welcome to the organic green doctor blog

i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

dear ms b-you are my hero

we have a good friend that would definitely not like this picture
she would probably say what awful grandparents you are
letting ms b hold that snake

im sure she wont be able to sleep tonight thinking about that snake
this friend is the one we gave a christmas present one time
a snake aquarium cage wrapped for christmas
inside was a realistic fake snake
the kind if you didnt know it wasnt real and if you had this fear of snakes .........well you can just imagine the scene that christmas evening at the present opening event
we even have it on video

now one of the things that i want in dealing with you ms b
is for you to have a love of  nature and not fear it
rolly pollys

add snakes to that list

this picture was from the local museum one day last week when your
other not my wife she grandmother brought you for a tour of the museum
i wonder if thats her grandmother handing you that snake
i know for sure it wasnt my wife she
guarantee it

was i ever a proud granddaddy to see you holding that snake
slithering around in your hands and arms

of course i recognized that snake
a rosy boa
i use to have one myself
in fact i had it when my wife she and i were dating
its the one that had to disappear when we got married
my wife she tolerated it before we got married
didnt tolerate it afterwards

we guys know how that works
it did

i have no fear of snakes but i do respect them
having gone out rattlesnake catching while in college

several times at the country n i would use my homemade snake catcher to snatch a slithering rattlesnake that appeared on our property replacing it over my property fencing as a donation to my neighbors
dont worry they had a hundred acres with nothing but nature on it
i never let my wife she know when i did that

another time a large big ole rat snake sat on the top of our water tank sunning himself looking down on my wife she as she soaked in the hot tub butted up against that tank
i never let her know about that one either

ms b sometimes in a marriage you have to keep things to yourself
its best if you do that

now this rosy boa makes a great pet for kids and grandmothers
they are friendly and easy to play with

as i look around our condo i have located a few sites that an aquarium
for snakes could easily fit
then ms b when you come over
well you could take your rosy boa out and play with it
with my wife she not being home of course
we dont have to tell anyone
it will be our secret

i guess ill have to check those hoa regulations to see if snake pets
are allowed

ms b
im glad you were exposed to snakes and will develop no fear of them

next on the list
is spiders

ms b most spiders are the good guys
i rarely ever remove one if i see one
especially in my garden

maybe ill catch one for you to hold
like you did that rosy boa

you are reaching hero status with me

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, July 30, 2018

dont worry be happy

Image result for don't worry be happy

thats my new motto
it seems the millennials are having problems with this one

when this course was offered at yale 1/4 of the student body signed up for the class called the happy class
they had to move it to large auditoriums to accommodate the large numbers

it will eventually have to be eliminated though since its sucking away so many students from other classes its interfering with other departments success

now most yale graduates dont have to be too worried about getting a job
most are able to do so when they graduate

near where we live is a popular coffee place where when you walk by its always busy
if its open its busy
when you go inside or sit outside you see a lot of folks visiting
all of course half the time looking down at their electronics
half listening it seems

there are a lot of folks just sitting there alone
looking at their laptops or phones or tablets
i always wonder what they are doing
what they need to be doing is day dreaming
interacting with other folks

the professor who teaches this popular class talks about how personal interaction is gradually being eliminated from our society

i was at a large store the other day and as i went to check out
there were only self check out lines with 1 person to help to cover a large volume of checkouts
that interaction with the grocery clerk or retail clerk is all gone or going away it seems

when i lived in texas i shopped at heb for groceries
i had my favorite check out folks
we always struck up conversations with each other
talking about the weather or some item i bought or their grandkids or if they were a student what their plans were

here i like going to trader joes since its always fun to interact with the clerk
they must train them all to be friendly and converstational
i feel good every time i check out there
i notice they have no self check out lines
they trader joes seem to understand thats what we all want
social interaction

we can order what we want online
especially with amazons efficiency
why buy something you have to drive and park to buy it
you can sit at home with your coffee 24/7 and buy what you want and it will appear on your doorstep in two days at the same price as going to the store

you can order from most restaurants here now
uber will pick it up
deliver it to your front door

you dont have to make a reservation or stand in line or ask for more water or put up with a noisy table next to yours or have to wait for the food or have to wait for the check etc
it makes life easier
does it make life better
does it make life happier

those interactions may be important to all of us
we all are starting to isolate ourselves more and more

for the millennials and the students they are even worse at isolating themselves
you can order stuff online talk online or text online or take classes online
doing that offline learning how to interact with others
may make your life better
make your life happier

my concern is this will all get worse
not better

those yale students and other students and millennials and well probably all of us
we want more
we want to make our life better
we want to make our life happier

they the yale students learn how to change things up to make their life happier and better

we all probably could learn from this class or one like it

it makes me look at my life
making sure i and my wife she have a lot of interactions with folks
to not become millenialized

our family interactions especially ms b
our volunteering
our walking to the grocery store and pharmacy and restaurants and doctors office and dentist office and relatives all force interactions on us that driving or staying at home wouldnt allow us to experience

my our new motto is like the name of that yale course
the one the students are trying to learn before they enter the world on their own

dont worry be happy

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, July 27, 2018

alzheimers news-its not my drug

Image result for organicgreendoctor
several folks contacted me yesterday asking if the drug that was in the news was my drug
it was on a lot of tv channels and on my newsfeeds yesterday and today

that drug is called ban2401
my drug is called aducanumab
both are made by biogen

Image result for ban2401
ban2401 attacks the amyloid at a particular site called protofibrils
aducanumab attacks the amyloid at a different site
both drugs grabs the amyloid and removes it
both are antibodies against the amyloid given as an injection or an infusion

ban2401 is about 2-5 years behind my drug aducanumab
ban2401 is in phase 2 studies
aducanumab is in phase 3 studies

the aducanumab phase 3 study ends for me after my next 2 infusions in 6 weeks
others in my study are further behind me
there are about 1200+ of us in the aducanumab study

it should be all finished in 2019 with the final results out probably 2020
it could be on the market the following year or two pending fda approval
ban2401 wont be available if it continues to do well until 2021+

dont worry starting in october i begin to definitely receive the aducanumab and not the placebo and will receive it for another 18 months or longer
that should carry me into 2020 when the results come out
if it doesnt work then ill stop it
if it does work then ill probably stay on it since they usually will continue the studies for a long term after that
im covered for now

ban2401 in this phase 2 study didnt work except at the higher doses
it worked best in folks like me with the apoe 4 gene
this higher dose study has only about 200-300 folks in it
the drug in the higher dose not only removed the amyloid
the patients memory improved by 30% on the memory tests they used

Image result for aducanumab
aducanumab results from nature

my drug aducanumab in its phase 1 study on 100+ patients also worked best at the higher doses
the amyloid was mostly removed
the higher the dose the more removed
also all in the phase 1 study had improvement in their memories
those who received the placebo
it always sucks to be in the placebo group

so unlike the ban2401 drug it worked at the lower doses just not as strongly
the folks in the phase 1 study of aducanumab have now been followed for over 5 years
they have continued to have less amyloid in the brain and have showed continued improvement in their memory

my aducanumab drug also has higher side effects at the higher doses
in fact in the phase 3 study they dropped the highest dose because of the side effects
the biggest side effect is micorobleeds that may occur as the amyloid plaques are removed
a side effect that most of us with this disease would readily accept
the fda doesnt like them

when my drug aducanumab publishes its results next year or next expect the same hype that the ban2401 is getting now
the difference is that it will be available first for treatment for alzheimers disease

it probably will be used in folks with prealzheimers disease
prealzheimers disease is where many of you are
you dont have symptoms but your amyloid pet scans and or your spinal fluid for amyloid are positive
you just dont know that yet

it will be also used in folks like me with the diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment or those with mild alzheimers
it probably wont be used in moderate to severe alzheimers since by then so much damage has been done that little gain will come from using this expensive drug on those patients

getting diagnosed early is going to be important in the near future if you are going to be able to stop or slow down this disease

in the meantime be aggressive in taking care of your health

the early the better is the rule

so thats my answer to the question
is this your drug

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, July 26, 2018

sb country n news-green squash

i call this my texas zucchini squash
since its so big

in texas i would plant my zucchini squash every april
knowing that i would only get one crop of those green veggies
before that moth laid its eggs
that worm sucked all the life out of the plant
the beautiful green squash plant turned to a wilted brown one in a matter of hours

in fact in texas i quit planting zucchini squash
since the worm always won
i did use a squash from mexico called tatume squash
it appeared to be somewhat resistant to the squash worm borer

as i talked to gardeners
they said we dont have that problem here
i planted my zucchini squash
a few weeks ago
it has produced a ton of squash and shows no sign of slowing down

my bed that one plant is planted in is 3 ft x 8 ft
it occupies the whole bed and more

as the plant has gotten bigger it has been harder and harder to spot all the squash
which produces monster ones like the one above
yesterday i came home with two more that were even bigger

my wife she makes zucchini bread zucchini soup zucchini salads zucchini sandwiches
ive been know to eat on one while im working in the garden as a midday snack

i recently found this tatume squash at the nursery
i  planted it and will allow it to grow up the bamboo pole
so it doesnt take up too much space in the garden
since im sure that that regular zucchini will one day quit producing
i like to pick the tatume at this size which is about a large orange size
it looks and taste like zucchini

if you leave it on the vine it gets larger and develops a harder outer shell
much like a winter squash
you can store it like a winter squash and eat it later

we like to just treat it like a zucchini eating them as they grow

they are good if you have limited space since they can be grown on a trellis

in the gardens we planted these pumpkins and gourds and winter squash
close to a 100 of them
they will be used for a fall harvest educational class for elementary kids
will be sold for fundraising for the garden

this garden gets beautiful with all those pumpkins and squash and gourds
along with the beautiful red amaranth and sunflowers and oats and corn

unlike in central texas a lot will grow here this time of the year
not having that oppressive heat helps

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

dont go fishing


Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Cheddar Baked Snack Crackers - 6.6 oz bag
dont worry
we wont be fishing any at our house

my wife she wont let me have those orange goldfish in our cupboards
you ask
because ill eat all of them

thanks to her saying no it appears that i want get a salmonellla infection
i may have been cycloed as i wrote about in a previous blog
titled was i cyclo
from cyclsporosis causing gi symptoms

now i do have access to goldfish
no i dont have a secret stash somewhere
ms b has some at her house
when she is good or eats well etc she can have some as a reward
if i am there i like to be the one that goes to the cupboard to get
her some goldfish
i usually will get 15 out of the box
she only gets 5 of them

i always carefully wipe the yellow stuff off my mouth and off my hands so ms be cant see it

if you have heard
if you got goldfish in your cupboard
you might want to chunk them
they may be contaminated with salmonella
which can cause
belly ache
body aches
joint pains

it usually clears itself out on its own
no pun intended

those at risk are
immunocompromised folks like new babies old folks like my wife she and i folks with hiv or cancer or folks on drugs that suppress the immune system

at worse it can cause joint infections or meningitis or severe dehydration and in some cases death in those folks

it seems this stuff was found in whey used to make the goldfish
whey is one of the proteins in milk

you remember the kid song
little ms muffet sat on her tuffet eating her curds and whey
thats the stuff

maybe it should say
little ms muffet sat on her potty after eating her curds and whey

it also is used in some ritz crackers

in this article there are the names of those recalled foods

how does this germ get in whey
somebodies didnt wash their hands real good

another source of salmonella is chickens and eggs
chicken should always be cooked well
dont eat raw cookie dough since there is a risk of catching this and other germs from the uncooked eggs in the dough

my wife she please read that last sentence

if you raise your own eggs
be sure and wash your hands well after gathering the eggs
i always suggest to my wife she that she wash off the eggs right before she uses them then wash her hands real good

now when we gathered our eggs we didnt refrigerate them since we left them in the cartons on the cabinet unwashed
washing them removes a protective barrier that keeps the eggs sterile
if you wash them they need to be refrigerated

you should also wipe down your countertops where you handled any raw chicken
as well as wash your hands well

they should suggest that those folks who process that whey powder do the same
there really is no excuse for this happening
it seems to happen all too frequently in the processed food world

ill never look at a goldfish the same in the future

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

was i cyclo



two weeks ago the day before i was to receive my infusion of biogens aducanumab at ucla
i felt vertigous and nauseated and gassy
my wife she said more than usual on that one

i had diarrhea and loss of appetite and bloatedness and stomach cramps and fatigue and those other symptoms mentioned above over the next few days
it took me about a week to feel better

this morning i read this article on mcdonalds the golden arches folks on how they have quit serving salads since they have tracked a gastrointestinal infection to these salads
the article said
it was from fecal contamination

now i dont even want to know how those salads got contaminanted
my imagination even cant imagine how that happened

now i know i didnt get this from any mcdonalds salads
its been years sinc i have eaten at one

now a days you never know
since those salad mix things you buy at the store that are triple washed
they seem to be the source many times for these gastrointestinal infections
it could be i got mine from those

my wife she got sick a few days later

i eat a lot of compost so i have some resistance to infections by all those good germs i injest
no i just made that up

the infection from the mcdonald salad is from cyclospora and is called cyclosporosis

sounds bad huh

a stool sample can be used to diagnose it
sometimes antibiotics and or antiparasite meds are given to some patients
its worse if a person is imumocompromised and gets this infection
like someone with hiv or cancer

most folks dont have to be treated

the symptoms can wax and wane for weeks

its that waneing i dont like
so far i havent waned yet

the way to prevent it
avoid the golden arches

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, July 23, 2018

its hot here its hot there

HEAT ADVISORY_1532351172992.JPG.jpg
kxan.com weather

i kept hearing those hot temps from everywhere in the united states
i know its not global cooling
i would say its global warming
the correct word is now climate change

i have no doubt the climate is changing
the biggest proof i see is when those big ole glaciers melt like they do

now some of this is cyclical like nature does things
man is making those up and down swings a lot worse

so i looked at areas that i have lived during my life to see what the weather was like

southern arkansas looks like upper 90s like 99 but i bet they get to a hundred
if you have ever been there in the summer when its humid you know how miserable that 100 degrees can be

little rock is due to bump up against the 100 mark this week

high desert in california where we went to college is due to reach 107 today
when i lived there a long time ago it was usually a real dry heat that use to be more tolerable
we used a swamp cooler to cool our apartment
it drips water down a filter and the cooler sucks in air across the water soaked filter
it worked well unless the humidity got high

los angeles area where we went to the university
it will reach 109 there this week
when we lived there it was real bad smoggy in the summer which made life just miserable to live there sometimes

in austin it will get to 107 there
let me tell you something
when it gets to 107 in the central texas area
its just real miserable

thank goodness for good ole air conditioning there

then here in the santa barbara country area it will get up to 101 this week
one thing i have noticed is that it always seems to get hotter here when they predict these high temperatures than what they predict

one bad thing in this area is that very few folks have air conditoning
even some of the large expensive homes dont
i am always hearing folks say
it use to never get this hot around here

for whatever reason
it does now

to me someone who has lived in all those hot areas listed above
a 100 degrees here is just flat ass miserable

call it what you want
i call it climate change since that better describes whats happening
its making things very uncomfortable here and elsewhere a little too often

our condo rules even though we own it
dont allow us to put in air conditioning

thanks to all this climate change hotter than heck temps lately
they are thinking about changing those rules

we will be the first in line to get a ac unit in place

its still paradise weather here most of the time
for those living in those hot areas
i had to sit outside this weekend at around 700pm
wear my hoodie sweat shirt


the organicgreen doctor

Friday, July 20, 2018

alzheimers news-thanks bill

Image result for organicgreendoctor
one of the goals of alzheimers researchers besides the main one of finding a  treatment or cure of this disease is to be able to identify folks with alzheimers early in the disease or even before symptoms start

if you can get to folks before symptoms start or before damage has been done
then you have a better chance of slowing or stopping the disease

once the damage is done
its done
its not repaired

thats why you see so many drugs fail
they are started too late
they cant fix whats already been broken
its like a vase dropped from a roof onto a sidewalk
its smashed to thousands of pieces that cant be put back together

so it is with an alzheimers brain

so if i really have alzheimers disease then its being going on for at least 15-20 years
it just hasnt taken over enough brain cells yet to make me have noticeable symptoms
that damage cant ever be repaired even if they find a treatment or cure

so thats why early detection then treatment even if there is no symptoms is so important

ive read for the last 8 years since i was diagnosed
that an early blood test to tell you if you have alzheimers is almost here
they seem to say that each year
its not here yet

Image result for bill gates
enter bill gates
one of the richest men in the world
who has given lots of his money away for good causes
basically he got his money off us all who bought his products and now he is giving it to more needy folks

he recently donated well over 100 million just for alzheimers research
he has donated 30 million just to find an affordable test like a blood test for early detection of this awful disease
here is his statement

“Imagine a world where diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease is as simple as getting your blood tested during your annual physical.”

well i can imagine it
this money was put into a venture fund
he calls it diagnostic accelerator

we the federal government should be doing this by spending our money for a disease that is programmed to totally break our healthcare system in the near future
it will cost us billions of dollars

thanks bill
for doing what our federal government wont do for us

he is the definition of a philanthropist

on another note
biogen will be presenting data form the aducanumab study that i am in and one similar to it on sunday at a large alzheimers conference
expect to see news reports on their findings

expected approval for use by the fda if its approved will be 2020 or 2021
please hurry since i am scheduled to come off the aducanumab study in spring 2020
i dont want to lose anything ive gained

this aducanumab will not be a cure for alzheimers
it will be a treatment that will slow it down

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, July 19, 2018

garden to table yum recipe-edited version

my wife she just texted me from bed as she woke up to read my blog
you got it wrong she said
heres the correct recipe i use
below i have edited it all to be correct according to my wife she

with the internet now you can find websites or apps where you can just type in what veggies you have and push enter and find several recipes using the produce

there are two plants that i grow that we tend to have more than we an eat or use
okra and eggplant

for the eggplant
we fry them
we use them in our grilled veggies we do
my wife she has an eggplant dip that is real yummy good
every time she makes that dip i think of our friend who ate so much of it that they puked on our kitchen floor
ok so she also had too much wine
no it wasnt my wife she

so right now we have bunches of tomatoes like tons of them as we are at the peak of the tomato production in the garden
my eggplants just started to produce
i have a few onions which this year werent as productive as what ive had in texas
please note the nt on the sentence it stands for not which means no
we have garlic
we had swiss chard but it started wavering and looking puny so it was removed

so as we looked at all those tomatoes
i said to my wife she
why dont you cook that eggplant tomato recipe one
you know the one that i didnt think would taste very good a few years back
now is one of my favorite recipes

mixing tomatoes and eggplant and swiss chard together
well it doesnt sound like it would be good
it to me doesnt even look good

my wife she
cooked it anyway a few years ago
she didnt pay attention to my whining

she cooked it
i ate all of it
i even scrapped the dish well to get all of it
ok so i lifted the pan and licked it all off like a dog if you set it in front of him
i ate it all
its good
one of my favs

here is the ingredients
she got it from an old cookbook from the mid 1980s from the junior league of little rock when i was in medical school and residency there

tomatoes whole and cherry tomatoes
mozzarella chunk cheese
parmesan cheese
salt pepper italian spices
our fresh basil from our front porch
bread crumbs
she adds garlic
swiss chard

some how she mixes it all up
puts it in the oven
takes it out
i eat it
almost all of it by myself

yummy recipe

its sort of like a  eggplant parmigiana but adding the swiss chard makes the flavor different but better

here is the original recipe to which she adds swiss chard
the messy page is from cooking this recipe a lot
its the bitterness of the swiss chard and the eggplant mixed with the acid and sweetness of the tomatoes with hte flavors of the cheeses that when all mixed together leaves this taste in your mouth that makes you want more of this stuff

from   vegetable literacy by deborah madison page 210

feel free to post your eggplant recipes on here or on facebook

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

learned my lesson

one day as i was looking in the mirror i noticed a small pinprick drop of blood on my nose
i wiped it off and went on about my business
a few days later there it was again
like someone had painlessly pricked my nose with a fine needle

i knew since i had removed skin cancers like basal cell and squamous cell off peoples faces and their bodies over my career
i knew what that was

i thought
you have a basal cell on your nose

i googled mohs surgery for basal cell of the nose
hit enter
clicked on images
oh my i thought
that looks awful

off to the derm for a biopsy
then to a mohs surgeon to have it removed
the basal cell not my nose
it just felt like she had removed my nose

2 years later you really cant tell she cut a big ole hole in my nose and moved flaps of skin around so there would be hardly any scar

i thought to my self during recovery
i never ever want to do that again

i became religious about using sunscreen and wearing a hat and sometimes wearing long sleeves even in the hot summer

now here in santa barbara its dangerous since the weather is usually nice
like today
it will start out with some morning fog then as the day goes on there will be bright sun with no clouds
it seems like nothing slows down those sun rays

theres been many a day ive gone to the garden hatless and sunscreenless since it was so overcast
the next thing i know by lunchtime my face is red like i had a hot flash

ive learned to be more aggressive with the sunscreen and hats no matter the weather

 ive settled on the sunscreen in the above two pictures and have noticed that it works well and doesnt seem to sweat off much as the day goes on

after reading the below article i think i will need to change mine

recently i saw this article on sunscreen damaging things
the coral reefs
our hormones

in hawaii the reefs are dying they think from the sunscreens with
in them

i do worry what affect these have on babies and young kids since they are rapidly growing
and they get a lot of sunscreen rubbed on them everyday

this article recommends avobenzone which is better
even better is
zinc oxide and titanium dioxide

these last two make the uv light bounce off thus blocking the uv effects
zinc oxide is in desitin amd other diaper rash ointments and is used as a thick paste on folks noses who surf and life guard

the other stuff above absorbs the sun rays

so blocking is better than absorbing

sprays dont work as well as the kind you rub on

use spf 40-50

this article has references to sites like consumer reports or an app that give recommended products to use
it also lists the recommended ones for kids

use one that doesnt kill the coral reefs and doesnt change your kids hormones

ive learned my lesson to use sunscreens regularly and floppy hats
i just need to use the one that doesnt harm me or the environment

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, July 16, 2018

a case of tomato poisoning

last week i wrote a blog called organic weed killer
in the blog i mentioned purslane and amaranth as invasive plants in our garden
both of which we eat in salads and pull the rest out of the garden

here is the purple amaranth plants near the garden with thousands of seeds that will seed the garden probably for years to come whether we want it or not
keep that in mind if you decide to plant some

this is the purslane that grows wild here in the garden
thankfully its easy to pull up

i usually go to my garden every day or two to harvest stuff
i usually get a haul like this one of squash beans peppers okra eggplant cukes and lots and lots of good ole juicy tasty tomatoes

now mr tomato man appeared in my garden recently
i first noticed it when some elementary kids wondered into the garden one sunday morning as they were walking their dog in the neigborhood
they were certainly intrigued with mr tomato man
we added two christmas lima beans for his sunglasses
he has since grown some as has his nose so that he now is a ripe old man
we cant decide to eat him or not so we are just letting him ripen and ripen
ms b loves him also

this tomato is a heirloom either a black krim or a cherokee purple
we cut it this way like two hearts
i ate one
my wife she ate the other

heirlooms like this above and those below are what tomatoes use to be like in the old days before the flavor was bred out of them in favor of better storage and a a better look in the store

im sorry but these tomatoes are the best looking of any tomatoes that you can grow
wish all of them tasted this good

these are my favorite small tomatoes called sun gold
this one is thanks ms b since she planted it in her small garden here at the community garden
they are yellow and have a real sweet taste and produce a lot of tomatoes
i have eat hundreds of these already

here is a haul of a few days of tomatoes minus those i ate in the garden when i was working minus those we ate in salads or cooking or canned

for those tomato growers im growing brown cherry early girl i think mr tomato head is really an early girl so that makes him her a trans tomato black krim cherokee purple roma sweet 100 cherry some heirloom russian tomato someone gave me celebrity brandywine sun gold juliette cherry also a mini mexican heirlom cherry

my lunch every day is to take two slices of bread and add two big slices of those big juicy heirlooms or if not available big juicy slices of red tomatoes with a sprinkling of salt plus a slicing off a zucchini squash and a slicing off our armenian cuke and a slicing off an onion with a handful of garden salad mix
this makes the best ever sandwich
the kind you cant go in and buy anywhere
its all from our garden

now ive been eating a ton of tomatoes
probably way too much
my mouth is starting to get sore
my tongue feels like i burned it
all from eating tomaotes
if you love tomatoes you know what im talking about
im like a bear that keeps eating honey even though the bees keep stinging them

last week i felt funny on wed then had gi symptoms on thursday unable to eat solids
that didnt keep me from getting my infusion at ucla though

i told them i had
not food poisoning
tomato poisoning

lycopene overdose it was maybe
lycopene is the good stuff thats found in tomatoes
its good for the prostate and for bone health and blood pressure and for skin

i told my wife she i know its tomato poisoning

i think its from tomatotene
its a condition that you get from eating too much tomatoes especially
organically grown tomaotes
organically grown heirloom tomatoes

it causes
a sore mouth
a sore tongue
a full tummy
a satisfying just ate the best sandwich ever feeling
a big ole smile on your face

all worth it i must add

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, July 13, 2018

alzheimers news-2 more to go

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yesterday at the ucla infusion center i received #18 of my infusions of biogens aducanumab the drug that is given iv and is an antibody against the beta amyloid protein thought to cause alzheimers

it removes the amyloid plaques from the brain
it also removes any free floating beta amyloid in the brain
it also activates the garbage cells called microglia that clean up debris that accumulates
it works several ways  which is different from the other alzheimers amyloid antibodies being studied

as i explained to the infusion nurse yesterday i chose this study to be in
i identified it when information about the drug was first published
i watched it carefully

i tried to get in one study called the a4 study using another experimental antibody called solanezumab
which was given in this study to those who dont have symptoms but have positive pet scans for beta amyloid the hallmark of alzheimers disease
these folks are called prealzheimers
so i didnt qualify

when i initially tried to get into the aducanumab study i was turned away
that didnt stop me from trying though
i even foregoed my last amyloid pet scan in the adni 2 study i was in for 5 years starting in 2010
since i knew that doing that scan if i tried to get accepted into the aducanumab study would disqualify me since there was a rule that if you had a recent scan you couldnt qualify

once they obtained all my records and prescreening info though they accepted me in the study especially since their amyloid pet scan was positive

so im either prealzheimers or i have mild cognitive impairment thats due to alzheimers disease

hopefully whatever i have this stuff will probably help in someway to slow the disease down
we should have results in a couple of years that will tell us if it does

so yesterday as i left
i realized that i have two more of these left to do
before i advance to the final stage in three months
thats when all of us who want to continue will all get the real drug for another 18+ months
none of us will be on the placebo

i dont know if i got the placebo or the real drug
i had a 67% chance of getting the real drug
i was willing to take those odds knowing that after these 18 months
that my chances of getting the real drug are 100%

so yesterday as they ran the saline flush in my vein after the infusion was donei thought
man i wonder how im going to feel in 2 months when they flush that last one

ill be a happy guy for sure

i have now had 18 infusions into my vein on my left arm
the last 3 times they have had difficulty starting my iv in that arm
so they switched to the right arm this time

i was saving that arm for the round two that starts in october
i decided yesterday i dont really care where they put it as long as im getting the real stuff
heck i told them they could put it in my neck vein if they wanted

the biogen stock
biogen makes this drug
has shot up a few times recently
i think the financial world knows something about this drug
plus they have a another sister drug thats further behind in the research world in a phase 2 study that is also showing promise

so maybe
just maybe
all the effort my wife she and i are putting in may be worth it

heres hoping

the organicgreen doctor