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Monday, January 11, 2021

covid 19-just get it into our arms


this last week i told my wife she we just need to get the covid 19 vaccine into our arms
only then
will we feel safe from the virus

not long ago i wrote about the hospital where my wife she and i worked when we were in college
it was totally overran with covid 19 patients
they were in the halls in the lobby in the waiting rooms dying where they lay in their beds
this weekend there was a story on them again
it had gotten worse

i thought how can it get worse

this is not the worse of it
it will be here in about 2-3 weeks
the result of what happened with the travel and get togethers and folks not doing what needed to be done during the christmas holidays
it will be bad

you could hear behind the curtain in one icu a patient unable to go on a ventilator who was alive and awake but was gasping for air but her lungs wouldnt oxygenate her body
she was doomed to die soon

its sad to see whats happening in the los angeles area
it hasnt peaked there yet either
the peak in 2-3 weeks will be catastrophic

remember wherever you live it will be worse later this month

we communicated with someone we knew in texas this week
their daughter is an icu nurse 
she was a former patient of mine
she is wore out and she is in her twenties but keeps on going
she works 6 days a week long long hours
she loses at least 1-2 patients a shift to the covid 19
i can only imagine the ptsd that these nurses will have when this is all over with

here where we live it is getting worse 
the numbers are climbing every day
our icu has zero capacity 
not long ago on thanksgiving day there were like 9 in the icu now its more like 90
our peak when it hits here in the next 2-3 weeks will make us like los angeles

the new covid 19 strain doesnt cause worse disease
it just causes more infections
so far the vaccine seems to work against this variant
for now anyway

i see on social media folks still traveling and getting together and doing things that are going to kill some of their vulnerable relatives

this christmas surge thats coming may do a lot of us in just weeks before the vaccine gets to our area for most of us

i was excited to see some of my relatives get their covid 19 shots
3 were over 65 and two of them have high risk diagnoses
they would not do well if they got infected
a niece who is a nurse practitioner who sees a lot of covid 19 patients

there are a lot of folks in my family tree who are at high risk who havent got their shots yet

they have released about 20 million shots and have only given out about 6 million
i noticed in new york that they have opened some 24/7 vaccine locations

the sooner they get those in peoples arms the better

the biden administration is looking at releasing all the second shots to be given to people
so instead of say 20 million they would be giving 40 million

there are pros and cons of that
the idea is to use the federal governments power to push the production of the covid 19 vaccine so that the products used to make the vaccine gets priority for covid 19 vaccines
if the production of the covid 19 can be increased to make enough of the second vaccines in time then this approach will work
if they cant produce them in time it wont
you need that second shot to get close to the 95% effectiveness mark

we will see if that works

now they need to get those dang vaccines off the shelf and into our arms

here it looks like my wife she and i are in tier 1c which would put us into march before we can get our vaccines
that would make it about 6 weeks plus before our group would be eligible

we have to be safe real safe 

we will hunker down limiting our exposure
wear our masks when we are outside
wash our hands and use our sanitizer
we will not travel or over expose ourselves

how tragic will be the stories of folks catching it just a few days or so before they can get the vaccine
remember it takes a period of time before it protects you and it takes the second shot for it to have its maximum effect
how tragic would it be to also be the one that transmits the virus to you loved ones

remember most folks catch the virus from people they know like family and friends

now is the time to be real real safe

excuse me 
ill take my shot right now

the organicgreen doctor

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