welcome to the organic green doctor blog

i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Sunday, October 31, 2010

why do they-grass and yards,football/baseball, c25k niece did it

why do they spend so much time and energy on their grass 
and yards

this from an email from my brother he is another organic

well god and st francis was talking 

god-you know all about those gardens and nature
whats going on down there
what happened to the dandelions, violets, milkweeds and
stuff i started eons ago      those plants grow in any soil
can withstand drought and multiply like crazy
the nectar provides food for bees butterflies and birds
i should see  vast colors by now but all i see are these 
green circles

st francis-its the tribes that settle there    the suburbanites
they call your flowers 'weeds' and went to great lengths to
kill them and replace them with grass

god-grass? its so boring    its not colorful    it doesnt
attract butterflies, birds and bees: only grubs and
sod worms     its sensitive to temperatures     do these
suburbanites really want all that grass growing there?

st francis-they go to great lengths to grow it and
keep it green     they begin each spring by fertilizing grass
and poisoning any other plant that crops up in the lawn

god-the spring rains and warm weather must make
the grass grow really fast     that must make the
suburbanites really happy

st francis-no as soon as it grows a little they cut it
sometimes twice a week

god-they cut it?      do they bale it like hay?

st francis-no they rake it up and put it in bags

god-they bag it?     is it a cash crop?    do they sell it?

st francis-no sir      they pay to throw it away

god-let me get this straight     they fertilize the grass so
it will grow     and when it does grow they cut it off and
pay to throw it away

they must be relieved in the summer when we cut back
on the rain and turn up the heat     that surely slows the
growth and saves them a lot of work

st francis-you arent going to believe this but when the grass
stops growing so fast they drag out hoses and pay
more to water it and pay to get rid of it

god-what nonsense     at least they kept some of the trees
that was a sheer stroke of genius    the trees grow leaves
in the spring to provide shade in the summer    in the fall
they fall to the ground and form a natural blanket to keep
moisture in the soil and protect the trees and bushes
its a natural cycle of life

st francis-you better sit down lord     as soon as the leaves
fall   they rake them into great piles and pay to have them
hauled away

plant native grasses, landscape away your grass, use plants
and grasses that dont need much additional water

water is going to be the limiting factor in the world in the future
for its growth and survival

razorbacks won over vandy    next week south carolina

longhorns got beat by baylor ie they beat themselves
next week have kansas state

go rangers go    win next and tie up the series

cowboys better win today

although injured she completed her first 5 k

the organicgreen doctor

Saturday, October 30, 2010

fall is here, c25k niece, football/baseball, concussions football

fall is finally here
temperature this am here is 38
would be great deer hunting weather
thats next weekend here
dont deer hunt any but a lot of deer hunting
goes on around here    alpha dog one and beta dog 2
dont like deer season or dove season

have my tomatoes covered to keep from freezing
hope it works     have a good crop going right now
plan to wrap them with newspaper and store them
right before the first big cold snap

have been looking forward to the first cold morning
here on a saturday
woke up this am and it is 60 in our living room
umh just right for our wood burning stove
got it already to go last week so all had to do was
light the wood
its dark    wood smells good   fire going great  
lights are out in living room   have a cup of coffee
going    it dont get better than this

when my wife she gets up this morning will both
sit in our chairs watching the fire   drinkin' our coffee and
tea    getting warm    talkin'   then will swing around in
the chairs and watch the sun rise in the east

it definitely dont get better than this

well she is going to make the race but will have to walk
because of injuries
proud of her for training for this and carrying it through
good luck    do another one also

razorbacks vs vanderbilt today    razorback should win

longhorns vs baylor    if longhorns loose things will get worse
in the media     news media said at beginning of season they
need to run more and quit passing so much now they say
they need to quit running ball so much and need to pass more
am glad not a coach

now the cowboys  if they loose against the
jacksonville tomorrow it really going to get ugly
in the media

now the world series
this is a must win for rangers-loose today and thats it
will be disappointing if they dont do better in world series
after such a good season and post season

high school player in kansas died this am after getting
tackled     as he fell he hit his head     had already
scored 2  touchdowns      had a concussion early this
month    he died later at the hospital     probably was
a new bleed in the head or and an extension of a small
bleed from the previous concussion
finally the nfl is paying attention and here next year much
stricter guide lines are in place for concussions in high school

have always been overprotective of players with
head injuries in our practice
makes the coaches  the players  and the parents mad
but really dont care about that      hopefully have prevented
something bad happening to a player in my career

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, October 29, 2010

three almost heart attacks, giants 2 rangers 0 not good

65 year old man came into the office for routine six
month check for cholesterol and asthma
he smokes (bug him about it every time he
comes in)
have patients fill out a form with questions about
their cholesterol blood pressure side effects to
he had circled chest pain
asked him about it
well you know had pressure in chest that lasted
for about an hour then it went away
well you know did an ekg which showed new changes
well you know he was shipped via ambulance to er
well you know he got angioplasted that day

he is doing fine now is on simvastatin for lipids which
are well controlled and this scared him enough he quit

another 70 year old patient came early for his afternoon
appointment     he had vague complaints when he made
the appointment     he sat in the waiting room during
lunch     when he came back to the  exam room he
finally admitted to having chest pain all night long

hooked him up to an ekg     well he had the tombstone
changes on his ekg (called this because the ekg tracing
line goes up then drops so that it looks like a tombstone
every time the heart beats)(also called tombstone
because of what it means if not treated quickly)

gave him aspirin and nitroglycerin and nitroglycerin
the changes got better
he was transferred to the er and had angiopasty
that day
he has also done well since then

the third patient came in for a physical
he did not admit to any problems until right before
we were finished with the physical
oh my the way he said
had chest pressure when snorkling on vacatiion
wanted it checked out better
he had mild elevated cholesterol, was in great physical
conditioning, maintained his weight where it should be
not some one you would think would have problems

he was sent to cardiology    he flunked a stress test
he had an angiogram which showed significant
arterial disease     he got a 3 vessel by pass that week

saw him recently for annual physical      he had just
came back from a lengthy vacation where he hiked and
snorkled without problems

men pay attention to your symptoms
quit smoking
control your blood pressure
maintain your weight
control your cholesterol
do exercise

think that the cowboys must be rubbing off on the rangers
they need to turn it around this weekend
come on rangers

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, October 28, 2010

c2rc done, c25k niece, world series-dang

well got her done
the root canal is finished

have always dreaded the trips to the dentist in years past
this one has not been dreaded as bad as the dang thing has
hurt for over a month
have been on medications now for over a month to control
the pain
was ready to just get it done and get off the medications and
quit having pain

have to drive an hour to get to the dentist(endodontist)
as live in the country away from civilization (dont mind that though)
just have to drive that hour thinking about whats coming
its a back tooth and is hard to get numb which means more
needles and shots which dont like

got to the office early but had to wait 2 hours before
he could get started  
it was so cold in the office
wondered why it was so cold until the work began
then it sure was hot in there

he has a torture test he does with an ice cube up
against the potential tooth-he has to be sure he has the
right tooth     when the ice cube hits the right tube it
makes you come out of the chair-wonder he doesnt get
bit-thought about it in the past

today told him no ice cube test please so he
used the tap on the tooth with a metal tool
still hurt like hell  but he did find the right tooth
(already knew which it was)

he started doing the injections and doing the injections and
doing the injections and waited but the torture test still was
positive     now the air conditioner needed to be turned down
so he says well guess will have to do the old bone numbing
shot-thought o----  doesnt sound good at all

he finally put a gallon of numbing medicine in there and
it finally started to numb it (you know its good and numb
because you slur your words and drool uncontrollably
when you talk)

then he started the grinding sanding spraying grunting
said oh its a hot one alright
finally it was all finished
did not feel bad at all-of course it was all numb

got the bill for it-well that made me feel bad also
maybe should have been a dentist intead

worse part now is have to go back get numb again
reopen up the holes   remove the packings then
permanently seal the tooth
all this in one month

as long as the pain goes away guess dont care what gets
is much better this am

she has  some runner injuries  now
so is resting the injuries so she can
do the c25k this weekend
she may have to walk it instead
but she is determined to finish what she started
go girl

giants put it to the rangers last night
my son he  has become a giant fan now

well never thought  would ever be a longhorn fan
but now am one

well one of us will be happy when this series is over

go rangers

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

alzheimers n coffee, world series tonight, basketball, c2rc0d

my librarian niece she facebooked(umm new word?) me about
news of coffee n alzheimers
had also seen news blurb on this
thanks for info

so did research on it-you know googled it

definite research agree with and like

it appears that maybe 5 cups of coffee a day may
protect the brain from alzheimers
wow man would sure make you productive during
the day
all those day off honey dos would get done
could make it through the movies and through
the ball games
but would have to go pee a lot though(caffeine acts as a
wouldnt have to take any afternoon naps on days off
but would have trouble falling asleep at night though
would have some shaking of the hands during the day
would or might have an increase in blood pressure

but gosh if it worked would be glad to put up with
all that

it appears that in rats that caffeine decreases the production
of abnormal amyloid-like proteins in the brain-thought to be
the culperts in developing alzheimers

(will do a blog later about research measuring
amyloid protein in spinal fluid as a predictor of whether
you will develop alzheimers)

my white on white relative drinks a ton of coffee so he should
have some protection huh!
people who are heavy coffee drinkers (like me) tend to me
more active than those couch potatoes
it also may be that increase in activity that may be protective
as well
control of weight   control of blood pressure    exercise
control of  lipids    control of diabetes   and now
caffeine use may help prevent or slow down development of
however genetics appears to be the  big determinant of whether you will
develop the disease-man that sucks
these things may just modify the risk some

rangers vs giants
texas vs california
dallas vs san francisco
future in laws vs future daughter in law
better leave this alone

love to watch basketball
celtics vs heat
celtics won 88-80
thought it was going to be a blow out by celtics
lj woke up eventually
think heat will get  better as season progresses
why does dwyane wade spell his name wrong

today is chair to root canal day
now can get off all that naproxyn and acetaminophen have
been overdosing on
now hopefully can overdose on my snickers, peanut brittle,
banana pudding, sees candy..............

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

save those tomatoes, cowboys are toast, c2rc1d

tomatoes are abundant in the garden right now
thanks to the warm weather have had
now if frost will just stay away for awhile
know its coming soon

try to keep the plants from freezing as long as possible
will use row cover  sheets  blankets if frost is coming as know
that a warm up will be coming right after a cool spell

when it looks like the big freeze is coming and cant
protect those tomatoes then will pick  them all at
one time

save them two ways
-especially the small sweet 100 or grape tomatoes-
my wife she will  place them in a freezer bag and
toss them in the freezer
my wife she uses them in soups  pasta and with any
recipe calling for tomatoes

the larger tomatoes are wrapped individually with newspapers
(another way to recycle) then are placed in a box and kept
in our kitchen closet or under a bed where it is dark and cool
one year we just wrapped them and threw them  in a
five gallon bucket
some will rotten but most turn into nice juicy tomatoes
that are great in salads

some years we have tomatoes through part of the winter
enjoy those maters

well the cowboys are toast now
romo has a fractured clavicle and will be out for awhile
would start working on developing a good backup say
maybe stephen mcgee-he could be another romo

sorry jerry no superbowl for you this year

chair to root canal last day
tomorrow is it
dang am ready
saw liitle boy in clinic that broke his front tooth off
this weekend       now he has to have a root canal
done before he gets it capped    
he said "whats a root canal?"
mom you tell him

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, October 25, 2010

it aint right, c25k niece, c2rc2d, thanks for comments

it aint right what they did to those high school referees in
washington state

the refs for a high school game got together and decided
to donate their checks for refereeing their high school
football game to the susan komen cancer foundation

also in honor of those who have had breast cancer they
decided to use pink whistles  during the games
what a great idea

well not a great idea from the viewpoint of the head of
the states high school refs
the pink whistles violated the uniform protocol for  state
high school officials
the refs are only suppose to use black whistles
the refs would have to be disciplined for violating the rules
as it would send a wrong message to student athletes
they would be suspended for two games

say what         what planet does he live on

the refs who used the pink whistles will not be able to ref
in the next two high school playoff games which is the
annual high point of their jobs each year

the refs feel like it is worth the sacrifice to support breast
cancer awareness

again it just aint right

t-5 days

t-2 days

thanks for all the comments on the blog on the
orchid cactus
a very interesting plant

cowboys tonight
???????? hope its their night

the organicgreen doctor

Sunday, October 24, 2010

orchid cactus-my mom she, world series-yes, football:) :(,c2rc3d


my mom she gave a cutting
of this plant that she had
for a long time
can just throw it on the
ground and it will start

it is apparently originally from south america where it
grows on rotting logs or leaves in dappled light

my mom she grew it inside her house
it never got big there
those of you who knew my mom she may recognize this
plant from her house
it was always in a small pot in the house
never grew that much

well one day while watching television saw them talking
about a plant that had a pretty flower on it
it was called the orchid cactus
that was the plant mom gave to grow here

well had my plant for years and it newer bloomed
nor did my mom shes bloom either

had given 'leaves' to other people at work
they told me and showed me pictures of it
blooming into a  white flower

eventually placed mine on the upper deck where it only got
dappled sun and look what happened

this bloomed and lasted only one day
thanks mom think of you every time this happens

well its the rangers against the giants
texas vs california
us against them
my wife she and i against my older sons future wife
not sure if he is staying neutral or not
no bets to be made
dont wont to mess up that wedding journey at all
will accept whoever wins
just hope it is the rangers

razorback won :)
longhorns lost :(
maybe cowboys will win on monday night football

t-3 days

the organicgreen doctor

Saturday, October 23, 2010

rangers win rangers win, football, c25k, c2rc4d

ssssttttttttrrriiiiiikkkkee  three yur out
thanks alex for rangers first world series
(think he is still on rangers payroll so he was just
paying his dues hahaahahaha)

now can start watching baseball this fall instead of
football for a few days

rollin nolin is a great owner
here in this area we will now have the rangers
triple a team
wont that be exciting
especially if rangers win it all

think that the team using ginger ale to pour over
every one out of respect for josh hamiltons problems
with drug and alcohol is special
hope they get to do it again this year

guess will have to pull out my old blue and white stuff
from sons high school days and my old hat with the t on it

want a rangers-giants world series
sorry relatives out west have to pull for the rangers

razorbacks vs ole miss this late am
hope qb is back for arkansas

longhorns vs iowa state today
dam fox sports and dish are fighting over cost so
game wont be on dish here today
they sure know how to make fans mad at them

cowboys on monday night football this next  week
vs the giants
dumdedumdum  dum for cowboys if they loose
a top defense + a top offense = 4 losses
something aint right in dallas
hope they pull it out on monday night

niece is on day two wk 6
got 7 days left
take care of leg pains
go easy last few days before race
good luck

c2rc4d today that is chair to root canal in 4 days
tickticktickticktick cant wait
or is it throbthrobthrobthrobthrob

advise to kids brush your teeth, floss twice a day,
do regular dental checkups, decrease high sugar foods
except of course chocolate

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, October 22, 2010

whats happening in clinic, c25k niece, c2rc6days

remember once in a previous practice my regular nurse was
out for illness
had a new sub in nurse      had not worked with her before
usually nervous about that
with the regular nurse dont have to think or tell nurse what
to do and dont have to know where things are at  and
things just run smoother when  busy

this day the new nurse was checking in new patient
was doing my coffee and paper work
she came out of the room and said
think you need to look at this kid
shes having trouble breathing
(felt better about working with this nurse after this)

walked in the room where a 2 year old girl was sitting
in dads lap
she sounded like a freight train with her breathing
her oxygen level was low-called an oxygen saturation-at
86% (normal for her was 98-100%)

this always makes the heart(the doctors) beat faster
warned dad that may have to call ambulance
to take her to the hospital
that did not go over well
started crying and calling his wife

told him she probably had bronchiolitis-a viral infection
commonly caused by rsv virus
started a nebulizer treatment on her to try to open up
her airways so she could breath

while getting the nebulizer treatment
spent time with dad drawing diagrams on the
exam table paper explaining what bronchiolitis was
how it was treated and how long the symptoms would last

after the treatment her saturation came up to 91%
-a level that could keep her out of the ambulance and
emergency room
he the dad began to feel better about his daughter after the
explanation of her illness and her improving condition
the child was breathing slower and had began to play some
with a play toy we keep in the room

later gave her another treatment and she was even better
kept her there for 2 hours observation
at discharge her saturation was closer to normal at 95-96%
she was down on floor playing with toys
she was sent home with every 4 hour treatments
with followup office visit in the morning
she did well by 72 hours-still  was on treatments
but was up and playing
dad was much better also

saved them a $4000 dollar ambulance ride and probably $5000
emergency room visit by being able to treat and clear her up
in the office
a healthy child is priceless

well she is about 1 week away
until the 5k race
keep up the prep
good luck next saturday

c2rc6days stands for chair to root canal in 6 days
had one before know what to expect
just have to wait too long to get er done
could do it now without anesthesia and woudnt care

results of poor dental care as a child, not following the advise
of dentist to get wisdom teeth removed several years ago
resulted in a broken tooth that resulted in a crown which
resulted in an inflammed nerve which resulted in the need for a root canal

had to have wisdom teeth removed before could get the
crown done to fix the broken tooth which caused .......

having wisdom tooth removed as you get older is no fun
oral surgeon said something about a hammer and chisel

was told shouldnt have much pain afterwards
but then why did he give me a prescription for
thirty high dose vicodin
to use after the wisdom teeth were removed

he lied about the pain  and now know why he gave me
that many pain pills

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, October 21, 2010

recovering drummer on one of the best high school bands in this area


                                          edited by corbin clem

this is a 20 second segment showing a drummer making
a great recovery from a fall to get back in place
in the drum line

this is one of the best high school bands in this area

just click on the lower right of the picture to expand and watch

there are 5 white circles that are marching in line in the
mid left of the picture

these are the big heavy drums that weigh about 80 lbs

the drummers have to cross step and stop then go
the other way

this band person (know him and his mom got their
permission to use this  picture) makes a great recovery
struggles up with the large heavy drum
then catches up with his group and finishes the marching
in perfect alignment

good job   good recovery    he should get an award

if picture on blog is not clear go to www.youtube.com  then type in
recovering drummer then hit search

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

aspergers movie,c25k niece

aspergers is a condition that affects at least one of our
if you read about aspergers you will recognize some of
the characteristics strown throuhout our family tree
wont mention names but if you think hard you will recognize
who they are

there is a great variation in symptoms and severity
at one end of the spectrum is maybe michael dell from dell

have a lot of patients with aspergers
most are extremely intelligent just missing some
social skills
many of their parents especially fathers have symptoms
of aspergers and most work in the computer industry
have a lot of computer companies in this area-dell ibm
amd hp etc

the aspergers movie is "the social network"
it is about the founder of facebook  mark zuckerberg
watch this movie and will see what the top spectrum of
asperger is like
many of you receive and access this blog from facebook
you follow and communicate with your friends and families
via facebook
wished my sisterinlaw my brothers wife birthday via facebook
yesterday(happy birthday again)
this abillity to do all this was started and conceived by someone
with aspergers

learn and read about aspergers
makes it easier to understand someone with it and
makes it easier to accept them and understand
what their families
have gone through and are going through

my c25k niece is on day 2 week 5 of her couch to 5k prep
she has less than  2 weeks to go till the c25k race
keep your pace
dont let the slow walkers pass you but dont keep up with the
fast runners
when you finish your first one you will feel so good about
warning it can be addictive
good luck

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ms roundrock backyard chicken


ms roundrock backyard chicken is our oldest chicken
we have
ms roundrock can hardly get around now
she somehow gets down from the coop in the am
then rests for awhile under a wire cage as it protects
her from red the rooster-she is his morning delight

she then ambles over to where we leave her some
chicken scratch for her to feast on
the rest of the flock is gone on into the pastures
she then ambles over to where she is in the picture
where she can take her time and work in the compost
pile for bugs and worms and seeds
she can also dust herself in this location
she never goes to the pastures any more

usually will leave her a few special treats-left over veggies
big tomato worm    big grasshopper    left over fruit
stuff from my garden-will throw it to her when am working
in the garden as where she stays in the day time is right
next to he garden
have been known to throw her a ripe tomato   a bell pepper
just dont tell my wife she as she might get mad at me

ms roundrock looks old       she has gnarley looking
feet looks like an old person with bad arthritis
she has a gnarley looking beak that works ok but is like
an old person with  bad teeth or bad dentures
she doesnt move fast but gets there
if she was a human she would be walking with a cane

ms roundrock though is the boss of all the chickens
all of the other hens dont mess with her

this is her story
when moved to the country n knew wanted chickens
so built a coop with metal roofing and pvc pipe and
chicken wire so it would never rot or deteriorate
now needed some chickens

was reading the paper one day and there in the metro
section was a picture and story about some free ranging
chickens in a near by city (thus her name)

years ago in that city people let their chickens run loose
and as the years went by groups of the chickens made flocks
that had no definite human owners
as the city grew and non rural people moved it
they did not appreciate crowing at 400 in the am
there was a lot of complaining from the new city folks about
the am crowing (we have learned to enjoy hearing the roosters
crowing in the am)

the decision was to round up all the chickens and roosters
and if possible give them away

the first three caught was ms rooundrock, her boyfriend
and a friend blackie
her boyfriend and blackie have since succumbed to
the cycle of life
ms roundrock is much too cautious
she has survived mutiple attacks and massacres by dogs
here that have wiped out our flocks-she always survives

she is the first up in the coop at night  and the last down in am
her time in the wild and her genetic inbred cautionist has
kept her alive

she and her two friends were caught on television on the
nightly news as they showed the animal control people
trying to catch them
hahahaahahaha     would have been a good funniest video
eventually they were caught though

my wife she immediately called and called  animal control
about the three chickens and they agreed to let us have them
other callers had other ideas of what to do with them
that was not acceptable to some one that had been on the
6:00 news

we got them our first 3 chickens-her boyfriend died in an
attack from varmets and blackie died of probably old age

ms roundrock survived
shes our queen of our backyard chickens

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, October 18, 2010

medical school story, komenarkansas race, football

have a lot of medical school stories
some funny some sad and some cant tell

junior year of medical school did years rotation with the
same 15 people
eg when we did our surgery rotaton(was designed so
that medical students would hate surgery and never go into surgery)
we were split 3 ways with about 5 at each location or
when we did pediatric rotation some did nursery and
some did pediatric wards

one of the people we rotated with was a female-wont mention
her name to protect the innocent- we would always pull tricks
on her
she was one of the smartest in the group-you know
doesnt study much but gets all a's

she would always carry a romance book with her and
would read it during her spare time-i did not have any
spare time but she always did
she was even known to read it during rounds with the attending
when he wasnt looking
but she could always answered his questions correctly
even though she had just finished reading her book
she still got a"s

one of my best friends rotated with us
hes a true blooded texan-bred and born there
am only a partial texan

so lets call her briane did not like to stay up all night on call
during our obstetric rotatiion we would have to stay up all
night watching our patients labor monitors
if they delivered we did the delivery(scary to think about that now)
my friend he and i would do her monitoring for her while she
slept and she would do some of our scut work we had to do
later during the day

one night when she was sleeping (we would sleep on an
extra guerny in the the sleep room)(funny name for that room
as no one usually got any sleep in there except for briane)
my friend and i snuck in one night  and rolled her into the hallway
then took off screaming down the hall like she was
about to deliver
briane sat up and started to scream
sounded like she was in the final stages of labor needing to
when she woke up good she was so mad at us

she would pay us back later

my nephews wife she  my sisterinlaw she and my niece she
walked in the komenarkansas race this weekend
the small church where they live in rural arkansas raised
over $8000 for the komen race for cure
(thats over 50 free mammograms for needy women)
pretty good huh for that small church

they had over 45000 people walking/runnig in that race
people of all ages were there
breast cancer survivors were there
friends and family members of breast cancer victims were there
people in wheel chairs were there

was described as just 'awesome' by people  who were there

now if we could just use this unity shown for this cause
which transcends race, age, sex, sexual orientation, religion or
politics to fix our problems here in the united states
wouldnt all things be better in our lives

those boys did not do it yesterday
maybe romo needs to start texting more
but not bad texting

the organicgreen doctor

Sunday, October 17, 2010

my opinion-tax cuts, football

when started this blog decided to leave political views
out of here and decided to leave religious views out of
here as have readers of different political opinions
and have readers of multiple religious views ie protestants,
catholics, jewish, moslem/islamic, hindu, agnostic, atheists,
and unitarians.
but sometimes things transcends politics

the bush tax cuts is one of those things that should
transcend politics
at the end of the year the bush tax cuts will expire which
means that all of you reading this blog will get a raise in
your taxes

a proposal has been made to keep all of those tax cuts
except for the wealthiest americans-those with income
over $250,000
if passed then most of you reading this will keep your tax
cuts that have been in place for awhile
but those with income over $250000 will now be paying
a higher tax rate

why would americans be opposed to that
doesnt make sense
do notice that those people doing all of the voting on this
are in that over the $250000 tax group  that would be paying
higher taxes
guess if you were going to vote on taxing your self more
you would vote against it also

had to work yesterday but did dvr both the razorback game
and the longhorn games
got to watch both without knowing the scores before hand
both were great games
did not think the longhorns would win but guess two weeks of
preparing for a game helped out a lot

the razorback game was a great game until the last few minutes
will say that the auburn quarterback is impressive
he looks like he is 7 ft tall out there on the field

the sec is a tough conference so no one will get through the
conference without losses
hope razorback quarterback is ok for next game

now for those cowboys today

the organicgreen doctor

Saturday, October 16, 2010

wet suitcase, c25k, football

well the wet suitcase made it back home
luckily for my brotherinlaw he his plants given him
did not get planted in denver
sure this all cost him something
the plants made it all back home and
were planted in their appropriate spots

one was the malibar spinach
should grow there year round as they never
freeze there
probably will take over like kudzu does in the
but it sure tastes good

my c25k niece is now on day 1 week 5 of her quest
for the couch to 5k race
your getting close now
keep it up

why do they have to play at the same time every
weekend those razorbacks and longhorns
why dont they just play each other each year
hummm  good idea huh!

razorback vs auburn should be a good game

longhorn vs nebraska there is a lot of revenge
in nebraskas heart-last years big12 championship
lost in last second of the game
last time nebraska will play texas

cowboys vs vikings
hope brett is worrying about his texting and sexting
could be bad news for cowboy coach phillips if they loose
comeon cowboys

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, October 15, 2010

whats happening in the clinic, those insurance companies s---, komenark race

at the tail end of ragweed and weed(not pot) season
am seeing less severe cases this week

have not seen any flu cases this week but did
last week
am giving tons of flu shots this year
the more people that get the flu shots the less
of an outbreak we will have

again get your flu shots this year

had a young patient with a seizure this week
she gets them a lot
occurred while was examining her
had ems come get her to take to the
emergency room but after the seizure she
was her usual self in an hour so family decided
to not take her to the emergency room
she has hard to control seizures-is on 3 medications
that keep the numbers of seizures down

have noticed most people are understanding about
being late to see them when this happens

the health reform law starting september 23 allows children
to get an individual health insurance policy (lot of my patients
have them) without worrying about preexisting conditions

well the top five health insurance companies-look at your
insurance card you probably have insurance with them-
a few days before the deadline all decided they would
no longer write policies for children to get their own
individual policies

lot of parents who cant afford their insurance would at
least buy an individual policy for their child to
make sure the child has health insurance
not now  those companies dont sell them anymore

those insurance companies suck
those insurance companies suck

komenarkansas race for the cure is this weekend
my nephews wife my brothers wife  my niece she are
all doing the race
they have met their goal for donations

think of it they have provided money for 3 women
who can not afford a mammogram to get it in arkansas

congratulations and good luck

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, October 14, 2010

garlic planting, c25k niece

plant garlic here every year at this time
harvest it in may june based on what it
looks like

tie the stalks together and hang in our dark
still have garllic from the may harvest

how to do it

this is a 2 foot by 12 foot space
added 3-4 inches of compost
well worked into soil along with
organic fertilizer

get garlic from a local organic nursery
is the best for this area
also this year got some elephant garlic
to plant
can use garlic from the grocery store but
may not work as well since it may have been
stored for a long time
break up the bulb so have multiple cloves
the big clove to the upper right is a clove
of elephant garlic compare it to the
small cloves of the other garlic to the left

the cloves are planted pointed side up
twice its size in depth
are planted 6 inches apart

after planting all of the cloves they are covered with soil
later will cover the bed with a layer of pine straw to
protect them this winter
other than using my drip system on them if there is no
rain dont do anything else to them until harvest time
should have green leaves poking through in a few weeks
are pretty trouble free after planting
can smell that garlic now

well she is almost there
she is on day 3 week 4 of her quest for couch to 5k race

c25k niece please dont hurt the spider
go to google search far upper right
of this blog and search 'wilbur the spider'

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

big pharma/pharmaceutical/drug companies

according to consumer reports magazine survey
2/3 of patients taking a prescription medication
say that pharmaceutical companies have too
much influence on physicians prescribing habits

more than half believe that that gifts from those companies
influence physicians prescription choices

most believe that doctors favor new expensive drugs

consumers also are influenced by drug marketing
many admit to asking their doctor for drugs they have seen
advertised and most said the doctors gave them the drugs they
asked for

dont need a survey to know that this is all true

do not see drug representatives in the office
do not accept free coupons for drugs(are not in the end free
for the patient)
do not accept drug samples in the office
do not go to meetings they sponsor

drug representatives are always young and good looking
both female and male
come in frequently
most of what they say cant believe it
reminds me of the old snake oil sales people
give free lunches
really try to wine and dine the nurses
this is where the new entry point to patients is
bring in speakers who are slanted to their drugs

here is why
for my cholesterol take generic lovastatin for cholesterol  

cost $10 every 3 month cash price at certain pharmacies   cost $40 a year

branded lipitor is $140 a month cash price or $1680 a year
or $50 a month or $600 a year copay on my insurance

branded crestor is $127 a month or $1524 a year cash price
or $30 a month or $360 a year on my insurance

all three control my cholesterol to a ldl <100
do it for $40 a year

if took money spent on one year of lipitor at $600 a year
could buy 15 years of lovastatin for my cholesterol 

would have spent   $9000 for lipitor in that 15 years
or if paying cash   $25000 for lipitor in that 15 years

that is why the game of drug marketing is played like it is  
those numbers are for just one patient
multiply that by the vast numbers of people on lipitor

do admit that for cholesterol that some patients have to have
lipitor or crestor to control their cholesterol
have a relative he who has had heart attack and by pass surgery
he has to take crestor to get his ldl(bad cholesterol) less than 70

but many or most cholesterol patients could use
the generic cheap lovastatin to control theirs

recently saw a patient come in on lexapro($110), avapro($97)
and lipitor($140)
was changed to citalopram($4), lisinopril($4)
and lovastatin($4) for a toal cost of 1 year at $120

previous cost with $30 copay was $1080 for brands or
god forbid if no insurance was $4164 a year for brands

patient saved close to $1000 a year or if paying cash saved
over $4000
signficant savings huh

doctors will say that the sampling and seeing drugs representatives
dont influence them but it does    
especially recognized this when
as a physician stopped seeing the reps and stopped sampling
and stopped going to their meetings

when you use a free coupon for a medication or get a month
of free samples say for lipitor
thats great
now those free samples or coupons are short lived
your cholesterol of course is controlled by lipitor
but when you start paying for it yourself with copays or cash
then it gets expensive for you as described above

go to walmarts generic list of drugs on their website(www.walmart.com)
or get the list from their pharmacy or other pharmacies that do the same list
then look at the medications you are on and see how much
you could save a year
discuss this with our doctor

its your money you know

the organicgreen doctor

All New Square Foot Gardening: Grow More in Less Space!All New Square Foot Gardening: Grow More in Less Space!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

first car, why do they

first car was a 1955 ford 2 door sedan that was blue and white
it was owned by an older couple that took very good care of it
my brother he and i bought it together
a 50-50 share deal-watch out for those kinfolk deals
the interior was perfect no damage to interior at all
the exterior was also perfect
we eventually took care of that

it had one of those huge motors like a 424 or something like that
know would not have wanted my sons to have that car to drive
at 19 and 20 yrs old
boy we sure liked it a lot

we could go real fast in that thing
at least 120 mile per hour  with less on the curves
we would let it go on the straightaways near our house
those of you who lived near there know where am talking about
probably raced some of you in the past

think about that car now and look at my toyota yarius
and toyota echo-what a huge difference in power

well enjoyed that car for several months
all good things have to come to an end

was-during my nonproductive years-working at a local paper
company 30 miles from parents house-where i lived
usually drove it too fast but that day was going slow as
there was so much fog could not see where was going

all of a sudden felt like had hit a granite brick wall
the hood flew up over the windshield
heard a loud scream from some animal
was able to stop and pull over
(no seat belts then wonder didnt get hurt)

there on the side of the road was a big old black(no wonder
did not see him)angus bull who was moaning a lot for a few
minutes then he stopped

the car had the front bumper demolished  
the hood looked like some one split it into    
the radiator was steaming   it was shoved
back into the motor

the car was towed back to our house and eventually got a local
mechanic to try to fix it      he did imbibe to much which sometimes
hampered his mechanic abilities      it never drove well since
could not get it up to 60 mile per hour    so we let it go to the
car retirement place ie junkyard

no one would claim they owned that bull so we went back
to get it to butcher it for the meat     well it was gone

got no car and got no beef after that day

why do they those socks disappear
have always bought ten pairs of socks that are all
the same color and all match
was attempting to defeat that sock monster
everyone has one in their house you know

loose a sock then doesnt matter still have a pair
as they all are the same

for christmas was given several pairs of socks from
my wife she
they werent the same color or even same style
all my old ones that matched disappeared totally
(just like my blue jean jacket did)

well you know what happend-the sock monster returned
have now  even more socks that dont match

just dropping a hint for christmas this year-
you know brown or tan one color please with golden toe
cotton only please
this hint is for my wife she only

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, October 11, 2010

the spa vs our spa, why do they, football :(

my relatives they who were here recently have a friend who
is taking over a local spa on the lake and redoing it
my relatives they took us to the spa to meet him and
tour the place

the spa has 70 units and is located above the lake here
for all the people there and the surrounding area it was so
the wind blows through the trees and there were no outside noises

what a great place to go for a weekend getaway
my wife she has a friend who is going there for a weekend
has been there before
total relaxation    quiet environment   long trails to walk in
spa  good food   must feel refreshed after 2 days there
must feel recharged also

some businesses will send their employees there for a week

my wife she and i looked at each other as we were leaving the
we knew

we have to put up with this every day where we live
we sit near the river surrounded by ranch land
we have a prevailing wind that is blowing most of the time
we open our  house most of the time     the wind blows through our
upper deck through our bedroom down our stairs   turns then goes
out our other bed room back through the back door
you can stand in the hallway and the breeze blows across you like
you were on the front of a moving boat    very refreshing

we have it so quiet here that if you have
tinnitus(ringing of the ears) it is very loud

in am we  watch the fog on the pastures(looks like england or ireland)
we watch the deer move across the pastures
at times watch turkeys move across them
at night hear whippoorwills, owls, turkeys, and coyotes in the distance

many mornings we watch all this and the sun rise
while in our hot tub on our lower deck

in the evenings we watch the sun set off our upper deck and
watch the deer come back to the pastures

yes we have a spa-like environment at our house-it
is always there

life is good

why do they leave the stop lights red in the middle of the night
when no one is around but you
do you run them or do you just sit and wait

dang those cowboys
well there are 12 more games left
cant give up yet

the organicgreen doctor

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10/10 at 10:10 am

malabar spinach, praying mantis, football

this is a picture of malabar spinach growing in the garden 

those of you who are family members may recognize 
the small white cup hanging on the wire fence in the bottom right of the picture

malabar spinach is a vine with edible leaves
the flavor is same as regular spinach
is best when picked young and tender
can climb 8-20 feet 
likes sun to partial shade
in late fall here it starts seed production that birds love
bought a plant several years ago     it just reseeds every year 
grow it up my garden fence 
gave my motherinlaw she a cutting and she has been growing 
it in a pot in california for several years 

(gave my brotherinlaw he a cutting which as per previous blog
put it in my sisterinlaws luggage which soaked all her clothes 
(see previous blog) it may not have made it to california 
but may have been planted in denver instead)

it freezes down in winter here but keep it covered with pine straw 
it usually comes back or comes back from seed elsewhere 
in the garden   
if have too many come up just pull them up and eat the leaves 
as they are thinned out 

use them in our salads and our sandwiches    
my wife she cooked a spinach casserole last night 
hum hum good
she also blanches them and stores in freezer

no maintenance productive plant 
can be hard to find 


pm was not photogenic     did not want his picture taken
took several pictures but he kept moving and hiding his face
he/she is in the middle upper part of the picture next to waldo

pm are good for killing insects in the garden 
can be sign of no pesticide usage 
am totally organic gardener so have noticed more of these
over the years    have one that lives in the house 
will eat caterpillars, grasshoppers(yea!), beetles etc 
do eat good insects also 

also are people friendly usually 

these are the good guys    keep em around

those razorbacks tried to loose didnt they 
if they could have just beat alabama last week    wow !

longhorns did not loose this weekend-didnt play
they play nebraska there next week
nebraska has revenge on their mind
may not be pretty next weekend

go cowboys today     hope the rest did them good 

the organicgreen doctor

Saturday, October 9, 2010

whats happening in the clinic, razorbacks vs am

saw first flu case of the year in clinic
was a 3 year old with fever sorethroat cough not feeling well
he goes to a prek center every day
he has type a flu
was treated just symptomatically with
acetaminophen or ibuprofen  and as he has asthma
warned mom to watch for flare up of his asthma
which can happen if the flu gets worse

be sure and get your flu shot this year especially if you
are in a high risk category

ragweed is definitely here now   pollen counts are very high
hit me hard this week when was doing my ranch aerobics(my form of exrercise)
symptoms are itchy eyes red eyes  nasal congestion sorethroat
headache itchy throat sneezing cough

treatment starts with a oral nonsedating antihistamines such as
loratidine or cetirizine every day during the allergy season

use otc(over the counter) eye allergy drops for the eye symptoms if needed
use saline sprays several times a day to keep the pollen rinsed out of the nose
use neti pot to irrigate the sinuses if you get a lot of sinus pressure or congestion
avoid outside if severely allergic    
use central air to keep air filtered in house
after being out side for a while can take a shower and change clothes to get
the pollen off you
good luck   ragweed goes away when it freezes-here is usually in mid november

saw another patient yesterday for a followup on the flu
he was still running some fever but poor guy also had prostatitis
which was making him feel worse and may have been causing his fever and body aches
he will be put on antibiotics for 4-6 weeks to clear this up
however he was noted to have elevated blood pressure also
and was overweight(bmi 39)
know the flu and prostatitis was making him feel bad but the high blood
pressure and obesity  will be what causes his major health problems

he will monitor his blood pressure for 1 month and return for followup
will place him on medication to control his blood pressure and will
encourage him  to begin an exercise program and weight loss program
maybe a c25k race prep

the razorbacks play texas am at jerrys house in arlington today at 230 pm
should be a good game
there are two good quarterbacks playing in the game
one will be one of the top quarterbacks picked in the draft
sorry razorback fans but he is too good to stay in college
also most longhorn fans will be probably rooting for the razorbacks today

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, October 7, 2010

important medical numbers, medical myths, race for cure

here are some important medical numbers

blood pressure
ideal number is 120/90
above 140/90 is hypertention
120-139/80-89 is prehypertention

the lower the number the better

is called the silent killer as there are usually no symptoms

if not treated can lead to stroke, heart disease, kidney damage, 
and vision or memory loss 

treatment is the same as a lot of health issures
low fat low sodium diet 
exercise-simple just walk 30 minutes 5 days a week or 
do the c25k prep like my c25k niece or my race for the cure relatives

limit excessive alcohol, stop smoking, moderate caffeine intake
and manage stress

see a lot of people in stressful work situations or stressful personal 
or financial situations develop hypertention 

if not controlled with diet exercise and weight loss then can be 
easily treated with $40 a year medications from generic list at 
several pharmacies eg walmart target sams costoc etc 

body mass index
is a measure of weight in relation to your weight 
normal is 18.5 to 24.9
dont find many normals in my practice
my bmi is 25 

underweight people with bmi <18.5 can have irregular periods,
risk for osteoporosis, anemia, fertility problems 
over weight people with bmi>25 can have increased risk for
diabetes,heart disease, more problems with knee and hip and back pain 

you can calculate your bmi by googleing bmi or go to www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi

if yours is >25 you should do-yes you know-diet and exercise
seems to be the answer to everything

my grandmother use to tell us if we ate fish and drank milk together
you would die      aint true

if you swallow gum it will stick to your insides
doesnt do that      doesnt cause stomach aches
it just passes on through
have seen kids swallow coins, batteries, safety pins
they all pass through without problems

dont drink milk or eat  and go swimming or you will drown
aint true either

an apple a day will keep the doctor away
actually a variety of fruits and vegetables every day will keep the doctor away
by helping prevent heart disease, obesity, and diabetes

my nephews wife, my niece she, my sisterinlaw she all met their
goals on the race for the cure

the organicgreen doctor 

square foot gardening, post vacation return to work, c25k

have continued and completed my square foot garden for my 
fall garden     will add more things later 

this is from a previous blog       this shows the 4 x 12 ft square garden 
overseeded with black eyed peas    
is used as a cover crop    helps fix nitrogen into the soil

this is from a previous blog     the peas have been removed     have added
a layer of compost and organic fertilizer     will add molasses later
this is worked into the soil

have added drip irrigation tubing 1 foot apart with drippers every 6 inches
on each tubing line 
this is all connected to my rainwater tanks 

using concrete wire with 1 foot squares 
planted the cole crops-broccoli  cabbage  kale  brussel sprouts
and caulflower-  lettuces  mustard greens and swiss chard each into 
a square foot 
will add more lettuce spinach cabbages radishes beets later by 
broadcasting the seeds over the end of the bed

placed 18 inch rebar every 3 feet on both sides of the garden bed
then took 1/2 inch pvc pipe(had several left over from old project)
slipped the pvc over the rebar then bend it over to the other side 
then slipped it into the rebar 
this will be used to hold a light weight row cover

this shows the light weight row cover over the pvc pipes
this acts as a protection from the grass hoppers the heat and  
the different caterpillars that come by this time of the year
and later as protection from the cold

this shows how you can open up the side of the row cover hoop to 
water or plant or pick veggies 
will leave this on most if not all of the winter 
if have a cold winter will add or substiute a thicker row cover 

tah dah 
more pictures as things grow

have been off work now for 5 days 
dread going back as the paper work will 
be stacked in my shelves    on my desk    on the floor
will take me several days to catch up 

advice --try not to see your doctor when he/she is coming 
back off a vacation

my c25k niece just finished her day 1 week 4 of her couch to 5k
race prep

advice-at race time dont get caught up with the greyhounds just
go at your own pace   ignore all the old men and old ladies and kids
that pass you even though some are just walking
am speaking from personal experience 

the organicgreen doctor 

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

white on white-osteoporosis in men, wet suitcase

my relative he is so white that if you stripped him naked and had him 
face a white wall would not be able to see him 
my relative he gets very little sunlight
my relative he gets very little vitamin d and calcium in his diet
my relative he gets very little weight bearing exercise 
except for walking from car to work

my relative he may get osteoporosis as he ages and the complications
just like women do who develop osteoporosis 

osteoporosis causes a weakening of the bones which overtime
increases the risk for broken bones  usually hip fracture is the most
serious in men 
over 2 million men have osteoporosis
about 13 percent of adult white men over 50 years will have an 
osteoporotic fracture in their lifetime-know who in our family that will be  
is more likely in men over 70 years old

you are at risk for osteoporosis if you have a parent or sibling with it or
if you are a smoker   heavy drinker  have a slight build  have a low testosterone  
have poor nutrition  or take certain drugs such as long term steroids

there are no symptoms early on in osteoporosis but later can 
have loss of height  broken bones  stooped posture  and back pain 

osteoporosis can be diagnosed with the bone density test

osteoporosis can be prevented by quitting smoking  decreasing alcohol intake or 
stop drinking   getting weight bearing exercise  
if you do not get enough calcium in your diet then supplements of vitamin d and 
calcium may be  recommended 
foods high in calcium are milk products  leafy green vegetables   sardines(yuk)
cat food sandwich(joke from previous blog-do google search on right
of this blog) salmon tofu and almonds 
you can get enough sunlight for vitamin d production by getting direct sunlight for
10-15 minutes two to three times a week
ie avoid white on white

if you have osteoporosis it can be teated with medication

for more information on osteoporosis in men and on osteoporosis go to 
www.nof.org the website for the national osteoporosis foundation 

my relatives they visited us this weekend    see mondays blog 
my brotherinlaw he likes to get plant cuttings to plant at his place
in another state 
do the same when visit him-last time got cactus and a dragon fruit both of 
which are growing 
this time gave him some plants from my small pond  and some malabar spinach
put them in a plastic bag with water soaked paper towel 
well maybe not soaked but maybe some extra water to be sure
triple bagged the plants 
my sisterinlaw had room on the outside of her luggage
some one-no one will admit it-placed the plastic bag with maybe some extra
water in my sisterinlaws suitcase

when my sisterinlaw was taking the bags out of the car she said
why is my bag wet 
no one admitted to anything   she was told it was from a bottled water 
in the back of the car
she said there is no bottled water in the back of the car
well dont know why it was wet (hahahahahahaha) 

well to make things worse they got stuck in denver overnight as their 
transfer flight was canceled
my sisterinlaw opened her suitcase and all her clothes were soaking wet 
sorry wasnt there to give my brotherinlaw some support 
know it was a traumatic moment

hope he was able to transplant the plants when he got home
although they were probably planted in denver in the trash

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

anniversary, race for cure, football

my wife she and i have our anniversary today
we were starting our junior year in college when on a weekend
we drove up to las vegas nevada with her parents my brother and
some friends and were married
we drove back to college in time for monday morning class

we never went on a honey moon
but have been on one since we were married

time does go by fast
college for both of us
birth of a son
moving to go to medical school
birth of second son
finishing residency
fulfilling 3 year federal obligation
moving to another state to start with new clinic
my sons graduating
my wife she getting certification to teach
my wife and i moving to the country n
where we are both happy  to live
we enjoy every day here

today she celebrates it by working and am celebrating it by
having to go to the dentist to undo a crown placed on 2 weeks ago
(definitely not my favorite thing to do)

my wife and i will have a quiet night at home
will cook steaks on the grill with vegetable sides
and a nice glass of wine
sometimes these are best way to celebrate an anniversary

my nephews wife and my brothers daughter my niece have reached
their goals for the komen arkansas race for the cure
congratulations proud of yall

participitate in your local komen race for cure or other local
cancer prevention fund raisers

my brothers son my nephew and his wife are involved in colorado with
the komen race for the cure there

may be a long year for longhorn fans( well do have the cowboys to follow )
maybe could swap to alabama this year to be with a winner
nah will stick with longhorn razorbacks and cowboys

the organicgreen doctor