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Tuesday, January 12, 2021




this is the noose that the rioters insurgents erected outside the capitol as they chanted 
to hang mike pence
our vice president

after watching on sunday several news programs from cnn msnbc abc nbc fox news
i realized that they almost made that happen

this was an insurrection
a riot 
these people are the new american taliban im afraid

watching all this brought back memories of two other chilling to the bone events
the bombing of the oklahoma city federal building
the 911 bombing of the twin towers

this one though is different it seems
it got closer to the core of our country

these american taliban insurgents got with a few feet and just a few minutes of capturing all the leaders of our country except of course the president
what would they have done had they overtaken the few police and had found these government leaders
our top four leaders who were in line for the presidency could have been killed
pence could have been hanged
we were that close
notice those in line for president are democrats and republicans
these taliban didnt seem to care 

as i watched all of the programs this weekend i realized how really close we came to have this happen

at one point as the taliban rioters insurgents were attempting to break down the door to one entrance you could see through the windows of the doors a group of congress members just feet away from this mob
when they broke through the window and the female was shot as she jumped through
what she was going to do 
just listen to her rants on social media and you will know what she would have done
the capitol police or secret service person shot her as she tried to enter this sacred place
as she fell back the talliban insurgents scattered away like rats do when you attack them
that policeman saved several of the members of congress from possible death

a capitol policeman was beaten by this mob with a fire extinguisher and died not long after that
he died protecting our capital

one insurgent fell as the mob was pushing through the doors
the mob simply trampled her to death

then outside the capitol on the steps you can see these rioters these taliban insurgents beating a policeman with flag poles pipes and other weapon like objects 
tens of policemen were injured

luckily vice president pence and his wife and daughter were rapidly whisked away to safety

i have no doubt pence and the others would have been killed that day 

this was a insurgency
this was a riot
these im afraid are our 
american taliban

im sure there were innocent folks there who were trump supporters who were peacefully demonstrating
they are no longer innocent 

this event was a superspreader event
it will spread covid 19 all over the country as this rioters return home
it also will spread hatred all over the country

we are better than this

in regards to social media which im afraid allowed this to happen

you cant shout fire in a crowded theater is part of the first amendment analogy
that shouting fire like that is not freedom of speech

if you do you are liable for your actions 

those involved should be treated like the american taliban they are

the organicgreen doctor

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