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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, May 23, 2022

covid 19-now what do we do


we in the us have now officially reached that dreaded 1,000,000 deaths total for this pandemic
we in the us had 10,506 deaths from covid in the last 30 days
we in the us are having around 284 deaths a day from covid

it the deaths are slowing down but they sadly arent going away

sadly most of these deaths are in unvaxxinated folks
sadly most of these deaths are in at risk folks
most still could have been prevented

the ba.2.12.1 subvariant is slowly building a surge that will take weeks or months to build up to the next tsunami wave of covid
i wish they would name it 
maybe call it lucifer instead of some greek letter
make it sound more sinister so we will pay more attention it

remember it and tis cousins killed over 10,500 folks in the us this last month

most of yall will catch it and do ok but have bad cold symptoms
you wont get hospitalized and die

if you get this lucifer infection and are vulnerable or high risk even if you are fully vaxxxxed you should seek out medical care
consider getting the 5 day treatment of the paxlovid pill
it needs to be taken within five days of symptoms starting
its free right now

if you are eligible you should be getting your boosters
remember the pfizer which is given as  a two shot series really should be a 3 shot series to get full protection

if you got the johnson and johnson vaxxine you need the booster to be better protected 

if you arent vaxxed you should get vaxxed to prevent getting sicker or being one of those statistics mentioned above

the over 5-11 group is now approved for getting the first booster
remember if you got pfizer you really need that first booster to get better coverage

next month both pfizer and moderna are seeking approval for its shots to be used in kids under 5
the pfizer will be a 3 shot series and the moderna a 2 shot series

the 3 shot pfizer for these younger kids under 5 may be more effective 
we should know more when the final fda approval occurs the first of july

many of you who had covid early on in this pandemic and those of you who got your shots at the beginning 
your immunity to covid is waning
you are more vulnerable to reinfection

its expected that many of you whether your are vaxxed or not or whether you have had covid or not
will get infected with this lucifer variant

most you will do fine as you may just have a real bad cold and feel bad if you get the lucifer version
those high risk are going to get sicker

some if untreated will be hospitalized or be part of that 286 per day grim reaper statistic

i am now quadvaxxed
i am as protected as i can be
since i am over 70 i am in that high risk group
i feel heathy but i have to remember i am in that high risk worrisome group

so when i catch the lucifer covid if i do 
i have at home my test kits
if i test positive i will reach out to my primary care provider or urgent care to get my prescription for paxlovid to start taking 3 pills twice a day for 5 days asap within 5 days of my symptoms starting
in folks i know who took this it seemed to help to improve symptoms quickly

i will wear a mask in high risk situations
going to a store or any inside building
avoiding any inside gatherings

remember i dont want to get sick
i realized this week if i do get this lucifer covid that will delay one if not two of my aduhelm infusions
something i dont want to do 

yesterday i was at a gathering of around 25 people but we were all outside for two hours and i felt quite safe without a mask

when the booster shot this fall or what will probably be an annual covid shot is available i plan to take it along with my flu shot

i dont want to die from something i could easily prevent

this lucifer virus can just go back to hell and i hope it burns up
it caused enough suffering up in our world

keep a close eye on what is happening in your community to decide what to do

the organicgreen doctor 

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