welcome to the organic green doctor blog

i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Thursday, September 30, 2010

butterfly caterpillar, garden, c25k


this picture is of the swallowtail butterfly larva on my italian parsley
they will almost eat all of it
then they go into a pupa stage
and then later the beautiful swallowtail butter fly will be flying a around
our property

they also get on dill and fennel
and eat it all up
plant both dill and fennel twice a year just for them


this is picture of garden after have put on compost
added an organic fertilizer-use lady bug brand -
worked it all together then raked it out well

use a drip irrigation system connected to my rain water tanks
the drippers are spaced every 6 inches
the plastic tubing is spaced one foot apart so that
there are one foot spacing between the tubing
so water is evenly dispersed
also helps to keep spacing of plants one foot apart

have rain water tanks near my garden
use gravity to drip the water to the plants

later will show planted cole crops and row cover system to
protect plants from heat, insects, and wind

my c25k niece is on day 2 week 3 of the couch to 5k prep
she got rid of flip flops-source probably of her foot injury-
is off the elliptical and is now prep only for c25k

you go girl

its the 50th anniversary of the flintstones
why do they not age like we do

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

transition at work, c25k niece, why do they

sometimes at work is hard to transition from one patient to the next

recently spent time with a patient whose spouse was killed in accident
had to slow down and spend the time with the patient as the patient  needed
my full attention at that time
another time was the hour spent with the patient who had terminal breast
cancer and wanted to talk with me before she died

my schedule got way behind because of the extra time spent with them
it was the right thing to do and  benefited both  the patient and myself
but it sometimes is draining to do this

luckily for me do not have to deal with this every day

after spending the time with the patient can feel emotionally drained
but have to go on to the next patient who may be a simple earache or
sore shoulder
have to emotionally make that transition
it helps if the next patient is a new born or healthy child
it does make the day better and future look brighter

usually when get behind at work it is because of some patient who
needs me to stop and spend that time with them
usually do it even though the patients after them are inconvenienced by
having to wait
hopefully most will understand

want to give you that time in the office when you need it when something
in your life or your health has not gone well

thats the my couch to 5k niece she
my c25k niece she is on week 3 day 1 of her quest for the c25k race in late october
my c25k niece she took 4 days off and suffered when she did the day 1 week 3
keep it up
we all are rooting for her

why do they use cold water to rinse your mouth at the dentist
office instead of warm water

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

my youngest sons hes birthday, the bean story and the kid

my youngest son he is having a birthday  today
my youngest son he is a nice guy
my youngest son he seems to have found his way
my youngest son he completed his courses and has taken his test
my youngest son he is looking forward to the future
my youngest son he is a longhorn and a cowboy fan
my youngest son he loves sports
my youngest son he loves his moms cooking
my youngest son he had a traumatic event in recent past
and is recovering from it
my youngest son he we wish you a haaaappppppyy birthday
my youngest son he will be home for the acl festival
see you then

my wife she heard this story on npr recently
continues the gardening theme this week

an elementary teacher wanted to stimulate her student to eat vegetables
and to be interested in growing their own vegetables
she first read them the story about jack and the bean stalk
they loved the story
she then got beans and they all cooked them together
then she and the students ate the cooked beans    
step one to success

she then got beans to plant
each child had a bean   a potting cup  potting soil and  a small stake
each child put it all together and was told to plant and water it well
each child then put their completed cup with their name on it in
a back room which had a window with good light
step two to success

each day the kids would rush to school to see if their bean would grow
after a few days all the beans were up except for bobbys cup
there was no bean growing out of the cup
the teacher was smart she had made some extra cups and planted beans
in them
on the fourth day she replaced bobbys cup with one of her cups she planted

it had a strong bean growing out of the cup and up the stalk
she put bobbys name on it

when bobby saw the bean growing up the stalk he was so excited
he said that it was a miracle a miracle a miracle

the teacher asked why he was so excited
bobby said again it was a miracle
the teacher asked again
bobby said its a miracle its a miracle
because i ate my bean

enjoy the day

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, September 27, 2010

fall square foot garden, in my garden

if you live where we do you need to plant your fall garden
if you have a square foot garden you need to remove all
nonproductive plants off your square foot garden space

if you have a square foot garden you need to apply 2-4 inches
of good organic compost
need to work it into your soil to 2-3  inch level

if you have a square foot garden you are now ready to plant
your fall crops
if you have a square foot garden you can plant cole crops
such as broccoli, cabbage, caulflower, kale, brussel sprouts, or kale
each of these will go in a square foot space

if you have a square foot garden plant them the depth they are in the pot
wrap the base with wet narrow strip of newspaper so it is protected at the
ground level from cut worms which will cut down the plant like
some one had used a chain saw on a tree
water each well with organic liquid fertilizers such as johns formula or
use liquid seaweed
dont let it dry out-may need to water every day or two until establlished

if you have a square foot garden you need to watch for pests-see previous
blog post last week on pests-most common will be caterpillers or beetles-
use bt for them  or
in my garden have problem with pill bugs eating my stuff so use de on them

if you have a square foot garden can also plant swiss chard(1 ft), garlic(6 in),
lettuce(4 in)(would start with transplants and use different varieties),spinach(4in)
mustard(1 ft), different chinese cabbage(6 in)
after these are established can sprinkle seeds of mixed lettuces,spinach,
beets, radishes over a square and gently cover with light topsoil or none at all

if you have a square foot garden you are now ready for the winter
remember all these usually will last through the cold weather
most of the stuff still in garden may not survive the first freeze

if you dont have a square foot garden you can do the same thing


have 4 ft x 12 ft squares
this one was planted with onions last january
when they were dug up in summer overseeded with blackeyed peas
you know the ones my motherinlaw she cooks so well but my wife she
is practicing on still

this fall pulled up the blackeyed peas     fed them to the chicken
composting machines-they ate the peas pooped out manure
ate the hulls and leaves did the same again and mixed it all
into my compost and also made eggs for us

then added 4 inches of chicken generated compost and
worked it well into the soil

later this week will show pictures of planted garden

the organicgreen doctor

Sunday, September 26, 2010

breast cancer survivor, mammogram recommendations

my wife she was listening to npr radio one day and
heard an interview of the texas poet laureate
she was talking about her year-2010- as the texas poet laureate
where she wanted to go into schools and work with
the kids on writing about their communities and towns

my wife she called her and invited her to come to her school
and work with her kids in her writing classses
she accepted the invitation

she spent the evening with us and stayed at our
place which we call the country n
her story was interesting and she was entertaining to visit with

she spent all day with the kids at my wife shes school
both the kids and her enjoyed it

the texas poet laureates name is karla k morton
she is a breast cancer survivor since 2008
she tired to find books etc to help her through this
crisis     she couldnt find the ones that worked for her so

she wrote a book of poems as she progressed through the diagnosis
chemotherapy surgery radiation treatment and  pet scans
this helped her get through this difficult time
she had long flowing straight hair that fell out  during the time she
wrote the book of poems

she gave us copies of her book      keep them in my exam room for patients
to read

go to www.kkmorton.com/beauty.html to read about her book
of poems called 'redefining beauty'-all written during her diagnosis treatment
and recovery from breast cancer

the different medical organizations cant seem to agree on when and
how often to do breast care and mammograms
until there is a consensus then

recommend in my practice to

do monthly self breast exam
do annual breast exam by medical provider
do annual mammogram starting at 40 years old
do at 35 years old if patient wants it

was doubly disappointed watching football yesterday
hope today is better


the organicgreen doctor

Saturday, September 25, 2010

more breast cancer stories, football

thanks to those who donated money to my nephews wifes at komenarkansas.org
she is almost halfway there

my brothers wife and my niece she is walking in the same race
they could use some donations also

another sad breast cancer story
mid thirties patient of mine felt a small lump in breast
mammogram confirmed a probable breast cancer
it was confirmed with a biopsy
it was an aggressive breast cancer
was treated aggressively with surgery and chemotherapy
she had every 3-4 mo followup visits with surgeon
she had a normal mammogram a year later
however a few months later she came to my office
for a lump in her scar
it was confirmed to be a reoccurence of the breast cancer
she had metastatic lesions in her brain
was treated by radiation
she died a few months later leaving a young husband and
two teen age children

now some happier breast cancer stories
early detection can result in stories like these

have a pleasant active 88 year old patient who was diagnosed
with breast cancer thirty years ago
was treated with mastectomy
has been cancer free since
refuses now to get mamograms anymore

have a 75 year old patient with who was diagnosed with
breast cancer twenty years ago
was treated with mastectomy
has also been cancer free since
she gets her annual mammograms

have a mid forties year old secretary who had her routine
annual mammogram which showed lesions in both breasts
she had bilateral mastectomies and had breast reconstrucition
she also underwent chemotherapy
she did well except for some complications from surgery
and chemotherapy
she is now five years out from her diagnosis
has been cancer free since

had a grandmother of my patient come in for an ingrown toenail
got to talking about mammograms and breast cancer
ordered a mammogram which was abnormal
she had surgical treatment  of the breast cancer
she died 15 years later from complications of long term smoking

had a recently retired teacher come in for a sinus infection
go to talking about mammograms
ordered the mammogram which was abnormal
she was treated with surgery and chemotherapy
she has been cancer free for 2 years

had a 50 year old teacher whose mom had breast cancer
she had annual breast exams and mammograms
had a mammogram that was abnormal
was treated surgically and with chemotherapy
now 10 years later she has been cancer free

had a 45 year old man come in the office with a infected nodule
in his breast     was treated with antibiotics and the infection cleared
was left with a nodule that did not feel right
had a mammogram that was abnormal
had a biopsy that showed it was breast cancer
he was treated with mastectomy and chemotherapy
he is now 5 years since his diagnosis and has been cancer free

yes men can get breast cancer

early detection can lead to better outcomes

now to less important things
thank goodness have a dvr so can dvr the texas and ucla game and
dvr the arkansas and alabama game sine they are on at the same time
go horns   go hogs
wish horns and hogs would play each other every year

those boys need to win on sunday or jerry may make heads roll

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, September 24, 2010

breast cancer/race for the cure

my nephews wife she has met 1/3 of her needed donation
my nephews wife she needs 2/3 more
go to komenarkansas.org to make a donation or send her
your left over change or skip that coffee or skip that drink
and give her the money your would have spent

breast cancer story
in a previous practice had a 42 year old patient who had felt
lump for awhile finally saw a doctor and got her mammogram
she had breast cancer and eventually underwent chemotherapy and
she had lesions pop up in her brain and her pelvis
she had chemotherapy again and those disappeared

she had 2 children-an 8 yr old and a 12 year old

it was a long tough road for the kids and the family

she was doing well until a lesion showed up in her leg
she stepped funny and fractured her femur (thigh bone)
she had to have the fracture site treated with radiation to kill
the cancer before they could go in and do surgery to repair
the fracture
she did recover from that but
later a lesion appeared in the brain and in the pelvis again

spent an hour in an office visit with her a month before she died
she had accepted that she was going to die
she had sat and talked to her kids about it
she had sat and talked to her husband at length about her death
it was a sad visit but know it gave her some peace to talk with me

she died a month later

could this cancer been detected on an earlier mammogram??

the organicgreen sad doctor

Thursday, September 23, 2010

my nephews wife/breast cancer

my nephews wife does not have breast cancer
my nephews wife is involved in the susan g komena race for the cure
in the state where she lives
my nephews wifes goal is to raise $150 to pay for a mammogram
for someone who can not afford one
my nephews wife needs us to donate money no matter how small
to the race for the cure under her name

my nephews wife says go to komenarkansas.org then scroll over
race for the cure  click donate    then click donate to a participant team
type in her name and donate whatever you can

my nephews wife has several people in her group that have been
walking in preparation for the walk in october

breast cancer story
while working at another location several years ago had a patient
who got annual breast exams and annual mammograms
she got a mammogram after her annual physical-she had a normal
breast exam
she had calcifications on the mammogram that were not present in the
last years mammogram
she had to have a mastectomy and chemotherapy
she did survive the ordeal

now think of some woman who has no insurance and cant afford
a mammogram
if she had the cancer like my patient she would not have her breast cancer
detected until it was more advanced
she would have a lower chance of survival

take a moment and donate
you could help save a life

my nephews wife she works in a cancer treatment center
and sees what cancer can do when not detected early

thanks to my nephew wife

she is on day 3 of week 2 of the preparation for the
couch to 5 k in late october
go girl

why do they take your blood pressure when you go to the dentist
am glad my dentists doesnt do that
would have high blood pressure every time

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

pests(the insect kind)

for pest control inside the house use boric acid powder which is sold
under a lot of different brands eg roach pruf
can find it at most large grocery stores garden nurseries or big box stores
sprinkle it behind refrigerators dishwashers stoves etc and
when the roach or insect or those dang scorpions crawl across the powder
their air hole (not their a hole) gets stopped up and they die
also use this at entry ways to our house

never use the roach sprays advertised on tv in our house

in the garden use diatomaceous earth (de) which is sold under lots of
different names
sprinkle this on leaves and on the base of the plants
use especially for pill bugs that try to eat tender or just planted
when the bugs crawl across the de it cuts their exoskeleton and
they desiccate or dry out

for slugs can use sand or a product called sluggo
just sprinkle these around your plants
also can put down containers of beer around the garden
the slugs will crawl in there and die(they cant swim)

in the garden when get a mound of fire ants use grits sprinkled
on the mounds      the thinking is that they eat this and it swells
up inside them and they die      also it is fed to other ants and
the queen
also use product called spinosid which comes as spray or powder
sprinkle it around the mounds      it apparently will kill the mound
it is an organic green product

for catepillars and certain other insects use a product called bt
or bacillus thuringiensis
sprinkle it or spray it  on the leaves      when the insect eats the plants the bt
bacteria will kill the insect
be careful can kill butterfly caterpillars

there is an excellent bug book called 'texas bug book' by
malcolm beck and howard garrett that has recipes to use
and has good pictures of the different bugs
recipes are all organic

my wife she has no fear of bugs in the garden
when our chickens wont eat a bug that is a red flag to
be careful
once we got an infestation of theses gray hard shell bugs that
would fall off our plants when we walked into the garden
and would hide in the mulch
they could decimate a plant very quickly
grabbed some (with gloves on) and threw them to the chickens
the chickens would not come within 2 feet of the bugs
theres your sign

my wife she came into the garden and started to grab the
grey insects and then threw them in a bucket of water
she would grab them several at a time
would wear gloves whenever picked them up but my wife
she went bare handed

after a while got the above bug book and found a picture of the bugs
were called blister beetles
they produce a substance called cantharidan which can blister
the skin
in medicine that is used to blister up warts so that will fall off
after a few days

eventually got all those varmints  picked off
sprinkled flour on the plants which  clogs up their mouth pieces
when they eat the leaves and they die from starvation

my wife she survived without any skin injuries
my wife she has no bug fears except wasps and scorpions
they both have got her at night while sleeping

oh the joys of the country life

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

my nephew he, finding a family physician,my couch5k niece

my nephew he did not fall into the tank
my nephew he would not go down the hole to get the rock
my nephew he enjoyed the filming though
may be will do a sequel

mom he is ok

still have a 2 ft x 6 inch limestone rock in my water tank
any suggestions on how to get it out?

my librarian niece she was looking to find a general practitioner
a general practitioner is some one who did not finish a residency program
and is not board certified

my niece she wants to find a family physician  a family medicine doctor
or a family practice doctor

have talked to a  lot of patients about the process they used

my niece she should look in her insurance companies list of family
physicians and find those in a convenient location for her
the insurance company will also do a rating of the family physician but there
will be no bad ratings on that list
dont just stop there though!

if they are on the list they are board certified (finished a 3 year residency program
and passed a national exam and  recertifies every 7 years as well as does
at least 50 hours of continuing medical education each year  as well as does
15 hours of family medicine board required testing each year)

my niece she should then use that list and ask family, friends and coworkers for
recommendations from that list
my niece she then should use the internet to evaluate those names that she has
remembering that any one can post things on these web sites
but will get a general feel for the physician

my wife she sees a specialist that she really likes a lot
if your check the websites on the specialist she has a lot of high ratings
and also has a lot of low ratings
refer a lot of patients to the specialist but know not to send her
patients that are non compliant as they are the ones that get mad

my niece she should also check the states medical board web site to see if
there has been a problem with the physician in the past

my niece she should then have a good idea of whether the physician on her list
is someone she wants to see

some patients like to see a nurse practitioner or a physician assistant
a nurse practitioner has a bachelors degree in nursing and has then done
a two or  three year training program
a physician assistant has a bachelors degree and has done a three year training program

when evaluating them need to also check out their supervising physician as you
may have to see the supervising physician occasionally

my niece she should not transfer a lot of records to the new physician
but should do a one page summary of her medical history to include what
reason she is in for  significant medical problems  surgical history
medications both prescription and over the counter      allergies
and a list of specialist she sees and why
usually on first visit patients will  fill out a medical history form

see an earlier blog on what to bring to the physician office for visits
(can google search it on this blog)

good luck to my librarian niece she

my couch5k niece got more inspiration when she read about a 92 year old
lady that just finished a 5k race

the organicgeen doctor

Monday, September 20, 2010

my niece she, my nephew he

my niece she mentioned in my blog yesterday is prepping for a 5 k run 
my niece she is prepping for the 5 k using an iphone app called couch to 5k
my niece she is starting on week 3 of her 9 week program 
my niece she is doing the 5k on october 30

running walking bicycling exercising is one the best things to improve 
both your physical and mental well being 

good luck my niece she

my nephew he is visiting here from out of state
my nephew he is working as an intern on a movie set(will tell more about it when 
it is announced publicly)

my nephew he is sensitive to mosquito bites
my nephew he took too much benadryl one night and overslept for work 

my nephew he got a text from me about taking otc generic loratidine or cetirizine 
to control his itching from the bites      dont make him quite as sleepy 
as benadryl 

my nephew he texted me back telling me he loved me
nice to know that but 
my nephew he then texted me 'oh shoot that was to go to my mom'

my nephew he was visiting us this weekend 
told him he owed me one 

am relocating some of  my rain water collection tanks 
needed to pump water from one to the other
placed a large limestone rock on lid of tank to hold pump line in place
oops knocked off pump line and the rock fell down into my tank
needed someway or somebody to go get it 

my nephew he was talked into climbing up on a ladder and
let me hold his feet while i let him down into the tank(its 9 ft high)
above  is what it looked like starting out

my nephew was resistant at first but talked him to going down farther
my nephew said theres a lot of water in there(was only 4 feet of water)
my wife she was taking pictures of this then
my nephew he started wiggling trying to back out 
my nephew he was hard to hold by his ankles 


the final outcome in am 
also in am  my other niece she needs to know  how to find a family physician

my nfl team is disappointing me this year
come on boys

the organicgreen doctor 


Sunday, September 19, 2010

my niece she/couch to 5k,why do they

my niece she has been posting her progress on doing a
couch to 5 k on facebook
plan to post her progress here as an inspiration to the
couch only people that read this blog

my niece she was cute as a child
my niece she had flaming red hair
my niece she once was in a restaurant when she was four
she was jumping up and down in a chair
her mom was getting so mad at her-knew something bad
was going to happen
so said to my niece she you need to sit down right now
said it in a deep voice-scared her so much she sat down
and was quiet after that
felt bad about being verbally mean to her but saved her
from getting into deeper trouble

my niece she visited here where we live this summer
she walked so much at sea world etc that she injured
her foot
my niece she had to wear a walking boot for several weeks
my niece she thinks it is healed now and has held up so far

my niece she got her some new asics to do 5k prep and
to do the 5k in

one of my nephews he posted a comment that 'running without
being chased was so foreign to me'
we want only encouragement please for my niece she

my niece she appears to be ready to start  on her week 3 prep for
her couch to 5k
my niece she mailed in her couch to 5k registration about a week  ago
now she is committed

my niece she has what it takes to do this
we all are behind her    
if you know my niece she give her encouragement

you go girl we are behind you
more as my niece she progresses

why do they put those square or star shapes on top of screws when
all have are phillips or slotted screwdrivers

the organicgreen doctor

Saturday, September 18, 2010

spider education, my old blue jean jacket

this is picture of my patient he that had the breathing
my patient he was shown wilbur the spider picture
guess he was listening that day when he got the
spider talk(he usually doesnt listen well)

his breathing problem is doing ok just his mouth
gives him trouble(hahahahha_just teasing)

he was at friend/relatives house when he came into
the house all excited
he had found another wilbur the spider
he wanted to catch wilbur2 and give him to me
mom talked him out of it
he agreed to leave spider alone
so my patient he got the old dishpan as a backdrop so could see wilbur 2 when
the picture was taken

thanks dude
for listening, taking the picture, and letting wilbur2
do his thing

get well

my wife she has the knack for making my old clothes disappear

my old blue jean jacket was one that got at a local feed store
near where my parents use to live
it was a old brand of jacket ?big smith
had the flannel lining in it
had 2 big pockets on lower end  each side and a pocket on both upper ends
it was warm and comfortable
it was long enough not like the kind that only goes to belt line
was great for fishing, hauling firewood, gardening etc
got burn holes in it, stains on it, torn areas on it
but it was so comfortable and was the best for wearing in cold weather

well my wife she told me that when we moved to the state we live in now
that it must have got lost in the move
wonder where my old big smith overalls went and my old blue sears warm
beat up jacket and my sweaters and my....
seems to be a pattern there
lost in the move is always the answer

next week how to choose a doctor

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, September 17, 2010

dang referrals, mailbox payback

those dang referrals why do you have to get them
if you have a hmo (we call these just say no) then you know
what a referral is
have to do them all the time for patients
it has created a big bureaucracy to handle them in the
pcp(primary care provider-thats me)office and the
insurance company
only time they are refused is if the doctor is not on
the insurance-well duh

mywifeshe has insurance that is a ppo(preferred provider option)
mywifeshe doesnt have to have referrals
whats the difference-millions of dollars

one of the major insurance companies elimated the hmo referral
requirement and saved millions of dollars a year in administrative costs

have a person in our offices of 10 pcps who does nothing but
process these referrals

if patient on a hmo sees a specialists without one the insurance company may
not pay for the visit-boy that creates a lot of paperwork on both sides and
for the patient with appeals etc

why do they make you get those dang referrals

am recipient of mailbox payback
remember all those mailboxes you destroyed as a teenager
it has come back to haunt me now
am on my fifth mailbox now
they have been batted(our preferred method back in the day) shot
hit with car
some were found dangling from the post
some have been found in the nearby pastures in multiple pieces
some are like swiss cheese(well did at least one like that )

just pick them up smile and say well its mailbox payback
go to home depot or lowes and just get a new one

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, September 16, 2010

organicgreendoctor: recycle yourself, alpha dog 4

organicgreendoctor: recycle yourself, alpha dog 4: "RECYCLE YOURSELF saw this on a bumper sticker-recycle yourself donate your organs spent long time with a patient whose spouse was killed he..."

recycle yourself, alpha dog 4

saw this on a bumper sticker-recycle yourself donate your organs

spent long time with a patient whose spouse was killed
he talked of donating her organs

her corneas went to someone who could not see well
her heart went to someone who needed it maybe someone her age
with children
her heart valve if heart wasnt used could be used for valve replacement
maybe on a teenager
her lungs could be used for someone with poor lungs usually they are
a young person
her liver for some mom or dad with liver failure
her intestines for someone with nonworking intestines
her hands for someone who lost a hand in accident
her long bones for some one whose fracture wont heal or someone
who has fought bone cancer but needs bone to replace that
that was destroyed
her skin for some seriously burned person maybe a child or teenager

look at how many lifes could be helped with organ donation

that person needing donation could end up being your relative or
even you

have given instructions that all my organs be donated if possible
when death occurs

when hurricane hermine came through here the dog alpha could care
less if he hit the electric fence
he would go into a storm daze
he went right through the electric fence
now he is ahead 4-0

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

recycling.my patient he,

try to recycle everything we can recycle
newspapers     save to use when making garden or flower beds
                       place 10 sheets of paper on ground then place
                       good organic garden soil on top for raised beds
                       10 sheets keep the grass or weeds from growing
                       then just plant plants

                        save for compost pile-chickens shred them as they
                        work in the large compost pile
                        take to recycle center
                        use them as starter for wood stove-roll several sheets
                        tie them in a knot them light them

plastic bottles    all get recycled to our little country recycle center
                        soap bottles, detergent bottles, milk cartons, prescription
                        bottles, etc
                        use metal reusable water bottle instead of buying bottled water
                        our rainwater tastes better any way

glass                 we take it to the local country recycle place

metal                all metal cans, aluminum foil are take to our local country
                        recycle place
                        larger items such as metal posts or metal fencing are taken to
                        some one who recycles old metal near where we live

computers etc   we usually donate these to school or needy groups

junk mail          most of our communication is electronic so get few non junk
                        mail items any more       shred these and either take to
                        recycle center or use in compost pile

plastic bags     try to use reusable bags for shopping    
                       if forget to take with me(common problem) ask for
                       paper bags then compost them

vacuum cleaner my wife she uses a vacuum cleaner that catches everything
                       in a plastic detachable container     on that stuff goes in the
                       compost pile

in a nearby town of about 1500 people there is an old big silo  that you can
take your recycle stuff to     have to separate the stuff yourself but find it
is worth it to do that  
my wife she usually gets stuck with doing it

in the nearby large metropolitan city you just dump everything into the dumpster
they have mechanisms to separate everything mechanically
we just do it the old way here in the country
we rarely have much trash that needs to be sent to the landfill

my patient he was promised that would blog him
he is in elementary school
he is in the group that comes out for larrys weekend here
he is partially responsible for my two roosters that were hens
take care of your breathing problem
be good to your sister she really does love you

and wilbur the spider said hello(will pull up my blog at work and show the
kids the picture of wilbur the spider)
thanks for the guitar rubber band thing

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

doctoring,why do they

whats a week like in the office
work now only in the clinic seeing patients
our group keeps hospitalists in the hospitals to admit patients
they assume their care in the hospital
patients come back to us after they are discharged
our pediatric patients are admitted to a local childrens hospital
by a pediatric hospitalist group

see newborns children adolescents adults and their parents
have some 4 generations to care for

as family physician see everything
realized dont have to know everything about medicine
just need to reocognize when something aint right with a patient
with computers and specialists that will help out it is easy to
diagnose and care for patients than in the past

looked back at a week in the past
here is example of patients seen in the office
1 week olds mom called for appointment for infant
she ran fever of 100.7    in the office she had no fever
 she was eating ok    she was fussy
she had unremarkable stay in nursery
she looked ok on exam but was maybe a little irritable

concerned for the fever in newborn so she was sent to the
childrens hospital for evaluation   she had kidney infection and had
bacteria in her blood   she received 1 week of iv antibiotics
she was fine on office visit after discharge

instinct and following the no fever in newborn rule  helped to
recognize there was a problem

last year saw a child with vomiting and diarrhea  x 2 days  
he was not taking his fluids well and had just started to have diarrhea
he had high fevers    take care of all of the family so know this child
and his siblings and parents well  
so was easy to recognize the degree of illness he had
checked labs on him that showed he was dehydrated
since knew mom well and knew she would keep him hydrated
sent him  home with nausea meds and instructions on rehydration

he developed severe diarrhea over night    he was taken to
emergency room where he received iv fluids over several hours
he was discharged home     within few days he was able to return
to school    
he had a salmonella infection like what was seen recently from
contaminated eggs

last may saw teacher with 2 months of coughing
he saw someone else in an urgent clinic  was given antibiotics
initially was better but then became worse again
he probably had pertussis or whooping cough as we had
a lot of students and adults with it at they time

he had not had his Tdap update which has pertussis in it

he was placed on a second round of antibiotics
was given bronchodilators and cough meds
he gradually improved

adults should have Tdap every 10 years-protects against
tetanus and whooping cough

saw patient who is 75 and is a long distance runner
she is in great health  only medication is a low dose statin
drug for her cholesterol and takes aspirin
she still works 20 hours a week

she developed low back pain this summer and had to
stop running     then  she developed right hip pain-probably has
arthritis in the hip
now she has developed bronchitis and asthma like problems
she has not been able to run for several months now

she has that dwindle look to her

see patients as they get older to gradually start developing
health problems that prevent them from doing those activities
they normally like to do
will need to watch her closer for depression and changing health problems

some days will see a newborn their sibling  their parent or grandparent in the
office      is one reason chose family medicine

why do they charge more for gas in california than in texas
why do they put lights on riding lawn mowers

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, September 13, 2010

my oldest son hes birthday, wilbur the spider,flu shot reminder

my oldest son he has a birthday today
my oldest son he is a nice guy
my oldest son he is on the wedding journey
my oldest son he  has picked a good future wife
my oldest son he is working hard to get his business established
my oldest son he is a good cowboy fan(even after last night)
my oldest son he loves his moms cooking
my oldest son he got my cookies for his birthday
my oldest son he deserves the breaks he is getting for the future
my oldest son he is wished a happy birthday
have a good one today

this is wilbur the spider    know that wilbur
was the pig and the spider that died had
another name    
this spiders name is wilbur
he is a zipper spider(see his web)
or is a garden spider

if he is in your garden
try not to disturb him as he
loves to eat insects  

at this location he catches those
dang grasshoppers webs them up good
and stores them a way  
he can eat all he wants of those dang grasshoppers

in the am with the dew on his web it seems
he  has widened his web at night  
its a very pretty site unless you run into it at night
then it feels like halloween
wilbur is a big spider      he loves to be talked to
likes country western music especially willie nelson

remember to get your flu shot in october
last year there was hardly any regular flu in this area
one of the reasons was because so many people got their regular flu shots
all high risk patients which includes the elderly and children should
get their shots
also recommendation is everyone over 6 months of age should get it

the organicgreen doctor

Sunday, September 12, 2010

my motherinlaw shes birthday, rooster rake rip,nurses big birthday

my motherinlaw she is a good mother in law
my motherinllaw she is called the energizer bunny-go out with her and you will
     see why
my motherinlaw she works for a well known tasty chocolate store
my motherinlaw she is not allowed to ever retire from there
my motherinlaw she cooks great blackeye peas and cornbread
my motherinlaw she just forgot to teach her daughter how to cook them
     (got clearance from my wife she to write this)
my motherinlaw she was born and raised 50 miles from where we grew up
my motherinlaw she has a great smile and laugh
my motherinlaw she corrupts my wife every summer when she comes to visit us
my motherinlaw likes organic green peach fuzzes
my motherinlaw she cooks a great southern breakfast
my motherinlaw she likes cantaloupe-plant it for her every summer
     while she is here
my motherinlaw is a keeper



this is the rooster rake that we use to use to fight off little larry
when he attacked us
as you can see it was used a lot -sometimes with too much force as
the red part was twice that size

we are now using it a head stone for little larry

plan to ship it later to my sisterinlaw she in another state so she can use
it to protect herself from her new rooster that was a hen
haa haa haa haa

one of the nurses at work is having the big old black birthday
wish her a happy birthday

the organicgreen doctor

Saturday, September 11, 2010

9-11 memory

                                          MOMENT OF SILENCE

there are events in your life when you will always remember exactly
where you were when they occur
here are three that affected me

john kennedy assassination-was in american history class when it was
announced over intercom that he had been shot
american history teacher cried as did most of the students
the country was stunned

acceptance to medical school was received on snowy day
my wife she was in graduate school
my son and her had just been in bad car wreck
they were recovering at home from the wreck
one of the scariest event to have happened in my life
could have lost both of them
this was followed by one of the happiest events in my life
when got acceptance to medical school

the 9-11 tragedy-was at work seeing patients when one of them
told me about the plane crashes
chills went up my spine as they do now thinking about it
this changed so much of what we do in america now

want to memorialize those who died that day
we should leave politics out of all this
people who died were americans but were also from multiple foreign countries
they were of all races and religions

take a moment today to pause and reflect on this tragic event
think of those who were killed and their families who are forever affected
but then lets move forward  and make this a better country to live in

some 9-11 websites are www.911digitalarchive.org and

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, September 10, 2010

health care reform act, the little kindergardener,my nephew he

preexisting conditions such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, asthma etc can
be used to prevent you from getting health insurance
now if you have been 6 month without insurance you can qualify for
insurance through your states preexisting condition insurance plan
go to healthcare.gov to check out your states plan

now your child can be placed on your insurance until the age of 26
whether they are married or single and whether they live with you or not

there are  now no lifetime limits on your health insurance
care for cancer, als, ms, or premature newborns can easily reach $1,000,000
there will now be no lifetime limits and no annual limits on care
have watched the ticker on mywifeshes insurance when log on to her
insurances website that shows how much coverage she has left
guess that will go away now

in previous blog wrote about the little kindergardener that ran from the bus
past her dad who then caught her and placed her on the bus

yesterday was stopped by the bus again     the little kindergardener
walked from the gate where her dad stood and watched
she let his hand go and walked with her backpack on to the bus
she turned and waved and then sat down in her seat

they do grow up dont they

my nephew he came to stay with us about 2 summers ago
he was about 8 years old then
(this is not the nephew who is here now )
he was here on the fourth of july
my younger son was home at that time also
he got fireworks to pop for the fourth of july
my nephew he was so excited as he had never popped firecrackers before
as his mom she would not let him do it

well he had a great time with the sparklers the black cats and
some stronger ones that made blocks of wood fly up in the air
and all kind of gismos that would go up in to the sky

hope his mom doesnt read this blog
hopefully enough time has passed so wont be too mad at us

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, September 9, 2010

hurricane hermine followup, mci, healthy fruits

its gone from this area, now it is gone to where many of yall live-enjoy the rain

rain barrel tanks are all full-have enough water  for the next 6-10 months
if there is a drought after this am prepared

all my mulch yard and  pastures are soaked
they act as a sink holding the water on the property

can not imagine the damage that must be done by a category 2-5
hurricane that comes inland when you see what this barely category 1 did

near work the rain was greater
those areas especially near where work is located flooded in areas
that have never flooded in the past
what is amazing is that through all this flooding and devastation only
one person died and she is the one who drove around a barrier and
was swept away  
her body is still not been found

this has saved a lot of lives

researchers studied 2000 older patients that were dementia free
16% showed symptoms of mild cognitive impairment(mci)
mci is picked up on neuropsychological tests
the changes are/may be subtle
mci is thought to be the precursor or early beginning of alzheimers

alzheimers changes in the brain occur 1-2 decades  before symptoms show up
 in a person
research is looking to pick up mci earlier than it is now
it is memory problems greater than is expected for when a person ages
eg  not where did i put my dang keys

mci occurs more commonly in men than women-we get screwed again
mci is twice  more likely to be amnesic memory loss-sure hope that doesnt
include peoples names
mci is more prevalent in those with the apoe 4 gene-a known risk factor for
developing late onset alzheimers
mci is decreased in those with the most years of education-maybe medical
school  will help me    maybe will work on phd
mci is increased in those who have never married and is lower in married persons-
some of my relatives shouldnt get mci then

this is summary from eupdate from the alzheimers disease and education referral center
tuesday september 7 2010

this from email newsletter from the texas gardeners seeds

the five  most healthiest fruits are raspberries blackberries kiwi strawberries and oranges
collectively they are lower in sugar content   have more  fiber   are high in vit c vit a vit k   flavonoids  antioxidants potassium  and have a laxative effect

so instead of an apple a day keeps the doctor away maybe
it should be an orange a day.....

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

hurricane hermine, rainwater tanks full, bros birthday

dang that hurricane/tropic storm came right close to us
we are inland several hundred miles
would hate to see what it would be like to be in a level 3 or 4 storm
as it hits the coast line
no doubt would not stay to sit through a storm like that

we have got more that 5 inches-my 5 inche gauge filled up early last night
the rain and wind just comes in waves
nearby has gotten 15 inches of rain overnight
expect have got here well over 10 inches
and am still getting more rain

some schools are closed down
only one report of missing motorist who drove around a barrier
the car and driver have not been found

at daylight will check my rainwater tanks
no doubt they are completely full
tanks by my house was overflowing last night
that is so hard to take loosing water from the tanks
(have the rain water collection virus)
but we have enough to last for a long time now

our electricity was off last night for several hours
when on rainwater collection system you cant get any water
without electricity
lucky my nephew he brought 2 gallons of water with him
when he came from out of state
have a 12 volt battery that i keep charged with a solar panel
on my old well house
just plugged in a light to the battery for light
thank goodness the electricity finally came on

today is one of my brothers birthday
want to wish him a happy birthday

his story-he barely got out of high school(think they passed him
just to get him out the school)
he started college but did not make it through the first semester
he entered the military which was the best thing that happened to him
while there he attended school and got his first bachelors degree

after retiring from military at 39 he attended college
he got another bachelors degree, a masters degree, then got
his phd

he now teaches at a college
parents dont give up on your kids they still may be productive

was not being productive out of high school
was working on a road crew building bridges
he convinced me to move out of state to live with him
had done what he had done ie did not finish my first semester of college
he convinced me attend college which i did part time while i worked
later went to school full time

thanks bro for saving me

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

how come they, hurricane hermine

was in grocery store early on sunday am
thats when i shop for groceries at 600am because
the store is near a large retirement community
later in the day there are a lot of people there that
look like my brothers and sisters
they are pretty aggressive with their carts

the produce department clears out a lot of produce
that looks better than what is in my refrigerator
(my wife she likes it to be brown before she gets rid of it)
they just junk it out
they dont donate it to poor or soup kitchens etc
they wont give it to me for my chickens
it could even be used to make compost


hurricane hermIne just hit south texas last night
it is headed just west of us which means we will get the eastern storms
that may mean 4-10 inches of rain over the next 24 hours
we sure need the rain

have got my tanks ready to accept all that rain
even am bringing out my  red neck 5 gallon buckets
anything that will hold water is used to catch the rain
even back my truck on incline so can catch water in it
want all that rain to stay on my property
yesterday even emptied some of my water from my tanks onto
my yard
my mulch and crushed granite walkway acts like a large sink
to hold all that water
the limestone walls and limestone or wood edging around
landscape beds acts like a minny dam to hold the water back
so it can soak into the ground

in my pastures and yard there are enough deep holes to hold a lot of water
as it as been dry here this summer since june

dont let your neighbor or your sewer system get all the runoff from your rain

these are all a way to do rainwater collection besides using rain water collection
into water tanks

tomorrow follow up on hurricane hermine

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, September 6, 2010

what to take to the doctors, another rooster story

these are the things i do when i go to the doctor

arrive early-sometimes if you are lucky they can get you in earlier
be registered, pay copay before your appoinment time
if late you may get placed out of rotation-some one who
came in early may get in before you

bring in a list of why you came in and what you are most concerned with
if you have a lot of things on your list prioritize them
list most important ones first

dont do the ohbytheway as the doctor is leaving the room
have found that that ohbytheway item is usually the most important

on men it is usually a request for erectile dysfunction meds

if on multiple meds bring in your pill bottles
have discovered over the years multiple prescription errors or
duplication of meds from different doctors

list medications you  are on and list of allergies
dont presume the doctor has a correct list

list the specialist you see and what you see them for
some people are seeing too many doctors
some they really dont need to be seeing

list your significant medical history eg high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, etc
what surgeries you have had and what procedures you have had

some patients bring in a running medical history with dates and why
they were seen, what labs or xrays done, hospital or emerency room visits, etc

if you are reading this blog you probably have a computer
and can keep one stored on your computer

the more doctors you are seeing the more this is important

this can prevent medical errors, duplication of labs, prescriptions, unnecessary visits

this information saves the doctor time while he/she is in the room with you
makes more time available for caring for you

a relative from out of state called yesterday and told us her rooster story

before leaving to go out of town she had bought several baby 'hens'
she had a caretaker to care for them while she was away

they returned after more than a month away
two of the hens were crowing
the neighbors let them know about it also

when she went out to check on them one of the "hens that crowed"
took after her and ran her back into her house
love to watch that when it happens
know it scares me when not expecting it

think ill send her our rooster rake that we used to protect ourself from larry the rooster

the organicgreen doctor

Sunday, September 5, 2010

dog alpha 2 electric fence 0, what to take to the doctor for visit

we have 2 dogs
dog alpha is a mixed breed     he is very friendly
however he is the protector of my wife she and of our property
if he doesnt know you well it is not fun to be around him
we live on 10 acres surrounded by ranches
our nearest neigbors are on ranch land
its nice to have him around at night and when we are gone

but  when visitors are around we keep him in a 800 square foot
enclosure until the visitors leave

my nephew he is visiting from out of state doing an internship
with a movie company-will tell you more about this when movie is

we have an electric fence that we put up to keep them isolated
from my nephew while he is here-especially when he comes in late at night
dog alpha does not like the electric fence
he will not come with in 15 feet of the fence-he made the mistake of
touching it when we had it around our chicken yard enclsoure

dog beta is a golden retriever loves everyone if he knows them or not
but he dont like gun shots from hunters
he is too smart to get any where near that electric fence

when no one is here we keep the fence turned off so they can roam
all of the property

so the fence is set up so they have 1/2 acre to themselves-should be enough
well we had a big storm come through
dog alpha becomes dog zeta when this happens
the next morning after the storm came through he is found on the wrong side of
what used to be an electric fence
the wire was everywhere-am glad didnt see this happen

the electric fence was replaced and repaired
dog alpha(now zeta) would not have anything to do with crossing over that wire
laying on the ground

got his walking leash-he loves to go to the river so he can smell varmits
roll in deer doo and swim in the river
he came to me immediately but had to drag him under the wire
released him and he was ok being on the right side of the electric fence

well it is dove hunting season this weekend
they start at sunrise
dog alpha become dog zeta when guns are shot
does sound like a war zone around us during
first weekend of dove season
we tolerate it as its pay back for what we (me) did growing up

walked outside to go to work yesterday after fixing up the damaged fence
there was dog alpha on the porch(on wrong side again)

he had gone through the fence again when the shooting started

dog alpha 2      electric fence zero

tomorrow what to bring in when you see the doctor(not talking about copay)

the organicgreen doctor

Saturday, September 4, 2010

type 2 diabetes in children, rainwater harvesting books

type 2 diabetes is usually found in adults
it is usually associated with obesity
use to not be seen in children much but is more common now

saw a child in my office yesterday who was overweight
his bmi(body mass index) was 32
bmi is a measurement using the height, weight, age, sex of person
can be used to measure obesity
this child he is classified as obese-the classifications are normal overweight
obese morbidly obese

his family was worried he might have diabetes
they had bought a glucometer to measure his blood sugars
his fasting blood sugars were frequently elevated

this nine year old boy has mild type 2 diabetes
failure to treat it now can lead to all the complications we see
in adult diabetes-stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, blindness, amputations
of lower legs
these may occur in him in his early adult life-30's or 40's
this can  all be prevented and treated  by a proper diet of fruits and vegetables
low fat foods and regular exercise-walking, biking, swimming, gymnastics
organized sports etc

this generation of children are programmed to not to live as long as my
its is all because of obesity, diet , lack of exercise

the best rainwater book that we used to put in our system
(wrote we but really was just me) is
'rainwater collection for the mechanically challenged' by suzy banks and
richard heinichen
he is the god of rainwater collection around here
the book is funny, witty, and straightforward and simple

had no problems putting in my own system using this book
except for digging holes in this dang limestone soil for the drain pipes

he also has a dvd you can get with the book
would get both if you are going to do a system
you can google 'tank town' and read about his book history etc
went to many of his lectures on how to do the system your self

another source that just came out and have not read it yet
is a manual put out by the texas agrilife bookstore
'rainwater harvesting:system planning'
it is 200+ pages for the both the professional installer and the do-it-yourselfer-
that would be me
probably is more detailed than richards book
it can be found at www.agrilifebookstore.org

would choose richard heinichan's book

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, September 3, 2010

protect your children

just watched a story on the local news
it sent chills up my spine
the story was about one of my patients
the reporters interviewed the child and the mom

the child was walking to school
the child had wanted to walk to school alone for awhile
the mom finally agreed

she drove them a block away from the school  then
the child walked down the sidewalk to where
the crossing guard was letting kids cross to the school
the child then walked down a short alley way to an opening
to the school play yard
many of the kids went that way every day to get to
the playground

according to the news story  as the child was walking down the alley
a man in a car called for the child to come to him so he could
go with him
as the man became more aggressive the child remembered what his
parents had taught them-start yelling  pull a way and run away as fast
as you can     that is what the child did

the parents had spent time with their kids discussing what to do
in that situation      the child had listened and this may have saved the childs life

the mom felt strongly enough about the issue that both she and the child
allowed themselves to be interviewed on the local news

hopefully many parents and their kids will have seen this and
spent the time with their kids to discuss what to do if this situation ever
happens to them

take the time and have a talk with your child today about STRANGER DANGER
you could save your childs life

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, September 2, 2010

welcome to medicare physical, rattlesnake cakes

medicare covers a welcome to medicare physical in the first 12 months you are
signed up
well it is not a physical like most physicals that you do when you go to the doctor
there is no physical exam done with this visit
medicare just calls it a physical exam

medicare pays for the welcome to medicare visit(thats what it should be called)
minus 20% copay    no deductible applies to this visit
coinsurance usually picks up the 20%

this visit is particularly good for some one that has not had regular physicals
and does not see a doctor at regular visits
find that most of my medicare patients are my established patients and have
most of the stuff done already
but again for some people it is good to do especially if they have been
ignoring their health care

in our group we have one person that does them as medicare is particular about
the documentation and coding  associated with this visit
we have 89 family doctors and 20 internist

what it covers  is a good medical history, social history, medication review,
preventative care needs, psychological history, review of advance directive and

usually shots-flu, pneumonia, maybe hepatitis b shot, probably not shingles shot, mammogram, bone density, maybe ekg, maybe ultrasound of aorta if high risk for aneurysm, psa(prostate cancer test), blood sugar, maybe cholesterol screen

medicare covers colonoscopy, fecal blood test, digital rectal exam, breast exam
and pelvic exam
the above exams are done at separate visits as may not cover them if done with
the welcome to medicare visit
some people on medicare hmos and medicare advantage plans are allowed
an annual physical exam like we think of what a  physical exam should be

so would i recommend you do this?    yes   its a one time visit
if the paperwork is done right you would have little cost to you and a new
baseline of medical information is obtained for the future

my nephew is visiting here from out of state
we took my nurse and her husband out to dinner for her birthday
we went to a restaurant that makes rattlesnake cakes(like crab cake not regular cake)
we all tasted the cakes
my nephew was not convinced that it would be good to do that
but he finally took  a taste
it acutally tastes good
this chef is good at using the right spices herbs etc to bring out the flavor  of food
it did have a bite to it  though

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

rainwater virus

have found a new virus-the rainwater virus
try to infect as many people as possible
it starts with a five gallon bucket to trap water off the roof
then it spreads to more 5 gallon buckets to trap water
the buckets may not even match
next comes a 50 gallon rainwater tank under a gutter
when this happens there is no cure for the rainwater virus

an employees husband got infected this way
gave him a 300 gallon rainwater tank for christmas
it was placed under the gutter
after one good rain it filled up and overflowed
then 5 gallon buckets were added
then more 5 gallon buckets were added
they filled up  needed more buckets
cant stand to have rain water overflowing the containers

my brother started with a 5 gallon bucket
it filled up and flowed over he got more buckets
his wife did not like those buckets
he had to watch out for the subdivision monitors as the infection grew
snuck him in a 300 gallon rainwater tank
after that the virus was incurable
(his wife did not know about the 300 gallon tank for a while)
he found old 50 gallon pickle barrells and hooked them up in a series
he used these to water his yard and garden
he decreased his water usage a lot
this saved him money (he liked that) on his water and sewage bill
he even snuck some collection stuff onto the front yard
a real no-no with the subdivision monitors

he partially got cured by moving out of state
he gave his tanks away
took some of the pickle barrels to add to my infection
gave his 300 gallon rainwater barrel to the employees husband
he will not ever be cured now
he will only want more as the rainwater tanks fill up
satellite infections of 5 gallon buckets persists

try getting infected with the rainwater virus
there is no cure

the organicgreen doctor