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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Friday, June 15, 2018

alzheimers news-3 more and what it is

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yesterday at the ucla infusion center i received my 17th infusion in the biogen aducanumab study of either a placebo or the drug aducanumab
aducanumab is an antibody against the bad beta amyloid that is thought to be the cause of alzheimers dieseae
the aducanumab is the most promising drug thats being investigated now to eventually make to the market if it shows promise in slowing down or stopping the disease

yesterday i had a bad headache when i got home which for me is a good sign since thats a major side effect of his drug
if my headache which is still present this morning despite acetaminophen is from my infusion then that would mean i am getting the real drug which is a real good thing
as i discussed with the research director and nurse yesterday if i have side effects thats a good thing
folks like me who have the apoe4 gene are much more likely to have this headache side effect

in fact if i am getting this real drug the dose will be a lower dose to prevent worsening headaches which is caused by microbleeds where the bad beta amyloid plaques are being removed by the drug

a little micobleed i can handle
like i told them
the option for me and others well there really isnt one right now
a little headache and microbleed we will accept

dont worry they do regular mris of the brain to make sure this hasnt happened
in fact i have one in 10 days back at ucla

the only problem is if i were to have a microbleed which means im getting the drug then im out of the study
a bad thing that would be

starting in october all of those 1200 plus folks in the study who want to can continue for another 2 years receiving all of us the real drug and not the placebo with the possibility of getting it even longer if its promising in its effect against this awful disease

so if its approved for use i and we may if we didnt get the placebo get 4+ years of this drug before it reaches the market

for me eg it would have slowed down the disease for me so i would have more cognitive presence here on this earth

thats why i and the others have gone on this journey in hopes of getting some treatment not available elsewhere

otherwise it just taking meds like aricept (donepezil) and its cousins and living a healthy life and taking some recommended supplements
those are your options

its well worth the effort being in this study if it works
if it doesnt work then we have solved whether this approach works or not and science can move in another direction

this week the nih thats the national institute of health published this youtube video on

if you have it or if you have a loved one who has it or if you are worried you have it
watch this video below to see what happens inside the brain

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

what to do with this stuff

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archaeologists and historians love trash
even the american indians had trash piles where they put everything trash in them so you could dig through them years later to learn something about that american indian tribe

so it was with farmers ranchers old western towns old factory towns

i remember when we grew up we always had a burning barrel where we burned everything then what was left got dumped in a heap usually away from the house
during that time when you went to the store you got this paper bag to put stuff in and you used it for other things when you unpacked the groceries
that was before plastic and plastic bags

did you know when you drive from the most eastern border of texas to the california coast that when you get halfway there you are only in amarillo on the western border of texas
theres a plastic accumulation in the ocean the size of texas
folks if you have ever made that drive in the hot summer with no air conditioner you have a pretty good idea how big and huge that amount of plastic is

i saw where this soda straw made of plastic was stuck in one of those big ole sea turtles
it took folks a long time to get i removed
what a blood mess that was
have you ever stuck accidentally of course one of those up your nose
it hurts bad and it bleeds alot

now we my wife she and i have been good recyclablers for a long time
for awhile at the country n we were able to recycle all plastic including plastic bags at our local
do it yourself recycle place
we were told to stop

the only trash we had after aggressively recycling was that plastic stuff that if put in the trash and if it goes to the landfill its always there for the archaeologist to find
tons and tons and tons
some well alot of it gets into the ocean where it either washes ashore or seems to get all joined together somewhere somehow in the gigantic texas size glob of stuff that is there for ever for all to see

i always wonder if one day some country as that glob gets bigger and bigger and thicker and thickker
if they can claim it as their territory
i can see china doing that maybe even using it to land planes on
heck as big as that glob is they could start a new country new plasticonia

i just went into our kitchen and looked in our trash
we have two
trash and the other recycling

now we save all our garbage stuff to either feed the chickens at the gardens or i feed it to my worms in my 8 5gallon worm buckets in my garden or i dump it in the compost
since we rarely eat meat there is rarely any meat stuff

i dug down into my recyclable bag
there is cardboard newspapers magazines mail all kinds of recyclable plastic stuff and some glass occasionally but not often
we do manage to fill it up fairly regularly

i dug down into the trash bag
theres cleaning disposal rags in there and an awful lot of plastic things like ziplock bags veggie plastic bags wraps for cheeses and other veggies and grain bags and bags the beans and rice and things like that come in plastic that comes on boxes you see through and the list goes on and on
most of our trash is plastic

im hoping it all doesnt go into the ocean somewhere that it all goes into some landfill that im sure will one day be this big blob of plastic stuff that takes over the landfill
never to go away

i wonder if one day there will be so many of these blobs of plastic that the world will be thrown off its axis and just whorl out into space like those old spin tops use to do when we played with them as a kid

i feel like we are doing our part my wife she and i to cut out the plastic trash that we produce but its hard really hard not to generate a lot of it
i rarely if ever use the veggie bags for our veggies as i commonly just put them loosely in my shopping cart

im sorry but ive said all this and i didnt offer a solution
im sorry but i dont have one
all we can do is do our part
to find a way to limit this stuff in our trash

we take care of our little world our little space
thats all we can do
while hoping yall do the same

this article on suggestions is helpful

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, June 11, 2018

why tony why

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i let him into my world my dvr world a few years ago especially when he started his new show on cnn about parts unknown
i dvr a few shows that i and some my wife she like to watch like sporting events man i hate to watch commercials and tv specials and the voice and americas got talent and some hbo shows and gardening shows and the nightly pbs news show amongst other shows we like to watch
his shows i dvred all of them since i didnt want to miss them

he was special

his shows were about more than just food
it was about life
he could grab and he seemed to grasp the essence of where he was visiting

he seemed restless but in a calm way as he gave us a lesson on where he was at
like a special docent with a unique view

three of his shows that he did that we saw seem to stick in my mind

one was the one he did on west virginia
he seemed to get those people
now im sure he didnt like trump but he was in the middle of trump country there in west virginia with all its economic problems and drug problems
the latter he seemed to understand the most since he fought those demons a lot the drug demons

he seemed to fit in and seemed to understand those guys eating stuff that for me was well what i ate a lot when i was growing up
yes ive eaten fried squirrel and squirrel dumplings before
he did to
loved it he did

after you watched the show at least for me i thought i understood them

another show was the one on viet nam
a place that almost destroyed our country in the 60s and 70s
a country at war for 100s of years that finally is able to be at peace with no war going on
it was like listening to a history lesson and food lesson and social lesson of viet nam

then the one show that maybe all of us should watch
it was on the area in massachusetts where he grew up
the place where his demons that followed him everyday of his life got their origin
and grew and took him over like a cancer that was kept at bay but not completely defeated
obviously his demons like that cancer took him over and won

there where he grew up they are fighting the fight that so many places in the us are fighting
drugs especially heroin that has destroyed and is destroying so many lives so many families

is there an answer to this problem
i dont know
its a social one a financial one with a lot of folks to blame
congress big pharma the medical community our social system our families us
there may not be an answer or a cure for this problem
we like he did have to control it
like the cancer kept at bay
we need to try to keep it from winning
keep it under control

we like tony have to try
as long as we can

he tried
he touched so many folks all over the world
he seemed to transcend race religion politics
he seemed to understand

he was a special person
he had so much more to give
he gave his all and could give us no more

he is missed

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, June 8, 2018

sb country n news-garden news

this sign above well its my approach to
how i like to live

it says

in the spring
at the end of the day
you should smell like dirt

thats my goal at the end of the day is to look down at my fingernails and see this rim of dirt running from my left to my right cuticles

just the other day miss b said to me after coming to see me at the garden whew whats that smell so i said
its the smell of spring
its my new perfume
the essence of fish emulsion and seaweed and molasses

when i smell like this and see those dirty fingernails and see my garden dirt stained shorts and shirt then i know im on the right path
doing whats right in this world
doing what i enjoy

somedays i wonder what those old farmers use to do
did they have permanent stained fingernails like a mechanic would
did they ever wash their work clothes
i could easily wear the same ones day after day seeing those dirt stains and smelling that garden perfume
have you ever smelled the essence of tomato leaf and basil together
it really should be sold in those little bottles like peppermint oil or rosemary oil
maybe do a essence of farmers

so when my wife she sent me that picture off a building near san francisco i knew that i was having a good spring here
i just took a deep breath smelling my garden my hands my clothes

life is good

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, June 7, 2018

alzheimers news-do you have any of these

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almost eight years ago when i was told i had some short term memory issues i went to the alzheimers associations website to look up the 10 signs and symptoms of early alzheimers

here is the link to the alzheimers associations discussion of them

well these are my thoughts on the subject

memory loss that disrupts your life
forgetting dates and events and having to rely more and more on reminders like sticky notes everywhere or phone reminders

its ok to occasionally forget names or appointments

i must say ive not had any of these issues except i am known for not remembering names

challenge in planning or solving problems
you may have problems following a recipe or paying bills

its ok if you occasionally make errors in checkbook

i must say i dont have this problem
well i must say my wife she has this problem but dont worry its a life long problem she has

difficulty completing familiar tasks
you may have trouble doing some daily tasks or things like driving to a familiar place or doing a budget or remembering the rules of a game

its ok if you have trouble like with recording a tv show or doing settings on your microwave

i must say i have no problem dvring my favorite shows
well i must say i have trouble dvring shows when my wfe she says would you dvr that show ive been wanting to watch

confusion with time or place
you may lose track of days dates or where you are or how you got there

its ok to not remember the date or day of the week but you figure it out later

i must say that since i retired and especially since i moved here i have lost track of what the date is
in fact on my memory tests they ask and i commonly dont remember the date
now i always remember the day of the week
thank goodness for that

trouble with visual images and spatial relationships
you may have trouble reading or judging distances or trouble with colors and their contrasts
this especially affects driving

some think this is the first thing folks have show up is this spacial issue

its ok to have visual problems due to cataracts

i must say i think i have some of the spacial issues such that i am much more cautious when i drive
ive noticed the traffic lights are set differently here and the pedestrians and bikers seem to come out of nowhere sometimes

problems with words and speaking and writing
you may have problems following a conversation or starting one or you may lose your train of thought in the middle of a sentence or repeat yourself or use the wrong word for something

its ok to occasionally have trouble finding the right word

i must say i sometimes lose myself in the middle of a conversation or cant find the right word for something
thank goodness like a twin my wife she will pitch in to help but this doesnt happen to me that often

misplace things or cant retrace your steps
you put things in strange places or you lose something and you cant replace your steps
this may become worse over time

its ok to lose things but usually you can retrace your steps

i must say this is a rarity for me but i did lose my billfold once and found it wedged weeks later under my duct tape chair

well i must say my wife she has this problem with her keys and her cellphone
honey would you call me i cant find my phone
should i be worrying about her instead of her worrying about me

decreased or poor judgement
you make poor judgement or you give large amounts to telemarketers or you make strange large purchases

its ok to occasionally make a bad decision

i must say i dont really have this issue
well i must say if i could keep my wife she away from thrift stores and garage sales and estate sales ...

withdrawal from work or social activities
you may avoid social activities or hobbies or have trouble following your favorite sports teams

its ok if you get tired of work or family or social activties

i must say i know whats going on with all my favorite sports teams
maybe too much
i dont seem to be withdrawing too much from social activities and i enjoy my hobbies just as good as ever
well i must say my wife she is a much more social person than i but thats not new


changes in mood or personality
you know this well if youve ever had a loved one with alzheimers disease
in fact this one for some families bothers them the most
you can get paranoid suspicious anxious depressed angry even violent

its ok to get a little irritable if things are done different than how you like to do them

i must say
ok ok i know im guilty of this one
well for a long time
well i  must say my wife she isnt that guilty of this one
ok honey youre right she says
just ticks me off when she says that
no im not displaying anger here

so if you are worried like all of us are that we are getting alzheimers disease or a loved one is getting this awful disease just look at this list real good

if there is an issue
get help early since its been found that folks who get help early on do much better over time

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

infrastructure being ignored will catch up with us eventually



we hear it every 4 years
it receives a lot of attention as all those
politicians try to get elected
silence after the election

our infrastructure for our roads and
bridges are falling apart

if we dont get them maintained and
repaired we will deal with it only with
crisis intervention
which means it will cost more and wont
be done right or may not even need to be

here in california they raised what i call
an infrastructure tax
it was levied on each gallon of gas
it is 12 cents a gallon for repair and
improving infrastructure

when i go to the gas station to buy gas
which since ive moved here isnt but
about once a month
it seems when you look at the price
its more like the bump you see
sometimes around a major holiday or
when the gas supply gets limited for
some reason

i sort of notice it but it doesnt bother
me since i know i and us here will
benefit from what the money is being
taxed for

we cant ignore this infrastructure thing
too long
if we do itll cost us a lot more

this infrastructure thing got more personal
our condo complex was found to have a
gas leak
off goes the gas to everyone
nope it cant come back on until all the
lines are replaced
thes lines leaked off and on for several
years getting replaced as they broke
in a method thats called crisis intervention
youre right
it will cost a lot more now that it has to
be done
a lot of inconvenience
more than two months

think cold showers no gas dryers cold
swimming pool no gas heaters no gas
i must say a nice cold shower is
its better than a bold cup of kava

what if this had all been fixed or repaired
when it was recognized it was a problem
we wouldnt be as inconvenienced or have
a bigger hole in our pocket books

dont worry we are able to put in a
temporary electric water heater while they
are doing the gas lines

so soon it will be all good
theres the old sewer lines and the old
water lines then the old electric lines then
the old phone lines then the old cable lines
you can see where this is going

like in our condo
our infrastructure across the us is
its in need of repair

it has to be taken care
it will take a tax to pay for it
theres no other way
it seems a gas tax is the best way to
do it
with the caveat that the gas tax
can only be used for the infrastructure
and not anything else

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, June 4, 2018

why do they leave us so young


so why are more young folks dying in the
last few years than in the past
there was this trend downwards in young
folks dying from 2000 to 2014
the trend started going upwards
the trend for everyone else has continued
a slow descent

there has been this rise in accidental deaths
suicides and homicides amongst young


they dont know
for sure

they are dying from
traffic deaths
drug overdoses

suicides dropped during the few years
before 2016
then increased 56% in 2016

homicides dropped also but increased
26% in 2016

guns accounted for 87% of homicides
and 43 % of the suicides

so why are they dying at a higher rate

here is what i think
Samsung Galaxy Express Prime 2 - AT&T PREPAID - Black - Mobile Phone

Image result for drugs

Image result for guns
we as a society have to address these
we will continue to lose our kids forever
at a continuing increased rate

click here to read the article on this

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, June 1, 2018

alzheimers news-right to try

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there is not much i agree with trump on
but this one i do
its the right to try legislation that basicallly
lets folks who have run out of options take
drugs that are in phase 1 trials

now phase 1 is the first start to a process
that can take up to 10 or more years before
the drug gets approved and out to the public

my drug aducanumab in its phase 1 study
did fairly well
it removed the measurable amyloid on
pet scans and showed some improvement
in memory for folks who got the
real drug

under this law one could access this drug
now to get treated for this incurable diseease

an advanced cancer might be a better
example though
weve all read about terminal cancer patients
trying to get access to a new drug still in

what do they have to lose

now alzheimers disease might not be the best
example since when you are in the terminal
stage its too late since so much damage has
been done that the brain cant be fixed

if you were early in the disease process like i
am then you might benefit from these
experimental drugs since the earlier the disease
is treated the more likely it can be slowed
or one day treated

so looking at all the stuff in research for
stopping alzheimers thats in phase 1 2 or 3
my drug aducanumab would be the one i
would choose
it seems it might help slow things down

in about 3 months i will definitely get the
real drug so i wouldnt do anything different
than im doing now

but lets say it was 2010 when i was diagnosed
via positive pet scans and positive spinal fluid
and positive genetic tests and positive memory
well in 2010 if this drug was available and this
law was the law i could apply to get this drug
under the right to try law

i wouldnt hesitate one iota to do it

this warning though for folks
you will really have to do your homework on
the right to try drug to be sure you are not
getting some rip off drug or some drug that
is more toxic than your disease

nope i woulnt blink an eye since doing
nothing has only one outcome
its not a good one

i looked at all the stuff im taking now to slow
down this disease and i have noticed that
almost every prescription pill im taking
and every supplement im taking is not
approved by the fda for treating alzheimers

why then am i doing it
the options are
theres not any

most if not all the things i take are based
some on scientific research some which
is done on animals

heres my list

aricept  (donepezil) is approved for use in
folks with alzheimers but not my diagnosis
mild cognitive impariment
the fda says i shouldnt be on this stuff
new and old research suggests that starting
aricept (donepezil) early may and very
likely helps to prevent the deposition of
amyloid in the brain so starting it early
may be important in slowing down the
disease and not just the symptoms

irbesartan i take for high blood pressure
its also in a class of drugs that may slow
down the disease
again not fda approved for this

atorvastatin thats lipitor for cholesterol
again in studies lowering your cholesterol
may slow down the development of
not fda approved

folic acid and vitamin b12 for a high
level of homocysteine which is associated
with a increased risk for alzheimers as
well as heart attack and stroke
not proven not fda approved

omega 3 ditto
vitamin a ditto
curcumin or turmeric acid ditto
coconut oil ditto
probiotics ditto
co q 10 ditto
vit b 100 with all the b vitamins again ditto
bacopa ditto
melatonin to improve sleep ditto
aspirin ditto
and others

so you can see there is this level that most
of these are at that they are not definitely
proven to slow down or prevent alzheimers
but there is trending evidence that they
do or might work against this awful
fatal disease

if i wait for fda approval it may not ever
so i have the right to try them if i want
to but i am careful to read and be sure
that none of these are snake oil type

if they work then im glad i did take all of
if they dont work then what have i lost
just a few bucks each month

if you decide to do the  right to try thing
make sure you know a lot about the drug
and what good researchers think it may

ive read a lot of stuff about drugs that
are definitely snake oil worthy

i try
i have the right to
as of now
theres not much else to do

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, May 31, 2018

dear ms b-its been a year

ms b
we have been here a year next monday
when we packed all we could into our two cars
leaving everything else in texas either donated
or sold or given away
all our heirlooms and other keepsakes were filtered
through and given away or discarded or kept
our loved ones were given the option to keep what
they wanted
what wasnt retained is now all gone

we did the job that kids usually have to do when their
parents leave this earth
we did all the sorting and deciding ourselves
sparing you and your dad and uncle from having to
do it

off we drove for two days across the middle of america
to arrive in what we call paradise

i realized ms b that i never look at my weather app on
my iphone anymore
since i dont need to since the weather is always usually
perfect here

can you tell ms be we like it here so far

for me the biggest joy has been to introduce you to the garden
where i have my two plots
ive made you a 4 ft bed for you to dig around in
and water and pick the produce in your beds

so far ms b
youve eaten a couple yellow tomatoes from your tomato plant
eaten several green beans
why last week you wondered over and picked several ripe
strawberries and plunked them into your mouth also
then i went around to the kids garden and grabbed a couple
of blueberries for you

just past where we are standing is your
giant big ole pumpkin plant
that has whats now a baby pumpkin on it

just farther over from that is a big ole giant sunflower
thats yours that will have a sunflower bigger than your
can you believe that

i also ms b introduced you to the big ole compost pile
where you could take your two garden tools to scratch
and dig around until you found those wiggling worms
that make you cackle as you watch them wiggle

then you and my wife she dug around the edge of the childrens
garden bed looking for things to dig up
like those wiggling worms that made you laugh so much
ok hopefully when you read this you will be much older
and will understand this
i confess
when you werent looking i dumped a handful of worms
into the hole you just dug and covered them up
you were so excited when you found them
it was worth it at the time i did it

you always well its the first thing you do when you enter the
the garden
you go right to the chickens
you bravely feed them old bread and their favorite swiss chard
which i pick from the big garden
it allows me to clean up the swiss chard plants removing any
damaged leaves
you and the chickens could care less about that

then you also like to clean out the birdbath with the bluebird
in it
ok i understand you just like to play in the water
it serves three purposes
the birds get fresh water
the chard and strawberries get water from the spillage
you get to play in the water

its a win win win

over the last year
you have developed a familiarity with the garden
that was my goal all along
you dont mind picking up worms or digging in the dirt
you can easily spend an hour or two in the garden
its almost become your playground each week
when we pick you up from your nearby preschool

i sometimes watch our neigbor across the way
who has alzheimers wandering outside getting lost
one day the police brought him back home

i know ms b that will be my fate one day
sorry but its in the cards

i want you when i start doing that to read this and
hopefully you can remember this all and me
at my best

yes ms b
its been a year now
a real good year
we as my wife she your gma and i discussed
have absolutely no regrets

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

the merger


two issues affecting all of our planet
clean water

there may not be enough of either

now when i see bayer i think of bayer aspirin
i take one a day the 81 mg dose to prevent a
stroke or heart attack
i hope

well i take a generic one since it costs a lot less
so far its working

bayer is also about seeds and weed killers and other things

the merger with monsanto that has happened
or will happen
is a big deal

those of us
in the nongmo organic antiroundup antinonorganic pesticide
antinonorganic insecticide movement
know these two companies
bayer and monsanto

they are the devils

just ask a lot of the farmers who arent looking forward
to this merger
it probably means higher prices for their seeds and bad
chemicals they spray on their crops
that we all consume

you know what this means
your foods gonna cost more

i read where one of these companies has designed a new
herbicide and will design plants that are resistant to it

that sort of seems strange
to grow crops that their poison wont work on

i feel better when i am eating stuff out of my garden
since i know that there is no poison anywhere thats being
its an all organic garden

when i go to the store or even better the farmers market
i try to buy all organic all nongmo food

it just doesnt seem right
messing with mother nature
changing up those genes
its better if we let mother nature do it
its call adapting

i always figured that one day out in those gardens there
will be this giant frankenstein veggie that will take over
the farm destroying all living things

thats what happens when you mess with mother nature

this merger and those companies
well they just might be the frankenstein that takes
us all over

this all seems wrong to me
just take a drop or two of roundup and place on your tongue
then see how you feel
open a bottle of it
sniff twice real deep

then enjoy the trip

we are all eating and drinking that stuff

we have to help feed the world
do we have to poison everyone while we do it

in many third world countries these two companies
and their poisons have come in using their engineered seeds
like wheat or corn
the soil eventually gets depleted of it biological life
production drops off

these places have found
that going back to the old garden practices
using old ancient wheats or corn that have adapted itself over
hundreds to thousands of years to the area
it increases their yields

mother nature knows best
dont mess with her
she will fix things for us

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

where have all the flowers gone

im kinda like the republican congressman who asked the folks
in charge
how can you lose 1475 children

once we release them to whomever we release them to
then its not our responsibility he said

no one it seems will take the responsibility for losing
all those kids

now in texas they cant even keep up with their nonimmigrant
they had a problem with them getting abused
and some cases killed
they never lost any of them

where did those kids all go

im sure there is not a good ending for many of those kids

theres no excuse

the kids are being separated from their parents once
they cross over the border
some parents have been sent back without their kids

separating kids even babies from their mothers
that just seems immoral to me
third world like

have we become a third world country

we are better than this
there is no excuse
we cant let our government do this

deterrence doesnt trump decency

when i see stories like this
i think of my granddaughter
getting lost like this
how devastated that would that be

i sure hope folks who make these decisions
have trouble sleeping at night
have trouble looking their kids and grandkids in the eye

we are better than this

the organicgreen doctor

Sunday, May 27, 2018

alzheimers news-whats next


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if you take a cholesterol drug
why do you take it

i know i know
because your doctor tells you to
why do you take it

you take the cholesterol drug so that down the road a few
years your arteries wont get all clogged up
and cause you to
have a stroke
have a heart attack

thats really why

so it is with the goal of a new alzheimers drug
you start it early years before its time to lose your memory

these new drugs
based on those in the works
prevents or removes beta amyloid from forming
prevents or removes the tau protein tangles that may form
after amyloid plaques form

both are believed to be what happens in alzheimers
to kill brain cells

all the new drugs for alzheimers slows or stops this process

they like the cholesterol drugs will really need to be started
before symptoms start to have their maximum effect

the problem is many of them may not work at all
either they were tested wrong or they just dont work

some may have been tested in folks way too advanced in the
disease to have an affect on the outcome

much like taking cholesterol drugs after youve had
a major heart attack or stroke
it may help some but not much

we are now at the point
maybe a breaking point
in alzheimers research where its possible none of these new drugs
will work to cure or treat alzheimers

a former patient was diagnosed with lymphoma
she is about to start a 5 drug regimen to treat her lymphoma
which is now considered a curable cancer

one of the drugs she will take is an antibody against a protein
on the lymphoma cancer cell
it grabs the protein by doing so kills the lymphoma cell

my drug aducanumab grabs the beta amyloid protein and
extracts it from the brain

they work similar ways but on different proteins

now her antibody will not totally wipe out the lymphoma
thus she will be given 4 other drugs that each attacks the
lympoma cancer in different ways
they will weaken the cancer so it gets wiped out completely
ie a cure

thats what i think will happen in alzheimers treatment
my drug eg will be given to remove and prevent more amyloid
from being formed
being developed are drugs that attack the alzheimers forming
mechanism in the brain in different ways
this combo like the lymphoma treatment
may cure or keep the alzheimers at bay or stop it where its at

i read an article just this week that aricept (donepezil) that i take
that if given to prealzheimers folks
those who have beta amyloid accumulation with no symptoms
this may delay the deposition of beta amyloid if the aricept is
started early

oh wait what if you took aducanumab my drug with the aricept
would that make it work better like with treating cancer

i hope so since im on both of those now

usually aricept is started when symptoms start and the disease
starts to worsen

this week i noticed that he company that makes my drug has
gotten a favorite recommendation from the financial world
because well it seems the financial world seems to know these
things before the scientific world gets the information out
to all of us

i think what will happen is
aducanumab will not cure alzhiemers
it may slow it down or stop it where its at but if its stopped
the alzheimers will then take off again

a combo regimen will have to be used

well at least i am like my former patient with lymphoma
i am getting the preliminary treatment with my antibody to clear
things out until that regimen is invented

please hurry
we can hold down the fort for only so long

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, May 24, 2018

kinder gardeners

the black composter in the far right of this picture was donated to the
kindergarten class by a fellow alzheimers committee person who had
it at her house and was not using it
i set it up in the garden then talked to the kids about composting
browns like leaves newspapers cardboard limbs twigs
greens like kitchen scraps egg shells grass clippings weeds veggie trimmings

they put this stuff in the composter
added water
stirred it all up

in fact twice we emptied it all out on cardboard
stirred it real good and put it back in the composter

we added a piece of plastic a log a pine cone also

last week was harvest the compost day at the garden
i laid out a row of cardboard
shoveled the compost onto the cardboard
spread it out in a heaping row down the cardboard

the kids surrounded the compost like in the above picture
picked through the compost
removing the worms
removing any big pieces of material
removing the not composted plastic log and pine cone

they harvested about 4-5 5gallon buckets full of some of
the richest compost you would want to put on your garden
thats what we did
put it on their garden
all 5 buckets of it

it was their gift to next years class

its interesting to watch the kids especially the ones that were
a little squeamish at first picking up worms or pill bugs or wet
dirty compost
they seemed to be the ones that dug around in the compost
the most

its a good day when they can get their hands dirty
get compost and dirt under their nails
it apparently makes kids more healthy if they do this

so today we will do a similar harvest from their
worm composter

its been a good year
i plan to return next year

what i have learned
can be explained in my statement at the end of my
two hour stint in the garden with 24 kindergartners

how in the world do those kindergartner teachers do
this all day long five days a week

how in the world can they keep that many kids corraled
and do what they want them to do

those kindergartner teachers are a skilled group

its sad that all kids in all grades dont have the opportunity
that these kinder gardeners had this year
planting veggies and herbs
making compost
digging in the dirt and compost
eating what they planted
collecting and understanding how to collect rainwater

its been a good year

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

sb country n news-garden update

almost a year ago we drove into town after a long two day
trip with all our possessions in our two cars
we saved our kids from having to sort through all that stuff
that kids have to sort through when their parents leave this
we sorted through it for them
one day they will thank us
for relieving them of that burden

the next day after arriving
i started my garden having signed up for a community garden
that i had visited months before when we were looking to decide
whether to move here or not

i told my boss my wife she i have to find a place to garden
if we move

this is what my bed  above which is about 20 ft x 10 ft in size
looked like

now this bed had sat for awhile
it sits right next to where folks tend to sit and talk
where a lot of garden activities occur
like kids educational classes weekly harvest for food kitchens
things like that occur there since there are picnic tables and
a big ole oak tree and the community sink folks use to
wash their vegetables

over time a lot of traffic occured there
some right over that bed
packing it down so that eventually the soil became dry
and hard as a rock in places

to the rescue
after one year and obtaining the plot next to mine
so that i now have approximately 400 square foot of
garden space

here is what it looks like this week after a years work

i over time dug up 4 ft squares that were holes 2ft deep
i then added layers some would call lasagna gardening
that included cardboard newspapers lots of mulch
soil compost so that now the soil is rich
almost like the texas country n soil
im getting there

its different gardening here but actually its the same as
in texas

its drier here as we get only around 13 inches of rain a year
whereas austin got around 34 inches a rain a year

where i garden now it never freezes so thats not really an issue

here we may get fog sometimes that lasts all morning
this sets veggies up for diseases
especially fungal diseases

here we seem to get more aphids than in texas
i guess cuz of the increased fog and moisture

here you can grow beets and carrots all year around

my tomatoes are the best looking plants ive ever had
i remember i had these once at the country n
then a hail storm weedwacked them to smithereens

so overall its easier i think to garden here so far
no oppressive heat and no freezes
it needs to rain more though

one of the things i did is to put up a rustic wood
lattice between the picnic area and my garden bed
this has kept wanderers off the bed
i added string up and across the lattice for vines
to grow
i grow sweet peas in the winter
green beans and malabar spinach in the warmer weather

i added a 1 foot wide and deep trench around my beds
and through the middle of the bed where i walk
it is filled with mulch
this spring after 9 months in the trench
the compost although rough was dark and rich
and full of worms
here is what i have planted
vine green beans of several varieties christmas lima beans
several mystery beans bush green beans
arugula beets carrots basil swiss chard leeks sunflowers
ms bs giant pumpkin zucchini squash three types of cukes
cantaloupe melon okra japanese eggplant and
purple hull peas

the purple hull peas we eat but they also operate
as a cover crop for any bare soil to help enrich the soil

i am growing what will be a dinasaur kale tree
i keep the lower leaves peeled off
we eat them usually unless the chickens talk us out of some
it should or can get up to 5-6 feet tall
well see
oh yes
i buried 8 5gallon buckets with 3/8 inch holes in it
filled it with food scraps and shredded newspapers
added a few compost worms
now as of yesterday i have about 4 5gallon buckets full
of pure worm compost
on of the best things to put on your veggies
we dump in paper pieces food scraps not meat weeds
cuttings from the garden pine straw some leaves
this is something i wished i had discovered year ago

i am producing most if not all the compost ill use
in the garden from
my worm towers
my 1 foot trenches

i also water conservatively
ive added buried black plastic containers that are 10 inches tall
every 2 ft in my garden
added a shovel of compost and some pine straw
i water my plants once they are established once a week
by filling these pots with water twice
i also will put an organic fertilizer in the pot or pour a liquid
mix of fish emulsion seaweed molasses in there

today i will be burying a 15 ft 2 inch pvc with perforations on the bottom
covered with a drain sleeve
this will be buried along the side of the lattice
you can see the trench for the pvc in one of the above pictures

this is how i will be watering and feeding my plants as they grow
on that lattice

of course there is ms bs little garden in there also by the small bench

this week for supper i harvested some zucchini squash that we used
to make squash pasta with
lots of greens for salad like some cherry tomatoes arugula lettuce
swiss chard basil curly leaf kale dinosaur kale amaryth

for our stir fry i harvested amaryth collard kales onions
yes the 1015 sweet onions grow here yes

unless nature has other plans i will have the best tomato crop
ive ever grown

we see lots of veggies in our future here

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, May 21, 2018

there will be an answer

Image result for school shootings

there has to be an answer
it probably will be somewhere between
what the gun advocates want
what the gun controllers want

here is the 2nd amendment wording

 "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free 
State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be

to me that says that folks can have guns
it will take a change in the constitution to change that fact

its up to all of us to set the parameters of that gun ownership

the one video that stood out to me this weekend
was the video of the high school girl
who looking down
she look so sad
she said

i was thinking it was going to happen eventually
its being happening everywhere

it was chilling to watch her as she said those words

now that we have a granddaughter i think of her
when i think of things that affect kids

its sad that we in the united states allow our kids
to have to go to school and fear doing so

even i when i volunteer at the school think as im
standing in the school garden what would i do
looking around the campus
theres really nothing you can do

it has to be done before it happens

thats where the answer is

maybe the victims or their families would be allowed to sue
the gun owner and or the gun manufacturer and or the nra

these lawsuits usually will change what congress wont do

one of my neighbors in texas is a red neck cowboy
as country as you can get
he has lived in the country near us for 40+ years
he was from far west texas
guns were part of his life
he owns several
he has pistols and shotguns and hunting rifles

it wasnt unusual to hear him shoot at something at night
it was some varmint destroying something
recently it was wild hogs tearing up his pastures and garden
bam bam bam bam

it never bothered us that he had those guns
each one was used for a specific purpose in his ranch life

once his dog saved his horse he was riding from being attacked
by a ratttlesnake
the handgun was used to shoot the snake
he was wearing it while he was riding

it never bothered me when he rode by our house with the gun

it was not unusual during deer season or turkey season or dove season
to see hunters with hunting guns shooting them in the distance

i would never try to enter his home even if he knew i was coming
without making a lot of noise or knocking loudly on the door
he used his guns also to protect himself

now hes not a right wing super conservative person
his politics is pretty much aligned with mine

i thought this morning
the solution to all this might be with folks like him

lets have people like him who uses the guns he has in his daily life
for a reason
lets let them help us come up with a solution

no hes not a nra member

people like him
i think may have an answer
we cant
let it be
this problem

weve lost too many kids in the last 10 or so years

the organicgreen doctor