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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Friday, April 3, 2020

day #14 covid 19 quarantine


today i get to use my get out of jail card
i consider it my delayed birthday present
following the cd guidelines for those infected i am able to leave my room mask free
i have not had fever and chills since monday or 96 hours ago
my runny nose only happens when i wear my n95 mask
without it my nose doesnt run
i have had no headache for days
my sore throat or scratchy throat is gone i have taken no throat lozenges in almost 48 hours
i have my chronic cough i have had since a year ago that had a workup done on that was normal 4 months ago
it never got worse than my usual daily cough
i you were around me you probably wouldnt notice anything
its definitely not the covid 19 cough

i actually slept 9 hours last night
i dont think i moved all night
i think it all finally caught up with me
i do feel good this morning

my appetite is good
i wanted a glass of wine last night but elected to skip it
i ate breakfast ok and drank my cup of coffee
my coffee gives me this hot flash like i was going through menopause
i have no muscle aches or pain
my guess is that when i do get outside and move around i will probably have a loss of endurance

later i will decontaminate our place
bag up our clothes and linens
wipe all surfaces down well with a chlorox solution being careful not to ruin things with it

so here is the best way to keep from getting this virus
if you 100% dont want to get it then stay inside and dont let the virus in your house
now most of you arent going to do that 100% of the time

if you catch it you will get it by
breathing droplets in the air into your lungs
getting it on your hands then touching your mouth nose eyes

the goal is not to let those two things happen

now this is what i am going to do
even though the chances are i am now immune to the covid 19 virus as probably is my wife she
i have to presume that i am not safe until i get a immunity blood test when they become available

i am more of a danger to others by picking up the germs on my hands and spreading it

i will wear my n95 mask for 2 weeks when i go outside
this almost 100% will keep me from spreading germ droplets if they were  present
im doing this just to be overly cautious then i will switch to a cloth mask or bandanna which really only keeps me from breathing out germs
the same is the reason  you wear it so that you dont spread germs if you are an asymptomatic person
the bandanna or mask also will keep you from touching your nose and mouth and infecting yourself
this mask needs regular changing and washing since it can become a germ magnet itself

i dont plan to go to a store or pharmacy at all or anywhere else except for my garden
i bring my own tools and supplies and soap and disinfectant
i spray the lock with lysol coming and going
we are using delivery services for those things you get from those businesses
i hope to order some meals from local restaurants just to support them through this crisis

an aside here we cant find wipes or chlorox or sanitizer
i noticed the fda added peroxide to the list of approved disinfectants but i havent seen that in the media
it has to be sprayed and left in place for 5 minutes
it can potentially cause things to lose color but not like chlorox can

i will wash my hands a lot especially the first thing when i come in from outside

so yes i will go outside
we do have a lot of empty spaces here where you can ride or hike and not be anywhere close to anybody
if we lived at the country n we would be outside probably all day

do remember you will if you catch it probably not be sure whom you caught it from

my recommendations
stay inside
if you go outside wear a cloth mask
stay further than 10 ft from someone
wash your hands a lot

if you catch it you probably will not know where you got it
i dont

stay away from older folks and immunocompromised folks
they should be under total isolation themselves

we plan to stay away from mr hudson and family for an extra 10-14 days just to be safe

do be safe
follow the rules
stay inside if you can
if you go outside wear a cloth mask to protect others
wash your hands a lot
dont touch your face

here is a graph where you can look at your state and see when the peak will be and if your state will have enough icu beds and ventilators
the link is https://covid19.healthdata.org/projections
most of my readers are from these three state
you can look yours up

arkansas 3+ million   will peak 4/26  619 folks will die   no shortage of icu beds
texas 20+ million   will peak 5/6   6392 folks will die   will need 306 icu beds
california 40+million   will peak 4/26  5068 folks will die   no shortage of icu beds
new york  20+million   will peak 4/9   16261 will die   need 11000 extra icu beds

this stark outlook for new york is why the governor is asking for help

the rural states will do better than the more urban ones
those with large cities arent going to do as well think dallas houston austin san antonio
those states like california that shut down early will fare better
as you can see our governor is saving a lot of lives
those states who didnt will not fare as well

thankfully it seems that most of us can think for ourselves
we arent stupid
we know what needs to be done

stay hunkered down
be safe if you go out
dont bring it home to your at risk loved ones
wear a mask
wash your hands more than your mother told you to when you were a  kid

the organicgreen doctor

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