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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Friday, February 28, 2020

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-the black bobcat

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-the black bobcat: ALZHEIMERS NEWS-THE BLACK BOBCAT believe it or not but this is hard for me to write about as i started to write this blog this morning my...

alzheimers news-the black bobcat

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believe it or not but this is hard for me to write about
as i started to write this blog this morning my eyes filled up with tears
i know what this all may mean for me

when i go in for my private neurologist office visit she always asks about sleep
my answer is always the same
i dont
sleep much at night
maybe 5-6 hours
i compensate by taking noon naps

do you act out your dreams
i know why she keeps asking that question
it means i may have made progression the wrong way
some other dementias like the awful lewybody dementia that robin williams has as this as a big feature in its symptoms

for me they seem to be happening more often now

i have a water bottle by my bedside that i have to keep over an arms length away from me
i have knocked it off the bedside table many times
i have also been known to pick it up and throw it at something in the dark trying to get me

my wife she and i sleep in a large king side bed
i keep a 2 pillow protection between us
im afraid i will injure her during one of my dream episodes
sometimes after she calms me down she gets out of bed and sleeps in the other room

why am i telling you this

i have been diagnosed early with my diagnosis
i do a lot of reading on alzheimers disease
i know what to expect
i know what to watch for when this disease takes off
i know too much

now i am on aricept (donepezil) to slow this diseases symptoms down
i know that aricept (donepezil) can be doing these acting out your dreams
i know also that these dreams can and proabably are also caused by my diagnosis

i could stop my aricept (donepezil) and these sleep issues would improve some
my disease symptoms may take off suddenly
thats something i dont want to have happen
if taking the biogen aducanumab infusions really do help when they get restarted this spring
i dont want to lose any ground

are they a warning that things are going to kick off in my brain
i hope not

my mother and my brother probably didnt know what was happening to them
other folks with this disease dont either
i do

hopefully this will give you some insight into what could or could be happening in your loved ones with this disease

this week i had a aricept (donepezil) or alzheimers dream that is sticking with me
it remains vivid in my mind
usually they fade the next day
this one hasnt

i call it the black bobcat dream
two nights ago i woke up abruptly from my sleep around midnight
someone was breaking into our apartment
which was pitch black
when i finally woke up i looked over at these two things glowing in the dark
there sitting on my printer on the desk in our bedroom was a big ole black bobcat
with these glowing black eyes

i sat up with a start
reached over and grabbed my iphone
somehow in the dark i got my iphone light turned on
i shone the light on the bobcat
he just stared at me blinking his beady glowing eyes at me
he folks was as real as real could be

i lad down closed my eyes
he was gone
but there was in the dark these two glowing lights
on the printer on our desk

if you asked me how real was this
i would say
there was a black bobcat in our room
i shone the light on him
he blinked at me
he was there i saw him

i know he wasnt really there but he is still there
it seems like his image is burned somewhere into my brain

think of this if your loved one with this disease sees something
its real to them
it was real to me

i just hope this like i wrote above
is not a early warning sign

yes it was and still is disturbing to me as i finish this blog

sometimes with this disease i wish i didnt know as much

ignorance sometimes is bliss

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited 38-this is why

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited 38-this is why: MY STORY REVISITED 38-THIS IS WHY i chose the alzheimers association as one of the volunteer groups i would be involved with as a voluntee...

my story revisited 38-this is why

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i chose the alzheimers association as one of the volunteer groups i would be involved with as a volunteer speaking and helping out at events
we also chose it for fundraising on our part and for one of the organizations we donate to

since this was written we have added alzheimers texas and alzheimers greateer los angeles to the list
we have done speaking presentations done fundraising and helped out at their revents

all of these have the same purpose education about this disease and support systems and finding a cure

now the alzheimers assocaiton is the national organization that has been the group that has really gotten us to where we are now

i support the national group but like the local organizations since they focus on their local areas and their fundraising goes right back into the local area

i wrote the following blog below called why to explain why i support the alzheimers organizaitons
my mother had died a few years before in the final stages of the disease
my father had died before she did he with a heart attack but he obviously had early alzheimers signs

when i wrote this blog i didnt have my younger brothers familys permission to write about him
now i do
it was a couple years after i wrote this that he died also in the final stages of the disease

you have seen me write about my older brother having early disease some
he had problems with memory early on but later like me has gotten better
some of his problems were from his health and some of his medications he was on
once those were corrected or some meds were stopped he got better and has remained so
i have had access per his request to his medical records scans and labs
as of today he says he doesnt have alzheimers disease and doesnt take any meds for it
thats why i have removed him from my discussions
i sure hope he is right
its a disease i dont want any of my siblings to ever have

one thing i mention in the blog 9 years ago was that
100% of you will be affected by alzheimers disease

support the alzheimers organizations
help out caregivers
bug you congresspersons about funding more research
visit your friends and your relatives and their families when they get affected
its a lonely lonely disease

this is why i have made the support of the walk to end alzhiemers
an issue in this blog
it is to help me and probably to help you
i have it and you will be affected by this disease sometime in
your future if not already

my mother was a nurse and many of you who read this had her
as your nurse in the hospital or had her help you with something
medical at your home
you know that she was a special nurse and a special person
she suffered with this terrible disease and reached the final stages
of the disease when she died

my father was a minister and many of you sat in his churches and
listened to his preaching
looking back although not officially diagnosed and looking at the
symptoms he was having i realize now that he had alzheimers and
was in the middle stages when he died of a heart attack
he was spared those final stages

my close relative younger than me has had alzheimers disease
now for about 5 years
many of you have seen that person slowly develop the disease
such that he is now in the middle stages of the disease

i was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment amnestic type
thought probably to be from alzheimers disease
i am lucky as my symptoms are minimal right now and no one
really notices i have a problem even my wife she friends or family

i am able to be an advocate for the alzheimers movement while
im able to do so in a productive way without being limited by my

ive have chosen the alzheimers association to be the charity i
support because it is for a cause that has affected me personally
and my family members and will eventually affect you also
its almost a 100% chance youll be affected
probably no other disease can be said to affect so many people

the walk to end alzheimers is a big fund raiser for the alzheimers
association each year

they have been the big support for caregivers, sources of
information on the disease, advocates for research and
for legislation to help fight the disease 

we need your support
look for and get involved with the alzheimers walks which are their big fundraising events

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

organicgreendoctor: bee respectful

organicgreendoctor: bee respectful: BEE RESPECTFUL this is a picture of my beehive at the country n one thing i learned from bee keeping for those 3 years was to bee respec...

bee respectful


this is a picture of my beehive at the country n
one thing i learned from bee keeping for those 3 years was to
bee respectful of bees

this week i read an article about a bee swarm that landed onto a motel
i think it was a howard johnson inn or one similar to that

when you are a bee keeper you learn rule absolute number one
dont let anyone mess with your beehive


they will attack you in large numbers
which they did in the article i read
they zapped folks staying in the motel
they zapped the fireman called and the police

the general consensus was this was a swarm looking for a home
a swarm is a bunch of worker bees surrounding its most prized possession
the queen bee
they will die protecting her
they will sting you inject their venom in wherever they land on you
they prefer the lips eyes up your nose ears
those painful parts
i speak from experience here
after stinging you they die

apparently this swarm also was partially africanized
they tend to me more aggressive
there were around 40000 of them

some fireman and some police and some bystanders ended up in the hospital

when i had my hive i noticed over time that my bees were less friendly as when they started
i started with a friendly gened queen bee
over time the wild genes from drones thats the male bees bring into the hive
your hive gets more aggressive each year

the solution if you desire is to replace the queen bee each year

think about it
that queen bee getting replaced is a bad thing if you are the queen bee
it doesnt end well for her

our dogs developed like i did a lot of respect for that beehive
they stayed away from it

i only messed with the hive with a total bee suit from head to toe

once i just wanted to take a quick peak at them via the window on the back of my hive with no bee protection on
my upper lip got zapped
it instantly swelled to the size of a hot dog

another time i messed with them in my bee suit
they werent happy at all that day
2 hours later while working in my garden about a 100 ft away
one of those guard bees zapped me on my left cheek
i looked like my wife she had punched me in the face

heck if they were real mad at me they would follow me 10 acres away from the beehive
swarming around my hood
this usually happened when i harvested honey
our dogs hid in the garage

Image result for organicgreendoctor.com bees
here they are 5 acres away hiding behind a gate
that black dog was bouncer who didnt know about the bees
he got zapped real good when he visited
our dogs knew to go hide

if i could i would make it into the house
after i harvested their honey
you could see them all over our kitchen screens trying to get into the kitchen

unlike those folks at that motel
i learned to bee very respectful of bees
keep your distance from their hives
if you are unprotected

on a flower they rarely will bother you
appreciate them there
they are busy collecting nectar and pollen
mess with their hives
youll tick off those guard bees

you like me will probably only do that once

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, February 24, 2020

organicgreendoctor: covid-19 coronavirus

organicgreendoctor: covid-19 coronavirus: COVID-19 CORONAVIRIS here are the things that you can use to not get the covid-19 infection drink plenty of fluids get plenty of rest ...

covid-19 coronavirus

here are the things that you can use to not get the covid-19 infection
drink plenty of fluids
get plenty of rest
take acetaminophen for fever or pain
cough into your elbow
wash your hands

i dont know if most masks really help

these are the same as for the flu
the problem is there is no innate immunity to the covid-19 virus
which makes it more contagious

the symptoms range from little to no symptoms to respiratory failure
just like the flu

a federal congressperson who is known for conspiracy theories says that it escaped from a research lab in wahun china

so i ignored what that person said since i dont usually agree with anything they say
i ran across articles in more than one reputable news source that its possible this is what happened
not proven yet but possible

in wahun there is a top level viral research lab that studies the most virulent viruses and germs in the world
we have those in the us also
name a bad germ and we have it
smallpox is sitting in a lab here in the us that would devastate the world if it got out
im immune to it since i got that scar on my arm but most folks in the world dont have any immunity
if it got out it would make the covid-19 spread look like a minor deal
millions would die

as the story goes
animals that are used in the wahun labs research are sold by lab employees into the animal food markets instead of them being destroyed

just think infected say monkeys are sold by workers then those monkeys are sold in the animal markets for food
this obviously spreads the virus out into the world

this may have been what happened
i wish someone else who isnt a conspiracy theory person was promoting this story
it seems at least from the several articles i read that it may be either what happened and part of what happened

is the chinese government trying to cover all this up

i think back to our government our cdc
could the suppression of the truth like may have occurred in china could it happen here
remember the emperors clothing story

what other viruses or germs are out there for us to worry about breaking out into the world
infecting millions

i hope that elected official isnt right about what happened
the truth will eventually come  out

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, February 21, 2020

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-putting faces on this disease

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-putting faces on this disease: ALZHEIMERS NEWS-PUTTING FACES ON THIS DISEASE today february 21st would have been my mothers 98th birthday she was born on this day in 19...

alzheimers news-putting faces on this disease

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today february 21st would have been my mothers 98th birthday
she was born on this day in 1922

this is a picture below of her when she was probably in her thirties

she was born to parents one a farmer and foreman the other a mother and a midwife
she had 5 brothers and sisters that survived childhood
they all died like her in their older age with alzheimers disease or some type of dementia
her mother probably had alzheimers when she died
her grandfather probably had it also when he died

she was a mother of 8 kids
she taught school for awhile early on
later she was a mother and a pastors wife
in her early 40s she returned back to school while she had 5 kids at home to get her nursing license
a job she did for at least 25 years
she loved nursing

she loved gardening
she loved her kids and grandkids

the last few years until she died at 85 years old was spent in the throes of alzheimers disease
her husband my dad died a few years earlier and probably had alzheimers disease when he died
at her death her younger son was in the earlier stages of alzheimers disease

like many of you with your relatives who have had or have this disease
it was or is not a pleasant journey
it was or is a long painful journey

when she died i felt like she finally was able to be at peace
having finally exited that awful alzheimers world she was stuck in the last few years of her life

she is one of the faces of alzheimers disease

Image result for organicgreendoctor.com joe
my younger brother was added to the face list
right before he  died
i was added to the list

so we remember her today on her birthday
we will fondly remember her at her best

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, February 20, 2020

organicgreendoctor: the stick

organicgreendoctor: the stick: THE STICK today i will go to the elementary school garden to volunteer with a kindergartner class i call them kindergardeners we will t...

the stick

today i will go to the elementary school garden to volunteer with a kindergartner class
i call them kindergardeners
we will today eat some sweet peas from my garden
we will plant some sweet pea seeds into 6 packs
each kindergardener will get to plant their own sweet pea seed into the packs
in a few weeks they will get to transplant those sweet pea plants into the school garden

when they plant the seeds they pause and make a wish for the new plant
they water it in with the worm juice from our worm composter

after snacking on their sweet pea pod and planting their sweet pea they get to go play in their rustic play area

in that area are a lot of limbs and sticks to play with
youll see a kindergardener or two with those sticks digging in the ground or building something with them
being creative

actually they get to do what we got to do everyday when i was growing up

my wife she and i took mr hudson on his mile walk he likes to take
we pop him into his little trycycle with the long extended handle out the back so we can push him along

along the route
he loves to touch the flowers
a neighbor has a tractor and well what we in the south call a bushhog some call it a shredder
he loves to stop and point at that tractor and loves to touch its big tires
also along the way we walk a bike path that runs along a stream for awhile
there is an area along the way thats overgrown with brush but he can get a glimpse of the water as it makes a noisy drop over some rocks
also at this point he can just see through the brush to a riding arena where he can see folks riding horses
he always wants to stop there and point and look for a second or two then wants to move on

further down the path is a larger riding arena which may have 2-3 riders doing jumps
he always loves to watch them
also he passes the school playground and loves seeing all the kids outside playing
at the end of the arena is usually two horses that will come up to the fence and put their noses down towards mr hudson

they seem to know him
i wonder if they have this innate sense that he has a health issue
they seem to be friendly with him
occasionally they will roll in the dirt and pop back up
that makes mr hudson giggle
sometimes they will fart and or snort and he gets a big laugh out of that
at the turn around point further down the path is a chicken coop where he can sit and watch the chickens cluck and scratch in the dirt

it all feels like being in the country on a farm

now to the stick thing
today as we were riding along i saw this stick sort of like one the kids would play with
like i played with as a kid
i bent over and picked it up
handed it to mr hudson
he seemed to know what to do with it

along the path are lots of leaves
he extended out the stick to rake those leaves with the stick as we rode along
he took the stick and put it along the back axle so it would rub on the bike path
making a noise
you know like if you got a branch or limb stuck under your garden
he seemed to like that sound
it brought back old memories to me of playing outside as a kid
as we got back into the housing area he would rake that sticks along the different fences to make a sound which reminded me of the sound that we use to make on our bikes growing up when we would clothespin a folding play card on the spokes
many of yall know that sound

im sure if there were dogs behind those fences it irritated them

then when we got back home
mr hudson wouldnt let that stick go
we walked up and down the driveway and over the yard and to the fence for some time with him with that death grip on that stick

what a simple thing
playing with a stick for an hour
entertaining himself as we went along

it was like old school play

maybe kids need more of that huh

mr hudson update
he goes in for gtube placement in 10 days so we can infuse extra nutrition into his little body to make him gain weight
they the transplant team want him to weigh a certain weight and more if possible to be sure that the new adult kidney will fit in his little belly

then in about 20 days he will have his big transplant office meeting where the decision will be made as to when it will be done

as of today its tentatively set for the end of april

his kidneys continue to fail
labs will be done in 10 days to see where he is at

im sure the renal failure is affecting his appetite a lot

if your renal functions were where his were you would feel awful
he is bumping up against numbers that would require dialysis before transplant

this gtube will be mainly used now for nutrition
after transplant it will be used to keep that adult kidney well hydrated
a small kid cant drink enough fluids to do that
eventually this gtube will be removed

after transplant his nutrition will be done mainly by what he eats and drinks himself

he will be off all of his meds but for the two anti rejection meds
he will be on no steroids
he will be off his two shots
he can eat whatever he wants after the transplant

he should start eating better and feeling much better after this all happens

that stick
that was good for him to play with
he had over an hour of fun with no interruptions and was focused only on that stick

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited 37-our first video

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited 37-our first video: MY STORY REVISITED-OUR FIRST VIDEO i had forgotten my wife she and i did this video that day basically we were interviewed and filmed fir...

my story revisited 37-our first video

Image result for organicgreendoctor
i had forgotten my wife she and i did this video that day
basically we were interviewed and filmed first as a couple then later i was interviewed as a patient by myself
this video was to be used as an educational video for medical students and doctors on how to do a neurological memory test 
at the end of the blog done almost 9 years ago i wrote this

catching this disease early is important to begin treatment and to help patients manage their lives

little did i know how important this early diagnosis was
so many times folks dont get diagnosed until things have advanced too far
i was diagnosed real early so i began aricept (donepezil) earlier than most patients do and feel like i may have gotten some benefit from this by slowing down my symptoms

i also was incentivized to become aggressive with my health to do all those healthy things we need to be doing

we my wife she and i have been able to plan out our lives while we are in control over the last 9 years

i always wondered where i would be today memory wise if had not got diagnosed when i did

months later my wife she and i also did a 5 minute video about my story which is linked on the above heading to this blog if you are on a computer
you can also click below to watch it

the educational video we did is not available to post

my wife she and i celebrated end alz on alzheimers action day
by doing a video filmed at university of texas southwestern
we wore our purple for the video

for the video we were interviewed as patient and spouse then
i was videotaped having a provider do a mental status exam
on me asking me questions from a standard exam

the goal of this is to show it to medical students, residents, and
doctors to show them how to do a mental status exam on a
surprisingly many physicians dont know how to do this test well
including this writer when he was in practice

patients at different levels of the disease process were used
from mild like me to more advanced alzheimers disease
i had only minimal difficulties doing the test
but some of the short term memory problems showed up

if i was in a doctors office being screened using the old tests
no abnormalities would show up but
this newer test called the moca test (like the coffee) picks up
some of the difficulties that i have

hopefully this video will help these new doctors to be, new doctors,
and doctors to learn how to administer these tests

catching this disease early is important to begin treatment
and to help patients manage their lives

a common exam done in the office is a clock test where you are given three words to remember then you are asked to draw a clock and put a certain time on it
if you are far enough along in the disease this test will be abnormal
if you are early in the disease it will be normal
my clock test was normal when i was first diagnosed with mci (mild cognitive impairment)
the moca test however was not normal but showed i probably had mci
another in office test done is a mmse
mine was normal and has always been normal

so if you have memory testing because you are worried you have memory issues
the clock test and the mmse may not pick up your memory loss
the moca test will

its my opinion based on my real life experience
the earlier you know the better

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

organicgreendoctor: are you kids losing iq points

organicgreendoctor: are you kids losing iq points: ARE YOUR KIDS LOSING IQ POINTS this is a picture of an organic apple it will not lower your childs iq the most vulnerable to poisons i...

are your kids losing iq points

this is a picture of an organic apple
it will not lower your childs iq

the most vulnerable to poisons in our society are pregnant women and young rapidly growing infants and toddlers

the most vulnerable part of that growth is the brain

if it gets damaged during this rapid growth then there will be permanent damage leading to a lower iq

thats why women are advised to avoid alcohol and certain drugs and chemicals during pregnancy since when there is rapid brain growth the fetus is more vulnerable

women are advised to take folic acid or folate during their pregnancies since the folic acid is used in brain development at a high rate
if folic acid is lacking well the brain and nervous system gets effected

a pregnant female does everything right
alas there is stuff in the environment that can cause this reduced iq in their babies

things like pesticides that are found on a lot of our foods
eg strawberries and apples are two of the worst for contamination
usually organic ones are ok
you should see the crap that gets sprayed on our foods

as an aside here one of the  most least contaminant agri products is legal marijuana
note the word legal
one of their biggest issues is get sprayed by neighboring agriculture like grapes and avocados in this area

then there is flame retardant thats put on our furniture and our clothes and bedding and our car seats
now granted much of its use has been curtailed
that retardant contains pbdes known to lower your childs iq
even though most furniture doesnt use that stuff anymore sadly it stays in our environment
showing up like in this study ill link here and here in kids and pregnant womens urine samples
which means
it was in their brains first

lead and mercury use to be a big problem but it has lessened with new regulations
unless you live somewhere like flint michigan
those iq points lost in those kids in flint cant be gained back

just drinking uncontaminated water isnt good enough
this poisoning of our kids iqs may not be avoided since these things that lower the iq are out there in our water our soil our playgrounds our houses
this is a picture of what is under our sink
some of these have stuff in them i dont know what it is
maybe we shouldnt be using them

every time mr hudson comes to visit he makes a beeline for those doors under the sink
which are locked always
but when we use these things some of it rubs off on him

do we have a cesspool of contaminants harming our most vulnerable
our pregnant women and their babies

whats the answer
how do we avoid it

there may not be one
we may not be able to completely avoid them
some may be in our environment forever

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, February 17, 2020

organicgreendoctor: beer brewing for your sewer system

organicgreendoctor: beer brewing for your sewer system: BEER BREWING FOR YOUR SEWER SYSTEM amazon.com this article caught my eye this morning as i read it i thought of all the craft beer b...

beer brewing for your sewer system


RID-X Septic Tank Treatment Enzymes, 4 Month Supply Powder, 39.2oz

this article caught my eye this morning
as i read it i thought of all the craft beer brewing thats going on all over the country
what i wondered what do they do with their left over stuff from making the beer

this city of 10000 in montana uses the left over barley residue from the brewing of beer from a local brewery called the triple dog brewery
they dump a bucket of this barley residue down a large hole into the sewer system each morning
it flows out to where the sewer stuff sits and gets all the bad stuff we dump into the sewer out of the liquid thats left or as its called the water reclamation facility

the barley residue has lots of yeast and sugars and carbon that snatches up the nitrates and other chemicals that accumulate in those sewer ponds

this new beer sewer brewing method will be saving this small town close to a million dollars since they dont have to now build a new clean up the sewer water facility

i sort of understand this since we lived at the country n for about 17 years
we had a septic tank which we had checked out when we first moved in
for the next 17 years here is what we did
we never ever had an issue with our septic system

we always used rainwater for our house so that showers commodes sinks kitchen all used nothing but rainwater not well water
we never dumped any poison into our septic system knowing that doing so would kill on those good germs needed to make the septic tank work
we never had a garbage disposal
well we did have a garbage disposal it was called the chickens and the dogs
we ran our washing machine water to a grey water system that was used to water a few trees
yes they grew like crazy over the years we lived there
we were careful what detergents we used using those safe for septic systems
each month we put a bacteria mix like in the picture above we usually used rid x or something similar

i wonder if we could have dumped some of that beer brewery barley residue down the drain
i wonder if that septic tank would even be better having all that yeast and sugars added with those rid x bacteria

hopefully the lid wouldnt rise up off the tank like the yeast does with bread

i think about the breweries that popped up around the country n and wonder if that barley residue could be put to use in the surrounding countryside

what if we all treated our sewer lines with no poisons or chemicals down the drains like we did at the country n

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, February 14, 2020

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-would you take it before you had s...

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-would you take it before you had s...: ALZHEIMERS NEWS-WOULD YOU TAKE IT BEFORE YOU HAD SYMPTOMS my answer which i didnt even hesitate when i answered was you betcha when i tu...

alzheimers news-would you take it before you had symptoms

Image result for organicgreendoctor
my answer which i didnt even hesitate when i answered was you betcha

when i turned 50 years old in 2000 had i had an amyvid pet scan for amyloid in the brain and had my drug biogen aducanumab been available i wouldnt have hesitated one iota to say
give to me now

my guess is that my scan would have been positive back then
if 2000 was 2020 i would have a chance to start taking a new drug called ban2401 thats made by yes you guessed it biogen who is making my drug aducanumab

this drug works similar but different than aducanumab
it also binds to the amyloid protein and the body removes the amyloid from the brain

as of right now aducanumab is not being used in these studies in folks over 50 who dont have symptoms yet but who have postive amyvid pet scans and or positive spinal fluid for abnormal levels of amyloid
biogen ban2401 is starting up studies on these folks who are what we called prealzheimers ie they have no symptoms but have positive scans

i was prealzheimers at 50
my guess is my younger brother nad my mother were also
my guess is many of you who are destined to get alzheimers will fall into that category

in 2000 i would have definitely signed up for this study
i knew with my family history it was just a matter of time
it is with many of you

this study will be on 9000 folks scattered over 70 sites in the us
it is accessible to most of you

in california its at usc and ucla and other alzheimers center sites here

now biogen ban2401 is also being studied in folks with symptoms
you can go to clinical trials.gov at this link to find those sites near you that are treating folks with early symptoms

this newest study called ahead 3-45 is for those who dont have symptoms yet

my guess is that it will turn out to be just as good as aducanumab but the studies will prove whether it is or not

for those who have asked me about whether they qualify for aducanumab
no its closed for now
the ban2401 studies for folks who do have early symptoms are signing people up now
click here for more info

the ban2401 studies for folks who dont have symptoms yet called ahead 3-45 are signing people up now
click here on the usc link for more info on these studies or here at the apt webstudy site

this approach treating folks before they develop symptoms will be the way we will slow down or prevent the disease

the potential benefit i may get personally from being in the aducanumab study if this stuff works will have been worth all it took to get through the study

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Thursday, February 13, 2020

organicgreendoctor: santa barbara country n news-garden news

organicgreendoctor: santa barbara country n news-garden news: SANTA BARBARA COUNTRY N NEWS-GARDEN NEWS each week i spend at least 3 hours in the community garden as a volunteer usually i will spend e...

organicgreendoctor: santa barbara country n news-garden news

organicgreendoctor: santa barbara country n news-garden news: SANTA BARBARA COUNTRY N NEWS-GARDEN NEWS each week i spend at least 3 hours in the community garden as a volunteer usually i will spend e...

santa barbara country n news-garden news


each week i spend at least 3 hours in the community garden as a volunteer
usually i will spend extra time doing special projects or work with groups that come through the garden to do volunteer work

in two months the garden will have a fundraising plant sale on easter saturday
we are always looking for plants to pot up for the sale
this week a plot that looked like this one that belonged to a plot holder that is giving up her plot was needed to be cleared of all the vegetation from the 200 sq ft plot
when the plot was completely cleaned off it looked like this

while cleaning off the plot there were several strawberry plants growing down amongst the weeds
we harvested them
took this raised bed mix
put it in these raised beds
planted all of the strawberries into this bed that kids can walk up to and pick their own strawberries later this year
also we located an oregano plant which was divided and repotted for the sale
also a large lemon grass was dug up and repotted
both will be sold at the sale
also located in the weeds in the plot was this flowering rosemary which will be divided and repotted for the sale
as well as
this thyme which will be also repotted for sale

that day clearing that plot resulted in a lot of plants for resale
strawberries that will produce and produce for kids to enjoy
adults too

the onion plants you can buy here are always so small and thin so that when you plant them you have to be careful to keep them watered until they take hold
miss one day and they can die on you
i ordered these from dixondale farms in texas
the same ones i plant in my garden
these are much larger and older plants than what you can buy here
i planted close to 240 in this plot this last week
these are short day onions which do well here in santa barbara
not as well as in texas but acceptable
i then took the 100 smaller onions from that batch and planted them in these self watering containers that will be placed in the kids section when it is redone

i have found kids like to snap off some of the green tops to nibble on
i was surprised they liked the taste

in the school garden they will pick a leaf of lettuce then put green onion tips in their lettuce taco
i also this week planted a large row of celery
the celery was donated by a local grower
this celery will be mainly donated to the local organic soup kitchen

it was a busy productive week in the garden

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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited 36-alzheimers vaccine

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited 36-alzheimers vaccine: MY STORY REVISITED 36-ALZHEIMERS VACCINE the blog i wrote below about what i called the alzheimers vaccines occurred about 9 months after ...

my story revisited 36-alzheimers vaccine

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the blog i wrote below about what i called the alzheimers vaccines occurred about 9 months after i was diagnosed
although i was in the adni 2 study for 5 years i was always on the look out for a treatment study for something that might slow down this disease
the research director for the study understood that i would be jumping ship to a treatment study if something became available
in fact i skipped my last amyvid pet scan for the amyloid in the brain at the end of the adni 2 study
it would have been my last one in the adni 2 study

there was a new study i was looking at at that time called the biogen aducanumab study
had i done that last amyvid scan i would have either not qualified for that study or would have had a 6 month to 12 month delay in getting evaluated to be in the study

well history was kind to me i got into the biogen aducanumab study

back in 2011 a study from pfizer using bapineuzumab popped up on my radar
it was a antibody against part of the amyloid protein
patients were given this antibody against amyloid and it looked like it would remove some of the amyloid from the brain
it ended up not doing as good a job as what the later developed biogen aducanumab did
it removed 25% of the amyloid
aducanumab removed all the measurable amyloid on the amyvid scan afer 12-14 months of treatment

the bapineuzumab study was stopped as it didnt work like it was expected to

aducanumab has advanced to where it may get fda approval
im still waiting to hear when i get to restart the monthly infusions

i am glad i didnt go after this bapineuzumab study since it didnt work as well plus i may not have qualified for the aducanumab study
i knew that when i made my decision on a treatment study i might only get one chance
looks like i may have chosen correctly

i also wrote about all the healthy things i decided to do not long after i was diagnosed

all these decisions i made back then when added together are the reason i am doing much better than i ever expected to be 9 years later

i did all those healthy things i mention below from that old blog
i also took vitamin b12 since my levels were well below normal
i did take vitamin d3 since my levels were also low
i began blood pressure meds and cholesterol meds
i no longer take omega 3 since i get bad indigestion when i take it

i did get at least 7 months of the real not placebo aducanumab
knowing that 12 months of aducanumab mostly removes all the measurable amyloid i figure that i removed 7/12ths of my amyloid

hopefully ill finish off whats left when i start my infusions back up next month

now i made up the word alzheimers vaccine
it sounded good
folks sort of understood what a vaccine is

there is a new alzheimers vaccine that is entering the phase 3 trials
this year
it may be 2-3 years away before its available to the general public
it will be given every few months for the life of the patient
it will cost several thousands of dollars a year to receive it
(of course insurance probably wont cover it)
the name is bapineuzumab jab
i am sure they will put a more fancier name on it when its marketed

it works by using antibodies against beta amyloid in the brain
the beta amyloid is what is thought to be the end result of the
alzheimers process
the antibodies attach itself to the beta amyloid and can remove
as much as 25% of it in some studies

will i take this vaccine when it becomes available
yes i will
even though its less effective in patients like me who have
the double hit apoe 4 genotype for alzheimers disease

what have i got to lose
this disease is like a terminable cancer that has no definite
effective treatment
what harm will it do to me to take this vaccine
none in the long run
if it helps even a little its worth the cost and risk

ive decided to do anything that can slow this down as long as it
has been scientifically shown it may help

these may help
maintain normal weight-check
maintain a  normal blood pressure-check
exercise at least 30 minutes a day at least 5 days a week-check
eat a low fat mediterranean diet with fruits veggies nuts-check
maintain a normal ldl cholesterol-check
stay active mentally-check
stay active socially-check
get sleep-partially check as the aricept causes some sleep problems
take omega 3 fish oil-check also take this for high triglycerides
     this may help those more who are apoe 4 negative ie apoe 3 or apoe 2
     screwed again as im apoe 4 positive
take folic acid-check
take turmeric root (curcumin)-check
i am considering taking vitamin d
i need to listen to more music especially classical music

take medications such as aricept early on
it appears that taking aricept early on in the diagnosis can increase
the length of time the aricept is effective
its appears that if you have the apoe 4 genotype like i have that
the effect of the aricept will last even longer if taken early on
im not screwed on this one

remember dont use any of this stuff unless you clear it with
your doctor
for me there appears to not be long term health effects from
these treatments
even though they are not completely proven to help there is the
suggestions from some research that they may help

what do i have to lose

so far after 9 years i have gained from doing all of this not losing

the organicgreen doctor