welcome to the organic green doctor blog

i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Thursday, May 19, 2022

organicgreendoctor: garden news-a farm tour at our community garden

organicgreendoctor: garden news-a farm tour at our community garden: GARDEN NEWS-A FARM TOUR AT OUR COMMUNITY GARDEN these are veggies that we harvested recently from our community garden that were donated to ...

garden news-a farm tour at our community garden


these are veggies that we harvested recently from our community garden that were donated to the organic soup kitchen for their delicious organic soups

note when i was sick two years ago with what i think was covid and post covid stomach issues i could only mainly eat the organic soup kitchen soups
i say its what kept me from starving to death over those long 6 months 

in that wheel barrow are a lot of celery and kale and swiss chard
tucked in a another box not seen are lots of onions and squash 
we also throw in several herbs they use in the soup
in that orange container is about 20 leeks
this produce is all used in the organic soup kitchens soups
we make a large donation each week to them
recently we harvested 25 lbs of organic zucchini for them

the soups described in their website are donated mainly to those in need like chemotherapy patients the elderly and others in need
i got mine each week delivered to our condo 
they offered it free to me but i felt like i was able to buy the soups myself so i did

as a review of our garden
its been established now for 10 years
its mostly volunteered run
we do have a paid garden manager

we raise on out 20 thirty foot beds a lot of vegetables
all grown organically
we also have a large orchard 
that fruit is all donated also
the produce is all donated to those in need
the organic soup kitchen
womens shelters
elderly apartment complexes
several food pantries in the area

last year we donated close to 5000 lbs of produce to these entities
this year i expect it to be more than that

this weekend the organization taste of santa barbara in association with the santa barbara food action network is sponsoring a farm tour in this area
it has included us on the tour as a representative of a non profit that can grow produce and provide education for the community in need

here is an excerpt from their promotion of the event

Join Trinity Community Gardens and the Organic Soup Kitchen to see first-hand how non-profit organizations can work together to grow food, provide nourishment, and build community. Tour the three-acre organic garden and “food forest” orchard, learn about small-scale sustainable practices and closed-loop systems that any gardener can employ, and taste a variety of delicious garden-to-bowl soups. Tour includes soup tasting.

Regional farm tours are curated in partnership with the Santa Barbara County Food Action Network. All proceeds from ticket sales will go directly to the farmer, rancher, or food producer who hosts the tour.

sorry for all the caps and punctuation above :)

the event starts at 1100 am with a tasting of some of the organic soup kitchen soups
the tours around our 3 acre garden and orchard will then occur
answering hopefully tons of questions

the visitors will be both local folks and visitors and tourists

i look forward to the interactions with group

here is the link to information about the event and a link to purchase tickets

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited #135-women still hit hardest

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited #135-women still hit hardest: MY STORY REVISITED #135-WOMEN STILL HIT HARDEST now eight years later that statistic still hasnt changed any  women still get alzheimers mor...

my story revisited #135-women still hit hardest


now eight years later that statistic still hasnt changed any 
women still get alzheimers more than men do
part of that is that they live longer which increases their risk of getting alzheimers

since covid deaths has taken over the number 3 slot in causes of deaths
the rating of deaths from alzheimers dropped down one notch

we still dont have a cure yet eight years later
we do have treatment ie my drug aduhelm but time will tell how well the aduhelm really works

women not only get hit harder with alzheimers they also do most of the caregiving 

hopefully in eight years when i write about this again things will have changed some

note the video in the old blog below is no longer available

aduhelm update
getting infusion #11 next week in the restart study
i got 7 prepandemic
i got 18 placebos lucky me before that

getting an mri a week later
this scan shows if i have a microbleed or any brain shrinkage or other abnormalities

getting a tau pet scan two weeks later
this scan measures the tau tangles in my brain and will show where in the brain alzheimers has progressed
where the tau accumulates in the brain should match with any symptoms i might have
eg if it was in the speech center i would have problems with speech

getting my annual all day testing 3 weeks later
this testing will show if i have had any memory improvement  or any memory loss
the neurological evaluation will determined if i have had any neurological symptoms or signs develop like weakness numbness etc
lots of labs will be done measuring blood biomarkers and chemistry tests and blood counts and antibody levels and other tests i dont know what they are

it appears that biogen is planning on continuing the study i am in called the embark study to its end and maybe longer
by then the final results of all their studies will be done so we will know exactly how well this drug aduhelm really works

basically its what biogen should have done in the first place with the aduhelm
not applied for approval until all these studies are done
this always seems to be true about women
they always seem to get the short end of the stick on
so many things

now it seems alzheimers disease is one of those things
added to the list

watch this video maybe twice
thats what i had to do to see all the information

click here to watch the video

we hear a lot about women and breast cancer
thanks to education about breast cancer awareness
with self breast exam and annual breast exams by their doctors
and routine mammograms
and the treatments for breast cancer
the survival rate and quality of life for breast cancer in women
have improved

that we know alzheimers disease is hitting women harder
than breast cancer
we need to pour the same effort into finding a treatment
or a cure to prevent or slow down this disease

take a moment to assess your health women
make sure you are exercising
maintaining a normal body weight
not smoking
not drinking excessive
maybe a little pot occasionally according to some researchers
controlling your blood pressure
controlling your cholesterol
controlling your diabetes
getting an adequate diet
controlling depression or anxiety
staying active mentally and socially
get involved some way in the fight against this disease that
will affect more of your gender than any other disease
calling your congress folks about supporting research
doing a walk to end alzheimers in your area
make a donation to the cause
help a fellow caregiver out some
remember most of them are women

just get involved in some way

the cure and treatment is on the horizon

your help will make the sunrise for everyone happen
a little sooner
i think most of the study subjects in these studies are men
most of the photos ive seen from the studies are men
wonder why that is

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

organicgreendoctor: so where is the formula

organicgreendoctor: so where is the formula:   SO WHERE IS THE FORMULA abotts recall of similac and some of its other formulas may have been what tipped things so we now have a shortage...

so where is the formula


abotts recall of similac and some of its other formulas may have been what tipped things so we now have a shortage of baby formulas to feed babies in the united states

a few months ago it was found that the factory that made these formulas may have been the source of a potential contamination with a bacteria called cronobacter sakazakii
two babies died from this infection and two more got sick
all had been formula produced in this factory 

there are only a few makers of formula in the us
95% of the formulas used in the us are made in the us

so the supply tightened after the shutdown

the toilet paper syndrome took effect
remember how short the supply of toilet paper was during the pandemic
thats what happened with the formulas
causing significant shortages everywhere

unlike toilet paper where you could figure out other things to use
thats not the case with formulas
unless a mom had two working breast milk producing breasts

other things to try is not safe 
almost dangerous to try 

an side here
now is not the time to stop breast feeding 

when i was in medical school it was common to have either similac or enfamil as the preferred formula for new babies in the nursery

we all knew and know that breast milk is the preferred food for babies
formula companies can not duplicate breast milk
they try but they cant

what formula was chosen was usually based on the influence of the company or representative with nursery employees or medical providers

at our medical school the preferred formula was breast milk
the way it should be
thats probably the way it still is now at most maternity units

nature knows best

there are terrible stories in third world countries where women were given substandard formulas to use instead of breast feeding
the results were horrendous

so formula companies have a checkered past
they also have us where they want us

many formulas are specialty formulas that babies have to have to survive
and some adults 

eg mr hudson when he was in the throes of his kidney failure had a special formula made for kidney failure patients that he used although he used breast milk most of the time before his transplant
yes even with kidney failure patients the breast milk was the preferred formula

his nephrologist said one reason he did as well as he did for so long was the fact he was breast fed

i took care of a lot of babies in my career 
usually if they were breast fed there were less problems with feeding and feeding issues
some babies on formulas could tolerate some formulas and not others
each formula could be tweaked some to make it different

what did they do in the old days
my guess is they used whole milk or goats milk and added stuff to it
dont do this since since your baby will be missing out on important nutrition
i repeat dont do this
i repeat dont do this

so what are they doing about this formula thing
it is scary to think you cant find food for your baby

the abbott factory is restarting soon and will be in full production in a few weeks
the fda is allowing the import of fda approved foreign exports of formula 
eg abbott is bringing in formula from ireland

other manufacturers are amping up their production

hopefully hoarders will quit hoarding formula

soon the supply will increase

im sure moms will breastfeed their babies a lot longer
which is good for the babies

as we did with toilet paper 
so we will with formulas
ample supply 
will eventually return

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, May 16, 2022

organicgreendoctor: covid 19-we are there or almost there

organicgreendoctor: covid 19-we are there or almost there: COVID 19-WE ARE THERE OR ALMOST THERE this is a photo i took of a drawing on a driveway a few blocks from us the artist had planned if i rem...

covid 19-we are there or almost there


this is a photo i took of a drawing on a driveway a few blocks from us
the artist had planned if i remember the story correctly to do a drawing at the i madonnari at the santa barbara mission memorial day weekend 2020
it was canceled due to the pandemic the last two years

in 2020 the artists decided to do their pictures around town for folks to drive around to see them
this artist did hers on her driveway

it represents to me the covid 19 vanishing down the rabbit hole
it hasnt done that yet but hopefully it will soon

this year we look forward to hiking up to the mission in a couple of weeks to see the artists doing their drawings
we tend to go a day early so we can avoid the crowds and also commonly we can visit with the artists as they do their drawings

if will help to feel like we are getting back to normal

we arent 
we may not ever get back to where we were no matter how much we try 

according to which counter you look at 
i look at the john hopkins or the cdc covid death counters
we should hit in the next few days that million deaths from covid in the us

no one really predicted that we would reach that mark
not many predicted this would all get politicized

a good portion of those who have died and who will die were and are unvaxxed
thats the major reason that the death rate from covid is so high

dont want to die from covid
get vaxxed and boosted

with the omicron and its subvariants two covid shots may not be enough
you need that third booster and a fourth booster if you qualify for the fourth one

it seems the vaxxinated who are dying are usually at high risk and have not been boosted
i repeat
it seems the vaxxinated who are dying are usually at high risk and have not been boosted

if congress doesnt pass more funding access to these boosters may be limited some
if you are high risk and or older than 50 you should get your fourth booster asap

when the subvariant surge occurs here in the us you need to be ready if you are high risk
high risk means also if you are old

its hitting europe now and will move eventually here
it is more contagious than any variant so far
luckily its not causing as many hospitalizations or death in those with immunity from previous infection and immunizations

the best protection is
to be fully vaxxed and fully boosted
be safe in high risk activities especially if you are high risk

remember even if you are low risk you can carry it to a vulnerable loved one who may get sicker if they get infected

for me
i avoid large gatherings especially inside
there will be covid there
folks will get sick from the exposure 
those who suffer will be the vulnerable

i wear a mask when i go in stores or in high risk situations

i freely attend outside gatherings unmasked

i dont feel comfortable yet to fly but i would fly if i had to fly

if i catch covid i will seek out the antiviral drug paxlovid to take for 5 days
it needs to be taken as soon as you are diagnosed
its for high risk folks 
like me since i am 72 years old
it can shorten the days you are sick and can prevent hospitalization and death

i look forward to the day this covid gets like the flu

we arent there yet
300+- folks dying a day from covid is still too many folks dying

hopefully soon 
we will be there

the organicgreen doctor

Saturday, May 14, 2022

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-will this be the next one approved...

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-will this be the next one approved...: ALZHEIMERS NEWS-WILL THIS BE THE NEXT ONE APPROVED TO TREAT ALZHEIMERS lecanemab this will probably be the next drug used to treat alzheimer...

alzheimers news-will this be the next one approved to treat alzheimers


this will probably be the next drug used to treat alzheimers disease
will it cure alzheimers disease
it will probably slow it down some probably better than my drug aduhelm or aducanumab

lecanemab is made by eisai and they and biogen who makes my drug are doing the research on it and will be marketing it 
hopefully better than aduhelm or aducanumab was 

lecanemab is a monoclonal antibody given by infusions either bimonthly or monthly
it binds to the protofibrils of the amyloid in the brain
in clinical trials it removes all measurable amyloid in the brain after 18 months

it seems to show like aduhelm or aducanumab there is slowing of cognitive decline 

it is in the final parts of its phase 3 clinical trials
eisai will apply for approval for its use in mci and early alzheimers disease later this year

hopefully it will do a much better job of applying to the fda for approval than biogen did with aduhelm

it probably will work better than my drug aduhelm

the question will be will the fda approve it and will medicare pay for it

in searching clinicaltrials.gov for ongoing studies that was using lecanemab and taking new study subjects i found only two

one was on preclinical or prealzheimers or prodromal alzheimers patients
these patients have no symptoms but have measurable amyloid in the brain
that would have been me at 55
my amyloid scan or blood test would have been positive for amyloid

the other was on the dominant inherited early alzheimers patients
these folks have a gene for early onset alzheimers

here is the link on clinicaltrials.gov for these studies

there are a lot of folks out there who qualify for these studies

i am sure there will be more studies using lecanemab in mci and early alzheimers that come along later

my guess this one works better than my drug aduhelm or aducanumab

interesting is they are using one of the new blood tests for alzheimers disease to screen folks for these studies

these similar blood tests will be available eventually in our primary care offices for those patients who want to know if they have alzheimers disease

no i dont want to know
wrong i say 
find out 
then do something about it
before its too late

it will be like not wanting to know you have bad cholesterol levels
you want to wait until you have a heart attack or stroke or alzheimers disease to do something about it
then its too late to help much

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, May 12, 2022

organicgreendoctor: garden news-harvesting my leeks

organicgreendoctor: garden news-harvesting my leeks: GARDEN NEWS-HARVESTING MY LEEKS the following pictures are all from my garden plot  these are a pile of about leeks i harvested this week i ...

garden news-harvesting my leeks


the following pictures are all from my garden plot 
these are a pile of about leeks i harvested this week
i got the seedlings from dixondale farms in texas last january
i planted them about 8 inches deep and about 6 inches apart in my 3 ft x 8 ft bed
as they grew this winter and early spring i would harvest some as i needed them for cooking
knowing i would plant tomatoes in the areas where i harvested the leeks early

this week this is my bed with about 40 leeks left and two tomatoes spaced about 3 ft apart
they are black krim a heirloom tomato and a big boy which is disease resistant
its time to remove the leeks and prep the soil to allow the tomatoes to take off

here is the space between the tomatoes after i harvested a few leeks

here is the bed with all the leeks removed
removing the deep rooted leeks also loosened up the soil fairly deep
i spread a layer of worm compost described below across the bed
i also added a recommended sprinkling of an organic fertilizer
i raked this in with my hands
i added a good soaking of a fish emulsion seaweed molasses mixture
the fish emulsion as a liquid fertilizer seaweed for minerals and hormones and the molasses to feed the microorganisms in the soil
these will be real happy tomatoes
they will explode in growth over the next few weeks

those black landscape pots are 3 gallon and are buried to the edge of the soil
in the pots i added some of the worm compost and a sprinkling of organic fertilizer
i water the pots full once a week
this drives the roots of the tomatoes deep into the soil looking for moisture and food
at the end of the season those pots will be surrounded with roots from the tomatoes

this is my worm compost bucket thats buried in my walkways to the top of the bucket
my walkways are actually trenches dug the depth of the bucket 

the trench is filled with mulch 
this mulch over the year becomes a foot deep compost walkway
i also have the overflow line from our two rainwater tanks empty into my walkways so that water goes into my garden instead down into the creek

the bucket has 3/8 inch holes around the bucket in a circle
there are 3 circles of these
plus the bottom of the buckets have these holes drilled in them
i then fill the buckets with vegetable scraps from our kitchen or trimmings from our garden
i dont add worms they just find the stuff by crawling back and forth through those 3/8 inch holes

this time i harvested about 5 gallons of worm compost from the bucket which is what i spread over this bed
i have 7 of these buckets in the garden that produces close to 70 gallons of worm compost a year
no wonder my tomatoes do so well huh

this is my finished bed
i cover it with a thick layer of pine straw which acts as a mulch
it easily allows water through
it prevents splash up onto my tomato leaves
it is acidic and will eventually breakdown into the soil
our soils is alkaline
it helps keep the soil from drying out

i trimmed the lower leaves off the tomatoes to allow for air circulation

i have a dripper system a foot apart with drippers every 6 inches
i run it usually every 3 days for thirty minutes but i use a moisture meter to determine if need more or less water
in the summer when the tomato is well established i cut off my drippers and only use my two black landscape pots to water my tomatoes
this also saves water

the leeks are trimmed up so only whats left is the white part
the green part is put into our large compost pile
the leeks are chopped like you would a carrot so you have this row of leek circles
these are placed into a quart sized freezer bag for use during the year
my 40 leeks made 6 quarts of leeks which will last us until this time next year

i also harvested my onions i planted after thanksgiving
i also got them from dixondale farms
i have been harvesting them for several weeks as we needed fresh onions
now they are ready to harvest 
if i was going to store them i would let them dry in the sun for a couple of weeks and store them in the garage by hanging them in old pantyhose in the garage
here though we have so much fog in the next two months that they tend to rotten
i chop them up and freeze them
these 50 that are left will last me until almost next year at this time

this is my tatume squash
early on as in the picture below it is green when small and looks and tastes like a zucchini squash
later it gets greenish orange them later it gets even larger and is orange
at the large stage its like a winter squash
we will eat a lot of them for fresh squash
as they get bigger i will chop and freeze them
any excess squash will be donated

this is one of my baby tatumes that is a few days away from being in a salad

i now have harvested most of my winter garden and am now growing all my summer crops
tomatoes x 6 bell pepper sweet banana pepper tam mild jalapeno basil kale zucchini squash christmas lima beans french green beans egg plant chicory/dandelion  lettuce in the shade swiss chard in the shade and malabar spinach   

we eat fresh veggies all year round from our garden

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited #136-do your forms

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited #136-do your forms: MY STORY REVISITED #136-DO YOUR FORMS link to my lecture this picture i ran across this morning online its taken from a lecture i gave on al...

my story revisited #136-do your forms


link to my lecture
this picture i ran across this morning online
its taken from a lecture i gave on alzheimers disease in 2016
it was in the time when i was being evaluated for the biogen aducanumab study that i was eventually approved to be in  

the video is about an hour long
i talked about alzheimers research that was ongoing at that time

now 6 years later
the bace inhibitor studies didnt pan out as they made things worse
the insulin nasal spray is only now getting started
the solanezumab didnt work either
the a4 study is just now finishing up and results should be available soon
the aducanumab study well we all know about that one
it got approval amongst some controversy
medicare says they will pay for only if its in a research study 

in my old blog below i review the paperwork that an elder lawyer suggested
i had an old will from the mid 1990s that needed to be updated
it would be 5 years before we got ours redone
it took the pandemic and me thinking i was going to die to get ours all finished

we did all these below including a trust
the trust was mainly to save taxes on our deaths to prevent probate costs

we chose someone who does mainly elder law and whom we saw lecture several times at the alzheimers symposiums

update on biogen aduhelm or aducanumab study called embark that i am in
another infusion in two weeks
a tau pet scans in about 3 weeks
an all day memory testing in 4 weeks
a mri in about 6 weeks

so far no side effects
so far no memory issues

it doesnt really matter how old you are
you should have these things done
dont wait until its to late
it becomes harder and more expensive to take care of things

yesterday i went to the second annual alzheimers symposium
in temple texas
its the one that i gave a presentation to on my story with
possible alzheimers disease last year
this years focus was on the caregivers

the first presentation was given by an elder lawyer

his first topic was guardianship
you dont want to have to do this
as its expensive and the control of your or your family member is
under the control of the court system

he said avoid this if possible
the best way is to be prepared
by having all the forms and documents mentioned below
done correctly
and there will be no guardianship
you dont want some lawyer or judge having to ok checks for
you or our loved one

the younger you do all of this the better
one speaker a bioethicist from california is the caregiver for
her brother who was in a car accident and now has a head injury

without the paperwork being done ahead of time
a guardianship may have to be done

if you do all this right he said then you get to determine guardianship

do a medical power of attorney or power of attorney for health care
put one person in charge with alternative persons if that one is not
capable or able

unless i piss my wife she off royally i have her as my medical power of
attorney with my sons listed as backup
my wife she and i have had discussions about what i dont want

side bar another speaker the bioethicist showed a graph of what
physicians dont not want done if their health is terminal like with
alzheimers or cancer etc
100% said no cpr-the survival rate for cpr in these situation is 0%
most said no cpr no ventilation no dialysis no surgery
no invasive testing no feeding tube no antibiotics no iv hydration
but >90% said they wanted pain medication
the two lowest was iv hydration and antibiotics at 60%

we must know something you guys dont

after practicing for >25 years i would say 100% no to all of those
things especially cpr and ventilation

if it happens to me as i get demented i plan to come back
and haunt the heck out of whoever did it to me

now im not talking about right now as im in great health
except for that alzheimers cloud thing hanging over my head

do a hippa release form 
if you havent ever got pissed off when you try to get information
on a family member you may not understand how important this
one is

he suggested to not use the one from the hospital but get one
on line that covers things better

without one you may be shut out of your spouses medical
information if they become incapacitated

do a directive to physicians or living will
make sure this thing has things like no feeding tube no cpr no ventilation
no chemotherapy etc if you become incapacitated with a terminal disease
dont let others wonder what you would want

if things get complicated or if the doctors or hospitals screw up or
if another family members doesnt agree
this and the other forms are so important in overriding their objections

do an out of hospital dnr form
he suggested to google it and use a printed out form
without this if the emt paramedics come to your home or
to the nursing home etc they might do all that stuff that drs dont
want them to do to themselves
hopefully flashing that form in front of them will stop them

do a durable power of attorney
this gives someone and he recommended picking one person
with backups if that person is not able to do it
this gives them the right to do your financial and legal stuff when
you are incapacitated
and can prevent you from having to go to court for guardianship to
do your loved ones financial and business stuff

he recommended the durable power of attorney be updated every
few years as some banks etc will not recognize one eg that is
15 years old

he also suggested a living trust but not everyone agrees with
this recommendation
this one provides another layer of protection

some of these things can be done without an attorney
but some need their input

interesting was that the attorney i used for my will etc
was at the conference since she has become more involved
with elder law
since her dad had alzheimers disease and she learned
first hand what mistakes could be made and prevented

i plan to pull out all my documents this week and review them
i know that i plan to add more specific details to my directive
to physicians or living will
i dont have an out of hospital dnr
my hippa form is not a more involved one
i am not sure if i will do a living trust
i plan to seek other counsel on that one

be sure and use forms specific for your state as each states laws
may be different

so dont wait to get all this done
wait to long
a local judge and lawyer will make the decisions for you
not your love ones
i did all these except i didnt do the cpr since i feel like i right now am a good candidate for cpr
when my dementia worsens i want my no cpr form done and tattooed on my chest
not everyone needs a trust
if not sure consult a lawyer

dont let the state decide what happens to you and your estate

the organicgreen doctor