welcome to the organic green doctor blog

i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Thursday, July 27, 2017

sb country n news-views good

one of the things my wife she and i are trying to do
since we moved here
is to try to see and get to know this area

what ive found if you arent careful
you get busy doing the day to day things
you dont get to enjoy whats around you

we had noticed this sort of happening to us
as we eased into living here

so you can stand here
look to the ocean
turn 180 degrees
look to the mountains

it is when you stop to absorb the beauty
it stirs things deep inside
makes you take a deep deep breath
so you can really enjoy what you are looking at

we have started at least once a week
doing hikes in this area
starting from a book on local hikes a relative gave us
our first was a 2 mile hike
along a creek up the mountain
with  magnificent views back over the city
over the ocean

this week
we simply walked a few miles along the beach
out then back
when you are walking
you see things better
you smell the smells better
you hear the sounds better

we plan on continuing this long term
this gives us the essence of this place

when i was home for our reunion
my older sister pulled out this dried pod
she said
i thought you might want these
purple hull seeds to use in your garden

now in the south
you hear words like
black eyed peas
crowder peas
cream peas
purple hull peas

here i hear one word

more than likely
unless you are from the south
you dont enjoy them quite the same as we do

talking with a gardener recently here
he mentioned using cowpeas as a cover crop for the garden
i thought
ill eat those suckers

so i planted them last week
i hope to have peas for new years day from our garden

a cover crop is a crop you plant that will fix nitrogen in the soil
then can be cut down and left in place
tilled under
to provide nitrogen and carbon mass in the soil
like the old farmers used to do

things used are vetch rye wheat cowpeas buckwheat eg

now i just cut them off in the ground
leaving those nutritious roots with its minerals in the ground
for the veggies to use
leaving the above ground part of the plant laying where its cut
placing it in the compost pile

so what i have noticed here
is no matter where you stand and look
if you can see in the distance
the view is good

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

thank you john

sometimes when you are facing death
you think about things differently
trying to do things right for the time you have remaining


i wonder if that is what happened to john mccain
as he stood up on the senate floor
a scar above his left eyebrow
bruising below his left eye

as he talked
well it was amazing
that just a few days before he was having that ball of cancer
cut out of his brain
that yielded a diagnosis
a death for sure soon diagnosis

when he got the word of what it was
he knew i am sure
like kennedy did years ago
he was now on borrowed time

now i dont agree with his politics
that doesnt mean i dont have a lot of respect
for him as a person
knowing what he has gone through in the past

he must be one tough old codger

as he stood up to talk
i wasnt going to really listen to him
i thought he was going to go on and on
on the usual party line way that politicians do
not it seems able to really say what they think

i guess
what the hell im gotta loose

he let the senators have it with a double barrel shotgun
blast of words

he said what needed to be said
what needs to be done

now he was talking about the healthcare bill
but he also was talking about all of the bills

they need to be done in a bipartisan way
the democrats ramrodded somewhat the obamacare through
much like the republicans are trying to do now

mccain said i voted to continue talking about this healthcare
i am voting against the bill as it stands now

thanks mccain
someone needed to say that

a bill without bipartisan input and support
it wont survive the test of time
when the next party takes over
they just change it back to where they want it

can you imagine if the time and energy spent to overturn obamacare
could have been used to fix what was wrong with it
to make it better
where our healthcare system would be today

i hope
that all of congress both republicans and democrats and independents
really listened to what he said
take it to heart
go forward to fix things that need fixing
a just immigration policy
tax reform but not just for the rich
military budgets and all our wars
that would be a start

thanks mccain
this may be the speech that you will be best remembered for
it all needed to be said

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

the truth about teachers and schools

so this email with this attachment
appeared anonymously in my email recently

i just wonder who could have sent it

what you should know about public school and teachers

public teachers in texas are not unionized

teachers in private schools dont have to have a degree or be certified
to teach children

all property taxes dont go to schools
you dont complain about fire police texas dot repairs

teachers dont get free insurance or retirement

teachers are not paid for summers
thats a 9 month salary spread over 12 months

education reform is not partisan
teachers dont believe one party is more for or against

in texas not every district starts teachers at $50 k
lots of teachers who have been teaching for 20 years
or more have just reached $50 k

teachers in texas have not received a significant raise in years
not since george bush was governor

retired teachers are not allowed to take social security
have not received a cost of living in over 18 years

teacher retirement=20% from teachers 20% from the state
and 60% from investments
not from tax payers

teachers spend way too much time testing

testing was installed by politicians you voted for
this was not an idea from teachers or administration

so when people say teachers are socialists remind them that
teachers do the job tasked to them by politicians

legislators retirement is based off a state judges salary and
increases over time often in excess of $100k/yr

schools and stadiums being built are out of control
but are not paid for by state dollars
bond elections and choices of community decides on these upgrades

there is nearly $10 billion in the rainy day fund that could cover most
of these pressing issues
$1 billion would fix education

districts will have to run this year with a budget equivalent to a
budget from 1995 with higher expectations

teachers plan to block vote and remove those against public education

wont you join them

probably a lot of this pertains to most other states in the united states

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, July 24, 2017

its been too long

we have been there now for over 15+ years
we have lost 6,828+ soldiers
we have lost an unknown number of soldiers to
suicide and drug overdose
we have thousands with ptsd that we and they
will be paying for for the rest of their lives
we have spent over a trillion dollars over there


what do we have to show for it
isis for one thing
i supported going to afghanistan to go get ben laden
i didnt expect us to still be there 16 years later
no end in site for our involvement there

thats a different story
dont think we should have been there in the first place
what a mess we made when we did

whats the endpoint here
what are our goals
when do we stop sending all our money and our kids
our sons our daughters our nephews our nieces
our uncles our aunts our fathers our mothers
over there
for what reason
i ask

i have thought about this more recently
since a relative joined the military
since friends kids joined the military
since i reviewed our familys history in regards
to the military

some wars are understandable
for us to fight
like in ww2
this one i dont know
i dont want these kids injured fighting over there

i am not trying
to be non patriotic
to be some antiwar person

i stand take off my hat and usually get a tear in my eyes
when the national anthem is sung at events

we have problems here at home
we need desperately to solve
lets try solving those first
we solve someone elses problems
or make them worse like in iraq

i say
its time
its been way to long
we arent going to win
like in viet nam
we pulled out
got over it
moved on

lets do that now

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, July 21, 2017

alzheimers news-getting it right

Image result for organicgreendoctor
in the past it was not always easy
to get the diagnosis correct
especially in the early stages of the disease

here are the stages that lead to alzheimers disease

prealzheimers-no symptoms yet

mild cognitive impariment(mci)-mild symptoms like me
some believe mci is early alzheimers

alzheimers disease-more advanced symptoms

even 7 years ago when i was diagnosed with mci
mild cognitive impairment
it was thought to be probably due to alzheimers disease
based on memory testing and history taking
really there were not anything else to do to come up with
a more accurate diagnosis

if you are wrong with your diagnosis
then you
start treatment with aricept (donepezil)
have the patient go through the side effects of the medicine
for years
if the diagnosis was wrong
well you just made a persons life more miserable than
the disease the person really had

of course in the workup of things that could cause memory issues
that are easily treated are ruled out
like abnormal electrolytes low b12 low thyroid depression
sleep disturbance etc

sometimes whats left is not always alzheimers disease
but may be caused by benign causes that really wont
worsen over time or will go much much slower than
alzheimers disease

so now in 2017
to have a workup for memory loss that appears to possibly
could be maybe alzheimers disease
the usual workup like i had at first is done
ruling out treatable stuff
if it all points towards alzheimers disease
then a more definitive diagnosis can be made

if its memory loss not due to alzheimers
you may not need medication and its accompanying side effects

if it is alzheimers
then there are a lot of research studies going on and are about
to happen on potential treatments for alzheimers
if you know you probably have it you can make yourself
more available for treatment

now you can have genetic tests done
for early onset alzheimers disease the inherited kind
apoe 4 gene signifying increased risk for alzheimers disease
a spinal tap and analysis for beta amyloid and tau
abnormal levels imply you have alzheimers disease

as a new study is showing
read this article on it
that the use of the pet scan amyvid for the bad beta amyloid
the hallmark of alzheimers disease
can rule out alzheimers disease as the cause of the
persons memory loss

insurance and medicare and medicaid will not pay for this test
however medicare medicaid and other organizations are sponsoring
a study to see if it really makes a difference these scans

its called the ideas study
i was attempting to get into this study to see if i could get the scan done
but i luckily qualified for the aducanumab study that i am in now

so what they have found is
that a significant number of people who have the diagnosis of
mild cognitive impairment and are on meds like aricept (donepezil)
really dont have alzheimers disease
based on the fact that their amyvid scans are negative

if your amyvid scan is negative you do not have alzheimers disease

i would hate to think that i took all this aricept (donepezil)
had all the side effects like dizziness blurred vision sleep disturbances
occasional veritgo fatigue leg cramps vivid dreams
and fasciculations

whats fasciculations
well eg you can look at my calves
and watch my muscle fasciculate
it looks like something is crawling back and forth under my skin
its from the aricept (donepezil)
people with other neurological diseases like huningtons disease
have them also

so these folks who have negative scans can now stop the aricept
i would love to be able to do that
almost get a reprieve from a terrible fatal diagnosis

granted their memory may not ever get better
it may not ever get worse either

physicians who referred their patients for the ideas scans
found that over half the mci patients didnt really have alzheimers
75% of the alzheimers patients did

sorry to say
my amyvid pet scan is positive
so this ideas study wouldnt have helped me any
except verifying the likelihood that i have alzheimers disease

other things can cause the scans to be positive
if its negative its not alzheimers disease

they need more folks for the ideas study
if you know someone who might qualify
here is the link
ideas study information

we need financial support to fight this disease
emotional support to deal with it

join us as we walk this year

we will be doing the
alzheimers texas walk in georgetown texas
on saturday september 23rd
team name is organicgreendoctor

yes we will be in georgetown for the above walk
as we walk with our austin friends and family
do join us
come say goodbye to us

i also will have a team in the
santa barbara walk to end alzheimers 
on saturday october 28th
team name is organicgreendoctor.com

join us

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, July 20, 2017

dear ms b-welcome to your world


we are here in your world now
my oh my
its a whirlwind no stop world

where in the heck do you get all your energy
your gma
she dont need no aerobics
she does all those things
trying to play with you
trying to keep up with you

when those eyes open until those eyes close
you girl
are on
full speed ahead it seems

we do enjoy when we pick you up at your preschool
nice garden your class has
onions tomatoes etc neatly growing in easy accessible
it looks all hands on

when we pick you up
we walk over to the community garden
open the gate
right to the chicken coop inside the garden
you go
bock bocks you call them
your favorite is feeding them stuff
especially white bread
you take a bite
then they take a bite
sharing as you usually do
well sometimes

over to the togd garden a a few beds down from the coop
turn on the water
hand watering the veggies
ok so i help direct the water some
it helps we water around and around each plant
into that well we have around each plant

i am sure you would like to play in that water and dirt

as we do this
butterflies fly around everywhere
blooming is happening all over the place
lizards abound
birds flutter about

this place is a sanctuary
little girls

i can see you digging in the dirt here
digging in the compost

as you do
it appears you greatly increase your immune system
decreasing you chances for
allergic diseases
improving you probiotics in your tummy
all those good guys in the dirt
helps out it seems
welcome to your world
are glad to be in it now

fun times are ahead

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

the pot garden

no this isnt about what you think it is

this summer while visiting relatives
a relative said
you want to see my moms pot garden

i thought to myself
i knew medicinal stuff had been voted in
i didnt know you could grow the stuff yet

oh no
she said
its not what you think

off we went to look at the pot garden
granted stuff would love to grow in these pots

as we drove up
there was this line of
well pots full of plants

i must say
like i told her
those are the largest darkest egg plants i have ever seen

i tried to mentally line all these up in my garden at the
country n
i realized when i did it
that she had as much or maybe more stuff growing than
i did in my garden at home
well our old one

there were egg plants
big ones
lots of tomatoes
lots of peppers
lots of cukes
all lined up in a row

why are they sitting up on blocks i asked
to keep the fire ants out she said

of course
i recognized a good garden when i saw one

how did you do this and why
well they are easy to take care of
no weeding plowing hoeing
just water and pick em

she took pots many from feed buckets for cows
drilled holes in the bottom
added this leaf mulch dirt stuff

apparently for years they have piled up leaves
and pine straw up near a big ole pine tree
that stuff has be well slowly composting
all that time
its used to fill up the pots
the plants are planted
they are watered regularly everyday
to keep them from drying out
the hardest thing to do when you pot garden

thats all she does
just add water
rainwater when she can get it

she said the plants like the rainwater better than
the city water system water

i admired that pot garden
i almost well i did get a real high from looking
at them

i had visions of a pot garden
on our new patio here
following this pot gardeners method

best garden ive seen in a while

im sure even willie would have liked this one

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

sb country news-its different

thats what i told my wife she yesterday
when i stepped outside at mid afternoon
when i went to water and check on my garden here
i almost felt guilty being here
knowing that if i was back at the country n
i would probably be melting
with temps over 100 and high humidity
i fought yesterday hard to get my garden cared for in this
low humidity mid 70s sunny weather

i sometimes garden in the midday here
its nice
at 74 degrees and sunny
its like gardening in texas at 600am without the humidity
i also have noted that at that time
mid day
i seem to have the whole garden to myself
since its too hot for some locals to garden here in midday

my garden is a 20 ft x 10 ft plot
in case you are bad at math
thats 200 square feet

at the country n
one of my beds was 3 ft x 12 ft
so this plot is about 4 or so of those beds
since its is 10 ft wide i have to allow somewhere
to walk down the middle

its one of about 20+ plots in the garden

this soil here is sort of a sandy soil clay soil mixture
devoid somewhat of nitrogen
i immediately added after talking to other locals
compost lots of it
then i the first day i got here
prepped this bed
planted all my veggies that i could grow here
tomatoes peppers sunflowers squash more peppers
basil swiss chard kale eggplant
things we will eat

luckily here
you can easily grow things all year round

the principles of gardening are the same
its the timing of planting thats different

its also drier here
we get half of the average rain that central texas gets
this year before the winter rains came
this area was in a severe drought
they almost ran out of water in their reservoir

its back to dry now
making it susceptible to fires
which are just a few miles away
soot falls down regularly every day on the garden
i guess the soot is good for the soil

no dont worry
we arent threatened in any way by the fires

so this last week i did my first official harvest
from the garden for supper the other night
i picked
squash swiss chard kale bell pepper banana pepper purslane
amaryth to go in our salad and in our pasta
no my wife she was not allowed to pick my green tomatoes

here above is a picture of my garden at 4 weeks

here below are surrounding gardening plots
the middle of the garden area is reserved for school education
and for raising food to donate to food banks
each plot renter has to do so many community hours a year
if you look you can see the mountains and clouds
in the distance

the farmers markets here
well if i am by myself i can spend an hour or two walking
around and talking to all the gardeners and farmers

my favorite are the fresh picked avocados
no not from mexico
from some place nearby here

im guilty
feeling that is
until i bite into the avocados and citrus here
taking a slow deep breath
when was the last time i sweated

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, July 17, 2017

its their our fault

this permeates all of the corners of the us
the big cities the rural areas the poor states the rich states
we are all affected by it
opiate thing

i was watching the civil war by ken burns the other night
i also have been reading a book about a civil war doctor
they just lined up those shot up soldiers
took the saw those surgeons did
sawed off above the injured area
wiped off the saw
grabbed the next leg or arm
sawed it off
sometimes for several days without stopping

now those guys usually died from infections
some survived
many got hooked thats right
on heroin or morphine

ok so they sort of had an excuse
we now in the united states today
we dont really have an excuse

why do we have this opiate epidemic
big pharmas fault
congresses fault
pharmacies fault
federal and state governments fault
go walk into the bathroom
look in the mirror

thats you
its your fault
you and i have the power to vote
either we dont care
we arent enraged enough

this epidemic has hit the core of america
the middle class white folks
usually when this happens
things get fixed

here is sort of the story of how all this happened
yes i was part of it
i wrote prescriptions
i vote

heroin and such opioids have always been around
peaking at times
like in those solders after the civil war

the opiates were used
to treat pain
to treat sorrow
to treat then the addiction

a few years ago
the federal and state governments decided doctors werent aggressively
treating peoples pain
they began to reprimand doctors for not writing for enough pain meds
the push began
even i who didnt over prescribe this stuff
felt the pressure to well over prescribe
i loosened up my prescribing
its no fun to get drugged in front of the state medical board
with your own lawyer
getting your name in the news
getting your name on the medical boards website
he got reprimanded for not treating peoples pain

that never happened to me
but it did to others

we all felt the pressure

now that i think back
i do wonder if some of this was not some conspiracy by big pharma
to get us to prescribe more of their drugs
you know they have powerful lobbyists
who spend millions influencing those folks that we vote into office
they provide these good looking drug reps to sell the stuff
giving away all kinds of free stuff
like meals trips etc

then big pharm really jumped in strongly
pushing their narcotics
on tv ads
sending those reps aggressively to visit with primary care doctors
who they lied to about how these powerful narcotics worked
like hydrocodone and oxycodone
all of this increased the supply the flow of these narcotics
out into the public
initially all legal

eg people having orthopedic surgery got all hooked
they needed more drugs
they started seeking more drugs
they stole from others
they faked pain at doctors office
some even sold theirs on the black market

the middle man
those companys that distribute drugs in the us
started leaking drugs into the black market

the flow of drugs became almost like a flood

congress those people you and i elect
decided to tighten up
on all of this
to stop the flow somewhat

first they started going after the doctors again
making it known that we were all over prescribing
just the opposite of a few years ago

we all felt the pressure
we all cut back
probably too much

i had oral surgery recently and they didnt want to give me pain meds
i almost demanded them
i am glad i did
there was 2 or 3 days of severe pain that thankfully resolved quickly
sure glad i had those few pills around to help

so now
we have created a large pool of addicted folks
we have started to under treat pain again

where do those folks turn to for relief
addiction centers
these are becoming underfunded and the new health law doenst help either
its the streets

the narcotic supply was dwindling and expensive
enter heroin
its cheaper
works fast
hooks you real good

now we are back to the civil war era
we really havent progressed much have we

we didnt solve it then
we arent solving it now

i wrote all this
i dont really have a solution to present to you
we can all vote cant we

if they the politicians think they will be voted out
they will start doing what it takes to solve this problem
probably not before then

this seems to be one problem that affects both parties equally
its a non partisan issue

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, July 14, 2017

alzheimers news-#5 down and thanks

Image result for organicgreendoctor
on tuesday i went it for my #5 infusion of the aducanumab stuff
well it might have been the placebo
i will never know if i got the real stuff or not
nor will the researchers at ut southwestern alzheimers research center
its a double blind study

like i have written before
if this stuff seems to work in little over a year in those who got
the real stuff
it will be offered to all of us for another 3.5 years
extending my treatments well into 2022
heck we will have had another election by then for president

today while awaiting my call for my infusion
as i sat in the lobby
there was another couple sitting there waiting also
i went over and struck up a conversation

wow how similar this guy and i were
we were about the same age
we were both professionals white collar that is
we both were surprised by our diagnosis when it happen
we were using the same words as we talked
he said i dont want that placebo stuff
i want the real deal stuff
i said that also i thought to myself

just think if this stuff were to work in both of us
in 5 years we will be just like we are today
no better maybe
not worse
thats all we can ask for
we both agreed on this
i wish to say thanks
to the alzheimers disease center at ut southwestern for providing
care for me and helping me along this journey
the last 7 years

special thanks to
dr rosenberg
dr quiceno
dr williams
dr womack
for being on my side as we move forward to fight this
terrible disease

i as a volunteer for the research studies
them as researchers trying to find a cure

a reminder
the biggest obstacle to finding a cure
is you
there are not enough volunteers for these studies
that is sad
that we cant get the research done
because theres not enough money
theres not enough volunteers

www.clinicaltrials.gov can link you up to studies in your area

i am doing my part to fight this disease
what are you doing
everyone of you will be affected by alzheimers disease
if you are female and you live long enough
you will more likely get alzheimers disease than not

so as i got my infusion
got the needle out of my arm
drove to the airport
got on the plane
to fly back to california

i was sad
i left an important part of me back there
hopefully i can gain some of it back
we move forward to ucla to continue our fight
against alzheimers disease

we need financial support to fight this disease
emotional support to deal with it

join us as we walk this year

we will be doing the
alzheimers texas walk in georgetown texas
on saturday september 23rd
team name is organicgreendoctor

yes we will be in georgetown for the above walk
as we walk with our austin friends and family
do join us
come say goodbye to us

i also will have a team in the
santa barbara walk to end alzheimers 
on saturday october 28th
team name is organicgreendoctor.com

join us

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, July 7, 2017

alzheimers news-its the oil

Image result for organicgreendoctor
there are two diets recommended for slowing down alzheimers disease
it bodes well for folks trying to slow down or prevent
heart attacks and strokes

one is
the mediterranean diet
the other the mind diet
both are similar

the mind diet is really a blend of
the mediterranean diet
the dash diet for blood pressure

i like the mind diet
click on the link here to read about it

one ingredient it seems all recommend
extra virgin olive oil

extra virgin oil is well like fresh squeezed orange juice
it uses mechanically squeezed olives fresh ones to produce
the pure olive oil
the other olive oils are extracted using chemicals
extra virgin oil is the better choice
its the one recommended

a recent study at temple university showed that in mice
who were fed evoo rich diet
thats extra virgin olive oil rich diet
that the autophage cell cells
those garbage cells in the brain
were activated by the extra virgin olive oil diet

these cells clean up debris inside the brain
these mice had better memories and learning abilities than those
not fed the evoo rich diet
the evoo rich diet mice had better neuron connections than those
who didnt eat that diet

if this extrapolates to humans
which it probably does
which as far as i am concerned it does
then we all should be on this as our oil of choice

you may be smarter for it

this has been a sobering week for me
as i head back home where i grew up for our annual family reunion

i always it seems seem to come face to face with reality
as i visit
the grave of my younger brother who died at 62 with alzheimers disease
looking at his grave looking at old pictures seeing his progression
it makes it well sobering
thinking of what he and his family went through

i visited my mom and dads graves
thinking of both of them
thinking mainly of her and her final downward course with the disease

i visited with  my older brother diagnosed about 3 years ago
who is on aricept donepezil like i am
that was less sobering as he seems to have improved over time
well like i have over the last several years

as i am here
sandwiched between my second mri then early next week
my fifth infusion and final one at ut southwestern in dallas
my care then switches to ucla

it all makes me
take deep breaths
really realize how lucky i am and we are to be where we are with all this
not where we expected to be 7 years ago

we need financial support to fight this disease
emotional support to deal with it

join us as we walk this year

we will be doing the
alzheimers texas walk in georgetown texas
on saturday september 23rd
team name is organicgreendoctor

i also will have a team in the
santa barbara walk to end alzheimers 
on saturday october 28th
team name is organicgreendoctor.com

join us

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, July 3, 2017

my head hurts

thats what i told my wife she
last week as i was headed towards getting my mri

thats good she said
she wasnt being mean to me
she like me knows that if my head hurts a week or so
after getting my infusions of the aducanumab
thats a good thing

thats a side effect of the medicine
if i get headaches
that could mean i am getting the real thing
i will never ever know if i did get the real thing
this mri shows something

the way this stuff works
the aducanumab
is it is an antibody to the bad beta amyloid that forms
plaques in the brain
beta amyloid plaques
these plaques damages brain cells
the beta amyloid theory of what happens in alzheimers disease

remove these plaques then you are slowing down
if we are all lucky
stopping the disease in its tracks

the headaches
if they are caused by the aducanumab
occur in folks who receive it who have the apoe 4 apoe4 gene
which i do

for some reason those of us with this combo
are at risk as the beta amyloid is being removed
of getting micro bleeds
when you remove a scab off a wound
it bleeds

so you can get these when you remove the plaques of beta amyloid
with the aducanumab
if you get these micro bleeds
you get ousted from the study
things have the potential to get worse if it progresses

so if they call me to tell me the results of the mri
thats not a good thing
not hearing anything
thats a good thing

now dont worry about me
getting bleeding in the brain

i had headaches 24/7 after the first infusion
that lasted a week
that headache the other day was the first one i have had since

i have a different feeling
a different approach
i like having the headache up there
i usually wont even take a tylenol for them
they just remind me
that maybe
just maybe
i am one of the lucky ones that is getting the real thing
the real deal
i want to experience the full headache
its almost comforting knowing that its there

i do have about a week of fatigue two weeks after the infusions
that lasts about a week
i am in that time period now
just ask my relatives and friends i am visiting
as i fall a asleep mid day while visiting with them
ok ok
i do admit
that ive done that to them before over the years
not able to blame it on the aducanumab in the past
i can now

as i progress in the study
i count a total of 7 mris i will have over the course of the 18 month portion of the study
i count a total of 3 amyvid pet scans the pet scans for beta amyloid
i count approximately 20 infusions of the aducanumab

i would love to see that last amyvid scan thats done at the 18 month mark
if i got the real deal
the aducanumab
all that beta amyloid will be gone
if i didnt get the real deal
if i got the fake stuff the placebo
then that scan will still be positive like it was when it qualified me
for the study

at least next year
if this stuff is working for those who get it
not causing too much side effects
then the stuff i will be getting in my infusions
will be the real deal stuff
the aducanumab

thats why i get excited
when i have side effects
when my wife she is glad when i get a headache
when i fall asleep on everyone while i sit on the couch

weird huh

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

dear ms b-is it green yet

thats what i asked her the other day
after this picture was taken

she sort of looked at me not understanding what
i was saying
which i must add she usually understands what we say
too well i must add

we recently started spelling around her
she started repeating our spelling
what goes in her little ears can go right out her mouth
some thinking about whats being processed on the
way out

i looked down at her little thumb
its not green yet
it was a little brown that day
from the dirt
from feeding the chickens in the garden area
scraps from the kitchen
some old bread that
she ate and shared with them

now in my new garden bed in the community garden
i quickly planted things the first full day i arrived here
peppers bell jalapeno sweet banana
egg plant
swiss chard
transplanted my malabar spinach from texas
so far its liking it here
transplanted my garlic chives
transplanted my multiple onions i have had for about 30 years

all this planting was to get going on my garden
as i learn how to garden here
i can garden all year round

now back to ms b
her preschool actually comes over to this garden on a regular basis
the area they work on is about 10 ft away from my bed
other class rooms from area schools will be coming through
starting this fall
i plan on helping as a volunteer with this activity

ms b doesnt know it yet
i am starting a slow indoctrination of organic gardening
trying to activate that gardening gene
no my wife she doesnt have it
i have the double gene
one from my mother one from my father
hoping it got passed down to ms b

i guess
time will time if this is true

i am looking forward to when she reaches over and plucks
that first tomato out of this garden
pops it in her mouth
eats it

that will make all this worthwhile

the organicgreen doctorr

Monday, June 26, 2017

put your name on it

if what all the news folks said this weekend is true
obamacare will flip over to trumpcare this week

my guess for trump that will not be a good thing
when it sticks on you that word
its there
forever probably

im sure those 15-20+ million that will lose their health coverage
arent going to like it much
theyll remember it when they go to vote
many of them voted for trump

this weekend i watched several different news shows
about the new trumpcare plan
fox cnn msnbc pbs
read a diverse number of articles on the plan

my thoughts are
i agree
its obamacare lite
with less folks being covered

whenever our health system is being revamped
and both sides dont work together to get it done
its not going to be a good  plan

the democrats did a one sided plan
called obamacare
the republicans are doing a onesided plan
called trumpcare
when the democrats control congress again
it will be back to
obamacare 2

cant we like
take a step back
take a deep breath
get a bipartisan group together
come up with a plan
that is better for all of us

now if you make over $250,000 a year
youll like this plan
you are getting a tax break
if you make less than that
well you might not notice much

will it affect most of us
this trumpcare plan
probably not
since the majority of us arent affected too much
by all this
the general consensus is that
all our insurance costs are going to rise
no matter what is done

im not sure this plan is going to fix this
its not

theres the let the states decide on things like
preexisting conditions

lets see
texas is going to make that better for those of us
well most of us
who have preexisting conditions
the state
that has the third world statistics when it comes to
maternal and child health
an embarrassment for one of the richest states
to be ranked down there with those third world places

i wouldnt want the state of texas to make things better
for our health system
their record is not a good one

obamacare wasnt the answer
it did fix somethings like capped lifetime amounts and preexisting
conditions to name a few
tumpcare wont be the answer either
it will create what i call reverse death panels

folks will lose insurance
diseases like cancer diabetes cholesterol high blood pressure
those slow killers
will slowly kill those uncovered folks

we wont be better i am afraid
it will probably affect all of us

here we go again
back into the health care abyss

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, June 23, 2017

alzheimers news-are these three the ones

Image result for organicgreendoctor
i am waiting for the one
that will carry us to the promised land
that promised land of no more alzheimers disease

it might be within our reach now
if these three drugs pan out to work
to slow down or stop alzheimers


thats my drug
that i get monthly infusions of

its undergoing clinical studies now that will be completed in 2020
it works by
removing the bad beta amyloid from the brain
removing the plaques from the brain
stimulating microglial cells to clean up damaged areas in the brain

it showed much promise in phase one studies
it removed all the measurable amyloid plaques fron the brain in those studies
those folks also noted memory improvements

if this stuff works then this will be one way to treat folks with
the early symptoms of alzheimers disease or those with no
symptoms yet but who are in that prealzheimers state that can last
15-20 years before alzheimers symptoms start

bace inhibitors

these come in pill form
they block the formation of the beta amyloid in the first place
so there is none to be deposited in the brain
alzheimers disease will be slowed or prevented
those studies are ongoing now in folks with mild symptoms
and those with no symptoms yet but who are in that prealzheimers state

my brother would have started in that state in his late thirties
or early forties
i would have started in that state in my mid forties to early fifties

gamma secretase modulator (gsm)

this article describes who rudolph tanzi is
he is called the rock star of science
a well known alzheimers researcher
i have seen him on ted talks and on many of the alzheimers specials
that have been on tv

he and fellow researchers have developed this brain in a petri dish
that develops alzheimers disease
it the brain in a petri dish develops amyloid plaques then develops
tangles the hallmark those two of alzheimers disease

adding the gsm drug to this petri dish
makes the amyloid plaques go away or not form and there is no
formation of tangles

its the amyloid accumulation and the tangle accumulation that causes
brain cell death in alzheimers disease

the theory is
give this gsm pill to folks and none of this stuff will happen
no amyloid accumulation
no tangles
no alzheimers disease

studies will start on this drug in 2018 on humans
if it works in humans
its a huge discovery in helping in ending alzheimers disease

if these three things do work
we will know in about 3 or more years
i will get up each morning
take my bace inhibitor pill
take my gsm pill
once a month i will go to an infusion center to get my
infusion of aducanumab
if it really works all this stuff
i wont ever get alzheimers disease
i must add
i really fear like you of having that happen to me

we need financial support to fight this disease
emotional support to deal with it

join us as we walk this year

we will be doing the
alzheimers texas walk in georgetown texas
on saturday september 23rd
team name is organicgreendoctor

i also will have a team in the
santa barbara walk to end alzheimers 
on saturday october 28th
team name is organicgreendoctor.com

join us

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

its a long day

today is the summer solstice
the week ends here in santa barbara with a
weekend long celebration

the highlight is the
funky feeling summer solstice parade down state street

we only went once a few years ago
i like the feel to it
all the dancing
the crowded streets
the funky almost mardi gras feel to it

we look forward to be in the crowd
amongst all the excitement

its the longest day of the year
its when the sun is highest above us
its definitely the mark of
summers here now

for those of us
in the alzheimers world
its the purple day
maybe a bit more soberness to the day

its the longest day
from the alzheimers community
honor all those affected by this awful disease

those numbers of us affected are starting
to exponentially increase
to a number
that will bankrupt our health care system
in many of your lifetimes

i dont see the government doing anything much about it
their heads are in the sand it seems
like most crisises
they wait until it gets real bad

its going to get bad
sooner than we realize

this is the day
the solstice day
to celebrate life
its also the day to celebrate
the movement
to find a cure and or treatment for this disease
that none of us want
one that many fear getting

we need your thoughts
help us
donate walk our walks contact your government reps
to provide us with more monies to fight this disease

the oganicgreen doctor

Monday, June 19, 2017


my wife she sent me this video preview of a documentary
about minimalism

i thought as i saw this link
is this just another one of those weird things
she sends me sometimes

before we left texas
someone called another person
a minimalist

i really didnt know what that was
maybe like a survivalist or something like that

i wasnt really interested in being one of those

something made me click on the link to the video
i watched it
i then watched a ted talk by the same person 

after i finished the ted talk video
my wife she and i
are minimalist
we just didnt know it

we went from a 3000 square foot house with 10 acres
full of furniture and things
well i called it junk after we had to sell donate or give it away
down to
whatever we could get into two cars

we werent on some minimalist movement mission
to make some statement on how we are all living
and wasting our money

we were just doing what seemed right to do at the time

we and i not our kids not my wife she by herself
got to sort through all our stuff junk some of it
to decide what was important

our kids were given a chance to make choices
of what they wanted
if no choices were made
we made them for them

we cleared stuff out
a lot of stuff
well people bought most of it
even what was under our kitchen and bathroom counters
all my excess nails and screws and bolts
if it was laying around it was sold
folks bought it
many of them were not minimalist

we were aiding in driving them the other direction

we donated what was left
which wasnt much

when we finished
when we finished our journey across country
took a deep breath
said to each other
that feels real good and refreshing
ever get back to where we were

i guess we now are minimalists
since we have to be labeled with something

we are now down to that stuff
that you really really need to live
few clothes few furniture few fewer things
it feels good

i realize that if more folks did this
our economy might collapse
consumption is the engine that runs our economy
just arent being in that group that is providing
the fuel for the fire

it feels good

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, June 16, 2017

alzheimers news-theres is more of it now

Image result for organicgreendoctor
i read this article
well several articles in fact
about how alzheimers disease is increasing in numbers
its starting to steamroll its self to the top of the charts
not a good thing

this week
on wednesday
i boarded a plan in los angeles to fly to dallas
to get my infusion #4 of aducanumab or placebo
in the promising biogen aducanumab study
i have 14 more to go before a decision is made to continue
the study for another 42 months
i hoping for good results in 18 months and that we all in the study
can get the real stuff for the last 42 months
i had a lot of time to think about alzheimers disease
about those articles
about my family tree
about what this all means for all of us
my family and yours in the future

i thought about my family tree
i have tried to piece our history our dementia history
from talking to siblings and cousins who remember stories
of our family
some i remember

for our family
both parents definitely my mom and maybe my dad had alzheimers disease
my younger brother had it
my older brother has it now
i am early in the process
so far
no other sibling has shown any signs or symptoms
i will say they are all doing the aggressive stuff you need to do
to slow it all down
take care of your health
eat healthy

then i moved to my moms family
all 5 of her siblings had some type of memory loss
her mother had dementia in her 60s
her grandfather had dementia
thats as much as i know of her familys medical history

my fathers family had some dementia
his sister died from it
his mother had dementia when she died
i dont know more than that
his dad died from other causes in his 60s

so why would our family have all this in our medical family tree
i thought about it
what would make this happen

first i know that i have the double apoe 4 gene
so i got one from my mom and one from my dad
so both sides of the tree carry this gene
double it and the risks go up 20x
single it and the risks go up 5x

high cholesterol is rampant in both sides of the family
i call it the heart attack stroke kind of cholesterol
we know that also it may be the alzheimers kind
whats bad for the heart is bad for the brain

our family tends to have high bad ldl cholesterol
high triglcerides
diet places a part in this as some of my siblings on a
plant based diet have reduced their numbers to normal

i have come close but require a statin to get them down
to where they need to be

high blood pressure is also rampant on both sides of the family
both parents had it
many siblings have it

having not well controlled blood pressure
the way i think of it
you know how you have a big roll of bubble wrap
the kind you can pop
well thats the brain or the heart
not controlling your blood pressure or cholesterol
just gradually pops those little bubble wrap cells
gradually making the whole wrap unusable

in my mind
thats how i visualize the brain when you dont take control
of your lipids and your blood pressure

obesity and diet
both parents were overweight
some relatives are and some arent

diet a typical southern diet is not a good one
now for a lot of our life we commonly ate a lot of
vegetables etc but its what we cooked them with
lard etc was not necessarily good for you
eating off the farm is usually a good way to eat

all these factors
genetics well we cant change that
high cholesterol
high blood pressure
maybe environmental factors
these all contribute to this high incidence
in our family

if you notice
the only risk factor that our family cant change
is the genetic one
the rest
is totally under our control

so i thought about all this this week
as i read how the incidence in the us and the world
is starting to skyrocket
as we start defunding research on this disease that
will be the number one killer in the us soon

we and all of us
can do something to slow it down

bug your congress person
help raise money
take good care of your health

our alzheimers walks to help raise money to fight this disease

we will be doing the
alzheimers texas walk in georgetown texas
on saturday september 23rd
team name is organicgreendoctor

i also will have a team in the
santa barbara walk to end alzheimers 
on saturday october 28th
team name is organicgreendoctor.com

join us

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, June 12, 2017

the garden

i have to have one i said
to my wife she as we were thinking about moving

i have to have a garden

its well
deep down in my soul
it must be genetic somehow
i can feel it oozing around deep inside

now my
country n garden
i had it after all those years
right where i wanted it

the soil was so rich that i could garden
just using my hands
i usually didnt use any garden tools when i planted things

this year
my spring garden planted as much for show as for produce
i knew we were going to sell the country n

we grew potatoes long eaten before we moved
we grew onions
the 1015 sweet yellow onions
that i have been known to eat like an appple
we grew garlic
we grew tomatoes and peppers
all producing well just as we were leaving
we gave most of it away

prime time that garden was

alas we left it though
i found this new spot
looks pretty dang barren doesnt it
its my job to inflict some improvement to the soil

the soil here at the garden is sandy clay like
rich with nutrition
its a dry climate drier than in the austin area
getting only half the rainfall the country n did

i chose this garden
this community garden
besides the fact my granddaughter will be attending a
nearby preschool
all gardening there has to be done organically
it also provides a site farther away from the coast
so it tends to be warmer and sunnier
it also provides free mulch and compost
paid for by doing volunteer work related to the garden
cleaning up
turning compost
volunteering with youth groups as they come through the garden
in fact their centrally located beds are adjacent to mine

excess produce from your garden and the central garden
is donated to food kitchens etc

this place has a real good feel to it
a vibe
that i like

ive never really gardened where i could interact
with other like minded souls
so far i have found it very refreshing
to speak their same language
like when my rainwater brother and i get together

i was reading something my mom had written about
her childhood
realized that gardening was an important part of her life
of course my dad always had a large garden
that we used to provide food for our large family

so that was what i was thinking this last week
as i started getting my 20 ft x 10 ft bed ready to plant

i spent time looking around at what was planted in others beds
talked with some gardeners
talked with folks at an organic seed place nearby
to find out sort of what needs to be planted now

it seems the basics of gardening is the same no matter
where you live
its when and what to plant that is different

organic fertilzer is the lifeblood of all gardening
thats what i applied to my garden

choosing to not plant seeds since i would be in and out of
the area this summer
choosing plants
squash tomatoes peppers basil egg plant kale swiss chard
things that should do well to start

each plant planted into its own well which holds water

the soil is drier here
it more mediterranean like
water will be gradually added to increase the moisture in the soil
i dug trenches around my bed
dug one down the middle of my bed
filled it with mulch
i plan to use the first run shower water in these trenches
to increase the moisture overall in the bed
a method i used at the country n
here is my planted bed
ill add a lot more over time
so that all the garden space will be utilized

a new adventure
a new learning curve
has begun

the organicgreen doctor