welcome to the organic green doctor blog

i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Monday, June 17, 2019

organicgreendoctor: 10% rule

organicgreendoctor: 10% rule: 10% RULE i was a late bloomer i was 40 years old before i finished college medical school residency and a three year obligation to the n...

10% rule

10% RULE
i was a late bloomer
i was 40 years old before i finished college medical school residency and a three year obligation to the national health service
as it turned out i only had about 20 years to save and prepare for my retirement since i had to suddenly retire at 60

why at 40 3 of my siblings had retired from the military and one had retired from the fire department
they all had second careers and some a second retirement

so the 10% rule didnt work for my wife she and i
it was more like the 30-40% rule for us
plus adjusting our lifestyle down to the level we are in now in retirement
doing all that has allowed us to retire in comfort

i do think a lot about the generations behind us
the pensions are going away
being replaced by 401ks which they fund themselves mostly
if you have a pension like my wife she it doesnt really increase with a cost of living increase
like some folks their pensions have been cut significantly
like some folks they have lost their pensions all together
there is the issue with social security which it seems congress wants to mess with
not for the best im sure

i read this article this weekend about the 10% rule

it says starting in your 20s you should save 10% of you income so that you will have enough to live on in retirement
think of it as a tax on yourself that you will get back with interest and growth in 40 years

if your employer puts in 3% of your income in your 401k then you put in 7%
so you get taxed by yourself at 7%

when i look at folks now working so many will not have pensions
they are gone or going away
if you are expecting one well it may get taken away
what you or most of you get left with is your 401k or ira or some type of self retirement plan

i suspect that social security will be there for these folks but it may not be as good
they have to do some changes to make it survive
increase the income levels more on what they tax for social security say maybe up to 500 k
change the cost of living rates some
i dont like increasing the retirement age
remember our age at which we die in the united states is decreasing some each year
i dont like using the social security money for private investments

so the 2 or 3 generations behind me are at risk for not having money to live on in retirement
many will live in poverty
maybe the 10% rule should be forced on folks
maybe like if your company puts in 3% you have to put in 7%
i like that
we usually have to be forced to do something in the us like this since we wont do it ourselves

i look at my close relatives and friends in retirement
unless they are wealthy they rely on a pension plan like the military retirement or teachers retirement or some get one from the private industry
social security
401ks or 403bs or iras
some even have to keep working you know like you see at retail stores where those old folks are working stocking or greeting folks or checking you out

i say do a forced 10% rule on folks now

if they we dont do something then they we will live in retirement in poverty

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, June 14, 2019

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-did this cause our early onset alz...

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-did this cause our early onset alz...: ALZHEIMERS NEWS-DID THIS CAUSE OUR EARLY ONSET ALZHEIMERS DISEASE years ago when i started controlling my highly abnormally elevated ldl...

alzheimers news-did this cause our early onset alzheimers disease

Image result for organicgreendoctor

Image result for organicgreendoctor.com joe nash
years ago when i started controlling my highly abnormally elevated ldl cholesterol  i thought it was to prevent early coronary artery disease or stroke
now it seems if this report is true that it was doing more than that

when i was close to 40 i did my first lipid profile
it showed my total cholesterol was well over 300
my triglycerides were well over 500
my hdl cholesterol the good one was below 30
my ldl cholesterol my bad one was well over 200
a level that was known as early heart attack level

now today my total cholesterol is under 200
my trygycerides are less than 100
my hdl is over 40
my ldl is under 100

too late i think
about 40 years too late

it the high ldl cholesterol now after reading this article may also be known as early alzheimers disease level

apoe 4 may represent the cause of 10% of the cases of early onset alzheimers disease
apoe 4 is commonly though called the late onset gene

it seems from their research that the elevated levels of ldl cholesterol also may be one of the causes of early onset alzheimers disease and also late onset alzheimers disease
along of course with other things like smoking obesity lack of exercise poor blood pressure control diabetes etc

i really did not control my ldl choleterol well until after 2000 when i was in my 50s
throughout my 40s looking at my levels they stayed around 150-165
during the early 2000s my levels were much lower thanks to a change in diet exercise and some mild medication
when i was diagnosed with mci that is due to alzheiemers disease i become more aggressive and now with atorvastatin or lipitor i keep it well below 100

so what that means is that i went all my life from birth to my early 50s with an abnormally elevated ldl cholesterol
around my 40s when i first had my ldl cholesterol level done i dropped the number by about 50+ points by changing my diet and my life style

adding to that high ldl was an 8 year of smoking cigarettes and a pipe which didnt help

i have the apoe 4 apoe 4 gene which increases my chance of developing alzheimers disease
the apoe 4 gene is also tied to the elevated ldl cholesterol

my younger brother who died from alzheimers in his early 60s and was diagnosed in his early to mid 50s
so by definition he had early onset alzheimers probably caused by his like mine elevated ldl cholesterol and maybe apoe 4
looking at the dose of his cholesterol meds he took i can predict that his numbers were probably bad like mine were

now he didnt have his apoe 4 gene checked but just knowing that i have the apoe 4 double gene means he had a good chance of having the apoe 4 gene  and most likely he had the apoe 4 double gene also
this means that both my sons have the apoe 4 gene and both his kids have the apoe 4 gene

life style can overcome that apoe 4 gene it seems

these two the ldl cholesterol and apoe 4 gene would explain along with his like me smoking history and blood pressure history as reasons he got diagnosed in his early to mid 50s
i got diagnosed at 60

we both were bad at controlling our cholesterol and diet and blood pressure
from what i can tell i was much better than he was
it looks like not good enough

it seems the apoe 4 like a key fits into the amyloid protein to activate it so that the amyloid accumulates in the brain which is the beginning of this disease probably in both of us began in our late 30s or early 40s

what if
we both had known when we were in for in our 30s what our genetics were and what our ldl cholesterol levels were
what if
we had aggressively both of us attacked the ldl cholesterol with diet and exercise and a strong statin like atorvastatin  lipitor or rosuvastatin crestor
what if
neither of us had smoked

yes what if

its possible had we known we could have both prevented or delayed the onset by years

i hope that this can be a lesson or incentive to our family members especially my sons and my nephews and nieces and hopefully to you to be more vigilant in taking care of your health

it would be nice to be able to visit with my younger brother at our reunion next month or to look forward into my future to know that i would probably be dying of old age
not this terrible disease

yes what if

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, June 13, 2019

organicgreendoctor: santa barbara country n news-recycle final harvest...

organicgreendoctor: santa barbara country n news-recycle final harvest...: SANTA BARBARA COUNTRY N NEWS-RECYCLE FINAL HARVEST PUMPKINS a few weeks again following a big wind storm that come through here one night...

santa barbara country n news-recycle final harvest pumpkins

a few weeks again following a big wind storm that come through here one night
i walked out around our condo and looked down towards our pool
something about that big ole ancient oak that must be over a hundred years didnt  quite look right
i walked down to take a look
it had fallen over onto our pool fence crushing it
at the base of the trunk where it was cracked open was a big ole hollowed out center

alas it had to be chopped up
i asked the chainsaw person to cut me a piece of one large limb about 2 ft long
i carried it up to our condo originally to use as a table on our patio
later i decided i would transfer it to my garden to use for that purpose

i thought i want to save a piece of that old tree so it will stay around a little longer and gradually be returned back to this earth like nature would do
not to be ground up for mulch or chopped up for firewood
it now sits at the corner of my garden bed inviting folks to have a sit and enjoy the garden
its especially attractive to kids

im sure the tree would have been proud

my son has a 5 ft x 8 ft garden that i asked to plant stuff in as i try to expand my gardening areas
i took over his plot

now ms b and mr h help with it some
in fact mr h loves the garden
he likes to pet the dinosaur kale and pull off the tips of the green onions
ms b loves the carrots as she can pull them up wash them off and take a bite
soon she will start eating the cherry tomatoes we planted in the bed
one of them is called sungold
its a sweet yellow cherry tomato that tastes like candy
if you want your kids to learn to eat tomatoes thats the one
it produces tons of yellow tomato candy
kids love to eat them

this week i did my final harvest off the winter plantings in his garden
i harvested the last of my 1015 onions
the onions in my sons garden did much better than in my garden
im trying to figure out why so i can duplicate that next year in my garden

i then planted the bed with billie beans that my mother in law gets from the mexican market
i named them after her
these are our favorite beans to cook
they are peruvan beans

the owner of the santa barbara ace hardware recently donated outdated seeds to our community garden as well as a pick up truck load of broken bags of garden soil compost potting soil etc

i volunteer 3 hours each tuesday in the community garden
this week we took the donated pumpkin seeds winter squash seeds and gourd seeds
filled up 100 1 gallon pots with the donated potting soil
planted them with the above seeds
we then set them up on an automatic dripper
we plan to plant 50 more later in pots

later this summer we will transplant them into a larger area at the front of the garden for our fall education series with the elementary schools and for our fall pumpkin sale
the pumpkins sale is a big fund raiser for the community garden

also mixed in with the pumpkins will be pole beans red amaranth heirloom rows of popcorn
this area is loved by all the kids well over 500+ that visit this fall

thanks to ace for the donations

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited 9

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited 9: MY STORY REVISITED 9 i wrote the blog below on christmas day 2010 after seeing the neurologist which i wrote about last week as i reviewed...

my story revisited 9

Image result for organicgreendoctor
i wrote the blog below on christmas day 2010 after seeing the neurologist which i wrote about last week as i reviewed the blog from 2010 about that visit

i sort of knew what mild cognitive impairment was as i had been reading up on that diagnosis as well as alzheimers disease as well as how to evaluate someone for that diagnosis as well as what it means when you got labelled with that diagnosis

i knew what that diagnosis meant since i saw my mother wander through all the stages of alzheimers until she died from it
i would see my younger brother who at that time was in the middle stages maybe further with alzheimers diseases at that time
to sit with him at that time it was hard to have a conversation with him

i really really thought when i got my diagnosis that where he was in 2010 would be where i would be today june 12th 2019
im not there
im quite happy and feel quite honored to not be at that stage today
it doesnt matter to me why im not there yet
ill accept what i have and plan to enjoy each day since i know i may be beating the odds for awhile

this week i spent a few hours with mr h at his pediatric nephrology and kidney transplant office visit at cedar sinai in los angeles
its so sobering for me when i go
i know i probably will not be around when he may need my support the most in his teenage years
i know that my disease will take off sometime in the next few years
like my mother and brother the end result will always be the same

i feel honored today to have my memory back at the normal range for my age
i feel honored to have been involved in alzheimers research
i really feel that everything i have been doing has slowed this disease down for awhile
including getting the biogen aducanumab for almost 3 years
i dont plan to change anything i am doing

i want to be there when mr h needs me to be there as long as i cognitively can

so back to my diagnosis
mild cognitive impairment amnestic type the precursor to alzheimers disease
some neurologists think it is early alzheimers disease

i accepted it that day and my wife she and i have only looked forward
we continue doing that today
we enjoy each day being where we are with our lives

here below are my thoughts on my diagnosis written 8 1/2 years ago

as an aside
sometimes i have to make myself write these my story revisited blogs
i always get teary eyed and sometimes sob

its all therapeutic somehow


well thats my diagnosis
it is a precursor to full blown alzheimers
when i started this blog several months ago i had no idea i
would be at this point
i even blogged on mci back in september
at that time i had no thoughts that i would have that diagnosis
tagged on me

my goal with this blog was to over time tell stories of my life
and my familys life to provide a written record of some of
our history
i also wanted to cover medical topics that people might be
interested in 
i also wanted to give people a peek into what its like to be
a  practicing physician
i also wanted to let people know what illness was happening
in the area where i practice
i also wanted to let people know about cases i have dealt with
in the past
i also wanted to write about green living, organic gardening,
rainwater collection
(yes that limestone rock is still in my
water tank-its the source of calcium for my wife she),
solar power, and recycling
i also wanted to write about things i noticed that were funny
or different-why do they topics 

now i will refocus this blog in a slightly different direction
i will continue all of the above that i can 
some of the medical stuff will be discontinued related to practicing medicine

i will be blogging about myself and the disease that i have
i want people to be able to follow me as it progresses and see
what effect it can have on a persons life
and what its like to deal with the medical system and this

i am lucky i guess as i will be getting studies and tests done on
me that are state of the art medicine and are not available to the
regular medical community but the stuff done to me will be
what will be done in the future to catch this disease earlier so
that maybe it can be treated or prevented

as i go along by having all this done i/we will know exactly
where i am as this disease progresses

please take this journey with me


the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

organicgreendoctor: my old duct tape shoes

organicgreendoctor: my old duct tape shoes: MY OLD DUCT TAPE SHOES an old acquaintance from texas called me last week as we do frequently to chat for an hour i wont identify him to p...

my old duct tape shoes

an old acquaintance from texas called me last week as we do frequently to chat for an hour
i wont identify him to protect his wife from being overly embarrassed at his conduct
many of you will recognize who it is though

he said
i know you like duct tape stories so heres mine
i mow the grass with a  push mower
it is st augustine grass and needs mowed frequently
i mow it every 4 days so i can get my exercise
its 1.5 miles as measured on my pedometer
he doesnt have a phone app to do it
he cant get one on his old flip phone
he said
i use my special mowing shoes
my duct tape ones
i was instantly interested when he said that
ill send you a picture
which i have included below
now he said my wife threw them away but i found them and repaired them with duct tape

this is the same guy that doesnt throw away his used chapsticks
he saves them
in a bowl
to later get all the stuff out how i dont know

hes not poor
i calculate that he has 2 retirements and social security and iras
he just dont spend any of it

when we go out to eat with them he is the first to say
two checks please
he dont believe in splitting the check

anyway i love his duct tape mowing shoes
it has inspired me to go dig my old chuck taylor shoestringless slip ones from my wife shes junk donate or throw away bag in the garage
here is what these chuck taylor converse shoes looked like several years ago
i would wear them sockless
i liked them since i could just step into them and go
later as they got more and darker with dirt and stains
i think the fish emulsion molasses seaweed stuff i spilt on them several times made them a dark brown color
they had begin to fray here and there
then the back heel area began to deteriorate
i sort of started to use them a lot as my garden shoes

i took them and started to suture them like i would a large complicated wound in the emergency room
slowly piecing it back to together
the soft part of the heel was gone

what i needed was to do a skin graft on my shoe to fill in the gap
i couldnt figure out what i could do so i gave up
after my phone conversation with my acquaintance
thats when i dug it out of the junk bag of my wife she
a bag that even goodwill wouldnt take

so i took the shoe out
using my expertise over the years using duct tape
my duct tape chair
i duct taped or should i say gorilla taped
thats the only duct tape brand i use now
the heel up

below as you see in the pictures
its not a perfect job
a functional job

i hope to wear or should i say my wife she hopes i will wear it only as my garden shoes

like my acquaintance
i am the proud owner of a pair of duct tape garden shoes
mine being the chuck taylor converse shoe stringless slip on shoe

im a happy and proud owner

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, June 10, 2019

organicgreendoctor: the biggest little farm

organicgreendoctor: the biggest little farm: THE BIGGEST LITTLE FARM you know a movie is good when at the end of a movie you have tears in your eyes that you didnt even wipe away duri...

the biggest little farm

you know a movie is good when at the end of a movie
you have tears in your eyes that you didnt even wipe away during the movie
did you wipe them from your cheeks

those tears were
tears of joy
tears of sadness

have you ever wished you could move out into the country on 10 or 20 acres
have chickens and cows and sheep and hogs and fruit trees and a garden and a pond

how about 200 acres
how about the reason you moved is for your dog todd
how about you raised a star hog named emma
how about during the drought and floods here in california all the farms around you flooded as the water ran in raging stream floods carrying top soil down into the ocean
yours didnt your 200 acres
how about these things cover crops diversity of plantings ducks owls hawks gophers blackbirds coyotes foxes cattle life and death that we use to call country rules

over 5 years ago a private chef and her husband who was a video photographer producer found a dog that the husband saw when he was doing a story on a old lady who had 50 dogs in her house
the dogs were being removed some got euthanized but this one dog a black one stood out
to their home he went

during the day when they were gone he would bark and bark and bark
no tricks would make him stop
they got evicted from their santa monica apartment
which led to the beginning of this story
todds new home

now when i watched this movie
i thought of our country n we left two years ago
no we didnt do all of what they did but we did some of it
we planted over 15 trees all native on our 1 acre yard and our 10 acres along with well over a hundred native and xeric shrubs
we also let our pastures go natural
we planted several hundreds dollars of native grasses and wildflowers
we then later added a full rainwater collection

what we found was nature taking over
turkeys deer quail all kinds of birds and hummingbirds and butterflies and lots of lizards
snakes skunks possums raccoons coyotes hawks owls whippoorwills etc
nothing compared to what you will see in this movie

let me warn you
you will probably do like my wife she and i did cry off and on during the movie
we counterbalanced that with a lot of smiles and laughing

here below is the trailer for the movie
i suggest you watch it
find the movie when it shows up in your area

this movie did well at the film festivals
disney and netflex and others wanted to take it over and promote it
the owner of the farm who did a lot of the videotaping and the producing
did not want to give up control of its contents
he wanted as it was
the end result is a movie that you wont regret seeing
or probably your kids
warning on the kids though there are parts that may bother them
since nature can be cruel
those of us who have raised chickens or animals know what im talking about

watch it
youll be glad you did

the name of this farm is called apricot lane farm
watch the movie and youll figure out why its named that

it is only about an hours drive from here
my wife she and i hope to tour the farm in the near future

here is the rotten tomatoes link where you can type in your zip code to see when its showing in your area
eg its now showing at alamo drafthouse in austin  and throughout the us

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, June 7, 2019

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-a moral obligation

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-a moral obligation: ALZHEIMERS NEWS-A MORAL OBLIGATION thats what one researcher wrote about pfizer one of the big pharma companies they had a moral obligati...

alzheimers news-a moral obligation

Image result for organicgreendoctor
thats what one researcher wrote about pfizer one of the big pharma companies
they had a moral obligation to investigate this further

i will link an article that goes into more detail on all of this
here is my explanation and thoughts as i see all this

alzheimers is an inflammatory disease where there is inflammation in the brain probably from the amyloid and tau thats deposited in the brain
the body then attacks all this with inflammation that destroys brain tissue

think of a splinter stuck in the finger and left in place
the puncture wound gets sore red swollen and gets pus in it
thats the bodys inflammatory reaction to injury
it tries to fix things when injury occurs
in doing so it does damage the surrounding tissues
so it is in the brain with inflammation
it destroys tissue ie brain tissue
for those of us with the disease we lose memory first then worse things happen over time

many scientists think that if you treat this inflammatory reaction in the brain or elsewhere in the body that you might be able to prevent or slow down alzheimers disease

common areas that may be involved is the gut where the inflammatory reaction goes on
eg ulcerative colitis or crohns disase or maybe celiac disease
another area they are looking at is the inflammation that can come from gum disease

rheumatoid arthritis the inflammatory disease thats treated with enbrel also is another site
rheumatoid arthritis patients have a higher incidence of alzheimers disease

this inflammation outside the brain gets the inflammatory response to be carried into the brain

enter pfizer
big pharma
they decided to shut down their alzheimers and parkinsons research branch since all their drugs they studied didnt really help
including one similar to the aducanumab drug that i was on for almost 3 years and that just stopped its international study

enbrel is a drug that attacks inflammation in the body
its been around since the mid to late 1990s
its mainly used against rheumatoid arthritis and most recently psoriasis

it the enbrel is due to go off patent since its had its 20 year run before other companies can start making it in the generic form

back in 2015 after looking at thousands of insurance claims it was noted by pfizer and other researchers that folks on enbrel didnt seem to get alzheimers or my disease mild cognitive impairment as often as those who werent on it
it was a definite blip that showed up on the data when they analyzed it

it would seem to me and it seems after all the reaction to this story that we all agree that this warranted more evaluation
i can tell you from someone who knows whats coming in my life and my familys life in the next probably 10 years that i would be the first in line if they wanted someone to study this drug further

side effects are not an issue
if you have been through alzheimers disease with a family member i think you would probably agree
that final stage is much much worse than any side effect you or they could have

so here is what my cynical self thinks

the drug  was going off patent
if they spent the $80 million to study the drug to see if it really really had an effect that if it did by the time the study was finished the drug would be off patent

any effort to study this was shut down

one excuse is thats the enbrel molecule is too big to go through the blood brain barrier so they say  that the drug wouldnt work since it couldnt get into the brain

i know and others know who do research and those who write about alzheimers know that its very likely that treating inflammation elsewhere in the body may slow down this disease
its not definitely proven yet but i think it will be

you can prevent dental inflammation by flossing regularly and brushing regularly and having regular dental cleanings and dental care
proven no but most likely to contribute to the disease

you can eat a diet like the mind diet that may help prevent gut inflammation
some folks eat a lot of fermented foods
some eat a gluten free diet
many take probiotics
proven no but most likely the gut inflammation contributes to the disease

so what we have here is a big pharma that hid this from alzheimers researchers
the studies that need to be done like those on the above inflammatory sites the teeth and the gut and on enbrel probably wont be done since the studies are expensive
it takes millions of dollars to do this research

this company if they did the study and it helped would have been competing with other generic makers of enbrel for the business
they would have spent all the money with little financial rewards
they have to answer to the stockholders to show a profit

the only other source to do these big studies is the federal government
like the national institutes of health and the alzheimers association and other non profit groups
which dont have the money to pay for it

we are left with a nauseated feeling in our stomach and a bitter taste in our mouth as we look at this and think would it really help
is there a moral obligation to do this research

like one well known alzheimers researcher said even if it doesnt end up helping just the research thats done may help further the overall alzheimers research

its like in politics and in life
sometimes you just have to do the right thing
pfizer didnt do that

maybe its the times

when asked what do you feel about this
i said
i feel real nauseated

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, June 6, 2019

organicgreendoctor: santa barbara country n news-an old fence

organicgreendoctor: santa barbara country n news-an old fence: SANTA BARBARA COUNTRY N NEWS-AN OLD FENCE at the community garden where i have my garden plots and where i volunteer each week there are ...

santa barbara country n news-an old fence

at the community garden where i have my garden plots and where i volunteer each week there are approximately 25 plots that are 20 ft x 10 ft where we have our individual plots that we rent
everything has to be grown organically
we have access to compost and water

in the middle of the large garden is several rows that are about 40 ft that the garden grows veggies to donate to various soup kitchens and food kitchens
we are growing squash lettuce swiss chard kale asparagus tomatoes kale peppers leeks beans and more
we the volunteers do the beds and plant the veggies and maintain then harvest them and prep the veggies twice a week for donation

the garden also have a fruit orchard that mainly grows several types of citrus some i have never heard of and other fruits like bananas passion fruit avos pomegranates cherimoyas various nuts and other fruits ive never eaten
these are also donated

each tuesday i volunteer for about 4 hours in the morning doing whatever needs to be done

recently the garden manager said
could you build this fence lattice for a row of pole green beans
sure i said
ill get right on it
having done several of these since i started volunteering there
above you can see ms b and i planting beans on the other side of my gardens bean fence that is 20 ft long where i am growing christmas lima beans rattlesnake beans blue lake beans french fillet beans and malibar spinach

now at my country n in texas if i was going to do a 40 ft row of beans
i would run them on the bed that butted up to my 6 ft tall horse panel fence
then i would plant the beans
then im done except for just watering them
if it was on one of my 12 ft beds in the middle of the garden
i would just put in some old tposts every few feet
attach some cattle panel or horse panel or concrete wire to the tposts
then plant the beans
i would just use my 5 ft concrete wire tomato cages and plant the beans around the cages

here at the community garden to do that would cost money that the garden doesnt have
while at my texas country n garden i really didnt care what it cost me especially if i could use it over and over again
this was my recreation
my speed boat
my hiking and biking money
my ski stuff
i used it on my garden

recently when asked to do the beans fence lattice or whatever its called
i looked around
found these old 1x2s and 2x2s and old bamboo poles and a large roll of string
i put the poles into the ground every 10 ft or so
they were all different sizes
i then tied them together using my old surgical knots i used to sew up lacerations and biopsies and vasectomies
to make this bean fence
here is the finished product
it looks rustic
it should last the pole bean season
i think well it looks countrified and adds to the ambiance the look of the garden
its cheap to do

it wont be long before the pole beans will be covering the structure
before the beans are harvested for those in need of food

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited 8

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited 8: MY STORY REVISITED 8 i wrote the blog on the neurology visit two days before i published it i wanted to wait and think about it before i ...

my story revisited 8

Image result for organicgreendoctor
i wrote the blog on the neurology visit two days before i published it
i wanted to wait and think about it before i published it
it seemed like so much was happening during that time

this visit was the first time where i had ever had anything significantly wrong
i had  no control over the visit
i didnt really know anyone in the system at the neurology clinic at the university of texas southwestern alzheimers center

i was not in control

i knew i had a problem after i did the neuropsychological exam for the adni study
it was verified when i got the phone call from the research director

dr nash you have memory loss thats greater than it should be for your age and your degree of education
we think you should see a neurologist

here i am seeing the neurologist

she when she saw me also had a copy of my mri and labs

i got labelled that day

one thing i did was i paid cash for the visit since i didnt want this to show up on any insurance computer until i sorted this all out

later when i was sure i was done for i allowed my insurance to be billed


today i had the dreaded neurology visit
it really sucks to be on this side of the health care system
my wife she and i drove 3 hours to the visit

originally at check in i spent more time looking at their
electronic medical record as they checked me in
we dont have one but are in the process of getting one
throughout our 300 doctor medical group

so this is what its like to be a patient
i dont like it

i met with the person running the alzheimers research studies
she had called me about my neuropsychological testing
she wants me to be in the adni study but will wait until i see
the neurologist and decide what work up and testing will
need to be done

well i saw the neurologist today
i had a neurological exam
the neurologist reviewed me the results of the neuropsychological
testing with me

it sucks

i have a definite deficit in memory that correlates with early mild
cognitive impairment amnestic type
what this means is that i am heading down the same path that
my mother took and my younger brother is on now
the difference is that i am so early in the disease process that
no one notices anything

remember no one not my wife she nor my nurse has
noticed any problems with cognition but i have
it has not  affected my practice yet

i will be placed on medication that will slow the process down
(its the same medication my mother took and my brother takes
now) for a while then it will take off again after a period of time
what this time frame is is not known for sure

i will have to discontinue practicing medicine as there is a
chance in the near future that it will interfere with my ability
to practice medicine

at least my wife she and i will have had time to plan for our
future whatever it will bring

we have accepted the diagnosis and plan to move on and
make the most of our lives together

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

organicgreendoctor: et duobus annis

organicgreendoctor: et duobus annis: ET DUOBUS ANNIS you latin scholars will know what that says for those who cant read latin it says and two years thats how long we have...

et duobus annis

you latin scholars will know what that says
for those who cant read latin
it says
and two years

thats how long we have lived in santa barbara
two years ago today we loaded up our two cars with what belongings we had left
the rest was sold or donated
off to santa barbara we went
taking two days to make the drive
no sight seeing was allowed

Image result for organicgreendoctor marley
the thing i remember the most as we drove off
it was our dog
he seemed so sad
he was  a loving happy dog
i called him the dog that could lick you to death

he found a good home with a good friend
he is happy with a buddy to play with and plenty of room to run and play
we get to see him each time we return to the austin area
he still seems to remember us

we took over a year and half or more to make our decision to move
as we visited relatives here we would look around
could we live here
where would we live
could especially me find places to garden and volunteer

once while visiting i took a fold out map
looked for pharmacies medical offices restaurants grocery stores relatives
i found an area that seemed to meet all those needs
all within walking distance
i made a circle on the map
i told my wife she thats where we want to live

we decided that we wanted to not accumulate stuff again
we wanted to be minimalist like

in fact to fight my wifes urge to accumulate
i whisper to her sometimes

she still buys stuff from goodwill then later donates it to the thrift store
it makes her happy i guess

we did manage to furnish our condo a 1 bedroom condo with things that are functional
most are used things
knowing we dont want to do that unloading thing again
our two sons owe us a lot by not having to deal with all that stuff that some kids have to do when their parents leave this earth
youre welcome

we both miss the country n and its quietness and peacefulness
we have found solace here also

i dont think we have regretted moving here over the last two years

we have seen ms b grow up over the last two years to be a cute smart active 4 years old
we have seen mr h be born and go through a lot this last 9 months
we are so glad we were and are around to be involved in his care
it does help to have a family doctor interpreter as a granddaddy
we will never regret making this move for this reason

for those who are wondering how mr h is doing
he will probably go on dialysis in the spring
get a kidney transplant when he reaches the growth paramenters to fit an adult kidney in a toddlers body

both ms b and mr h love to go to the garden
a goal of developing a love for gardening has begun in both of them

my wife she has got to be around her mother for the first time really since we have been married
they do like thrift shopping together and walking together
why just last night she cooked fried green tomatoes from my garden
just that was enough reason to have moved here

her siblings also live close by

both our sons live here now with their families so we get to see them more than once or twice a year

i love to garden
its in my dna
i get to do it almost every day growing a lot of the veggies we eat each day

i also get to do all the volunteering i want to do
i have turned down a lot of volunteer opportunities
i volunteer at our community garden each week helping plant and harvest veggies for donations to food kitchens
i also volunteer with youth groups that come to the garden
i also volunteer at a local elementary school helping them to grow veggies

i volunteer with the alzheimers association here in santa barbara helping with the local walk in the fall
i usually talk for a few minutes at the opening ceremonies
i also do other events during the year like the senior expo etc maintaining a table for folks to come by and ask questions
i have been on alzheimers panels several times for the alzheimers greater la answering questions from the audience and from a moderator
i have also done my my story talk several times in the santa barbara area

originally i had planned to do volunteer work with habitat for humanity but our lives got too busy to do more volunteering
i continued the alzheimers studies at ucla which end next month but hope to find a new study this fall

do we have regrets
no way
would we do it again
yes we would

the organicgreen doctor