welcome to the organic green doctor blog

i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Monday, March 19, 2018

whats a retriever

thats what i asked my wife she
a retriever
whats that
ive never heard of a name like that
a retriever

a retriever is one who goes and gets things or retrieves them
why would they call themselves the retrievers
after i googled
retrievers definition
thats what it said

i dont understand i told my wife she

so on facebook i saw a friend who posted about how great
the retrievers were doing in basketball
you mean those kids or students or managers that get the balls
after the players shoot them in warm ups
and throws them back to the players

why would they honor those folks on their jerseys

i texted her
whats a retriever
she texted back
in capital letters
if you are texter you know what they means
either she was mad or excited
no !! were seen
no she said
its a golden retriever

now i understand
a marley

our marley we left behind in texas
it was the sweetest best kid loving people loving dog
ive ever seen
he would never ever hurt anyone
it might lick them to death maybe

ive said many times
he is the absolutely best dog ive ever been around

i thought
well this umbc retriever team in the mens ncaa tourney
university of maryland baltimore county
they be my new team
my wife she and i called them
our marley team

they were the 16th seeded team
which means the powers that be thought they were one of the
worst teams in the tourney
they had to play the 1st place team
the worst team has to play the best team
the easy game goes to the best team

marleys team beat the virginia team
the top ranked team in the tourney
not by just a few points
by a lot
beat the stuffings out of them

marley in his new home in texas
would have been proud of his retriever team

last night we watched the second game the marley team
they lost
they played hard
one thing i noticed was how nice they were
like marley
when the other team player was knocked down
fell down
they reached down and picked them up
just like marley would have done

they have this little gnat of a point guard
who was like a little hummingbird flying around
my vote for the best player to watch

they were gracious in defeat
many of the teams or players are not
they acted like you would like your kids to act
be good sportsmen even when losing

marleys team should be proud of what theyve done
they did their team mascot well

you go marleys

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, March 16, 2018

alzheimers news-im sleepy

Image result for organicgreendoctor
i seem to say that to my wife she twice a day
once after lunch
the other
after supper

i do notice its worse in regards the after lunch sleepiness
a week after my infusions i get monthly in the
aducanumab study at ucla

whether or not its really that im not sure
i guess one day if i find out im getting the placebo
then ill know those infusions didnt do it
it maybe was
a placebo effect

sleep is important in regards to developing alzheimers disease
as you are sleeping there are garbage cells that are
programmed to go into the brain and clean up any debris
that has accumulated
this seems to happen during your deep sleep
this usually requires a good 7-8 hours of sleep for
all this to happen

part of this debris that accumulates is the bad beta amyloid
that is produced and builds up in the brain
its that bad beta amyloid that kills brain cells as it forms
plaques of amyloid
this is what is thought to be the cause of alzheimers disease
the accumulation of amyloid
the lack of adequate sleep exacerbates this
it may not be the only cause but it makes it worse

so a good restful adequate sleep is important

now researchers in a recent article found that this excessive
daytime sleepiness may indicate an individuals risk for
alzheimers disease
man am i in trouble

in this mayo clinic study following 70 year olds with excessive
daytime sleepiness for seven years with amyloid brain scans
they found 22% of them accumulated the amyloid
in places where alzheimers disease usually starts in the brain

so does the excessive sleepiness cause the accumulation
does the accumulation cause the excessive sleepiness
the chicken or the egg theory

get adequate sleep please
the early in life you start the better

i wonder what is going to happen in all those young folks
who dont get enough sleep due to cell phones computers
excessive lights working etc
just ask any high school or middle school teacher about this

they are doing a long term experiment on themselves that will give us
an answer in 40-50 years

im hoping it wont happen to them

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

a beautiful mind

there are a few brains that we as a society would be
better off if they could have been saved
and kept working

his was that way
his body was a wrinkled shriveled mess from the motor neuron
disease that affected him in his early years

he continued to use his mind
by communicating with us with the blinking of his eyes
he contnued to think and let us know what he was figuring
out as it sat in his chair
the computer writing what he was blinking

black holes
the existence of god
things that i cant comprehend
he thought of them

what if we could have saved that brain
to help society way way into the future
he was the real artificial intelligence

these brains dont come along very often
at least
we got him here on this earth for 50 more years than
was expected when he was first diagnosed in his twenties

i wonder what he was thinking
when he started fading away
down that long tunnel of darkness
right before his lights went dark

im sure he was thinking right to the end
wouldnt we like to know

rest in peace
stephen hawlking
he was here just a brief history of time

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

the other bracket

Image result for uconn women's basketball mascot
there is another ncaa tournament that will start soon
its the womens tournament

now the last few years all you had to do was watch the
last game of the tournament to see the uconn women
win it all

what they should do is just give a special trophy to
the uconn womens team
have another trophy that the rest of the field plays for

i like womens basketball
they shoot better it seems than the men
they are better free throw shooters than the men
they actually play defense
they actually run offenses
its like the game use to be in the mens games
most of the players play for four years

i really havent watched much womens basketball this year
i watched all three of the baylor texas games
they sure dont seem to like each other
that baylor coach she sure has fire in her belly
i wouldnt ever want to make her mad at me

i watched bits and pieces of a tennessee game
because of my fondness for their former coach
pat summitt who died from alzheimers

i havent watched any of the uconn womens games
only a few were even close
texas got within 4 points of them in their game with them
others got around 10 points
lost by like 40-60 pts
they needed a mercy rule in those games
i heard the managers played in those game just to be fair

so this year in the tournament
i will watch all of texass games
probably all of baylors games
that center for baylor is a big girl
how does she always seem to find those big centers
im hoping that somewhere down the line
that baylor will play texas again
can they beat texas 4 times in one season
yes probably

i also will be watching uconn closely in the tournament
when they play a good team
i want to watch that game
to see if they can be beat

they are 32-0 so for
i wonder if they will still have that zero in their record
when this is all over

the other bracket games could be good ones
as long as they dont play uconn

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, March 12, 2018

my biased bracket

Image result for march madness 2015
i admit im biased when i fill out my ncaa mens basketball bracket
i have my highest bias towards
the arkansas razorbacks and the texas longhorns
two teams i always root for unless they play each other

so lets get this over with
arkansas will win its first game but lose its second to purdue
as will the longhorns as they lose to cincinnati in their second game

now if you take all the teams that had a player get busted for
accepting money from agents and their agents lose
i decided i couldnt do that since there would not be many major
teams left

now i didnt pick duke this year
i dont like duke this year
they may have cheated i dont know that they did
but something there doesnt pass the smell test
like old eggs left laying around too long
plus i dont like their tripping player
he got issues that one
hes going to get his long overdues if he goes to the nba
they have a way of taking care of those things

the nba needs to have a larger number of d league teams
those minor league teams to catch those players who want to get
paid more to play
leaving true college sports players to play college ball
maybe give each one of them a stipend for food and entertainment
and clothes etc
at least let them work during the school year in their off season
many of these folks are from poor families who cant afford to
give them money

yep d league and pay the players might help some of the
money corruption thats going on

so looking at the brackets
i see virginia playing tennessee with virginia in the final four
i see north carolina playing xavier and winning their way to the final four
i see villinova beating texas tech  then on to the final four
i see kansas getting beat by michigan state letting the spartans into the final four

then i see villanova playing north carolina in the finals
with the blue
my favorite color
winning it all
north carolina is my pick to win it all this year

let see was i right last year
i cant even remember who won last year

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, March 9, 2018

alzheimers news-predicting your chances

Image result for organicgreendoctor
now i know my chances of getting alzheimers disease
its as near 100% as one can get

what about you

my memory has been tested multiple times over the last 8 years
enough that when i do the tests
i know how well i am doing with my memory

over 1 year ago i had a several session evaluation of my memory
to get qualified for the biogen aducanumab study that i am in now

this last wednesday as i wrote in my wednesday blog i did my
1 year followup exam
in 6 months ill have it repeated as we end the first part of the
aducanumab study

when they started asking me my questions and having me
draw stuff and identify things i knew when i was finished
where i stood with my memory
i dont need no report from the study to know where im at
i know
i have not worsened in the last year
at best i may have improved
its not worsening that makes me feel better about things

what if you
those of you who have no symptoms
what if there was a way to know if you were going to
get mild cognitive impairment the stage right before
full blown alzheimers
some researchers thinks its the first stage of the disease
thats where i am at right now

what if you could be tested

here are the stages of alzheimers disease

prealzheimers   normal memory
mild cognitive impairment mci   mild memory loss
alzheimers disease  memory loss

researchers have found testing that is over 90% accurate
by testing small changes in multiple genes that when they
are all added up can predict whether someone years
before the disease shows up as memory loss
will develop mild cognitive impariment

its called polygenic risk assessment

its available in research now

lets just say that if thats the testing folks would have done in the future
those of you who are really worried
like i was in my 50s
i wanted to know
if this becomes available then you could find out
if you will get mild cognitive impairment ie early memory loss

what if a treatment for this was available
you could be treated years before the disease was
programmed to start
you might not get alzheimers

its amazing how it seems that little pieces of the puzzle are
being discovered every day
the whole picture can be all fitted together one day
so we can prevent folks from getting this disease

in the meantime until all this becomes available
if you are worried you will get it
eat right
quit smoking
get adequate sleep
be active mentally and socially
control your health like diabetes obesity cholesterol blood pressure
enjoy life
you will be ready when the treatment gets here

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, March 8, 2018

against the odds

if your child was born without a hand or arm
what you do
would you overly protect them
would you try to keep them from doing things
riding a bike
playing sports like basketball soccer volleyball baseball
football gymnastics cheerleading
would you try to protect them

these three people were born that way
their parents didnt protect them
something we all probably do way too much
to our kids without any structural problems

Jim Abbott Cannons.jpg

the first was jim abbott
he was born without a right hand
he pitched left handed and yes batted left handed
he pitched for the university of michigan
he pitched 10 years in the major leagues for several teams
he pitched one no hitter
he pitched on the us olympic team

he was a successful athelete
against all the odds
some would say
not him and the other two below

another person was one i wrote about a few years ago
this little girl was born without a hand and lower arm
that didnt ever slow her down

click here to read my original blog on her story

she successfully played growing up
volleyball basketball track soccer softball
she was a fun to watch cheerleader at those
cheerleader contests

i have watched the videos of her tumbling over and over
amazed every time
like i was watching jim abbott pitching
how he could move that glove over to his pitching hand
in one fluid motion
i was amazed at abbie as he used her one hand and lower arm
to support and do those amazing flips that cheerleaders
you know the ones where they flip from one end of the basketball
court to the other
i always told my wife she
she is my hero

she when you see her you are struck by her beauty
and her intelligence
really not noticing anything else
her personality sort of shines through

she is nearing the end of her high school years
on to college soon
probably not as an athlete but as a student
a successful one im sure
maybe a writer or teacher or researcher or doctor or lawyer
whatever she does she will be good at it
its that drive that got her this far

now in the nfl
there is a player
a defensive one a successful one
that is now at the nfl combine
he has all the stats a player needs to be in the nfl
heck his twin brother is already there
the problem is
he was born with a damaged hand and fingers
that required amputation at 4 years old
like abbie and jim
he is without one of his hands now
Image result for shaquem griffin

his name is shaquem griffin
from central florida universtiy
he dominated their peach bowl on defense

like abbie and jim
he hasnt let it slow him down
like abbie and jim
he has that extra it
that special drive
to be successful
you cant teach that to someone
you cant make someone have it
sort of innately have it

he also has a personality that stands out in a room
he like on the football field
owns the room
he dominated the nfl combines

some lucky nfl team will get him
i look forward to watching him play on sunday

some lucky guy will find abbie
some lucky organization will hire her
some lucky kid will have her as a mother

what if we could get all our kids
to have that umf that it
that these three have

against the odds
they are making it
jim already did

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

alzheimers news-dontcha remember

Image result for organicgreendoctor
well thats sort of what im being asked to do today
see what i remember

i know i wrote after the alzheimers panel i was on a
couple of weeks ago
dont use the word remember is what those affected said

well today i have to test my memory skills
at the one year follow up for
biogens aducanumab research study at ucla
aducanumab is an antibody against amyloid which attaches
itself to the amyloid and removes it from the brain
its given as a monthly infusion

one of the indications that it is working is
an improvement or no change in ones memory

to get in the study
you have to undergo a lot of testing
labs scans neurological exams and memory testing

so one year ago there was a lot of memory testing
memory testing is the part of the research study that
i dont like
i call it sort of torture testing

if you have any memory issues
its bothersome real bothersome to do the memory testing

so one year ago the original testing is the baseline
memory testing that future testing
gets compared to

i had memory testing about 6 months ago
it was not as comprehensive as the beginning testing

from looking at the schedule today i probably will
have about 2 hours or so of memory testing

if this stuff is working
if i am getting the real drug and not the placebo
my memory will not have worsened
it may not  have improved
it may have just stayed the same
which is acceptable to me

i read today that alzheimers disease may be like hiv
you will be able to take medications that will stabilize
the disease so that it doesnt takeover the brain
thats ok with me
thats acceptible

my guess
my memory hasnt changed
its hard to tell if it got better since im so early into the
disease as it wasnt bad to begin with

ok i admit trump had a better moca memory test score than i did
on my first one

heres hoping i do remember things

i have to have a repeat liver enzyme test
they were slightly increased two weeks agao
i think because of the excessive acetaminophen and ibuprofen
and naprosyn along with some hydrocodone i took while
fighting the flu and the dental abscess
i do expect those to have settled back down to normal
when i had my molar tooth removed last week and
had a bone graft done
i opted to skip the pain meds completely
they wanted me to alternate the ibuprofen and acetaminophen
i smiled
i didnt do that
i did take a couple of pain pills the first night but none since

there is nothing i want to interfere with me being in the study
it has the potential to be life changing for my wife she and i

im one year in
i have at least 2 plus years to go
in 6 months i will definitely be getting the real drug

i think my remembering is ok

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

the best bbq

Image result for franklin bbq franklin website
people are always asking me
are you on a special diet to slow down your disease
the recommended diet is the
mind diet

i say usually
i am a 90% vegetarian
we dont eat meat that often
sometimes you just want a good hamburger
if we are in texas
some good bbq

so if im going to eat meat i want the good stuff

now i havent eaten at all the bbq places around austin tx
but i have eaten at most of them over the years

the number one numbero uno is
who else but
franklin bbq

granted you have to wait in line a long while to get it
when you make it to the front of the line a few hours later
its all worth it
oh my
my mouth is watering like crazy right now

the second best bbq place that ive eaten at
well it closed down
it was in the small community north of austin
called bertram
it was only open a few years until it closed
we ate there frequently since we lived close by
they were once rated the #3 best bbq in texas the
first year they were opened

those ribs were so good
the juicy meat just fell off the bone
all the sides were good like at franklin bbq

the previous owner still has the rights to the secret
not sure if he plans to ever use it again
at a cookout at his house

Image result for mueller bbq taylor
another one of the best bbq places in the austin area
is a short drive east of town
to the mueller bbq in an old building downtown
even the screen door as you go in has a big ole rip in it
when you walk in you can smell that good bbq smell
it seems to be reaking out of the wood
when we went i told my wife she
i think i could just lick the walls and taste the bbq
when we left that day i felt like a full tick on an ole hounddog
it wouldnt take much to make me pop open

so if i was going to get good bbq it would be franklin
or if i couldnt get in
i would make that drive over to muellers
no no kin to the prosecutor guy

Image result for tootsie at snows bbq
austin chronicle
then there is another one
i hear that its to die for bbq
if you can get it
its further east of austin
in a small 3a town of lexington
there is this little ole lady aged 83
named tootsie
that starts cooking her bbq at 200am on saturday
she only cooks so much
somewhere between 1000-2000 lbs of it
when its gone its gone
she opens up snows bbq at 800am on saturday morning
they are open until its gone
i heard dont go there for lunch
there may not be any left

there is a long line out the door
rain or shine
if you have been to franklin bbq you know what
thats like

she works 30 hours a week at the local school district
the bbq is her weekend job

she is up as a finalist for the prestigious best bbq in the southwest
never heard of it she said but shes happy shes nominated

that puts her bbq up there with the  best of the best

her bbq is always up there with franklin bbq in the
texas monthly best bbq awards

here is a nice article on her and her bbq

its a feel good article
when you read it you will
feel good
want some of her bbq

the organincgreen doctor

Monday, March 5, 2018

thoughts on the oscars

Image result for oscar

the oscars were subdued this year
less politics
less issue raising comments
it was there
just more subtle
which sometimes works better

one benefit to living here now
is that they have a film festival in february
where you can see
if you want
all of the movies that were nominated
even meet some of the stars

i only saw two of them
the billboard one
the water one

i wanted the actress in the water one to win
best actress
she went through the whole movie
without saying a word
you could feel what she was saying all the way through
i would have voted for her for sure

not that frances didnt do a good job

the water animal actor
how come he didnt get nominated for something
i never even saw him interviewed
i know he wasnt animated
was he
my wife she the movie connoisseur says no
hes real
hes a tall skinny quiet guy

now for best movie
i wanted the water movie to win
that movie
it just left something with me
makes me think about the movie frequently
even when im in my garden

now i didnt see the other ones
i would like to
there is so much diversity in them
actors producers writers etc
i really like the historical ones like
dunkirk mudbound darkest hour
we need to all read and watch history
so it doesnt ever repeat itself

i like the diversity in the nominations
black hispanic women gays white guys immigrants
some won some didnt
in the end you want them to chose the best movie
best actor
best actress
without caring who or what the person was

i think thats what we want for everything here in the us

kobe won an oscar for mr basketball
i noticed he cried frequently while accepting the oscar

coca won
made my wife she happy and ms b happy

we all should have watched the oscars last night
it was the way you would want them to be
it truly represented the diversity in america

we all won last night

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, March 2, 2018

alzheimers news-baceless

Image result for organicgreendoctor
in the amyloid theory of alzheimers disease
beta amyloid accumulates in the brain
this accumulation leads to brain cell death

many of the new drugs are aimed at
1 removing the amyloid thats accumulated in the brain
2 preventing it from being deposited
3 preventing it from being produced in the first place

the drug biogens aducanumab that i receive in my monthly infusions
at ucla if i am getting the real drug instead of the placebo
is an antibody that goes in and does 1 and 2
it removes the accumulated amyloid from the brain
it prevents it from being deposited in the brain by binding it
up before it can be stuck in the brain

as aside
i have now done 1 year of these infusions
in 6 months i will be switched to definitely getting
the real aducanumab for at least 2 more years
i am hoping that ive been on the real drug so that by
septermber 2018 i will have received 20 doses of the
real drug

if that is so my amyvid pet scan for the amyloid that was
in my brain 1 year ago should be all clear
fingers crossed

now there is a lot of research going on to block the
bace gene or beta secretase gene in the brain that
cleaves the beta amyloid to make the stuff that sticks in the brain

there is a tablet produced now that is taken regularly
is called a bace inhibitor
which means it blocks the gene
so the bad protein amyloid is not produced

by preventing the amyloid from being made it cant be
deposited in the brain

Image result for organicgreendoctor amyvid
studies using this bace inhibitor are ongoing now
in patients

who are prealzheimers
which means they have no memory issues but they have
positive scans like that above for the bad beta amyloid in the brain
if i had a scan 20 years ago it probably would have been positive
for the bad beta amyloid

who have mild cognitive impairment or early alzheimers

so by stopping or reducing the amyloid production in the brain
alzheimers disease would be slowed or stopped

recently researcheres were able to remove the bace gene
totally in rats with alzheimers disease
the rats memory improved back to normal
so there was no bad beta amyloid in the brain

so by removing this gene or inhibiting it with drugs
alzheimers disease could be prevented or slowed down

maybe in the future
folks will take a bace inhibitor pill to prevent the
bad amyloid from being produced
add a drug like aducanumab that i am on
to remove any beta amyloid that was produced or deposited
you could treat
if we are lucky
cure alzheimers disease

lets hope we are this close

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, March 1, 2018

sb country n news-dry farming


we have lived here now for nine months
we have gotten about 2 inches of rain
we have a chance to get an inch of rain in the next
2 days here

if you like to garden you know that it takes a lot of
water supplementation to keep your garden alive here

now in texas before we moved
there was a long drought that was the worst they had
had for years and years
since we relied totally on rainwater for our gardening
and all our water needs
you learn to figure out ways to use less water

so over the 17 years we lived at the country n
we learned how to do a lot of things to save water
when i say we i really mean me
my wife she has a brown thumb
she will readily admit it
she only took care of the plastic plants in our house
i did let her care for the cactus in our cactus beds
ie you just leave them alone

so now here where i garden there is i guess no limit on
how much water i can use in my garden
i pretend im still in texas gardening in a drought
i know if the dry weather continues around here
someone somewhere is going to limit water use
in the garden
i want to be ready for that day
plus its the right thing to do
i am transferring my texas dry farming techniques to my
sb country n garden

once plants are established i do one watering a week
a real deep watering
this makes the roots go deep

i only hand water the garden
keeps my shadow in the garden

i have enriched the soil over the last 9 months with
a lot of biological material like compost and more compost
layers of mulch layers of leaves layers of newspapers
layers of cardboard
so now you can almost garden with just your hands
without any tools
much like in my texas country n garden

this year as i plant my spring stuff i am burying a 1 foot potting
pot into the ground for each large plant eg tomato pepper
egg plant basil etc
filling it about 1/4 with compost and pine straw

i will water once a week by filling this up with water
or a seaweed molasses fish emulsion mix
this reduces the amount of water used
the roots of the plants go deep down into the ground
for the moisture thats there
then i dug a foot trench all around the edges of my
approximately 20 x 10 ft garden bed
this trench is then filled with mulch
packed in good
this trench then will hold water in the mulch
helping to keep the moisture from wicking out of
the bed
eventually when this mulch is all composted down
i will just dump it over into the garden bed
replenish the mulch as needed into the trench

down the middle of the bed there is a 1 ft + wide walkway
that is also a 1 foot trench filled with mulch
with every 4 feet i have buried a 5 gallon bucket
worm tower
here is the link to my blog on how i did that
this all holds moisture in the middle
and will eventually provide the compost for the garden
all plant material from the garden goes into
the worm towers

these trenches of mulch down the middle and surrounding
the garden bed holds in a lot of moisture

these trenches can hold 500 gallons of water
a 1 inch rain will put 30 gallons of water in those trenches

a layer of pine straw mulch is kept over the beds
to keep the upper soil from drying out too much

so when things are growing well
i just water the plants by filling up the buried pots
all 16 of them
once a week
if we dont have rain

so thats how i dry farm in my sb country n garden

thanks to all the austin area folks that taught me over
the years
little did i know i would have to use these techniques here

the organicgreen doctor