welcome to the organic green doctor blog

i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Thursday, April 30, 2020

organicgreendoctor: back to the future organic soup

organicgreendoctor: back to the future organic soup: BACK TO THE FUTURE ORGANIC SOUP these soups are the absolutely best soups i have ever tasted here are the ingredients of the thai bon...

back to the future organic soup

these soups are the absolutely best soups i have ever tasted

here are the ingredients of the thai bone broth chicken stew
these soups are loaded with calories and nutrition
they are really made for folks who have cancer or who are on chemo who need the extra calories and nutrition or any person who might need those extra calories and nutrition
for me
i call it my post covid 19 recovery soup

when i graduated from high school i weighed 165 lbs
when i crawled out of my 2 week felt like i was dying quarantine i weighed myself a week later
i weighed 172 lbs
almost my high school weight

the covid 19 mainly attacked my gi tract and most of the post quarantine symptoms i am having are due to i think those persistent remaining symptoms

i have to make myself eat every day
i realized this last week that this must be what folks feel like that go through chemo and have issues eating and getting in enough calories and nutrition
i can tolerate these organic food kitchen soups ok
they are the best soups i have eaten along with my wet suitcase sister in laws soups
thats another story
my wife she makes a great chicken dumplings and an out of the refrigerator soup
that i can dump extra calories into
pads of butter
squirts of olive oil

why do i know about the organic soup kitchen here

my wife she and my wet suitcase sister in law did volunteer food prep for them for thanksgiving one year
an acquaintance had these two soups above from the organic soup kitchen and dropped them by
she heard we had the covid 19 and i had all that weight loss so she dropped off these containers
of the organic soup kitchen soups
each week before the covid 19 virus hit so bad in this area they would come to our garden where i volunteer to pick up lots of fresh organic veggies like kale leeks tomatoes peppers celery cabbage onions collards broccoli swiss chard lettuces etc
these were used in their soups

since the outbreak of covid 19 they have started using canned organic vegetables and other sources since they are able to maintain a more regular supply of veggies that way since the demand has increased

we have redirected our organic veggies now to other food needy programs until things change

you can read about this organic soup kitchen at this link
donate monies if you can

why do i call this the back to the future organic soup
watch this short youtube video below
i have met him twice
he is the nicest person
my wife she and i qualify based on our age to get free regular supplies of this delicious nutritious veggie soup  since we are over 60 years old
we plan to order a regular supply each week for our lunches to hopefully puts some meat back on my bones but not on my wife shes
as long as we arent taking away from others who need it more than us
we will do a regular weekly donation to cover the costs
its $15 a container which is 3 servings per container

hopefully i can have access to these soups at least until i get a good weight gain
maybe i need to take mr hudsons appetite pill he takes to make himself hungry

an update
i feel the best i have felt today than i have in almost 2 weeks
my appetite is better

i have learned how to be invisible
i just turn sideways and you cant see me
i have to be careful in the wind since i might blow away
i have a new nickname its twiggy
i am about to run out of holes on my belt

i hope to put my weight back on until i reach the weight where i would like to be
which would be about a 15 lb weight gain

its my back to the future weight gain goal

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited #40-thanks michael the hope for...

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited #40-thanks michael the hope for...: MY STORY REVISITED #40-THANKS MICHAEL THE HOPE FOR THE FUTURE there are always patients that you remember forever michael was one of them...

my story revisited #40-thanks michael the hope for the future

Image result for organicgreendoctor
there are always patients that you remember forever
michael was one of them
when i pulled up the old blog below it put a smile on my face and a smile in my heart
i swear after i reread it i started to feel better this morning

michael was my patient from birth till the time i had to quit practice 6 years later
i still see his face and witticisms float across my facebook page
he is now a handsome teenager

you knew when you saw him he was a special kid

for several years after i wrote this blog i got to see him at the alzheimers walk each fall
he would walk up and give me a big ole hug
put that special smile with his dimples showing up on his face

if more kids would be like him

thanks michael for making me smile and feel good this morning
i needed that

this is a story about michael
hes a special person
hes 7 years old
he was my patient in the clinic where i worked
i was the only doctor he had ever had

he raised $390 and donated it to the walk to end alzheimers
he made small pillows and sold them to whoever would listen to his
story and buy them from him
he would stand outside stores with a box of them to sell
this is how he raised money this year
it wasnt his first time to do this

his grandmother works at a home that takes care of people with
early alzheimers
he told his grandmother he wanted her to hold a place in the home
for me

below are some pictures of michaels letter to me,
the pillow he gave me,
the sign he made for his wagon and
a picture of michael pulling his younger brother and sister in his
wagon with his signs on the side
at a walk to end alzheirmers that my wife she and i did this

i will admit i got teary eyed when i read the letter and when he gave
me the pillow

yes folks there is hope for the future
its you michael

again michael thank you very much
you made my year worth it

the pillow

the letter
dear dr nash.
this year i made pillows to rais mony for the memory walk
i made this pillow special for you
i miss you
love, michael

the sign he placed on the side of his wagon
i am walking for dr nash he was my my first dr

michael pulling the wagon with his sister and brother
with his sign on it
he is a special guy
our hope for the future

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

organicgreendoctor: we needed that

organicgreendoctor: we needed that: WE NEEDED THAT for us sports fans we really needed the nfl draft last week i like i usually do watched the first round into the second ro...

we needed that

National Football League logo.svg
for us sports fans we really needed the nfl draft last week
i like i usually do watched the first round into the second round then watched it from afar for the rest of the draft rounds

i enjoy seeing where all those good players go
sometimes i wonder why a team picked them

since we all have gotten shut down there has been this big sports desert on tv
im sorry i dont want to watch replays of past games even those famous ones

it must be hard to be a sports reporter on espn right now

i always look forward each march for march madness to watch all those 68 teams fight for the final four
we always think we know who will win
sometimes we are surprised
sometimes we arent

i must say this is the first year i havent had a least one of the final four teams in my bracket

after the final four i move to the nba playoffs
i like to watch college basketball but i usually dont watch much basketball until the final four starts
i move on to the nba playoffs

i was just learning the names of all those new nba players that are so good

so now we had the nfl draft
it was a successful one in regards to the number who watched it
we were all starving for some fresh sports

we hit a desert again
next the nba draft
its not as popular as the nfl draft but it probably will get a lot of folks watching it
after that
i dont know whats going to happen

that desert may get extended for a long time

one good thing is all those injured players will be able to heal

i sure miss sports on tv
watching the nfl draft made things seem so normal for a few hours

the organicgreen doctor

organicgreendoctor: 24th day post quarantine

organicgreendoctor: 24th day post quarantine: 24TH DAY POST QUARANTINE i just watched a video of an orthopedic surgeon from austin whom i know talk about his bout with covid 19 it s...

Monday, April 27, 2020

24th day post quarantine


i just watched a video of an orthopedic surgeon from austin whom i know talk about his bout with covid 19
it seems he and i got sick the same time
he is in his 50s
his was mostly respiratory symptoms with fever
mine was mostly gastrointestinal symptoms with fever
he ended up in icu with respiratory issues
i ended up in my back bed room
he said like i have said there was a point where he thought he was going to die
he is returning back to work today
if i was in practice i would not be able to return yet

i felt pretty good that first week after i got our of isolation
i was up to 2 hours working in my garden with my appetite gradually returning
granted working in my garden i only did simple things without a lot of effort
this last week i seemed to have had a relapse as i told my wife i felt like i hit a wall
not like with fever or chills or vomiting or diarrhea or abdomen pain all those symptoms i had when i was sick
i just felt washed out
i lost my appetite
i seemed to be more hoarse
i have some exertional shortness of breath if i walk too far or do a lot of lifting bending shoveling house work etc
that is not worse but its not better
interesting is when you look at my walking steps history on my iphone you can see the change occurred almost 4 days ago
yesterday was better
hopefully today will be also
i usually got at least 3 miles or more on my phone precovid 19

i have heard about people who seem to be feeling good in their recovery then relapse
now i dont feel like i am relapsing like with a resurgence of the infection
i feel like my body is saying
you need to slow things down some
let your body heal

thats what i am doing
letting my body heal but pushing myself forward

i have a lot of respect for what this virus can do to you
my son told me their two friends that live in new york both got it and were both real sick
they said if they were a lot of older or if they had health issues they dont think they would have made it
i agree
i think what helped me fight this is how healthy we have lived the last 10 years by being active and eating a healthy diet

this virus is not the flu so dont let anyone tell you different
i have had the bad flu before and this one has that one beat by a big ole country mile

you will catch this by inhaling it or getting it on your hands then transferring it to the nose or mouth

if you go outside wear a mask at least a cloth mask
it will protect you some but it will mainly protect those you are around if you are sick

wash your hands coming and going from your house or apt or condo

i would stay at least 10 ft from others

yes this thing will raise its head again this fall so we need to be ready for it

i do worry that all this loosening of restrictions will lead to another upsurge in cases

if you become one of these cases it will change your perspective on all of this

be safe

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, April 23, 2020

organicgreendoctor: how i plan to shop for groceries

organicgreendoctor: how i plan to shop for groceries: HOW I PLAN TO SHOP FOR GROCERIES this was the week when i was going to venture out to shop for groceries i was going to go to our trader ...

how i plan to shop for groceries


this was the week when i was going to venture out to shop for groceries
i was going to go to our trader joes since they
space you out around 6 ft or so i like over 10 ft better
limit how many folks can go inside
have a wiped down buggy for you to use
no bring your own bags allowed
the aisles are one way
the check out lanes are open every other one
you dont get close to the check out area until you pay for your groceries
your groceries are sacked into paper sacks
i dont know if they require a mask to get into the store
they should

if you are going grocery shopping you should wear a mask
see below in this photo circulating on social media
now i dont know how accurate those numbers are but my guess is they are close
if you wear a mask and those around you wear a mask
well your chance of infecting or getting infected is greatly reduced
i say
no mask
no groceries

i read this article linked here 
planned my strategy

i would plan on going on the early senior hours
i would wear my n95 mask
i wouldnt wear gloves
gloves can give you a false sense of security
i cringe as i watch folks contaminate things when they wear gloves
if you are barehanded and wash your hands before and after you may be better off

i will scrub my hands before i leave
i will make a grocery list and move fast as i shop so i limit the amount of time i am in the store
i will keep my billfold and my phone in my back pockets leaving one front pocket for my credit card and the other front pocket for my car keys
i wont touch my phone or billfold at all
i will bring my disinfectant sprays and or wipes in the car
i will try to buy only perishable things i can wash with soap and water
packaged turkey and packaged sliced cheeses and packaged cheeses and packaged fruits and yogurt and packaged veggies etc
i wash them like they were my hands 20 secs with soap and water

so i will go early and try to keep 10 ft if not more away from other shoppers
i will grab and pick my stuff as fast as i can
i will check out and go to my car
usually i walk to the grocery store but this time i will drive due to the amount of groceries i buy and the fact that i have lost endurance so i might not be able to make it there and back

after i pay with my credit card i will put the card back in my front pocket
when i get home it will be quarantined for 3 days or will be wiped with the wipes
ill probably do both

i will open my car door and my trunk
i will place my bags in the trunk
i will wipe down my keys before i insert them into the car ignition
i will wipe down my hands well so they are well soaked
i will wipe down the door handle and the latch on my trunk
i will wipe down my steering wheel and gear shift
i will sit down and start the car
im clean ive debugged any area i my have touched
i drive home
park in my garage
lift the trunk
set out my bags on the driveway
my hands are now contaminated
i use my knuckles to push the keypad for the garage
my wife has left the front door open for me

i have to touch the screen door to reach our hallway
i push the door to our condo open with my elbow
i walk out to our condo front porch and set down all the groceries in our contaminated zone
i wash my hands real good
i wipe down an area on our counter well so its disinfected
after 5 minutes
i take out one item at a time of perishables
i wash the packaging well with soap and water for yes you guessed i go longer than 20 seconds
i want all those germs dead
then i put them in our clean zone on the counter
the frozen pizza i open the carton and slide the pizza onto the counter then later place it into the freezer
the pizza box is put in the quarantined zone on the porch for 3 days then its put back with the frozen pizza so we have all the directions

i take the egg carton out of the grocery bag open the lid and set it on the quarantine area floor
after washing my hands well i then take a clean empty egg carton and pick up each egg from the carton on the floor and put it into the new clean egg carton
i put the clean egg carton with eggs in the refrigerator
if i am lucky to get fresh off the farm eggs then we just set them out to quarantine for 3 days then put them on our counter

when i have done all my grocery unloading i wash my hands real well with soap and water
clean my car keys well
i also wipe down our screen door handle we have to share with neighbors

the bags of groceries now sit along with our mail and packages for the full 72 hours before we access them
yes i leave my nonperishable veggies and fruit out there like tomatoes potatoes oranges avos bananans nuts etc

so thats how i plan to do it
why all this work
my wife she and i are presuming we dont have immunity since we cant be 100% sure for now
we are in the high risk profile along with 3 other people in our family circle
we dont wont to get infected
we dont want to get others infected
i used up one of my nine lives so i have only 8 left
i want to save them for now

after a lot of thought this week i decided after all my planning that i wouldnt go grocery shopping
i dont have to

we can order our groceries via instacart deliveries
we can afford to do that
we tip 20% like you should a waiter
we are helping to keep a group of folks with employment
i do notice some of the delivery folks wear gloves but most dont have masks
i hope they look at that picture above and realize how important the masks are

this virus is not the flu
it is highly contagious way much more than the flu
it kills more often than the flu does
it especially kills the vulnerable in our families and circles
there will be other waves
the next wave may be worse than the last one if we arent safe in what we do

i remember working long hours during the h1n1 outbreak
i wasnt ever worried about catching it
this one
its diferent
as i told two of my former partners recently as i listened to their stories
i am glad i am retired and not having to be working in this environment

be safe
if you go outside wear a mask to protect yourself and others see the picture above for possible %
wash your hands
dont touch your face
keep over 10 ft sorry 6 ft isnt good enough

protect yourself and protect those vulnerable folks you love

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

organicgreendoctor: earth day

organicgreendoctor: earth day: EARTH DAY today is the 50th anniversary of earth day earth day started 50 years ago here in santa barbara in response to a massive oil s...

earth day

Image result for earthday
today is the 50th anniversary of earth day
earth day started 50 years ago here in santa barbara
in response to a massive oil spill that destroyed the local economy here for several years

50 years later on this anniversary
the economy is shut down again this time due to the covid 19 pandemic

a large earth day celebration was planned here today
it has been moved online

maybe we can have it next year for the 51st celebration
by then we will have a vaccine and maybe some meds to use and maybe that third wave of infection will have gone through this area

what a change in the last year and in the last 50 years

the earths atmosphere has improved a lot since folks are staying inside
people in india can see the himalayas from a 100 miles a way
a site most have never seen before

the air in los angeles is the best its been in years and years
i first moved to this area 50 years ago and was amazed at how bad the air pollution was

since we all arent driving as much and other world issues the oil folks some of them are having to pay folks to take their oil
probably caused by greed and the lack of driving we are all doing

hopefully we all can step back today
look towards the mountains in this area
appreciate how clear the air is
take a deep breath and enjoy that fresh air being sucked into your lungs

if you live in a large city in the world appreciate this fresh air
im sure it will return back eventually to where it was before all this pandemic happened

a silver lining if there is one
is that we can see what our earth use to be like

lets celebrate this earth day
may we not have our earth get cleaned up because of a world wide pandemic
because we all recognize its the right thing to do for our earths future survival

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

organicgreendoctor: my santa barbara country n victory garden update

organicgreendoctor: my santa barbara country n victory garden update: MY SANTA BARBARA COUNTRY N VICTORY GARDEN UPDATE flowers just pop up in and around my garden the one above is a california poppy thi...

my santa barbara country n victory garden update

flowers just pop up in and around my garden
the one above is a california poppy

this is a borage with its pretty blue flowers that are edible and are bee magnets
i keep one growing most of the spring and summer on the edge of my garden bed

this is a calendula that just pops up where it wants to
the bees love this one
i harvest the petals to add color to our salad

you gotta keep the bees happy you know

i am able to work in my garden away from others
i wear my n95 mask if anyone else is in the garden
if they are not i wear my cloth mask

i only use my tools i bring in myself
if i use the gardens stuff i spray it with lysol
i wear my plastic garden gloves which i spray down with lysol
i spray the garden lock entering and leaving

i realize i am probably immune to the covid 19 virus but i cant be sure about that
i am protecting myself from others and protecting others from myself

the nearest plot to mine is about 40 ft away
i try to garden at times when no one else is around

now that i am getting my stamina back and can work some in the garden i have been working on getting my garden planted for the rest of the spring and summer

last week i harvested around 200 onions from my garden
these are dixondale onions texas i ordered last fall
they are short hour day onions which happens to be the same ones i planted in texas
i planted a mix of red white and yellow onions with one of them being the sweet 1015 onion

i usually wait until the stalks all fall over and dry up some then i harvest them
last year when i tried to wait they got a fungus and mold that caused half of them to rotten
this year i harvested them early
for those in the know they had around 10-12 leaves on them
13 is where you want to get them to
i harvested them and will leave them in the garden bed to dry out some
then i will trim off the onion stalks and save them in old panty hose in our garage
they should last for several months

in this bed where the onions are i added my worm compost i make my self
i put all our veggie food scraps and egg shells in buried 5 gallon buckets with holes drilled all around
i put a concrete paver over it to keep out varmints
the worms enter the bucket through the holes and eat up the veggie stuff
whats left is a very rich compost
this week i harvested all 7 of my buried buckets
for a total of about 30 gallons of this rich worm compost

i then spread it thickly over my bed which is about 3 ft x 8 ft where i had my onions
i also added an organic fertilizer
i worked this in well with a larger garden fork which works the compost and fertilizer down into the soil
i then raked it all out
i watered it in well with a fish emulsion molasses seaweed mixture

in this bed i will plant a tatume squash which looks like a round zucchini
it runs on a vine which i will run up some mulberry limbs that were trimmed off our mulberry tree
this squash will run up the limbs
this squash can be harvested early like a zucchini or it can be allowed to grow larger like a winter squash
on the other end of the bed i will plant a zucchini squash which seems to do well here
we never have a problem with the squash vine boer here like we did in texas

in my garlic bed i did the same thing adding the worm compost plus fertilizer plus the liquid stuff
you can see how rich and dark that worm compost is
i planted a bell pepper which gets really large as the season goes on
on the other end i planted an armenian cucumber which is a long narrow cuke
it grows in a long vine so i will run it up some mulberry limbs also

surrounding the bell pepper and cuke i planted some bush french filet green beans
these are slim long beans that can be eaten raw or cooked or frozen for future use

along one side of my garden in the picture above i planted a long row of billie beans or puruvian or myocoba beans that i will let go to seed and then harvest them dry
these are our favorite beans to cook to eat

the rest of my garden is now fully planted except for a few spots
10 tomatoes early girl celebrity 3 sun gold 4 tammy tomato of unknown name and an unknown tomato from last years crop that is a productive small tomato
3 peppers bell banana jalapeno
christmas lima beans
vine french filet green beans
bush french filet green beans
kales curly leaf dinosaur red
malabar spinach red and green variety
multiplying onions
some late lettuce mix

i will add things to any open spot as the season progresses

we all need to be planting a victory garden

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, April 20, 2020

organicgreendoctor: 17th day post quarantine

organicgreendoctor: 17th day post quarantine: 17TH DAY POST QUARANTINE someone made me a face mask knowing i like gardening etc its been 17 days since i got out of isolation and qua...

17th day post quarantine

someone made me a face mask knowing i like gardening etc

its been 17 days since i got out of isolation and quarantine
its been 31 days since i got sick with symptoms

yesterday i watched a video of an emergency room doctor describing how they evaluate folks to see if they were getting septic or an overwhelming infection
i realized i got most of them that night i went to the emergency room
luckily mine were all ok at that time

since last week my endurance has improved
i am able to do more activities like gardening with much less shortness of breath
walking doesnt bother me as much as doing things like digging in my garden with a shovel
that makes me have to rest some
im still amazed at having those symptoms since except for that first day respiratory symptoms werent really part of my symptoms
thank goodness since i would hate to see what i would be like if they were

i have persistent hoarseness
eg i talked to a relative yesterday on the phone for over 30 minutes and remained hoarse the rest of the day
hoarseness i can deal with

i have  a persistent runny nose and congestion that wont seem to go away
i have an occasional dry cough
it could be allergies but i cant be sure
i wish i could get covid 19 testing to be sure im not contagious
of course antibody testing to make sure i might be immune

i have an occasional headache that goes away on its on

i am beginning to be able to eat more food each day
since my symptoms were mainly gi in etiology i seemed to be left with a lost of appetite and intolerance to eating very much food
i have lost 12 lbs over the last 4 weeks
im actually adding things to my food to increase calories like butter and avocado and olive oil eg

my fatigue is much better

my sleep is still a problem

i am having to work my way back onto my aricept (donepezil) since i was off it most of the time when i was sick since it made my stomach upset when i took it
my last 3 doses i have been able to tolerate ok

i am still off my cholesterol meds and blood pressure meds

some covid 19 news and thoughts

today is 4/20 which is marijuana day
its legal here in california
lucky for the county and city that the new taxes from the marijuana tax is coming in
its in the millions
it may help them get through all the loss of other tax revenues

i read where a city in massachusetts tested a large number of their residents and found that over 30% of them had antibodies to covid 19 which means they could be immune
its possible that number may be higher

we need to test folks to rule out infection and to isolate them and notify their contacts
we also are going to need to know who is immune
these two things will be needed to know before we can go back to more activities like work etc
without these the government will be flying blindly

i saw all those protesters wanting to be liberated
well some of them will be liberated
liberated to their sick beds or worse their at risk contacts like grandparents aunt uncles parents etc will be

i did notice several were morbidly obese a big risk factor
some had a lot of gray hair a big risk factor
not many were wearing any face covers
they were awfully close to each other
i saw several smoking something
it would be interesting to see how many get the covid 19 from that protest and how many of their contacts get infected from them
remember 1 infected person can lead to hundreds being infected

now i have no problem with them protesting
ive done that myself
its sort of our right to be able to do that
it would have been better if they could all have wore masks and kept a good distance from each other and kept high risk folks away from the protesting group

all i could think was when i saw that group all squished up close was
natural selection

now it doesnt matter what they ie the fed or state or local level orders us to do
i plan to do the same as i have been doing
even though my wife she and i are likely immune
we will follow the rules

wear a mask when we go out of doors
limit where we go
wash our hands a lot
dont touch our face
keep a good 10 ft or more distance
dont go into any stores
we can get our groceries and pharmacy items delivered
i will continue to work in my garden since i can go there and have a half an acre to myself
quarantine our mail and groceries for 3 days
wipe down our counters and other highly touched areas every day
take our shoes off at the door
we each have inside shoes

be safe
follow the rules
dont be naturally selected

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, April 17, 2020

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-alzheimers and covid 19

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-alzheimers and covid 19: ALZHEIMERS NEWS-ALZHEIMERS AND COVID 19 when you take a bunch of old folks who are immunocompromised just from being old and with lots of ...

alzheimers news-alzheimers and covid 19

Image result for organicgreendoctor
when you take a bunch of old folks who are immunocompromised just from being old and with lots of chronic health conditions like heart disease heart failure strokes diabetes kidney disease liver disease immunosuppressive diseases like lupus rheumatoid etc and then add alzheimers on top of that
you put those folks into a facility of a hundred or more people just like that
when the covid 19 a highly contagious virus strikes fast like a cobra it leaves death in its path
the long term car facilities ie nursing homes or memory care centers or whatever you want to call then are a disaster just waiting to happen

those mostly old folks are already at risk for scabies staph infections bed bugs lice pneumonia tb flu and other contagious illnesses
its all in that first paragraph above

once the covid 19 gets in there it will and has spread like wildfire

my wife she and i have had this discussion

if i go into the long term care facility that means
i dont probably know that i am there
i cant dress myself
i cant or can barely feed myself
i cant groom myself
i will not get better
i will only get worse
its sink or swim when i go in there

i told her if i go in there when my time comes and i get the covid 19 dont let them send me to a hospital
when that happens its my time
just let me go
i am ok with going that way

she understands
i agree and do hereby consent so

we are about 2 weeks away from getting all our will and trust and other paperwork update done
when thats done
its all written down in one place for all to know what our wishes are

having said that
right now
my memory is normal
in fact my guess well i know my memory tests are better than many of you who are reading this
i am in good physical health
well i do have some endurance problems and shortness of breath from my covid 19 infection
that is gradually getting better

as i went to the emergency room that night
when asked what my health problems were i loudly said high blood pressure
i mumbled where they couldnt hear me
high cholesterol mci real quiet like
when asked about my meds i loudly said my blood pressure pill and cholesterol pill
i quietly mumbled my aricept (donepezil)
in fact i didnt use the word aricept just donepezil so maybe they wouldnt know what that was

i never mentioned the word alzheimers
i feel at 70 years old which i dont feel like im 70 years old i am in good shape physically and mentally
well before i got sick with this stuff

i didnt want them to restrict treatment in any way if i worsened
yes i would have agreed to have the tube put in if i worsened if it looked like i would come out on the other end all intact like i was before i got sick

i didnt want the word alzheimers to cloud up their thinking
i didnt want to get death paneled

an aside here
it irks me when i see folks write just let this covid 19 do its own thing
just let it run its course
what you are doing is asking nurses and doctors to be death panel decision makers
thats when your grandparents aunt uncles the disabled will be death paneled
but you are making those doctors and nurses make those decisions
this is done for herd immunity
the problem is you will lose a lot of the herd that you dearly love

now thats right now i feel that way
i go to long term care then thats not what i want
no iv no feeding tube no breathing tube just comfort care

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, April 16, 2020

organicgreendoctor: how is covid 19 affecting kids

organicgreendoctor: how is covid 19 affecting kids: HOW IS COVID 19 AFFECTING KIDS when i was in the emergency room that first night i was sick i was put in large room where patients were s...

how is covid 19 affecting kids

when i was in the emergency room that first night i was sick i was put in large room where patients were separated by a movable room divider
while i was there for those 3 hours there were 4 patients there besides me
a young pregnant mom
a middle aged mom
a middle age female icu nurse
me a retired physician grandfather dad uncle gardener school garden volunteer
now i never mentioned the word alzheimers when i gave out my history
i didnt want to be one of those treatment limiting cases
next to me was a baby somewhere i guess less than 1 year old
she had fever
she had what i call it that rsv bronchiolitis cough
knowing what i know now i wonder if she had covid 19
she got a chest xray
i dont think they put a oximeter on her
she didnt get any swabs
she didnt get any labs

the rest of us got
a chest xray
continuous oxygen monitoring blood pressure and pulse monitoring
nasal swabs for viruses and covid 19
most of us had blood work
i think i had more labs done than they did since mine came on fast and furious that day with the onset of shortness of breath along with the fever and gi symptoms
now even a month later i have residual shortness of breath with exertion

one person had pneumonia and was placed on zithromax and sent home
i think she was the pregnant one
i wonder how she did and i wonder if she really had covid 19
it seems babies born to moms with covid 19 seem to do ok

another was sent home on the usual covid 19 instructions
dont come back unless you cant breath

the nurse was sent home to be quarantined

the baby
was sent home with bronchiolitis instructions
basically keep them hydrated treat any fever get reevaluated if breathing worsens
no covid 19 test was done

could that baby had covid 19
yes its possible that was the virus  causing the bronchiolitis
i thought about this when i read
this article linked here from a pediatrician
80% of kids may have covid without symptoms
this cdc article on covid 19 in kids

only a few kids have died from covid 19
they  usually had other health issues
hardly any kids have even been tested for covid 19
this  pediatrician thinks maybe 80% of kids with those upper respiratory symptoms right now probably have covid 19

why is this important
remember kids mostly fare pretty well when they get this disease
they easily spread it to other kids and to their parents and to their grandparents and to their aunts and uncles and to their neighbors etc etc etc
you let your kid play with his friend who has covid 19
remember that friend either wont have symptoms or will have minimal symptoms and will not appear ill at all
your child comes home
gets maybe symptoms the next few days or gets no symptoms at all
they start the cascade of germs through your family and their contacts
one person begats hundreds to thousands of covid 19 infections

i have thought many times over the last almost 30 days how i caught this
i realize i will probably not figure it out

mr hudson had a cold with snotty nose and didnt feel good for a few days about 10 or so days before i got sick
could that have been covid 19
man i sure hope it was since that means he may be immune now to covid 19
it will be interesting to do a covid 19 antibody test on him when it becomes available

i went to the grocery store unmasked and to the pharmacy unmasked
before i knew better
granted i washed my hands before and after and wiped things down with my clorox wipes
its possible thats where i caught it
breathing covid 19 into my lungs as i walked the stores aisles

10 days before i got sick i volunteered in the kindergardeners garden helping them harvest veggies from the garden
i always wash my hands right before we go out to the garden
i always washed my hands as i was leaving the building
i did this way before covid 19 came along
could i have caught it from one of them
if you have ever been a kindergardener teacher you know there are always kids with snotty noses
so it was that day

i really dont know where i caught it
i sure hope i caught it from mr hudson
even though i got real sick it would definitely be worth it if thats where i caught it

dont forget to protect the kids in all this
remember they can be the one that brings it into your home

be safe
follow the rules

if you stay inside you wont get this unless someone brings it into your home

if you do go outside wear at least cloth mask

wash your hands a lot like after going to the bathroom before and after eating before and after you leave the house
dont touch you face
this virus gets in by breathing it into your lungs or by moving it from your hands to your nose or eyes or mouth
if you dont wear gloves right they are a source of contamination
you might be better off to not to wear them but to just wash your hands a lot

dont forget

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

organicgreendoctor: i voted

organicgreendoctor: i voted: I VOTED i have voted in every presidential election since i was 18 years old this year on november 3 2020 i can say i voted again no ...

i voted


i have voted in every presidential election since i was 18 years old
this year
on november 3 2020 i can say
i voted again

no matter what this covid 19 does to the election
i will vote

you see
i am lucky to live in a state where you can do mail in ballots without a lot of restrictions like some states do
it comes in the mail
usually about that time a booklet from the american league of women voters arrives so you can read about the various candidates and the various issues that we are voting on

i usually sit in my chair looking out over our condos courtyard with the sun beaming through the windows
i sit there with my coffee and mark my ballot
i sign it
i put it in my mailbox so the morning post person takes it into the mail system

i voted
i have done my duty

as we all know from history folks have made it difficult for others to vote
its really sometimes according to who has the power

i watched with horror and shame as the people of wisconsin were forced to vote in person
it will be interesting to see what effect that has on the outbreak of the covid 19 there in a week or so
i wonder how many folks will die from voting that day

folks have been undergoing all kinds of repression and obstacles to voting
it doesnt stop most from voting though

i will admit i if i lived in wisconsin or one of those states that doesnt let folks vote by mail that i would do whatever it takes to vote

i would wear a mask a n95 if i had one if not a cloth mask
i would wear gloves
i would make the person in front of me and back of me stay at least 10 ft away
i would bring my own wipes with me and wipe everything down before i voted
afterwards i would properly remove my gloves so i dont contaminate my hands
get in the car and go home
as soon as i got home i would scrub my hands well with soap and water
remove my shoes at the door
take wipes or sprays that kill the virus and spray my car keys my door knobs my car door my steering wheel my gear shift if i have one
i would go back into my house
remove my clothes
shower real good
change to fresh clothes
take a slow deep breath
peel off the sticker
proudly put that i voted sticker on my shirt

whatever it takes thats what i would do if i didnt live in california

of course
i will mark my ballot as above while sitting in the morning sun
seal my green envelope
place it in the mail pickup spot

i voted
it should be that easy not hard like i described above if i couldnt mail vote

Image result for organicgreendocor.com i voted
no matter
you have to vote
granted some of you will fall ill if your state makes you vote in person
some of you will die and infect others
those deaths will be on your political leaders hands
we have to vote
we cant let anything take that away from us

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

organicgreendoctor: another source of disinfectant

organicgreendoctor: another source of disinfectant: ANOTHER SOURCE OF DISINFECTANT oxiclean.com since this covid 19 thing has come along and we all need to stay inside as much as possible ...

another source of disinfectant



since this covid 19 thing has come along and we all need to stay inside as much as possible and especially since my wife she and i got sick with what i am sure was the covid 19
we have done a lot of disinfecting
her symptoms were much less than mine
she seems all recovered and i am lagging behind somewhat

when we or i should say she did a lot of keeping our place germ free while i was down for the count
at that time when i got sick we had 2 containers of generic clorox wipes
this is what we were using to keep our counters and door knobs and bathrooms scrubbed down

as we were nearing the last of that first container of wipes
i told my wife she
we need to find more wipes

we could find none nor i am sure could many of you

i read where they had added hydrogen peroxide to the approved list
i found a bottle and put it in a spray bottle to supplement our wipes
i also ordered a bottle with each grocery order from instacart
sorry on the last order there is no more in stock

i asked my wife she where is that clorox we had
she said oh i gave it to my mom since we never used it
i borrowed it back
made a solution per cdc guidelines and scrubbed the counters in the kitchen and dining room and bathroom everywhere i didnt think the clorox would damage things

warning some disinfectants sold may not or probably do not kill this virus
so watch what you buy
it should have the clorox wipe ingredient or clorox ingredient or hydrogen peroxide on it
also some wipes have just a little peroxide so that doesnt help

then i found a video on how to make my own wipes
i did one container with about 30 pieces of old tshirts soaked with the approved clorox recipe
i then use them like i would a clorox wipe

then i did the same for hydrogen peroxide
i stuffed pieces of old tshirts into a jar and soaked it with peroxide
i use them like a clorox wipe

so surveying our supply we have
1 full container of generic clorox wipes
i full container of my made up clorox  tshirt wipes
i full container of my peroxide tshirt wipes
3/4 a quart of clorox which i will use to keep my t shirts supplied
2 bottles of peroxide which i probably wont be able to find for awhile

i was thinking the other day
what else could i use to keep things wiped down

i wipe down our outside door knobs to our stairways
our rail going up the stairs
the light switches in our stairwell
our door knobs inside and out on our front door
we change shoes as soon as we come in the door since it can be tracked into your house
i wipe down all counters and cabinet knobs and things like the microwave and stove and frig etc that we touch a lot
then i try to keep our electronics wiped off every day
afterwards i wash my hands real good

so i was doing a computer search to find other disinfectants when my wife she started talking about
doing the laundry
we share a laundry here so we ie my wife she has to be careful
that made me think

where is that box of oxiclean that i bought a few months ago i asked her
its in the laundry she said
could you bring it back to our condo

what is the active ingredient in oxiclean that works
its called hydrogen peroxide
thats what removes the stains off my garden dirty clothes

now i use oxiclean spray on all my garden stain jeans to keep them clean
i had bought that box to save money i thought thinking i would just mix up a solution and put it in a bottle to spray on my clothes
it clogged up the sprayer

so i verified that yes when you mix up oxiclean into a solution it turns into hydrogen peroxide and water
you can wipe it on like the clorox wipes and leave it on just to be safe for 5 minutes plus
wipe it off with water in case a residue gets left
the hydrogen peroxide turns into water and oxygen
it should kill the covid 19 virus

if i was to chose one that probably works the best it would be clorox that was mixed up with water per cdc guidelines and wiped onto surfaces and left for several minutes
that for sure kills the covid 19
the others should also that we are using

here at the condo
i think we are set for several weeks with disinfectant options without worrying about having to get them from the grocery store or pharmacy

kill those virus
keep things wiped down
wash your hands a lot especially when you come in from outside
we wash ours before we leave just to be safe
we wear a mask anytime we go outside
we are staying away for now any grocery store or pharmacy etc
we keep 10-20 ft away from people

yesterday i was at our community garden working on my plot which is isolated in the far corner of the garden
i try to go when no one else in there
a couple of gardeners came up to talk to me
i made them stand 20 ft away from me
to protect them mostly
i touch nothing in the garden except what i bring with me and only use my tools and supplies i have stored in my garden area

be safe
follow the rules

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, April 13, 2020

organicgreendoctor: 10th day post quarantine

organicgreendoctor: 10th day post quarantine: 10TH DAY POST QUARANTINE 10 days ago when i went off quarantine or should i say isolation for what i am sure was a covid 19 infection i di...

10th day post quarantine


10 days ago when i went off quarantine or should i say isolation for what i am sure was a covid 19 infection i didnt feel too bad
it hasnt been a steady improvement of symptoms at all like i was expecting
you know you get an upper respiratory infection that makes you sick then each day you gradually get better

this covid 19 at least for me isnt doing that
it waxes and wanes
i read about several people who describe this as a real slow burn

i have had two bad days since my post quarantine time
one was yesterday and the other was last week
last week i figured out finally that with being sick and losing weight and the inactivity my blood pressure meds were dropping my blood pressure too low
my aricept (donepezil) which i had restarted was really bothering my stomach and appetite a lot
i stopped the blood pressure meds last week and my blood pressure is now better than it was before when i was taking it granted ive lost weight and am less active and drinking less coffee and no wine

i stopped my aricept for a few days rest which seemed to make things better
i restarted it a few days ago and now its bothering me again
i remembered when i first started it 10 years ago it did the same thing to me but i persevered through as i knew i needed to be on it
i think it may be one of the reasons why i am better 10 years later
it delays symptoms longer the earlier you start it

i am afraid not to take it since i might start to regress some
i plan to gradually introduce it to my system

this morning i do feel like i feel better
i plan to not take any meds for a few days then will start my aricept every other day for a while and maybe take it at night knowing it might interfere with my sleep like it did 10 years ago and worsen my dreams
i remember my two brothers and mother took it at night and seemed to tolerate it ok

i can walk if i do it slowly and not really get short of breath
if i exert myself like working in the garden or lifting or vacuuming or cleaning i get short of breath
it easily goes away if i rest
its not gotten worse in the last week but it really hasnt improved

i have fatigue that i feel after eg when i worked in my garden for an hour really not doing much just simply pulling weeds and planting a couple of tomatoes and some harvesting of onions sweet peas salad greens
after that trip i was wore out

reading stories of folks who have gotten this they have similar stories

i have a burning sometimes in my chest when i am active like i just inhaled some gasoline
its not severe like with pleurisy just a burning like you can tell where your trachea and bronchi are like they are slightly inflamed
i remember having that in years past with acute bronchitis from all that coughing

so reviewing of symptoms as they developed in me
hopefully this will help some of you who may develop symptoms
remember you are probably contagious a few days before your symptoms start
that is why the cloth mask is important so you are less likely to spew virus on others
remember this is a highly contagious virus

i had a runny nose that i have when i garden or get out in cold weather and have had for weeks
i had a dry cough but i have had a chronic cough for months
i couldnt really tell if this was really different
i developed a headache i attributed it to my recurrent iritis
i had fatigue and remember mentioning that to my wife she i felt tired more than usual
i had a decreased appetite
i really didnt feel sleepy when i laid down for a nap or when i went to bed
i felt like i had drank extra coffee

the day my symptoms took off
while working in the garden i felt dizzy a common symptom i may add
as i was walking up my garden incline about a 100 ft i felt short of breath
i felt like i was coming down with something like the flu

i went home and walked from our garage to our condo about a 40 yard walk then as i walked up our stairs to our condo i got short of breath
i went inside took a shower ate a small lunch even though i wasnt hungry
i laid down for a mid day nap
i woke up with marked nausea like i was going to vomit and abdominal cramps and diarrhea
i took an antinausea pill that helped some
then the fever and chills with rigors started
i was cold even though i had on pjs and was under the covers
initially i didnt take any acetaminophen since i wanted to know if i had fever
as the day progressed i felt worse and worse
the fever and chills would come in waves
some of it was associated with waves of shortness of breath

i knew from reading that when it presents suddenly with gi symptoms like i have then rapidly moves to the lungs that the infection could overwhelm the bodys defenses fairly rapidly
folks who have this presentation progress rapidly and dont fare as well
only 30%+ ever leave the hospital
i went to the emergency room where they kept me for 3 hours
my blood pressure was elevated as was my heart rate i usually run in the 50s mine was in the low 100s
i had a low temp of 96 and when i left it was at 100
my oxygen level was ok at 98
my chest xray was normal
my blood tests which measured if i was getting septic were normal
my sodium and potassium was low probably from the diarrhea
my kidney and liver tests were ok
my complete blood count was ok
luckily i had just had annual labs two weeks ago that they could compare these too
they did a nasal swab for viral infections and the covid 19
all were negative
it took 5 days to get the covid 19 back
i feel like i had a false negative test which happens about 30% of the time thats when you really have the infection but it reads negative
thats a problem with some of these early tests and why medical folks sometimes get 2-3 tests done before they return back to work after a covid 19 infection

the worse i felt was the next day and the next
thats when i thought i was going to die and starting in my times when i felt better to prep my wife she on all or financial and will items.
as i improved that week she and i finished all our final will and trust paperwork we had started just before i got sick
it should all be finalized soon
i was afraid it was going to be needed though during those early first days

i felt nauseated and had no appetite
i made myself drink soup and eat crackers and drink gatorade and non caffeinated sodas to get some sugar and sodium and potassium into my system
i slept in 2-3 hours naps for over a week
i felt completely washed out
i was on regular dosing of acetaminophen but continued to have fever and chills and rigors even though i was maxed out on the recommended doses

i think this was the first time i have ever thought i was going to die

after 10 days my fevers finally subsided so i went off my acetaminophen and had only 1 episode of fever when i did that which was 14 days ago

right before i was going off quarantine i felt good
i must say those first few days i was off quarantine i felt much better than i do now

i feel like my meds that i am suppose to take has also made me feel worse
time will tell

i underestimated how much this virus probably got into my lungs
those symptoms really didnt show up until i became more active here in the condo

i have a mild runny nose
a mild cough that burns some when i cough
i have no headache but still have a scratchy throat
if i talk too much or if i am too active i get hoarse
i was able to eat a piece of toast and an egg and a half a cup of coffee
i will stay off meds for now
i hope to try to be outside more today but not overdo it hoping to increase it slowly each day
my appetite is not good
i dont feel overly tired but i usually get that way after i am more active

i have seen interviews with young healthy folks who have gotten this and they have residual symptoms much like this that last for days afterwards

i really think that if i was 10 years older i would have died
if i was obese i would have died
if i had heart disease i would have died
if i had diabetes i would have died
if i had asthma or emphysema my lung issues would have worsened
i might have died
if i was immunosuppressed i would have died

i have a high respect for how contagious this virus is
i would have worn a mask from the beginning and would have isolated myself better
i would not have gone to the grocery store or the pharmacy
i dont care what the politicians tell me and those of you who are at high risk or around those who are high risk shouldnt care what they tell you if they tell you to go out into the world unprotected

just look at washington and california and look at those curves then look at your states curves
remember many of you are a couple of weeks behind these two states
some of your numbers will be a lot worse than ours

i am sure i will recover but now i realize that it will take me a lot longer than i realized

now even though i probably am immune to the covid 19
and my wife she whose symptoms were much milder  is probably immune to covid 10

follow the rules
i cant be sure im not shedding virus still

stay inside as much as possible
wear a mask every time mainly to protect ourselves and others
if you dont im sorry you you should think about your elderly relatives your family and friends with high risk issues
keep no not 6 feet but maybe 10-20 feet from folks
remember that video i posted last week
when someone walks past you or ahead of you that stuff is still there

a cloth mask will prevent a percentage of the virus from being inhaled into your lungs
it mainly keeps you from spewing it all over the place
remember you will be asymptomatic for 2-3 days before you have symptoms

wash your hands
when you leave the house and when you first come home

dont touch your face

you can catch this
by breathing in the germ someone spews out into the air
by getting it on your hands and touching your face

you will give it to someone else
by breathing it out into the world thats why a mask is important
by getting it on your hands and spreading it to others

be safe
follow the rules

the organicgreen doctor