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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

amazing grace


    specrum news
we have lost 400,000 americans to covid 19
sadly we may lose another 100,000 over the next month
we many of us have not been able to mourn and didnt get to say goodbye to our loved ones

we as a nation have not been able to mourn

yesterday at the covid 19 memorial service we got to mourn
it was cathartic for many of us

there standing at the base of the washington reflection pool looking back at the washington monument

cardinal welton daniel gregory the archbishop of washinton spoke
vice president harris spoke briefly 
what broke the damn of tears for me and thousands of others

registered nurse lori marie key from the covid unit at st mary mercy hospital in livonia michigan who became known as the singing nurse in her covid unit
she sang the classic funeral song

amazing grace

this is when i lost it i cried all through her song
i didnt even try to stop the tears
i let them flow down my cheeks
thinking of those thousands of folks who have died from covid 19
many i knew
many you knew
some were your friends and family 
you didnt get to say goodbye
most left us way to soon

president biden talked briefly
the lights along the reflection pool 
all 400 of them
each representing 1,000 lost souls
were lit

the 400,000 flags were also shown on the national mall 
representing each person lost to covid 19

this is when i lost it again
american gospel singer yolanda adams sang 


the tears that had stopped just started to flow again

afterward the news commentators couldnt hardly talk because of the tears
one was an emergency room doctor who seemed to let her tears flow as she talked
she said she would get her kids to bed at night then go on a long run 
crying all the way as she ran

many of us who watched this cried yesterday
we needed it
its like when you cry at a funeral or after ones loved one die
it makes it easier to just let go

many of us let go yesterday

we as a nation needed this

now we can start healing together

here is the video of the ceremony
watch with a box of tissues

here is the link if unable to view video below

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

organicgreendoctor: covid 19-why should you not take the vaccine

organicgreendoctor: covid 19-why should you not take the vaccine: COVID 19-WHY SHOULD YOU NOT TAKE THE VACCINE   i searched the cdc website and searched the internet for a valid reason not to take the covid...

covid 19-why should you not take the vaccine


i searched the cdc website and searched the internet for a valid reason not to take the covid 19 vaccine

here is what i found

see what i wrote in that blank paragraph above
thats right there is nothing there

there is no valid reason not to take the covid 19 vaccine

there are thousands and thousands of valid reasons to take the vaccine
they are your spouses yourself your aunts your uncles your friends your family 
especially those who are vulnerable to dying from the covid 19 infection
folks over 65
folks with chronic diseases like obesity diabetes heart disease lung disease cancer immunosuppressing dieases to name a few

the only way we can slow down this pandemic is if we all get our vaccine

we dont 
sadly this pandemic may not ever go away
this fear we have will always be there 

if you are one of those who decides not to get the vaccine 
especially if you are vulnerable to dying from a covid 19 infection
im afraid
eventually get you
this virus will still be here one year from now and two years from now and probably 3 years if not longer from now
it will win in the end
if you are not vaccinated
it will seek you out and find you

the only way to be safe into the future is to get vaccinated now
most likely we all will need updated vaccines probably each year

despite what some say this is not the flu
the flu doesnt kill 500,000 americans in a year
the only other thing besides the covid 19 that does this is a world war

you may not prevent a world war
you can prevent yourself from getting covid 19
you can prevent spreading covid 19 to your vulnerable loved ones

if you chose to not get your vaccine
you will probably get the infection
your unvaccinated loved ones will also get it
some will die
some may not die but they  be may left with a lifetime of chronic illness

1 in 3 hospitalized covid 19 patients get readmitted in a few months
1 in 8 covid 19 patients eventually die soon after leaving the hospital

if you have had anaphylactic reaction to shots before or to things like shellfish or peanuts then you can still get the covid 19 shot
you and your medical provider have to be ready in case you do have a reaction
one shot with an epipen knocks out the reaction

now an anaphylaxis reaction is not the reaction many of us will get from the flu shot
like fever body aches sore arms feeling bad
when i have that reaction it reassures me that my body is doing its job protecting me from the flu

when i get my covid 19 shot i expect to get a sore arm feel aching all over
when i get my second covid 19 shot i hope i have a stronger reaction since that tells me my body is making antibodies against the covid 19 virus
ie its doing its job

i dont recall seeing anyone in my 30+ years of giving flu shots ever having an anaphylactic reaction to the shot
i have seen an anaphylactic reaction to allergy shots and to penicillin shots
i have also seen an anaphylactic reaction to insect stings like bees and wasps and from reactions to shellfish
all were treated with either benadryl and or the epipen and recovered and left the office or the emergency room 

the incidence so far of anaphylaxis with the covid 19 shots are 0.00001105 or 0.001105%
the incidence of anaphylaxis with flu shots are 0.000131%
the incidence of anaphylaxis with allergy shots is slightly less than 1%

if you have a history of anaphylaxis you should get your shot in a medical environment that can give you treatment 
like when folks come in for allergy shots and wait around for 15-30 minutes to be sure they are ok

a normal reaction to a flu shot for example is no reason not to get a covid 19 shot
you should look at that normal reaction as reassurance that the flu shot is doing its job

in summary 
there is no logical reason for someone to not get the covid 19 vaccine
if you dont get the vaccine you will more than likely eventually get the covid 19 infection
if you are in a vulnerable population you may not survive the infection
you also will expose your vulnerable loved ones by infecting them

if you are worried about anaphylaxis to the covid 19 be prepared

if we dont all get vaccinated this covid 19 will
continue to rule our lives ruin our economy keep our schools closed 
continue to isolate us even more
continue to kill us

do your job
get vaccinated

here are some statistics
we are almost up to 400,000 deaths from covid 19
by mid february that number will be close to 500,000
our life expectancy as a country just went down this year thanks to covid 19
los angeles county had to change its air quality standards so that more bodies could be cremated each day
the new variants so far are sensitive to the vaccine but are more contagious 
that means you are more likely to catch it or spread it than with the original form
in our county santa barbara we have the highest r factor in the state at 1.27
anything over 1 is not good
it means we have the highest infection risk in the state
our hospitals have increased their hospitalizations by four times since thanksgiving
our rate of infection has increased four times also since thanksgiving
there may be a slight decrease coming but then it will go up again leaving us all with the 
500,000 deaths from covid 19 in the us this last 12 months

i communicated with a friend this week who is in the moderna covid 19 study
he just found out that he was in the real vaccine part of the study 
he will be in the study for a total of 2 years
his first shot he had some slight normal expected reaction of sore arm and achiness
his second shot that reaction was more pronounced but was gone in few days

the relief he has mentally from knowing he is immune to the virus for now
he is a cancer survivor
his spouse is immunocompromised and he doesnt have to worry about giving it to her
luckily she got her first vaccine this week

there is not a good reason not to get the vaccine except for the anaphylaxis reaction which is real rare and is treatable if it happens
there are millions of reasons to get the vaccines
some of them are you your family your friends your neighbors society our economy 

please get your vaccine when its time

also after you get your second shot you are 95% protected from getting the covid 19 infection
remember you can still carry the covid 19 virus if you are exposed to it and can pass it on to others even though it will not affect you since you are vaccinated
wear your mask
watch your distance from others
wash your hads
avoid gatherings or travel

yes these preventative measures will be with us for awhile longer

i want to see you again and hug you one day when we are all immune

the organicgreen doctor