welcome to the organic green doctor blog

i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Monday, October 31, 2011

olsen, 99%, football


scott olsen is a quiet young man who is an iraq war veteran
who works as a network engineer and lives in his san francisco
apartment with a friend.
he is a member of the iraq veterans against war and had planned
to walk in an occupy san francisco march but at the last minute
the group decided to go to the oakland march instead

he managed to survive his tours in iraq without injury
little did he know that night he while marching in a demonstration
he would sustain a critical injury from the oakland police during
their attempts to remove the protesters from downtown

allegedly he was hit in the head with a rubberised bullet from
police that hit him in the temporal area of the head causing
a skull fracture and bleeding in the brain
he ended up on a ventilator and later is unable to speak
but doctors say he should eventually make a full recovery

what is disturbing in videos shown on the internet and on the
news is that a policeman it appears purposely threw a blasting
smoke bomb at his feet as other marchers came to his aid
he was eventually hauled away by other marchers and taken
unconscious to the hospital in one of their cars

was this all necessary
was this a policeman acting independently
even in war sometimes the enemy is allowed to pick up its wounded

this all brings back bad memories of the 60s and 70s with the
civil rights marches and the antiwar marches that occurred

all this confrontation only spreads the flames for more violence to
occur with this movement when really its a peaceful movement if
you talk to the core group of people involved

(ive walked in one of the occupy austins marches and the majority
of the people there were like you and i)

it also will make the movement grow more hopefully in the right
direction so that some changes will occur that will make all of our
lives better

the civil rights movement made things better for many americans
of all races
the antiwar movement became eventually mainstream and most
americans began opposing the viet nam war and we eventually
ended the war
but not after it almost tore our country apart

hopefully this wont happen here with this movement
as it has so much potential to benefit us all

lets hope for a peaceful future but we do need some changes
lets start with our next elections and whether you are
democratic republican or independent vote and get involved
as voting and demonstrating for your causes is the american way

scott olsen just may be the new face of this movement
think he would want it to be a peaceful smiling face

the 99% includes all of us who make less than $950,000
i doubt that few people if any of the 1% read this blog
so most of my readers are in the 99% and are affected by
what is going on with the occupy movement and is seriously
affected by what is not happening in our politics in washington
and locally as well

we all do need to get involved this next year in our own
political parties to ensure that change really does occur

i am concerned that it will all continue as it is which could
make our future bleak for us and our children

get involved somewhere

horns won but kansas is not good this year
they will be tested in the rest of their games
hogs tried to lose
cowboys just sucked
those rangers broke texass heart
there may not be a next year

next weekend will be a good college football weekend
look forward to the alabama lsu game
this could have been the championship game if they werent
in the same conference

watch out for the goblins tonight
happy halloween

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, October 28, 2011

my younger brother he

my rain water brother he and i will be visiting my younger brother he
havent written much about him in the past
he is progressing through a health problem that i did not want to
write about without permission from him and his family

i am glad am able to write about him now as he is part of this
alzheimers picture that i may have to deal with

he has alzheimers disease
he was diagnosed several years ago and has gradually progressed
with his disease

he is the mirror at which i see myelf in the future
i just dont know how long that will be
im hoping that some of the things im doing will slow the process
down some for a period of time

what may help
controlling blood pressure and lipids
maintaining a normal weight
maintaining a normal diet and or a
mediteranean diet
being socially active
moderate alchohol intake
controlling diabetes
no smoking
staying mentally active
listening to music or playing a muscial instrument
limiting stress
getting adequate sleep

taking aricept
maybe taking axona (smart powder) (alzheimers milkshake) ??
omega 3 fish oil
maybe tumeric acid (curcumin)
maybe vitamin d

although none of this will prevent the disease it may slow slow
slow slow it down some
so i can enjoy the next few years

here is the face of alzheimers disease
my younger brother he was the youngest of 5 boys
you know what his earlier life was like
he was always good at defending himself
(except for the time his white on white brother hit him with the piece
off the plow and blooded his face and made him get a lot of stiches
-you can still see the scar-)

he survived his child hood eventually
he spent years as a fireman and retired in his forties
he then worked for several years as a deputy sheriff until his
retirement from that job
he had two drug dogs that traveled with him in remote areas of
southern arkansas
he and the dogs arrested a lot dealers
they were involved in the rescue of a child once who was lost in a
wooden area thanks to the ability of the dogs he had trained
it would get calls frequently to travel to help look for a lost person or
an escaped prisoner
the prisoners usually gave up when the dogs caught them
those who did not suffered if they tried to fight with the dogs
dogs always won

after his retirement was when things began to unravel
i remember having him help me move my mom from her apartment to
the nursing home
he had difficulty getting the chairs through the door and got lost driving to
the nursing home

it was about this time he had an evlauation and was diagnosed with
alzheimers disease and was placed on aricept
the same medication  im on and the same medication our mother was on

his disease has progressed now faster recently it seems
this is such a sad disease
here is a fireman deputy sheriff who built his own house once and who
could take a car motor apart and put it back together
and now
it has difficulties just doing his daily activities at home

he has two daughers and has 3 grand children who love him
his wife works full time and also has started the difficult job of
being a caretaker
the caretakers always get forgotten in all of this

they are lucky in that they live in a small community where people
can help and are usually willing to help
it seems to be part of the culture and nature there to do that
many people with this disease get isolated socially
its less likely to happen there as much as in other places

but it does happen though as
people are afraid of this disease and dont want to look it in the eyes

it is such a sad disease
it devastates the person and his family both emotionally and eventually

one thing ive learned through all this is to seize the moment
the moment is today when we get to see him and spend the day with
his family
whether he knows me and my rain water brother doesnt really matter
just that he knows that we were there today to visit him

sieze the moment before it passes

we love you my younger brother he who doesnt deserve this
terrible disease thrust on him and his family

the organicgreen doctor :(

Thursday, October 27, 2011

new bp monitor, pres warren, fb musings

when i was in practice patients were always asking me what
monitors to buy
i usually recommended whatever the consumer reports recommended
as they have a good track record on evaluating products
i use to not recommend the wrist ones as they were not accurate

now consumer reports have evaluated two wrist models that appear
to be accurate
they both are held against the heart when the bp is being taken
which reduces errors

the two are the omron 7 series bp652 for $60 and the rite aid
automatic rc210 at $50

they rated 11 arm monitors that all were accurate and reasonably
priced in the october 2011 issue

the best value was the relion hem-74crel at walmart at $46

the best overall was the omron 10 series bp785 at $80

the easiest to use were cvs advanced bp3mv1-1ecvs at $60
            the microlife deluxe automatic bp3na1-1x at $70
            the panasonic ew 3152 w at $130

how to choose
make sure they fit well to get an accurate reading
all of these were found to be accurate
make sure the one you choose is easy for you to use
many have mulitple features to average bp, check for
irregular rhythms, and to tell you if your bp is too high, etc

if youre real techy the ihealth dock bp3 may be for you
at $100

my choice is the recommended best value
easy to use and is cheap and doesnt have all the techy stuff
just the accurate bp reading please is all thats really needed

we had one president with the name of warren
why not another one
make him an independent candidate though

he feels like he could fix things by making a law or amendment
that if the gdp doesnt reach 3% then congress cant get reelected

of course i think none of them should get reelected any way

(maybe if the tea partiers and the occupiers of wall street ran
things then between the two a lot of things would be done that
need to be done)

am sure warren would be glad to tax the 1 % more also
which includes himself
maybe he could be the new american select candidate

we need somebody that will get something done
he has a good track record

saw this one the other day
have always wanted to be a vegetarian
my rain water brother he is an almost vegetarian
he eats some eggs and some fish

well im going to be an
indirect vegetarian

i ate the cow
the cow ate the grass

that makes be an indirect vegetarian

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

beer can wifi, cooler corn, world series

below is a link to use a cut up beer can to boost your wifi
apparently it works as its is reported in this report by
the computer guru kim komando

here is the link to her video

wonder if generic lite beer will work instead of bud lite
maybe coors train beer would be faster
maybe using foster australian beer would be better since the
can is larger

now if it would just work on this verizon card i have to use
do know if i drink the big can of foster before i mess with the
verizon card the slow internet service doesnt bother me as

looks like thats the only way i can boost my wifi
that can just wont fit around that flat card

my rain water brothers wife she sent another email about how
to cook corn
last week i posted the video on how to shuck corn easily with
no strings attached using the microwave
dang it sure worked well

well with this method called the cooler corn is easy also
just take a cooler and place shucked corn in it
add two kettles of boiling water
close lid
let sit for 30 minutes
you got done corn
called cooler corn

tonight is game 6 of the world series
rangers could close it out tonight or
the cardinals come tie it up and cause a game 7 showdown
its going to be cold in st louis

come on rangers get it done
(unless of course you are a cardinal fan then ignore this)

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

native seeds, should have texted

years ago in this area the buffalo roamed the great plains
there were native grasses everywhere
the buffalo would come through and tear up the ground
then nature would reseed the disturbed ground with more
native grass seeds and wildflower seeds
this would keep the native grasses growing

now very little native grass still exists in texas
there is a company called the native american seed company
at www.seedsource.com that sells pure native grass seeds and
native wilflower seeds just like the buffalo use to plant here

here at the country n we have a lot of disturbed ground from
the drought where no grass is growing now
our two large dogs provided the buffalo like conditions that
mimic the great plains years ago
am sure this is what it was like

the seeds are actually easy to sow
just rake up bare ground
sow seeds like youre feeding chicken scratch to chickens
rake in the seeds well
then walk all over the area seeded
then nature takes over
no watering or mowing or fertilizing
just          nature         doing       its       job

so we are going to sow native grass seeds and native wildflower
seeds in those bare areas

two of the invasive species here are johnson grass and king ranch grass
both introduced years ago for cattle
luckily im not too overran with those two
i dig up as much as i can

in the bare areas my wife she and i will be sowing a native texas mix of
wildflowers with blackeyed susans, indian blankets, cone flowers,
lemon mints, mexican hats, coreopsis, and of course the favorite
around here the texas bluebonnets

 we will also sow with these a mixture of native grasses which
include buffalo, blue gramma, and curley mesquite and a mixture
called midway mix of vaious short grasses which are all
drought resistant native grasses

now we will let nature take over from here
these things sprout when nature is ready
its all based on weather conditions
eventually we will get a wildflower native grass meadow in
our one acre front yard

most of our pastures are already native grasses and

now just need some buffaloes

(they also have a native turf grass they sell that can be used
as a lawn grass thats called native sun turfgrass that uses
little water and little fertilizer)

the rangers won another one
now they are ahead 3-2
lets go rangers
bet nolans happy

that cardinal coach just needed an iphone or droid and should have
texted the bullpen to let them know what pitchers to put in
it was too noisy and the pitching coach didnt hear the
right pitcher to put in
will watch the next game  and see if tony has his iphone in his hand

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, October 24, 2011

ten years, fb 2 bb

its been a long ten years
my opinion was that we should never have been there in the
first place but should have focused all our attention on ben laden
and the taliban in afghanistan and got the job done there and then got
out of there
the afghanistan people through out history always win
theyll wait out whoever is invading them the taliban, russians, us etc
and eventually will win

the debate as to whether we should have ever gone into iraq will be
settled one day by the historians
i think history will show that we should not have gone there

but we committed ourselves so i think most americans supported the
troops once they got there though and most will be glad when we
are all gone from there

now we can focus out attention to afghanistan and our military
efforts back to where we should have been to get this job done

what a cost in american lives and cost to our economy these wars

we have several relatives and i have several friends and have several
former patients who have made this tour
i know that their families will be glad to have their kids back home

welcome home to all the troops
now maybe you can use your energies and knowledge to help fix
our economy
you may be our hope for the future
the get it done generation

thanks again

horns were off
hogs meet nutts team and he may get fired
wisconsin lost on a hell mary
the red raiders beat the sooners-all of texas is happy
one of the lsu-alabama duo will lose
les will figure out  a way to lose at least one
maybe more of his team will get jailed
then maybe no one will have a no lost season
thatll mess up that bcs stuff
maybe connecticut could be in the bcs championship

that cam newton is just fun to watch
he is going to be so good

then that tebow just has it it it
hope he does well
most of us are rooting for him

how about those cowboys
they looked good
dez was happy
sorry jones the running back you may have just lost your job

the spirit and the momentum flowed from jerrys stadium across the
parking lot to the arlington baseball stadium and was absorbed by
the rangers

that young un with the stache what a great job pitching last night
hopefully they can take their momentum through the rest of the
love the rangers coach
hes no stick in the mud guy

i love the fall for sports
the heck with the nba

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, October 21, 2011

smart powder, streaker, rangers

there is this smart powder (thats what i call it) that is a
prescription only medical food that may help some with
memory in patients with alzheimers or mild cognitive impairment
amnestic type like i have
its called axona

no its not like medical marijuana
its legal in all of our states
its fda approved for it use

the way it works is that the body takes the medium chain
triglycerides in this powder and makes ketone bodies that are
presented to the damaged nerve cells in the brain
so they can use them as a source of nutrition

in alzheimers disease the damaged cells from the deposition of
beta amyloid can not use glucose well so they starve from the
lack of nutrition
the ketone bodies formed from the axona smart powder medium
triglycerides then provide that nutrition the damaged nerve cells need

in studies the results of cognitive tests improved in the patients that
took this smart powder
so it appears that it may helps some
more research is being done

remember nothing cures alzheimers
these things just may help the symptoms some ie in this case
improves memory

so i picked up my prescription from the pharmacy
i was a little concerned when i picked it up as it
looked like i might need a refrigerator dolly to haul it
to the car

it wasnt that heavy though
it was acutually a 3 months prescription with 90 packets
they look like instant breakfast and taste like a milk shake
well not quite like one but close to one
the taste is tolerable and the axona is taken after a large meal

well after a week i dont feel smarter yet
maybe after i start taking the full packet
maybe i can beat my white on white relative in jeopordy now

oh i remember the streaking days
you might see a streaker anywhere
it was not unusual to see one dash across campus at college
sometimes the ones streaking were the least you would expect
to streak
many a ball game, wedding, trial, graduation, ceremonies
were disrupted by the streaker

last night during a boring pac 12 +-  game on tv a referee blew
a whistle stopping play came in and got the ball then ran towards
the end zone dropping clothes as he ran
he made the game more entertaining

so what did the players do to respond to this joke
they had a brawl
that disrupted the game more than the streaker did
thats another thing thats wrong with college football
cant even enjoy a good joke
how can you even fight in a football outfit anyway
no wonder both these teams are lousy this year

they pulled one out in the end
guess that game was more entertaining than the streaker
football game last night between ucla and arizona

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, October 20, 2011

shucked, rangers, greening

if you read this blog yesterday hopefully you saw the
video on how to shuck corn so the stringy things are
off of the corn

couldnt wait to do it last night
threw 2 corns in the husks in the microwave
hit 8 minutes like he said to do
took them out with my fireplace gloves
dang they were cookin
chopped off the handle side like he showed

the corn wouldnt fall out like he showed
i must have had gmo corn
but i was able to push the corn cob out like
you would toothpaste from a tube
the corn cob came out stringless and was hot
and dang that was good

wonder how he figured that out
try it
youll like it
will be my method of cooking corn on the cob in the future

if you live here in this area you are usually a longhorn fan, a
cowboy fan, and a ranger fan
the rangers aaa farm team is here so some of the local players
end up on the rangers and some of the rehabbing rangers play
down here
sorry astros, texans, and aggies
youll just never be the team of choice for his area

even some of the local stations that are home to some of these
other teams you can tell when you listen to them talk that they
are really ranger fans or cowboy fans

guess the rangers dont like that cold weather
hope it warms up for todays game
come on guys youre getting a second chance to win it all
dont disappoint us like the boys and horns have done

and nolan said you were going to win

all that rain is making things green up
theres grass turning green everywhere
its amazing that native grass
it looked like it was all dead like a door knob then
bam its getting green and growing

there is a zexmenia plant in our front yard that looked like
something you would put in a halloween display or thanksgiving
display it was so brown and dry
boom its all turning green and growing and hopefully will
give us some late fall yellow blooms like last year

the garden is exploding
we are eating salad stuff from their every night now
just love love this weather

just a little more rain please

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

aw shucks, new party, fall garden pests

my rainwater brothers wife who has her own wife hoa
sent us this video
its how to get that shuck off the corn when you cook it
without leaving any of those stringy things on the corn
never ever have i been able to shuck an ear of corn and
get all of them off

this guy swears by his method
i plan to try it this evening with three ears of corn

try it out

shucks what have you got to lose anyway

because the two parties in congress seem to be ineffective
there is a new party forming
think ill mark that one on the ballot

0      republican
0      democrat
X      ticked off

if you have a fall garden there are two pests they may attack
or is attacking your garden now

they eat little round holes in your stuff
ooooooo  this size or 00000000 this size

the trick is to find them and squish them or
to sprinkle bt bacillus thuringiensis on the plants
these natural bacteria will kill the caterpillars

simply spray the leaves on these plants and they will wash off
some gardeners recommend to spray the plants twice a week
with the water spray

you can also spray them with liquid seaweed
i use a liquid seaweed/orange oil spray if the sprays of water
arent enough

enjoy the corn

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

rain water brother, cholesterol

when i can influence someone to collect rain water
each gallon they collect is one gallon that is not pulled
from the aquifer or the lakes or the city water system
any gallon of water that i can influence someone to conserve
is one gallon of water not pulled from the aquifer or the lakes
or the city water system

we especially need this now in this drought we are having
some cities may have to get even stricter on water conservation
if the drought continues on through next summer
real strict restrictions

this weekend the boy that was shown walking with me at
the walk to end alzheimers in austin put out several containers
to collect rain water off his roof during the recent rains
good job bg

yesterday i spent the day with my older brother who is putting
in a rain water system under the rules of his hoa and his whoa
(wifes hoa)
his tanks have to be pleasant in their appearance and can not
be taller than his six foot fence with none visible from the
that means none in the front yard at all
well none that anyone will see

i have helped several people put in these before and i put in
my rain water system that provides water for the house and
the garden (we have no well or city water)

figuring out how to hook everything up and understanding how
water flows with gravity can be tricky
since ive made most of the mistakes that can be made im a good
person to help someone else
so they wont suffer through the mistakes ive made
(its cost me lots of water loss in the past-hundreds of gallons)

when he is finished you will be able to walk into his back yard
and not notice he is collecting rain water
(but his wife hoa will)

he also has constructed a rain water sink by mulching his beds well
with compost and mulch so that when his tanks fill up and a
new rain is coming he dumps his water into this compost mulch
rain water sink which soaks up hundreds of gallons of water in
the mulch
his plants love this method

my front yard is heavily mulched especially around my oak trees
so that when it rains the mulch soaks up gallons of water and
retains it on the yard rather than have it run off the yard into
the pastures

think about this in your landscape
even a small berm will hold back water on your property

he is almost ready for the next big rain
little does he know that when you collect rain water its like
gambling you have to have more tanks so you wont loose
any water
be careful
am sure there is a rain water anonymous

in our family the males tend to die young from heart attacks or
strokes and if they get through all those they get alzheimers
so many of us have been aggressive about controlling our
blood pressure, our weight, and our cholesterol

our cholesterol we have is the bad stuff
we have what i call the trifecta
low hdl (good one), real high ldl (the bad one) and real
hight triglycerides (the ugly one)

yes we have the good bad and the ugly cholesterol problem

many of us take high dose statins-lipitor or crestor or simvastatin
or lovastatin (i take 40 mg lovastastin)
some of us also take niacin to increase our good cholesterol
(i take 1500 mgm of slo niacin)
some of us take omega 3 fish oil
most of us take aspirin 81 mg a day

interesting it appears now that controlling that trifecta cholesterol
may slow down and possibly prevent alzheimers
time and more studies will show if this is true

we also have high blood pressure and many of us are on
blood pressure medication

so my rain water brother was on a drug for his cholesterol, niacin
for his hdl cholesterol and a high dose blood pressure medication
these controlled everything well for him

however he like many of us was tired of taking all those meds
he went on a vegetarian diet with eggs and with fish
he has gotten his bmi to 21 (normal is less than 25)
he has gone off all his medications
his blood pressure runs 100/60 normal is less than 120/80)
his ldl cholesterol is in the 90s (normal is less than 100-130)
his triglycerides are 100 (normal is less than 150)
his hdl is in the 50s (nornal is greater than 40)
all with out any meds
his numbers are actually better than when he was on medications

so diet and exercise can make a huge difference in your cholesterol
levels and your blood pressure readings

you should try it
no copays
no brand drugs
feel better
live longer

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, October 17, 2011

walk(s), fb

well my wife she and i did two walks on saturday
the first was the walk to end alzheimers in austin
we did this one with my younger son he
here is a picture of our group
the organicgreendoctor.com team

we had a successful walk
we had over 40 members walking
make that 43 if you count the babies that will be born
and 44 if you count stanley the dog
the youngest were a set of twins about 2 months old and
the oldest was well i better not tell who that was

we raised more than any other individual team
we had one of the larger individual teams
we had one of the largest amounts raised by an individual
we had a good time

the team was made up of my wife shes friends, my friends,
my former patients, my fellow former now employees, and
former fellow doctor, and of course stanley the dog of the
run afer the deer fame when he came to visit us at the
country n which took a few hours to locate him
he had a good time then and a good time saturday

we hope to have this and more success next year

my wife she and i have decided to have the alzheimers association
as our charity that we will support
it is a disease that affects everyone eventually

i wish to thank all of you for your financial support and for you
support of the fight against this devastating disease

here is what i think is the best picture from the walk
its bg and i
there is hope for the future

on saturday my wife she and i then went to another walk
the walk to end financial ruin for the 99% who cant get
mortgages, who are underwater on their mortgages, who are
deep in student loan debt, who cant get loans for their small
businesses, who pay a disproportionate percentage of taxes
(even warren buffet recognizes this) and who see a dim picture
for themselves and their kids

im not really personally affected by this much as i make a six figure
salary, have hardly any debt, have no credit card debt, have a
mortgage thats almost paid off (am sure mine got bundled up in
all this mess), have plenty of money saved to last my wife she and i
for our life time, paid off my student debt from college and medical
school a long time ago, and have moved all my money to the
credit union (did this before all this occupy thing started)

we wanted to see what the group was like and also because our
kids, their future kids, your kids and their future kids, my nephews
and nieces and their kids are going to feel the brunt of what is
wrong here

so we walked earlier to end a devastating disease
now we walked to end a devastating problem we have today
in america that may destroy the middle class

we looked around
yes there were some fringy looking people
well they looked like a lot like the high school kids and college kids
and there were a lot of middle class families there with the mothers
and fathers and their kids and there were a lot of grandparents there
and a lot of professional people were there

everyone was peaceful
the austin police were especially good
maybe new york should borrow some of these guys

i dont think this movement is going to go away
it needs to be steered so that it can make those changes
that everyone who reads this blog can benefit from

dont think this is a black or white or brown issue
or a conservative or liberal issue
or a democratic or republican issue
or a young or old issue
but an issue that affects us all

interesting is that some of the issues being raised or also
some of the issues raised by the tea party movement

it is troublesome that 30 large banks are now just 5 megabanks
who were bailed out even though they were involved in bundling
all those derivatives that got us into this mess
yes some of them paid back that bail out money but the huge
profits they make are not reaching us in any way

hopefully this movement will influence or scare congress into
doing something about our problems and
stop the gridlock thats going on

the walks to end will continue

dang those cowboys should have won
dang those horns should have won

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, October 14, 2011

wtea t-1


this is a picture
of my mother nell
could something have be done
to prevent her from getting this
devastating disease alzheimers disease
but a lot of research is being done to find
something that can be possibly used in
her grandkids and
her great grandkids and
her great great grandkids
that may prevent them from getting the disease or can be used
if they get the disease

right now there is no treatment or cure

i will be thinking of her, my dad charles and my very close relative
joe tomorrow when we do our walk to end azheimers in austin
all three had or have this terrible disease
i also probably have it

its research funded by the federal government (you and i) and
donations from you and i that will find an answer to this disease

the walk funds are also used to support the local chapters
they work locally to educate people and help those caregivers
who provide most of the care for the patients with alzheimers

to donate (this is probably the last chance for this years walk) and
or join the team organicgreendoctor.com click here

directions to the walk are off mopac take spicewood exit go
one block on spicewood and take a left on wood hollow then
take the first left on executive center drive
the address is 3429 executive center drive or

here is the map

if you are a team member listed on the team on this site
you may pick up a tshirt when you register or check in
if you have not joined the team you can still walk
there is no fee
register at the sign in desk
look for us we should all be together in the front/back of the building

i would especially like to thank darlene guynes for helping with
the team

she will be walking to end alzheimers in memory of her mom joann

i also wish to thank her for her efforts in the cedar park clinics of
austin regional clinic to raise donations and awareness especially
on end alz day in september
thanks again

thanks again to everyone for all the support financially and the
support you have given us via facebook, twitter, even google +,
this blog, email, phone calls
and personal conversations

we will always remember you

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, October 13, 2011

wtea t-2, cell phones a good thing, planking


there are 2 days left before the austin walk to
end azheimers

you may donate and or join my team organicgreendoctor.com
at this link

think that after reading this recent article that i will definitely
start using my smart phone more often and try to use it
on both ears

little did they know that science would explain why the new
phones are really called smart phones

in alzheimers disease the body builds up a substance called
beta amyloid that causes plaque buildup
this plaque causes the nerve cells to die
thus the person gets alzheimers disease

also in alzheimers damaged nerve cells there is a problem
with glucose metabolism
cell phone use increases the glucose metabolism in the brain
could that be how this works

at the university of south florida researchers did a study
that suggests that prolonged use of cell phones may prevent
or actually reverse the effect of alzheimers disease

the mice who were genetically programmed to get
alzheimers disease like i am were exposed to cell phone
radiation for 2 hours a day for several months

for those mice who were already having symptoms their
memory improved and
for those mice with amyloid buildup up in the brain the
amyloid buildup disappeared
for those mice without symptoms or disease yet they
retained normal memory

so guess ill stop texting from now on
and will only use my cell phone to do calls
must remember to use it on both sides
and will have to call more people now to increase
my cell phone usage (will use mobile to mobile so i wont
use up all my minutes)

if this is true a generation of teenagers will not get alzheimers

and it gives a new meaning to the word smartphone

planking when planking wasnt cool

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the shoe rip, read this

my oldest son he had this pair of adidas sandals he wore after
soccer games when he was in junior high school
that was 20 years ago
he played year round soccer as well as football and swimming
during his days with these shoes
so they were worn a lot

they were then passed down to his younger brother who is
6 years younger
he played year round soccer as well as basketball, swimming,
track and football and again this shoe was again worn a lot

well my two sons outgrew those shoes and they were then passed
on to my wife she
she has worn them off and on for the last 10 years
we have several pictures of her in the shoes

even my nephew he of the rain water tank rock fame has been
been caught wearing them at times
he was a baby when they were originally bought

since we moved to the country n these shoes have taken on a
more abusive role here
my wife she is known to wear them to the chicken coop at
night to close up the chickens
this sometimes can be an abusive trip for those old shoes
they were many times marked by that trip and had to be
scrubbed well and aired out
but they always survived for more abuse by all of us

i even was known to slip them on and work in my organic
green garden
they would get covered with mulch, compost, organic fertilizer,
diatomaceous earth, and other organic substances but they
always survived and cleaned up well
and returned to more use (abuse)

i guess the last 4 inch rain was to much for the old shoes
i admit i did slip them on at 300 am when i went around to
look at all of my rain water tanks and gutters

my wife she went to put them on last night and alas the old
faithful shoes had had enough
here is what they looked like


may they rest in peace
what a journey
dont make them like this any more
will bury them next to larry the rooster

as many of you read this know that i take aricept (donnepezil)
as there is a good chance that i have alzheimers disease
it is used to slow the progression of the symptoms of the disease
but it does have side effects which are bothersome
thanks to a facebook friend this is a posting of one of its side effects

maybe you can read what it says

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

rain and rain water collection

i have these goals for the future
encourage people to live an organic green life
growing organic vegetables, do solar if possible,
control electricity use, recycle the recyclable , eat correctly
but well, and to exercise regularly

educate people about alzheimers disease and what they
can do to slow their risk down for the disease

and to conserve water and collect rain water
a facebook friends child collects water off their house
with five gallon buckets-good job bg

we decided several years ago to go to a 100% rain water
system without well water or a water system as a backup

that decision was questioned this summer during this drought
we went almost 4 months without any rain and
had to actually buy water this summer at $0.10 a gallon
we had only 8 inches of rain this last year (average is 32+
inches a year)
during the large 10 inch rain last year several of my tanks were
unplugged and i missed out on a lot of the rain and later in may
i was redoing my gutters and drain pipes when we got 6 inches
of rain in two weeks so i missed much of that rain

so possibly if i had caught all that missed rain i would not have
had to buy water even in the worse and hottest drought ever here

so this summer i redid my underground pipes and gutters and
down spouts so that they would maximize my rain water collection

before when it would rain i would usually lose water for various
i did use this dry season to fix those water collection problems
then it wouldnt ever rain for me to see if it would work

so saturday night it started raining
when it rains you need to go check everything while its raining to
see if its leaking or overflowing or stopped up
so at 200 am my wife she (per my instructions earlier) poked me
in the back-its raining

so i got up and got all my rain gear and flash light and took my
inspection tour of the gutters, down spouts, underground
connections, and rainwater tanks to make sure we were not losing
any water
thankfully there was not evidence anywhere that i was losing water
but i did have to clean out one of my gutters that had collected
leaves and was slowing down the water flow down the down spout

yes there is a water god
we got 4 inches of rain here

no leaks were found throughout the night and the next day
since i know my square footage of collection area i know
exactly how much water i should collect for each inch of
rain and i got the correct amount that day
and no leaks have occurred in my system since

we have enough water now to last 4-5 months without any
more rain
my wife she is very happy now that she can wash her hair and
clothes in pure rain water again

we did have to utilize some water conservation methods to keep
our usage down this summer
we will probably continue those
we had to limit what got water outside so we ended up having to
sacrifice some of landscaping as it was all on its own
will post later what survived here in this long drought

am afraid that some of the lessons we learned this summer
need to be used by many people in this area to conserve
water for home use
the water reserves are extremely low and if this drought
continues here many of the cities here will have to do what
we have had to do

not a bad thing though
adversity makes you appreciate things more

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, October 10, 2011

occupy, football, wtea info

have been interested in the occupy wall street movement
it seems to be about the 99% of us who pay our fair share of taxes,
who work every day if we can find a job, those who have school
loans that have to be paid no matter what and those who have
those loans and cant get jobs, those who have been laid off, those
who cant get jobs, and those who have mortgages some that got
bundled up in the derivative mess that got us into this mess
that we are in

its obvious who has benefited from all of this
those big megabanks that are left, wall street, and large corporations
all are making huge profits and are not using any of the
money to produce jobs
we bailed them out now they need to bail us out

i think most of us are affected by this
school loans
kids who graduate and cant get jobs
late middle age parents laid off and cant get jobs
large corporations and wealthy americans that dont pay their
share of taxes (many corporations hide their money overseas and
pay none or little taxes on it-you and i cant do that)
and the most important
your kids and grandkids hope for the future is tied up in all of this

so i wandered down to the occupy austin rally on friday to just
observe and get a feel for what it was like
i feel that somewhere in this movement there are issues that
affects us all no matter our social standing, race, religion, politics,
and 99% of us regards our financial situation

there is a movement in there that could make a difference

i did not see any long haired hippy types (that looked like our
generation) or radical looking people (whatever they looks like)

there was a ut professor there who had given a talk on the history
of the financial systems at the big rally the day before

there were two grandparents there demonstrating with signs for
themselves and their grand kids and kids

there was a person who just graduated from college with a
double major who could not get a job using her degree so was
working at a local business to get by for now
the schools and state are not hiring much in her degree fields

there was a schoolteacher who was teaching at a local undeserved
area school that was hit by the layoffs last year

there was a retired military 80 year old there

there was an ex iraq veteran there who was having trouble getting a job

there was a retired professional person there because he realizes
how important this financial mess we are in is  and
that this movement could potentially provide the vehicle to
stimulate congress and the president to do something about this

such large scale movements can cause changes
see what the tea party movement has done to influence what
is happening in washington

the march that day was to the shaft of america branch nearby
it was peaceful
many students and people in business suits joined the march
many had transferred their accounts to credit unions or smaller
local banks
(i did that already two weeks ago and feel real good about it)

join me and watch this movement
if it goes in the right direction get involved
these things can make a difference

here are pictures of three people there
none of them are radicals
theyre all college graduates

hogs looked good
not sure aggies are gong to be ready for the sec
what a brutal schedule
horns looked young
the sooners look like national champions
it was like watching a college team play a high school team
next week the horns have to play okla state who are
probably as good as the sooners
lets see if the young horns can do better
good learning experience for next year

cowboys are off
they need the rest to heal physically and mentally
could be a long season for us cowboy fans and horn fans

for those walking in the austin walk to end alzheimers i will post
information on the walk in my friday blog


the organicgreen doctor

Friday, October 7, 2011

wtea t-7, faces, rivalry


there 7 days left to the walk to end alzheimers here in austin
our teams are filling up but more are welcome
we could use more donations
even if we stop now it has been successful so far
we hope to build on this for next years team and walk

thanks for the support you have given us

donate to and or join my organicgreendoctor.com team  here
donate to and or join your local walk to end alzheimers team at

next week at t-1 day will let you know about the local walk in

it helps to put faces on a disease
to make it more meaningful
here are some faces

pat summitt womens basketball coach at the university of tennessee

glen campbell country western singer

ronald reagan

cactus pryor if you live in the austin area you know who he was
a local radio tv person was very witty
friend of lbj and lady bird

norman rockwall

my mother nell


if you live in oklahoma or texas then
this is rivalry weekend
the big showdown
records and rankings mean nothing
the cotton bowl will be 1/2 burnt orange and
1/2 red
horns vs sooners

young guys vs experience
should be a good game
will be a true test for the horns young players
will be a test to see if sooners are really number one

cant wait

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, October 6, 2011

shaft of america, protest

this is the nickname for one of the big banks in america
as mentioned before they are raising their fees on everything
starting with a $5 a month fee on debit cards
it cost that much to just have it
plus possible charges if you use it
plus charges to have the checking account

now they are offering 1%, 3%, 5% back on your purchases with
their new credit card
catch is that the interest rates are 20% if you dont pay it off
each month
how many people are going to do that
not many
theyll shaft us again so be ready
if you dont bank with shaft of america your megabank is following
close behind with its charges and cards

two nationally known financial people dislike shaft of america
they call them crooks
one even kept a score on his website of people who called in that
had cancelled their accounts with the shaft bank

there are options
credit unions and smaller banks
how come they dont have to raise account fees to make money
i made the change recently and feel soo much better
the worse was changing over my electronic bill pay
but i did it and now its pain free

think about it
shaft of america

could the marches on wall street that are popping up all over
the us be the next antiwar movement
an anti megbank shaft of america movement

this movement transcends politics and religion and race
they are all getting the shaft
and interestingly enough the people involved are mostly young
but are from different groups

may have to find the nearest march to us here
it may be this years elections tea party movement

wheres my hand band, beads, sandals, got the beard
now im ready to go

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

my wife she

today is my wife she and my anniversary
its number 37

we met while students at a junior college in southern
she worked in the same hospital as a medical assistant
where i worked as a medical assistant in the emergency room

we also had classes together
i was her lab instructor for her chemistry class
after we starting dating she got an a :)

we enrolled at different universities our junior year
so just before the year started she transferred to the
one i was attending
we then went up to las vegas and was married there on
the weekend then returned to start school on monday

weve never looked back since
well maybe once or twice

we both graduated together
she was 8 months pregnant when she finished
we then moved across the country so i could eventually
go to medical school

she worked in the maternal and child health division of the state
health department the 7 years i was in medical school and

after i started practicing medicine she worked as a mom
and did a lot of volunteer work in school
this is where she developed her desire to teach

12 years ago she got her teaching certificate and has never
looked back
she loves what she does and it shows
you know what i mean you can tell when people love the
job they are doing
just ask her former students, fellow teachers, parents, and the

my wife she and i are both lucky that we are and were able to
do as a careenr what we love to do
many never get that chance

so today on our anniversary i would like to thank my wife for
being with me the last 37 years and especially for being there
this last year with me on my new(our) journey
our second phase of our life

rose are red
violets are blue
thank you so much dear
for being there for me this year
luv you

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

michael, dumpster diving, football

thanks to the warm response to the blog on michael
his story seemed to have touched a lot of people
that little guy reaching people across the us with his story
what a special kid he is

have you ever dumpster dove
well my wife she has more than once
one day shell get caught and make the news
told her if she gets caught to not call me as ill not get her out of jail

one of my sisterinlaws and my wife she likes to go thrift shopping
and antique grazing
they have been known to pass by a dumpster and climb into it
to get some special item that someone has thrown away
they just have to have it

what ive noticed is that it usually sits somewhere for a long time
then gets donated to goodwill or the salvation army
then they go back later and buy it
then redonate it
im sure thats what they do
it seems like it is

my wife she drew on that dumpster diving experience with my
sisterinlaw this weekend

my nephew who is staying here while working on a film crew near
austin says
auntie have you seen my retainer i wrapped in a paper towel
oops i knew what happen to it when i heard him say it

ive taken over some of the household duties recently since i retired
if its on a floor i pick it up and chunk it
remember well picking up that wad of paper and since ive had two
boys i knew not to look at it
have found a lot of month old hot dogs and apples and bananas
wrapped up in paper in their rooms

when i looked and felt that wad of paper i immediately chunked it in
the trash

this weekend the trash was needing to be removed from
our property
so we took it to a trash dumpster on saturday

on sunday is when he was looking for it

on monday morning real early before the trash men came to get the
trash from the dumpster (you know the ones that make that noise
at 5:00 in the morning) my wife skipped our morning walk and
went to get that trash bag

it was just at daylight
the bin was 6 foot high
never asked her how she got up there and into the bin to get her
trash bag
im sure she pulled from her dumpster diving experience in the past
she said the construction crew across the parking lot stopped and
watched her do her trick
no clapping or whistling was done

she made it but waited to open the bag when she got home
we dug down in the bag and there it was

well let him clean it
wonder if the home owners insurance would cover a lost retainer
my wet suitcase sisterinlaw-his mom-would never forgive me
if we hadnt found that thing

hogs beat the aggies
good comefrombehind win
or bad 2nd half for the aggies
they did it again

horns looked good
will find how good they are this weekend when they play
the sooners

cowboys will break your heart
come on man
how could you loose that game
must have watched aggies in jerrys house on saturday
lets do better this week

a good story out of michigan about a high school home coming
queen who kicked the winning field goal to beat a top ranked
you go girl

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, October 3, 2011

thanks michael the hope for the future

this is a story about michael
hes a special person
hes 7 years old
he was my patient in the clinic where i worked
i was the only doctor he had ever had

he raised $390 and donated it to the walk to end alzheimers
he made small pillows and sold them to whoever would listen to his
story and buy them from him
he would stand outside stores with a box of them to sell
this is how he raised money this year
it wasnt his first time to do this

his grandmother works at a home that takes care of people with
early alzheimers
he told his grandmother he wanted her to hold a place in the home
for me

below are some pictures of michaels letter to me,
the pillow he gave me,
the sign he made for his wagon and
a picture of michael pulling his younger brother and sister in his
wagon with his signs on the side
at a walk to end alzheirmers that my wife she and i did this

i will admit i got teary eyed when i read the letter and when he gave
me the pillow

yes folks there is hope for the future
its you michael

again michael thank you very much
you made my year worth it

the pillow

the letter
dear dr nash.
this year i made pillows to rais mony for the memory walk
i made this pillow special for you
i miss you
love, michael

the sign he placed on the side of his wagon
i am walking for dr nash he was my my first dr

michael pulling the wagon with his sister and brother
with his sign on it

the organicgreendoctor :)