welcome to the organic green doctor blog

i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Thursday, March 31, 2016

country n news-spring fever


yesterday as i laid on my bed readying myself for an afternoon nap
after working in the am planting trees at the new
habitat for humanity house
i looked out our large window that faces west
at a monterey white oak i planted 10 years ago
it has just now gotten large enough
so that i can lay there
look out the window
to see all the new leaf growth
to watch the birds land in the tree
hop around
i feel like i am in a tree house
up in the tree with the birds
i cant wait to see what it looks like in the future

i looked farther to the right
there is another monterey white oak i planted at the same time
about 25 ft away
now its the largest of the two
i bought it as a very small 1 gallon plant
it gets runoff from our washing machine
its grown much larger

another example of a $5 plant in a $50 hole

then looking north through another window
i saw this arizona cypress that has now grown to 20 ft
a neighbor gave it to me several years ago
it is native to west texas and to the mountains in big bend park
its a good match for cedars
getting much larger without all the pollen

i walked out on my upper deck
looked down on our anacacho orchid tree
just now with its spring blooms
that sweet smelling flower that overtakes the property

the grape koolaid smelling mountain laurel blooms
just left us right before this
it also could be smelled all over the property

i then looked to the southwest down near the garden
there the lady banksia rose was all abloom with its
yellow tiny roses

then i walked back inside
looked through another window facing east
there were those yellow ball like flowers on the
huisache tree
an annual blooming that i look forward to

Image result for organicgreendoctor.com plants
then back on the porch
looking down at the beautiful red trumpets of the
crossvine that has climbed 20 ft up the side of our deck
from below
all full of hummingbirds and bees

looking out our kitchen window
the yaupon tree was blooming its tiny blooms
it was all covered with bees
abuzzing like they were in a concert

Image result for organicgreendoctor.com plants
then looking out on the pastures and yard
there are those beautiful blue texas native

so i paused this week
while i was in the garden replanting my veggies
looked around like a captain on a ship
took a deep breath of all those spring smells
fresh air
all those oak leaves i had spread out in the garden
reached up and felt my forehead

i think i do have a spring fever

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


for some thats a dirty word
for others its money in the bank
thats fracking

if you live in states like arkansas texas oklahoma new mexico
colorado alabama kansas ohio
then you may feel one way or the other

if you work for the oil drilling business or work in a job
that spins off that business
you probably dont mind that fracking
that shaking that comes with earthquakes


oklahoma went from less than 10 quakes a year
up to over 900 quakes a year
granted they are small ones
if you arent use to them
you dont live in california then its a little unsettling

when i was in my early 20s
i moved to calfornia and was in several large earthquakes
with their lengthy aftershocks
for this country boy from rural arkansas
it was pretty unsettling

kinda like folks from california that move here
to central texas
are scared real shaky like with the thunderstorms
and tornado warnings
tornadoes we have

now if you are a homeowner in those fracking earthquake
yes it can do damage
like cracks in the foundation
you may lose a few things falling off the shelf
probably they wont get hit by a big one

it seems the earthquakes
the large increase in numbers
are actually caused when the fracking water is injected into
a well for storage

there is some earthquake activity when fracking itself is done
but most are caused by injecting the used fracking water into wells

it seems though thats not good to store millions of gallons of
that contaminated water underground
nothing good can come of that

if the area has shifting plates
those guys rub togetther and shift causing earthquakes
the lubricated contaminated water lubricates the plates
so they shift
leading to earthquakes

now one good thing about the downturn in the oil drilling business
in re to earthquakes
is that there is a drop off now in the numbers of quakes in those areas

it just that people who depend on the oil business have lost their jobs

as a green person and environmental person with what i think
is a reasonable outlook on all this
people gotta work you know
there is a limit though
it just seems nothing good will come of pumping all that crap
into the earth where it will never ever
in your kids and their kids etc lifetime ever go away

its more pollution
which we just cant see
well unless it gets in our drinking water

we can only
feel it

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

dear ms b-help others


i thought about you this weekend on easter
made more vivid when i saw a picture of you
in your beautiful easter dress

i thought about you when we were in nola
thinking about
my volunteer efforts since i retired
now ms b
i wish i had done more when i was younger
wished that i had been more aggressive in
getting your dad and uncle involved in volunteering

tis good for the soul
i have found out in the last 5 years

this appreciation for others
feeling their feelings as they receive our good will

ms b
there is no inheritance no bonus no raise no pension
no money gift that can be better
for your soul
then projecting your good will onto others

this weekend i opened a birthday card
yes i still have birthdays
im way ahead of you
inside the card was a note
as i opened the card
out fell a check

please use this for one of your projects the note said

now ms b
i appreciate that birthday gift more than any other i have received
in awhile

see what i mean
money does always make you feel as good as good will

our next homeowner at habitat
a single mom with two kids
lives in a protected environment while she awaits her new house
while raising her kids
working hard at her job
supporting her family herself
anxiously awaiting her new home
which she has earned
thanks to gifts from others
which she will pay for herself overtime

she said to me
i want trees in my yard as many as i can have
i want them for my kids
to enjoy and play on
maybe ms b
even climb up in

sometimes folks in need
ms b
just need us to reach down
grab hold of their extended hand
to help them up to where we are

i have decided to use that money
to buy trees
three of them
to plant in an area together
trees that will outlive the new homeowner and her kids
always being their as a reminder
that someone
a stranger
cared enough to help out

we all should be that stranger sometimes

its good for the soul

ms b
please be one of those people
who extends a hand
to help

your soul will be better for it

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, March 28, 2016



we did a trip to new orleans this extended weekend
returning yesterday
when we returned home as i walked out into our garden
i saw several of those dreaded summer varmints
not a good sign this early
makes me worry about all those other invaders

my treatment is nolo bait
having just been to nola ie new orleans
made me think of nolo bait

this is how my brain works sometimes
i try to explain it to my wife she sometimes
how our conversations get to where they are
she just says
oh i see
i do notice she turns her head some
im sure she smiles
rolls her eyes sometimes
shes a tolerant soul

once you see grasshoppers
its time to put out the organic nolo bait
it is a fungus that gets into the brain of the grasshoppers
causing them to die
other grasshoppers eat the dead ones
they get infected
then a viscous cycle continues

you repeat the application in one month
then again later in the year if needed

i usually only do it twice
now and in a month
in my 1 acre yard and my organic garden
yes its ok to put in your garden
unless you are a grasshopper

the chickens and guineas keep whats left under
good control

this weekend as we were in new orleans ie nola
we had a great time
spending it with new friends and with relatives
that surprised us with a visit for our combo birthdays
my wife she and is birthdays

an aside
my wife she wants me to correct the above last line as it is as
i know grammatically incorrect
sometimes i like to not be correct
its gonna stay the same
now ive been to nola three times now
the first i barely remember having been 18 at the time
the second with friends who had been there several times
this time with folks who have a house there
their daughter went to college there and stayed
they are frequent visitors to nola
so know it very well

they live in the garden district
heck just a few blocks away from their house
i stopped by to say hi to sandra
she wasnt home
but i got my picture taken at the gate anyway
maybe next visit

we also saw lots of stuff there
ate a lot of good food
i was a pescatarian while i was there
enjoying the fresh flavor of the fresh fish

we saw and did things we wouldnt have done if we
had gone alone
for three days we had our own tour guide
educating us along the way
that at the end of the trip
we felt satisfied
having breathed in and absorbed some of that essence
new orleans

thanks to d and l
great hosts
special thanks to the surprisers
t and k and a
we owe you one
now two

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

country n news-whatcha learn


my wife she always says this to me
when she does
i am never smiling
something not good has happened

so she said to me this week
whatcha learn

i was already down in the dumps
big time

so i should have headed the warnings
from john dromgole on the gardening show
warning he said just last week
beware of the freeze before easter
it happens every year

i remember hearing this and smiling
got it covered is what i thought
you see
in mid february i went to my favorite garden place
the organic one called the natural gardener
got all my tomatoes in 4 inch pots
transplanted all of them into these quart pots
put them in my small greenhouse
set the heater on 55
kept them all cozy and warm
fertilizing them as i watered

they loved the warmth and the sunlight
growin like a weed they did

so about 3 weeks ago
everything around here was ablooming like crazy
even the bluebonnets bloomed six weeks early
i took all my tomatoes
planted them in my garden
they were at least 3 feet tall
some with tomatoes dangling on the vines
excited is what i was

weather alert
possible freeze in the hill country
i should have listened to john
i covered up all 10 of my tomatoes with this thick white row cover
that will keep the temperature warmer by as much as 7 degrees

my row of 5 tomatoes had cages over them
they were the tallest
i carefully wrapped them with this protective row cover
clamping it on very carefully
that i had won the battle this year

then i got up early that recent cold morning
it was 35 then 32 then 30 then
oh no i said to myself
it was 29
then 28

oh no
ive been here before
every year
no matter what i do

so the next day i peaked at my tomato in a pot on the porch
there it was
with several tomatoes on it reaching towards the sun
all intact
yes i said
life is good i have defeated mom nature

to the garden
looked at two tomatoes i had untied
laid on the ground
a sweet 100 and a juliet
full of tomatoes
covered all snugly with row cover

i slowly lifted up the cover
i said to myself
john was wrong
they looked perfect

i looked over at my long row of tomatoes
looked at that snugly row cover wrapped around the cages
glanced to the other side
there aflapping in the wind
like a sheet on a clothesline
was the whole side of the row cover
flapping flapping
leaving this gigantic opening to the tomatoes

i refused to look at it for two days
i peeled back the cover
like peeling an orange
there as in the picture
were these shriveled up tomato plants
all brown limp and light green and dead looking
also i might add my peppers looked worse
a sad sad day
in tomatoville

so my wife she
now she was good
she didnt rub it in
she didnt say
whatcha learn

she said im sorry
so i almost cried over these tomatoes
a gardener would understand

this morning
i got up and sleepily went towards the coffee pot
to my surprise
all these peppers and tomatoes
brand spanking new ones
my wife she had snuck them in the house
after i went to bed
what a great birthday present huh

whatcha learn

dont plant tomatoes and peppers around here until after easter

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

dear ms b-grandfathering is grand

as i stood there that day holding you 
watching you look at all the fish
all kinds of colors and shapes
looking at your face
watching those expressions on your face
watching those eyes move back and forth
up and down
you seemed mesmerized

im sure your little brain was filling up as it 
experienced all this new stuff
even i was mesmerized as i watched all the activity

you got to sit beside this big ole granddoggy
as she also watched all the fishes swim about
both of you
seemed so amazed

she the dog even tried to catch the fish
of course she couldnt
you even reached out when that fast blue one swam just
inches from you outstretched little fingers

then the cage with all the butterflies and birds

this day could have been only topped off
a butterfly had fluttered down and landed on 
your pretty little nose

now your gma mom and dad wouldnt let me
take you to the snake show
i noticed they wouldnt go in there either
excuses dont count

dont worry ms b
well get a snake so you can hold it
pet it 
experience it
so you wont be afraid of them 

so as i sit here looking at the pictures of the day 
a week later
i too am mesmerized by them

all i can think is 
isnt grandfathering grand

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, March 21, 2016

rg3 revisited

like subway had a bad run with jared a sad bad story
it also had a bad run with rg3
thats robert griffin III the ex quarterback for the washington franchise

now i cant write their team name since
i dont know if the american indians approve of that name
i dont know if its a racial slur or not
its not for me to decide
its the american indians

i guess subway made bad choices for the celebrities to push their products
one jared languishes in jail
having just been beaten up by cellmates since thats what they do
to child molesters
a second sentence for those folks

Image result for rg3

then rg3
a star in high school not more than 25 miles from where we live
here at the country n
not recruited by texas as a quarterback but as an athlete
i always that was a code word for he cant play quarterback in college
he aint smart enough
yet he was
he was a star in college at baylor
oh yes
he won the heisman trophy for the best player in college

on to washington no name nfl team
where he starred his first year
he got his knee hurt
it was downhill after that

Image result for rg3

then there was that gut wrenching game he played in
i think it was the last he played before he fell off the
cliff into the abyss
seeing him limp as he ran getting wiped out
seeing his wobbly knee buckle around
it made me nauseated to watch

someone made bad decisions on whether he should be playing
ending his career

now he didnt even play last year
sitting as a third string player
if he got injured again the no name team washington would have
to pay him $18+- million this year whether he played or not
he sat
got an attitude adjustment it seems
maybe a second chance at redemption
we all want those in this life
he got cut from the no name team
he is looking for a new team

my suggestion is
-hire a good pr team
-get a new look cut your hair look more conservative
like russel wilson
-be more humble

hopefully thats something that can be learned
and not be innate

wishing you the best this year
you had so much potential
so much ability
its those things outside that ability
that may have been the cause of your downturn

google humility and read what it says

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, March 11, 2016

alzheimers news-research cures

Image result for organicgreendoctor.com images alzheimers
this morning i opened an email from nih
that was on two new treatment studies for alzheimers
the two also were for mild cognitive impairment patients
thats my category

one was using leukene a drug given to certain cancer patients
to stimulate white cell production in the body
they are looking at this as a way to maybe fight alzheimers
it was noticed in the past that rheumatoid folks dont seem to
get alzheimers disease
maybe cause they produce a lot of stuff like this leukene

the other was another study looking at another new drug in
the antibody class
i call them alzheimers vaccines that attach to the bad beta amyloid
thats believed to be the cause of alzheimers
its removed from the brain
if it works the patient gets better and the disease progression is
stopped or slowed down a lot

Alzheimer's Texas

now i am waiting to get into a new study that will start up soon
here in texas
my participation will be at the alzheimers center ut southwestern dallas
the study will be on a new alzheimers vaccine called aducanamab
it will be given as a monthly infusion for several months
my group would be the early mild cognitive group
i also will have an amyvid pet scan
if its positive for beta amyloid in the brain
the hallmark of alzheimers disease
then i will be accepted in the study
if my memory is bad enough
problem is that its gotten better over the last 5 years

good thing is i might get accepted in the study
the bad thing is
if i get accepted that means that i probably do have alzheimers disease
i guess thats good since i will know more definitively thats whats going on

remember that final diagnosis that is 100% accurate as of today can only
be made at brain autopsy
yes ive donated my brain to the center

so this weekend on saturday morning

at the GPS: A road map for caring for aging family members

i will be doing a talk about all this titled
9:00 - 10:00          Dr. Dewayne Nash (Retired physician & research participant) - “Alzheimer’s Research - A Physician’s Personal Connection”

here is the link for registering 

i will talk about my journey the last 5 years including my involvement
with the research as a research participant
what thats like
why i do it
i will review several of the new treatment studies that are going on now
or about to start
that have promise for providing a true treatment to slow down
if we are lucky to prevent this disease

join us with your presence
if not
please be there in spirit
we are close oh so close

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, March 10, 2016

country n news-time fades away


for as long as i remember
somewhere back 20+ years
i have worn this old black watch
you know the kind that you can dive under water
and it will keep on ticking

it also has a timer on it
changes the days and years and times without messing with it
well sometimes i had to adjust the time
since they seem to always mess up with daylight savings times

Image result for organicgreendoctor.com watch
this old black watch has been used in my practice
heck many of you and your kids have had their pulse
respiratiory rates measured using this old black watch

my wife she she doesnt ever wear a watch
even if she did it wouldnt matter much

Image result for organicgreendoctor.com watch
not me
i like to get to places on time
i even have my watch set so its 5 minutes fast
just dont tell my wife she that
i even have the clocks in the house set like that also

those new fangled cell phones have messed all of that up
since they keep accurate time
they even will change when the time change happens
like may i remind you that happens this weekend

now i have a smartphone that i use a lot
but i never rarely look at the time on it
i do use it a lot as a timer and stopwatch though
its just easier than using my old black watch

Image result for organicgreendoctor.com watch
so last saturday as i was doing all the lot clearing with all those
kids at the habitat for humanity lot
as i was finishing
i said i wonder what time it is
pulled up my sleeve
all i could see on my left wrist was a tan free circle
around the wrist

that old black watch
she be gone
i searched everywhere for it
to no avail

i decided well i got this here smartphone
ill just use it
so thats what i have been doing now for the last week

sorry its not the same
i could just flick my wrist to see the time
heck i even had some timers that went off
like 5pm
that meant it was wine time

so this week has been a change for me
i must say it seems somewhat more laid back
i work outside with no idea of what time it is
i realize i guess it doesnt really matter
does it

i guess this is why my wife she doesnt use a watch
its more relaxing this way
makes life less stressful

heck it works for the chickens
they seem to know
when to come down in the morning
when to go back up in the coop at night
all without a watch
they do no resetting for daylight savings time
theyre clueless

i have to decide soon if i will get a new old black watch
to cover up my pale white circle on my arm
just let that spot tan in
live a simpler slower paced life

i might live longer

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

i support this candidate for president

i try to be as apolitical as possible
when i write my blog
i cant help it sometimes as it just bleeds through
from my writings

now i like most of you
no matter your political leanings
are totally 100% disgusted
with the 2016 presidential primary contests

if i could find another candidate to vote for
one who maybe wasnt part of a national party
one who hasnt been influenced yet by all the
corruption that exists in politics
no not trump

maybe a candidate who is a true independent

well this morning as i was browsing my facebook
there on a friends page
thanks ls
was this picture

well i looked at it
all the candidates were there with signs all in a row
all linked to a party
all politicians and well the other guy
well he is another story

there it is
my new candidate for president
a true independent

i also plan to go with pinestraw
dont know if they are male or female
black brown yellow red or white
gay straight
tall short
obese or skinny

it doesnt matter to me

i say
lets leave those other folks behind
lets all vote
future president pinestraw

a true independent

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

dear ms b-wit helps


ms b
your gma and i like to watch good tv
like pbs news
voice well thats my choice
better call saul
good sports events
just to name a few

so last night as i clicked on the tv to watch my
afternoon sports show
as the tv came on it was on hbo for some reason
there on the tv was this professor giving a lecture
for some reason i clicked on the info button
well i thought
its got 3 stars
its an older movie
its description looked interesting
stars emma thompson
on a pulitzer prize winning novel
called by the same name as the movie

so just the name spurred my interest
i looked at gma
she looked at me
lets watch it she said

thinking man i like my afternoon sport show
my pre glass of wine show

but something spurred interest inside me
maybe ms b
it was fate

so we started watching it
hooked soon we were
yes ms b i shed tears right and left
even my collar on both sides was moist

you see ms b
she has terminal cancer this college professor
she heads down a lengthy painful uncomfortable path
to experimental treatment for her cancer
knowing what was going to happen eventually
whether she does this treatment or not

her journey
was painful
eye opening some
thus the name of the movie

now as someone ms b who also may have a terminal illness
whose end result is unstoppable
i felt drawn into this movie
feeling her discomfort with the medical care and with the disease

for you see ms b
i am on the other side now
on her side
like her i am in research studies
soon hopefully if i am lucky
to be in one using experimental treatment
that may or may not help me
but it may be the answer or part of the answer for curing or slowing down
the disease that terminal one that may affect me one day
the one that took my mother and my younger brother
that also may be at work in my older brother
it seems so unfair at times

now ms b
it seems for some reason i have pushed mine down the road
a bit
hopefully further and further down the road

i watched
saw the things i see now on the other side
i think
that all medical students and residents and interns
heck even practicing doctors
should watch this movie
yes yall some of yall are just like this

all ancillary medical folks like xray techs lab folks nurses
receptionists even friends should watch this movie
yes this is what some of your patients are going through
could you throw on some personal touch to each patient maybe

the one person who shone through all this was a nurse
ms wits nurse
caring and understanding
the boulder between the patient and the medical system

yes nurses looked good in this movie

yes she died in the end
we knew it was going to happen
couldnt stop it
we couldnt unless we just turned it off

we watched her get that indignity of that end of life cpr that she didnt want

wonder if i had watched this when i was in practice
maybe before i became a doctor
when i was in training
if this would have made me more compassionate

i think this movie is going to hang in my brain
in my heart in my soul
for awhile

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, March 7, 2016

more hope for the future

thats what i told my wife she this weekend when i got home
thank goodness i said
after watching all the junk that happened last week in politics
mostly embarrassing to lots of folks no matter their party affiliation

thank goodness i said
after working with this youth group at habitat for humanity
thank goodness i said
there is more hope for the future

i can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that this generation
will be our leaders in the future
if we can just make it to their time

now of all the groups i have worked with
the ones i like the best are the youth groups
ive worked with groups from ft worth dallas ut austin
texas state southwestern several local high schools and middle schools
lots of church based groups and other youth groups

i guess ive been lucky
because all do such a good job
this weekend i had the privilege to work with two groups
a local girl scout group and a group from the
habitat for humanity club at rouse high school in leander texas
at least one person a former patient was involved with
both groups
included were a teacher sponsor parents troop leader
of course seeing these folks make me understand the good
role models these kids have

another kid a former patient is a special needs person
it was refreshing to see how well the other kids worked
with that person helping  redirecting the kid if needed
i saw no taunting no hazing no abuse
just well like this generation seems to have more of
than some of the generations above us
that is
tolerance and understanding

i saw or heard no complaining no religious or race or political
they just calmly went about doing their job that day
probably enjoying the outdoors and the comradeie of being
with their peers

i like to talk with each of them
find out what their future plans are what they are involved in
find out what colleges they plan to attend
much like i did when i was in practice

now some of these kids i have worked with many times over
the last two years
some more than once
i hope they like i did got something for working so hard that day
getting something
in their hearts and souls that will help make them a better
human being
so this is what it all looked like at the beginning
this is what it looks like now

what a great job they did

all i can say is
move over donald and hilary and bernie and ted
here comes a much better more tolerant generation
please save something for them
they are
after all
hope for the future

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, March 4, 2016

alzheimers news-ppi and dementia

Image result for organicgreendoctor.com images alzheimers
ppi is proton pump inhibitor
like the purple pill prilosec and nexium and prevacid and zegerid
all are now generic and over the counter thats otc

i take omeprazole which is prilosec
its otc but i get it as a prescription since its cheaper that way

now i have been on this for 20 years off and on
for the last several years mostly on
if i taper off it each day brings more and more burning in my stomach
i have acid reflux and gastroparesis
the omeprazole is one of the drugs used for these conditions

excessive eating excessive caffeine and excessive alcohol makes it

so i have accepted the fact i have to take this stuff every day
in order to keep from getting symptoms
i try to skip doses some but like i said skipping two
my tummy lets me know

when i had all my oral surgery i went on a liquid diet
drinking soup for meals
decreasing my caffeine and my alcohol also
i noticed some improvement in my symptoms
despite missing a few days of the ppi

no i realized as i returned back to my normal diet
i have to have that omeprazole that ppi almost every day
to stay burn free in my belly
i accept this fate
it could be worse
Image result for omeprazole

so my eyebrow raised somewhat when i read that article
about the use of ppi and the increased risk of dementia
all i could think was
thats all i need is to make things worse
up there in my brain
i seem to be doing things to make my memory return back to

an aside here
i noticed while i was recovering from my oral surgery
that i got away from a lot of what i was doing
including missing aricept thats donepezil and my supplements
as well as missing sleep not being active
that i personally noticed some subtle changes in my memory
a subtle reminder i am doing something right
that bad stuff is still up there

a subtle reminder that i had better not stop doing it

now that im back on my regimen i can tell a difference

it seems according to the research that the ppi leak some into the brain
and decrease the function of the garbage cleaners the  microglia
that cleans debris from the brain
if that debris accumulates it can cause dementia

so ppi by doing this might increase the changes of dementia

how significant in this
not real sure is what the general consensus is

so a well known researcher wrote a comment on the study
he said
even with this information he plans on staying on his ppi
this is what i have decided to do

keep taking my omeprazole every day but skipping it occasionally
keeping a close eye on future studies on this subject

the other thing ppi can cause by decreasing the acid secretion
in the stomach
thats what stops that burning
like someone is in there with sandpapper rubbing away
is that it decreases the absorption of vitamin b12
so people on long term ppi can develop a low b12

severe low levels of b12 can cause memory issues

now i was found a couple of years ago to have a low b12 level
i take b12 every day to keep my levels up
along with 12 other supplements

so i would say
if you are on one of these ppi
make sure you really need it
which is true of any medication or supplement or vitamin
they all have potential side effects

read about it
do like i did make an assessment and make an informed decision

here is a link to my upcoming presentation on clinical research on march 12th

GPS: A road map for caring for aging family members
'Learn about research into Alzheimer's disease treatments being done here in Texas at this year's GPS Caregiver Workshop on March 12 at Riverbend Church Austin! Our friend Dr. Dewayne Nash will give an informative talk on clinical trial opportunities and new frontiers in our understanding of dementia.'

schedule —
9:00 - 10:00 Dr. Dewayne Nash (Retired physician & research participant) - “Alzheimer’s Research - A Physician’s Personal Connection”
10:00 - 11:30 Jennifer Scott, Keynote (Director, Area Agency on Aging Capital Area) - “Practical Tips for Alzheimer’s/Dementia Caregivers”
11:30 - Noon LUNCH
12:00 - 1:00 Pastor Reg Larkin (Counselor and Minister) - “Faith, Celebration and Grief in Caregiving”
1:00 - 2:00 Mary Koffend (Owner, Accountable Aging) - “Three M's of Health Insurance- Medicare, Medicaid and Medigap”

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, March 3, 2016

country n news-dont do it


thats what i said to the little ole lady
at the big box store
you know the one that matches donalds hair color

she said i dont know which one to buy
to put on my yard

well it was her lucky day now wasnt it
standing next to me as i was taking these zoomed up
pictures of the ingredients
in this weed and feed stuff

heck when i walked in the store
the greeter said good morning
i noticed this chemical odor
that seemed real strong
like when my wife she used to use all those bad chemicals
in the house

as i walked in
i noticed my eyes started burning
felt just a little wheezy
when i went outside in the garden section
it went away
back inside
theres that odor again
those itchy eyes that wheezy feeling deep in my chest
i realized that it was all that big old pile
of weed and feed
that folks were grabbing left and right putting it in
their buggy

i thought man
thats a lot of chemical $&!+ thats getting dumped on yards
in this area
theres a lot of those donald colored stores around here
plus walmart lowes hardware stores grocery stores etc
selling that stuff
we are in the middle of a total all out chemical war
on all those weeds
that dont harm anyone
that i let grow mostly since many of them my bees love
just mow them down like you do the grass
why do we want this perfect looking yard anyway
its crazy i think

so i zoomed down on the ingredients of the two

lets see atrazine
take some and put in your fish pond frog pond
if you have tadpoles
see what kind of deformities you see in your frogs
if they live

this is banned in europe and canada

lets see 2 4 d
sure seems familiar to me
ever heard of agent orange
that stuff that the us sprayed in viet nam
onto everyone under the  sprayer
including us troops
we are paying millions and millions of dollars to affected troops
and their relatives until they die for the damage it  causes
i have more than one relative receiving compensation
so is my wife shes family

so agent orange is a mixture of 2 4 5 t and 2 4 d

so i wonder why we are allowed to put this stuff on our yards
on our crops and food
didnt we learn our lesson

well some european countries canada and australia did learn something
its banned there

maybe we all should move to canada huh
well i see some are if the election doesnt go well
canada is going to fill up with either republicans or with democrats

i still cant believe that people who have kids actually put this stuff
on their yards

back to the little ole lady
shes said
i want to use this but last time i did it my dog got this big bad rash
i thought its from that orange stuff
its a good thing you dont have a kid

so i said
would you like a lecture
yes she said
so i gave her one right there in the store in front of everyone
its a wonder i didnt get chunked out of there
like a protester at a trump rally

so i took her outside where we could breathe
i notice she was turning a little blue
i took her to the organic fertilizer section
where the air was purer
looking for texas local brands like ladybug 8-2-4 or medina growin green
or gardenvilles organic fertilizer
none there
so i found her a non texas one

i started to give her the corn gluten talk but figured
i had told her enough for the day
i did help her load it into her car
telling her as i did
just mow those weeds down
its all green anyway

thats what i do here at the country n
my frogs all have 2 eyes and 4 legs
croak loud at night

does yours

join us for the habitat for humanity run/walk this sunday morning

at the southwest wilco regional park in leander cedar park round rock area
click here for more information

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

its over

well i think america has partially spoken now
it appears this primary thing may be over soon
before its all finished
sucks to be the state with that last primary of the year

unless something bad happens
the two candidates are just about chosen
unless the powers that be in the republican party
try to do something to change things
a brokered convention
i guess that means backroom stuff like in the old days
but without all the cigars

that probably wont happen though
if it did it sure makes this election season one for the ages

you know i looked at the percentages in the republican race
all but two need to drop out of the race
a trump vs rubio
what a cat fight that would be for sure
a trump vs cruz
now that would be a real wwe fight for sure

if those others dont drop out its over with
trumps gonna win the nomination

now we have these two choices
unless someone else jumps in

this year the turnout is up for the primary election
thats good for america
the more involved the better

im sure the turnout will be even better for the
general election in november

oh my this is gonna be fun to watch

i hate to see things decided by a minority of voters

when more show up
you feel like the majority has really spoken

so i heard on the radio this libertarian leaning commentator
you arent going to find the perfect candidate
who agrees with everything you believe in
you have to pick a few things that top your list
then find the candidate that fits that scenario
vote for that person

thats what i did
i voted yesterday for that person
plan to vote for that person again in november

let the game begin

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

dear ms b-we voted


good morning ms b
by the time you wake up this morning
i will have voted

your gma and i go early to the polls to vote
we dont usually early vote unless we are out of town
we like the ambiance of election day
seeing all the campaign signs
listening to all the folks the right distance from the
poll entrance
sometimes shouting at each other
we even enjoy the lines
now here in the country the lines are not usually too long

we vote in an old community center
actually its an old high school gym
from a now closed high school
a real old gym by the way

it just makes the ambiance even  better

now ms b
i have voted in every election for president since i could vote
its my right my duty to do it
if i dont vote
then i dont have any right to complain about things
ive even wrote in my vote before
even voted third party once or twice

so when folks start talking about politics
in that whiny complaining voice
i say
did you vote
if they say no
i raise my hand towards them
and say
just talk to the hand

now ms b
this election is a crazy one this year
its a very very important one
this one will determine a lot of things that are important
for you

the next president will probably nominate 1 maybe 2
supreme court justices
some of those on there now
look a little shaky when they walk

this will determine which way the court will lean for the next
several years
probably into your early adult life

so who folks vote for president will determine a lot
just based on the supreme court nominations

now there are a lot of other things are at stake
if we can just get the candidates to discuss them
intelligently and civil like

this ms b
is an awful primary season
its scary nauseating even
to think that some of the things that these candidates are talking about
like you know
the real politicians of washington
based on the real housewives shows

ms b
i hope when you grow up
that this world got left better for you
i am worried though
watching all this trash this political season
that it will not be

Image result for organic green doctor i voted
so this morning
when your gma and i go to the polls
as we pull the leaver
we will look at each other
what is best for ms b

thats how we plan to vote

so ms b
i hope you carry on this tradition in 17 years

everyone go vote when its your time
its your right
its your duty
dont do it
you give up your right to complain about things
if we dont all vote
we all lose in the end

the organicgreen doctor