welcome to the organic green doctor blog

i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Friday, April 19, 2019

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-does it make a difference

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-does it make a difference: ALZHEIMERS NEWS-DOES IT MAKE A DIFFERENCE the amyvid pet scan is pictured below it is a pet scan where a radioactive material is given iv...

alzheimers news-does it make a difference

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the amyvid pet scan is pictured below
it is a pet scan where a radioactive material is given iv and binds in the brain to amyloid
now amyloid is believed to be the protein that accumulates in the brain leading to brain cell death
this is how alzheimers disease starts
later the tau protein found in brain cells unwinds to form tangles which also damages brain cells
this is the theory of what happens in alzheimers

the amyvid pet scan can identify this amyloid in the brain
if you have alzheimers your amyvid pet scan will be positive

an interesting aside here
to get into the biogen aducanumab study my amyvid pet scan had to be positive
my scan was positive starting the study
for those who received the aducanumab drug for at least a year their amyvid pet scan became either almost negative or negative when repeated a year later
i definitely know i got 7 months of the drug
i think i got 18 months of the drug and not the placebo in the double blind portion of the study
more than likely my amyvid pet scan is now negative
i do wonder how long it will take it to turn positive again since i am now off the study and the aducanumab
the study was abruptly discontinued a month ago much to the chagrin of all of us in the study as well as the researchers and family members and alzheimers advocates

so below
on the left is a negative scan
on the right is a positive scan
if you have alzheimers disease your scan will look like the one on the right
like my original scan would
now it would look more like the one on the left
in 2019 if you want to know as close to 100% if the memory loss you are having is alzheimers disease here is the testing that is done
the first 4 are usually covered by health insurance
the last 3 are usually not covered by health insurance
but if you do all of these
then folks youll know if you have it close to 100%

a history and exam looking for reasons for memory loss like uncontrolled hypertension cholesterol diabetes obesity inactivity depression anxiety drugs alcohol sleep apnea diet etc
labs like a blood count electrolytes kidney tests liver tests glucose thyroid levels vitamin b12
memory tests in the office and or a gold standard neuropsychological exam
an mri

then as of right now if you want to spend the money since insurance wont cover these next three usually

genetic tests for early onset alzheimers and late onset alzheimers
spinal fluid analysis for amyloid and tau
the amyvid pet scan remember if you have alzheimers it should be positive

for me
my blood pressure and cholesterol were not well controlled to the new standards
i had low vitamin b12
i had memory loss on my initial evaluations for 2-3 years
my mris are normal
i have the late onset gene the apoe 4 gene
i have positive spinal fluid for amyloid and tau
i have a positive amyvid pet scan but it may be negative now after i finished my study

i now know close to 100% what i have

now enter the ideas study
the imaging dementia evidence for amyloid scanning

the center for medicare and medicaid service or cms just did a study to determine if doing the amyvid pet scan would make a difference in the management and outcome of memory loss patients
remember as of right now there is no treatment or cure for this disease
its a progressive fatal disease that cant be stopped

neurologists and other specialists who do memory workups could refer patients with the diagnosis of either mild cognitive impairment or mild dementia  to certain centers to get the amyvid pet scans done at not cost to the patients
cost is around 5-10 thousand dollars if you had to pay for it

i tried to get into the study before i entered the biogen aducanumab study but was denied because at that time my memory tests had returned almost to normal

so i even got an order to get one and just pay for it myself but before i could get it done i was accepted into the aducanumab study
got one done
found out it was positive

so in the ideas study
they found that

11409 people entered the study
6971 had a positive amyvid pet scan

2860 folks had their diagnosis changed from alzheimers disease to a non alzheimers disease diagnosis
thats 25% found out they didnt have alzheimers disease

1201 had their diagnosis changed from non alzheimers dementia to alzheimers disease
ie they had a positive amyvid pet scan
thats 10% found out they had alzheimers disease

7018 had their treatments altered by having the amyvid pet scan done
thats 61% of those in the study

to me it seems to make a difference
for me as someone who has had four of these in the last 8 years now knowing as close to 100% as one can in 2019 that i have the disease
i am glad i really know where i stand on my diagnosis

i can be really sure now on what to expect and plan accordingly
enjoy every moment of every day
ive really thought a lot about this lately since rewriting my old alzheimers blogs and seeing and reading my thoughts over the last 8 years
i cant imagine being in the dark on my diagnosis and not knowing wtf was going on upstairs
now i know
now i can deal with it

i am sure thats how many of the folks in this ideas study feel
when we know even bad news and know for sure
then we can adapt and deal with

i say
medicare and medicaid just man up and pay for this scan
heck i see you paying for all kind of stuff that should rank in priority way below the amyvid pet scan

they claim since there is no treatment or cure for alzheimers disease it makes no sense to pay for the scan

im sure glad or hope they didnt approach some of the cancers that way that are now curable

just do the right thing

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited 2

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited 2: MY STORY REVISITED 2 last night i spoke to a group of about 50 premed students at the local university here many are within a year or two...

my story revisited 2

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last night i spoke to a group of about 50 premed students at the local university here
many are within a year or two of entering medical school
i spoke for 30 minutes about my story and about the two research studies i have been in as a patient over the last 8.5 years
one the adni study and the other was the biogen aducanumab study
i answered questions for 30 minutes from the audience
i met these students when they volunteered one saturday at the community garden where i have my garden plots and where i do volunteer work

i feel like i get a shot of adrenaline after being around such intelligent pleasant students
i always feel better about our futures when i work with them

another shot of adrenaline i get is from drinking coffee each morning
i am not sure i would make it without coffee every day
i rarely get adequate sleep each night
thank you mr aricept and mr alzheimers

when you combine the coffee with my morning alzheimers drug aricept (donepezil) which gives me a boost of energy well i sort of get double boosted each day
thats good usually until around noon then it wears off
i drink three cups over a 4 hour time period

one of my justifications is this article i wrote about in 2010 before i was diagnosed
it was on how coffee my be good on slowing down alzheimers
i also mentioned a new diagnostic test for alzheimers involving a spinal tap

interesting this morning is that i talked about his test last night in my presentation listing it as a biomarker for alzheimers disease

as i read my old writing i realize how much alzheimers was on my subconscious and how much i did know about alzheimers before my diagnosis

this alzheimers thing must have really been weighing heavy on my subconscious but i wasnt aware of it that much at the time


my librarian niece facebooked (umm new word?) me about news of coffee n alzheimers
i had also seen a news blurb on this
thanks for info i messaged to her

so i did research on it you know i googled it

its definitely research i agree with and like

it appears that maybe 5 cups of coffee a day may protect the brain from alzheimers
wow man it would sure make you productive during the day
all those day off honey dos would get done
i could make it through the movies and through the ball games
but i would have to go pee a lot though (caffeine acts as a diuretic)

I wouldnt have to take any afternoon naps on my days off but i would have trouble falling asleep at night though
i might have some shaking of the hands during the day from all that caffeine
i would or might have an increase in blood pressure

but gosh if it worked i would be glad to put up with all that 

it appears that in rats that caffeine decreases the production of abnormal amyloid-like proteins in the brain thought to be the culprits in developing alzheimers

(i will do a blog later about research measuring amyloid protein in the spinal fluid as a predictor of whether you will develop alzheimers)

my historian brother drinks a ton of coffee so he should have some protection huh
people who are heavy coffee drinkers (like me) tend to me more active than those couch potato folks
it also may be that increase in physical activity that may be protective as well

the control of weight  control of blood pressure  exercise control of lipids  control of diabetes and now caffeine use may help prevent or slow down development of alzheimers

however genetics and family history may appear to be the big determinant of whether you will develop the disease
man that sucks

these things mentioned above may however just modify that risk some

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

there are only a few

Image result for tiger woods
cbs news-tiger wins the masters
i watched on cbs and read the articles

in the world of sports there are only a few athletes that reach the maximum greatness
jim thorpe in multiple sports
babe ruth in baseball
michael jordan in basketball
lebron james in basketball
tom brady in football
muhammad ali in boxing
pele in soccer

these are all people who dominated their sports
these are all people that folks would pay to go see
the only one ive seen live is lebron james

in golf there is arnold palmer and jack nicklaus
definitely after this weekend
tiger woods

now he was already up there as one of the greatest
after this weekend he got elevated more
for winning
also for overcoming odds that almost finished his career

he lost his wife
he wrecked his vehicle
he malingered with the wrong female groups
he got stopped for driving under the influence of vicodin and ambian
he had major back surgery more than once
he had knee surgeries
he played if he played at all awful for several years
almost embarrassing himself
something physically and probably mentally kicked in the last year or so
culminating this weekend at the masters

the masters is like the world series or the world cup or the super bowl
win those and you are the best
now he had won 4 times before but that was 10 years ago
most folks including me felt he would never win it again
were we wrong huh

i rarely watch golf unless tiger woods plays
over the last 10 years i have watched him for awhile but it was painful to watch
many a time i thought he needs to quit
quit though he didnt

i sure hope that someone will write a book about his last 10 years culminating in the win
this weekend at the master
he probably will make a good feel good movie and or documentary

this masters was like a close fought basketball or football game with the team winning in the last minutes
exciting all the way through
it takes a lot for most of us to get excited about golf

i know i was this weekend

he should just quit now
let us all have this our last memory of him playing golf

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, April 15, 2019

organicgreendoctor: the wep effect

organicgreendoctor: the wep effect: THE WEP EFFECT it was about 10 years ago or so when my rainwater brother who is a certified financial planner asked me do you know about...

the wep effect

it was about 10 years ago or so when my rainwater brother who is a certified financial planner asked me
do you know about the wep effect on your retirement
whats wep
to me it sounded like some depression program or something like when they provided jobs for folks during the depression
no he chuckled
its about the adjustment to your social security when you retire if you are a  school teacher or fireman or policeman or state or city or federal employee
oh i said that doesnt seem right
she has paid into social security since she was 16 years old
doesent matter he said
she will have to do the windfall elimination provision calculation when she retires to decide how much social security she will get
should i say does not get

wait i said but she paid in for years and i have more than paid my share into the system
i thought she could take her social security or half of mine when she turned 65
if she wasnt a school teacher she could
it doesnt matter she wont get her share of what you and she paid in

that doesnt seem fair
thank reagan and congress from the 80s then
well i said hes gone and most of them are gone
he said
im sorry but your are stuck with the wep or the windfall elimination effect

you probably need to be prepare for it

now my wife she worked and paid social security through high school through college through my medical school through through my residency and then some through my early practice
she took off about 10 years to be a mother
in her late 40s she got her teacher certification to teach
a job she loved and probably wished she had done right out of college

about the time she started teaching is when my brother told me about the evil wep provision

he said
the way you offset that is to put more money into her 403b each month to compensate for the loss of social security that you and her paid into for years
we did that
enough to compensate some for the loss of all that social security when she retires

most teachers either dont know about this or should i say dont understand it or they cant afford to make the 403b investments

now this year she gets to start receiving about 40% of her social security that she should be receiving

if she wasnt a school teacher she would be getting from me around $15,000
but since she is a school teacher using the wep calculaiton she can only get $1,000 a year
she looks at her social security which like many of you she has paid into for several years
she would get around $10,000 a year based on her work history
because of the wep calculation she will get only $5,000 a year of social security

a net loss of $10,000 for us and a net gain for the social security fund of $10,000

it seems the fund is gaming money off the backs of teachers and state and city and federal employees

it should be fixed

we arent asking for something that we didnt pay for since like most of you we paid our social security taxes into the fund
we just want like you do to receive what others with the same social security work history get each year

when i die instead of getting around $30,000 a year from my social security she will only get $16.000 a year

most teachers who start early in teaching and who work for a district that doesnt pay into social security may not ever get any social security checks ever
had my wife she not taught school part time for several years  she would be getting zero social security

when many of these teachers retire and when their spouse dies
they get zero nada zappo nothing

somehow this doesnt really seem fair to me

i also must add in the state of texas there is no cost of living adjustment
what you get when you retire is what you get 20 years later

we are able to withstand this hit
many teachers cant

only congress can fix this
so far they havent fixed anything up there for years
no matter who is in charge

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, April 12, 2019

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-will this help diagnose it

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-will this help diagnose it: ALZHEIMERS NEWS-WILL THIS HELP DIAGNOSE IT next week i will be giving a presentation to about 50 premed students at the local university h...

alzheimers news-will this help diagnose it

Image result for organicgreendoctor
next week i will be giving a presentation to about 50 premed students at the local university here
as i was reviewing my slides i thought about my slide for the adni 2 study i was in for five years

looking at this slide i realized it tied into the article i read about another study called the ideas study

on this slide

the adni study 2

good history and physical
neuropsychological exam and memory tests
mri of the brain

these above insurance pays for in the evaluation of memory loss

these below insurance will not pay for in the evaluation of memory loss

genetic test apoe 4 test
spinal fluid analysis for amyloid and tau
amyvid pet scan

this is what i will telling these future doctors

to start a work up for memory loss you start with something thats been around for decades
a good history and physical
listening to the patient and examining the patient
pretty simple huh
is it a lost art
when you finish listening to the patient and examining the patient you usually know whats wrong with them

next if indicated
you check some labs for memory loss
a complete blood count    a chemistry profile looking at the electrolytes and liver functions and kidney functions and blood sugars   a tsh which tests for low thyroid or hypothyroidism   a vitamin b12 level
these can affect memory

next if indicated
you do a in office memory test like the moca test
if its negative then the memory is probably ok
if its positive then proceed to a neuropsychological test which is the gold standard memory test

next if indicated
you do a mri
it will rule out masses tumors increased fluid old or new strokes brain shrinkage etc

usually at this point you can diagnose most patients

maybe a person has low thyroid or low vitamin b12 or sleep apnea or depression or anxiety or is on drugs that can cause memory loss or have alcohol or drug abuse or have poorly controlled blood pressure or diabetes

you try to fix those first before you go further or start memory loss meds

correcting these things sometimes corrects memory loss

in 2019 if you want to really know for as sure as you can that you have alzheimers disease and you are willing to spend the money like i did
then you can find out for sure with a high degree of accuracy

do genetic tests for early onset alzheimers which represents <1% of the cases of alzheimers disease
if you have one of these genes well you will get alzheimers disease

do the genetic test for apoe 4 gene or whats called the late onset alzheimers gene
you can get a single apoe 4 gene or a double apoe 4 gene or if you are lucky youll get the better ones apoe 2 or apoe 3 which carries less risk
we all have a combo of one of these
having a single apoe 4 which 25% of us have gives us a 5x increased risk
having a double apoe 4 gene which less than 3% of us have gives a 10-25x increased risk of getting alzheimers
unlike the early onset gene this apoe 4 gene doesnt mean you will definitely get alzheimers it means you are at an increased risk of getting this

of course
you have this apoe 4 gene on your record and try to get life insurance or long term insurance or disability insurance  or if they change the preexisting condition on health insurance
well you wont be able to get get any of these insurances or if you do your rates will be real real high
how healthy you live your life determines how this apoe 4 gene will affect you

spinal fluid analysis for amyloid and tau
in alzheimers
amyloid gets deposited in the brain early on then a few years later tau tangles show up in the brain
both cause the destruction you see in alzheimers disease
they both have normal levels in the spinal fluid
as alzheimers disease advances these values become abnormal
this test is one of the biomarkers for alzheimers

 my story belton amyvid pet scan 6-14.jpg 
the amyvid pet scan uses a radioactive compound given in an iv which then binds to the amyloid in the brain
this amyloid the hallmark of alzheimers disease get highlighted in the brain
if you have alzheimers this test will be positive
this test is one of the biomarkers for alzheimers

so if you do all these covered by insurance tests and all the uncovered by insurance tests then you will know with a high degree of certainty if you have alzheimers
close i would say to 100% certainty

the cost can be as much as $15,000 unless of course you do some of them in a research study
eg i found out my amyvid pet scan was positive by enrolling in the aducanumab study
if its negative they woudnt take you
if its positive then they would take you

now enter the ideas study
they took folks who specialists felt might benefit from the amyvid pet scan in getting a more accurate diagnosis
they evaluated did it make much difference really knowing for sure
the center for medicare is trying to determine if they should be paying for these scans
does it really make a difference since there is no known treatment

in this ideas study
61% had their diagnosis changed
10% who were diagnosed with not having alzheimers disease had a positive scan ie they had alzheimers disease
about 25% who were diagnosed with alzheimers disease had a negative scan ie they did not have alzheimers disease
does this make a difference
well not in the end since most with alzheimers will die from the alzheimers disease
what about those who thought they had it but didnt
i think it does make a difference

as someone who went through all this i definitely am glad i know
i know what i have
i also know what to expect
it has greatly helped myself and my wife she and our family for accepting and getting ready for the future
it has allowed me to be in research studies
it has made me alter my healthy living
something i have done and am doing seems to have slowed this down some
if i didnt know all these results i probably would not be doing as well as i am

sometimes i sit and hold mr h knowing as i look into the future that i have limited time here
how much i have no idea
but i want to extract as much as i can while i can
i know that any day that drop off off that cliff could start

i guess we all should approach life that way

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, April 11, 2019

organicgreendoctor: santa barbara country n news-more indoctrination

organicgreendoctor: santa barbara country n news-more indoctrination: SANTA BARBARA COUNTRY N NEWS-MORE INDOCTRINATION this is ms b in her school garden with my hat on and having just planted french fillet g...

santa barbara country n news-more indoctrination

this is ms b in her school garden with my hat on and having just planted french fillet green beans which she planted herself in a 6 pack veggie tray several days ago
on this day when she wore my hat we brought them to her new school garden where she planted one of them and allowed her fellow classmates to plant the others
she also gardens at her house where she with my help has planted sweet peas and carrots and peppers and kale and tomatoes and lots of onions
she is developing a love for gardening

she also comes over to my garden plot at the trinity garden where she is like the family circle kids that runs all over the place
she feeds and talks to the chickens
we either have bread or maybe old stale chips to give them
we pluck something from my garden to feed them
their favorites are chips and swiss chard and kale
well their favorite is a good ole juicy snail
she then goes to my garden and waters it by hand
if we need to plant something we plant that
like recently we planted some christmas lima beans along the wooden structure in that picture
i told her those are beans for santa claus
she was hooked then

her favorite place is in the citrus orchard and under the big ole pepper tree
it seems all kids follow that same route from the chickens to the pepper tree
now of course mr h  has started trailing along at all of these places
he absolutely loves the chickens
he has got to pet them several times
i hold out their sunflower seeds in my hand
they forget he is around
they eat
he pets
hes happy
in the garden
his favorite is onions
he loves to grab the green onions in his hands
at his and ms bs garden at home the onions look like a weedwacker knocked off the top few inches
he loves the dinosaur kale
you can just see his little hands rubbing over the rough texture back and forth

the other day
when i wasnt looking and i was holding him i looked down and he was gumming a kale
i saw the green in his mouth
i went after it but never found it
oh well
kales good for him
just dont tell mom i said to him

now havent i done a good job of indoctrinating them in the garden

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited 1

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited 1: MY STORY REVISTED 1 i was contacted recently by a journalist and writer who reads my blog and has interviewed me before she wrote i was t...

my story revisited 1

Image result for organicgreendoctor
i was contacted recently by a journalist and writer who reads my blog and has interviewed me before
she wrote i was thinking this morning that you should take your blogs on alzheimers and make them into a book

now ive thought about that several times
you can take your blogs as written and make a book from them
they take the blogs word for word and place them on the book pages

i thought about it since she wrote me
what i plan to do is to take blogs and make short chapters
i will date the blog with the original date it was written and will plan to do some editing since how i write has changed some over the last 8+ years

i plan to not use caps or punctuation

as i read and edited this blog on mci it was surreal
this was september before i went up in november to volunteer for the alzheimers study to be in the normal control group
man was i going to be blindsided
reading this i realize how much more i know about memory loss now

since my mothers journey with alzheimers disease and my younger brother advancing in his disease i had started to spend time reading more about it and what one might do to slow it down
in my office i started putting literature in the exam rooms for folks to pick up and read

i actually about this time began to realize how little i knew about the disease

as ive read some of my blogs during this time well yes it bothers me
its like i was so innocent about what was going to happen


researchers studied 2000 older patients that were dementia free
16 % showed symptoms of mild cognitive impairment (mci)

mci is picked up on neuropsychological tests or memory tests like the moca test
the changes may be subtle
mci is thought to be the precursor or the early beginning of alzheimers

alzheimers changes in the brain occur 1-2 decades before symptoms show up in a person
research is looking to pick up mci earlier than it is now
with mci memory problems are greater than whats expected for when a person ages
its not where did i put my dang keys but what are these things im holding in my hand

mci occurs more commonly in men than women
yes we get screwed again since we also have more heart attacks and strokes than women
mci is twice more likely to be amnestic memory loss
i sure hope that doesnt include peoples names
mci is more prevalent in those with the apoe 4 gene which is a known risk factor for developing late onset alzheimers
mci is decreased in those with the most years of education
maybe all that medical school  will help me and maybe i will work on my phd
mci is increased in those who have never married and is lower in married persons
some of my relatives shouldnt get mci then

this is a summary from eupdate from the alzheimers disease and education referral center
tuesday september 7 2010

after i wrote this blog i realized i now knew a little more about what mci was
little did i know that label would be slapped on me in a few months and it would alter my life and my familys lives and many of my patients lives

next week 
chapter 2 where i wrote about more alzheimers stuff totally unaware of what was going on up in my own brain

this may be harder to do than i expected

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

organicgreendoctor: lay it all out there for us to see

organicgreendoctor: lay it all out there for us to see: LAY IT ALL OUT THERE FOR US TO SEE i just saw on the news feed that attorney general barr will be in congress today i really dont think ...

lay it all out there for us to see

i just saw on the news feed that attorney general barr will be in congress today
i really dont think thats going to solve anything
there probably will be questions from both sides of the aisle
all slanted the way they want them slanted
in the end
probably nothing will come of this
just good videos for the news folks on both sides

what we all want to know is in that mueller report

his name barr seems a strange name for an attorney
barr bars the mueller report
barr spoke before the bar
im sure theres more sentences that one could make up

we elect our congress folks to work for us not them
they make laws or they are suppose to make laws
it seems none really gets made very often

on the committees they are represented by folks from both sides
whoever wins the elections gets the majority votes on the committees
these folks are able to see things on some of these committees that we dont get to see
im ok with that

they see things like secret real secret stuff
some committees actually keep it to themselves and dont leak it out there for all the news folks to talk about

they should be able to look at grand jury testimony and national security issues since they do that all the time and keep it to themselves
then release whats left for us all to  see

i and probably most americans want to see the mueller report
lets start by letting those who are use to seeing the secret stuff look at it first then let them decide what gets hidden from all of us
i understand and accept that
not just one person should do this
sorry ag barr
dont live up to your name

doing it another way just smells bad

i think most of us want the full report to be laid out there for all of us to read
we can interpret it ourselves
our representatives can help analyze it for us

i say
whatever it says
we all all of us should accept whats in there
i know i will

there is stuff in that report that we should all hear and read

we dont want to have history tell us years from now
we should find this out all now

robert mueller is an honorable do it right guy that most respect
i will accept what he reported
even if i dont agree with it

so release the report
to do otherwise offends my olfactory system

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, April 8, 2019

organicgreendoctor: the smile revisited

organicgreendoctor: the smile revisited: THE SMILE REVISITED i wrote this blog august 12, 2013 a few days after his death and funeral we were in san francisco visiting our sons wh...

the smile revisited

i wrote this blog august 12, 2013 a few days after his death and funeral
we were in san francisco visiting our sons when we got the word he had died
we manage to fly home just in time for his funeral
i felt sad but felt some relief that his pain and suffering and his familys pain and suffering was over
he died at 62 years old in the final throes of alzheimers disease

if you knew him and what he was like before this disease took over then you will have a disdain a hatred for this awful disease

at his birthday which is today each year i go back and reread this blog i wrote
yes i tear up and cry remembering him

sometimes i feel guilty that here i am almost 6 years later doing well and he is gone
i do have a lot of introspection on my life on this day
i rethink my priorities in my life

his smile and his blue eyes his quietness his willing to help
his love for his family his service to the community 
all ended this last week

he is the face of alzheimers disease
he a father husband and grandfather with friends and family 
that loved him

it took him away from all of us last week
that terrible disease that robs a persons brain and takes
and causes a downward decline that can not be stopped
no matter what you do once it starts

thats what happened to my younger brother last week
that awful disease took him

it bothers me a lot because he died and it really bothers me
a lot that the alzheimers disease took him away from us 
when he was so young
i thought this was an old persons disease

he was in the prime of his life when it started 7 years ago
im sure that he noticed things a long time before others 
began to notice
ive talked and communicated with others who are diagnosed with
the disease real early and yes they notice things are changing
a long time before others notice

its the cruelty of this disease when you know

of course since our mother died from the disease he im sure 
as we all do worried that he was next and he was

this  also bothers me a lot 
his death and seeing what his wife and kids and grandkids had 
to go through during this period of time 
i also know that if my diagnosis is correct that my path
will be the same as his
im glad that i know though that this is a possibility so i can plan 
and hopefully my family can be as good as his family was throughout
this whole ordeal

his wife should be given the caregiver of the year award by someone
i know we all give her our vote
as she suffered through this ordeal 
the financial and emotional devastation that it caused
she was there
he always knew that she was there
she was there to the end

he died in the hospice house surrounded by his wife
his girls and his grandkids his friends and family 

may he rest in peace and may his family rest now in peace

his visitation the night before had a 2 1/2 hour line waiting to see 
the family 
a tribute to how well liked he was 
this silent guy with the blue eyes and that smile that so many 
people commented on 

the salute by the fire department 
the sounding of the final bells
the tribute of the sheriffs department
the presentation to his wife of the flag

the excellent funeral service by his minister who knew him 
as he told stories about my brother
the songs sung by a young man
who at one point had to pause as he teared up
a building packed to capacity to honor him
my younger brother 

yes may he rest in peace
ive shed my tears many times this last week
but ive smiled a lot 
like he use to
as i remember the things we use to do together when we 
were young
some mischievous some not
well most were probably mischievous

ill remember your last visit to our house when we had a lot
of time together 
the alzhiemers had its hold on you then 
you know as the words wouldnt come out right 
and as you said you couldnt remember things 

then our family reunion last month
when your wife that courageous dedicated wife brought you
there in that wheelchair bed
you were in there somewhere 
we were and all are glad that she made the effort to have you there
surrounded by all the noise and happiness
somewhere inside i think you knew you were there and enjoyed it

i cherish the visits i had with you that weekend
you didnt talk back but i talked to you anyway
i think you knew i was there

im glad now that you are at peace
and your family 

yes the mirror in which i look at is gone

we will all miss you

i hope to revisit this blog on his birthday each year
to keep his memory in my brain as long as i can

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, April 5, 2019

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-right drug wrong time

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-right drug wrong time: ALZHEIMERS NEWS-RIGHT DRUG WRONG TIME since biogen canceled the aducanumab study i have read several researchers write or say this its th...

alzheimers news-right drug wrong time

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since biogen canceled the aducanumab study i have read several researchers write or say this
its the right drug at the wrong time

what that means is aducanumab the antibody infusion i was on did its job
it removed the beta amyloid from the brain that starts the alzheimers snowball that rolls down hill then gets bigger and bigger

if you happen to get the larger dose then a repeat amyvid pet scan for the bad beta amyloid after receiving the aducanumab during the study is totally negative
its all gone that that can be measured
so its doing its job

many scientists think that to be really effective it would need to be given earlier maybe when all this amyloid accumulation starts

for me that would have been in my mid forties
for my younger brother maybe in his late thirties or early forties
thats when this all started in both of us
remove that stuff as it starts accumulating then the alzheimers process cant get started

problem is
how to diagnose it at 40 years old
thats probably too early for the amyvid pets scan and the spinal tap fluid analysis for amyloid and tau
to make the diagnosis

it will take a blood test like the lipid profile that many of us get to diagnose high cholesterol which if its elevated enough we start treatment with diet exercise and sometimes statin drugs
doing so prevents heart attacks and strokes and i might add maybe even alzheimers disease

blood tests are in the works to diagnose alzheimers early
they may be 5-10 years away
they are about 80-90% accurate right now in research but the accuracy should get better

they will be available though in the near future
when you get identified as having an abnormal levels of say amyloid or tau or some other not known yet entity then you would be placed on a diet like the mind diet a recommended exercise program and some medication either a pill that prevents amyloid tau or something else from accumulating or you might get the infusion of say my aducanumab

lets say that i had started aducanumab in my mid 40s then its possible i wouldnt have alzheimers disease now
that cascade that started back then wouldnt happen

so thats what i mean when i write the right drug wrong time

now i am looking for more studies to do
i do have to wait 6 months to enter a new study
some i might not qualify since one of the tests they use to diagnose alzheimers disease now
to definitely diagnose it is the amyvid pet scan
mine was positive at the beginning of the aducanumab study but if i was on the real drug for 27 months then it is negative now
like ive written before

one study out there is the exert study youll hear bout
its using structured exercise programs over i think its 18 months to see if it improves memory
exercise increase blood flow to the brain with its added oxygen and nutrition to the brain cells
they have even found that the brain makes new blood vessels and that the amyloid levels can go down some in the brain
of course
that one i can duplicate myself somewhat just without all the monitoring and encouragement that the
excert study does
here is a link to that study

another study is the nicotinamide study available at a few sites 
its using a readily available drug which is a vitamin b3 that may help to lower the abnormal tau protein accumulation that can occur after the amyloid accumulates leading to tau tangles
these tangles lead to the brain cell destruction in alzheimers disease
here is the link to the nicotinamide study called the neat study

also ongoing is studies using another amyloid infusion attacking a small segment of the amyloid that is lead by the biogen company
another is using drugs given as tablets that prevent the amyloid from accumulating
another is using an infusion that removes the abnormal tau

there are a lot of promising drugs that are in animal studies now and soon will progress to human studies
for me those are 5-10 years away
some are using drugs that have been used for other disease like cancer or other neurological diseases like als and ms and parkinsons

sorry to say i have to wait for all of these
even then i may not qualify
you dont

for now im pressing on with my exercise diet supplements my aricept donepezil
just waiting

you dont have to wait to do something
you can volunteer now for a study if you are worried you have it or worried since its in your family
its us volunteers that will find a treatment or a cure
go to clinicaltrials.gov to find a study near you

one of the major obstacles to finding a cure is volunteers

the organicgreen doctor