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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Friday, April 21, 2017

alzheimers news-there is more coming

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yesterday as i was sitting in the lounge chair
getting infusion #2
now its real comfortable and cozy in there
theres a nice large screen tv

i havent watched it much
theres folks in and out of the room
nurses and the research director
talking and asking me questions
sticking in an iv
adjusting the flow rates
adding the unknown stuff thats all hidden under this
dark aluminum looking cover

its a secret i guess whats in there

i may know this time if i get those week long headaches again
if i dont get them
then i dont know either
for those who dont know
folks getting the aducanumab who have the apoe4 apoe4 genes
have a high chance of getting manageable headaches
i want headaches i tell everyone

as i sat there
i thought
please dont ask me
please dont start me talking about alzheimers
about clinical trials
i cant help myself
if you ask me
i go into lecture mode and probably tell you more than
you really want to know
i do adjust what i say  based on who i am talking to
lay person vs medical person

yesterday it was the nurse who took care of me
he was asking about the medicine
i sort of ignored him
i thought
sir you are about to get told a lot more than you wanted to know

he asked again
just like a kid in kindergarten that cant help himself or herself
to answer the teachers question

i blurted it all out
told him the whole aducanumab story

you know he said we do other of these antibody infusions
for these diseases like ms and gastroenterology diseases and
ophthalmology diseases
some experimental some not
i dont think ive done any of these alzheimers one before

do you know about this one
no he said

my kindergarten brain and voice just let it roll out my mouth

well its an antibody against what i call the bad beta amyloid
that is thought to the cause of alzheimers disease
actually this drug may prove or disprove this theory

it removes all of it
yes i said all of it
in the phase 1 study
it removed all of it that showed on the pet brain scan for the
beta amyloid called the amyvid pet scan
zippo nada it was all gone after over a year
folks memory didnt worsen most got better
the goal of a good drug that works

in a year and half when they redo my amyvid pet scan
if i get the real drug aducanumab and not the placebo
my scan will go from being diffusely positive for all that
being all negative being like its all gone from up there

he just looked at me like
well i was lying or something
you arent telling me the truth
that aint so

he said
ive never heard of that before
he had this look of amazement in his face

i must say ive seen that amazement before
from alzheimers research neurologists that i have seen
they added a sparkle and smile to their face
as they talked about it

now we wait
18 months
then all of us will get the real thing
for another 42 months after that

hopefully it will become available for all who
need it

hopefully that is if it really works
it will remove the stuff
memory gets better
and or
at least memory doesnt worsen
that downward slide that occurs with alzheimers disease
get slowed down stretched out so that
we who have it die from something else
enjoying a more memorable life along the way

as i say
my two goals

see my granddaughter graduate from high school
to be one of the first alzheimers disease survivors

so yesterday as i sat there getting my infusion
looking at my alzheimers texas bracelet
i realized
there  just might be some hope now

join us at this alzheimers symposium
i speak first about my story and clinical trials
answer questions the more the merrier
then 3 other speakers will follow

Alzheimer's Texas Symposium

friday april 28th
the mayborn convention center
temple texas

join us
its free
breakfast and lunch are provided
registration is required
click here

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, April 20, 2017

its a triple conundrum



today is 4/20
its thursday

today is the day i go to the utsouthwestern infusion center
to receive my 2nd infusion of the experimental
alzheimers treatment drug made by biogen called

after the last one
i was told i needed to schedule the next one
in 29 days
two days before that date or two days after that day

i told the researcher
i want to do it on 4/20

she said
not blinking an eye
we will set it up for you

i said
you know what day that is dont you
she said
i think its a thursday

no i said
its 4/20
thats mj day
marijuana day
willies day
the day we celebrate marijuana
the drug that has ruined many a teenagers life
when they were busted with it
sending them into the armpits of our jail and legal system

this drug marijuana
it has the possibility of helping those who have neurological diseases
alzheimers disease
severe migraines
diffucult to control seizures especially in kids
chronic pain
chemo nausea
chemo appetite suppression
just to name a few

the problem is
there are so much restrictions on its research
researchers find it hard to get approval to get money for research
on mj
they are restricted to use only marijuana grown on some farm
in mississippi thats controlled by the feds

the salk institute
a well respected research institution wants to do research on the
cbd component of marijuana
the part that doesnt make you high
but seems to have a lot of benefit in neurological diseases
especially children with uncontrolled seizures

this institution makes its chd from methane gas
the farts of cows
they cant access the marijuana plants needed for research
without a lot of red tape and lots of time it takes to get approval

im sorry this just smells bad to me in more ways than one

i turned to the researcher
and said
thats why i want to do my infusion on 4/20
give my support to chd marijuana research

i am making my stand today
in that support
as i sit down
stick out my arm
they insert that needle
giving me later that infusion of that stuff that might
slow my disease down

all i can think is
what if there is something in that marijuana plant
that could be do the same thing
you just vap it or smoke it or take an edible
seems easier to me

i am stoked day

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

dear ms b-dont do it


now ms b
as i watched on tv
i thought to myself
i sure hope she doesnt do this

while you were visiting us
i noticed that
you have cute little feet

slide easily into your mud boots that you splashed in the river in
slide easily into your new red cowgirl boots that you wore
to ride the horse

of course
your favorite way to go
is commando
dont ask what that means
you dont like socks on or shoes on

the first chance you get
off they go
wiggling your toes back and forth
pitter pattering across the floor

i think theres a genetic cause for this
its your arkansas gene you got from your granddaddy

we always went barefooted when i was a kid

now that may have been to save our good shoes from wear
probably was the reason
i think theres this enjoyment of wiggling your toes in
the sand
in mud
its a primal thing i think

now i like to watch the voice
i am amassed at the talented young folks
that are on the show
how can they be that good so young

now some of the girls it seems
especially those on blakes team
they are cowgirls
they wear cowgirl boots
lucky them

the others seem to wear these high high heels
these things seem unsteady
that if you just gently push them im sure the girls
would fall over

so they start young wearing these shoes
these high heels im sure only a man would design

if they do this for a lifetime
they are dooming their feet
ingrown toenails as all the toes get all squished inside
those pointed toes
shortened achilles tendons that doom them to knee and ankle
and foot problems as they age
knee cap problems which already is a common malady
in young growing teenage females
eventual back and hip and knee arthritis

if they are obese these girls the doom is even worse

i can only imagine what must happen to the ball of the feet
as you stand in those shoes putting pressure
all the pressure on that area

so i guess ms b
just because everyone else does it
doesnt mean you have to

save your feet
follow your own trail
wear flats
you know they make dress ones
wear those cowgirl shoes
wear those sneakers
whenever you can
pop off those shoes
then you are back to your roots

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

tax day

thats the day
you are suppose to file and pay your taxes

im not sure why they added those extra two days

i did mine
wrote the check
mailed it in last week

this made me think a lot about taxes

my wife she rides on a toll road to get to her teachers job
she pays about $100 a month for the toll to ride on the road
supposedly the toll money pays for having built the toll road

if she didnt use the toll road
it would take her probably an extra 30 minutes a day one way
to get to work
an extra hour each day

in california they are adding a gas tax to raise money
for infrastructure
somewhere i read it was 30 cents a gallon

doing the math
she could have paid if she was in california with its tax
that $100 each month in gas taxes
which could be used to pay for that toll road
which would make it not a toll road
which would make it where everyone could ride on the road
toll free

i figured she could be paying the equivalent of 333 gallons of gas taxes
each month with that toll fee
she only burns up 30 gallons a month of gas
which would be a tax paid if the taxes were increased on a gallon of gas
of $10

it just seems that it would be cheaper to pay higher gasoline taxes
to pay for these toll roads
instead of paying tolls that i think go to private companies
i read once they arent even us companies

i advocate for a gasoline tax to pay for all this infrastructure

i pulled out my tax forms just now
now our income is from three sources
my social security
my wife shes teachers paycheck
our iras and other investments

now usually we dont even itemize
just do standard deductions
but we are always stuck with all these other forms
since they are adjustments here
adjustments there on our income

this year since we had higher than expected medical
and dental expenses
we itemized

so i kept careful records of all i could deduct
mileage for charity mileage for medical or dental care
i scrounged through all the suggested deductions i could
kept good records of all of it

i sent in this big ole pile of stuff to the accountant

what he sent back was this  21  page tax return

thank goodness it was all sent in to the irs by electronic method

as i reviewed all these forms and documents
i wondered
was it all worth the time and effort it took to document it all

i am not so sure it was
yes i saved several thousands of dollars in taxes
im not so sure i shouldnt just have forgot about all that
just paid the man

i was thinking
just tell me what my percentage is that i owe on my income
whether its 10% or 15% or 20% or 25%
next year when i do my taxes
i will just pay the man
take no deductions
keep no records
just write a check for that amount

it should take me about 5 minutes to do my taxes
its done
well next year it will be that way

i saw a show on pbs the other night
in new zealand
you go to a government website
answer a few questions
if you agree on what they say you owe
you click yes
you pay that amount
it just takes a few minutes to do

i guess they dont have lobbyists in new zealand
im sure turbotax and hr block wouldnt like that much

as we head into a tax reform storm
those with money will win
those without money will not win
just the way things are

you know the saying
the rich get richer the poor get poorer

i doubt it will ever change

but for me and my wife she
well its gonna be simple
next year

they can just muck with the tax code
i dont care

we are just going to just
pay the man

the organic green doctor

Monday, April 17, 2017


the other day that was one of the two most googled phrases
thats not some wrestling thing
world war three


i admit it crossed my mind
what if
that crazy guy in north korea
really had a nuclear bomb
pushed the button
sent it flying towards our western coast
he would zoom one down to south korea
seoul is only about 30 miles away from north korea
we live that close to austin

i am afraid
is just crazy enough to do something like that
even shoot up up north towards china

what does he care if he wipes out a few people
he does that regularly every day

he is this crazy guy
like some street person
who is off his medicine
on his meds hes normal
off them hes just $%^  #&*(@) crazy
he might just cut off your head
or something bad like that

you dont want to provoke a crazy person
off their meds
the answer of what to do with the crazy street person
off their meds
its almost as complicated as the north korean thing

you cant reason with either one
you have no idea what theyll do

recently we were downtown at a well known hotel
in austin
this guy walked up
he sort of looked like charles manson
he wanted some money and some smokes
we said no
he wondered off

a few days later
there he was on the evening news
he had threatened to kill and rape a student late one night
if she didnt take him to her atm for some money

so it is with that crazy north korean dicator
you cant provoke him
hell do something real crazy
start ww3

all our dealings with the middle east
its just ripe to
have some effect
maybe even provoke ww3
some crazy russian could push the wrong button
who knows what other crazy person from another country
could do the same thing

so i googled ww3
all these links popped up
russia and syria
north korea
our involvement in the middle east
climate chaos

we may be ripe for this to happen

i am watching a pbs series on ww1
we didnt want to get involved in that european war
we were making half the munitions that the allies were using
our economy was booming because of this
its the economy
they had to go and sink some us ships
that forced our hand into ww1

how easy
would it be
for our hand to be forced now

its scary
isnt it

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, April 14, 2017

alzheimers news-protect your heart protect your brain

Image result for organicgreendoctor
it appears that if you protect your heart in middle age
then you are actually protecting your brain later on in later life
against the development of alzheimers

there is a saying
whats good for your heart is good for the brain

there is an amino acid called homocysteine that is associated with an
increased risk of heart disease and stroke and maybe alzheimers disease
if it is elevated that is

if the level is elevated its easily treated with folic acid and vitamin b12
mine was quite elevated
its now normal using these supplements

like a lot of things in medicine not everyone agrees with homocysteines
relationship to heart disease stroke or alzheimers disease
i personally believe in it
if i dont and im wrong then not correcting it can add to my risk level
for alzheimers disease

it seems so easy to fix
so i fixed it

this week i wrote this blog called 23andnotme
about the 23and me company doing these 10 genetic tests
one is for the gene that puts you at risk for
late onset alzheimers disease

the gene the apoe 4 gene
increases your chances of developing
late onset alzheimers disease
by 10-20 times if you get the homozygous apoe 4 apoe 4
by 3-5 times if you get the single apoe 4 gene

whether it does lead you to getting alzheimers disease
is determined
by how well you take care of your health
by environmental factors
by other health issues you may have

some folks with the apoe 4 gene never get alzheimers disease

so i was asked by several folks if they should get tested
i usually say no since if you dont really understand what it means
then you think you got the kiss of death if yours is positive

i thought about it some since i was asked
maybe just maybe
if they are positive
that it will scare the beejeevers out of them
to take real good of their health
so the risks from having the gene will be diminished

i must say it worked for me

now dont confuse this with
the dominant gene for early onset alzheimers disease
like the folks on the 60 minute show and the pbs show had

if you get this gene
you are 100% going to get alzheimers disease
at an early age like in your early 50s or younger
this gene represents less than 1% of alzheimers cases

so a recent study looked at risk factors for heart disease
in middle age
obesity   lack of exercise   high blood pressure   high cholesterol
and diabetes
these folks were followed into their elderly years

those folks with these risk factors in middle age
had higher levels of the bad beta amyloid up in their brains
in the elderly years
which is associated with the development of alzheimers disease

if you do get tested for the apoe 4 gene
and or
if you are middle age
if you
are overweight
and or
lack exercise
and or
have high cholesterol
and or
have high blood pressure
and or have diabetes
thats not well controlled
then you are probably destined to a retirement
that you will not remember

that could be a combo thats almost as bad as having the dominant gene

so my advice to you
if you have a family history of alzheimers disease
if you want to do what you can to not get it
in your middle age years
do what i did aggressively at 60 when i was diagnosed
wish i had been this aggressive at 40 or younger

go on a MIND DIET or consider a vegetarian diet

my sister and brother did that and have lost over 50 lbs
and have been able to completely get off all their
blood pressure meds and cholesterol meds
well all their meds
i still have to take mine though
im ok with that

exercise regularly

maintain a normal body weight

a normal blood pressure
a normal cholesterol
a normal blood pressure

if you dont do all these
then you may be doomed

for those of you who read my blog
who are genetically kin to me
is you

i know
new preventions and treatments are coming down the road
it may be 15-20 years from now
hopefully my aducanumab stuff will be one of those

as of now
thats what you need to do to slow down the disease process

thats my answer
i give to folks when they say
what i can i do

Alzheimer's Texas Symposium
i will be doing a presentation on
clinical trials in alzheimers disease
at the

friday april 28th
the mayborn convention center
temple texas

join us
its free
lunch is provided
registration is required
click here

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, April 13, 2017

country n news-more farm to fork


my wife she said i want grilled veggies tonight
i knew she didnt mean put veggies on an outside grill
cook them till they are charred

so i told her
ill go down to the garden to see what i can find to cook tonight

what i do is fill a casserole dish with aluminum foil
grease it real good with olive oil
sprinkle the bottom with seasonings
salt crushed pepper a seasoning mixture from ms dash
then i layer in my veggies
adding some crushed garlic from last years garden of course
reseasoning with the same stuff as above
mixing it all together
adding a spring or two of rosemary from our yard
cover it all with an aluminum foil lid

half way through cooking
i remove the lid and finish the cooking
total time at 425 is about 50 minutes
adjusting it up or down based on what the veggies look like
at the halfway point
my wife she likes hers slightly crunchy
i like mine softer
whoever does the cooking wins out on that one

knowing what she wanted for supper
i wandered down to the garden
on the way i passed one of our peach trees
our early peaches tree
they sure are looking good
a few more weeks and we could add them to the veggie mix
make a peach cobbler for dessert
walking by the aspargus bed i spotted some
asparagus that have sprouted up over the last few days
i picked them for our supper
my swiss chard is in full bloom
i like the rainbow swiss chard since its so colorful
i grabbed a big handful and cut it off
placing it in my bag with the asparagus
there next to my swiss chard are some beets
i had left to grow larger
i plucked them

we will roast them for supper
then saving half of the roasted beets for use in salads
these things are so sweet tasting
i can see why they are called sugar beets sometimes
my onions just doubled in size
with the last rain
i had also refertilized them with my organic fertilizer
we use rainwater to water our garden with
for some reason
when it rains the garden just seems to pop out with
growth the next day

i found a big one
to slice up for supper
i go digging around for new potatoes
you dont know what new potatoes are
you arent from the south
its the first potatoes you can pick
if you desire you can easily rub off the peel with your finger
we leave ours on
some i dig up being careful not to damage the roots
they are just right for popping in your mouth
eating them raw
i did and so did my wife she

i looked around
there was some sweet peas
i picked then
ok so i ate half of them
like i did the asparagus
right there in the garden

thats the advantage of having your own garden
midday snacks fresh for the picking
most of our asparagus and sweet peas never leave the garden

i spy some multiplying onions from this winter
some garlic chives
i clip the blades off
to add flavor to the veggies

then i chopped all this stuff up
adding it to the dish like above
adding some mushrooms and sweet corn
leaving us
with a supper that looked like this before it was cooked

all organic
farm to fork
our farm to our fork

it doesnt taste any better than this

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

there you go again

those are reagans words he said during one of his campaigns

as a watchdog for social security benefits for all of us
remember most if not all of us pay social security taxes
as i read recently
they should be called
social security premiums

i pay long term premiums each month
so if i need long term care
i can get most of it paid for
its a lot of money over years before i will need it
usually it pays to pay the premiums for the eventual benefits

i pay car insurance premiums to insure my cars
so if they are wrecked i can get the car replaced
or fixed

i use to pay term life insurance premiums for years
as you can tell since i am writing this
i have never had to collect on them
now if you keep life insurance long enough
you will need it or should i say your family will need ti

i paid premiums for years and years for long term disability
i after decades of paying
was able to collect payments after my diagnosis was made
i had a rider that required i be paid if i couldnt do my job
as a practicing family doctor

i look at the social security that i have paid into over the years
as premiums
since my income was over the upper limits of the income taxable
my premiums were more than say someone who was
a dishwasher or cook

the amount i am paid is based on the premiums that i paid in
which was based on my income

i believe they need to increase the premiums on those who make
over the upper limit of $127,200 the upper limit in 2017
since above that the premiums dont increase

several years ago they tried to privatize social security
as i have written before
when you see the word privatize
you are going to lose and someone is going to make a lot lot of money
off you

now enter reagans words
there you go again

now there is a movement to get rid of the social security premiums
we all pay now
so there would be no deductions from your pay check
we all get a rise of 6.25 or so %
be careful of what you wish for
nothing is free when it comes to politicians

so how will the premiums be paid
the plan is to take them out of the general fund

if you are a libertarian
if you are a republican
if you are a democrat
if you are an independent
if you have no label at all

you should be concerned about this potential proposal

the general fund
we know how well that works now
they cant even keep the government funded all the time
our social security premiums and benefits will be at the whelm
of whatever folks are in power

so be prepared
to harass the heck out of your congressperson

this is like having a good insurance policy
the insurance company is allowed to just cancel it out on you
at anytime

dont let them do it

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


6 and a half years ago when i got my diagnosis
i began searching to solidify what it was due to
eventually it seems its due to
alzheimers disease

one of the tests i did was a genetic test
i had it done as part of the adni 2 alzheimers disease study i was in
as ive written before
i couldnt get those results from the study
if i wanted to know what they were
i would have to have blood redrawn and sent into a private lab

my neurologist gave me the form from the lab
where she sent her diagnostic neurological tests

i took the form
checked the box for alzheimers blood tests
sent it in with my blood
i got a phone call
you need to get your doctor to sign this form
verifying that you have been counseled about these tests
that you are having symptoms
i did that

they then ran the tests

they understood the significance of counseling about these tests

one was a genetic test for the dominant alzheimers gene
you get that one you are going to get
early onset alzheimers disease
100% of the time

mine was negative
even though i was a doctor i really didnt understand
that much about this early onset alzheimers gene
it represents less than 1% of the alzheimers cases

the other test was the one that tests for your risk for
late onset alzheimers disease
its called the apoe 4 gene

i really didnt understand the significance of this test
then when it was done
i surely do now

mine was positive
i was devastated
taking this as the final answer as why i was having some
short term memory loss
as i read more and started to understand the apoe 4 gene
it took several years to really understand what it means
i finally do

if your apoe4 gene is positive
especially if it is the apoe 4/apoe4 gene
it doesnt mean you are gonna get alzheimers disease
like with the dominant genes

it just means you are at a higher risk for getting alzheimers disease
how you live your life taking care of your health
decides usually how severe if at all the disease is

some people with the apoe 4 gene never get alzheimers disease
those with the gene though are at a higher risk
maybe 10-20 times increased risk

in my case
the apoe 4/apoe 4 put me at risk for getting the disease
it looks like i have it


so as i read THIS ARTICLE about
23andme being allowed to do these 10 tests
i sort of feel uncomfortable
they mention there is a test for late onset alzheimers disease
in the 10 test panel
its the apoe 4 gene test they are talking about

ive known folks who had that done
they think they are doomed
they arent though
they just have increased risk
some of that risk they can alter

it is unlikely that most folks who do that 10 panel test
have the knowledge that i have about the apoe 4 test
which i have learned by reading a lot of about the test
i am able to put the test in its true perspective

for me
its one piece to my alzheimers puzzle
a strong family history
a normal memory test followed by abnormal memory tests
an abnormal levels of beta amyloid and tau in my spinal fluid
that is alzheimers levels
a positive amyvid pet scan for beta amyloid

all these together make my diagnosis what it is now
mild cognitive impariment due to alzheimers disease
with some degree of certainty

the apoe 4 test alone doesnt mean as much

the 23andme panel results
really if you do this
any positive test should be repeated in a reputable lab to make
sure it is really positive
any positive test should be discussed with a specialist in that field
or a geneticist
who can really explain what the test means

so far me
its 23andnotme

dont willy nilly do lab tests because you can
there is harm
financially that can happen

get it in your medical record
you are now a high risk patient
you may not get
life insurance
long term care insurance
disability insurance
based on what happens with the health care
you may not get health insurance

be careful

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, April 10, 2017

oh no not again

about 5 years ago i wrote these two blogs
whats for lunch mom

here is an excerpt from those blogs

whats pink slime
its the rejected fat blood left overs  sinew  left over bits from carcasses
that come from slaughter houses
thought that was what bologna was

all this junk is thrown into a machine spun around and whats left is
this stuff called pink slime

its also treated with ammonia then processed as an additive to
hamburger meat

makes me what a veggie burger

its then used in burgers at restaurants supermarkets and yes even
your kids cafeterias
well many fast food restaurants have quit using this stuff as the
word is out now

why dont they just microvave it and serve it on a cone and call
it hamburger cone like the famous chicken cone sold in austin
well the chicken cone is better and uses good parts of the chicken

now after writing this i didnt really think much
about it anymore
since this pink slime stuff got so much publicity
that hamburger folks and hamburger joints said
they quit using this left over pink slime in our burgers

since my diagnosis 6 years ago
i got pretty aggressive with my diet
i always tell folks
i am a 90% vegetarian

i dont eat a lot of meat
when i want a hamburger
i want a full 100% hamburger
with none of this pink slime stuff
squirted amongst all that meat

when we are going to eat a hamburger
at home
i go to the grocery store
get 100% free range grass fed no added stuff
hamburger meat
i want the best for my occasionally indulgence
in a good old juicy hamburger

as an aside
i follow the mind diet
heres my blog on it that gives a good explanation of what is in it

on the diet it says to limit red meat to 2-3 servings
a week
now i rarely ever eat red meat that often
but for those who do that limitation is not too bad

so now this pink slime
is oozing back again in our beef

the meat folks have fancy names for it
so when you shop for meat look for these secret words
so you wont get slimed

lean finely textured beef or lftb
textured beef
finely textured beef
boneless lean beef trimmings or blbt

those words look like something that would be on
the side of a dog food bag

i think legislation should be passed that they have to
call a spade a spade
it should say on the package
pink slime

truth in advertising for sure

so if you dont want to get slimed
buy good beef from a source that doesnt add all that
slimey slippery wet pink soft ice cream stuff to your

that said
if congress cant fix medicare social security health care
infrastructure sex trafficking of teenagers etc etc
its doubtful they will get rid of pink slime

but you have the power to not eat it
dont buy the stuff that has been slimed

i am ready for a good juicy 100% hamburger with jalepeno cheese

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, April 7, 2017

alzheimers news-it is what it is

Image result for organicgreendoctor my brother joe
my thoughts today are about him
thats my younger brother
unfairly stricken with alzheimers disease in his early 50s
he left us in the final stages of this awful disease
in his early 60s
he would have been 65 tomorrow

it all feels unfair

i am sorry almost feel guilty at times
that he is not around right now
to maybe be able to participate in the same journey
that i am able to be on
i was lucky that mine was discovered so early
now i am able to seek potentially new treatments
he didnt get that chance

maybe just maybe
his kids and my kids and our grand kids will be helped
by the new research on treatments and a cure
for this disease that took him away so young

my thoughts are with him and his family

my advise to those worried about getting alzheimers disease

take care of your health

if you have concerns for memory issues
get evaluated
remember there are things that cause memory issues that
are treatable
low b12   low thyroid   depression   sleep issues   medication side effects
others like uncontrolled blood pressure cholesterol diabetes etc

consider volunteering for an alzheimers study
find one at
the two biggest obstacles to alzheimers research are
study volunteers
there are a lot of promising new treatments in the works
that need study subjects for the research

in texas
where i go at the alzheimers research center
you can sign up for yearly evaluations to include
neuro exam labs memory testing and possibly mri
at no costs
they see folks with or without memory issues
here is the link
alzheimers disease center ut southwestern

thats a video on that page about my story

this is how i got into the studies
how i got my diagnosis
i was volunteering to be monitored yearly thinking i was normal
but failed the memory tests
this eventually has lead to my being involved today
in the aducanumab study
using monthly infusions of aducanumab which has promise
in slowing down the disease

get involved
dont ignore symptoms
take care of your health
keep yourself educated about the disease

below is a link
to the 4th annual temple alzheimers symposium
at the
mayborn convention center in temple texas
april 28 2017
there will be four speakers
one will be me
i think i am the first one
i will talk on clinical studies and about the study i am in
i will answer questions afterwards

the symposium is free
lunch is provided
follow the link to register

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, April 6, 2017

dear ms b-that was fun


ms b
as i sit here writing this blog to you
i slowly turned and looked at the picture on the wall
of your gma when she was about your age

i realize when i looked at her smiling face
how much you look like her when you do that smile
of yours and that twinkle in your eyes

btw your gma has a nickname at work

before she came to visit for the week
i contacted former patients who had several kids
that seem to do a lot of interesting things with them
like they must have a bucket list made up

so i wrote all of these down
some were removed since she was too young for them
others since she has these things where she lives
like a zoo and an aquarium

so of the things we did on the list
the only one actually
was the childrens museum or thinkery
she really needed to be a year older to fully
enjoy the place
that said
she enjoyed it for almost two hours

she also loves to swing
we have one at the country n
she almost wore out
she almost wore us out

but the other things we did which she seemed to enjoy
a lot
well it was probably not on anyones list

i asked my wife she her gma what ms b enjoyed the most
while she was here
she said
definitely going down to the river
she met and talked to the neighbors horses

picked well several wildflowers
yes we got the bluebonnet photo

at the river
she and i and gma splashed and splashed in the water
threw rocks a lot of them
i skipped a few for her
threw sticks far out tin the water for our dog
marley to swim out to get
he usually brought them back but didnt share them
she fell down more than once
yes she got soaking wet and muddy
she thoroughly enjoyed the river trip

we also planted some peppers in the garden

we flew a kite high high in the sky

she played and played on my old duct tape chair
every day
it bucks and rocks and swings back and forth
spins around and around like a merry go round
yes i got dizzy watching her

we went to a neighbors ranch
she got to ride on her horse
she also got a new pair of cowgirl boots
even got a lock of hair off the horses mane
she wouldnt let go of on the way home

we exposed her to sesame street
big bird
so she would say when she got older
i saw that show before the funding got all cut off
the show was about chickens that day

another highlight of every day was
feeding the chickens and collecting all their eggs
so she slammed two together
she must have thought they were two rocks or something
she only did that once though
before she learned her lesson

another day
she went to a school that a friend teaches at
for pre school and kindergarten
she fit right in
raising her hand
marching in line
sharing stuff
yes she is ready for the big time now

there she fed the bunnies carrot tops that she pulled from our garden
fed horses and donkeys and peacocks
yes she was tuckered out that day for sure
every day it seemed
were we

but the low point of her trip
at least for us
was when she waved and kissed us good bye

the high point for her was seeing mom and dad after 6 days
away from them

our high point
i must say
lasted 6 days

that was fun
as she says
more more
we want
more more

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, April 3, 2017

its more than the bird

this week we let our granddaughter ms b watch tv
well only one show
it was sesame street
we wanted her to see big bird
before big bird got its head removed
by the budget cuts

the pbs or cpb
thats public broadcasting system or corporation for public broadcasting
well its sort of our
to the bbc from england

i ask millennials and some right folks and some left folks
what they watch for their news
they say
the bbc

the bbc
the british just seem to look at life different than we do
more realistic

they publicly sponsor the bbc tv network
the government generally keep their hands off the network

the pbs is mostly sponsored by the federal government
not completely
since they get some sponsor money and a lot of public support

they are mostly independent
they show a lot of good arts and history programs

my wife she and i
watch the pbs nightly news as our go to news
we dont watch fox news and we dont watch msnbc news
we occasionally watch cnn when they have a balanced panel
and dont argue back and forth
dont talk over each other

now on pbs
that doesnt ever happen
commonly both sides are presented
it seems that both sides even though they dont agree
are more respectful of each other than the other networks

thats what i want to see and hear
both sides of the story
its up to me and you to decide what we believe
you need to hear both sides to really make a good decision

on friday night
thats our mexican food and margarita night here at the country n
you will rarely find us not at home that night

we watch the pbs nightly news that night
waiting for the analysis of mark shields and david brooks
a liberal and a conservative
giving both sides
but not the extreme sides
both are obviously friends and are respectful of each other

when i watch this show
i realize i have a conservative bent to my politics
but not to the extreme
its financial and some social issues
but i tend to lean i guess more to the liberal side on most social issues
sort of where most americans especially millennials really are
they soon will be the majority of voters

we need pbs not only for accurate news
but for the arts and history programs they provide
its dangerous for a country to lose
arts and history programs
when they do
things seem to go bad for that country

now i did read an article by a columnist this weekend
that suggested that pbs should just stop accepting government funds
since they pbs are always looking over their shoulders
for whatever group is in power
trying i guess not to offend them
losing some of their independence maybe be it subtle

i am sure they could make up some of the 400+ million that they
if the ax chop occurs i will divert some of our charity donations to them
we always need like the bbc a public broadcasting system

dont let them cut the funds this time
here is a link to a petition to congress
that they fund pbs again

protect my public media

its not a pretty site if you have ever seen a chicken
with its head cut off

we dont want our kids to see that
we need pbs to survive

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, March 31, 2017

alzheimers news-update and more

Image result for organicgreendoctor
i am now 8 days post infusion
having received the first aducanumab infusion
well i might have got the placebo instead
eventually ill find out which i got

for those who dont know what aducanumab is
its an antibody against the bad beta amyloid
that is thought to be the cause of alzheimers disease
at least based on the amyloid theory

the antibody binds the amyloid and removes it from the brain
if it works the scans for the amyloid is clear
the memory gets better

the two symptoms i have noticed so far
a low grade headache that i occasionally have to take acetaminophen
to relieve
fatigue that worsens as the day goes on
i can live with

now i have a low grade iritis an inflammation of the iris of the
that also can cause these symptoms
i control it with daily steroid eye drops
i dont think this is a flare of my iritis

heres hoping my headaches and fatigue continue
it could be that i am getting the real medicine and not
the placebo
i sure hope so
i dont want to lose 18 months of treatment until
all of us in the study get offered the read deal aducanumab

i have been following
karen garner
in her blog called
missing jim confessions of an alzheimers wife

jim died over a year ago
she occasionally blogs to let us know how she is doing

i suggest you click on the above link
to get the feel of what its like to deal with a loved one
with this disease
even a year after their death

i am afraid folks that this diseases effects on caregivers
and loved ones
never ever go away
her blog still oozes with sadness
she is one of thousands so affected

last week
now i have thought about this a lot
since i was diagnosed
it was even a segment on the alzheimers movie still alice

someone with the disease
reaching that point
i sitting here today can see where that point is
like in the movie still alice
when that point arrives
you are usually to gone upstairs
to carry it through

here is the link to article on how a husband of an alzheimers patient
recognized when she reached that point

was is he guilty

i say yes and no

you know when someones heart fails to work anymore
its called heart failure

when someones kidneys quit working
its called kidney failure
when someones alzheimers disease advances
its called brain failure

thats what alzheimers disease is and leads to

brain failure

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

dear ms b-u r sunshine

ms b
you are a true ray of sunshine in our lives this week
we have our hands on you mostly all to ourselves this week
are we having fun or what

the first thing we did is go to our favorite mexican food restaurant
as we walked in
you had your new back pack on
its yellow
it a donald duck backpack
wonder where you got that

now a 2 year old is a busy person
sometimes they can make fun out of things
we never think about
probably having more fun that if we had taken
her somewhere
like a park or zoo

like yesterday
there is this old chair your gma she drugged home
it was all beat up real bad
ms b
i instantly saw an end product
a true duct tape chair
so i used 2 rolls of duct tape on this chair
its my favorite piece of furniture in our house
i think its your favorite
as you climbed up in it
looked up at me and smiled
please her eyes said

now this chair should be at every park
every daycare
it does so much

it easily goes around and around like a merry go round
it rocks back and forth like a rocking horse
plus its easier to hold on
it slides forward and backwards
like you were ice skating or something

i finally had to say
no mas no mas
i was pretty dizzy afterwards
as you said
more more granddaddy
you can say my name now

you ask me
you can have it

me thinks you will return to that old chair
many times while you are here

you love the big ole frog in our small pond
it jumps in
croaks a lot
now you can croak just like it
theres the little fishes we have swimming in there
ms b
are from the river
we plan to wagon you down to today
to throw rocks
get wet
maybe see a deer or a cow or a rabbit or a turkey
on the way we will go past the horseys and mule and cows

our plan is for you to be wet and dirty when you come back
with a big smile on your face

its into the garden
to trim off all our spinach
to pull up some big ole carrots
to pick some sweet peas
to pick some asparagus
we will plant our basil and our peppers
plant our black eyed peas on any bare ground left
maybe just maybe
ms b
we will have some blackeyed peas for new years day
that means good luck for the rest of the year

its bluebonnet picture time
we have saved a patch with your name on it

by this time
i think you will be all tuckered out

u r our sunshine for sure

here is an article titled
when she was a baby
about a grandfather who wrote a journal for
his granddaughter when she was young
he gave it to her on her 16th birthday

these ms b blogs are to her
to read some years in the future

you can go to my blog page online and type in
dear ms b in the search window
all my blogs to her are there

i/we want her to know how much she means to us
to maybe get a sense get the essence of who i/we are were

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, March 27, 2017

rot care

Image result for rot
our healthcare system is not going to work
if we have one party ram through a program without
the other

although i like the start that obamacare gave us
protecting millions of us from financial ruin
it was rammed down the republicans throats
when the democrats had total power in the late 1990s

that left a bad taste in the republicans mouth
a real bitter one that helped to lose the democrats
any control of the government

what goes around comes around

then the republicans did the
gotcha thing
tried to ram a new plan down the democrats throat
how do you like the taste they said
politics it seems makes strange bedfellows
the freedom caucus who wanted to wipe out a lot the gains
that were made to protect our health
which most of us dont want to lose
they sort of teamed with the democrats
whom they probably dont agree with on anything
to defeat the attempt at trump ryan care

like a republican senator said at one of those rowdy
back home meetings recently
we just need to back up
take a deep deep breath
pause for a while
get the democrats and the republicans who can work together
to come up with a bipartisan health system
they want agree on everything
what comes out of it will be mutually agreed on

my suggestion
5 moderate republicans and 5 moderate democrats
with no majority for either party

the plan will probably be a better one
that we can all accept

if we dont
we wont have a workable plan

it will just get changed again with the democrats get power again
we cant let that keep happening

first let me say i think that there should be a
two option health care plan

one option
medicare for all
just add things to it that make it save money
like a tax for the medicare for all if you chose this one
say a 1 % tax that all pay no matter their income
add copays with the  deductibles and co insurance
like regular medicare does now
the copays would be new
make the copays set or make them sliding scale
i dont mind paying a $25 copay to see my primary care provider

start putting controls on services provided that seem a waste of money
like even stricter criteria for mris and other testings
i have had mris and scans not the research ones that didnt
necessarily change my care that much
it would have saved medicare a lot of money

make it harder to prolong folks lives
did you know that 90+% of doctors die at home
while most nondoctors die in the hospital
i think we know something yall dont

allow nurse practitioners or physician assistants to operate
they dont get paid as much as doctors do
let them be independent but keep the pay down to the level
so that they make the same income they do now
also then cut the doctors reimbursement to the nurse practitioner level
make it mandatory that all providers take this medicare for all

i personally see a competent neurology nurse practitioner and have
no problem doing it

there are other ways
to get more costs down
change how we allow our drugs to cost us so much

look closer at foreign countries like sweden and canada
and england to see how they hold their costs down
we need to do those things that they do thats good

option two
private insurance
that you obtain yourself or via your employer
set some standards they all must meet
put them out in the private market

i recently bought my medicare supplement
it was fairly easy and straightforward
almost too easy
i was worried i was doing something wrong
i was missing some loop hole
it just worked fairly smoothly

i think that what will happen over time is that the
medicare for all will gradually take over
if its kept simple and straightforward and efficient
as medicare is now

maybe allow for medicare for all supplements to be sold
like they are now with the regular medicare

i told someone the other day
im calling our new insurance plan the congress is coming
up with
ryanobamatrump care

smiled and said
oh you mean
rot care

yep thats what we are going to end up with
if we are not careful
rot care

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, March 24, 2017

alzheimers news-1 down 47 to go

Image result for organicgreendoctor
i did it yesterday
got my birthday present
as i wrote the best ever

as i drove the 3 hours trip i did a lot of contemplating
thinking about this 6 year long journey that i have been on
hoping it will last a long long time before its all over

i thought how lucky i am to be this far along
and not have worsening memory loss

during that time this last 6 years
i lost my brother from the final stages of this disease
had my older brother get diagnosed with it

i thought maybe just maybe i am the lucky one
getting an opportunity that they didnt get
to really really slow this down

i am honored to be in this trial
knowing that if its successful as it might be
that it could be a game changer for me
and all my relatives behind me
to have a chance to avoid this awful disease

thats how close we are to finding a treatment
its right now today not off tens of years from now
for me and my family it started yesterday

yesterday the day for the rest of our lives

lets getter on is what i muttered under my breath
i arrived yesterday early of course to the infusion center
its located in this building at the university of texas southwestern
medical center
i walked up to this desk where the busy infusion center is
there sits this guy called santa claus
he is the receptionist
everyone calls him that
since he looks like santa claus
plays one at christmas
nice as you would expect santa claus to be
nice first person to interact with

then there was some snafu
we may have to reschedule
some protocol has to followed exactly right
i was the first one starting this study there
some special approval had to done by some god in massachusetts
or somewhere back east at biogen

we may need to reschedule if you dont want to wait
nope i said
im staying until this gets settled
ive waited too long and this may mean to much to me and my family
i just want to get this thing done
getter done i mumbled under my breath

finally after awhile it all got cleared up

back i went
nice nurse
nice receptionist
nice neurologist
it helps to have nice medical personal taking care of you
when you are dealing with the unknown
dealing with a terminal illness
i remembered as i watched them start my infusion and draw my blood
their patients are the ones that dont usually fair well
its their diagnoses

below thats the brown bag stuff hanging on the pole
the stuff thats either fake stuff or the real deal
the real deal for me please
i thought as i watched them hook all this up
i want to be the exception for them
i want to be a success result

the only thing i noticed as i got my infusion was
that i tasted salt on my tongue and i got real thirsty
dont know if thats a good sign or not
when it comes to whether or not i am in the placebo group
or not

if i get headaches get confused have some dizziness
then theres a good chance i got the real deal stuff
however not everyone has side effects
i am at higher risk for side effects since i have the apoe 4/apoe 4 gene
this gene put me at an increased risk for getting alzheimers disease

prior to getting the infusion i had a memory test done
for some reason i noticed that i did better on it than usual
it may be because i have had it done so much
i can anticipate the answers before they ask the questions
they for this study do a variety of memory tests
most of which i havent done before
which make them more accurate

i finished my infusion without any effects
i return each month to do the same thing all over again
i dont have to wait around the extra hour or so like i did
this time
in and out in an hour or so each time

i decided i can deal with whatever problems pop up
in the end it may be all worth it

i scheduled my next infusion date on 4/20
i did that date on purpose
its in case you dont know is marijuana day

why pick that day
there is a lot of research that needs to be done on the ingredients
in marijuana
they appear to be useful in the treatment of neurological diseases
like alzheimers
the federal government severely limits the research that needs to
be done on these marijuana ingredients

in my contact with folks affected by these diseases
they are using marijuana
obtaining it from states where its legal
using strands that have the potential to help

its sad that good scientific research cant be done
to find things like this that may help

its my small way of protesting our governments restrictions
on this research

hopefully if this aducanumab stuff works for me
i wont have to get involved with using any 420 stuff

a month of waiting
round two

keep following me on this journey
i am hoping the end result will be a good one
if it is
there may be hope for a lot of people

the organcgreen doctor

Thursday, March 23, 2017

alzheimers news-its my day


Image result for organicgreendoctor
today is my birthday
i have had a lot of birthdays
the 40th one was memorable
yes i got black stuff and got my yard trashed
i got all those over 40 jokes

came number 50
yes i got the aarp stuff in the mail

came the number 60
i told my wife she
i just want a quiet one
have people leave me alone
no harassment please
i got enough at age 40 and 50

after my 60th birthday
our life was humming along pretty good
we had no idea what would be coming along
in about 9 months
our lives would change

there was the diagnosis
that diverted our future to where it is today
an uncertain one

i have got a lot of presents over the years
some well most have been good ones
i got the best birthday present ever

my phone rang
this is the alzheimers disease center at ut southwestern
we have an opening tomorrow at our infusion center
do you want to start your aducanumab infusions tomorrow

i didnt even hesitate a second
we have made receiving these infusions our priorty
ill be there

im ready
to get this show on the road
the sooner the better

for those who dont know
aducanumab is an antibody that attacks the bad beta amyloid
that accumulates in the brain
beta amyloid is thought to be the substance that causes alzheimers disease
if you remove it
the alzheimers disease may be stopped or at least slowed down

i will be one of the first to get this stuff at the alzheimers center

everyone knows the drug humira
its advertised on tv all the time
its used for diseases like rheumatiod arthirits ulcerative colitis
crohns disease and other connective tissue diseases
its given as shots under the skin usually every 2 weeks
its an antibody against a protein that causes the inflammation in
these diseases
its generic name is adalimumab

my drug
my birthday present today
works similarly
the protein it attacks is the bad beta amyloid in the brain

this drug aducanumab
is the best hope that we have right now to slow this disease down
this study i am in will determine if it works or not
my reading and my hope is that it will

i am ready
to get the best birthday present ever today
it must be a sign
getting it today on my birthday
i believe
i believe
its a good sign

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

country n news-garden news


it feels like may around here
looking at the wildflowers and the fruit trees
and the trees and the shrubs that are ablooming
they all think its may also

i must say
that doesnt bode well for this summer
i suspect we will have an early summer
starting in the real may
hitting those hotter temps a month early
slowing down
the garden
the wildflowers
the greenery around here

as i look out around our property
i must say
its about prime for the spring
wish it would stay that way

i took these tomatoes and peppers that i planted
back in the first week of february into large 5 gallon pots
put them in my small greenhouse with its southfacing
open clear wall
those tomatoes went crazy
even making little green ones and some red ones
those red ones didnt make it out of the greenhouse
i moved them outside under the lacy shade of
my huisache tree
to get use to being outside

so yesterday
i planted them
a cherry tomato
a juliet that produces small ones like crazy
two early girls that are full of green tomatoes
two celebrities that are always dependable

all of these are indeterminate
that means they can continue to produce all year
sometimes based on the hybrid celebrity type
they are indeterminate

but in my experience here at the country n
the juliette is the only one that i have been able to
summer over into the fall to produce tomatoes again
in the fall

the bed i use is about 3 ft x 12 ft
the soil depth is about 2 feet
of pure rich composty wormy soil
that i dig and plant using only my bare hands

i dont usually use gloves
i like the feel of the dirt on my fingers
under my nails
it brings me one with the soil

this winter i removed the blackeyed peas that were planted
on this bed
added lots of compost
added organic fertilizer and cottonseed meal and molasses
covered it up with the leaves some of you gave me
let it ferment for several months
until yesterday
when i planted my tomatoes

i dug the hole
added some earthworm casting to jump start the tomato plants
planted the tomato plant all of which had several small
green tomatoes on them
well one was red so i quickly ate it

then i watered it in with liquid fish emulsion sea weed molasses
to get the roots agrowing

hopefully i will get tomatoes earlier than usual
i already have i thought

i left them unstaked even though they were 3 ft or so long
that that freeze is coming
all i have to do is put some warm covering over them
then i will stake them up on wire cages

john dromgoole the organic garden guru always says
there is always an easter freeze around here

i agree
having lost tomatoes in april several times

here are my green 1015 sweet dont make you cry onions
all 200+ of them
it looks like an early harvest of them
ill know its time when the stalks start falling over

here are the potatoes
agrowing like crazy
we definitely will have new potatoes by mothers day
if the weather holds up as warm as it is
we should have all of them harvested by then

if you live around here
you have plenty of time
to prep your garden
plant those tomatoes and peppers
be ready for that easter freeze

the organicgreen doctor