welcome to the organic green doctor blog

i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Monday, February 28, 2011

oscars, earthquakes, basketball

well the oscars were good i think
did not make it through all of it
hope my wife she dvred it for me

please bring back the comedians as hosts
where is billy crystal, jon stewart,david letterman, and chris rock
when we need them
(donald duck was the host once, reports are he did a good job)

it takes humor to get us through the night
its like the superbowl commericials
its one of the things we look forward to

then there was the f bomb, oops

kings speech or king speak or he said won everything
have not seen it but have now put it on my bucket list along
with social network

sure was pulling for the little girl in true grit
she sure is cute and handles her self well for her age
a nice breath of fresh air-gives us hope for our youth
good job hailee

even the womens dresses were good this year
they all seemed appropriate and not bizarre
good thing lady gagagagagag  wasnt there

jennifer hudson looked hot and slimmed down in her
orange peach or peach orange outfit
was it jenny craig or weight watchers that did the trick

was a good year for movies
have quite a few my wife she and i need to see

there have been several earthquakes in arkansas recently
including a 4.7 magnitude quake last night
its not california you know where everyone gets use to them
it scares the bgeevies out of you if you are not use to it

remember being in a large earthquake in california in the 70s
had just moved there from arkansas and it did scare the
bgeevies out of me

in the 1800s there was an earthquake in arkansas and missouri
that changed the course of the mississippi river
keep that in mind arkansans when you feel those rumbles
where are those tornadoes and thunderstorms when you need them
prefer them over earthquakes any day
at least you can hide somewhere but in earthquakes you cant hide
from them

hope they settle down to 1.0s

the horns looked like the best team in america in the first half
against colorado this weekend then they looked like the worst
team in america in the second half

they have a chance win the big 12 championship if they win the
next 2 games and get a number one seed in the big dance next

dont let us down horns

march madness begins soon
cant wait
all of the games are on tv this year

there are good things from having to retire

the organicgreen doctor

Saturday, February 26, 2011

3.00, salute

its here everywhere now  in texas
texas is known for its oil production and cheap prices for gas
not any more
the price has hit $3.00+ and seems to be climbing
the $3.00 mark is a mental mark here in texas
most people didnt think it would ever hit here
but it did

lets see reasons given are
the middle east unrest
oil shale oil is backed up way up north as there is not enough
pipeline to get it down here to the refineries
the oil being used is an expensive oil from ?north sea and is $20
more a gallon

the end result is that we are all paying more each time we fill
up our tank-if we can afford it

i know those elsewhere say dont whine weve been there a long time
in los angeles there is already $4.00 a gallon gas and one major
oil company leader is predicting $5.00 a gallon gas by this summer

glad have my two vehicles that get 40 miles per gallon
guess ill just coast down the hills from here and town
and drive real slow or you can
use cruise control on long straight aways as it keeps a steady
speed which saves gas
keep your car tuned up well
car pool
ride the bus or train
ride bike
plan trips to do multiple tasks
dont gun the motor it may cost your $0.50 each time you do it (hahaha)
ease into start up
try going the speed limit (also will save on speeding tickets)
keep the tire pressures normal
or dont go if dont need to

as the price gets higher then the more little things you do can save money

my wife she commutes about 60 miles a day for 20 days a month
at 40 miles a gallon thats 30 gallons of gas a month
at $3.00 thats $90
at $4.00 thats $120
at $5.00 thats $150

at 30 miles a gallon thats 40 gallons of gas a month
at $3.00 thats $120
at $4.00 thats $160
at $5.00 thats $200

if buying a new car or used ones (the financially smart thing to do is
a used one ) would recommend that you look close at the miles per
gallon the new vehicle gets

dont think things will get better
the price of freedom

salute to the local girls basketball vrhs for making it to the
finals of the regional tournament
good luck
win today and its to the big dance for the state tournament
good job

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, February 25, 2011

other side

have gone to the other side
no have not had a religious experience
have not become a buddist, moslem, hindu, or changed my
religious perspective
have not changed my political perspective
have not had a near death experience

have gone to the other side
am now a patient

a new world on this side
especially like to be seen as a patient when they dont know
im a physician

so this is what it is like

have been a practicing family physician for 30 years and have
rarely had to see a physician for care
probably why i have been so healthy all these years
(was a joke)

so this is what its like to sit in a waiting room and wait to be seen
i have enjoyed it as i like to watch and observe people in the office
and even at the airport or mall

i especially enjoy watching the kids in the waiting room
they can sure be busy
my waiting room must have been a real busy one as i saw a lot of
kids in my practice over the years
so thats why the waiting room was such a mess at the end of the day

it is interesting to watch the whole process now from the other side
from calling in and making an appointment, checking in on arrival,
sitting and waiting in the waiting room, checking into the exam room
by the nurse, then to observing the doctor as he does what i use to do

these are some observations

that some phone music while waiting sucks
that whoever answers the phone needs to be a pleasant person
that a friendly unrushed check in person is so important as they
   are the first impression of the office
that am glad i have insurance and a flex card to cover uncovered
that would not like to stand and have to discuss financial stuff at the
   check in window where everyone can hear about how broke a
   person may be
that a comfortable clean waiting room is important
that feed back if the doctor or provider is running late is important
that walls need to be insulated-can hear phone conversations with
   patients about things i dont want to know about
that  the bathrooms need to be put where you cant hear some one
   flush or ...
that physicians need to make the use of technology we/i use
   everyday to make it easier to get appointments, get refills, get
   lab results, ask questions,etc
that doesnt hipaa laws cover phone conversations that can be
that patients not have to walk around with urine cups in their hands
that follow up on labs and xrays via phone call, mail is important
   why not use texting/email like we all do
that those dam insurance companies and what they cover and how
   much they pay before hand is impossible to figure out
that a friendly person is fun to deal with
that a grumpy person makes the visit a bad one
that at the end it is nice to have a compassionate unrushed
   physician taking care of your health

overall though
my experiences have been good
now could do some consulting on what clinics could do to make
this side a more pleasant experience

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, February 24, 2011

exercise in pregnancy, number one worst hamburger

if you are pregnant or know some one who is pregnant or
if you have been pregnant
(lets see thats everyone right)
then you need to read dr carries blog on this subject
be sure and watch the video at the end
(she is one of my blog buddies)

this is a good blog on exercising during pregnancy

the link is

if this doesnt work then look to the right on my favorite blogs and click on her blog

it is worth the time

according to dave zinkzenko from yahoo.com the worst hamburger
in america is :

dennys smokin q  three  pack
it has ton of fat in it and one salt shaker of salt

it has
2020 calories-thats more than i eat in a day
110 grams of fat with 22 saturated grams of fat and 3 grams of
trans fat-those are the 2 bad ones to have-itll clog your arteries and
activate your gallbladder
3570 mgms of salt-thats enough for 1weeks recommendation of salt

whoa ill just have my veggie burger on whole wheat bread please

guess that dennys burger could be used to fight famine in foreign
countries-thats probably more calories some people get in a week
in those countries
guess this burger is not a good food for delaying alzheimers
so should stay away from it

although when in residency we use to eat at a hole in the wall place
near by that served greasey jalipino cheeseburgers with a huge
order of french fries
bet it beat the dennys burger
know it sure made me sleepy in those 1:00 pm conferences

this burger says a lot about our eating habits in the us
the source of so much of our health problems

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

old tree


this old tree is in my friend from medical schools yard

(the one who helped me wheel the other student down the hall
in our ob rotation when she was asleep on a stretcher on our
way to the delivery room.      she woke up screaming
glad it was in the middle of the night)(also the one who went
on the infamous deliverance river trip at the end of our junior
year.    he was a bad influence)

this was taken on a cold day earlier this month when the
north wind was blowing and it was beginning to snow

i looked at this picture and decided it was a picture of what
it is like to get old or to get isolated

you are out there sometimes by yourself
you have developed a lot of physical changes as the tree has
with its gnarley (like that word) old broken limbs and the loss
of pine needles over the top (well some people retain their hair
as they get older and some dont)

if you are lucky you have relatives and friends close by to visit
you and communicate with you

since have been doing this blog and using email more and facebook
and twitter and now a blackberry crackberry cell phone have
realized that all this technology has been grasped by a lot of elderly
people or isolated people (confined caregivers, widows, widowers,
divorces, laid off workers, housewives, househusbands, etc)

this technology may be the thing that is bridging this isolation gap in
this group of people

this old tree represents these people
dont let some one you know let this happen to them
put them in a forest
communicate with them frequently personally with visits or with the
use of this new technology

here is how long it takes things to decompose
paper-2-10 weeks
plastic bags-10-500 years
tin cans-50-100 years
disposable diapers-75-450 years

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

sleep foods,no eggs, ms round rock, spanish helps, melo

from yahoo.com

cherrries have a high level of melatonin which is what your body
uses to help you go to sleep

bananas have a lot of potassiuum and magnesium in them-these
help your muscles relax
they also increase the levels of tyrptophan and melatonin production
in the body

toast has a lot of carbohydrates in them which can also increase
the insulin levels which increase the release of tryptophan and
serotonin which can relax you and induce sleep

oatmeal also contains carbs which affect the insulin levels which
then affect the tryptophan and serotonin levels
oatmeal also increases the melatonin levels

milk especially warm milk (makes me sleepy thinking about it if
wasnt lactose tolerant) has tryptophan in it which is a precursor
to serotonin
milk also has calcium in it which helps with relaxation and sleep

so lets see lets take cherries and bananas and put them in a warm
bowl of oatmeal then add warmed milk and eat with a piece of
toast then go to bed
let the natural stuff take over and get a good night sleep

but wouldnt that make you sleepy at work or at school if you ate it
for breakfast

a readers chickens arent laying eggs
causes are multiple
they got too old-chicken menopause its called
theyve been traumatized-stress such as a dog attack or a varmit attack
not eating well
too cold
too hot
decreased light
molting-where they lose their feathers
moving location of coop
sometimes they just lay them somewhere else you just have to
find them
(we just found 15 hidden behind their watering trough)
or just add more to your flock

no not the winner of the beauty pageant
our old chicken
go to the right on google search and type in ms round rock to
read her story
shes a newspaper and tv star
but shes gotten real old-greater than 10 years old
she has gnarley arthritic feet now
think she has had a small stroke as she drags her foot and
slightly drags her wing
she rarely leaves the coop area now
she is able to get up the coop ladder each evening and flop
down each morning
we make sure she gets extra treats each day as she can not
roam in the pastures now to get seeds and bugs
even red the rooster leaves her alone now-she use to be number
one each morning

sucks to get old

learning a second language and speaking it regularly increases
cognitive skills and can delay the onset of dementia on an average
of 4 years-lets see learn spanish now so i can go to nicaragua and
converse with the locals and i wont get dementia until i get on
social security and medicare-maybe that will work better than
aricept without the side effects

my wife she showed me this article and my sisterinlaws husband
-the wet suitcase one-sent me the article
they have been trying to get me to go to nicaragua for several years
to visit their place on the beach there
now according to them i need to learn spanish so i can speak to the
locals in nicaragua  and have the added benefit of delaying the
onset of alzheimers

lets see eat right (mediteranean diet), walk every day, be active
mentally, control cholesterol, sleep good, take aricept, eat
chocolate,drink coffee in moderation, drink alcohol in moderation
and now add learning spanish to the treatment of alzheimers symptoms

sounds good
(none of these prevent alzheimers-it still shows up-they just delay
the onset of symptoms)

will probably add nicaragua to my bucket list

melo to the nicks
they just got better
carmelo anthony and stoudemire on the same team
move over miami
will make the second half of the nba season more interesting

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, February 21, 2011

presidents day, moms birthday, bb weekend

today is presidents day in the united states
(in canada its family day)
what that means is that there is usually no school in most
places and no post offices opened, no banks opened, and 
there are sales going on for stuff you dont need

some unlucky schools have to go today as they had to use a 
snow or bad weather day 
thats a good way to ruin families vacation plans

lincoln and washington birthdays were this month so thats where
this all started

maybe we could start decorating and doing sales in january to 
get ready for this eventful day 

have a happy presidents birthday
dont expect any mail which is probably good as most of it is junk
mail now days announcing those sales

today is my moms birthday
she would have been 89 today
she died a few years ago from complications related to  alzhiemiers

those people who were lucky enough to know her before this
disease took over or who were lucky enough for her to have 
provided nursing care to them would gladly remember her today and 
celebrate her birthday

those of you who were my former patients and whom i still 
consider my patients who liked my bedside manner and my 
compassion as a family doctor should know that these  i got 
from my mom

if she was your nurse you would always remember her

rarely ever saw her get mad but she could if she needed to
defend her patients or her family

she never talked badly about anyone

thanks mom 
miss you mom 
glad you are not suffering now
happy birthday 

addendum one of my best friends son has a birthday today
always found it easy to keep up with his birthday 
did not need facebook to remind me 
happy birthday rh

if you dont like basketball just skip this part

this was  a good basketball weekend
longhorns lost to nebraska in an exciting game that went to the
last minute when horns had more than one chance to win 
but they did not pull it off

was first conference lost this year
the adversity of playing this game was what they needed to 
refocus them for the march madness run
hopefully they will respond 

adversity in sports and in life sometimes makes a team or a 
person better if they approach this adversity correctly 

time will tell

then there was the nba dunk contest
pretty impressive
i couldnt do some of those dunks on my sons old fisher price 
basketball goal
will be afraid to watch next years dunk contest as they cant get any 
better but can only get more dangerous

lets see where did my  wife she put my sons old toys and my old 
wont to try to dunk over my john deere lawn tractor

the organic green doctor

Friday, February 18, 2011

donate your computer power, backyard chickens

universities and researches do not have access to a
supercomputer like ibms watson who? just won the human
vs computer jeopardy game this week

there is a way for them to have a supercomputer like system
without actually owning or building one
thats with using the pooled donation of your extra computer
power when you are not using it

the result is this giant virtual supercomputer that can be  used to do
research analysis on cancer, hiv, other medical diseases and
on lots of scientific research ie a virtual watson

you simply download a program on your computer which runs
only when you are not using the computer
data is sent to your computer to analyze and is sent back to the
organization when completed

here are 2 of several organizations:
folding@home     researchers are studying the unfolding of proteins
the research may help fight cancer, alzheimers and parkinsonism
the site is folding.stanford.edu

world community grid     current reseach projects using this grid are
doing cancer and hiv research
the site is www.worldcommunitygrid.org

oh the pleasure of backyard chickens
free fertilizer
free pesticide and insecticide that is truly organic-they love to eat bugs
free weed seed controller-they love to pick seeds out of the ground
they make good pets
then there is the eggs
if you have never had a fresh farm egg then you are missing a flavor
not found in store bought eggs that have been stored for months
fresh laid eggs are more nutritious than the ones usually found in stores

whats needed
a chicken preferably 2
no rooster needed-sorry guys
a coop to sleep in and to protect them
a small coop can be easily moved around your backyard
(biggest varmits are possums, skunks, raccoons, cats and dogs
and hoas)
feed-easily available at feed stores
water source

provide feed and water and protection  and they do the rest

if chickens are cared for correctly there is no odor and no noise pollution

there are lots of coop designs available
everything you need to know can be found at www.backyardchickens.com
i used this sight a lot when i first got my chickens

this area also has an annual chicken coop tour
there are also talks done on raising backyard chickens-one at the
boggy creek farm-see website under links and another at the
natural gardener-see website under links
both talks are given by the same person
she is quite an entertaining speaker

have a good weekend

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, February 17, 2011

used vehicles, watson supreme, crepe murder, tomato fever

part of being green is recycling things
we recycle as much here as we can
we recycle cars

last time we bought a new car for the family was in 1985
it was a chevrolet nova which was the precursor to the toyota
corolla     it had toyota parts everywhere
we drove it for ten years, then gave it to our son, then sold it
after that

since then we bought two used vans, a used truck (still drive it
as my farm truck), and two used toyota echos and a used lexus

over that period of time we saved thousands of dollars by buying
these used vehicles and drove four of them for over 10 years
they were then either sold or donated

be green and save money buy recycled cars

watson overwhelmed the competition yesterday on jeopardy
ken jennings and brad rutter couldnt keep up with watson
yesterday as he ran away with the contest

watson won the $1,000,000 prize which was donated to charity
ken jennings won $300,000 and brad rutter won $200,00
they both looked ticked off but were good sports

what next for ibms watson
hes the superman of google search but who can think i think
run for president as an independent
cure cancer
become a medical doctor
become a scientist
the potential is unlimited

this is trimming of the crape myrtle where over half the plant is
totally removed
we call that crepe murder
at my house we leave the seeds on as the birds like to eat them in
the winter time when the food sources get scarce

never whack mine down
just trim up the crossed branches and branches that seem out of

let the birds enjoy the food
the crepe myrtle looks more natural not being all chopped up

so went to the nursery yesterday and there was all those nice green
tomato plants of all types-cherry, heirloom, .roma, celebrety, etc

the urge was almost overwhelming to buy some and put them in the
ground-ran fever, got tachycardia, sweaty and dizzy

if you do plant them  and live where i do they will be gone before
st patricks day

the last 3 years i have replanted my tomatoes 1-3 times because
of freezes that i did not know were coming or
even when i protected mine well it got down into the low 20s
here and they were gone

resist the urge and dont plant until the frost chances are gone
even then be ready to protect them if the weather cools
last year a freeze got mine in april here

ok i couldnt resist and bought tomatoes
i know should know better but the urge was just overwhelming

bought a cherry like tomato called juliet that can be planted now and
with luck will survive until next winter
will plant it in a large pot and keep it in my small greenhouse where
i have a heater to protect it
later i will transplant it into the garden
(last year did that in april and they still froze)

maybe just maybe i can get an early crop this year

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

watson wows, dre day, neuro appt

that watson is good
wow hes so far ahead that the humans wont be able to
catch up if even they combine their scores
watson did miss the final question but only waged a few dollars
so did not lose much

watson has over $30,000 in winnings so far
the two humans look defeated already
they seem to know many of the answers but just could not
punch the button in time

doubt they can catch him today
wonder what watson will do with his money and the
$1,000,000 prize
maybe split it three ways

today is dre day ie digital rectal exam day
finally broke down and decided to have it done

the last two were done under anesthesia while having a
colonoscopy      now thats cheating right

have already had a psa (prostate specific antigen) which can be
elevated in prostate cancer
mine have always been normal

its recommended that males have an annual dre and psa done over
the age of 40, 50, or 60 (based on who you read)
race and family history alters this recommendation some

these are the only screening tests we have for prostate cancer

until something new comes available then thats what we have
to use to screen for prostate cancer

if you are male and are 50 years or older you need to get
these two done annually
dont whine as women put up this with type of stuff for years
and dont complain

its the least you can do for them

get er done

uneventful event
no change in medication
the research study is 3 months behind so will have to wait until
then to get the other tests i need to have done
will wait for the study so i wont have to get more than 1 spinal tap
that sounds reasonable doesnt it

the spinal tap results will confirm what is already expected in my
diagnosis as the diagnosis is usually made from the
neuropsychological evlauation and on the medical history and
the family history
the spinal fluid is analyzed for two proteins called amyloid protein
and tau protein which are at abnormal levels in the spinal fluid of
people with alzheimers even real early like mine

this will soon be the test that will be added to the others that
people have done in their evaluation for alzheimers
its not readily available yet will it will soon be part of the
standard testing done

it really doesnt alter the treatment plan but just makes the
diagnosis more definite and can be helpful in cases like mine
where the symptoms are so early

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

belated, watson, ink refill, trim day

belated wishes to my wife she for valentines day
on this blog
yes i got her a card and cooked her a good meal

well watson the ibm computer started out with a bang on
jeopardy yesterday
he seemed to get all the real hard questions correct

at first he was getting all of the correct answers and it
looked like it was going to be a bust but then the two
human competitors finally got going

at the end of the day it was watson $5000, brad rutter
with $5000 (brad won +$3,000,000 in the past) and
ken jennings with $2000 (ken beat watson in the practice
rounds and has won +$2,000,000 in the past)

now for round 2 of three rounds today
go watson go
its scary when you think about this and watch it as you
wonder whats coming in the future

also still think my white on white relative could be in
this competition

ok it was a man thang
walgreens would have done the refills for me
but you now how men are
dont read directions and dont need no help
almost paid the price  didnt i

but now i think ive got it down
as wj recommended will wear gloves next time

if you live where i do then its trim time in your yard
be careful trimming red oaks and live oaks from february to
july because of the threat of oak wilt
in the area where i live it is prevalent
expect my few live oaks i have to eventually get it

i also trim any low branches or dead branches on trees and
shrubs that need removed

will trim peach trees to open up the canopy more in a cup
like configuration to allow more light to the new growth
will spray dormant oil on them to prevent insect infestation and
will add mulch around them (have already added compost) to
cover up the soil
this also can prevent insect problems

a lot of perennials need trimming  such as salvia greggii, yellow
belles, red bush, etc especially trim off dead branches

between trimmings i spray lysol on the trimmers to prevent disease
spread to other plants

this is a good time to apply corn gluten (the organic way to prevent
weed growth that is applied now and in the fall)
the corn gluten is a product from corn that inhibits seed germination
and also acts as a mild fertilizer
it can be obtained at some feed stores and most good nurseries

remember dont put it anywhere that you will be planting seeds
as the seeds wont germinated
also if you did not put it down in the fall you may still have winter weeds

DO NOT USE the weed and feed stuff thats advertised to kill weeds
it harms the environment, may harm you, your kids, or your pets
it is banned in several countries
it also can harm your trees and shrubs

dont fertilize your yard until after you have mowed the grass twice
usually in late april
use an organic fertilizer such as lady bug 8-2-4 which is utilized
better by the grass and is a safer product to use

remember garden planting time is just a few weeks away
be ready    
get those beds ready now by adding few inches of good compost

hoping for some good tomatoes this year

most of the organic products can only be found at local nurseries
and not at the big box stores

support your local nurseries

the organicgreen doctor


Monday, February 14, 2011

valentines day, american heart month, mississippi wins

want to wish everyone a happy valentines day
dont forget the card, the thanks, the chocolates, the strawberries
with chocolates, the hearts or whatever you use to wish
happy valentines to others

february is the official american heart month
matching up with valentines day month  makes it easy to remember

it is done to make awareness of heart attack symptoms and
on ways to prevent heart attacks and heart disease

give your valentine a good gift by doing these things below

thats right here we go again
diet and exercise, diet and exercise
walk at least 5 times a week for 30 minutes

know your numbers-see blog last week-blood pressure, bmi,
the good, the bad and the ugly cholesterols, pulse rate etc
try to make all these normal either with diet and exercise and
with medications if needed

know your family history
we get what our parents get
if there is a history of  heart attack or heart disease then
you are at risk
if there is high cholesterol then you are at risk
if there is stroke then you are at risk
if there is high blood pressure then you are risk

know the symptoms of a heart attack
remember womens symptoms can be different than men
if you have the symptoms them get them evaluated

the earlier in life you start on this the better
that is why there is emphasis on screening kids for high
blood pressure and high cholesterol

at that age is when treatment should begin ie diet and

but no matter what age you are it is never to late to start

if you smoke stop
if you drink excessively then stop

have a happy heart month and happy valentines day

well mississippi is number one finally

they are the number one with the deadliest eating habits
the number one with diabetes
the number one with obesity

they have a per capita purchase of soft drinks of 82 gallons
thats 10,491 ounces per capita
thats 34,095 calories

it would take each person in mississippi exercising by walking
for 200 hours to burn off the calories from those soft drinks
at 30 mins a day that would take  400 days

or if they just didnt drink them then the exercise would still
benefit them

then there is a high rate of sweet snacks consumed
then there is the low rate of grocery stores available

no wonder they are number one

but its not just mississipi though as this is a national problem

the organicgreen doctor

Sunday, February 13, 2011

ink printer defeated, cavs win, horns win

one of the biggest ripoffs in the computer industry is
ink printer cartridges
dang they cost more than some of the printers do

have paid for the cartridges now for several years but
decided it was time to defeat the ink printer ripoffs

went to the store and got an ink printer refill kit
had syringes, tapes, white cleaning solution, and
instructions on how to do it

am a man so dont read instructions you know
just looked at the pictures

took a cartridge, drilled a hole in it, put the needle
on the syringe and oh .........
ink went everywhere
sure am glad countertop was black
managed to get that off there fast
then go it all in the sink
more i washed more it grew
knew this was going to be real bad
thought to myself maybe the price you pay for the brand
ripoff cartridges is worth it

so took a deep breath, got out cleaning materials and removed
all the ink from the floor, counter top, dishes, sink, faucet handles,
wall, but when looked down at my hands 9 of 10 fingers were
black and even 2 weeks later are still black
even the nail borders are black (maybe will grow the fifth nail
long now)

so took a break for a while then tried again
this time i got it in there with out a problem
got the drilled hole sealed and none leaked

i was proud of myself-me 1 cartiridge 0
popped it into my printer and nothing
did all the tricks listed in the directions i read this time
still nice white pages showed up when pushed control-p

so gave up

then a few days later when i got tired of not having a printer and
thought more about sending a well know computer company
$70 for some cartiridges i decided to try again

i read the directions well first (against my nature) reviewed the
directions and diagram specifically for my printer cartridge
took the syringe (thought im a doctor and i know how to draw
blood, drain things from the body, and know now to insert needles
in arteries so should be able to do this) to fill them up

so did two of them this time
followed all the directions
only got slight amount on the counter (same black one)
only got 3 black fingers and nails this time

took the cartridge, popped it in place, found a 10 page print job,
hit control-p and waited
page 1 small streak
page 2 more streaks
page 3 even more streaks
page 4 half a page of unreadable stuff
thought was defeated again

but then by the 10th page had a nice clear unsmugged copy

yes ink printer defeated

lebronless cavs set a record for the most losses in a row in the nba
before they defeated the clippers (sure it made clippers feels bad)

think i know now why lebron did not stay

whoa thought they were going to lose for awhile there
baylor was going to make good with my prediction they would
win one of their two games with texas
good game
horns need to lose one though to get help get ready for the
ncaa tournament

the organicgreen(with 3 black fingers) doctor

Saturday, February 12, 2011

taxes are lower, frozen dead plants, horns basketball

federal tax receipts are lower now as a percentage of gross
national product (gdp) than since the early 1950s

as the economy has slowed the amount of taxes has decreased
not a good way to get a tax decrease
there also has been an  increase in tax deductions, credits,
and exemptions

the federal government will be borrowing 40 cents of every
dollar it spends this year

talk about private credit card overuse this is worse

think this all needs to be fixed

today it the big day in the garden
i go out and will slowly lift the row covers off all my crops
to see what survived
i took a small peak yesterday and it wasnt pretty

the real good organic gardeners around here have shown
pictures on their blogs of their damaged crops
if they have trouble beating the cold weather then i dont
feel so bad

will remove all the dead ones probably lettuce, some swiss
chard and will replant them as there is still time to grow more
usually the kale, garlic and spinach survive ok
peeked at the strawberries and they looked ok

well this will give me another excuse to go to my favorite local
organic garden

also have looked around my yard to see what plants were tough
enough to survive this round of cold weather and the last summers
heat without helping with row cover or extra watering

cactus, salvia greggi (autumn sage), oregano, 4 nerve daisy,
thyme, sage, lavender,rosemary, cedar sage, black foot daisey
and jerusalem sage are a few examples

the common thing is that they are all native to this area or are herbs
and are made to survive these harsh conditions

plant native

whats different about the horns this year is that they are
a team which wasnt the case last year

horns play the bears today
the bears have had the horns number recently
plus baylor is playing good basketball right now

prediction is  that baylor will win one of the two games
against texas this month

Friday, February 11, 2011

art and music education, stolen bike, w4ad10

this is not a political statement
it is not an endorsement of mike huckabee
wish he was a more moderate politician so
could vote for him

his thoughts on art and music education are
free of politics
and are correct

as the schools systems start to do budget cuts
you know what some of the programs to go first are
thats right       art and music education

lets dont let this generation lose out on this part of their

so this bike thief around here really screwed up
he was caught with a bike he stole from one of the
problem was the bike was the polices bike and had
a gps on it
they tracked him down by following the gps unit on line
and found him and the bike and other bikes he had stolen

sometimes thieves arent smart or lucky

this is week 4 aricept (donepezil) 10 mgm
have been on  aricept (donepezil) now for a total of 8 weeks
was started on 5 mgm for 4 weeks first then the dose was
no significant side effects now except for my dreams
can live with that

neurology appointment is next week when more diagnostic
testing will be scheduled and will find out then which research
study i will be in

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, February 10, 2011

medicare wellness not exam, more strokes, horns win

as part of the healthcare protection act medicare now covers
an annual wellness not exam which includes

an update of the medical history
an update of the patients providers
preventative questions about screening as recommended
by the us preventative task force
screening for  depression
and a required screening for cognitive decline-may be an important
part of the visit as it is a required component

these are all important components but it
sounds like an almost annual physical battery of questions
but not as complete
therefore this medicare well not exam is a good thing but the

problem is
1 the wellness not exam was announced to be started january 2011
however it will not be implemented until april 2011
sounds like double talk
ie you can have it done jan feb 2011 but we wont pay for it until april 2011

2 they just need to pay for a physical and be done with it
the medical doctors payment will be about the same
and a better evaluation will be done
the appropriate tests based on this physical history and exam
and based on the recommended accepted guidelines for screening
for diseases can be then be ordered

it should be that simple

as a physician you can order a $3000 mri without problems but
can not do a $150 physical

that aint right

well its finally starting to hit the next generation
the prediction is that this next generation-your kids and grandkids-
will  not live as long as my/our generation does
probably all related to diet, obesity and lack of exercise

the american stroke association just announced that the incidence
of strokes in men 15-34 years old rose 51% since 1995 and
17% in women of that age while the incidence dropped in adult
males over 65 by 25% and women over 65 by 28%
the incidence of stroke increased by 47% in males 35-44 years old
 and by 36% in females 35-44 years old

this increase is probably been caused by obesity and the lack of
exercise and poor diet

lets see diet and exercise can be used to treat or prevent
depression, anxiety, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis,
cancer, stroke, heart attacks, mild cognitive decline, and maybe

the cost to do these treatments is zero
sounds like a cost effective treatment to me

horns basketball continues to roll
they beat oklahoma there easily
could they go unbeaten in conference
they probably need to loose at least one game
in conference play or the big 12 conference
to help them get ready for the big dance in march


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

heb texas super bowl commercial, national anthem, heart numbers, summer


if you are from texas you gotta love this commerical
if not from texas you probably dont care

either way
enjoy it if you have not seen it yet

dear nfl commisioner

just have a choir sing the thing that way you dont have
to rely on just one person to forget the words
then have the fans sing along

problem solved

alcohol     1 drink a day-excessive use can cause heart disease,
high blood pressure or liver problems

salt     excessive intake can cause high blood pressure
limit to 1.5 gms a day-the average male gets 10.4 gms

sugar      excessive amounts contribute to obesity and diabetes

heart rate    normal rate is 60-100    
usually the lower the numberthe less your heart has to work

exercise      walk 30 minutes 5 times a week and reap the benefits

sleep     need 8 hours a sleep a night

cigarettes     dont

blood sugar     fasting number less than 100 and or a
hemoglobulin a1c <6.0 (gives you a 3 month average of blood sugars)

crp-creactive protein     measures inflammation in the body    
can be elevated in some hi risk cardiovascular patients    
not needed if totally healthy    
is used to decide treatment in some patients
is the least important one in this list

waist circumference     men should have waist <40 inches and
women <35 inches   
people with increased waist size are at increased risk for heart
disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol

bmi     normal numbers are 18.5 to 25  
u r overweight if 25 to 30
u r obese if over 30    
u r morbidly obese if over 40    
it is calculated based on your height and weight    
higher numbers imply  higher risk for several diseases-high blood
pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, sleep
apnea, ....

blood pressure     this is probably the most important one normal
blood pressure is 120/80    
if your blood pressure is not 120/80 its not a normal blood pressure
elevated blood pressure is asymptomatic    
it causes heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease
treatment is cheap      
can use a $4 a month medication if needed
diet and exercise diet and exercise diet and exercise

cholesterol     normal is a total of less than 200    
ldl the bad sucky one is less than 100 or less than 130 is ok for
some people    
hdl greater than 40 in men and greater than 50 in women    
a triglyceride level of less than 150
people with higher numbers (lower numbers for hdl) are at
increased risk of heart disease, artery disease and stroke
diet and exercise is the initial treatment
from yahoo health

according to the old farmers almanac if february give much snow,
then a fine summer it doth foreshow

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

crop failure picture, plant potatoes, dreams

here is the picture of my cole crops doing well this fall
this was the best crop ive had in a long time

here is the picture of my cole crops after they failed
they were attacked by aphids, white flies, and neglect

its important when gardening to make frequent visits
looking for problems such as diseases, insects, moisture levels
this is what happens if you dont

its tater time
a few taters planted now can yield a large harvest
in the early summer

i use the kiss method of planting taters
i buy small whole taters that are recommended for this area
these are texas la soda (red), pontiac (red), and kennebec(white)
your local nursery or feed store will usually have the correct ones
for your area

i dont slice mine but select out the small ones when i buy them
saves time and makes it simple

my soil and bed was prepared a few weeks ago with 4 inches
of compost and organic fertilizer(i use the lady bug brand)
this was mixed in well into the bed

the taters are planted 8-12 inches deep one foot apart in rows
1-2 feet apart
i take my hand and open the soil and just drop the whole tater in
then cover it up with soil      thats it

when it grows up through the soil abut 6 inches i will cover
the growth by bringing soil from the sides of the row but will leave
about1 inch of plant tip exposed
will do this again when the plant grows out
the total bed is covered with pine straw to provide a blanket in case
of a bad freeze
when  the tater plants have broken through and the weather looks
like it will freeze i cover the plants with row cover or sheet (if my
wife she is not looking and i can get by with it)
i usually will fertilize again once the plants are up good

then its just making sure they get watered correctly until harvest
time which is usually some time in early summer when the plants
start to die back

usually i cant keep my hands off them though so will dig some
early      these are called new potatoes
yum yum    sometimes will just eat them raw in the garden

we usually make enough to last for several months into the late winter

you can also plant these in five gallon buckets or barrels or whiskey
put in good dirt, dig a hole, and drop in the tater
youre done except for watering


these are side effects of taking aricept
usually these are good dreams
but have had an occasional disturbing dream
like my last two
am reading a book about the chicago worlds fair and in it
theres a serial killer
nuff said
if have more like this will stop the meds

but last night had a good one
the high school girls basketball playoffs were going on and
one of the local teams (top team in the state) was playing

the game had ended in a tie
they could not go on because the rims were all torn down
so it would be decided by a free throw shot with a deflated
basketball shot into the air
it had to land on the line under where
the basket was
if it landed on the line and did not move then the team that
did that won and got to go to the state tournament

well the players were not allowed to shoot the free throws
but instead had to select someone from the stands to shoot it

know who that was right----me

the player that chose me was the top player in the state
she was able to use her old beat up basketball (one of the
old leather ones that was all worn and pealing) that was
partially deflated

i stood on the line looked around at the kids and the fans
looked at the line and said no way

i found a principal in the stand (thanks becky) who took us next
door to a elementary gym to shoot the free throws then:

i woke up and did not find out what happened

hopefully i can finish this one at my noon time nap
to be continued i hope

Monday, February 7, 2011

the game, steroid tests, shame on texas

christina missed some words but did ok
bunch of fans could not use paid for seats as
the fire marshall said no

the game itself was good
the commercials were good
its the only time i dvr them and watch them live and go
back and watch them again
half time show was good
how did they get all those people to dance together

poor ben is all beat up-serves him right huh
itll take him all off season to heal up
next year he may have to play 18 games instead of 12 games

theres a new sheriff in town
brett who
aaron did what he did not do win a mvp of super bowl
he is glad to have that monkey off his back
now he can go to disneyland

overall great game

so texas high schools do random steroid tests on its athletes
(usually doesnt mean the best players get tested)
they have done this for several years
they have had about 24 positive tests at a cost of $250000 per
positive test
now it is on the chopping block as there is a budget crisis here

sometimes you can just look at the ones that are using steroids
and can tell by looking for some of the changes that occur
use that as a screening test or would that be profiling

would recommend that if they want to do drug tests they should
test randomly all kids for the ones that are really destroying the
kids lives:
marijuana, benzodiazepines (xanax), stimulants (adderall, ritalin),
and hydrocodone (vicodin)

notice that 3 of those are prescription drugs

think that the cost per positive test would be very low and
surprising to a lot of schools and parents

shame on texas

top 10 football teams
top 10 basketball teams
top 10 baseball teams
top universities
compared to other states texass economy is doing ok

texas ranks at the bottom when it comes to providing health care
for kids and food for families of the working poor

they rank 50th in childrens access to affordable health care
they rank 48th in prevention and treatment of disease in children
they rank 29th in providing the potential for kids to live a healthy life
they rank 51st in terms of children 18 and under who are insured

instead of 'thank goodness for mississippi' when it comes to
healthy kids states can now say 'thank goodness for texas'
texas makes them look good

our children and our educational system are the key to our future

wonder if this will be in the state of the state speech this week
doubt it

the organicgreen doctor

Sunday, February 6, 2011

stealing honey, horns win, superbowl today

these guys are stealing honey from a tree
it was spotted some time ago but it was decided to
wait until the weather got real cold so the bees would
not be active

well they were wrong

so they used a bulldozer to push down the tree and
used a chainsaw to cut off the side of the tree then
the action started

the person who filmed this laughed through most of the video

she can be seen beating the bees off someones back
(my brother i think) he said thought it would be too cold
for them
another guy (his brother in law said what if these are half
killer bees)
that scared the bejeevies out of the other guys in the background
(yep afraid im kin to some of them also)
they all looked like young bears waiting for the goodies

finally they used the smoker that bee keepers use
it calms the bees down some
(think they were ticked off)    
blow that in my face and i would get calm too-its called
carbon monoxide/smoke inhalation

was told some people have too much free time on their hands

total haul was 2 gallons of honey and multiple stings and one
person had to change his pants but he wont admit it

horns win
no losses in conference
if they win out and kansas wins out the conference tourney
could be fun to watch
its on my bucket list

well its finally here
it took awhile
sure is a long 2 weeks

lets see ben vs the new guy
bens won 2 already
the new guy aint won any yet
its defense vs defense both are good
steelers have won two recently
packers have not won recently

prediction ben gets number three
rogers has too wait
hell be back

steelers over packers

the organicgreen doctor

Saturday, February 5, 2011

here today gone today, frozen pipes, heat wave, more on walkin, kylas kreations

the snow was here today then gone today
no shoveling needed
made a few snowballs and hit my wife she with them
snow was good and soft
now its gone

if you live in this area be warned
when the pipes thaw today thats when
the frozen bursted pipes start their damage
do a survey of your exposed pipes

we will have a heat wave here today
it will be in the 50s
maybe the fish ponds will thaw  so my cubed ice gold fish
can now move

will find out today if my plants survived the freeze
think my artichoke bit the dust as the wind blew off
my row cover and left it exposed to the 15 degree temperatures

have a lot of frozen eggs available

more on walking
the hippocampus of the brain is the area where short term memory
activity occurs

in a study done on inactive persons aged 60-80 who
were  otherwise in good health researchers had them do 40
minutes of aerobic activity 3 days a week for a year

the control group were similar persons who only did stretching
exercises and toning exercises

they then had regular mris of the brain and memory tests at the
start of the study, in 6 months, and in 1 year

in the group that did the aerobic exercise the hippocampus grew
which correlated with the improvement on the memory  tests

in the group that did not do aerobic exercise the hippocampus
actually shrank

the hippocampus is the area affected by azhehiemers

so exercise may be able to improve memory and may be an
important part in the prevention or the delay of  memory loss

add this to the list of reasons to walk (for all ages)

this is an ad for 'kylas kreations'
a creative person who does necklaces and bracelets

go to her website  www.kylaskreations.com

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, February 4, 2011

memory song, its snowing, im ok, w3ad10


sometimes it helps
to use humor to deal
with problems
this is what this song does for
early dementia
or just senior moments
or just being forgetful

we have an inch here
nice white fluffy stuff
maybe can make a small snowman
know can make a snowball and hit my wife she with it

the dogs love the snow
the cats and chickens dont

the good thing about snow around here is that it comes
you enjoy it for the day then its gone
it doesnt stay around to annoy you
then the weather gets warm and sunny

we do enjoy our mild winters here

some people are worried im down and sad about my diagnosis
im not
im busy
i hit a bump in the road of life got turned a new direction and then
have moved on
i do miss practicing medicine but now its time for me to move on
retirement was going to happen in 2-5 years anyway

luckily i prepared myself well for retirement
i am doing things that i like to do like gardening, exercising, hiking,
and am doing long delayed projects here at the country n (have a
life time of those to do here)

my wife she and i are planning to travel and see things and places
we have put off seeing, visiting friends and relatives more often,
and are actually enjoying our new life (especially my wife she-she
has her own private house keeper and cook now)

if you see me youll notice im tanner, have some intentional weight
loss, am happy and content, dont get angry, am busy, and will
engage you in a talk about alzhiemers if youll listen

i dont have cancer, i havent had a stroke, i dont have heart disease,
i dont have artery disease, i dont have high blood pressure, i dont
have huntingtons disease, i dont have lung disease, i dont have
kidney disease, i dont have als, i dont have mda, i dont have
ulcerative colitis or crohns disease or other diseases

when my disease is full blown i want know it but people with
these diseases do

i am healthy otherwise and have a normal day to day life and am
enjoying each day now maybe more than in the past

im ok

week three aricept (donepezil) 10 mgm

finally the side effects are leaving
am not having to take meds to compensate for the side effects
no more morning sickness-sorry ladies yall have to suffer this with
your pregnancy
no more dizziness
still having sleep issues-only get 5-6 hours a night but compensate
by doing a noon time nap (have always done that in the past before
starting these meds )
still with those dreams
dont want those to go away
wish i could dvr them and rewatch some of them

now am looking forward to super bowl weekend

tristan good luck today with your surgery

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, February 3, 2011

texas ground hog, winterize, boo ben, wanta know?

well this texas ground hog lives in this area
he did not see his shadow yesterday
spring is near

he must not be a razorback cause he would not need the
jacket or the heat lamp

no this aint right
guess hes warm though

thanks kc, cc, cc, or nc for pic

well if you need to read this and you live around here then
its too late
maybe next year or maybe the next round next week

drip your faucets
glad i did not fix that leaking shower my wife she has been
after me to do-it probably kept things from freezing

if things did freeze if you can find where make sure this is
well insulated for next time
learned my lesson year one after i put in my rainwater system
with multple tanks and pipes, some not covered well, one of
them froze
that wasnt a fun day to go to work

you can quickly use old wadded up newspapers to cover pipes
faucets or even lay on the ground over pipes

after my freezing experience i went over all my pipes and faucets
and insulated and built up the soil over pipes and, knock knock,
have not had a frozen pipe since

this will be the true test this week

remember sometimes you dont know things have frozen until after
things have thawed :(

from yahoo this am
most unpopular nfl football player in the super bowl  is ben roethlisberger
he is 3 times more disliked than any other player

more men know the date of the super bowl than their anniversary

whats the point of knowing if there is no effective treatments or cure
thats one view point

when you receive a positive test you are receiving a death sentence
not soon but in the near future
forget a face, loose your keys, forget a name and you are reminded
of the diagnosis every day

if you know and things deteriorate then you have to give up the car
keys and the check book (thats scarey)

you can arrange for long term care, get  a living will, update your
will, get durable power of attorney, get health care power of
attorney, do a bucket list of things to do, and preserve memories
(which im leaving a record of my journey and my past in this blog
so family can look back and know about my journey)

i wanta know and am glad i know

ralph waldo emerson had dementia in his 60s
when asked how he felt he would say 'quite well, i have lost my
mental faculties but am perfectly well.'

from an article by dr corey patterson in the chicago tribune

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

groundhog day, its cold here, no neuro appt, heritage ministries

its groundhog day
if its cloudy its good
if its sunny its bad
well maybe itll be good
if he sees his shadow thats more weeks of bad weather
if he doesnt see his shadow thats means early spring

come on punxsutawnwy phil do your thing
we want early spring

its so cold that it would freeze a ........
its so cold that words freeze in the air
it so cold that we emptied the freezer and got inside to stay warm
its so cold that the snowflakes froze in the air
its so cold that the politicians put their hands in their own pockets
its so cold that you have to kick a hole in the air to go outside
its so cold here im going to just stay inside and keep my wood
stove going all day

now appreciate living where i do as up north this is what they
put up with all year

weather too bad to get to appointment
will update when appointment is redone

this is not a plug for religious stuff
its a plug for a good stop off place to eat when
traveling between waco texas and dallas texas

yesterday my wife she and i did not make it to my appointment
in dallas because of the ice and cold weather that prevented us
from making it all the way there

we decided to stop off here for lunch
we had the jalapeño sweet potato soup that warms you up
from the heat of the soup and the mild heat from the jalapeño
plus we sat in front of the fireplace
we also had the turkey wrap and their home made pecan pie
with a cup of coffee (me) and a cup of hot tea (my wife she)
we felt better and warmer when we left

we also bought 3 of their home made cheeses-roasted garllic
montasio, the horseradish pecan cheddar, and the blueberry havarti

a bad thing can definitely be a good thing

the heritage ministries is a religious group that raises its own
meats, grains, vegetables, herbs, milk, makes their own cheeses
on a 500 acre farm-of course all done organically
they hand make furniture, have their own grist mill, own forge,
and do fiber crafts
they have a gift shop and a country store
they also provide self tours of their operations
its located near  a small town called elm mott just north of waco

their website is www.homesteadheritage.com
worth the stop

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

pay now pay later, kexy, neurology appointment, basketball

if we dont pay now well pay later
am talking about school funding
this state has a lot to loose by not funding education

people are moving to this state  in large numbers
corporations and businesses are moving here in large numbers
will poor funding of schools which will eventually lead to
poor performance slow this growth down
the worse is that the people and the jobs we want to come to this
state could be affected

there is $830 million dollars of stimulus money sitting in
washington waiting for texas to accept it
this money is for texas schools
the governor and other politicians are not doing what needs to
be done to get the money here

my wife shes school district would get $6.5 million of that
guess theres a few jobs, services, or other activities that could be
saved with that money

if we dont provide a good educational system and support
for the students well pay for it later

money spent on children from the prenatal period to 5 years old
is a very critical time
money spent then can prevent $40-50,000 a year it cost to
house an inmate
problem is some of these programs are also being cut

pay now or pay later

was told i was kexy
thought they meant i was sexy
looked it up
guess it wasnt a compliment

would rather be squireferous

youll just have to look it up

today i have a neurology appointment for follow up
after starting the aricept
i also will have my genetic blood work drawn today
thats the first step to help verify a future diagnosis
the test is a dna test for the apoe gene
hoping for the non sucky one

then i will schedule my lumbar punture for the amyloid and tau
proteins that can be abnormal in alzhiemers disease
then after that will have the pet scan done which measures
activity in the brain
people with alzheimers even real early alzheimers have a certain
pattern that shows up on the scan

could be a good month or a bad month

horns beat the aggies
the game was over with early
this could be texass year
next year the draft make suck players away
better enjoy this year

the organicgreen doctor