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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Monday, August 31, 2015

all should do this

i know many of you give regularly to the church
you are involved with what it does
you see where the money goes
you see the good it does

now each year i sit down and do an annual budget
including in the budget
is a certain degree of charity that we contribute to

once we decide how much we will give each year
i put it away each month
so that we give it out to our selected charities
as the funds are needed
when their fundraising efforts occur

now like many of you who give to your churches
i give to charities that i believe in
strongly like you do
they are ones that i am personally involved in
i live
see the results of where the money goes

Image result for alzheimer's association
with the alzheimers association i am very active
in what they do
raising donations being on the walk committees
having teams that walk in the walks to end alzheimers
giving talks on alzheimers
so i know my money i donate is going to a good cause

Image result for williamson county meals on wheels
with meals on wheels i also see the good they do
those folks i deliver to are poor and would probably
go without food if we didnt deliver the food to them
another good charity that my donations and time is
well spent
i know its being used for what it was intended

Image result for williamson county habitat for humanity
i volunteer for the williamson county habitat for humanity
helping do the builds of the houses
doing the landscape design and the landscape
being part of the group of volunteers that they lean on
to get all this done

i see the good the houses do for folks
i know my money is being used for a good cause
i see the smiles and the tears from the new owners

Image result for charity navigator
so i dont need to know more about my charities i give to
since i live them
i went to this website
charity navigator
which independently evaluates thousands of charities

4 stars
my three got 4 stars
they used their money for what it was intended

not like many other charities

my mom as her dementia worsened
got really taken advantage of by many low star charities
it seemed many had the word veterans in them
legit charities
unscrupulous in how they raised and used money

look at your charities
see how they rank
if its bad
then find a new one
that uses the money for what it was intended

just like church giving
give to your favorite charity
just make sure they do what they are suppose to do
with the donations

september 26 in georgetown
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Friday, August 28, 2015

alzheimers news-what to do

thats what they ask me
via facebook email phone calls this blog
via friends and family

i try to take the knowledge and experience i have
accumulated over the last 5 years

from dealing with this in my family
mother father two brothers and myself
from reading several articles a day on alzheimers
from doing presentations and answering countless
questions from folks seeking answers
from following closely the research thats going on
from being involved in that research as a study subject
from being involved with the alzheimers association
from being involved on a statewide committee
on how to properly evaluate a patients memory loss
from being a family doctor for years caring for patients
when i say caring i mean really caring for their well being

Image result for memory loss
its with all this combined together
i try to help them figure out what to do for themselves
their love ones to get the treatment evaluation
knowledge to care for the person

so in comes a series of questions
my husband cant remember where he is going
he forgets important things
he gets lost when he is driving
he is in is early 50s
these are not good symptoms to have at this age

he apparently had a stroke that left him with speech problems
use of one side and numbness and tingling
most of this has resolved over time
these symptoms above are interfering with his ability
to work

is morbidly obese
has high blood pressure not completely controlled
has high cholesterol that takes high doses 4x what i take
has sleep problems with what is probably sleep apnea
does not exercise
doesnt eat right
definitely not a blue zone person-see last blog

Image result for stroke mri
so when i heard the story and got the medical history
eg there is evidence of the stroke on mri
he probably has already had most of the labs that are needed
i made some recommendations for the spouse and the patient

he is sort of lucky that this will not probably due to alzheimers
its probably vascular caused memory issues
if he gets real aggressive he might be able to stop the progression
or at least slow it down significantly
for if he doesnt
his fall into the dementia abyss will be rapid and disturbing
for him and his family

he needs to see a neurologist which he has an appointment
for a good complete evaluation
to include all the labs he hasnt had
like cbc metabolic profile-electrolytes kidney test liver test sugar
vit d level vit b12 level folate probably homocysteine level etc
a good baseline in office memory test with maybe a
full neuropsychological test to complete define his memory issues
a complete sleep evaluation
his wife going with him to the appointment with a list of
the specific things he is having memory problems
warning dont let them go alone
fill out the 21 question questionnaire about what he is doing
then score it and take it to his appointment

i warned them that he might be a candidate for aricept even
though this may not be alzheimers disease
each neurologist thinks differently on using it in these cases

let the neurologist do the evaluation and monitor and treat
his memory loss
the treatment that really will make a difference
is in the hands of the patient
he is lucky in that what he does for his health
will determine if this is stopped or improved

control aggressively his blood pressure
his cholesterol
his weight
move and move and move as much as possible
aggressively do his speech therapy and physical therapy
get on the  mind diet
correct any sleep issues since sleep is where the toxins
in the brain are removed each night

his future for himself and with his family
is in his hands
get a grip is what my advice to him is

Image result for walk to end alzheimer's logo

here are the walk to end alzheimers we are participating in
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one in a walk to end alzheimers in your area

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october 31   hays county in san marcos
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november 7   bell county in temple
team organicgreendoctor
i will be the honorary chair for this event

future speaking engagement
senior expo belton texas
september 22 at 1030am
i will be speaking and answering questions on alzheimers

we need your help
we are close to a treatment and cure
its in your hands

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, August 27, 2015

country n news-are we a blue zone


no im not talking about politics here
instead about a way of life

now blue is my favorite color
im glad to be in a blue zone

whats a blue zone
its from a book about it 
its areas of the world where there are high concentrations
of centenarians thats folks who are a hundred years old+

there is only one place in the us 
besides of course the country n
its loma linda california

im quite familiar with loma linda having gone to college
only a few minutes away from there
their hospital there was a tertiary referral source
there were exposure to a lot of folks from loma linda
most are seventh day adventists

so whats special about them 
they are vegetarians
some eat fish
no sugar allowed ie no sweet tea for these guys
wouldnt make good southerners would they
they eat a biblical diet
fruits grains nuts and vegetables

the have a a close social network
they dont drink anything but water that includes no wine

now i mostly drink water rainwater that is 
i wouldnt be a good seventh day person since i also 
drink 2 cups of coffee a day and a glass of wine at night

interesting these are added to what the other blue zones
so we are in sync with the other blue zones
we can qualify as a blue zone

now one is the nicoya peninsula in costa rica   a blue zone
they use the three sisters as the main stock of their diet
squash corn beans
interesting is that beans is a common food in all these
blue zones
also my last blog about the phe garden mentioned the
three sisters they plan to plant for the fall

the other common theme 
they walk a lot in their daily lives
they have strong social circles
they dont have gym memberships but they are moving
as part of their daily lives
they dont abuse their body with excesses
they tend to live stress free lives

so in summary
we thats my wife she and i 
officially since im declaring it so 
live in a 
blue zone

Image result for mind diet

we eat beans 2-3 times a week
we mainly eat a vegetarian diet
we eat dried fruit and nuts each day
we eat some meat mostly turkey or chicken
unless of course we go to franklins bbq
we eat the mind diet-google it and then do it
so you can score a 100 like those centenarians
we especially the ogd moves most of the day 
especially the mornings
yes no gym memberships needed here
we have a glass of wine at night
we live a fairly stress free lives
we relax in our zen place here

so color us 

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

dear ms b-its about the b's

ms b i watched a tv show about the blue zones
ms b i think you live in one
read my blog tomorrow

ms b this is my beehive sitting there
that white thing sitting next to the barn
when you peek inside you can see those
bees being as busy as a bee
making honey gathering pollen gathering water
gathering nectar defending the place
(that they do well as they zapped me good once
right on the lip)
keeping the place clean
taking care of the bee babies and feeding the queen

so ms b i cant wait
until you can get this big
to crawl into this b suit
to walk out to the beehive
pick over the edge
see whats all going on in there

last week ms b
as i was walking the dogs through our 1 mile
walking trail on our property
it goes around the perimeter

but half way through
it goes through this grove of trees
heres a picture of them in the fall
you can see why they are called flame sumacs

here is the bloom on the end of them right now
i think the bees love those things

so click on this short 30 second video below
turn up the sound real high
be real quiet
listen to all that humming noise

ms b
thats bees
going nutso over these blooms

ms b
i think these guys which you can see at the  end
are my bees
from that white beehive of mine
click here if video doesnt load correctly

so ms b
come visit
well look at them
do other fun things that you may not get to do
where you live

we wont tell mommy and daddy
what happens at your grandparents
stays at your grandparents
we wont ever tell

Image result for walk to end alzheimer's logo

walk to end alzheimers
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