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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

amazing grace


    specrum news
we have lost 400,000 americans to covid 19
sadly we may lose another 100,000 over the next month
we many of us have not been able to mourn and didnt get to say goodbye to our loved ones

we as a nation have not been able to mourn

yesterday at the covid 19 memorial service we got to mourn
it was cathartic for many of us

there standing at the base of the washington reflection pool looking back at the washington monument

cardinal welton daniel gregory the archbishop of washinton spoke
vice president harris spoke briefly 
what broke the damn of tears for me and thousands of others

registered nurse lori marie key from the covid unit at st mary mercy hospital in livonia michigan who became known as the singing nurse in her covid unit
she sang the classic funeral song

amazing grace

this is when i lost it i cried all through her song
i didnt even try to stop the tears
i let them flow down my cheeks
thinking of those thousands of folks who have died from covid 19
many i knew
many you knew
some were your friends and family 
you didnt get to say goodbye
most left us way to soon

president biden talked briefly
the lights along the reflection pool 
all 400 of them
each representing 1,000 lost souls
were lit

the 400,000 flags were also shown on the national mall 
representing each person lost to covid 19

this is when i lost it again
american gospel singer yolanda adams sang 


the tears that had stopped just started to flow again

afterward the news commentators couldnt hardly talk because of the tears
one was an emergency room doctor who seemed to let her tears flow as she talked
she said she would get her kids to bed at night then go on a long run 
crying all the way as she ran

many of us who watched this cried yesterday
we needed it
its like when you cry at a funeral or after ones loved one die
it makes it easier to just let go

many of us let go yesterday

we as a nation needed this

now we can start healing together

here is the video of the ceremony
watch with a box of tissues

here is the link if unable to view video below

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

organicgreendoctor: covid 19-why should you not take the vaccine

organicgreendoctor: covid 19-why should you not take the vaccine: COVID 19-WHY SHOULD YOU NOT TAKE THE VACCINE   i searched the cdc website and searched the internet for a valid reason not to take the covid...

covid 19-why should you not take the vaccine


i searched the cdc website and searched the internet for a valid reason not to take the covid 19 vaccine

here is what i found

see what i wrote in that blank paragraph above
thats right there is nothing there

there is no valid reason not to take the covid 19 vaccine

there are thousands and thousands of valid reasons to take the vaccine
they are your spouses yourself your aunts your uncles your friends your family 
especially those who are vulnerable to dying from the covid 19 infection
folks over 65
folks with chronic diseases like obesity diabetes heart disease lung disease cancer immunosuppressing dieases to name a few

the only way we can slow down this pandemic is if we all get our vaccine

we dont 
sadly this pandemic may not ever go away
this fear we have will always be there 

if you are one of those who decides not to get the vaccine 
especially if you are vulnerable to dying from a covid 19 infection
im afraid
eventually get you
this virus will still be here one year from now and two years from now and probably 3 years if not longer from now
it will win in the end
if you are not vaccinated
it will seek you out and find you

the only way to be safe into the future is to get vaccinated now
most likely we all will need updated vaccines probably each year

despite what some say this is not the flu
the flu doesnt kill 500,000 americans in a year
the only other thing besides the covid 19 that does this is a world war

you may not prevent a world war
you can prevent yourself from getting covid 19
you can prevent spreading covid 19 to your vulnerable loved ones

if you chose to not get your vaccine
you will probably get the infection
your unvaccinated loved ones will also get it
some will die
some may not die but they  be may left with a lifetime of chronic illness

1 in 3 hospitalized covid 19 patients get readmitted in a few months
1 in 8 covid 19 patients eventually die soon after leaving the hospital

if you have had anaphylactic reaction to shots before or to things like shellfish or peanuts then you can still get the covid 19 shot
you and your medical provider have to be ready in case you do have a reaction
one shot with an epipen knocks out the reaction

now an anaphylaxis reaction is not the reaction many of us will get from the flu shot
like fever body aches sore arms feeling bad
when i have that reaction it reassures me that my body is doing its job protecting me from the flu

when i get my covid 19 shot i expect to get a sore arm feel aching all over
when i get my second covid 19 shot i hope i have a stronger reaction since that tells me my body is making antibodies against the covid 19 virus
ie its doing its job

i dont recall seeing anyone in my 30+ years of giving flu shots ever having an anaphylactic reaction to the shot
i have seen an anaphylactic reaction to allergy shots and to penicillin shots
i have also seen an anaphylactic reaction to insect stings like bees and wasps and from reactions to shellfish
all were treated with either benadryl and or the epipen and recovered and left the office or the emergency room 

the incidence so far of anaphylaxis with the covid 19 shots are 0.00001105 or 0.001105%
the incidence of anaphylaxis with flu shots are 0.000131%
the incidence of anaphylaxis with allergy shots is slightly less than 1%

if you have a history of anaphylaxis you should get your shot in a medical environment that can give you treatment 
like when folks come in for allergy shots and wait around for 15-30 minutes to be sure they are ok

a normal reaction to a flu shot for example is no reason not to get a covid 19 shot
you should look at that normal reaction as reassurance that the flu shot is doing its job

in summary 
there is no logical reason for someone to not get the covid 19 vaccine
if you dont get the vaccine you will more than likely eventually get the covid 19 infection
if you are in a vulnerable population you may not survive the infection
you also will expose your vulnerable loved ones by infecting them

if you are worried about anaphylaxis to the covid 19 be prepared

if we dont all get vaccinated this covid 19 will
continue to rule our lives ruin our economy keep our schools closed 
continue to isolate us even more
continue to kill us

do your job
get vaccinated

here are some statistics
we are almost up to 400,000 deaths from covid 19
by mid february that number will be close to 500,000
our life expectancy as a country just went down this year thanks to covid 19
los angeles county had to change its air quality standards so that more bodies could be cremated each day
the new variants so far are sensitive to the vaccine but are more contagious 
that means you are more likely to catch it or spread it than with the original form
in our county santa barbara we have the highest r factor in the state at 1.27
anything over 1 is not good
it means we have the highest infection risk in the state
our hospitals have increased their hospitalizations by four times since thanksgiving
our rate of infection has increased four times also since thanksgiving
there may be a slight decrease coming but then it will go up again leaving us all with the 
500,000 deaths from covid 19 in the us this last 12 months

i communicated with a friend this week who is in the moderna covid 19 study
he just found out that he was in the real vaccine part of the study 
he will be in the study for a total of 2 years
his first shot he had some slight normal expected reaction of sore arm and achiness
his second shot that reaction was more pronounced but was gone in few days

the relief he has mentally from knowing he is immune to the virus for now
he is a cancer survivor
his spouse is immunocompromised and he doesnt have to worry about giving it to her
luckily she got her first vaccine this week

there is not a good reason not to get the vaccine except for the anaphylaxis reaction which is real rare and is treatable if it happens
there are millions of reasons to get the vaccines
some of them are you your family your friends your neighbors society our economy 

please get your vaccine when its time

also after you get your second shot you are 95% protected from getting the covid 19 infection
remember you can still carry the covid 19 virus if you are exposed to it and can pass it on to others even though it will not affect you since you are vaccinated
wear your mask
watch your distance from others
wash your hads
avoid gatherings or travel

yes these preventative measures will be with us for awhile longer

i want to see you again and hug you one day when we are all immune

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, January 15, 2021

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-donanemab for alzheimers

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-donanemab for alzheimers: ALZHEIMERS NEWS-DONANEMAB FOR ALZHEIMERS   in the theory of how alzheimers develops it is thought that amyloid beta gets deposited in the br...

alzheimers news-donanemab for alzheimers


in the theory of how alzheimers develops it is thought that amyloid beta gets deposited in the brain
these amyloid beta deposits from plaques which kill brain cells
not long after the tau proteins in the brain cells start to unwind and form tau tangles which destroys more brain cells
then the bodys inflammation system takes over causing even more damage

nih photo
the blue stuff is tau tangles
the brown stuff is amyloid plaques

so enter donanemab 
it is a monoclonal antibody that binds itself to the less common amino acids of amyloid beta
by binding to the antibody it forms a structure that the bodies inflammatory response team can just gobble up and remove from the body

in lillys phase 2 study of 272 patients thats what the donanemab did
after a period of time it removed the amyloid plaques from the brain 
these patient with mild to moderate alzheimers were tested for memory and for activities for daily living ie how well they could do stuff like drive read get dressed do their housework shop etc

these patient after a period of time had a 30% drop in their cognitive decline
they also had the measurable amyloid plaques removed from the brain

now the lilly company is planning more clinical trials to learn more
will this be one of the first treatments for alzheimers 

now this drug works similar to my drug biogens aducanumab
aducanumab binds to the more common amino acids on the amyloid beta protein
by doing this it also removes the amyloid plaques

in its phase 1 studies the aducanumab also removed the measurable amyloid on amyvid pet scans
later in a phase 3 studies they found that the treated patients also had a drop in the cognitive decline
they also found there was a drop in the tau tangles

the true measurement is functional
dose a person have an improvement in memory and an improvement in activities of daily living
a slow down in the decline

this new lilly drug donanemab may work the same or slightly better than the aducanumab that i was getting infused each month 

it seems this approach using monoclonal antibodies might be part of the answer to a treatment to slow down this disease

if donanemab does show its working in phase 3 studies it could still be over 5 years or more before it is available 
while the aducanumab has already applied for fda approval
they are waiting for final approval soon
my guess is they will get temporary use but will require more long term studies 
the aducanumab is 5 years ahead of donanemab in its studies

so we have these two monoclonal antibody treatments in the works
will they work 

hopefully time will tell
there are others like these in the works also

we in the alzheimers world feel the excitement about the donanemab and aducanumab treatments

heres hoping they work

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, January 14, 2021

organicgreendoctor: garden news-leeks

organicgreendoctor: garden news-leeks: GARDEN NEWS-LEEKS   now i have never grown leeks in my garden until now why i never used them in my cooking however when i was at my lowest ...

garden news-leeks


now i have never grown leeks in my garden until now
i never used them in my cooking
when i was at my lowest weight and not tolerating much food i started eating the organic soup kitchen soups that were loaded with calories and nutrition
when i started looking at the around 20 different soup recipes they mostly had leeks in all of them

the leeks add flavor and nutrition to the soups
i started adding leeks to my beans and soups when i cooked them
you could taste the flavor of the leeks

when i was ordering my onions from dixondale farms in texas to plant here in santa barbara i noticed they sold leek plants also
the variety they sell are called lancelot 

what i did this fall and winter was to borrow some leeks from the garden here and i decided when i ordered my leeks i would donate a few to plant back in the community garden
these leeks will end up mostly in the organic soup kitchen soups
a full circle huh

the leeks sold in nurseries here are a different variety
they are sold in six packs of these spindly thin grass like plants that are hard to plant

the lancet leeks are large about 6-8 inches long and the size of a pencil

so here is the bundles as they came out of the box
each bundle has about 50 leeks in them

in the community garden i prepped a bed that is 30 ft long by forking the bed in with a garden fork that has tines about 1 foot long
i dont till or use a shovel since that chops up the soil and the worms
i fork across the bed every 4 inches
the beds are about 3 ft wide
also before forking i place about a 2 inch layer of compost that we make ourselves from shredded plant material from the garden mixed with vegetable material from the garden and a nearby food kitchen
when this compost is finished it makes a dark rich compost full of worms
after adding the compost i add a dusting of a good organic fertilizer

this is raked out into a nice raised bed that is 3 ft wide

i used a small limb and poke a hole about 6 inches deep
a leek was dropped into each hole
a solution of liquid fish emulsion plus seaweed plus molasses was used to water the new leek plants
then each leek hole was covered with soil so that only the top leaves peeked through

in this picture you can see the almost 130 leek plants planted in the row

they should be ready in late spring to start harvesting them
you can cut them off above the roots and they will regrow so you might get 2-3 harvestings 
planting them deep makes for a long white stalk on the leek

i also planted 20 in my garden for my personal use

so i paid it forward after borrowing leeks from the garden this year

we all should try paying things forward sometimes

just the good things though

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited #71-new studies and family reun...

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited #71-new studies and family reun...: MY STORY EVISITED #71-NEW STUDIES AND FAMILY REUNION 2012   after i was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment thats now shown to be due t...

my story revisited #71-new studies and family reunion 2012


after i was diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment thats now shown to be due to alzheimers disease i started looking at as many alzheimers studies and reading as many alzheimers articles as i could looking for anyway i could find that might slow down this disease
eg this morning i have read at least 10 articles or research studies on alzheimers
there isnt much that happens in the alzheimers world that i dont know about 
yes ive read about lillys new drug donanemab that works like my biogen adcucanuab drug

one study being done was on resveratrol a chemical found in wine and grapes
to get enough resveratrol that was used in the study mentioned below you would have to drink gallons of wine each day 
i found the clinical trial on resveratrol and got on the dose they were using
i took that dose for 8 years until april when i got sick with what i think was covid 19
i couldnt tolerate any meds and barely could i eat any food
ie i lost about 45 lbs and at one point i thought i was going to die

eventually the study couldnt verify that taking resveratrol long term would make a difference
not proven but not unproven so until i got sick i took it
since im better i have whittled down my supplements and meds to those that are really necessary 
like my aricept (donepezil) my omeprazole my b12 for a low b12 and  my vitamin d3 for a low level
i have decided not to restart my resveratrol
i still cant tolerate my daily glass of wine

there was a study looking at folks with early onset alzheimers disesase
these folks represent less than 1% of the cases of azheimers disease
if you have the gene you will get early onset alzheimers disease

using spinal fluid analysis for amyloid and tau they found abnormal levels
using the amyvid pet scan for amyloid they found amyloid present a long time before symptoms started

this information was used and is being used now to diagnose alzheimers disease in alzheimers patients
like me
like those with the late onset alzheimers disease usually associated with the apoe 4 gene

at the time i wrote this i had already had my spinal fluid analysis done for amyloid and tau
it was done as part of the most important study ever done on alzheimers disease called the adni study 
i was in it for 5 years
in the study i was not given my results but i obtained fluid from my spinal tap for the study and sent it to a private lab

it showed the amyloid and tau was compatible with my diagnosis mild cognitive impairment or mci

i also had two amyvid pet scans in the adni study but couldnt see the results
about 4 years later when i applied to be in the aducanumab treatment study i had another amyvid pet scan which was positive for amyloid thus solidifying my diagnosis

now the amyvid and sometimes the spinal tap is used commonly to make the diagnos if its needed 

soon the alzheimers blood test will be used probably in place of the spinal tap
that test will be coming available soon via your doctors order

so now not like in 2012 you should definitely know if you have alzheimers and if you dont you should be able to tell what other dementia you have or what other entity is causing your memory loss

before i wrote this first blog below i had written one about our family reunion
my younger brother was diagnosed with alzheimers in his mid 50s
even though he was diagnosed young its unlikely he had early onset alzheimers which is due to that gene 
i had gene testing and do not have that gene but i do have the apoe 4 apoe 4 genes
ie the late onset gene
my guess he had the same thing

i remember that family reunion
he was probably in the early late stages at that point
he wandered around visiting with us 
he did have some aphasia as part of his alzheimers along with his other symptoms
he would sit with all of us and listen to us smiling and seeming to know us

the next year at the family reunion he was in a lounger bedridden having to me fed
he died a month after that reunion in hospice
he went how i would like to go
surrounded my family and friends

in the last 8 years we are getting closer to a treatment maybe with my drug biogens aducanumab
maybe with lillys donanemab


here are some new studies on alzheimers that are being done
one is on resveratrol
its found in red grapes and red wine
(yes i have a glass of merlot every night)
however the amount of resveratrol used in this study is
the amount found in bottles and bottles and bottles of merlot

they are now looking for study subjects with mild or moderate
alzheimers disease
could it help
this study could be the one that would show that it does or
doesnt prevent or slow down the development of alzheimers

you can go to the resveratrol study website to see if the study
is being done near you
i would enter this study but know that i cant since im in the
adni-2 study

the next study looked at patients with autosomal dominant
alzheimers disease
it you have this gene you will get alzheimers disease

they looked at beta amyloid and tau protein in the spinal fluid
beta amyloid levels go down in the spinal fluid as the beta amyloid
gets stuck in the brain
this is what is thought is the end result of the process that causes
tau protein is released when the nerve cell nutritional channels are
damaged and the tau levels go up in the spinal fluid

with alzheimers disease you have low beta amyloid levels and high
tau protein levels in the spinal fluid

(i had these tests on my spinal fluid and i have indeterminate levels of
both which could match my diagnosis of early mild cognitive
impairment if it is due to alzheimers disease)

the other test they looked at was the beta amyloid pet scan
(available now as the amyvid pet scan) using
a radioactive labeled product that binds to beta amyloid and will
show as a red highlighted area as below

what they found is that the beta amyloid and tau levels were found
to be abnormal in these patients as much as 25 years before
symptoms occur

also the beta amyloid pet scan were found to be positive as early
as 15 years before symptoms occur

family members without the gene had normal levels and normal scans

so we can or soon will be able to detect whether a person will get
alzheimers disease
now all we need is a good treatment or preventative treatment

thats coming soon
but will it be soon enough

everyone should have one of these
our family is scattered across the us
we communicate digitally a lot
with facebook email texting skyping and
yes sometimes the old fashion way
a phone call
and even rarely a letter

a reunion is a way to bring all these people together
once a year to catch up on everyone
seems everyone gets greyer wider slower but
we all look alike
seems we get to look more alike every year

this year was more special i think
one brother who has alzheimers had just gone through a
difficult time requiring hospitalization
but has been out for a few days after being

we got to see him at the nursing home then he later
came to the reunion
i think he got the most out of us all getting together
yes i think he was the one

it was good for us to see him better and able
to interact with us better
this made this years reunion special
we are getting closer to a treatment 
we can diagnose alzheimers with a good degree of accuracy

take care of your health
enjoy your family whenever you can

the organicgreendoctor

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

organicgreendoctor: sobering

organicgreendoctor: sobering: SOBERING       yahoo.com this is the noose that the rioters insurgents erected outside the capitol as they chanted  to hang mike pence our v...




this is the noose that the rioters insurgents erected outside the capitol as they chanted 
to hang mike pence
our vice president

after watching on sunday several news programs from cnn msnbc abc nbc fox news
i realized that they almost made that happen

this was an insurrection
a riot 
these people are the new american taliban im afraid

watching all this brought back memories of two other chilling to the bone events
the bombing of the oklahoma city federal building
the 911 bombing of the twin towers

this one though is different it seems
it got closer to the core of our country

these american taliban insurgents got with a few feet and just a few minutes of capturing all the leaders of our country except of course the president
what would they have done had they overtaken the few police and had found these government leaders
our top four leaders who were in line for the presidency could have been killed
pence could have been hanged
we were that close
notice those in line for president are democrats and republicans
these taliban didnt seem to care 

as i watched all of the programs this weekend i realized how really close we came to have this happen

at one point as the taliban rioters insurgents were attempting to break down the door to one entrance you could see through the windows of the doors a group of congress members just feet away from this mob
when they broke through the window and the female was shot as she jumped through
what she was going to do 
just listen to her rants on social media and you will know what she would have done
the capitol police or secret service person shot her as she tried to enter this sacred place
as she fell back the talliban insurgents scattered away like rats do when you attack them
that policeman saved several of the members of congress from possible death

a capitol policeman was beaten by this mob with a fire extinguisher and died not long after that
he died protecting our capital

one insurgent fell as the mob was pushing through the doors
the mob simply trampled her to death

then outside the capitol on the steps you can see these rioters these taliban insurgents beating a policeman with flag poles pipes and other weapon like objects 
tens of policemen were injured

luckily vice president pence and his wife and daughter were rapidly whisked away to safety

i have no doubt pence and the others would have been killed that day 

this was a insurgency
this was a riot
these im afraid are our 
american taliban

im sure there were innocent folks there who were trump supporters who were peacefully demonstrating
they are no longer innocent 

this event was a superspreader event
it will spread covid 19 all over the country as this rioters return home
it also will spread hatred all over the country

we are better than this

in regards to social media which im afraid allowed this to happen

you cant shout fire in a crowded theater is part of the first amendment analogy
that shouting fire like that is not freedom of speech

if you do you are liable for your actions 

those involved should be treated like the american taliban they are

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, January 11, 2021

organicgreendoctor: covid 19-just get it into our arms

organicgreendoctor: covid 19-just get it into our arms: COVID 19-JUST GET IT INTO OUR ARMS this last week i told my wife she we just need to get the covid 19 vaccine into our arms then and only th...

covid 19-just get it into our arms


this last week i told my wife she we just need to get the covid 19 vaccine into our arms
only then
will we feel safe from the virus

not long ago i wrote about the hospital where my wife she and i worked when we were in college
it was totally overran with covid 19 patients
they were in the halls in the lobby in the waiting rooms dying where they lay in their beds
this weekend there was a story on them again
it had gotten worse

i thought how can it get worse

this is not the worse of it
it will be here in about 2-3 weeks
the result of what happened with the travel and get togethers and folks not doing what needed to be done during the christmas holidays
it will be bad

you could hear behind the curtain in one icu a patient unable to go on a ventilator who was alive and awake but was gasping for air but her lungs wouldnt oxygenate her body
she was doomed to die soon

its sad to see whats happening in the los angeles area
it hasnt peaked there yet either
the peak in 2-3 weeks will be catastrophic

remember wherever you live it will be worse later this month

we communicated with someone we knew in texas this week
their daughter is an icu nurse 
she was a former patient of mine
she is wore out and she is in her twenties but keeps on going
she works 6 days a week long long hours
she loses at least 1-2 patients a shift to the covid 19
i can only imagine the ptsd that these nurses will have when this is all over with

here where we live it is getting worse 
the numbers are climbing every day
our icu has zero capacity 
not long ago on thanksgiving day there were like 9 in the icu now its more like 90
our peak when it hits here in the next 2-3 weeks will make us like los angeles

the new covid 19 strain doesnt cause worse disease
it just causes more infections
so far the vaccine seems to work against this variant
for now anyway

i see on social media folks still traveling and getting together and doing things that are going to kill some of their vulnerable relatives

this christmas surge thats coming may do a lot of us in just weeks before the vaccine gets to our area for most of us

i was excited to see some of my relatives get their covid 19 shots
3 were over 65 and two of them have high risk diagnoses
they would not do well if they got infected
a niece who is a nurse practitioner who sees a lot of covid 19 patients

there are a lot of folks in my family tree who are at high risk who havent got their shots yet

they have released about 20 million shots and have only given out about 6 million
i noticed in new york that they have opened some 24/7 vaccine locations

the sooner they get those in peoples arms the better

the biden administration is looking at releasing all the second shots to be given to people
so instead of say 20 million they would be giving 40 million

there are pros and cons of that
the idea is to use the federal governments power to push the production of the covid 19 vaccine so that the products used to make the vaccine gets priority for covid 19 vaccines
if the production of the covid 19 can be increased to make enough of the second vaccines in time then this approach will work
if they cant produce them in time it wont
you need that second shot to get close to the 95% effectiveness mark

we will see if that works

now they need to get those dang vaccines off the shelf and into our arms

here it looks like my wife she and i are in tier 1c which would put us into march before we can get our vaccines
that would make it about 6 weeks plus before our group would be eligible

we have to be safe real safe 

we will hunker down limiting our exposure
wear our masks when we are outside
wash our hands and use our sanitizer
we will not travel or over expose ourselves

how tragic will be the stories of folks catching it just a few days or so before they can get the vaccine
remember it takes a period of time before it protects you and it takes the second shot for it to have its maximum effect
how tragic would it be to also be the one that transmits the virus to you loved ones

remember most folks catch the virus from people they know like family and friends

now is the time to be real real safe

excuse me 
ill take my shot right now

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, January 8, 2021

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-cousins

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-cousins: ALZHEIMERS NEWS-COUSINS   each day i get several news feeds that send me articles on alzheimers disease i also receive notices when certain ...

alzheimers news-cousins


each day i get several news feeds that send me articles on alzheimers disease
i also receive notices when certain alzheimers blogs or alzheimers websites or nih post things about azlheimers disease

one feed this morning was from the alzheimers society from canada
its their version of the alzheimers association here in the us

in the video linked here and below a daughter is discussing her mom having alzheimers disease
its a four part video post

as i watched the video i realized i was tearing up
i began to think about my mother and her journey with alzheimers disease
my younger brothers journey with the disease
it my thinking put me in that video
wondering what i would be like when its my time and how my family will deal with it

i wonder if others have thought about this 
did they not know what was really happening to them
am i just more acutely aware since i was diagnosed so early in the disease process
i wish i didnt know
usually i am glad that i know whats coming

this morning after watching this video and another one and after wiping the tears from my eyes
i began too think about my cousins
most i havent seen in years
some im linked to now on facebook 

yesterday i was explaining to my wife she who a particular cousin was and how i was kin to her
i thought of this this morning
my brain thought about all my cousins and aunts and uncles

my historian brother has done extensive ancestry work on our relatives
he found death certificates newspaper articles military records census records etc to put together their stories and history 

there is not much medical history in this information
after my mom and then my brother then i was diagnosed i became more interested in whether there was dementia in my parents family tree
my dad wasnt diagnosed officially but looking back im sure he had it when he died

so i asked my older siblings who knew my uncles and aunts and grandparents and even one great grandparent better than i did

here is what i found
my maternal grandmother had dementia as did her father
my paternal grandmother had dementia as i remember visiting her in a nursing home when i was 18
all of my mothers 5 siblings died with dementia
at least two of my dads siblings died with dementia
his other two siblings i am not sure of since we lost contact with then over the years

then my cousins
at least five of them had alzheimers disease
many of them i have lost contact with 

when i looked at this family tree when i drew it out and circled the ones with alzheimers or dementia
it was sobering

why did our family get so much of it

my theory is since i know i have the apoe 4 double version for the late onset gene
another younger relative also has this same double version
my guess is that its related to apoe 4 gene
not proven but that probably why 

what does that mean 
well if you are genetically kin to me you may have at least one apoe 4 gene
one apoe 4 gene gives you a 5 times increased chance of developing alzheimers
two copies of the apoe 4 gene gives you up to a 20 times increased chance of getting alzheimers 

25% of americans have the single apoe 4 gene
less than 1% have the double apoe 4 gene like i do

having the gene doesnt mean you will get alzheimers it means you are at a higher risk
how well you live your life determines what affect it may have on you

the apoe 4 gene affects cholesterol

so i know in my family that high blood pressure and high cholesterol runs in the family 
im sure those aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents had the same issue

my younger brother was diagnosed in his 50s
a first cousin was also diagnosed in her 50s

the other risk factors i know some had were
some but not all were overweight
the part of the state where many of these people live do have pollution problems over the years
mostly from the oil industry and its related industries

my guess is it may be the apoe 4 gene or some other genetic abnormality not yet discovered

what can you do if you are kin to me
you cant change any genetics

dont smoke
control your cholesterol and blood pressure and glucose 
maintain a normal weight
live an active physical live as well as stay active mentally and socially 
avoid stress
treat any depression or anxiety
maintain good sleep habitats
try to be happy 
avoid medications known to affect ones long term memory
if you notice memory issues seek out help early on  

these are the things all of us should be doing anyway to stay healthy

be safe and be healthy 
hug and appreciate your family while you can

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, January 7, 2021

organicgreendoctor: a sad sad day

organicgreendoctor: a sad sad day: A SAD SAD DAY i borrowed this picture from a facebook posting and cant find the original source this is how i felt yesterday  i hope you fel...

a sad sad day


i borrowed this picture from a facebook posting and cant find the original source
this is how i felt yesterday 
i hope you felt that way also
if you didnt then...

yesterday after monitoring virtual kindergartener class i rushed home to see what happened with the georgia election and i wanted to watch what happened with the approval of the elector votes
i felt like this would be a historical moment
boy i had no idea

i wanted to see if we still had any statesmen left in the congress that would do what needed to be done
one i listened to was mitch mcconnell
i dont like him at all 
i would never vote for him
he gave a real statesman speech
later even lindsey graham stepped up and sounded statesman like
i would say mitch romney was the best though

then all hell broke down

when i saw those rioters those anarchists those insurgents breach the capital doors
i thought why arent the capitol police blowing them away with their guns
this isnt a time to be nice

if i had done that i would known that i would probably be shot on the spot

where were the backups 
where were the national guard
why were they not ready for what happened

they could have asked me
they were hyped up by the president who encouraged them to march on the capitol
this is all on his head
those who dont stand up to him for what happened

he needs to resign today and let pence take over as president
he needs to get out of the way
pence became presidential yesterday 
he did what needed to be done
he is the one that ordered in the national guard to help with riot control
he was already acting as president
let him continue as president for the next 2 weeks until biden takes over

i and most of us will feel much better if pence is president
we know he will do the right thing

inside that capitol was our government minus trump who was holed up in the white house
had those insurgents got to our leaders with guns our government would have been destroyed

i have absolutely no sadness that the one insurgent was shot in the chest breaking through the door
there should have been more of them joining her on the floor

this was an attack on our government and should have been met with all the force that our government has to resist them

this could have been so much so much worse

the republican leaders in congress and the vice president needs to meet with trump and ask him to leave now

i was sick at my stomach all day and had chills as i watched the news

we need to make sure this can never ever happen again

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

organicgreendoctor: covid 19-now i am worried

organicgreendoctor: covid 19-now i am worried:   COVID 19-NOW I AM WORRIED my goal in the next few weeks and months is to stay alive and not catch covid 19 until we can get our first covi...

covid 19-now i am worried


my goal in the next few weeks and months is to stay alive and not catch covid 19 until we can get our first covid 19 vaccine shot
it also includes a goal of forming a cocoon of protection around our grandson mr hudson who had a kidney transplant 6 months ago and is on immunosuppressant medication that lowers his immune system making him vulnerable to infection
mr hudson and my 80+year old mother in law are our two most vulnerable persons in our circle of contacts

my wife she and i probably cant get ours for 1-2 months
my mother in law probably cant get hers for another month
mr hudson cant get his probably until the last of the last group
we are at your mercy to be safe

here is how we protect ourselves to protect him

we always wear our masks anytime we go outside the condo
we wear our kn95 mask if we go to the store or pharmacy or to get gas etc
we wear our kn95 mask around mr hudson 24/7 if we are around him
we can give him covid 19 and other viruses
we have a limited number of contacts we are around
we are at their mercy to be safe and do the right thing to protect us my wife she and i and by doing that to protect mr hudson
we wash our hands anytime we come inside from somewhere
we use hand sanitizer frequently during the day and if we go to a store and anytime we enter the car or leave the car
we stay away from folks not in our immediate family
we dont do any get to gathers with anyone
i do go to my garden to volunteer and to garden in my garden
i am usually the only person for 4 hours on the 1 acre property 
it the gardening is what saves me
we absolutely dont travel

i have seen 3 doctors in the 3 weeks
all have had their covid shots
one i saw does a lot of surgery on older folks
he had the covid shot and is about due for his second one
when i checked in to see him ln his office it even had a machine you run your insurance card and id through to sanitize it after they have handled them
he also tests his employees several times a week for covid since he cares for a vulnerable population
last saturday i stuck a wire into my index finger while gardening and within a few hours it was infected
it looked like ets finger in that movie
i knew i might be developing a felon of the finger just google felon of the finger to see why i was worried about my finger

i found two doses of antibiotic that i knew would cover some of the germs in my finger and started them
the next morning i went to urgent care to be seen 
i was number 4 in line when they opened
behind me were about 25 people spread out over the parking lot and driveway 
most were coughing it seemed
i was the only person who was put on the well side of the large waiting room 
everyone else ie the other 25 were way over on the other side or were all outside scattered safely around the parking lot
when i left about an hour later the line had only gotten longer
no one was in the well side of the waiting room
the doctor i saw had gotten his covid shot two weeks ago 
i felt safe
i was worried about going to the urgent care but i couldnt find anyone who had any of the right antibiotics
i knew there was no way i was going to the emergency room
fyi i am better on antibiotics and pain meds and able to type as long as i dont use that index finger

my wife she and her mother did a long walk on saturday 
the walk took them by the hospital and she said there was a big old crowd and line around the emergency room

about two weeks ago we had icu capacity of 40+%
yesterday it was 0.1%
the last 3 days the numbers of covid 19 cases here has been the highest 3 days of the pandemic

just south of us in los angeles county the icu capacity is zero thats 0 or nada
they are rationing care

what does that mean
rationing care

now that rationing care is happening right now down there in los angeles

if they go to pick you up in the ambulance if the ambulance folks think you will die they are told to leave you there
if you need oxygen your oxygen level has to be less than 90% before they can give you oxygen
they are running out of oxygen 
how does that feel having a low oximeter saturation without oxygen
take a straw and put it in your mouth then pinch your nose then walk up a flight of stairs
only breathe through the straw 
now you know what it feels like to not get your oxygen when you need it

if they do agree to take you to the emergency room when you get there it may be several hours before they can unload you off the ambulance

when they are allowed to unload you off the ambulance it may be not into the emergency room but instead you may be unloaded into the waiting room or lobby or the gift shop 

if you need to be admitted
i say if you made it to the emergency room after all this you are definitely sick enough to be admitted

then if you are admitted you may not even make it out of the emergency room or hallway or waiting room or lobby or gift shop before you die
someone else has to die first before you can go to icu if you ever do
you might not even get oxygen at all since they are running  out of oxygen in the hospitals since so many people have to have oxygen
its being rationed

then a provider may have to look at you and the person next to you and have to decide which of you will die and which of you will live

every 6 seconds someone is getting covid 19 in los angeles
every 30 minutes someone is dying with covid 19 in los angeles according to one report i read
in the state the number is higher

this is not some story 
its what happening right now in los angeles

thanks to 
those of you who dont wear your masks and those who dont safe distance and wash their hands and avoid large groups
those of you who didnt avoid travel and did get togethers this thanksgiving

remember what we are seeing now is the result of thanksgiving
it hasnt even peaked yet
we have to worry about the christmas and new years surge that will make whats about to happen even worse for us here in california and elsewhere

it will get a lot worse this month into february 

sadly we will lose a lot of family and friends in the next few weeks
hopefully you wont have to look in the mirror seeing who helped cause all of this

the other thing thats causing this outbreak may be the new strains of the covid 19
it doesnt cause worse disease than the original covid 19 virus
its just so much more contagious maybe 70% more contagious

it seems these new strains are susceptible to the vaccines for now
my guess is it will be like the flu shot where each year the vaccine has to be changed to cover the most common strains of the covid 19 

this strain is also hitting kids harder than the original strain 
we may have to rethink our approach to kids ie schools daycares etc

remember most infections are caused from asymptomatic folks

there is hardly been any cases of other respiratory viruses in the us this year
things like the flu parainfluenza rsv in kids mycoplasma etc 
but the covid has spread like wildfire
this gives you an idea how contagious this covid 19 virus is
these new strains are even more contagious

there have been over 21 million cases of covid 19 in the us
experts think that number is more like 80 million cases
we have lost 347,000+ so far 
the number will climb over 500,000+ before we all get vaccinated

we have only vaccinated 4.8+ million so far
we have 17.1 million vaccines sitting on shelves that need to get into peoples arms

we need to fix this statistic
the  problem isnt enough vaccines its getting it into peoples arms

i say this needs to be a 24/7 seven days a week effort
its a battle and we need to treat it like its a war

there are a lot of people who will die because these vaccines arent being injected into folks arms

how do they mass vaccinate folks in third world countries

how does the military do it

lets get it done

lets save lives as soon as possible

be safe
wear a mask
wash your hands
dont socialize outside your small group
dont travel
get your vaccine when its time

the organicgreen doctor