welcome to the organic green doctor blog

i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

dear ms b-the banana leaf

Image result for organicgreendoctor school garden
ms b
i enjoy picking you up from preschool by myself
i dont have to share you
we can do things together
that it seems we both enjoy

when i pick you up
we go from the preschool
to the garden where my garden plot is located

we have this routine you know
as we head in to the gate
you ask
where are the pumpkins

i think to myself
you are just two how can you talk like this
remember all those things

there was this big ole pumpkin you liked to pet as
you went by and another pumpkin that was all
warty and lumpy looking
one of your favorites it seemed

then on to the bock bocks as you call them
chickens for those who dont know
we talk to them dont we
we fed them leaves of veggies and cukes
they pecked and squawked
we were there for awhile
visiting those chicks

on to the garden plot
you helped me water my bed real well
i look forward to you being able to pull up a carrot
from the garden later this winter
like a rabbit eat it on the spot
just maybe
eating it just as it comes out of the ground
we gotta boost that immune system you know

you as usual want to go over to the birdbath
to fill it up
splash it a lot
you pet the bluebird sitting on the side
not quite understanding why you cant
put its beak into the water
you did cup your hand to give it a drink
you also bent down and petted the big ole strawberry
growing underneath the bath
for a not done yet adventure
we went out the back gate
to the orchid

there is this big ole tree
full of these ripened oranges
we picked one
a satsuma orange
peeled it
i got one piece
i guess you were hungry
you ate all the rest

down and around the orchard
there we picked a pomegranite
my niece says you can cut one in half
give it to your kiddos
they can spend thirty minutes getting those seeds out
i tried it
on myself
it works
a little messy
but it kept me busy

into the cool big ole tall banana grove
there hanging up high
like in a jungle
was a whole bunch of bananas
i lifted you up
you got to pet all those baby green bananas

well come back when they are ripe
they taste so much better than the store bought ones

there on the ground
was this big ole banana leaf
it was 3 times as long as you were
having fallen down to lay on the soil
to keep it cool the soil that is

you said to me
i let you pick it up
by one end

you drug that big ole banana leaf
up the hill
around the garden
back to the car
we stretched it out all 6 foot of it
from the back to the front seat it stretched
you pulled it out
walked back to our condo
dragging that thing all the way

we placed it on our balcony
for all to see

i must say
this was an adventure i would like to repeat
many times over

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, November 20, 2017

helter skelter

Image result for helter skelter
i saw the movie
when i was reading the book
it was so bone chilling
that i would lock all the doors and turn
on all the lights just to read the book
i only would read it during the daytime
when my wife she was home
never read it alone

thats how gruesome those murders were

i am not a real believer in the death penalty
if you execute one person who was innocent
thats one too many

we have seen too many times in history
especially some of those tied to racial injustice
where an innocent man was put to death
was about to be put to death

that said
there are crimes when they are committed
that there is no chance in hell
that the justice system could be wrong

when that happens
iv infusions of drugs to quietly put them to sleep
like you would an old ill dog
that too good for some people

a more uncomfortable death should be considered
a firing squad

thats what should have been done
to the helter skelter master mind
we should never had allowed him to smolter
in prison for around 40 years
on our nickel

he should have been taken care of
not long after he was convicted

there are certain cases that fit that criteria
was one of them

i refuse to write his name
may he not rest in peace

may his accomplices never ever get out of jail

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, November 17, 2017

alzheimers news-is there room

Image result for organicgreendoctor
thats the question raised by a recent rand corporation study on
what would happen if a treatment for alzheimers disease
came on the market

well that very likely will be a reality in less than 5 years
if some of the drugs show promise in fighting this disease
get approved for use

biogen which makes the aducanumab drug i take each month
sponsored the rand corporation study

the result of the study i am in will come out in 2019
if the results are promising the drug will be approved
soon after that

they probably will go after folks who have changes in the
brain already of alzheimers they just dont know it yet
the prealzheimers or prodromal state
ie normal memory with positive scans
those like me with early symptoms

if you are too far long with the disease its probably too late
to get treatment

now recently in this blog i wrote titled
alzheimers news-can we afford it
that we basically may not be able to afford these treatments
at the same time we cant afford not to do them

lets say in 2020 a new treatment becomes available
there are literally thousands of people no thats millions
in just the us who will fit the criteria for treatment
me when i was 55 i would have had a positive scan
thats when if not earlier i would have wanted to get treated
to get maximum effect from the drug

so what would it take to get diagnosed and evaluated
to qualify for treatment

you go to a doctor usually a specialist like a neurologist
a geriatrician or psychiatrist
its usually a neurologist
there arent enough of them available
now remember we are talking about several million folks
needing to see the specialists
can you imagine the back load of appointments just to get
the work up will include probably the amyvid pet scan
for the beta amyloid
its the stuff that the aducanumab removes

remember we are talking millions of people here
after finally getting into the neurologist
now need the amyvid pet scan
there are not enough scanners that do this in the us
to do all the scans that will need to be done

can you imagine the delay its going to take to get
your diagnosis

this stuff will probably be given in infusion centers
the ones where things like
chemotherapy is done
infusions for ms connective tissue diseases like rheumatoid
lupus ulcerative colitis psoriasis etc

you can see the backlog that will build up just to get the infusion
whenever you finally get diagnosed
especially early on
will there be enough drug available for all these folks who
will need treatment

the rand corporations conclusion is that it will probably take
18 months to get seen and get diagnosed before receiving

as those of us know who are familiar with alzheimers know
those two years are a long time in alzheimers time

it is predicted by the study that starting in 2020 over the
next 2 decades over 2 million people will develop alzheimers
waiting for diagnostic studies and treatments

we will be at the finish line but we wont be able to cross it

i feel like those of us needing treatment
are like charlie brown when he goes to kick that football
lucys gonna pull it away at the last minute

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

do i or dont i

organicgreendoctor: longevity
those are those words that i mumbled under my breath
like those shakespeare words
to be or not to be
that is the question

so now
its all about
blood pressure

do i or dont i

well according to the new guidelines
heres an article that discusses them
do i or dont i
with the new guidelines
more of us will now have high blood pressure
or hypertension
hbp for short

the new goal is 130/80

at first
these three things came to mind

uh oh
now more of us will have preexisting conditions
hbp can get you axed from good insurance rates
if they being congress mess with the no preexisting clause
when looking to buy health insurance

those drug companies are going to make a killing
i realized
most bp meds are generic and are cheap
but these new guidelines will generate more drug costs
more labs and more doctor visits

as you push folks blood pressure lower
there is a point on folks where its too low
they get dizzy
they especially the older folks can fall
break bones or get head injuries etc

the counter to all this is
by improving blood flow and preventing damage to
the heart the arteries and the brain
diseases like heart disease stroke alzheimers disease
may be prevented or the journey to those diseases
slowed down a lot

for me
i want the envelope pushed to the limit
of where i get maximum benefit from controlling my bp

when i gave up on not taking bp meds
my bp was running around 140+- over 90+-
i felt ok
when i read more about how important it was to control
the bp in regards to slowing down alzheimers
i jumped on board with the bp control idea

i dont mind dying suddenly from a heart attack
or a stroke
i just dont want to fall into that alzheimers pit

on the meds i went
no second thought about it
i did notice that
when i lost weight and starting eating better
sleeping better exercising that my blood pressure started
easing downward
when i got near 110/70+- that i started getting dizzy when i
stood up and had problems with fatigue
i had my dose decreased
my bp stays between 120-130/80s
i feel ok with that
im happy with that dose of medicine and no side effects

so you if you didnt already have hbp
you need to decide if you want to take meds
for your new high bp according to the new guidelines

my warning
try diet change decrease salt decrease stress weight loss
two of my siblings had to get off their bp meds when they
did those things
now they are drug free
with normal blood pressures

if these things dont work for you
i say
get on the meds
just be careful with getting it too low
you may have symptoms
getting those numbers down in the new normal range
may add years to your life
and or
add better health to your last remaining years

try diet and exercise and weight loss first
add meds if this doesnt work
watch for side effects of dizziness on standing or bending over
try to get your blood pressure to stay in the new guidelines
insist on the cheaper generics
live longer

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

no more taxes more taxes


when i do our budget for the year
i figure out how much we will have in income
i do a budget to fit our spending to fit that budget
no credit card debt no borrowing money to live on

at the end of the year
we live within that budget
we have accumulated no more debt

thats the way it seems most financial folks recommend
that you do

now this new tax bill thing
i read about it in the left media and the right media and
the in between media
how can they all say three different things

when i read that stuff
i get real blurry eyed
i get vertigous
i get to where i cant concentrate
i get to where i cant even think

i have tried to put our income into the proposal to see
how it would affect us
you know how you feel if you are so tired you cant think
thats how i feel when i try to figure it out

all i know is that i want to pay my fair share of taxes
not more than that
at the end of the day
i dont want our country to have this big pile of debt

all seem to agree though
at the end of the rainbow for the new tax bill
there is a pile of debt
$1.5+-trillion of it

none of us should accept this

it just seems
like they are hiding something
this carrot is being offered us
a tax cut for the middle class

what i want to know is what will
bill gates pay jerry jones pay the koch brothers pay
donald trump pay those millionaire congress folks pay
those millionaire athletes pay

what will a couple who are both working pay
what will a struggling mom with a kid pay
what will a retired grandparent pay

for me
what would i have paid in my prime
what will i pay now

now i am all for simplifying the tax code
make sure we all pay our share
make sure that those richer than most of us
they should pay more
i think most of us agree with that

when i look at the tax bill
it just doesnt smell right

i am sure if it was the democrats doing a bill
it probably wouldnt smell right either
they tend to go too far the other way

if it looks like a rat smells like a rat
its probably a rat

this new tax bill
the odor is there

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, November 13, 2017

bummer year

now i love my sports
im not like overly obsessed with it like
some folks are
to the invention of the dvr

now i know i can watch the games when i want to
on my on terms

it seems to relieve some of the tension
when i would say
i cant go to that whatever
the cowboys are playing

i sort of dont really well maybe a little
have an excuse

if sports went away from my life
i would survive
but barely

my teams that i am the most for
the cowboys
the longhorns football and mens basketball
with peripheral watching of the womens team

i really dont have a nba team that i consider
my team
like i do with football and the cowboys

i just look for a good nba team to watch play
good players like lebron or stephan or kevin

in baseball i like the rangers and the astros
during the year i dont watch any of the games
i really didnt know the astros were that good
until they made it to the world series
i usually just peripherally keep up with the
astros and rangers

my teams
what i call my teams
the cowboys
the longhorns
thats it

the rest i just like to watch good sports whether its
soccer or womens basketball or volleyball or softball
now i usually watch the womens softball world series
and the little league world series
i do watch the nba playoffs when all the bad teams
get eliminated

it just takes up too much time
all those games
i got better things to do than to sit all day and watch games
i usually watch via dvr so it shortens the time i commit to
watching the game

my preference is watching the game by myself with
no one else around

i prefer no conversations

i am having a bummer year
the longhorns football is sort of falling apart
with glimmers of hope here and there
with glimmers of a better year next year

the cowboys
sorry jerry
its not the commissioners fault that the running back
beat up his girlfriend
just because the charges were dropped doesnt mean
it didnt happen
your running back needs to look in the mirror
accept what he did
pay the punishment
learn from this
how to treat women better

quit defending him
he has a lesson to learn
you need to learn one too

i dont think the cowboys will make it to the playoffs
this year
they just dont seem to feel right when i watch them play

ill continue to watch my teams play
watch the good teams win like the rams the saints the eagles
i personally now look for their games to watch
as a sports fan its a bummer year
maybe what i need to do is pick a favorite team
in each sport and follow them closer

aint got time for all that

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, November 10, 2017

alzheimers newa-veterans and alzheimers

Image result for organicgreendoctor
today is veterans day
i would like to thank those in my family who served in the military
my three older brothers all served and retired from the military
my moms brother was shot in the pacific war during ww2
two brother in laws served also
there are multiple extended family members who have served
a great nephew is serving now in the marines

tomorrow is veterans day
i would like to thank them all for their service

no matter your politics you should do the same to those
in your family who are serving now or have served

today on veterans day
i ran across several articles on veterans developing alzheimers
here is a link to one of them
it seems as a whole they have a similar incidence as the general

those who suffered traumatic brain injury or tbi are 60%
more likely to develop alzheimers than those who didnt
have the brain injury or tbi

if you add ptsd or dementia to the mix the numbers get worse

my concern is
the number of these injuries that have occurred over the
last decade or so in the middle east wars
these are mostly young folks who got these brain injuries
they sad to say are
at a much higher risk than you and i to get alzheimers

thats a tough price to pay for serving your country
maybe right behind giving up your life for your country
they are just doing it in a slower more painful way
a more expensive way for society

so as we celebrate veterans day today
honoring those who serve
lets us remember to help these veterans who are destined
to enter that alzheimers disease decline that happens
as they get older

thanks again to all those who served

thanks to cdn and rln and hdn for serving
we are proud of you

hn thanks for serving now

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, November 9, 2017

5 second rule

we all have probably heard of the 5 second rule
if you just have 1 kid 
you probably dont practice the 5 second rule
most folks by the time that 2nd or 3rd kid comes around
well some move that out to a 10 second rule

what germs are you really worried about
you know there are good germs
i read where farm kids are healthier and have 
less asthma and allergy than city kids
they get exposed to a lot of germs

how else are city kids going to get exposed to 
those germs

the ones to really worry about
are the ones that you see on tv
when there are the outbreaks from 
meat contamination
packaged food contamination 
even salad mixes

these are the well known ones
e coli
some viurses

just ask chipotle about these guys

my theory is that you are more likely to get sick
from eating at a restaurant 
buying meat
buying processed food
buying contaminated veggie
following the 5 second rule

i sit here looking at my kitchen floor
i think
how long will i let the food sit there before i pick it up
and eat it
now i vacuumed the floor yesterday
dust mopped the floor
wet mopped it
so its as clean as its going to get
i dropped a chip on the floor
set the timer
at 5 seconds 
i popped it in my mouth
didnt bother me at all
i dropped another on the floor
set the timer
by 10 seconds 
i was having second thoughts
i popped it in my mouth
didnt bother me at all

so at what time frame would you give up

now i guess if you have a dog 
you just leave it there 
since they dont really care

i always wondered how come they can violate
the 5 second rule
never get sick
heck just thing of the places they put their mouth on
it dont hurt them none it seems

so after this short experiment 
i would say
10 second could be my new rule

oh wait
is that a brownie in the corner over there
i looked around
my wife she aint up yet
i reached down
savored every minute of its flavor

i admit im a  rule breaker

the orgnicgreen doctor

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

i voted

as soon as we got our drivers license a few weeks ago
we were able to register to vote

in the mail came a ballot a few days later
this election voting here was all via mail in ballots

now new to the area we werent up to the politics
of the area
some of the things i voted on
some i didnt
i voted

signed the ballot
licked the envelope
popped it in the mail

as the results came out
last night
i like usually was
on the winning side of some issues
on the losing side on others
i voted

a lot of folks didnt vote
if i hear them whining
ill ask did you vote
they say no
ill raise my hand
talk to the hand

as i was reviewing some of the national votes
one that stood out for me
was in maine
it tends to be a republican independent state
it has a republican governor
its a different state than the rest of the states

it has a bad opioid problem

on the ballot
was the forcing of the state to accept the medicaid
expansion that the governor had refused to accept
a lot of medicaid funding goes to drug rehab programs
for the opioid addicted folks
without some type of intervention
a lot of folks are dying

i wonder if other states will do the same
personally i think big pharma should foot some of the bill
since they are the ones that pushed these powerful drugs
on unsuspecting patients
sort of a sin tax or its your fault tax

i noticed in one state a referendum requiring that
state programs only have to pay what the va pays
for their drugs
the va gets to competitively bid and limit what they pay

should be a no brainer
it lost
just like in other states

we all complain about drug prices
why dont these pass
its the amount of money the drug companies put into
the campaigns against these referendums
does that make those who voted against it
no better than the politicians that take the drugs companies
political contributions

there was this graph i saw on line
it showed the voters based on their political beliefs
on the left the blue side
on the right the red side
they seemed to be equal
where the graphs overlapped in the middle
it was purple

it makes you realize thats where most of us are
its where the elections are won
in the middle
the middle seems to move to the blue or red side
differently each year

the other was a graph
that showed those who voted democrats are highest
amongst women
amongst non white folks
those who voted republican are highest
amongst white men

this could decide which way our country goes
in the future
since the non white numbers will continue to climb
the women and men numbers wont probably change much

it will be interesting to see how the political parties
will change themselves to survive in this trend

the solution to our political problems also may be
to allow only women to run government

i have found the solution to ending mass murders
only allow women to own and use guns

use it as a pay back for all those hundred of years women werent
allowed to vote
it would save lives and allow our government to run better

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

big pharma makes money off us

after i read the article
i went and looked in my medicine cabinet
to see if they were making money off me

i think they are
should i say they were

in my cabinet i found these two meds

Image result for prednisolone eye drops

i use them 1 drop a day in my affected eye to
control chronic iritis
without them for a few days
the eye turns real red and is painful like you get
if you scratch your cornea
plus i get bad headaches and marked fatigue
i put a drop in once a day and it keeps this under control

this stuff comes at a cost of $75 a bottle
thats with insurance and it is generic

so it seems what the drug companies do with eye drops is
they make the drops too big
i guess by making the hole bigger or putting more medicine in
each drop

i notice when i use them the eye is full and a lot runs down my face
so i have to wipe off quite a bit thats wasted

it seems its made that way
so you have to buy twice the volume you need
so that my $75 a bottle could be a smaller $37.50 one

thats money in the big pharmas pocket
they basically double the amount of the drug thats sold
doubling their money

there is a microdrop that can be made to put less drug in a drop
i guess you could just find an eye drop bottle with a smaller hole

wonder if i could try that
i plan to research it
if i find a smaller hole bottle ill just transfer my prednisilone into
the smaller hole bottle
maybe i wont waste any anymore
ill save money doing it

Image result for irbesartan

theres my blood pressure medicine
irbesartan thats brand name avapro
after moving here for some reason i had to drop my dose some
maybe since its so laid back relaxing living here
plus i have lost a few lbs

i pay about $15 a month for the 150 mgm tablet
which now i break in half
my blood pressure is well controlled on this dose
i have now cut my cost in half
sorry big pharma
i just cut your profits a little bit

thinking about the experimental infusion i get
the aducanumab
it could be on the market in around 5 years
at a cost of $40,000 a year
thats $3333 each month for the infusion

lets just say the dose for people adjusted for age weight height
memory loss etc ranges from 2.5 mg to 5 mg to 7.5 mg to 10 mg

lets just say i have to take 5 mg a month
the cost of the 10 mg dose vial since that is the only one thats made
is $6667 a vial

so when i go in they take out 5 gm out of the vial and throw the other
5 mg away
thats $3333 thrown away in the trash
i pay $6667 for my infusion drug
the big pharma makes an extra $3333 on each treatment thats given

a solution would be to make a 2.5 mg vial a 5mg vial a 7.5 mg vial
a 10 mg vial
the price of the 2.5 mg vial would be $1667

so you can see how big pharma doubles their income like the eye drop
folks do with each treatment

now i dont know if the aducanumab will be done that way
probably not
a lot of cancer drugs given as infusions are packaged in just one dose
but folks dont all get the same dose
the extra is just chunked in the trash
but the patient pays for all of it

they use to make different dose vials or a multidose vial that could be
used on several folks

these tricks with the eye drops and the cancer infusions are costing us
or our insurances billions and billions of dollars each year

cant this be fixed

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, November 6, 2017

not yet


Image result for healthcare.gov logo

its not made a name change
not yet

the aca insurance is still called

once it gets all changed
i dont see how it can be made better
it will be called

now this obamacare
even if you dont like it
its important

it provides insurance to close to 20 million folks
those numbers can vary a lot based on who is
writing about it and what points they want to make

for all of us
what happens to this obamacare insurance
it bleeds into the nonobamacare insurance
it seems
most folks i know or my relatives
are all on
medicare and supplements
military retirement
work health insurance

its the work health insurance that seems to affect
most of you
as the price on obamacare goes
so does the cost of your work health insurance

my biggest worry
is the lack of support for the obamacare
will leave us with poor expensive policies
for those having to buy plans on the market

if this all falls apart without support
a lot of folks like many of you
wont be able to get affordable good health insurance
there will be what i call junk ones
that will be taunted by many politicians
as proof of low cost insurance
that are not worth what you pay for them
those preexisting conditions will hurt all of us

i decided to go online to search for what i could get
as insurance through the exchanges
if i lived in three places i used to live

rural arkansas
rural texas just 40 miles north of austin
santa barbara

note califronia has the best website available for this
the healthcare.gov site is sketchy at times
the difference is california has tried to make theirs work
the us government has tried to make theirs fail

i pretended i was 42 with a 40 year old wife who was not pregnant
with a 12 year old son and a 5 year old daughter
with a family income of $75,000

i looked at the different companies that were offered
choosing the silver plan
since you need that one to get the subsidies
i filtered out the ones that i felt like would not be a good
dependable insurance company

in california where we live there was only one choice
in texas and arkansas there were several choices
i chose long established companies
in these cases the companies were blue cross blue shield ones

in california
the only choice was blue shield ppo
cost per month was $605 with a monthly tax credit of $928
it had a $2500 deductible per individual $5000 per family
yearly premium around $7200 with lots of out of pocket costs

in rural arkansas
the choice i made was arkansas blue cross blue shield ppo
cost per month was $711 with a monthly tax credit of $636
it had a $8000 deductible with a $14000 maximum out of pocket limit
yearly premium around $8532

in rural texas near austin
the choice i made was blue cross blue shield hmo
from talking to folks in the healthcare provider side this one
has a restrictive choice of physicians
cost per month was $798 with a monthly tax credit of $386
it had a $5000 family deductible with a max out of pocket of $14700
yearly premium around $9576

all of these policies had a lot of extra costs involved like
copays for office visits extra costs for drugs some had limits on
office visits some had limited choices of providers

when compared to the one i helped my son buy the first year
obamacare came out
a plan that was better than the one my wife she got from work
his was a much better plan than whats available now

the obamacare or not yet trumpcare or aca policies dont have
the same quality as they did in the beginning
i have noticed is the same as those policies folks get
from their work related policies

now all this is for folks who qualify for tax credits
if you dont qualify then you really pay a lot for insuance
well over $15000 a year for this family of four

i dont see any fixing going on of all of this
getting rid of it without replacing it with a more workable system
will leave a lot of you without coverage
due to
the costs
the available only of bad policies
the preexisting clause that will affect most of you

for now i am safe from all of this
since i have medicare and medicare supplement
but even that is climbing in costs
i can afford that
many retired folks cant

the solution
a complete revamping of our healthcare system
in a bipartisan way so it can withstand the changes
of who is in control in congress at a moment in time
i just dont see that happening

i guess what i am saying
there may not really be a solution
since too many powerful influences will come into play
if a change is proposed

it would definitely suck to be a small business person trying
to make it so you are protected from a medical expense disaster

as i have said before
its our fault if this happens
we elect those folks who wont change things up for the better

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, November 3, 2017

alzheimers news-the alzheimers week that was

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it started with our santa barbara walk to end alzheimers last saturday
i was doing ok helping set up the walk
since i am on the committee for the walk this year
i was doing ok
until i had to get up and talk for a few minutes
since they asked me to carry the blue flower
the blue flower represents those of us who have alzheimers

ive got up and talked before a lot of these walks
like this
in fact i pretty much say the same things each time

this time
as i stood on the stage
looking out over the crowd of close to 500 folks
my granddaughter looked up at me
i could see her pretty little face with this look on it
granddaddy she said out loud
what are you doing up there

that was when the dam broke
on my tears
which flowed all the way through my two minute talk
it flowed from me to the audience to the other speakers
to the two emcees

i managed to get through it

i guess folks will remember me talking after all that

this week was our ucla trip
to get my infusion #9 of the experimental drug aducanumab
that hopefully will slow the disease down some

for these trips
its only 90 miles
but its into the beast of the 405 in la
a drive that can take 2 hours or 3 1/2 hours
but this day we got the long version

we leave while its dark
after about an hour we start hitting the beast of the 405

the last 15 miles takes longer than the first 85 miles

so we eventually get there
i get settled into my bed i have to lay on
they start my iv
draw all this blood work
i see the neurologist
i wait for the pharmacy to mix it all up
the pharmacy knows what im getting
no one else does

i always tell them
please dont give me that placebo one
on you know you got the real one the nurse says
she says that to everyone i bet
they hook me up to the iv
it takes an hour to run in
i feel nothing but a salty taste in my mouth
after an hour they flush it with saline
im out of there 3 hours after it starts

my wife she says as she sees me
you know
your face is always real flushed when you finish
those infusions
i said
any side effect i can get is a good one

i have somewhere around 50 +- more of these to get
hopefully a lot more

yesterday the biogen folks presented the results of
their phase 1a study that had been extended for two years
on around 150 folks

this phase 1a study was the one that looked promising
the fda allowed it to get fast tracked to phase 3 studies
so if it helps it can reach the market quicker
the phase 3 study is the one i am in now

this phase 1 study when they extended it these two years
is pretty much like the study i am in

so those folks some of them have been taking the aducanumab
now for 3 years
so these results give us a glimpse into whether this stuff will work

basically in layman terms
my terms that is

the 10 mgm dose worked the best but also had more side effects
so in my study they only are using the 3 mgm and 6 mgm dose
so if i am not getting placebo then i am on one of these doses
when my phase 3 study gets extended in 15 months
i will definitely be on one of these doses

here is what they found in layman terms
after 3 years the aducanumab removed enough of the beta amyloid
from the brain so that the amyvid pet scan for the amyloid
 are now mostly negative
or close to negative on the lower doses

the big determinant of whether this works is
does the memory get better or does its decline slow down

now this is my interpretation of listening to the webcast of the presentation
and reading articles on the results

none of the doses stopped the decline in the memory based on
two memory tests one being the mmse
the high dose the 10 mgm
slowed the decline of the memory significantly compared to the
decline seen in the folks who got the placebo
the 3mg and 6 mgm also slowed the decline in memory
but not as much as the 10 mgm
lets just say it did it half as much

in alzheimers years
3 years can be a long long time
and any slowing of the mental decline over the 3 years
i know any family member would take that

compare that to aricept (donepezil) the alzheimers drug most folks
get put on at first
there is no comparison to the aducanumab

my laymans impression
it removes the bad stuff the amyloid from the brain
by doing so the aducanumab slows down the memory loss
enough that if it does this it will be used in the future to
treat someone with early alzheimers

my impression is even though the amyloid is removed
there is destruction and some disease process thats going on
that has already started snowballing and may not be stopped
that may be why the memory decline isnt stopped completely
man i would take this stuff knowing that
it could give me extra time with my family
time that i would remember also while its happening

just think
if your loved one could have gotten something like this
they might have
made a wedding
maade an anniversary
seen a graduation
seen a birth

i think it would have been worth it

if you havent donated to a walk to end alzheimers
consider donating to my younger brothers familys
team for tomorrows little rock walk to end alzheimers

here is the link
#joe nash

i was thinking just now
what if he could have gotten this medicine early on
what things would he have not missed in his familys life

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