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Thursday, July 12, 2018

sb country n news-organic weed killer

there are three nemesises in the garden here that we have to fight all the time
at the texas country n there would be grasses that would pop up in the garden that would try to take over
in the beds where shrubs were planted a lot of folks had bermuda which can be almost impossible to get rid of

some folks will spray roundup all it to kill it
if you ever inhale that stuff or get accidentally a taste of it you know how it makes you feel and you realize that stuff is not good for the environment

at the community garden here you have to do everything organically

the three plants that seemed to get into the garden here are
morning glory

now the purslane we use to plant in our garden in texas since we used in in our salads
here there is no need to plant it as it shows up in large numbers
it is easy to remove though so i just do that for the purslane saving some for our salads

the amaranth showed up since someone planted it in their garden
each plant produces lots of seeds
when it pops up in my garden i use the leaves in our salads or saute them with spinach or collards or broccoli
the ones i dont want i just pull up and compost them

so those two are easily managed

the worst plant in the garden that if you let it it will take over is the morning glory
i had tons of it in texas
the bees loved it
but it never invaded my garden

well here it did
it has a strong foothold
its the ban of the garden
this bed in this picture i have weeded twice this spring
it sits between a row of beans and a row of squash
totally dominating both of them

after spending a few hours hoeing this stuff
apparently the roots run real deep down in the soil
its almost impossible to dig up
so hoe it was
again and again

i thought
i wonder if the organic weed killer i used in texas would work

i would use pickling vinegar which is 9% plus orange oil plus dish soap
this worked pretty good there

i re researched organic weed killer
the one that seemed to do the best was using a 20% vinegar
i couldnt find it at any local stores
so i amazoned it
it showed up 2 days later
how do they do that

then i got orange oil at the garden center
then i got the liquid dish washing soap we used

now if you mess with this stuff wear gloves
maybe even goggles and long pants
i took 1 gallon of the 20% vinegar
added 2 oz of orange oil
added 1-2 oz of the dish washing liquid
shook it up real good
poured it into this spray bottle
labeled it good
sprayed the long bed of morning glory so that the leaves were soaked good
within two hours they were wilted and dying
the next day 90 % were dead
so i resprayed that 10% again

now its been a week
all that area between the squash and the beans are all devoid of any morning glory

im sure it will return eventually since this stuff probably doesnt get to the roots
but instead of an hour of weeding and hoeing i can just spray it with this
organic weed killer

i have used it up close to veggies
as long as you dont get any on the veggies leaves it doesnt damage the veggies
i used a piece of cardboard to protect the veggies

warning if you get this on your skin it hurts
so wash it off

you want to use this in the middle of a real hot sunny day with no threat of rain for a day or two

be safe
be organic in all you do in the garden

the organicgreen doctor

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