welcome to the organic green doctor blog

i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Friday, July 20, 2018

alzheimers news-thanks bill

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one of the goals of alzheimers researchers besides the main one of finding a  treatment or cure of this disease is to be able to identify folks with alzheimers early in the disease or even before symptoms start

if you can get to folks before symptoms start or before damage has been done
then you have a better chance of slowing or stopping the disease

once the damage is done
its done
its not repaired

thats why you see so many drugs fail
they are started too late
they cant fix whats already been broken
its like a vase dropped from a roof onto a sidewalk
its smashed to thousands of pieces that cant be put back together

so it is with an alzheimers brain

so if i really have alzheimers disease then its being going on for at least 15-20 years
it just hasnt taken over enough brain cells yet to make me have noticeable symptoms
that damage cant ever be repaired even if they find a treatment or cure

so thats why early detection then treatment even if there is no symptoms is so important

ive read for the last 8 years since i was diagnosed
that an early blood test to tell you if you have alzheimers is almost here
they seem to say that each year
its not here yet

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enter bill gates
one of the richest men in the world
who has given lots of his money away for good causes
basically he got his money off us all who bought his products and now he is giving it to more needy folks

he recently donated well over 100 million just for alzheimers research
he has donated 30 million just to find an affordable test like a blood test for early detection of this awful disease
here is his statement

“Imagine a world where diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease is as simple as getting your blood tested during your annual physical.”

well i can imagine it
this money was put into a venture fund
he calls it diagnostic accelerator

we the federal government should be doing this by spending our money for a disease that is programmed to totally break our healthcare system in the near future
it will cost us billions of dollars

thanks bill
for doing what our federal government wont do for us

he is the definition of a philanthropist

on another note
biogen will be presenting data form the aducanumab study that i am in and one similar to it on sunday at a large alzheimers conference
expect to see news reports on their findings

expected approval for use by the fda if its approved will be 2020 or 2021
please hurry since i am scheduled to come off the aducanumab study in spring 2020
i dont want to lose anything ive gained

this aducanumab will not be a cure for alzheimers
it will be a treatment that will slow it down

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, July 19, 2018

garden to table yum recipe-edited version

my wife she just texted me from bed as she woke up to read my blog
you got it wrong she said
heres the correct recipe i use
below i have edited it all to be correct according to my wife she

with the internet now you can find websites or apps where you can just type in what veggies you have and push enter and find several recipes using the produce

there are two plants that i grow that we tend to have more than we an eat or use
okra and eggplant

for the eggplant
we fry them
we use them in our grilled veggies we do
my wife she has an eggplant dip that is real yummy good
every time she makes that dip i think of our friend who ate so much of it that they puked on our kitchen floor
ok so she also had too much wine
no it wasnt my wife she

so right now we have bunches of tomatoes like tons of them as we are at the peak of the tomato production in the garden
my eggplants just started to produce
i have a few onions which this year werent as productive as what ive had in texas
please note the nt on the sentence it stands for not which means no
we have garlic
we had swiss chard but it started wavering and looking puny so it was removed

so as we looked at all those tomatoes
i said to my wife she
why dont you cook that eggplant tomato recipe one
you know the one that i didnt think would taste very good a few years back
now is one of my favorite recipes

mixing tomatoes and eggplant and swiss chard together
well it doesnt sound like it would be good
it to me doesnt even look good

my wife she
cooked it anyway a few years ago
she didnt pay attention to my whining

she cooked it
i ate all of it
i even scrapped the dish well to get all of it
ok so i lifted the pan and licked it all off like a dog if you set it in front of him
i ate it all
its good
one of my favs

here is the ingredients
she got it from an old cookbook from the mid 1980s from the junior league of little rock when i was in medical school and residency there

tomatoes whole and cherry tomatoes
mozzarella chunk cheese
parmesan cheese
salt pepper italian spices
our fresh basil from our front porch
bread crumbs
she adds garlic
swiss chard

some how she mixes it all up
puts it in the oven
takes it out
i eat it
almost all of it by myself

yummy recipe

its sort of like a  eggplant parmigiana but adding the swiss chard makes the flavor different but better

here is the original recipe to which she adds swiss chard
the messy page is from cooking this recipe a lot
its the bitterness of the swiss chard and the eggplant mixed with the acid and sweetness of the tomatoes with hte flavors of the cheeses that when all mixed together leaves this taste in your mouth that makes you want more of this stuff

from   vegetable literacy by deborah madison page 210

feel free to post your eggplant recipes on here or on facebook

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

learned my lesson

one day as i was looking in the mirror i noticed a small pinprick drop of blood on my nose
i wiped it off and went on about my business
a few days later there it was again
like someone had painlessly pricked my nose with a fine needle

i knew since i had removed skin cancers like basal cell and squamous cell off peoples faces and their bodies over my career
i knew what that was

i thought
you have a basal cell on your nose

i googled mohs surgery for basal cell of the nose
hit enter
clicked on images
oh my i thought
that looks awful

off to the derm for a biopsy
then to a mohs surgeon to have it removed
the basal cell not my nose
it just felt like she had removed my nose

2 years later you really cant tell she cut a big ole hole in my nose and moved flaps of skin around so there would be hardly any scar

i thought to my self during recovery
i never ever want to do that again

i became religious about using sunscreen and wearing a hat and sometimes wearing long sleeves even in the hot summer

now here in santa barbara its dangerous since the weather is usually nice
like today
it will start out with some morning fog then as the day goes on there will be bright sun with no clouds
it seems like nothing slows down those sun rays

theres been many a day ive gone to the garden hatless and sunscreenless since it was so overcast
the next thing i know by lunchtime my face is red like i had a hot flash

ive learned to be more aggressive with the sunscreen and hats no matter the weather

 ive settled on the sunscreen in the above two pictures and have noticed that it works well and doesnt seem to sweat off much as the day goes on

after reading the below article i think i will need to change mine

recently i saw this article on sunscreen damaging things
the coral reefs
our hormones

in hawaii the reefs are dying they think from the sunscreens with
in them

i do worry what affect these have on babies and young kids since they are rapidly growing
and they get a lot of sunscreen rubbed on them everyday

this article recommends avobenzone which is better
even better is
zinc oxide and titanium dioxide

these last two make the uv light bounce off thus blocking the uv effects
zinc oxide is in desitin amd other diaper rash ointments and is used as a thick paste on folks noses who surf and life guard

the other stuff above absorbs the sun rays

so blocking is better than absorbing

sprays dont work as well as the kind you rub on

use spf 40-50

this article has references to sites like consumer reports or an app that give recommended products to use
it also lists the recommended ones for kids

use one that doesnt kill the coral reefs and doesnt change your kids hormones

ive learned my lesson to use sunscreens regularly and floppy hats
i just need to use the one that doesnt harm me or the environment

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, July 16, 2018

a case of tomato poisoning

last week i wrote a blog called organic weed killer
in the blog i mentioned purslane and amaranth as invasive plants in our garden
both of which we eat in salads and pull the rest out of the garden

here is the purple amaranth plants near the garden with thousands of seeds that will seed the garden probably for years to come whether we want it or not
keep that in mind if you decide to plant some

this is the purslane that grows wild here in the garden
thankfully its easy to pull up

i usually go to my garden every day or two to harvest stuff
i usually get a haul like this one of squash beans peppers okra eggplant cukes and lots and lots of good ole juicy tasty tomatoes

now mr tomato man appeared in my garden recently
i first noticed it when some elementary kids wondered into the garden one sunday morning as they were walking their dog in the neigborhood
they were certainly intrigued with mr tomato man
we added two christmas lima beans for his sunglasses
he has since grown some as has his nose so that he now is a ripe old man
we cant decide to eat him or not so we are just letting him ripen and ripen
ms b loves him also

this tomato is a heirloom either a black krim or a cherokee purple
we cut it this way like two hearts
i ate one
my wife she ate the other

heirlooms like this above and those below are what tomatoes use to be like in the old days before the flavor was bred out of them in favor of better storage and a a better look in the store

im sorry but these tomatoes are the best looking of any tomatoes that you can grow
wish all of them tasted this good

these are my favorite small tomatoes called sun gold
this one is thanks ms b since she planted it in her small garden here at the community garden
they are yellow and have a real sweet taste and produce a lot of tomatoes
i have eat hundreds of these already

here is a haul of a few days of tomatoes minus those i ate in the garden when i was working minus those we ate in salads or cooking or canned

for those tomato growers im growing brown cherry early girl i think mr tomato head is really an early girl so that makes him her a trans tomato black krim cherokee purple roma sweet 100 cherry some heirloom russian tomato someone gave me celebrity brandywine sun gold juliette cherry also a mini mexican heirlom cherry

my lunch every day is to take two slices of bread and add two big slices of those big juicy heirlooms or if not available big juicy slices of red tomatoes with a sprinkling of salt plus a slicing off a zucchini squash and a slicing off our armenian cuke and a slicing off an onion with a handful of garden salad mix
this makes the best ever sandwich
the kind you cant go in and buy anywhere
its all from our garden

now ive been eating a ton of tomatoes
probably way too much
my mouth is starting to get sore
my tongue feels like i burned it
all from eating tomaotes
if you love tomatoes you know what im talking about
im like a bear that keeps eating honey even though the bees keep stinging them

last week i felt funny on wed then had gi symptoms on thursday unable to eat solids
that didnt keep me from getting my infusion at ucla though

i told them i had
not food poisoning
tomato poisoning

lycopene overdose it was maybe
lycopene is the good stuff thats found in tomatoes
its good for the prostate and for bone health and blood pressure and for skin

i told my wife she i know its tomato poisoning

i think its from tomatotene
its a condition that you get from eating too much tomatoes especially
organically grown tomaotes
organically grown heirloom tomatoes

it causes
a sore mouth
a sore tongue
a full tummy
a satisfying just ate the best sandwich ever feeling
a big ole smile on your face

all worth it i must add

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, July 13, 2018

alzheimers news-2 more to go

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yesterday at the ucla infusion center i received #18 of my infusions of biogens aducanumab the drug that is given iv and is an antibody against the beta amyloid protein thought to cause alzheimers

it removes the amyloid plaques from the brain
it also removes any free floating beta amyloid in the brain
it also activates the garbage cells called microglia that clean up debris that accumulates
it works several ways  which is different from the other alzheimers amyloid antibodies being studied

as i explained to the infusion nurse yesterday i chose this study to be in
i identified it when information about the drug was first published
i watched it carefully

i tried to get in one study called the a4 study using another experimental antibody called solanezumab
which was given in this study to those who dont have symptoms but have positive pet scans for beta amyloid the hallmark of alzheimers disease
these folks are called prealzheimers
so i didnt qualify

when i initially tried to get into the aducanumab study i was turned away
that didnt stop me from trying though
i even foregoed my last amyloid pet scan in the adni 2 study i was in for 5 years starting in 2010
since i knew that doing that scan if i tried to get accepted into the aducanumab study would disqualify me since there was a rule that if you had a recent scan you couldnt qualify

once they obtained all my records and prescreening info though they accepted me in the study especially since their amyloid pet scan was positive

so im either prealzheimers or i have mild cognitive impairment thats due to alzheimers disease

hopefully whatever i have this stuff will probably help in someway to slow the disease down
we should have results in a couple of years that will tell us if it does

so yesterday as i left
i realized that i have two more of these left to do
before i advance to the final stage in three months
thats when all of us who want to continue will all get the real drug for another 18+ months
none of us will be on the placebo

i dont know if i got the placebo or the real drug
i had a 67% chance of getting the real drug
i was willing to take those odds knowing that after these 18 months
that my chances of getting the real drug are 100%

so yesterday as they ran the saline flush in my vein after the infusion was donei thought
man i wonder how im going to feel in 2 months when they flush that last one

ill be a happy guy for sure

i have now had 18 infusions into my vein on my left arm
the last 3 times they have had difficulty starting my iv in that arm
so they switched to the right arm this time

i was saving that arm for the round two that starts in october
i decided yesterday i dont really care where they put it as long as im getting the real stuff
heck i told them they could put it in my neck vein if they wanted

the biogen stock
biogen makes this drug
has shot up a few times recently
i think the financial world knows something about this drug
plus they have a another sister drug thats further behind in the research world in a phase 2 study that is also showing promise

so maybe
just maybe
all the effort my wife she and i are putting in may be worth it

heres hoping

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, July 12, 2018

sb country n news-organic weed killer

there are three nemesises in the garden here that we have to fight all the time
at the texas country n there would be grasses that would pop up in the garden that would try to take over
in the beds where shrubs were planted a lot of folks had bermuda which can be almost impossible to get rid of

some folks will spray roundup all it to kill it
if you ever inhale that stuff or get accidentally a taste of it you know how it makes you feel and you realize that stuff is not good for the environment

at the community garden here you have to do everything organically

the three plants that seemed to get into the garden here are
morning glory

now the purslane we use to plant in our garden in texas since we used in in our salads
here there is no need to plant it as it shows up in large numbers
it is easy to remove though so i just do that for the purslane saving some for our salads

the amaranth showed up since someone planted it in their garden
each plant produces lots of seeds
when it pops up in my garden i use the leaves in our salads or saute them with spinach or collards or broccoli
the ones i dont want i just pull up and compost them

so those two are easily managed

the worst plant in the garden that if you let it it will take over is the morning glory
i had tons of it in texas
the bees loved it
but it never invaded my garden

well here it did
it has a strong foothold
its the ban of the garden
this bed in this picture i have weeded twice this spring
it sits between a row of beans and a row of squash
totally dominating both of them

after spending a few hours hoeing this stuff
apparently the roots run real deep down in the soil
its almost impossible to dig up
so hoe it was
again and again

i thought
i wonder if the organic weed killer i used in texas would work

i would use pickling vinegar which is 9% plus orange oil plus dish soap
this worked pretty good there

i re researched organic weed killer
the one that seemed to do the best was using a 20% vinegar
i couldnt find it at any local stores
so i amazoned it
it showed up 2 days later
how do they do that

then i got orange oil at the garden center
then i got the liquid dish washing soap we used

now if you mess with this stuff wear gloves
maybe even goggles and long pants
i took 1 gallon of the 20% vinegar
added 2 oz of orange oil
added 1-2 oz of the dish washing liquid
shook it up real good
poured it into this spray bottle
labeled it good
sprayed the long bed of morning glory so that the leaves were soaked good
within two hours they were wilted and dying
the next day 90 % were dead
so i resprayed that 10% again

now its been a week
all that area between the squash and the beans are all devoid of any morning glory

im sure it will return eventually since this stuff probably doesnt get to the roots
but instead of an hour of weeding and hoeing i can just spray it with this
organic weed killer

i have used it up close to veggies
as long as you dont get any on the veggies leaves it doesnt damage the veggies
i used a piece of cardboard to protect the veggies

warning if you get this on your skin it hurts
so wash it off

you want to use this in the middle of a real hot sunny day with no threat of rain for a day or two

be safe
be organic in all you do in the garden

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

a muddy beach revisited


5 months ago i wrote this blog a muddy beach about a beach in nearby goleta called the goleta beach
i think it as a poor mans beach
i guess thats why they dumped hundreds of big truckloads of mud and debris and junk and who knows what else in this beach
by digging a deep hole and filling it up so the ocean as the tide would come in and the waves would wash over this what smelled like a cess pool to me
the waves and tide would pull whatever was in that cess pool out into the ocean
the hope was that over time all that stuff would be pulled out to sea and the water around the beach and the beach itself would return to normal

it didnt quite worked as planned
why would they dump all that stuff here
i think it was some deal made years ago

this beach has been closed since the first truckload was dumped there
its been closed about 6 months now

if you could look to the left of the above picture
up on a bluff sits the university of california at santa barbara campus
just below the campus and the bluff is a walkway down to the ocean
you can see paddle boaters and surfers and beach activity going on

not far way
just to the right in the below picture
sits that cesspool at goleta beach

ive been their twice
once when i wanted to see for myself what it looked like and smelled like
the second time i brought my wife she with me
we walked out onto the wharf where fishermen were catching fish even though it said no fishing allowed since the water may be poisoned or should i say is poisoned
from there we walked by the cesspool beach
ms be would have said that smells bad  pyoo  wee
from there we wanted up the path around and through the campus to a great lookout over the ocean

this site of the ucsb was once a marine base that was closed
it was shelled by the japanese during ww2 by a sub that surfaced below the cliffs and started shooting away
yes the japanese attacked the mainland during ww2

good thing they werent doing it today they would probably get sick from the water

when you look out over the ocean from there sometimes you see dolphins sometimes whales alot of kelp beds
way in the distance you can see the menacing oil platforms that caused that disaster that almost destroyed santa barbaras tourist industry

we saw no one swimming at all in the beach area
the smell would be enough to keep you from the water
i did worry about the poor folks that caught fish off the wharf and ate them

all that debris and mud and juices with who knows what from the thomas fires and the montecito mudslides getting dumped there
good for montecito
bad for goleta

now over 6 months later they have decided to reopen the beach
the biggest problem was the bacterial counts wouldnt go down
well lets see 100s of big dump trunk loads of $&!(  just got dumped there
sure that areas contaminated
it was and probably still is

the day the reporter that wrote this latest story was there
there was no one swimming in the water even though it was ok to do so

you know
we arent stupid

i sure hope this area recovers back to where it use to be
its a beautiful location just below the campus
it could be a secret place a lot of folks dont utilize

heres hoping for a full recovery

i still dont understand why they were allowed to dump this stuff on this beach
just down from a campus where 25000 students attend

i thought this was a green environmentally sensitive county and state
a definite black spot on its record

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

a million will get you one of these

back in the early digit 2000s when home prices were sky high almost everywhere
i seemed to get a lot of new patients who had moved in to the austin area from california
many had sold their homes they had lived in for 20+ years
they bought larger homes with bigger lots for a lot less money than in california then used the money left from the sell of their homes to retire on

there werent that many folks moving in the other directions since many couldnt affor to buy homes in california

these are the issues we faced when we decided to go the wrong direction and retire here to santa barbara

being a minimalist type folks anyway
we made the decision to do just that
be minimalist

so we looked for an entry level condo where we could move the money from the sell of our beloved country n into a new place to live
we went from a 3000 sq ft house with 10 acres and a 1200 sq ft barn to a 1200 square foot condo

using this minimalist approach and a change of how we wanted to live we moved forward
a year later we are quite content
i get to garden and do my volunteer work
my wife she gets to see her family and ms b regularly
we have chickens like in texas they just stay at the communtiy garden
we walk to many of the places we go to like the farmers market downtown or uptown the grocery store lots of restaurants relatives the pharmacy clinics the hospital the bank etc
i dont have to mow or weedeat anything
i put that energy into hiking walking gardening
we are a couple miles from the beach
we are a mile from good hiking into the foothills of the mountains
im ok with it
my wife she is ok with it

folks are always saying
we want to move to santa barbara

well if you got a million
in this article
you can see what you get for a million
no it wont me anything like what we left behind in texas
remember most of you will be going moving the wrong way
it should be west to east not east to west
unless you got a lot more than a million

here is the article
see what you get for that million

were ok with all this
were happy

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, July 9, 2018

should you breast feed your new baby

Image result for la leche league
as a father a grandfather an uncle a doctor
it was always comforting to see a new mom and her new baby bond together as one
a connection that us men dont get to experience

how can anyone not say that breast feeding isnt the thing thats best for babies

i think that almost all of us would say of course
we all know that no matter what the formula companies do they cant ever duplicate the womans breast milk
no matter how hard they try

95% of the women in the us are able to breast feed
in the us about 80% of women breast feed their babies in the beginning
some arent able to but most are able to

neonatologists in the neonatal units know that moms breast milk is the best thing to feed their premature babies
we as doctors all know that
you women as moms know that
you men as dads know that

then why doesnt our government say that

when i first started medical school i noticed at the various hospitals that each one had a formula of choice to give to moms
it was almost encouraged instead of breast feeding

each hospital would have a different formula of choice

thanks to the influence of yes you got it
big pharma
big formula companies

now these guys have a sordid history in the us and the world the way they have used their political influence all over the world to encourage women to use the formulas instead of breast feeding
some of the stories of babies with brain damage from using inadequate formulas are sad ones

by the time i got into my residency program the hospitals we all worked in changed the formula of choice to breast milk
generally over time the number of women who breast feed has increased

the american academy of pediatrics says breast feeding for all babies is recommended
the american academy of family physicians that i was a member of also recommends breast feeding

of the close to 300 babies i delivered all were encouraged to breast feed

now some women dont or arent able to continue to breast feed
things like physical illness or social situations
sometimes some women arent able to produce enough milk

thats where the use of formulas should be used
not pushed on women all over the world instead of breast feeding

breast fed babies live longer have less obesity are smarter grow better and are healthier
those things the human body makes for babies cant be made in some lab somewhere

so now
sometimes when our government does things wrong you should call them out on it
no matter who is in control at the time

so now
here comes the big pharma formula companies using its influence on our government
i think we all know how the system works
they give money to the right politicians to get their products pushed on the babies in the us
and now all over the world

the world health assembly tried to pass a resolution that called on all governments
to protect promote and support breast feeding

it almost failed
the us delegation failed to support this resolution
something that all moms know is true
all medical people who take care of babies support

the us even threatened to withdraw aid and to assess tariffs on those countries that were introducing the resolution

why did the us delegation oppose this resolution
the state department said it

placed unnecessary hurdles for mothers seeking to provide nutrition for their children

say what

it passed eventually 
thanks to the resolution introduced by 
it was russia

they werent afraid of the us

shame shame again 
on our us government for doing what we all know is wrong

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, July 6, 2018

alzheimers news-how is your blood pressure at 50

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what we are finding is that things that happen in your middle age years have a big influence on whether you will get dementia or alzheimers disease

this week this article flowed across my news feed
click here to read it

recently the ama and other groups changed the new limits for what they called high blood pressure

previously it was 140/90 or greater was high blood pressure
now the new guidelines say 130/80

a lot of yall just got diagnosed with high blood pressure
which i may add is probably a good thing
for your brain

it seems from the long lengthy study that if you are in the 50s and you have a blood pressure at or over 130/80 then you are at an increased risk for getting alzheimers disease when you get older
a significant increased risk

apparently over 60 the risk isnt as great if its over 130/80

you can also be also at an increased risk of getting risk of cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks and strokes and heart failure

i think back to my 50s and it wasnt unusual to see my blood pressure at that level or above frequently
probably if the new standards had been in place then i would have gotten on my blood pressure meds a lot sooner than at 60

if you are obese or diabetic or sedentary or sleep deprived or under lots of stress or have untreated depression or anxiety or have a poor diet and you add this new high blood pressure number to all that bad health stuff
folks the odds are in your favor that your spouse and kids will be caregivers much earlier than they want to be

check your husbands numbers especially if they are middle aged
if they are elevated and especially if they have these other risk factors
well their future is in your hands well actually theirs

you also might google
long term care insurance
long term care facility
how to prepare for medicaid for nursing home care while you are young
how to be a good caregiver at a young age

same goes for husbands

so how is your blood pressure at 50
if its not normal
now you know what to expect as you get older

if you are in my ancestry.com family tree then you might be a little more worried since that apoe 4 gene makes all of this worse

know your number
do something about it

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, July 3, 2018



being serena on hbo

she is a one word person like
le bron

we all know who they are
3 of the most elite athletes in the world
just say their first names
we all know who they are

i dont necessarily like watching tennis
i will flip on the matches that serena plays in
especially now
as she makes her comeback
probably her last time shell try playing

she returns as
a new mom
a new wife
a elite athlete making a comeback
after almost dying

this comeback will be her second one
the last time she had a pulmonary embolism and just about died
she is lucky someone didnt find her dead in her house

she is lucky she didnt die twice

when you watch this hbo special 5 part series
you should
you will see her almost die in front of your eyes
with a pulmonary embolism
a blood clot to the lung
she was a strong advocate for herself she knew her body
she knew what was happening to her
its this self knowledge of her body that probably saved her life

thank goodness
the medical folks listened to her
probably a nurse

we the medical folks dont
we should
she would have died if they hadnt listened

worked hard
to have
a baby
a new marriage
a career

her career involved being an elite world class probably best ever womens tennis player
trying to return to the state she was in when she got pregnant
oh she won the australian open last year when she was early in her pregnancy
at eight weeks

this special you should watch
if you are a career type mom who wants to be a mom and continue your career

it will inspire you

ive worked with women who had a baby and returned to work
pumping their breasts between seeing patients sometimes and during their lunch break
sometimes even feeding the baby when they were brought to the clinic
they never wined about it
they just did it

serena after she went home from the hospital
oh her c section incision opened up in the middle of her hospitalization
and she had to be reoperated on to put things back together
she also had to have an umbrella filter inserted into her vena cava the large vein carrying blood back to the heart in order to catch all those blood clots
later on she had the umbrella removed

she persevered though

after returning home she started the long trip back to tennis

if you are a working mom
you should probably watch this 5 part series
it will give you inspiration
maybe help you feel better about deciding to return back to your career
you can see serenas conflicts on returning on stopping breast feeding on being away from her husband but always near her baby

she her story all of it is inspiring for
all working moms
all moms

she should get

the women of the year award
the mom of the year award

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, July 2, 2018

now im a laker fan

last week i boldly predicted what would happen based on my knowledge of the situation
i admitted
i guessed right
i had a fifty fifty chance to be right
the lakers it is

now i was never like a diehard lakers fan
i tended to be more a spurs fan or a maverick fan
but i was not a diehard fan for either

i think though that i may become a diehard lakers fan now
at least for the next 4 years

the lakers got a bargan at 150+-million a year
lebron james should be the highest paid player in the sport

i know i know
he got that billion dollar shoe contract
thats right
a billion dollars
thats 32 years of playing basketball at his laker contract rate

crazy isnt it
all that money they can get
spread it around a little to those who could use help

i think he does
help others
thats a lot of money to deal with

so im happy he is at the lakers
here i will have more access to the lakers news which i never listen to but i guess starting this week ill have to start listening

lebron man i think you made the right decisions
to take you talents to los angeles

go lakers go

it just doenst sound right like
go spurs go

ill guess ill just have to get use to it

the organicgreen doctor