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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Monday, May 9, 2022

covid 19-another winter surge will happen again



i remember when the first surge happened
they really wasnt much protection but isolation and masking and lots of hand washing and counter washing and sanitizing everything

at first they said no masks
i think it was to protect the supply of n95 mask for medical workers and high risk folks
it was recommended we all wear some masks of some sort

thats when someone made me these masks to wear
plus i found a n95 mask to wear
i wore it in high risk situations
i wore the other masks when i was elsewhere like in the garden

then about a year later the vaxxines became available
we got all three of ours to get full protection
n95 masks became readily available so we switched totally to them
i retired the masks above
i will save them as memorabilia of the covid pandemic

we also learned a lot about the virus and how it spreads

then finally this last week i got my second booster
i am boosted as i can be

the pfizer and moderna should be considered a three shot series with a booster later

we are in such a better place then we were 1 and 2 years ago
an acquaintance who is over 80 went on a vacation to hawaii with family
they were double vaxxed and had their first booster
they got covid probably omicorn or its subvariant
they were tested and got started on the covid antiviral pill within 5 days of symptoms
as of yesterday the person was much improved

had that person not had their booster there was a chance they would get sicker

the majority of those who were vaxxinated and got hospitalized and died from omicron had only two covid shots and no boosters

the majority of those who died from omicorn were not vaxxed at all

its important to get your first booster
if you are high risk for hospitalization and death from covid you should also get your 2nd booster

again remember the pfizer and moderna covid shots should be considered a 3 shot series

we are approaching that mark of 1,000,000 deaths from covid  at a rate of about 300+ deaths per day 
we should reach that mark within a week
a sad sad mark since most of those folks who died didnt have to die
they needed to be vaxxed for covid

there appears to be the likelihood that the omicron and its variants will cause a surge this winter
its expected that about 1/3 of americans will get infected

you are unlikely to be hospitalized or die from covid if you are triple or quad vaxxxxed for covid

most who succumb to covid this winter will be unvaxxed or undervaxxed

there will likely be a annual covid shot starting this fall or winter
covid sadly will not go away 
it will likely always be here with us

we need to approach it like we do the flu each year
get our annual vaxxines

as with the flu the at risk folks are at risk for hospitalization and death from covid

what are we doing

we are getting vaxxxxed
we will get the winter covid shot also
we wear a mask in high risk situations
if anyone says anything about  my masks i just say i have a terminal disease
that shuts them up
if we catch it since we are high risk we will get tested and seek out antiviral treatment
we will avoid high risk situations
if we were 50 years younger we would not be as concerned

we are learning to live with the presence of covid in our lives

we will keep an eye on the possible development of a more virulent strand of covid
experts dont expect these virulent strands to emerge

its still sad to see those folks die each day from covid when they dont have too

be safe
keep an eye on what's happening with covid in your area
get all your covid vaxxxines

the organicgreen doctor

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