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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Friday, September 20, 2019

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-that would make the treatment wors...

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-that would make the treatment wors...: ALZHEIMERS DISEASE-THAT WOULD MAKE THE TREATMENT WORSE THAN THE DISEASE MAYBE my mother and my younger brother took aricept (donepezil) fo...

alzheimers news-that would make the treatment worse than the disease maybe

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my mother and my younger brother took aricept (donepezil) for alzheimers disease
my older brother was on in for a year or two also
i have been on it now for almost 9 years

i am quite familiar with the side effects having experienced most of the side effects over the last several years

i read with interest this linked article on aricept (donepezil) causing rhabdomyolysis after working in the community garden with a large volunteer group for almost 4 hours in the hot sun last weekend
when i laid down for my afternoon nap i was awaken with a marked cramp in my calf and then on the opposite leg a severe cramp in my quadriceps
i was afraid at one point that i was not going to get the quad cramp to go away
i was left with a sore calf and a sore quadriceps

rhabdomyolysis is better known in the news from athletes who get overheated and cramp up
their muscle fibers get broken down and the substances have to be filtered by the kidney which can overwhelm the kidneys leading to acute kidney failure but thankfully most usually return to normal kidney functions after rehydration

some folks with this die or get left with permanent kidney damage

so thats why that article caught my attention after it showed up this week and after i had that get out of bed leg cramp that wouldnt hardly go away

i sort of suspected that someone on aricept (donepezil) would be susceptible to rhabdo as its called since folks like me get those godawful leg cramps at night sometimes
ive noticed them more often after ive done a lengthy garden session or a long hike

aricept (donepezil) allows acetylcholine to accumulate in the nerve endings so the nerve will fire and work better even in the brain if the nerve cell is partly damaged
thats how it works in the brain by making the brain cells work better

for some it works better than others
hopefully im one of them

this accumulation elsewhere in the body especially the gi tract like the intestine and stomach and the muscle leads to these side effects

you can watch my calves sometimes and they look like small snakes crawling under the skin as the muscle fibers fire beyond my control
its this overfiring of the muscle fibers that probably leads to the cramps and then the rhabdo

the gi symptoms are nausea vomiting diarrhea decreased appetite and abdominal pain
i have some nausea let just say im never constipated now for 9 years and i have some abdominal pain in the morning after taking the aricept (donepezil)
i also commonly have a loss of appetite and normally dont get hunger pains
i could probably easily go without eating but know i have to eat to live

i compensate by eating small meals and snacks in the morning that help
i also take a pill for nausea sometimes and take the ppi pill like omeprazole to help

i tolerate all this since i feel like the aricept (donepezil) may be why im better right now as it delays my symptoms for awhile

when i hike or work in the garden i try to stay well hydrated
if i dont i notice the leg cramps are worse

yes i read this article with interest
i will now be more vigilant about staying hydrated with exercise and just generally well hydrated all the time

even with these gi symptoms and the leg cramps and now the slight risk of rhabdomyolysis from taking the aricept (donepezil) the treatment is not worse than the disease
the untreated disease leads to your death 100% of the time

whats a little side effects

also join and or donate to our team for the walk to end alzheimers or join an alzheimers walk in your area

alzheimers disease presentation
our walk to end alzheimers team organicgreendoctor will be walking in the walk here in santa barbara on saturday november 2 2019
here is the link to my team and the walk

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited 21-the start of a new study

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited 21-the start of a new study: MY STORY REVISITED 21-THE START OF A NEW STUDY when i was diagnosed i was rejected by the adni study mentioned below since i couldnt quali...

my story revisited 21-the start of a new study

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when i was diagnosed i was rejected by the adni study mentioned below since i couldnt qualify to be in the normal control group of that study
i was started on aricept (donepezil) for my diagnosis and was told if after 3 months i was stable on the medication that i could reapply to be in the mild cognitive impariment wing of the adni study

as it turns out the adni study is the most important alzheimers study thats ever been done
most of the studies you know see reported in the news has some basis from the data obtained from the adni study
including the biogen aducanumab study

as i read studies i realize that they are talking about my results
my dna my rna my genetics my mir scan my blood proteins my amyvid pet scans my memory testing my spinal tap results
there were only around 1000 of us in the adni1 and the adni 2 studies
there were onlly 10 of us at the ut southwestern medical center alzheimers center
when i see those results i know that i am part of the beginnigs of a lot of alzheimers study

for me
just doing this study has fulfilled my desire to contribute to the advancement of alzheimers research
i feel like i am complete now

plus i did the biogen aducanumab study after this one for almost 3 years and am looking for another treatment study when i qualify probably in march of 2020

the adni study is just diagnostic testing only
i couldnt get any of my results on any of the testing
i duplicate a lot of it in the private world
spinal fluid analysis genetic testing mri scan
the memory testing i could score as i did the exam so i could tell if i was off on the scoring
the amyvid scan i was not able to duplicate but i did get the result when i entered the biogen aducanumab study in 2016/2017
yes it was positive

so the blog below was written 3 months after i was diagnosed
my life had changed during that time period
i had been on the aricept (donepezil) for 3 months and had adjusted to the side effects
the only ones that really affected me was the leg cramps and the sleep disturbances that interferred with my sleep
thats my biggest issue i have even today is the lack of sleep at night
ive learned to live with it
without the meds i might not be doing as well as i am now
although i cant be sure if thats why but i feel like its part of the answer

in the blog below i mentioned the amyloid pet scan called the amyvid scan
at that time it was only available in research studies
now its readily available and frequently used by private neurologists to diagnosis dementia patients

as many of you who read this blog know i was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment amnesic type when i enrolled in a
research study at the university of texas at southwestern medical
center in dallas

during the initial evaluation it was discovered that i had some short
term memory loss not noted by other people but looking back i
had noticed some problems
no one my wife she, patients, my nurse d, friends, fellow doctors,
clinic employees or family noted any problems

i was to be in the normal control group but after my diagnosis of mci
i was started on aricept because of the changes and my family
history of alzheimers and was not accepted in that study

now that i have been on my medication for 2 months and am on a
stable dose i have the opportunity to start on a new study

the new study is called the alzheimers disease neuroimaging
initiative-2 (adni-2) and is sponsored by a grant from the national
institute on aging
i will be one of 10 persons in this national study from this institution
i will be in one of four groups being studied
the group i will be in is the early mild cognitive impairment group
the other groups are cognitive normal (where i was going to be
when all this started), late mild cognitive impairment, and
alzheimers disease

i will be followed for 54 months and will have serial neuro-
psychological exams(thats what caught mine), blood work to
include dna analysis to see if i have the genetic gene for
alzheimers(apoe gene with apoe 4 being the sucky gene),
spinal taps to check for amyloid protein levels(theory is thats what
is deposited in the brain that causes all this @#&*) and tau protein
levels (a protein that becomes unraveled in the brain),
mris, two different pet scans that shows amyloid deposits and one
that shows labeled sugars(fdg) utilized in the brain.
as the disease progresses the scans gradually become more abnormal
the pet scans that are used are only available in research studies

my progress will be monitored with these tests over this
period of time and any progression will be easily detected
the problem is some of the testing will not be available to me
to review
i will do extra spinal fluid analysis myself and the dna analysis
separately as those results i will not be able to see from the
research study

the neuropsychological exam results will be generally be reported
as the same, worse, or better

the scans may be partially reviewable

at the end of the 54 months i will know if i have progressed and
whether or not i have alzheimers or will develop alzheimers

at my death a brain autopsy will be done to compare the changes
that have occurred in the brain with the results seen on the scans

why do this study
although much of what is done is not reviewable by me i will still be
able to have my progress monitored and will generally know where i
am with this disease
i want to feel like i am contributing to the research for the cure and
treatment of this devastating disease that will affect everyone who
reads this blog in some way and may be the disease that breaks
the bank on our health care system

i will blog as i go along with this study which starts in april

what i didnt mention in the above blog was that i was also in a texas based alzheimers study during this time where i was seen once a year at the alzheimers center and had memory testing done and a neurological exam by a staff neurologists
i did that study for 7 years until i moved to california
those exams and memory results i did get to review later

in fact at one of my office visit they laid out all my moca tests for memory for me to see the scoring and thats when i realized how low my scores had dropped after my diagnosis was made then over time they rose to normal levels
i hadnt realized that my scores had gone that low

i found out later that at my lowest score times that my wife she and the research coordinator had sat in her office and both cried

anything as part of the adni 2 study i did not get to see the results

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

organicgreendoctor: cola and trs and wep and the social security debac...

organicgreendoctor: cola and trs and wep and the social security debac...: COLA  AND TRS AND WEP AND THE SOCIAL SECURITY DEBACLE if you are a teacher or fireman or policeman or government worker who works for an ...

cola and trs and wep and the social security debacle

if you are a teacher or fireman or policeman or government worker who works for an organization that doesnt pay into social security then
you need to understand these words

wep windfall elimination exemption

if you get any social security you are due it will be adjusted
for some that means you get zero social security

eg for my wife she she gets about 30% of what she should be paid based on the social security taxes she paid and when i die she will get about 50% instead of most of my social security
some teachers will get zero

trs teacher retirement system

cola cost of living adjustment for inflation its the one that social security uses for now

eg last year it was 2.8%
some retirement systems give cola but not trs
they give this occasional one month extra pay check about every 5 years that helps some but doesnt come anywhere near if they were giving cola adjustments

now if you work for a school district that pays social security and trs and you pay them also then you are not affected by the wep but you wont get the cola

eg my relatives in arkansas get both teacher retirement and social security and both have cola adjustments

very few of the school districts in texas pay into social security

so most texas teachers get screwed by this
no cola adjustments on their retirement
no social security for them

so what basically happens is if you retired with a $20,000 retirement
10 years later you retirement check would still be $20,000
the cumulative inflation rate over the last 10 years was 19.6%
that $20,000 pension is really only worth $16800
with no social security check
then what happens 10 years later well it only gets worse

looking at the last 5 years if the trs did cola adjustments that $20,000
would be $21,390
over the last 10 years it would even be more

if you had paid into social security then a typical retiree on that level of salary would get about $15,000 a year
they only end up with
$16,800 worth from trs and none from social security

sucks to be a teacher in texas huh

so what do they need to do

encourage their school districts to pay into social security

work a second job that pays into social security eg summer work holiday work work at a job that pays into social security after retirement
make sure you get in enough quarters to qualify

change to a district that pays into social security

start investing into your 403b and your 457 plans at work
attempt to put in what you and your district would be paying if they and you paid social security taxes which is 12.4%
this investment is not taxed until its withdrawn later in life

eg my wife she over her 17 year career put in enough into her 403 b that will allow us to pull out each year the same as what she would have gotten from social security but keeping the balance untouched
eg lets say we have $300,000 in her 403b and withdraw 4% a year this covers what we are losing on our lost social security

however when i die we still lose in the end since she wont recover all of my social security just only half of it because of the wep

start your 403b early in your career at the fica rates of 12.4% and dont ever touch it until you retire
if you were to max the 403b then you could do the 457
few teachers are able to max them out

consider meeting with a certified financial planner who understands how the trs system doesnt work for you

the earlier you start the better

in my experience most teachers dont really understand how this works until they retire and find they arent getting the moneys they expected

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, September 16, 2019

organicgreendoctor: obesity in america

organicgreendoctor: obesity in america: OBESITY IN AMERICA from  sun uk co news  article on obesity in the us those brits they are honest folks they tell it like it is in th...

obesity in america


from sun uk co news article on obesity in the us

those brits they are honest folks
they tell it like it is

in the us there are parts where the obesity rate approaches 40%
i lived in one of them arkansas #3 37.1%
i lived in another one in the next highest rates texas #10 34.8%
now i live in one of the lower ones california #47 25.8%

the two worst are west virginia and mississippi tied at #1

the three best are hawaii  #49 washington dc #50 colorado #51
why i wonder is washington dc so less obese when there are so many fat cats living there

for those interested in your states here is the paragraph from this linked article from silive.com with each states ranks and their percentage of obesity

State-by-state rates of adult obesity (highest to lowest)
Tie: Mississippi and West Virginia (39.5%), 3. Arkansas (37.1%), 4. Louisiana (36.8%), 5. Kentucky (36.6%), 6. Alabama (36.2%), 7. Iowa (35.3%), 8. North Dakota (35.1%), 9. Missouri, (35.0%), 10. -Tie: Oklahoma and Texas (34.8%), 12. - Tie: Kansas and Tennessee (34.4%), 14. South Carolina (34.3%), 15. -Tie: Indiana and Nebraska (34.1%), 17. Ohio (34.0%), 18. Delaware (33.5%), 19 -Tie: Michigan, North Carolina (33.0%), 21. Georgia (32.5%), 22. New Mexico (32.3%), 23. Wisconsin (32.0%), 24. Illinois (31.8%), 25. -Tie: Maryland and Pennsylvania (30.9%), 27. Florida (30.7%), 28 -Tie: Maine and Virginia (30.4%), 30.Tie: Minnesota and South Dakota (30.1%), 32. Oregon (29.9%), 33. New Hampshire (29.6%), 34. Three-way Tie: Alaska, Arizona and Nevada (29.5%), 37. Wyoming (29.0%), 38. Washington (28.7%), 39. Idaho (28.4%), 40. Utah (27.8%), 41. Rhode Island (27.7%), 42. New York (27.6%), 43. Vermont (27.5%), 44. Connecticut (27.4%),45. Montana (26.9%), 46. California (25.8%), 47. -Tie: Massachusetts and New Jersey (25.7%), 49. Hawaii (24.9%), 50. District of Columbia (24.7%), 51. Colorado (23.0%).
obesity is defined as a bmi of over 30
overweight is a bmi of 25-29
normal weight is a bmi of less than 25

you can calculate your bmi body max index by clicking on this bmi calculator from the nih
my bmi calculates at 25.1
bmi equals weight in lbs divided by height in inches squared then multiply by 703
eg for me
190 lbs divided by 73 squared then x 703 equals a bmi of 25.1

there are tables that adjust for age and sex also
but these above give you a rough idea

so im close to the edge on the being overweight but i may be 74 inches instead of 73 inches which makes my bmi slightly lower
i figured since im older i have lost an inch of height

why is this so important

folks who are obese dont live as long

they get more type 2 diabetes which means increased risk of stroke heart attacks blindness alzheimers kidney failure early death

even if they dont get diabetes they get more strokes heart attacks alzheimers and cancers
they also especially females get more worn out knees
they get chronic back pain
they have more sleep apnea
they cant or dont exercise as much
they die younger

if you have ever done surgery or seen an autopsy on an obese person its impressive the amount of fat that surrounds the major organs of the body and covering over the intestines

another reason that this is important is its costing our healthcare system a lot of money to care for this increase in obesity
folks especially in those dark red and red areas are now dying younger than before
we as taxpayers are paying for the health care of over 50 % of these obese folks
obese folks are also sometimes on disability early

one thing ive noticed since living here in santa barbara and central california is that you dont see as much obesity as in texas and arkansas when i go visit there
this is consistent with the percentages in these states listed above

one good stat from these articles is that the age group 18-24 has the lowest obesity rates of any age group so maybe they are getting the message

i feel sorry for west virginia with its high obesity rate and it gets combined with it high opioid overdose and death rate from opioids

there is poor thank god for mississippi

there is colorado
why are they low
could it be they are a green state
could it be that so many folks that live there do outside stuff all the time
maybe thats why the west is low in the obesity rate categories

whatever colorado is doing the rest of us need to be doing it
we will live longer and feel better

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, September 13, 2019

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-my protocol

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-my protocol: ALZHEIMERS NEWS-MY PROTOCOL one question i get asked frequently is why do you think you are doing so well my answer its what im doing ...

alzheimers news-my protocol

Image result for organicgreendoctor
one question i get asked frequently is
why do you think you are doing so well

my answer
its what im doing to stay healthy
its the aricept (donepezil) i am taking since i started it so early it has more long term effects of slowing down the disease symptoms than if i had waited to take it
eg if i wasnt on it i might be more advanced in my symptoms
if i stop it i might worsen but then i may not
im not willing to take the chances

so basically i think its my protocol i am on and its the aricept (donepezil)

in 2014 dr bredesen published this study linked here on reversal of cognitive decline in 10 patients using his protocol which in the study 9 of 10 patients got better
it got a lot of press
i became interested in it and eventually mostly follow it

he also wrote this book the end of alzheimers about his protocol

his theory is there are 36 things that might help to slow down or prevent the disease
i was after slowing it down
that preventing thing well im too late for that one

i looked at the 36 things

most i was already doing and had already evaluated when i had my workup initially
i had memory testing and mris and amyvid pet scans and spinal taps and gene testing

i looked at his supplements and vitamins he recommended and cross referenced them on webmds supplement vitamin link to make sure there was no interference with my meds
i eg cross linked my older brothers meds with this checker and many he couldnt take since they interfered with his heart medicines

so warning dont take supplements and vitamins without cross referencing them and checking with your doctor
thats what i did i checked with my pcp and my neurologist

so here is my protocol

based on labs which showed low b12 and low vitamin d3 and high homocysteine i now take vitamin b12 and vitamin d3 and folic acid and vitamin b complex supplements
i wouldnt be on all these if i had normal labs except for the vitamin b complex supplement

i was placed on blood pressure medicine
i was placed on cholesterol medicine
i was placed on aricept (donepezil)

i was tested for low thyroid and low hormone levels and they were normal
i was questioned about
stress issues
sleep issues
social activity
mental activity like reading writing etc
my diet and settled on the mind diet
remember each of these are points on his 36 point plan

then the second group of things i did

i added these supplements on his list
remember that they havent been scientifically proven to help
remember i cross referenced these with my prescription meds and had my pcp and my neurologist review them to say it was ok
i tried coconut oil but it caused bad indigestion
i tried omega 3 but it caused bad indigestion
i take vitamin e
i take acetyl choline and alpha lipoic acid
i take tumeric acid
i take coq 10
i take bicopa
i take resveratrol deerived from wine grapes
i take citocholine
i take probiotics which may help with gut inflammation
i have regular dental cleanings and checkups to prevent gum disease and its inflammation and infection

the first group of things i do has been showed to slow down the disease
the second group of things i do have not been definitely shown to help but they might
im good with they might since my choice is well as i see it there is no good choice

i picked all these out above from his 36 point approach
i also tried to match what he did with someone in his study who was close to my diagnosis and symptoms when i was deciding on what to do

is this why i am better

i am sure that the first group is definitely why im am better
it might be more my improved diet exercise and blood pressure control and correcting my b12 level that plus the aricept (donepezil) that has made the difference
that second group may not have helped at all
it may have

i plan to continue my protocol as long as i can since it seems to be helping

dont just do this without checking your labs discussing it with your doctors and cross referencing your meds on webmd

recently dr beredesen did a 50 minute interview online with the being patient website

if this intrigues you i suggest you watch the video and listen to it
click here to link the article and video
i think most of what he does is accepted science

remember if you go to see a neurologist and they do a complete workup on you most of what is on his protocol is in their workup
they probably wont recommend all the supplements he recommends but they might suggest coconut oil omega 3 turmeric maybe vitamin b complex

that is my protocol
i cant argue with its success so far

my younger brothers team #team joe nash will be walking in the el dorado arkansas walk to end alzheimers on saturday september 14 2019
he died 6 years ago in the final stage of alzheimers disease
he was diagnosed at the age of 55
here is the link to his team and the walk

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, September 12, 2019

organicgreendoctor: santa barbara country n news-lets make garden soil...

organicgreendoctor: santa barbara country n news-lets make garden soil...: SANTA BARBARA COUNTRY N NEWS-LETS MAKE GARDEN SOIL thats what i said to the 21 kindergardeners when i met them last week lets make garde...

santa barbara country n news-lets make garden soil

thats what i said to the 21 kindergardeners when i met them last week
lets make garden soil
did you know you could make garden dirt
no they said
well you can i said
heres how we will do it

so i went over how we would do it
here is what i told them and what we did

the bed shown above is 3 ft x 6 ft x 1 ft bed made of what is the new treated wood
it was originally built for veggies but we opted to not use it for that but instead to use it for our flower bed where we will plant wildflower seeds some we saved from last years plantings and a cover crop mix of oats peas hairy vetch and what i call our  jack in the bean stalk bean
we let the beans grow tall to see if they will get taller than all the kids
last year the bean almost won           
all of these plantings will flower and attract butterflies and bees and humming birds and help enrich the soil even more

this bed was about 1/3 full of old dry garden soil
we removed it and put it in a pile

in the bottom of the bed i layered it with two layers of cardboard soaked well with water

here is the picture of our ingredients for our garden soil mixture
first the pile of old garden soil
second bags of green grass clippings
third pile of leaves saved from last years fall leaves
fourth stacks of old newspapers
fifth a pile of coffee grounds from starbucks and other coffee houses
fyi many of them set the grounds aside in bags for gardeners to use
also worms love them
sixth a pile of compost donated from the communty garden
seventh some organic granular fertilizer
eighth a mix of liquid fish emulsion seaweed molasses diluted in water

so each kindergardener took a coffee can full of each item and scattered it over the bed
they also tore the old newspapers into shreds and scattered it in the bed
then the final step was they filled the coffee cans full of water and poured it over the bed

i added a sprinkling of the organic dry fertilizer
soaked all this in good with a few gallons of the liquid fertilizer seaweed molasses mixture

i then completed and evened out the beds upper layers
covered it well with this big ole piece of cardboard
to keep it moist and to keep the varmints out

we will keep the mixture moist until it all breaks down
in texas it takes less than a month
here it make take longer since its cooler here

when its all done we will do our plantings

that how we make our soil in the kindergardeners garden

next this week we will do our worm composter

here is a link to how dr deb tolman does her soil when she builds her keyhole gardens
here is a link to her talking on the central texas gardener about how she does it

here above is one that i did at the austin country n using an old watering trough

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited 20-ive gone to the other side

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited 20-ive gone to the other side: MY STORY REVISITED 20-IVE GONE TO THE OTHER SIDE before i was diagnosed at the age of 60 i had rarely sat in a doctors waiting room well ...

my story revisited 20-ive gone to the other side

Image result for organicgreendoctor
before i was diagnosed at the age of 60 i had rarely sat in a doctors waiting room
over the last 9 years i have had plenty of experience sitting there

what i say is
this is all pay back
i just sit and wait and never get mad about my appointment being late

ive been on the other side so i understand how doctors schedules get behind
emergencies happen
an important complaint appears in the middle of a simple appointment
severe depression or suicidal thoughts or abuse or chest pain etc can be mentioned
as a provider you have to stop and care for these issues
ignore a depressed person and something bad can happen

if this happens early in the day the rest of the schedule can be slowed

i just sit and wait for my time

now some folks are just chronically slow in seeing patients
thats the way they operate
they rarely change
what ive noticed is while you are in the room they are giving the time you need
as their schedule gets behinder and behinder

now if you have a squirming child or an elderly dementia patient in the waiting room
i can see how impatience can be a factor

i understand both sides

in my blog below written almost 9 years ago i made observations after my first few months of being a patient
i was now
on the other side

i have gone to the other side
no i have not had a religious experience
i have not become a buddhist, muslim, hindu, or changed my religious perspective
i have not changed my political perspective
i have not had a near death experience

i have gone to the other side
i am now a patient

its a new world on this side
i especially like to be seen as a patient when they dont know
im a physician

so this is what it is like

i have been a practicing family physician for 30 years and have
rarely had to see a physician for care
its probably why i have been so healthy all these years
(that was a joke)

so this is what its like to sit in a waiting room and wait to be seen
i have enjoyed it as i like to watch and observe people in the office
and even at the airport or mall

i especially enjoy watching the kids in the waiting room
they can sure be busy
my waiting room must have been a real busy one as i saw a lot of
kids in my practice over the years
so thats why the waiting room was such a mess at the end of the day

it is interesting to watch the whole process now from the other side
from calling in and making an appointment, checking in on arrival,
sitting and waiting in the waiting room, checking into the exam room
by the nurse, then to observing the doctor as they do what i use to do

these are some observations

that some waiting room music while waiting sucks
that whoever answers the phone needs to be a pleasant person
that a friendly unrushed check in person is so important as they
are the first impression of the office
that i am glad i have insurance and a flex card to cover uncovered items
that i would not like to stand and have to discuss financial stuff at the
check in window where everyone can hear about how broke a person may be
that a comfortable clean waiting room is important
that feed back if the doctor or provider is running late is important
that walls need to be insulated-i can hear phone conversations with patients about things i dont want to know about
that  the bathrooms need to be put where you cant hear someone flush or ...
that physicians need to make the use of technology we/i all use everyday to make it easier to get appointments, get refills, get lab results, ask questions,etc
that doesnt hipaa laws cover phone conversations that can be overheard
that patients not have to walk around with urine cups in their hands
that follow up on labs and xrays via phone call, mail is important
why not use texting/email like we all do
that those damn insurance companies and what they cover and how much they pay before hand is impossible to figure out
that a friendly person is fun to deal with
that a grumpy person makes the visit a bad one
that at the end it is nice to have a compassionate unrushed physician taking care of your health

overall though
my experiences have been good
now i could do some consulting on what clinics could do to make this side a more pleasant experience

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

organicgreendoctor: my national healthcare plan

organicgreendoctor: my national healthcare plan: MY NATIONAL HEALTHCARE PLAN if you have one of these in your wallet you have good insurance coverage dont let anyone change it you have ...

my national healthcare plan

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if you have one of these in your wallet you have good insurance coverage
dont let anyone change it
you have better coverage than the majority of americans

first let me say that i think we need a national healthcare system or single payer system
i realize that will never happen here in the united states
there are too many powerful influences to prevent that from happening

the secret is in designing a plan is to do it so you dont change things much
ive listened to the republican plan which seems to be to dismantle obamacare and limit medicare but there seems not to be an alternative plan from them

the democrats seem to be all over the map
they seem to be for a medicare for all plan
it seems each candidate defines what that means medicare for all

i like medicare for all and think thats what we need
it aint going to happen

here is my
togd simple national healthcare plan

medicare the regular one as it is
dont mess with it
it works fine thank you
i have to add a medicare supplement to cover the 20% medicare doesnt pay and add a medicare drug plan
the cost for those two together is $243 a month
my medicare costs $135+- a month
that cost of medicare is income based
i use to pay over twice what i do now

medicare advantage
it is liked by some folks
i think of it as an hmo or ppo plan ran by private insurance companies like aetna humana blue cross etc
if you live in the right area this is a good plan for you
if you live in the wrong area this is a bad plan for you

the affordable care act plans or the obamacare plans
add the medicare regular as an option and or the medicare advantage plan as an option

your employer based healthcare plan like most of you have
add medicare as an option for employees

medicaid as it is to cover those who fall through the cracks

the va medical system

the us military healthcare system and the champus system

see how simple this is
just add medicare as an option for some

what you will see is this

more and more people will chose the medicare system as time goes on
medicare has the power to control costs and they do
medicare is a not for profit healthcare system
they dont answer to some stockholders

this proposed system adds on medicare to the present system
changing the system abruptly will disrupt our healthcare system
the market will decide what works best and what folks want

remember we pay more than any other industrialized country for our healthcare
we dont rank very high in overall healthcare outcomes

for me
i want to keep my medicare as it is

for some of you
you should have the option to buy into medicare or keep your insurance you have now

the organicgreen doctor