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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Thursday, January 7, 2021

a sad sad day


i borrowed this picture from a facebook posting and cant find the original source
this is how i felt yesterday 
i hope you felt that way also
if you didnt then...

yesterday after monitoring virtual kindergartener class i rushed home to see what happened with the georgia election and i wanted to watch what happened with the approval of the elector votes
i felt like this would be a historical moment
boy i had no idea

i wanted to see if we still had any statesmen left in the congress that would do what needed to be done
one i listened to was mitch mcconnell
i dont like him at all 
i would never vote for him
he gave a real statesman speech
later even lindsey graham stepped up and sounded statesman like
i would say mitch romney was the best though

then all hell broke down

when i saw those rioters those anarchists those insurgents breach the capital doors
i thought why arent the capitol police blowing them away with their guns
this isnt a time to be nice

if i had done that i would known that i would probably be shot on the spot

where were the backups 
where were the national guard
why were they not ready for what happened

they could have asked me
they were hyped up by the president who encouraged them to march on the capitol
this is all on his head
those who dont stand up to him for what happened

he needs to resign today and let pence take over as president
he needs to get out of the way
pence became presidential yesterday 
he did what needed to be done
he is the one that ordered in the national guard to help with riot control
he was already acting as president
let him continue as president for the next 2 weeks until biden takes over

i and most of us will feel much better if pence is president
we know he will do the right thing

inside that capitol was our government minus trump who was holed up in the white house
had those insurgents got to our leaders with guns our government would have been destroyed

i have absolutely no sadness that the one insurgent was shot in the chest breaking through the door
there should have been more of them joining her on the floor

this was an attack on our government and should have been met with all the force that our government has to resist them

this could have been so much so much worse

the republican leaders in congress and the vice president needs to meet with trump and ask him to leave now

i was sick at my stomach all day and had chills as i watched the news

we need to make sure this can never ever happen again

the organicgreen doctor

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  1. Thank you Dr. Dewayne Nash, I am on Aducanamab now and have a few tears on the mri.

    Hope all is well with you and your family.