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Thursday, April 4, 2019

get the lead out

there are three water fountains i drink out of
i never really think about it when i bend down and drink the water
one is around the corner from the mri scanner at ucla
another is in the waiting room at the infusion center at ucla
the last one is at the school where i volunteer once a week in the school garden

the first two i commonly fill up my water bottle since im usually there for 3 hours plus or minus
the last one i usually take a sip as i walk by

i never thought about flint michigan when i take that sip of water

then came this article i saw in the paper about the lead levels in some of the area schools
now these lead levels are normal i first must say
the epa has normal whatever that means i guess the word is acceptable levels of lead in drinking water
at 15 ppb thats 15 parts per billion
somehow i dont trust the epa since lately they have been influenced by outside groups when it comes to regulating our health in the environment

the american academy of pediatrics recommends a number of 1 ppb of lead in the drinking water

in this recent article it listed the ppb of several schools
remember the american academy of pediatrics is watching out for your kids brains and bodies

bottled water has a 5 ppb limit

school one had a fountain with 15 ppb
school two had one at 5 ppb which couldnt be used as bottled water and one with 15 ppb
one they had to fix one they didnt
another five schools had levels that were between 5-15 ppb

why is this important
for me at my age sucking down 15 ppb probably isnt going to harm me much since theres not much more that will grow in me but my hair
hair is where they can test for heavy metals

for kids the young ones are actively growing especially the brain and nervous system
what effects is there to them drinking from those water fountains every day during the school year
plus a pregnant teacher shouldnt be drinking that water

we need to get the lead out
it looks like bottled water may not be the answer
we need to strive for the american academy of pediatrics recommendation
1 ppb

it seems even o ppb would be better
maybe rainwater could be the answer

whats your schools and citys lead levels

the organicgreen doctor

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