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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, July 30, 2018

dont worry be happy

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thats my new motto
it seems the millennials are having problems with this one

when this course was offered at yale 1/4 of the student body signed up for the class called the happy class
they had to move it to large auditoriums to accommodate the large numbers

it will eventually have to be eliminated though since its sucking away so many students from other classes its interfering with other departments success

now most yale graduates dont have to be too worried about getting a job
most are able to do so when they graduate

near where we live is a popular coffee place where when you walk by its always busy
if its open its busy
when you go inside or sit outside you see a lot of folks visiting
all of course half the time looking down at their electronics
half listening it seems

there are a lot of folks just sitting there alone
looking at their laptops or phones or tablets
i always wonder what they are doing
what they need to be doing is day dreaming
interacting with other folks

the professor who teaches this popular class talks about how personal interaction is gradually being eliminated from our society

i was at a large store the other day and as i went to check out
there were only self check out lines with 1 person to help to cover a large volume of checkouts
that interaction with the grocery clerk or retail clerk is all gone or going away it seems

when i lived in texas i shopped at heb for groceries
i had my favorite check out folks
we always struck up conversations with each other
talking about the weather or some item i bought or their grandkids or if they were a student what their plans were

here i like going to trader joes since its always fun to interact with the clerk
they must train them all to be friendly and converstational
i feel good every time i check out there
i notice they have no self check out lines
they trader joes seem to understand thats what we all want
social interaction

we can order what we want online
especially with amazons efficiency
why buy something you have to drive and park to buy it
you can sit at home with your coffee 24/7 and buy what you want and it will appear on your doorstep in two days at the same price as going to the store

you can order from most restaurants here now
uber will pick it up
deliver it to your front door

you dont have to make a reservation or stand in line or ask for more water or put up with a noisy table next to yours or have to wait for the food or have to wait for the check etc
it makes life easier
does it make life better
does it make life happier

those interactions may be important to all of us
we all are starting to isolate ourselves more and more

for the millennials and the students they are even worse at isolating themselves
you can order stuff online talk online or text online or take classes online
doing that offline learning how to interact with others
may make your life better
make your life happier

my concern is this will all get worse
not better

those yale students and other students and millennials and well probably all of us
we want more
we want to make our life better
we want to make our life happier

they the yale students learn how to change things up to make their life happier and better

we all probably could learn from this class or one like it

it makes me look at my life
making sure i and my wife she have a lot of interactions with folks
to not become millenialized

our family interactions especially ms b
our volunteering
our walking to the grocery store and pharmacy and restaurants and doctors office and dentist office and relatives all force interactions on us that driving or staying at home wouldnt allow us to experience

my our new motto is like the name of that yale course
the one the students are trying to learn before they enter the world on their own

dont worry be happy

the organicgreen doctor

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