welcome to the organic green doctor blog

i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Friday, December 31, 2010

my story, january gardening

i wanted to tell my story because it is therapeutic for me
and for my wife she
at the same time as you follow my story you will be
educated on alzheimers disease such that you will know
more about the disease than most people do and more than
most doctors know and more than i knew 2 months ago
and hopefully will know what evaluation needs to be done
if you or a family member should shown signs of the disease

i have been on both sides as a doctor treating patients, now as
a patient being treated (dont like being a patient very much)
and as a family member dealing with a mother and close
relative with the disease so have seen all sides of the story of

i hope not to make the mistakes with my wife she and i  that
were made along the way dealing with the disease previously

this disease will partially overwhelm the medical system in the
near future as more and more baby boomers age

some people buy seeds now to be ready to plant for the spring
eg tomatoes, peppers, squash, beans, etc
i usually just buy plants at the nursery because it is easier to
deal with

in january i prepare my beds for the late winter and early spring
i remove all dead plants and compost them
our chickens love it as they eat any seeds left on the plants

i then add 2-3 inches of good compost either my own
if available or get organic barnyard compost at the local nursery

then add some molasses across the beds
and will usually add some organic fertilizer
will mix all this into the top 3-4 inches of soil
then will rake it smooth
then cover this with a layer of newspapers and then this
with a layer of mulch
will water as needed to keep the soil from drying out
if no rain has occurred
the worms will come to the surface and eat the newspapers
the worms till the upper soil and poop in it to add more
fertilization to the soil

the bed is now ready to plant

the next crops i will  plant are potatoes and onions  in late
january to early february
will be picking these up as seed potatoes and as onion plants
in a couple of weeks at the local organic nursery

the next plantings will be in mid march
the beds will have 2 months to ripen

today is a good day here where i live to start working
on the beds

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, December 30, 2010

post c2bs2, mri today, pill holiday

survived the colonoscopy i guess
dont remember a dam thing
my wife she told me i got up and walked to the elevator
rode down to the ground floor, walked out to the parking
lot, gave her directions on how to get out of the parking lot
but dont remember a dam thing

i got home and slept for 6 hours without moving

those iv meds make it nice to have this done
you should try it if you are over 50 and never had
one done

prep really wasnt that bad see previous blog

now thats over with i will move forward to other important things

have my mri today as part of my workup
it will be looking for other causes of this disease
such as infection, stroke, abnormal masses, etc that
could be treatable-then the diagnosis would be mci nonamnesic type
that would be nice
then the chances of progression would be about 20-30%
vs the sucky 50-80% of what i have

also there are certain changes on the mri that are seen with
alzheimers and may be found on me in the early stages of
this disease-changes in the part of the brain called the
hippocampus (like hutttos schools-their mascot is a hippo)
and increases in the size of the ventricles of the brain

if it is normal then that doesnt mean i dont have mci amnesic type
it just means that changes havent shown up on mri yet

will give the report of the scan on this blog when i get it

in february will probably have a lumbar puncture for the
research study i am it     some of the fluid will be sent off
to a lab to test for tau antibody which is a protein that is
found in alzheimers patients
will also have dna analysis to see if i carry the gene for
this disease

these tests by themselves dont make a diagnosis but like a
lot of things in medicine when added together will make the
diagnosis more likely

later on
will have a pet scan done which will show even better
any changes that may occur in the brain

also when i enter the studies i will have  all these tests
on a regular basis as they follow me during the study

the worse test i may have to have again this year and annually
is the neuropsychological testing
this is where they pick up abnormalities by asking questions
doing drawings etc
think i  would rather have the lumbar puncture instead

but the neuropsychological testing shows how well the brain is
functioning in real time

took a pill holiday as i had to be fasting until scope time
was nice to not have some of the side effects-insomnia
and hyperactivity and dizziness
supposedly some of these will resolve over time or may
get worse
time will tell
hope the hyperactivity continues as i sure have a lot of
projects to do around my place

wish to thank my wife she for being with me through all this

the organicgreen doctor  

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

c2bs2d0, the pill

couch to black snake (colonoscopy) #2 day 0

well last night lined up all my supplies
dulcolax laxative tabs, magnesium(dont they make flares
out of this for the military) citrate
sprite nice and cold

and per advise from relatives that have to have this often-
small jar of vaselline and baby wipes
was best advice that was received

was told to mix the cold mag citrate with cold sprite
to make it easier to go down and also to drink it with
a straw
would hate to see what warm mag citrate would taste like
actually just wanted to drink the whole dam thing and get
it over with-might have thrown up though
then might have to start over again-that would be bad

well did not get to watch a lot of the football game last night
between minnesota and philadelphia
did not get much sleep last night either as had to make
frequent trips to you know where
finally just got up a hour ago
but keep getting interrupted trying to do this blog

the prep worked well am sure the colonoscopist will give
me a high prep rating today

in a few hours will get it done and will sleep good this afternoon
hopefully next one will be in 10 years maybe

good luck to my partner and to a nurses husband who is
getting their black snake today

get yours if you have not had it

my wife likes the side effect of this medicine
no not that side effect

it makes me slightly hyper and fitgitty so am able to
get a lot done in the am after i take it
(so this is what add hyperactive type feels like)

the other side effect is insomnia
but have found an afternoon night helps a lot with that

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

the pill day two, c2bs2day1,rainwater

well today is day two of the pill-aricept(donepezil)
got the generic brand for a $15 copay
when my mom was on it was over $100 a month
now the branded cost is $263
so alzheimers can initially be treated for $180 a year now
vs cash price of $3156 a year
(full generic price not available when this was written)

this is  one way to decrease health care cost
am glad i have health insurance
feel sorry for those that do not

again i sit here ignoring that little white memory pill
-but i dont have memory problems thats noticeable

suppose to take it after eating breakfast
(oops not suppose to eat today see below)
will aricept really make a difference
dont know but i think so in the long run

only thing i noticed was some dizziness that lasted for
awhile but then it went away
demonstrated last night that insomnia is not part of the
side effect for me yet

did notice that i beat everyone at jeopordy even my
white on white relative after i took the aricept (donepezil)

no just kidding!

here goes day 2

couch to black snake #2 in 1 day
will have my colonoscopy (ten years since last one) in 1day
the prep is a weight loss prep
the aricept causes weight loss also
my bmi should be normal after tomorrow

at least i dont have to drink that jug of nasty stuff
but only clear liquids all day
what if i cheated
oops think they would know
hope to make it all day without cheating except for
think ill be ok if you look at the time i posted this blog

wouldnt you hate to do colonoscopies all day long
looking up some ones bottom all day long
glad i did family practice

we need rain
had 1/2 inch last week
but need more
hope to get some today and tomorrow
need to replenish my rainwater tanks
still have plenty for irrigation of my garden
and plenty for use in the house
(we are totally rainwater users;no wells or municipal
do a rain dance for us today

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, December 27, 2010

the pill

the pill sits on my desk
its name is aricept
its generic name is donepezil
the mgm strength is 5 mg
just wrote a prescription a few days ago for my patient to take
now it sits here in front of me to take
had to listen to the neurologist go over the side effects
hell already know about it as i gave the same speech last week

do i really need this
lets see the side effects are nausea,vomiting, diarrhea
(that would be good since i have to have the black snake
this week),
weight loss(need to loose 5-10 lbs), dizziness(know what
thats like as i have recurrent vertigo), weakness, trouble sleeping
(every one that knows me knows that may be a good side
effect as i have probably fallen asleep on all of them in the past)
tremors, or muscle cramps(that dont sound good)

then they list the bad stuff that im sure the lawyers made them
write-seizures, dark emesis, irregular heart beat(had that one
time 25 years ago and did not like it at all), trouble peeing
(thats bad),
severe abdominal pain, and severe allergic reaction

then it says but most people do fine without major side effects-
well why did they not just write that and end it there

i mean do i really need this
if i had not had that neuropsychological testing a year ago
that was normal when i applied for long term care insurance
if i had not signed up for that study on alzheimers and had
that neuropsychological exam done that was abnormal
then i would not sitting here writing about taking that dam
pill but would have been writing about something more
pleasant like the holidays

well when you put the total picture together-family history,
subtle things noted at work, abnormal test after a normal
one last year and the chance that all this could take off
sometime in the near future and the fact this pill will slow it
down for awhile
then i have decided to take it and never look back on the
decisions i made this week

now maybe i can find my shovel i misplaced

here goes  had my coffee and my bagel and now the
journey begins

the organicgreen doctor

Sunday, December 26, 2010

c2bs2d3, dang cowboys, good basketball

couch to black snake #2 in 3 days
ie got to have the 10 year colonoscopy
will be second one
is due in 3 days

if you are 50 years old or older and never had one
then its time
or if it has been 10 years since your last one
then its time
colon cancer is a preventable disease

the worst part is that dam prep
this time am not taking that gallon of nasty stuff that
took last time
will take pills and a green bottle of stuff that looks
like sprite but know thats not what is in there

remember when was a resident in training we had
a concoction we gave people that we called the bomb
if i remember correctly that green bottle stuff was in
that concoction
it could unstop a dam

remember that i had to live close to the bathroom
think my wife she made me sleep downstairs on
a sleeping bag on the bathroom floor
made the trips to the pot real short

would tell you what the procedure was and is like
but dont remember (not because of my diagnosis)
but because of good intravenous medications

the next one i might not remember even the prep
there are good things about every situation

thought they were going to pull it out in the end
dang kicker
he may go back to kicking off only next year
the back up back up quarterback looked good
for his first playing time
they need to start him in the next game  to check him
watched him play football in high school-he was good

am sure there will be housecleaning for next years team
well maybe next year
know the cowboy haters are loving it

think that lebron made a statement yesterday
as well as the heat
the king is back

were a lot of games on and most were good ones
knicks are back also
wait until next year when they add camelo

the playoffs are going to be fun to watch this year

tomorrow the pill

the organicgreen doctor

Saturday, December 25, 2010


want to wish every one a merry christmas, a happy new year
and happy holidays

thanks to the readers of this blog

the organicgreen doctor

mild cognitive impairment amnestic type

well thats my diagnosis
it is a precursor to full blown alzheimers
when i started this blog several months ago i had no idea i
would be at this point
i even blogged on mci back in september
at that time had no thoughts that i would have that diagnosis
tagged on me
(can google mci to the right of this and read that posting)

my goal with this blog was to over time tell stories of my life
and my familys life to provide a written record of some of
our history
also wanted to cover medical topics that people might be
interested in
also wanted to give people a peak into what its like to be
a  practicing physician
also wanted to let people know what illness was happening
in the area where i practice
also wanted to let people know about cases i have dealt with
in the past
also wanted to write about green living, organic gardening,
rainwater collection(yes that limestone rock is still in my
water tank-its the source of calcium for my wife she),
solar power, and recycling
also wanted to write about things i noticed that were funny
or different-why do they topics (google that to the right)

now i will refocus this blog in a slightly different direction
i will continue all of the above that i can (some of the medical
stuff will be discontinued related to practicing medicine)

will be blogging about myself and the disease that i have
want people to be able to follow me as it progresses and see
what affect it can have on a persons life
and what its  like to deal with the medical system and this

i am lucky i guess as i will be getting studies and tests done on
me that is state of the art medicine and is not available to the
regular medical community but the stuff done to me will be
what will be done in the future to catch this disease earlier so
that maybe it can be treated or prevented

as i go along by having all this done i/we will know exactly
where i am as this disease progresses

please take this journey with me


the organicgreen doctor

Friday, December 24, 2010

the neurology visit

today i had the dreaded neurology visit
it really sucks to be on this side of the health care system
my wife she and i drove 3 hours to the visit

originally at check in spent more time looking at their
electronic medical record as they checked me in
we dont have one but are in the process of getting one
through out our 300 doctor medical group

so this is what its like to be a patient
dont like it

met with person running the alzhiemers research studies
she had called me about my neuropsychological testing
she wants me to be in a study but will wait until i see
the neurologist and decide what work up and testing
need to be done

well saw the neurologist today
had a neurological exam
the neurologist reviewed the results of the neuropsychological
testing with me

it sucks

have a definiite deficit in memory that correlates with early mild
cognitive impairment amnesic type
what this means is that i am heading down the same path that
my mother took  and another relative is on now
the difference is that i am so early in the disease process that
no one notices anything

remember no one not my wife she nor my nurse she has
noticed any problems with cognition but i have
it has not  affected my practice yet

i will be placed on medication that will slow the process down
(its the same medication my mother took and my relative takes
now) for a while then it will take off again after a period of time
what this time frame is is not known for sure

will have to discontinue practicing medicine as there is a
chance in the near future that it will interfere with my ability
to practice medicine

at least my wife she and i will have had time to plan for our
future whatever it will bring

we have accepted the diagnosis and plan to move on and
make the most of our lives together

this was written two days ago

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, December 23, 2010

the dreaded doctor visit

yesterday i said good by to my job as a practicing family
im leaving not because i want to but because genetics has
bit me in the ass
no one knows yet that yesterday was my last day
not my nurse, not my patients, not my fellow partners, not
the administration
no one got to say good bye to me
thats the way i wanted it

today i meet with a neurologist to review my neuro-
psychological testing that was done so that i can enter
studies in the universities azlheimers research area

i entered this to be a control subject in their study
a control subject is some one who does not have a disease
who is followed along with patients who have the disease
it looks like i might be a subject now  not a control subject

i knew when i went there originally that i had noticed some
subltle changes
no one else had noticed these changes  but i had
not even my wife she has noticed any changes

if you know me or met me you would not notice anything
(except i couldnt remember your name
a long problem i have had for 30 years)

it appears that those subtle changes are present and those
changes  will probably make me not want to work anymore
as they could interfere with my ability to practice medicine

wonder if and when my mom noticed these changes
how long before we noticed her  symptoms did this happen
to her

what about my close relative who was working
did he notice these changes months to years before
others noticed them
when did his wife notice them
when did they begin to interfere with his work

next the followup to the neurology visit

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

last day-thanks

this my last day to work as a physician
always considered myself lucky to have been able to
do in life what i wanted to do since i was a middle schooler

in high school i was able to work in a local hospital in the
summer on weekends and during holidays
our family was poor so not only did i get financial benefit from
working but i also was exposed to a lot in the hospital setting
it made me know that i wanted to be a family physician

during college i worked as a emergency room technician
on weekends, weeknights, and holidays
this also gave me financial support but also exposed me to
different doctors and different emergency situations

i was accepted to medical school but never wavered on what
kind of doctor i wanted to be
a family physician

i was accepted to a family practice residency
after completing my residency i owed the federal government
three years to work at an approved federal underserved area

i was able to create with some help a site in  the small
town near where i grew up       i  worked there for three years
although tramatic at times it was a learning experience that i
carried through out my career

after fulfilling my three year obligation and after sustaining a
large financial hit from my involvement with the local clinic
i was recritued to the area where i am working now
thanks to my medical school friend for helping me out in
my time of need

i have worked for 25 years as a family physician
i always wanted to be one

now it is time i have to quit not because i want to but
because a genetic health problem has risen its nasty head
and because of this will have to discontinue what i like to do

i do not ever dread going to work every day
feel like i have now just gotten good at what i do

realize that patients dont necessarily need all of the new
medications we have, the new tests we can do or need
the newest treatments available

they do better if you just listen to them, pat them on the
shoulder, be kind to them and be their advocate when
they need it

i have honed my skills in taking care of kids over my career so
that many of the kids have felt comfortable seeing me and look
forward to seeing me to get a sticker or sucker, hear my
duck voice, or have me joke with them
that part i will miss a lot

thanks to all my patients in the past for allowing me to fulfill
my dream of being a family physician
i hope i have done you a good job

thanks to my wife she for putting up with me during
my quest for my career
know she found hers

love yall
the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

hope for the future


except for the hat this is our hope for the future
innocent     disease free     no prejudice  
 happy     content     apolitical  

what will his generation experience    

will they make the world better    

will they do better than we did

this is our hope

thanks to the parents for allowing me to use this picture

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, December 20, 2010

composting toilet, drought is back

want a composting toilet
then would build an old outhouse around it
it uses no water or electricity
there is no septic system or sewer system to
deal with
if done right can actually use the ugh ugh compost
as compost
well maybe at the far end of my property on some
non edible tree that was planted

that would complete my recycling of everything on our

just also read about using worms in a composting
toilet to help breakdown the waste
now some things just aint right and thats one of them
red wigglers in a composting toilet
what would happen if they got out into my garden
wouldnt want those red wigglers to get loose

hope my wife she is too busy today shopping to read
about my new idea
sometimes she just wont let me do things and this might
be one of them

the biggest problem with rainwater harvesting  as your only
water source is the drought
have not had a good rain since october
no rain has occurred in december
the ground here in my pastures has cracks in them
that are getting wider every day
am sure this is how the grand canyon got formed

we had a huge rain this fall-10 inches in one night form hermie
the hurricane

(thats when my nephew he got dropped into the rainwater tank
trying to get the limestone rock out of the tank-see august blog)

however had two of my large tanks disconnected, had some
of my drain valves open, and a bird had stopped up one of my
downspouts on my roof
predict we probably lost half of the rain that night from
my rainwater collection system

now my tanks are over 50% full but would be 75% full if
none of the problems had not occurred with the system

of course its the wildlife that suffers the most
have several small tanks of water for the birds and
other animals to use

now if all that snow thats making the skiers happy could
just come down this way then we could get some
moisture here

the organicgreen doctor

Saturday, December 18, 2010

football soup

well its lull time in football season
no games for a few days
just the bowl games
now they have different names
cant tell what bowl game it is
lets see the spinach spaghettit bowl played in
butte, montana
wasnt that the avacado dip bowl that use to
be in new mexico
no that was the cornflakes bowl in nebraska

now the national championship game is played
sometime in january or february on a tuesday
night late at night when im already in bed
i think thats right
maybe will dvr it for later
heck just say auburn wins by a touchdown and
be done with it

do want to see razorbacks play in sugar bowl against
ohio state
want to see that quarterback from arkansas (could have
been at texas if michigan had not out recruited texas)
play again before he goes pro
maybe the redskins could use him (see below)

cowboys play redskins this weekend
lets see they are playing for ugh ugh to win
redskins quarterback is now the third string quarterback
and the starting quarterback is some one who thought
had disappeared
guess quarterbacks can play for ever as long as they
can breath, can think, can pass

go cowboys get this season over with and hire jason
garret as your coach

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, December 17, 2010

correction, watson vs my relative, whats happening in the clinic

am not like the newspapers
they hide their corrections on the back page where
you can not find them

am putting mine on the first part of the front page

the new solar project will cost $240,000,000 not
thats 1/4 the cost of jerrys stadium in arlington that the
cowboys are playing in
so which is the best for society
i vote solar project even though am big cowboy fan
but others may not

watson is a computer designed by ibm
they now want to test watson in a game of jeopardy
apparently this will happen in february
so far in contests with former contestants for jeopardy
watson has won over half the time

(we dont need watson we have google)

ibm did something similar in 1997 when their computer
deep blue played and beat the chess champion
garry kasparov

the contestants watson  will face will be against two of the
winningest  contestants in jeopardys history
the winner gets $1,000,000 (not $1,000)

well mr watson has not ever met nor will he be playing the
best jeopardy player ive ever seen

if you have ever played trivial pursuit with my white on white
relative then you know exactly who im writing about

his side always won trivial pursuit

he has watched jeopardy for years and we think he probably
writes the questions on the quizzes
have tried to get him several times to sign up to be on the
jeopardy show

guess it would not be fair to watson and the other contestants
if he did

am still seeing a lot patients with  bronchitis in the clinic in
all age groups

wish some of them would read my blog on acute bronchitis

cedar allergy season has officially started here
can attest to it as my eyes water as i type this blog
need my loratidine today

cedar will be bad this year because of our dry weather with
cold fronts moving through then the weather warming up

this triggers the pollen release from the cedars

also seeing some flu cases and some strep throats

also seeing people trying to empty out their flex accounts
if you dont use it you will loose it
am emptying out mine as fast as i can

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, December 16, 2010

solar projects

a small town of 700 near here has set up a 100 kilowatt solar
system to power a sewage treatment plant

this project will hopefully defray the cost of running the
treatment plant in the future
it will defray $13000 a year in cost for electricity to run the plant

the plant will produce more electricity than will be used by the
plant and will then send  the excess electricity back into the grid

during the day the meter will be spinning backwards
something mine does at my house
its fun to stand there and watch the meter number get smaller

this is a way to insulate the treatment plant from the increase
in energy rates

also this week it was announced that a company will open a
solar farm near here that will cost $240,000,000 to build

the solar farm will produce electricity from the 400,000 solar
panels that will be placed on the on 750 acres of an old farm

it will be the largest solar farm in the united states

the company is called rre austin solar a subsidiary of rre power
and will be opening its headquarters here in this area

also there is plans for the city near here to also open
a solar farm that will produce 30 megawatts annually

so the the new "lakes" you see as you fly over this area
in the future will really be fields of solar panels generating
electricity all day long

my little system on my house will produce 5500 kw a year
if the sun shines a lot in the year which has not been a problem
here lately

the state has also developed a huge numbers of wind mills in
the western part of the state which you have seen if you have
traveled that area lately
so far more wind power is produced than solar power in the
a university near here will eventually be receiving all of it power
from wind

now if the government would just move some of the subsidies
away from the oil gas and coal industry to the solar industry
there would even be a bigger boom in solar power production

the european countries especially germany have led the way in
solar power subsidies

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

acute bronchitis

am seeing a lot of acute bronchitis in the clinic

most cases of acute bronchitis are caused by a viral infection
(90% of these infections are viral)

there is no test that diagnoses acute bronchitis

the most prominent symptom is a cough which may last
for three weeks
as the cause is viral no antibiotics are indicated
even if there is green productive sputum

anibiotics should be used only if pertussis(whooping cough)
is suspected eg in unvaccinated people (there is a vaccine for
pertussis for adults <65     it is found in the tdap for tetanus  
the p is for pertussis    get it if you have not had it)

sometimes antibiotics are used for mycoplasma infections also
or in high risk patients such as the elderly or some one
with chronic lung disease

the zpack only works against the mycoplasma and pertussis
infection and not the viral infections

even if the antibiotics are used against the bacterial causes of
the bronchitis the symptoms usually remain ie the damn cough

the cough is treated with bronchidilators such as albuterol
if there is a wheezing component to the cough

antitussive medications  such as dextromethorphin,
codiene, and hydrocodone may help some
but should not be used in children under six years old

other common causes of cough are allergic rhinitis
(nasal allergies),asthma, copd, pneumonia, common cold,
acid reflux, heart failure, sinusitis, or post nasal drip

pneumonia usually causes fever, shortness of breath,
fast heart rate, abnormal breath sounds, the appearance of
looking ill

a recent adult patient with pneumonia seen in the clinic
had cough, felt bad, looked like he did not feel good,
had decreased breath sounds on one side and had
a low oxygen level  
he had pneumonia and was treated with high dose antibiotics

so what do you do if you have acute bronchitis

if cough is bothering you use otc medications such as
mucinex dm or prescription medications for cough
i personally use these so my wife she can sleep at night when
i get acute bronchitis
get rest
drink fluids
be patient
if wheezing may need bronchodilators such as albuterol

if elderly (that age gets higher every year) or if you have lung
disease or if you are in poor health see your doctor

the best treatment is usually time

a good reference for acute bronchitis for  patients is: http://familydoctor.org/online/famdocen/home/common/infections/common/mulitsource/677.html

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

laptops cooking your testicles, even more on dumpster diving

there was an article recently from reuters.com last month on
cooking your testicles with your laptop

maybe will stick with a desk top instead of a laptop

use a laptop all day long in my practice
take it with me when am seeing patients
usually have it on my lap most of the time when typing
office notes and doing prescriptions

my wife she when she reads this will probably request
that use only the desk top at work

apparently putting the laptop in your lap (in a study
that was done recently) increased the scrotal temperature by
2.5 degrees celsius
this is enough to potentially affect  sperm production
in past studies a rise of temperature of 1 degree celsius
was shown to affect sperm production

(hey maybe this is the new form of birth control that
women having been hoping for for years   birth control by dell
maybe could use your flex medical card to buy your next laptop)

even when the legs were spread apart the testicles still
warmed up but took twice as long

can see that now men sitting working on their laptop with
their legs spread apart to protect their package

not a pretty sight

am getting more and more comments on the dumpster diving
surely this many people arent doing it
well will admit have taken stuff out of a dumpster before

according to a relative and reader of this blog
apparently there is a form of dumpster diving called
curbside recycling -its treasure hunting the night before
the trash trucks come

according to the relative there  is an etiquette to follow

if the item is a high dollar item you have to ask the neighbor
the item has to be on the opposite side of the sidewalk
(ie on the curb not in their yard) not on their porch or
in their garage

when the relative is through using the item then he places
it on the curbside for recycling or donates it to a local charity

listed recycled items in the past  are a hedge trimmer,
a motor cycle, and a grill
all were repaired and used and then recycled

alway wondered why he always had a truck

this is ultimate recycling
this is ultimate green living

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, December 13, 2010

tomatoes(yum yum), football, more on dumpster diving


these are just a few of our green tomatoes we picked
recently right before the 20 degree weather
we picked all of the green tomatoes and wrapped each with newspaper  and placed them in a
25 lb bag (recycled of course)
we put another batch in another 25 lb bag without
wrapping them
we put some out on our table so they would ripen

these tomatoes above are all heirloom      lost the
names of them so dont know what they are except
one is the black zebra
the green ones are placed in the picture to show what
they looked like when we picked them
some of the tomatoes ripen when they are red like
the usual tomato and some are a darker color and
some are a green red mixture

the flavor is the best
know will be sad when they are all gone
hopefully they will last until january
then will have to buy those nasty tomatoes at the
grocery store

here is a link to an article by the dirt doctor in his
newsletter    it is about different ways to store the
tomatoes when they are picked green


well the cowboys lost
the game was close
but will say its michael vicks year
theyll get another chance at the eagles in the next
few weeks

not sure how feel about michael vick
he did serve his time in prison for his crimes
he has done all the right things to rehab himself
should he have gotten a second chance
would it be easier to accept if it was about drugs
instead of about dogs

am from the south and know that dog fighting goes on
and has for a long time

andy reid his eagle coach has forgiven him
andy reids two sons spent time in prison for drugs
and have gone through rehabilitation
and from reports are productive members of society
he has some compassion for people coming out of
prison who have paid their debt to society

hopefully michael vick is rehabillitated and will continue
to do all the right things in the future

he is sure fun to watch

sorry can not reveal the name of the relative that did the
dumpster diving
have to protect the innocent
plus if i do im in deep trouble

some one replied that when they lived in another state
they did not have to dumpster dive as it was all thrown
on the side of the street and you could just pick what you
whats that called ........ditch diving

the organicgreen doctor

Sunday, December 12, 2010

football, dumpster diving

well today is a big day for the cowboys
if they win tonight against philadelphia then
everyone will be a jason garrett and cowboy

make be tough to beat michael vick and the
he is one of the hottest quarterback this year (of course
tom brady is at the top of the list)

lets go boys

have a relative-that person knows who it is- recently went
dumpster diving to get things  a store was throwing away
the store wasnt opened that day for some reason so that
person just went back of the store and dumpster dived

that person found a lot of good things that that person
will incorporate into a gift for someone for christmas

no one will know the source of the materials  that was
used to make the gift
am now always suspicious of gifts from that person

will admit that i
tried to dumpster dive at the grocery store because felt
it was such a waste for them to throw away all the vegetables
and fruits that were damaged but the dumpster was enclosed
so that no dumpster diving could be done

again what a waste of food that could be used to feed the
hungry and needy folks and my backyard chickens

have a good sunday
congratulations again to my medcial friends son for his

the organicgreen doctor

Saturday, December 11, 2010

my medical school friends son, football

my medical school friends son is graduating with a masters
degree from the seminary
a preacher come on man a preacher
yes hes a preacher

my father was a baptist preacher
from the stories from his youth
am sure that when he was a teenager that no one
expected him to be a preacher
but he did
people and kids do mature and change and become
a successful professional
gosh look what happened to me and my medical
school friend

my medical school friends son has worked hard to get his
degree and now to get his masters degree
think he has found what he wants to do in life
so what to wish him the best for the future
from both my wife she and myself

well maybe ill just will tell one story on him though
hmmm better not do that
his dad has too many he could tell on me so will not
tell any stories on him today

arkansas is playing ohio state in the sugar bowl
what a good match up for arkansas
their quarterback will probably be the top qb in the draft
may be one of the better bowl games

texas has retired or resigned much of their staff
change sometimes is good
after the bowl games a new staff will be put into place
they can only get better next year they were so
bad last year

cowboys play philadelphia this weekend
if they win they will definitely be back and may see
jason garret back as the head coach
that will be good

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, December 10, 2010

it aint right, c2bs2

it just aint right that we have to have toll roads
thought about this last night on our way home
from a christmas party when i looked up at the
price of gas at  the gas station where i had last
bought gas
it had jumped 10 cents a gallon since then
guess they(whoever they are) are trying to get us
ready for the holiday season
we will be contributing more to the economy now
by spending more for gas

of course a large portion of the cost of a gallon of
gas is for highways-repair and building them
so why do we have to have toll roads if we have
all that tax money for highway improvement

the toll roads are forever once they are built
its like herpes once you have it you have it forever

of course i do have a toll tag on all my vehicles and use
them whenever its convenient
makes getting to the airport real easy during rush hour
and makes our commute easy especially in the afternoon

even though they are real convenient it just doesnt seem
right that we are paying for riding on a toll road that should
be paid for by taxes on gasoline

it just aint right

ok the colonoscopy comments and jokes are coming in
guess will accept all of them if it helps to create more
awareness of the need for colonoscopy
get er done if you have not had yours

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, December 9, 2010

what to do in the garden for december, c2bs2(colonoscopy)

in this area can plant asparagus
planted bed 3 years ago and had first crop of asparagus
sure was good

feed any cool season vegetables regularly so they will
grow well     they  need that extra boost of energy

keep bare ground in beds well mulched to keep weed growth

it is a good time to prepare new beds
do raised beds here    get good garden soil from a
local nursery that has organic compost fertilizer etc
already added then cover with a layer of mulch for the
winter or overgrow it with a green cover crop such as
winter rye or vetch,

leaves-dont let them leave your property
use them as mulch around plants, mow them and leave
them in the grass as long as the leaves arent too thick,
or put them in the compost pile or give them to me

if you have fruit trees mulch with compost around the base
of the tree      dont leave the mulch or compost up
against the tree trunk

mulch around trees and shrubs especially newly planted ones
this protects the roots from the cold and helps keep moisture
in the soil        it also will break down into the soil eventually

c2bs2 stands for chair to black snake #2 ie a colonoscopy

this will be my second one
met with the doctor yesterday to discuss having this done
he  did my last one so there was nothing new to discuss
its been ten years since my last one so it is time for my 2nd one

the day before you get on a liquid diet all day
then in the evening you take the bad stuff-the dynamite
stuff that cleans you out good
guess if colon cleansing works to get rid of toxins ill find out
after this
this time opted not to take the bad castor oil tasting gallon
of stuff that you have to drink
instead will be taking some pills then drinking a bottle
of a green explosive liquid that finishes me off for the night

was told to stay within eyesight of a bathroom or outhouse for
the rest of the evening

will blog more about this experience later but wont go into details

if everyone followed the american cancer guidelines for
screening for colon cancer at age 50 the number of deaths from
colon cancer would be cut in half

go to the american cancer website  www.cancer.org and
type in 'colon cancer screenings' to read about their

they will vary according to your history or family history but
every one needs a colon exam at 50 no matter what the history
 is is

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

black snake

at first did not know what the black snake was
heard an employee talking about her husband was
getting a black snake
wasnt sure why
it is cold and why would you have one in your house

then heard patient talking about the black snake

so asked them what is a black snake
was thinking maybe an indigo black snake like we
had when was in college
it was long and pretty
we use to take it to  schools for the kids to watch
it slither around in the grass
we also would let the kids hold the snake
to help them overcome their fear of snakes

i know my medical school friends wife is shaking
reading about the black snake
dont think she will ever overcome the fear of snakes

back to the black snake story-
so asked them whats a black snake
they said you know a colonoscopy

well today i have a consulatation with a doctor
to set up my meeting with the black snake
had one ten years ago so it is time to get another one
remember nothing of having the procedure done the
last time
they gave me some happy juice in the vein and the next
thing i knew my wife she was driving me on the way  home
dozed most of the afternoon
had my colon cleansing done though

remember the worse was drinking that old stuff that
tasted like castor oil
if you ever had to take that then you know what it tasted

remember my nurse she gave me a hint to buy the lemon-lime
flavor and then cut up a lime in eighths and squirt some in each
cup of that junk that i had to drink
that did cut the nasty taste a lot
thanks my nurse she

seriously, i do try to practice what i preach to my patients
even though i have to force myself to do it sometimes

colonoscopy every 10 years starting at 50 years old -done

more on this later

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

pearl harbor day, now its christmas, our green christmas tree

today is pearl harbor day
this was my parents 9-11
the us was not in wwII until the japanese did this
surprise attack on pearl harbor
over 2300 american military personal were killed
it destroyed a large portion of the american battleship

as per roosevelt  it was a day that will live in infamy

go to www.nps.gov for more information

dont feel like its christmas until after thanksgiving is over
seems we should be celebrating thanksgiving during
then when december is here thats when we should
begin to celebrate christmas
hearing christmas music before thanksgiving just
aint right
now is the time for the christmas spirit to start
christmas cards are coming in
looking through gift catalogues and on websites for
gift ideas
decorating the house and putting up christmas lights
listening to the christmas music

dont go quite as extensive as we use to do but do
keep the christmas spirit, music, decorations,the tree
and gifts going during the season

do have a happy holiday

we try to do as much as we can to stay green
we heat our house with a wood burning stove, we have
solar panels for some of our electricity, we have a
rainwater collection system for our water system, we recycle
our plastic, glass, newspapers, leaves, etc,  our cars all get
40 mpg, and my wife she and i commute together

feel that future generations will appreciate all this green
stuff every one is doing now

we now have a green christmas tree
why is it green
we put on our boots and walked around our pasture
looking at small cedar trees to dig up and put in a large
pot for our christmas tree
no pollution except for some methane produced when
was walking

after christmas day this tree will be transplanted to a site
where am planting a visual block along our property line

the ultimate green christmas tree

one of my nieces bought a camera but cant figure how
how to work it because the directions are not in english
think this may say a lot about our status in the world

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, December 6, 2010

reunion, go cowboys

we had our first reunion this year for our family
never seen so many people that looked and acted
the same

we had not been together since my moms funeral
a few years ago

never seen so much gray hair in the men
for some reason except for a few none of the women
seem to have gray hair

never know that these people were professional people-
retired army, retired fireman, fireman, teachers, doctors,
professors, principals the way everyone were having a good
of course the food was good as it always was

there were lots of old stories some probably stretched and
some altered to sound good

remember once my youngest brother he walked between
my other brother he when we were fighting
my younger he was hit in the face with a metal piece from an
old plow      he was covered in blood       he had to be taken
to the emergency room to get sutured      he still has the scar
on the upper lip and face     know i didnt throw that thing
and hit him      know it was my other brother      there
has never been an agreement on who threw it      
wasnt an agreement that day either
(its my blog so i didnt throw it)

there was a lot of pictures     many had not seen for years
there were videos to watch      old memories were brought
forward    most of them good ones

several  old friends stopped by and said hello

most of the grandkids and great grandkids  were there also    
dang they look like their parents

overall it was a good reunion
we plan to have one every year
tis nice to see everyone together at one time

thanks to email and facebook its much easier to stay in touch
during the year
but there is no substitution for a hug and personal conversation

well now it feels better to be a cowboy fan
they are 3-1 in last four games-should be 4-0
they cant make the playoffs but they can end the season
on a high note for next year
maybe they found their coach huh

have not seen the bowl pairings this morning
hope arkansas got the sugar bowl or equivalent
like to watch that quarterback play

the organicgreen doctor

Sunday, December 5, 2010

cowboys, more football

cowboys play the colts today
may not be pretty if peyton is on today
wish boys would at least get an even record
but they have a tough schedule of games left
have to play philadelphia twice and the colts today
dont think it will happen

maybe next year

auburn cooked the game cocks  
made fried chicken out of them
newton looked good

now its oregon vs auburn
speed vs newton
(one of our local running backs signed with oregon
he is a track star also)

prediction oregon
newton will probably win the heisman
is he going to be another reggie bush
where it gets taken away again

nebraska was beaten by oklahoma
stoops owns the big 12 championship
see ya nebraska good luck in the big 10
lets see ohio state wisconsin michigan

the bowl games will come out today
will it be arkansas in the sugar
texas am to the cotton bowl
texas to the toilet bowl

the local team lost by one point to
the professional high school team in the
regional playoff game
game went down to the last minute
turnovers were the difference in the game

the organicgreen doctor

Saturday, December 4, 2010

just football

nebraska plays oklahoma today in the big 12 game
its nebraskas last chance to come out on top in this league
prediction nebraska looses

auburn plays south carolina in the sec championship game
you always have to watch out for the sly fox coach from
south carolina
would like to see auburn go undefeated
prediction auburn wins
but wouldnt it be interesting if auburn lost

in this area there is a big 4a regional play off game between
the team where i practice and a nearby team
they will be playing at texass football stadium
there is expected to be 40-50000 people there to see
this game
who wins this game will probably win the state championship
would be a good one to be on espn for sure
go timberwolves

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, December 3, 2010


the carver was really an artisian, an artist,and  a remarkable
woodworker and man
loved talking to him as his accent speech and mannerism
reminded me of people where i grew up in the south
he spoke my language
he was a special person
always enjoyed spending time with him
everyone where i work enjoyed having him come by and
show us his handywork
he will be missed

my  wife she first encountered him when she bought a
wooden cutting board for my medical school friends son
and wifes wedding present
she was looking for some one to carve their names on
the cutting board and put the date of their wedding on it

she went to a nearby small town and asked around
they told him the carver was located 1 block off the main

she took the board in to his shop      he was in the
back and came up front      she told him what he
wanted     he took the board looked at it and said
he thought he could do it      he said first though
that he needed something to calm his nerves
he reached in his pocket and took a plug of tobacco
and put it in his lip and said ok im ready

he took the board and carved the names and dates
on it     of course it was perfect
she said how much      he said nothing  
he got it back from me later       he never knew
though that was my wife

one day he bought by one of the wooden bowls he
carved from mesquite      told him i was looking for a
large bowl for out kitchen table     asked him how much

it was more than i wanted to pay

after a few weeks he was called to see if he still had the
bowl     no he had sold it     later he told me he had
pulled up to a parking spot and a lady pulled up next to him
she saw the bowl      she asked how much    
he told her and she wrote him a check for it

later he came by to show me some of his work     asked
him if he could make me a bowl with a chicken theme
he said sure     he  had a mesquite stump that he had bought
recently that he would carve for us    although carve doesnt do
his work justice
never discussed the price      had already decided would pay
what ever he asked

a few weeks later he bought in the bowl
as my wife she would say it was 'amazing'
it was so much more than i was expecting

it was 2 ft x 2 ft and was a chicken sitting with the middle
portion carved out, with a detailed head, detailed wings,
and detailed tail       it was heavy as it was from mesquite

didnt argue the price just paid it

this bowl will last forever       it will be passed down for

we keep the bowl in the center of our dining room table and
keep fruit or veggies in it      
every morning and night always think of the carver when i go
by it    
now that he is gone  i pause a little longer and think about him
and can just hear him talking    

thanks again for the 'carving' and thanks again for letting me
know you

you will be missed

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, December 2, 2010

can grow herbs inside, acorns, c2rc2

you can grow may herbs inside during the winter
just start with a good potting soil      one used here is
the lady bug brand of potting soils     it is organic and
works well

the herbs have to be in a bright window or under a
these can be moved outside in the spring when the
weather is warmer

herbs easily grown inside are basil, rosemary(commonly
sold as table christmas trees), chives, mint, oregano,
parsley, sage, thyme, and aloe vera

we keep several of these growing at our house and
just move them out on to the deck later in the spring

what do do with all of those acorns from the oaks
many people with a lot of oaks in their yard have this

acorns can be planted in pots with good organic
potting soil      do this every  year and plant the
new oaks in my yard

they can be placed in the compost pile as a good
source of protein       also can crush them first as
they will break down quicker

they can be just left where they are and the animals
insects and bacteria and fungi will eat them
our dogs eat them
they are mildly toxic but  a person or animal would have to
eat a lot to get ill

or just let the squirrels plant them for you and enjoy
the new oak trees

until next time

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

sleep apnea, c2rc2

with sleep apnea you breathe shallow or quit breathing
while you are asleep  
some people will do this a hundred times a night
obstructive sleep apnea (osa) is the most common form
of sleep apnea

osa occurs when the there are repeated episodes of
obstruction of the upper airways    
patients with this work hard to open the airways using their
diaphragms and chest muscles to get air into their lungs    
when the breathing occurs there can be loud gasping, snoring ,
or jerking of the body

all this interferes with sleep and can lower the oxygen level
to the vital organs-brain, heart, kidneys

many times the patient with osa do not realize that they
do this but their partners do

symptoms of osa are fatigue, being sleepy in the daytime,
dry mouth in the morning, headaches, trouble concentrating,
forgetfulness, depression or irritibility, restlessness,
sexual dysfunction, snoring, sudden awakenings at night
with gasping or choking, and difficulty getting up in the morning

patients with osa are more likely to be overweight (>50%),
one in 25 are men and one in 50 women,
if someone you are kin to has it then you are more likely
to have it     chances of getting osa goes up with age
(why does all the bad stuff get worse as you get older-
aint right)

osa is more common in people with thick necks--well
men in my family look in the mirror
osa is more common in patients with small airways-throat,
nose, or mouths(not a problem with my kinfolks)
kids and adults  can have osa from enlarged or swollen  tonsils

risks factors for getting osa are overweight, age,
sex-not the act, hypertension, and risks factors for
heart disease and strokes    this includes most of the
men folk in my family

osa is diagnosed first by seeing your doctor for an exam
and a sleep history     of course i think the doctor should be
your primary care doctor

osa is usulaly diagnosed with a sleep study  usually in a
sleep lab
the study monitors airflow, oxygen level, breathing patterns,
brain activity, heart rate, blood pressure and muscle activity

if osa is diagnosed sometimes 10% weight loss can make a
sleeping pills and alcohol may be eliminated as they can
aggravate osa
some patients have osa only on their backs so devices as
pillow and things sewn into shirts to keep the patient off
their backs can help-have had patients sew a tennis ball
into the back of their sleeping shirts
some patients with nasal congestion can be treated with
daily nasal sprays to keep the nasal  airway open
around here we have a lot of allergy problems so some
patients get benefit from using nightly steroid nasal sprays

most patients are treated with a cpap machine and wear
a mask over their nose and mouth which then blows air into
their airways to keep all the tissues of the airway open

some patients may benefit from surgical procedures to
make the airway larger such as a tonsillectomy, removing
extra tissue, fixing a deviated septum etc
these are done if the cpap doesnt work

biggest problem i see in my practice is that patients
get the evaluation done and get the cpap machine and
then dont use it-a big waste (waist) of a lot of money-

but those with bad osa who have a lot of symptoms and
use the machine can have a life changing experience
many loose the day time sleepiness, the marked fatique,
notice a drop in blood pressure and have an over all feeling
of well being

information from www.webmd.com and my experiences
with osa in my practice

well today is chair to root canal 2   its the follow up
visit but still have to have all that .... done again

the organicgreen doctor