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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, April 22, 2019

book of the month

i always have a book im reading sitting by my bedside
my latest book i started about 2 weeks ago
i noticed this new true to life book came out that sparked my interest
i set my new book aside

now this true to life book at the time i started to read it was only available online to read
my wife she ordered her a copy but its not here yet
i started reading it every day on my computer

as i read the summaries i thought
you cant make this stuff up
my oh my
what a good movie this is going to make

i expect to see it come out this new movie soon
you just know
thats what they are going to do
yes if they do a good accurate true to life movie without any gimmicking
ill definitely watch it

name of the book
the mueller report

so first when i read it i took out all the real names and used made up names
president jones was the president

now knowing that whatever is in the book
since mr mueller the author is a hard nosed straight laced dont ever lie whatever shows up is the facts type of guy
whats in there i feel like is the truth

first i went to the two summaries
volume 1
volume 2

in volume 1
i found this all sobering that
the russians did so much interfering with our election in 2016
blame whoever you want to
i dont care
we just need to acknowledge that this stuff happened
do something aggressive to stop it

i do agree with someone on the news who said
this is an act of war
cyberwar against us in america
we should treat it that way

now when i listen to the news about this stuff i try to only listen to certain people who dont seem to be too biased one way or the other
im reading the mueller report myself
ill make my own decision on what it shows

another thing i did as i read this was
i also substituted past presidents names into the report
george h bush
george w bush
bill clinton
barack obama

then i read the summaries and said
would they do this
did they do this
my conclusion was
no way would they do all this stuff

then i substituted one last name into the report
president nixon

would he do this
did he do this
yes he would have done it and he did stuff just like this

so that leaves president jones in some bad company with presdent nixon

then i put all their names in the report about all those 100 or so contacts with russians by the campaign of presdent jones
would they have done that
i would say none of them would have done that
probably not even nixon

on the russian thing as i was reading about it i kept smelling some bad rotten smell
i looked in our trash
i looked in our compost canister
i looked in our recycle bin
since it smelled so bad
i put my nose down to my computer screen
i realized the stench was coming from my computer screen where i had opened up the full mueller report

it bothers me the russians were so successful interfering with our election
we the american citizens werent wary enough as they tricked us on social media and on all those rallies they set up across the us for both the left of us and the right of us to get all mad about
well we got super manipulated
for me that makes me mad

i am more diligent now on social media
if something doesnt come from a reputable source i dont open it
i see suspicious things frequently and see folks open them up
gotcha again they did

if you put president nixons name in their instead of president jones
you can actually believe this stuff all happened
if you believe this mueller report is true and accurate which the vast number of americans do
well you should be concerned for our american democracy

i want to see more of the interviews so i can absorb this all
my guess is there is more stench coming

president jones did a poor poor job of answering the questions from mr mueller
heck he even didnt answer the last one
i see now why he didnt let mueller interview him
can you say perjury

after reading the summaries and some of the report

there is a thing called indict and seal

president jones needs to be sure he gets reelected in 2020 or that seal will be opened up since he is then not protected
plus all that stuff in the new york and washington districts will be waiting for him

the democrats shouldnt impeach president jones
we the american public us who vote need to do that
it will happen next year
when we all vote

dont you the congress be the judge and the jury
let us the voters be the jury

its up to congress to get all the facts out for the voters to see
based what is known
we will either convict president jones or we will acquit president jones

thats the way this should all play out in the in
you and i make the decision
we be the judge and the jury

maybe politics sort of will get left out of it

the organicgreen doctor

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