity for families to come together
to share their experiences with this disease
provides a chance for family and friends to support those
friends that have been affected by this disease
help fund research no matter how small to reach
all our final goals
a treatment
a cure
a way to prevent
alzheimers disease

we all there had the same goal
some of us more affected than others

this is the group that walked with us on saturday
our team

it was made up of friends and former patients
folks from both my wife shes and my lives
supporting us as we march forward looking
to reach our goal of a cure or treatment

even these two were there
wearing shirts from our first walk several years ago
they werent even born yet
but they have these shirts on
walking for the cause
both parents were former patients

there were folks there from
habitat for humanity
meals on wheels
my former clinic
former patients
my wifes shes friends and former teacher friends

it felt good to be with them
knowing we had this type of emotional support
and financial support
for the future

later many of us got together for lunch at a
nearby restaurant
to continue our celebration
a celebration of life

this walk was different
it felt different
i knew as did they that this one would be our last one
here in central texas

i feel good
that i somehow have left a mark in this area
hopefully advancing awareness for the fight against this disease
that folks will remember for a long time

to all who supported us here
emotionally and financially
as we move forward against this disease

you will not ever be forgotten

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, September 22, 2017

alzheimers news-reflections

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the fall this time of year
i tend to do a lot of reflecting
i guess because thats when all the alzheimers walks occur
when you see a lot in the paper on tv and social media
about alzheimers disease

i start thinking a lot about our family
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my mother nell
a nurse who was struck with this dreadful disease
later in life
it was sad to see her deteriorate so slowly

my father charles
he died of heart disease but probably had early alzheimers disease

my older brother charles was diagnosed 3 years ago
he seems to be stable for now

Image result for organicgreendoctor joe
my brother joe
a retired fireman
a retired deputy sheriff
he was struck with the disease much too young
in his early 50s
he was gone in his early 60s
i think about him a lot

when i was diagnosed in december 2010
i really thought in september 2017 i would be where he was with his
disease at that time

i feel so lucky that i am able to sit here today
writing this blog
doing all the things i did when i was diagnosed
7 years ago
i really didnt think i would be able to sit here this morning
do all our finances
know everyone
see my granddaughter start to grow up
Image result for organicgreendoctor miss b

i feel lucky
maybe its from
all the healthy stuff i do
all the protocol stuff i do
the medicine aricept (donepezil) slowing this down
just maybe

if i am  lucky the aducanumab i am getting each month
an antibody infusion against the bad beta amyloid in the brain
the stuff that may be the cause of alzheimers
might slow things down some

Image result for organicgreendoctor alzheimers news
i know from preliminary studies that if i an not getting the
placebo but the real aducanumab that  most of that stuff the amyloid
will be removed by next year
the question is
will the memory stabilize or get better for those of us getting
this experimental drug
if it does work to improve memory
then its part of the answer
ive gained 5 years
which if you have had a love one with this disease like we have
thats a lifetime of time

i think about all the folks i have met over the last 7 years
patients husbands wives sons daughters grand kids cousins friends
all like our family deeply affected by this disease

i know many of you who are reading this blog
your family has been affected also

i will be thinking about my family and yours and theirs
as i and my family and my friends and former patients
do our walks this fall to raise awarenes
to raise funds to educate and finance research and encourage
our government to do more
Image result for organicgreendoctor miss b
tomorrow here in texas
there will be a time
when i will stop
go inward
think of my family and others
yes i always tear up
i will move forward
to do what you have to do to make things better

join us or do your local walks

my walks

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santa barbara walk to end alzheimers october 28th

the organicgreendoctor

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

alzheimers news-26 weeks in

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today marks the 26th week into the biogen aducanumab study
for hopefully slowing down this disease
for me for now if i didnt get the placebo

for the rest of you if this stuff actually works
it will be available to you eventually

eg those of you who have  matching dna to mine
this may be a drug you will get
some of you even before you have symptoms

thats where all this is heading

this 6 month testing today is important
for this drug this infusion to work
it has to do two things

first   it has to remove the bad beta amyloid from the brain
keep new amyloid from being deposited

second   the memory testing has to show no change or
an improvement in memory

this second one has to happen or this stuff isnt helping
the first one well that happened in everyone who has had this
in early studies

so for me
this is an important day
although i will not ever see the results
when the memory tests are done
since i have had enough of them
have actually administered them to folks
i know how i do when i take them

they isolate us my wife she and i
like you know when the police isolate suspects
well i guess thats not a good example

they ask her questions about how i am doing
has she noticed things etc
they ask me similar questions to compare our answers

we my wife she and i always joke
i do better than she does on some of these

its several different memory tests that are done
similar to the moca and mmse that are done in a lot
of doctors office
i scored low 7 years ago but have improved over that time

when all these are put together
they are compared to my memory testing done over 6 months ago

if i got the real stuff they should have improved
if this stuff works
if i got the real stuff

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then after lunch
i get the pet scan called the amyvid scan
it tests for the beta amyloid thats accumulated there
the scan on the left above is positive
the scan on the right above is negative

i also decided to do a substudy where they do more pet scans
than on the other study subjects
even though like the memory tests ill never see the results
the more data they can get the better the results are at the end
of the study

if this stuff is working if i got the real stuff
my pet scan will look better
at the end of the study
it should be all clear

again though
the memory has to not get worse or get better
for this drug to be a success

the amyvid scan uses a radioactive substance to highlight
the beta amyloid in the brain
if its all red like in the initial scan above on the left
then the scan is positive
if its still red after the study is done
then the stuff either it didnt work or you got the placebo

everyone in the study has a scan that is positive at the beginning

if its not red after getting the infusions then it looks like
the scan on the right
it means the amyloid is all gone
thats right its all gone
initial testing in other studies show this stuff removes the amyloid

this is an important visit
as in one year this part of the study ends

when they look at all the results then
if it appears to be working and there are no significant side effects
all of us will get the real drug infusions for another 3 years

what i hope is
i got the real drug to begin with and not the placebo
i think i may be getting the real drug based on some of my side effects
i hope this stuff really works

help us find a cure

my walks

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

dear ms b-im practicing

Image result for organicgreendoctor school garden
ms b
when you look at those pictures
dont be jealous
im just practicing
for when you get in elementary school
i can volunteer at your school garden

several weeks ago when it was found that we
were moving here
the teacher messaged me
to see if i could help in her school garden

now this person knows a lot about gardening
doing a lot more at her home
than she can do at school
she cant do it by herself
she needed some help
someone who could help her get her school garden
back in shape

i try to be a helper helper
not taking over the whole program
but providing my advice based on my experiences
as an organic gardener
my exposure to helping with school gardens

i never try to take over the whole thing
i just try to help them in areas they need help
whether its supplies or advice
advice you know is cheap

i started volunteering once a week for an hour and a half
at the school where my two nephews attended
where my daughter in law attended
helping the teacher out

she is the teacher that years ago
inspired my wife to go into teaching
my wife she would come visit
would volunteer in the school
she fell in love with teaching
after being there
her inspiration coming from the teacher
so my initial job was to clear the weeds out of these
oh my oh my
thats all i could say
theyll never get all that grass out of those beds
they might as well just start mowing it like the lawn

i was given a few kids who raised their hands
who wanted to help in the garden
i made them give me an imaginary quarter to help
they seemed to enjoy that

now ms b i could just visualize you
digging around in that bed
getting dirty and pulling weeds
so these kids
i let them climb into the bed
with diggers in hand
they talked and picked and dug
i thought theyll never get all this stuff pulled up

well i was wrong
their method worked
at the end of the day
this is what the beds looked like
all grass free
for now at least
ready to plant whatever seeds or plants that fit
into their program

ive noticed in my experience in planting gardens with kids
they tend to eat whatever they plant
if they get involved

so at the end of the day
i must say
a job well done

think ill practice again next week

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, September 18, 2017

alzheimers news-diagnose before any symptoms

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this is world alzheimers month
its the 6th leading cause of death in the us
some think its number 4
in the county we are living in it is the 4th leading cause
of death here
there are 5,000,000 folks with the disease in the us
by 2050 there will be 16,000,000 folks in the us with this disease

i read this article from the wall street journal titled
an alzheimers diagnosis-before any symptoms

now i found the article interesting
if you want to know about getting diagnosed earlier
for yourself or your family
you should read this article
heres the link to it

now i didnt need to read this article to learn about
all of this
i have lived this the last 7 years

as i have meandered through the private neurology world
then the alzheimers research world as a patient

as i have written this blog researching what i write about

as i have given lectures on alzheimers disease

as i have answered questions from folks at q and a sessions

i have learned all this stuff thats in the article
first hand i must add

i read today about a new research study thats starting up
it will run for 8 years at usc and other universities
folks who are diagnosed with

prealzheimers disease-folks with  no symptoms but with positive tests
mild cognitive impairment due to alzheimers disease-folks with mild
symptoms but with positive tests

will be given one of these
an infusion of a vaccine like the one i am getting now at ucla
a pill that prevents the bad amyloid from being produced and
deposited in the brain
those unlucky ones will get that placebo thing

the question of whether identifying folks before they get symptoms
or when they get early early symptoms
then giving them treatment long term
will it make a difference
we will find out in 8 years

studies like the aducanumab study i am in or the crenezumab study thats
on going now will partially answer that question in 5 years

we are on the brink
of finding an answer

in this article all the testing they write about
has oozed over from the research world into the private medical world
such that these tests may get done by a private neurologist
seeing you or a loved one for the workup for memory loss

so in 2010 if you could fast forward that to 2017
if when i went to the neurologist
even before i had a memory test done

i could have had
memory tests which would have showed short term memory issues

genetic blood tests for the early onset or dominantly inherited gene
and for the late onset alzheimers gene the apoe 4 gene

spinal tap analysis for the beta amyloid and tau
these levels become abnormal as the disease progresses

an amyloid pet scan that would show if the beta amyloid was present
if you have even early alzheimers it will be positive
if it is negative you probably dont have alzheimers

we are almost there now to be able to identify if you have it
before symptoms start
these studies like the ones i have been involved in will show
if this is true

a lot of thought and preplanning needs to be done
before you have these done
especially if you are in the prealzheimers state

it can be i must say quite overwhelming to get the results
i liken it to finding out
that you have huntington disease
that you have a terminal cancer

it requires a lot of soul searching and contemplation
to get these diagnoses
the end result is the same
all ending in death from the disease
some quicker than others

this may be the limitation of folks having the testing
for alzheimers
they might not be ready to know

organizations like the alzheimers texas and alzheimers association
and us against alzheimers can help with the process

can take care of your health
can get involved in the support of research and education
volunteering with these groups
helping us with our walks to raise money to help the fight

go to the alzheimers texas site www.txalz.org to find the central texas
location of their walks

go to the alzheimers association site www.alz.org to find their walks
located all across the us

we cant do it without your help

my walks

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alzheimers texas williamson county walk september 23rd

santa barbara walk to end alzheimers october 28th

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Friday, September 15, 2017

alzheimers news-county with the most deaths in your state

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most of the readers of my blog live in arkansas texas
lousiana oklahoma calfornia colorado
although most all of the states have someone that reads this blog

we in the alzheimers world
know that the deaths from alzheimers are increasing
real fast each year
the numbers have now gone from the 6th leading cause of
death in the united states to
the 4th leading cause of death

the disease is being more recognized and not as stigmatized
sort of like cancer was years ago
more death certificates are having the diagnosis added
more folks are getting older

its easier to diagnose folks now a days than in the past
with the scans and spinal fluid tests and memory tests available

even with all these
the numbers still are climbing

so here are the counties in each of the above states
with the most deaths from alzheimers disease
ill let you look at your own state and wonder
why that county has the highest death rate from alzheimers disease

arkansas   polk county   118.7 per 100000

california   amador county   78.93 per 100000

colorado   otero county   97.36   per 100000

louisiana   madison parish   118.21 per 100000

oklahoma   pittsburgh country   53.8 per 100000

texas  young county   136.24 per 100000

the state with the highest death rate from alzheimers
south dakota   walworth county   272.18 per 100000

the state with the lowest death rate from alzheimers
hawaii   honolulu county   24.6 per 100000

here is a link to look up any state to see what county
has the highest death rate from alzheimers disease

my thoughts on the high and low numbers
difference in race make up of the state
health care
state reporting accuracy
isolated populations
a younger population

i guess the impression i want to leave
is that the numbers are climbing
will continue to climb
unless we come up with a way to treat the disease
a way to slow the disease down

you can help you know

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the williamson county alzheimers texas walk is at the san gabriel
park in georgetown texas on saturday september 23rd
my wife she and i will be there for the walk

here is the link to the walk
here is the link to my team organicgreendoctor

please donate and or walk with us that day

we will also be doing the walk to end alzheimers in santa barbara
on saturday october 28th at the fess parker doubletree resort
here is the link to the walk
here is the link to my team organicgreendoctor.com

we need your support
to find a cure

the organicgreen doctor