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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Monday, January 25, 2021

covid 19-i just want one in my arm asap


i have quit worrying about folks who have decided to not get the covid 19 vaccine
they are selfish since they are exposing those who are vulnerable around them
many are vulnerable themselves
ie they will most likely die if they get covid 19
what i decided is i plan to move on since those vaccines refused will be available to those of us who want them
i want me one in my arm asap
i know that is the only close to 100% way i can insure i wont get covid 19 and die

this morning i read the obituary of a family doctor who was one year behind me in medical school
i was a late bloomer and am 7 years older than he was
he was your typical old time family doctor
he had a family practice in the small town near where i was born
he recently contracted covid 19 im sure from his exposure in his office or at the long term facilities where he saw patients
the last i heard he was in a tertiary care facility on the ventilator
he died not long after that
its sad
he was just a few weeks if not days before he could have gotten the vaccine

last night as i was watching the local news a picture flashed on the screen of a 74 year old family practice doctor who died in the county next to ours
he was still seeing patients in his clinic doing all the safe things
the problem with healthcare workers like him and the other doctor is that they are overexposed to the virus every day
that makes them more likely to get the virus
thats why these healthcare workers are first on the list to the get the vaccine

sadly neither on them were able to get the vaccine in time
both died doing what they loved

the doctor on the news allowed himself to be interviewed before he died
he had the oxygen and nasal apparatus helping him oxygenate
you could see he was quite tachypneic as he talked
tachypneic means he was breathing real fast
he had made the decision that he didnt want to be intubated
he was making this video i presume to encourage others to be careful and to get the vaccine
he was not able to get the vaccine in time before he got infected

not long after the video he said his goodbyes to his family and the medical friends caring for him
he said i love you
they said we love you
he died not long after the video was made

i read where the new cdc director said that the federal government doesnt seem to know really how many shots there are out there to be distributed
their goal is figure that out so they can move forward to get those who want to get vaccinated to do so

we have lost 419,000 folks to covid 19 in the us
that number if we all get vaccinated would not grow much higher
it would slow down or stop the virus

lucky these virus cases seem to be tapering off some for now
the new variants which are highly contagious will probably make that graph take off again
mid march after spring break there is expected to be another surge

our behaviors are killing us

sorry to say 
those unvaccinated will help keep the virus around
the virus especially the new variants will more aggressively seek out folks

so far the vaccine works on these variants

if we can slow down the infections with the vaccine and with all of us being careful 
the number of variants and the spread of the variants will decrease

i personally plan on doing my job 
i plan on getting my vaccine asap 
we have our names on more than one platform that will notify us when they become available to us

i just want one in my arm asap

i dont want to be a  medical doctor statistic like the two family doctors above

get your vaccine
continue to
wear your mask
wash your hands
watch getting too close to others
watch out and avoid gatherings

it will be weeks but more like months before we can start pulling out of this tragic time in our lives

i want me one of these stickers above after i get my shot

i may not ever take it off

the organicgreen doctor

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