welcome to the organic green doctor blog

i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

i am done

thats what i told my wife she last night
im through
no more

i know who i am going to vote for president
theres nothing that will appear in the news media
to make me change my mind
Image result for presidential election
theres is nothing to convince me to vote for the other
no matter what is said i am not going to change my vote

this running for president has taken too long
seems like its been going on now for 5 years
i was thinking
how can those candidates hold up to all that stress
all that name calling
all that traveling
all those speeches
dont you get tired
i know i do just watching them
i am tired of watching them
trash each other

here is what i care about
that needs fixing
this is all i want to hear about
not someones tweets or their health or their emails
or their spouses
heck im glad folks cant see what i wrote in my emails
now my tweets they are out there though to read

just tell us what we can expect on these issues

social security and medicare
these are about to break the bank
a difficult decision needs to be made
do it and  move on

what we gonna do with 11 million folks
many provide the jobs that without them we would all be miserable

health care
if obamacare isnt the answer then find one
its not going to work where a large portion of the population
is carved out to get no care
texas health care

race or racism
it could be what destroys our country

the federal debt is looming over us
our congress is doing nothing to address this
sorry but we cant file bankruptcy and start over
maybe dave ramsey could help congress

climate change
whatever the causes
it cant be good that all the glaciers are melting
russia and china can run boats across the north pole
thats not good
we need to do whatever we can to slow all this down

work together
we or they as congress people need to work together
to get things done

thats all i want
to hear them talk about

off goes my tv
click click as i change my news feeds
delete delete delete
if they arent talking about these important things

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

dear ms b-shots yea or nay


well ms b
im sorry but my recommendation is yea
i know they hurt and sometimes make you feel bad
ms b
in my career i have seen kids die from some of these diseases
the most impressive was the h flu type b bacteria infections
dont worry you are protected
since you got the hib shot

as an intern the hib shot was in research
it was two years away from being given to the general population
as i walked into the pediatric icu on my first day as an intern
it was full of kids with hib or hflub infections
joint infections
many of these kids died
many were left with permanent damage

Image result for hib vaccine
within two years once the hib vaccine started to be given
the numbers just dwindled away
that now it doubtful any intern or resident even most practicing
doctors have ever seen
a hib or hflub infection

i did
i have imprinted permanently in my brain
my first patient a 15 month old left with permanent brain damage
from hib or hflub menningits with brain abscesses
he was like an adult with a major stroke

now for those who dont immunize their kids
these infections didnt just go away
its still here
just waiting for an opportunity to strike
on that unprotected child
with it newly acquired resistance to most antibiotics

now i saw in the news ms b
that the american academy of pediatrics supports doctors
who refuse to immunize their patients

in fact
i heard that the clinic i worked for did the same

now my personal opinion ms b
is that refusing to immunize a child is a form of child abuse
like withholding insulin from a child with diabetes
there should be some type of punishment if the child is

now that said
i did have a lot of people who did not immunize their kids
some of my colleagues refused to see them
i saw them
i always warned the parents that if their child gets sick with
an unexplained illness or fever to always let the doctors know
that the child was not immunized
they the doctors have not ever seen hflub or hib or measles or mumps
would probably never think about them if they didnt know the child
wasnt immunized

i personally dont understand those parents who dont immunize
their kids
since they have never seen what these disease do to kids
permanently do to them

so in summary ms b
i am glad your mom and dad are getting you immunized
so your gma and i dont have to worry about you getting
ill from one of these preventable diseases
we have enough to worry about in this world
worrying about vaccine preventable diseases
a problem solved years ago

heres to your health
cutie pie

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, August 29, 2016


if i am riding around in my car in the afternoon
between 100 pm and 300 pm i turn my radio on to
the station that is airing the
dave ramsey show
Image result for dave ramsey
i really wish that i discovered his show years and years ago
when i first went into private practice at the age of 40 years

gradually over the years i have done what he recommends
most of it i learned myself from trial and error
well most of it was error
yes we made all the mistakes
thats how you learn i guess

now into retirement where we have to watch our money
a little closer than when i was in practice
since we were making a good income
ok i was in the top 5% income
wouldnt have wanted to be in that top 1%
they get all the credit for whats wrong with us financially
us i mean usa

now in retirement i have dropped to a much lower %
now we dropped ourselves there several years before
in order to be ready financially for retirement
since i didnt start practicing having to finish a 3 year
federal committment first
when i was 40

most folks are around 26-28 when they start practicing
so i had a 14 year delay
i was behind 14 years
i had to play catch up

lucky for us
we did

now we live conservatively
we are totally debt free
we use a credit card only because its hard to buy things online
hard to make reservations without it
i use them whenever we buy large purchases
since we get consumer protection with the card
we get 1% back on our purchases
i pay it electronically as soon as i use it
theres no end of the month surprise

now i never ever carry cash
i use a debit card
but whenever i use it i feel uncomfortable
knowing that just one purchase can lead to the hacking of
my checking account
wiping out all our money and more
at least until its discovered by me or the bank

i am selective where i use my card

now my wife she operates off cash only
she takes out money once a week to use
i tried that but have trouble with getting to the bank etc
i use my debit card
knowing that one day its gonna happen
ill find my account all cleared out

Image result for american express serve
my plan is to use a new prepaid card
that loads a weeks worth of expenses on my card
ill use it wherever i used my debit card
i plan to use the american express card one
since american express has a good reputation for
customer service

we recently bought a new electric stove
i paid for it with the american express card
got a defect stove
got a new one
got a replacement stove that was defective
contacted store and national office got the run around
contacted american express
they removed the charge
i called the store said you need to come get this bad stove
thanks american express

i plan to use the new prepaid card called american express serve
to do my cash purchases like groceries gas garden supplies etc
instead of my debit card
if it gets hacked they will only get whats in there
which should have a  max balance each week of $300

we will pay all our bills electronically
we will continue to use our credit card to make reservations and
do online purchases and to pay for restaurants

i wonder if dave ramsey would like my method

theres more on how i manage our finances
its a little complicated
my wife shes eyes get blurry eyed when i describe it to her
she sort of fades away into her facebook vortex

but it works for us
keeps us on budget
yes we have done all of what dave ramsey says do
we just added more
well not we but i did

my wife shes
she just along for the joy ride

so far its a good one

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, August 26, 2016

alzheimers news-can zika affect memory


Alzheimer's Texas

i sat outside reading my news feed on my phone
damn that skeeter
as i swated it as it landed on my arm
squished it good
thank goodness it had not filled its belly full yet

i read this article 
on zika and memory

now we have all seen what zika can do to the developing
we have seen those pictures of those microencehalic babies
born to those moms who got infected with the zika virus

now researchers looking at models of mice
have found that the zika can infect cells in the brain
that are producing new cells called progender cells
they are used to process new memory and learning
interestingly enough one of the areas
is where alzheimers in the brain starts
in the hippocampus

an infection there could leave a person with long term
memory issues
a person with reduced immunity may be at higher risk

it does make you wonder and think
when that mosquito lands on your arm

the adult infection may cause maybe more long term and subtle symptoms
the fetal infection which is more short term and dramatic

add protection against mosquitoes
to your repertoire of things to do
to prevent alzheimers and memory loss

support us in raising funds in the fight against this
awful disease

we are walking in these two local alzheimers texas walks

lets put a boot to alzheimers

donate and or join my team organicgreendoctor
for the alzheimers texas williamson county walk on september 24th
in georgetown texas

donate and or join our team austin regional clinic
for the alzheimers texas travis county walk on october 8th
in austin texas

to join the team you will need to register first
to only donate just hit the donate button

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, August 25, 2016

country n news-beesmarizing


sometimes here at the country n while i am out working
things will happen
that make you pause
to absorb
to take it all in

this seems to happen all the time
this summer eg
a quail landed on our fence
i havent seen a quail around here for 15 years
i know i had heard some this spring
in fact
i used my bob bob white whistle to call them

in fact
i used it on this guy that day
he answered me
he stayed around for several minutes

made living out here all worth it

then yesterday
as i was working to clear off my fence line
i walked up to the fence where the tree
called flame sumac was located
here is what it looks like in the fall
a brilliant red that stands out in the landscape

though the blooms were all out on the tree
as i go closer and closer to the bloom
it sounded like a concert was going on
i took out my iphone and recorded this concert

i stood there for a long time
taking it all in
watching those bees almost in a frenzy
this moment of my personal connection with nature

thank you country n for this moment 
i must say it was
the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

pop the top

this week a friend said meet us at the new house
i would like to drink a bottle of wine to celebrate
the building of the new house

we and another couple met her there
the house is a few miles from the country n
not in some subdivision in town
you have to be wanting to go there
if your car passes by the nearby houses
the neighbors keep an eye on it
people just dont pass through this road

we looked around at the house
talked about its location
the  potential for landscaping etc

we got out the bottle of wine
from a local winery nearby
got out the paper cups to sip it from

wheres the wine opener
oh i think its in the truck
well i usually have one in our car
i thought why would you have one in your car
nope it wasnt there

here we are in nowhere land
with no wine opener
now we live 3 miles away
we got three at our place
a 20-30 minute trip would bring it back

i looked at one of the guys
hes a researcher at a university

lets put on our mcgiver hats i said

you know
i saw this video once where you put the wine
in the heel of your shoe or boot
beat the heel on a post or wall
the cork will come out

we even pulled up the video on line
it was in some language i couldnt recognize
but the video was easy to follow

he looked at me
i looked at him
why not i said
i peeled off the top wrapper
put the wine bottle in my tennis shoes heel
banged it hard against the new post on her porch

i sure hope this wine bottle doesnt break in my hand
that would be fun to explain to the er doctor

the cork barely peaked out the top
bam bam bam i went
harder and harder each time
it barely peaked a little more

i thought to myself
nothing good is going to come of this if i continue this

with a mcgiver look to the researcher
lets think of something else

do you have a screwdriver he said
luckily the electrician had left his there

do we have a screw somewhere

so i found a roofing screw and a sheet rock screw

the researcher with that mcgiver grin
screwed the screw into the cork
leaving a small amount sticking up out of the cork

do you have some pliers he said

he left some here

he grasped the screw with the pliers
pulled and wiggled that screw and cork
kapop the cork came out
he raised the wine bottle
cheers he said
poured each of us some wine
we tapped the paper cups together

to the new homeowner

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

dear ms b-eat what you sow


ms b
what i have found in helping school kids
even high school kids
if you get them to plant veggies in the garden
they will eat them
since they are actively involved in farming the produce
this happened at your gmas school where the high school
kids would dig in the dirt plant the carrots or onions or
tomatoes or swiss chard or spinach or kale
you would see them out in the garden pick off a leaf
eating it

things they would have never eaten before
once when i was helping an elementary group plant their garden
we had spinach and swiss chard that we were planting
most of the kids had never tasted swiss chard
most did not like spinach
when they planted their own spinach and their own swiss chard
i said here taste it
they would pinch off a leave
chew it
i like it they would say
i bet if their mom gave it to them in the kitchen
they would refuse it

so ms b
this summer when we were visiting
your dad and i
worked on a square foot garden for you and your mom and dad
adding compost and fertlizers
planting veggies
watering them in with that seaweed molasses fish emulsion mix
to jump start them

so ms b
in that picture above
your aunt is holding you
you are helping me pour that mixture on the new plantings
two months later
you are eating what you sowed

i saw that picture of you sitting in that wagon
holding that little cherry tomato
actually its a big cherry tomato
chopping on it
all that tomato juice was running down your face
onto your pretty little dress
you seemed so happy
to be eating your first harvest of tomatoes

so heres hoping
that there will be more harvests for you
your own organic tomatoes

indoctrination has begun

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, August 22, 2016

the intern

having been rained in for several days
having seen too much rio olympics
seeing all those stories about swimmers urinating in
a gas station
why not just save that for the swimming pool guys
having not enough football yet to watch
i said to my wife she
lets find a movie on tv
so on hbo
there was the movie the intern with robert deniro and anne hathaway
Image result for the intern movie
as i watched this
as many of you who have retired
as i did too early 5 years ago
you recognize that lost look
what am i going to do now
you can only clean the house
mow the yard
read the paper
organize your papers
all those other things that need to be done
what next you ask

thats when
your life can either get better for everyone
you become stagnant

i chose like robert deniro did
to not to become stagnant
look at
you need to see the movie
the good
how much he made those around him

there are a lot of retired folks who have a lot to offer
their numbers keep growing and growing each year
why dont we
schools government charities businesses
do a better job of taping into this source of knowledge and manpower
some of its free ie they just volunteer

thats what i did
i always wanted to help build a house with habitat for humanity
i showed up one day and started volunteering once or twice a week
i am on somewhere between 10-15 houses that i have helped with
most i have supervised and planned the landscape
with sometimes little funds

i would do it again

my mom got free meals
i volunteered for meals of wheels delivering once a week
on a 28 mile route spread out from the kitchen site
to close to where the country n is located

i have befriended several of the clients
helping one find the right medicare rx plan and saved him a
couple of thousand on his drug bills each year
i also helped with making sure his last will was handled like
he wanted along with other dedicated volunteers

i even planted a tomato for a 94 year old client in a movable
pot so she could grow fresh tomatoes
a proud possession is that tomato for her

i recently cut down a fallen tree off another clients wheelchair ramp

things i wouldnt have got to do if i hadnt decided to get involved
with meals on wheels
the clients life was made a little better by my decision
i feel good inside for doing it

i got involved with the alzheimers movement
doing alzheimers walks to raise funds
i having personally raised several thousands for the movement over
the last 5 years
i like doing alzheimers talks answering those questions about the disease
that people always want answers for but cannot get them
i am involved with alzheimers research as a volunteer subject
ive been stuck with needles in the arm and the back multiple times
endured numerous memory tests
hoping to do my part to find an answer for this disease
at the same time somehow making my memory better

maybe it was because i chose like robert did
not to stay home and go stagnant
to get involved

if your are retired or if you just have some free time
you need to get involved
become an intern

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, August 19, 2016

alzheimers news-cramp med helps


Alzheimer's Texas

in the process of developing alzheimers in the brain
there is a process of inflammation that occurs
this inflammation is part of the bodys way to try to fix
repair or isolate disease

if you have a disease like rheumatoid arthritis or
osteoarthritis you feel that inflammation every day
many of the drugs used to treat this pain attack the
inflammatory response the body has to the joints

so they use steroids commonly prednisone to treat
this reaction
its also used in asthma and allergies to attack inflammation

they also use nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs nsaids
ie naproxyn ibuprofen etc

people with inflammatory bowel disease ie crohns disease
and ulcerative colitis use steroids also
to slow down the inflammatory reaction in the bowel

people with gluten disease get an inflammatory reaction
in the gut that causes pain and discomfort
it appears this inflammation may transfer itself to the
brain also

now enter the cramp med helps
there is a nsaid that has been used for years to treat menstrual
many of you may have used it in the past

the drug attacks a particular part of the inflammatory reaction
that in menstrual pain it seems to help

scientists have been looking closely at the nsaids to see
if they can have an effect on slowing down the
inflammatory reaction in the brain that occurs in
alzheimers disease

enter the alzheimers rat
a rat that has had the dominant gene for alzheimers inscripted
into his genome
hes gonna get alzheimers disease 100% of the time
Image result for mefenamic acid brand names
so these researchers fed this nsaid drug mefenamic acid
or ponstel
used for menstrual cramps
to these poor male volunteer rats who were doomed to die
from alzheimers disease

the mefenamic targets nlrp3 inflammasomes in the brain that
causes brain cells to be damaged

all 100% of those doomed rats had their alzheimers go away
ie their memory loss was reversed and the inflammation cleared

now if only it would work in humans
remember this is one of those generic drugs that a drug company
cant make money on
they just need funding to do the research on humans

enter togd
thats me the organicgreen doctor
research study of one

so i went to may friend my family doctor
i said
hey dr bob
im not feeling good
im having these real painful cramps in my lower abdomen
that occurs each month about every 28 days
they are incapacitating at times

i needs some of pills called mefenamic acid for my cramps

he looked at me
get out of here

lets put a boot to alzheimers

donate and or join my team organicgreendoctor
for the alzheimers texas williamson county walk on september 24th

to join the team you will need to register first
to only donate just hit the donate button

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, August 18, 2016

country n news-planning time


all this rain we have had lately
6 inches here at the country n
has shut down outside activities

yes my rainwater tanks are overflowing
sad to see all that water go somewhere else
at least a lot of it stays on our property
doesnt go down some drain into a sewer somewhere

i used this time to go into my old barn
clean up the sections
one section i plan to redo this fall and winter
replacing a wall and door
make it more airtight
it houses my solar control system
my rainwater pump and filter system
my beekeeping equipment

im using skills i learned over the last 4 years at
habitat for humanity

since i cant work much in my garden
i sat down this week
planned out my fall and winter garden
in one bed hs and i planted our fall tomatoes
last month
they should be producing in late october or early november

its been so cool
i even removed the solar screenings from the  beds
to allow more sunlight in to the plants

another bed just behind hs in the picture
i planted this spring
knowing i would summer over these plants
knowing they would explode with growth
once the fall temps hit
this bed has bell banana poblano peppers
egg plants and basil

i have a bed that will be my winter garden
it right now is covered with purple hull peas
and leaves
the peas give us peas to eat and they act as
a cover crop to fix nitrogen in the soil

when planting time comes
i will cut them off at the ground
feed the vines to the chickens
to reward them for the hard work they do
making eggs eating insects and making
all my compost
i will cover the soil with their compost
add my fertilizers
and plant my fall garden

based on our likes and what seems to grow here during
the winter and fall
based on continuous harvesting all winter
i will plant
kale dinosaur and curly leaf
asian greens ie bok choy
sweet peas
swiss chard

all providing greens for salads and cooking all winter long

in another bed
i will plant approximately 90 garlic
which will provide most of our garlic for the year

go ahead and plan your fall winter garden
its time
its the best time to garden here in central texas
especially since our winters have gotten warmer

its all worth it
when you taste these fresh organic veggies
you grew yourself

ok one day i will try to figure the value of all the
veggies i grow here

they are priceless

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

its for humanity

these homes i have help to build over the last 4 years
were for humanity
we all should be doing things
for humanity

it should be in our dna
all our kids should be doing it
i have worked with a lot of kids over the last 4 years
at habitat for humanity
their lives are better off for having volunteered
as are the new home owners

you cant buy that feeling you get when you help others
it cant be gotten off the internet or off social media

when i listen to all the election stuff i get tired of it
i just want them to tell me
what they are going to do
for humanity

to make this world better for all of us
especially those who are less privileged than
most of us
for one reason or another

i think each of us should look deep inside
say to ourselves
are we doing something thats good
for humanity

are you or we too wrapped up in our day to day lives
to not be involved in doing something
for humanity

now pretirement
i was too wrapped up in my work and day to day life
i was not doing anything really
for humanity

since i retired
some of my volunteer efforts are geared towards doing these things
for humanity
mine is meals for wheels and habitat for humanity
maybe to a lesser degree my involvement in the
alzheimers movement
organic gardening

i do regret not doing more in my first 60 years
for humanity

i know my life would have been richer
others lives would have been better
had i given with my time and money all those years

this folks
may be a partial solution to some of our problems
you will feel better for what you give
they will be better off for what you did

both of you will be richer for you efforts

take the time now
to help others
get involved
help a neighbor
help a friend
help those in need
the government cant fix everything

humanity will be better off for you having done it

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

dear ms b-shesa teacha


now ms b your gma had to start back to work this week
im not sure you know this but
shes a teacher
a teacha you might say when you start talking better

now you dont know what a teacha is yet
remember when gma and great gma took you in that wagon
down that long trail
over to that school where all those kids were playing
running around laughing and shouting having fun

you sat there in that wagon
all wide eyed you were

the lady ms sb that was leading that classroom
well she is a teacha
is what you gma is

so gma started back this week
getting things ready for the kiddos to come back next week
if the admin folks dont put them in too many meetings

now ms b
its so funny to see a room full of teachas
at these meetings
youll find out when you start to school
those teachas want let you do nothing
no talking no texting no chewing gum
when those teachas all get together in those meetings
even when the head principal is talking
if they were students they would all get sent to the office
they talk
they text
they sleep
they chew gum
they get up and walk out

ms b
they dont practice what they teach
they are good folks though
they love kids well most of them do

ms b
they even dont hardly get no social security when they get old
some dont get none
not right is it
why your gma paid in for years
but will get very little if any when she retires

so it is with the life of a teacha
they love their profession and probably wouldnt do anything else

you know the ones that do
youll remember them forever

ms black ms olive ms dugal are three to come to my mind
that i had
the last one was special
yes youll have at least one of those

now ms b
your gma works part time
every other day
so shes off every other day
well ms b
she really works on that other day
doing her teacha stuff
that she use to do late into the night and all weekend
when she worked full time
no she didnt get overtime

now at least i get to see her some at night
and weekends
thanks to her being part time

so ms b
when you sit in front of your new teacha
i want you to think of your gma and her friends
they want the best for you
they are dedicated
they love their job
give em a hug
tell them thanks

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, August 15, 2016


as i was waiting for my new choppers to be
superglued in place over my implants
6 new front teeth total
Image result for dental implants 

i asked my dentist
you know on tv they say you can do all this
in one day

he just smiled
ive heard this one before

now i just spent 6 months from start to finish
getting mine all fixed
i knew how much it cost
lets say
i could have bought a new car with the money
how much discomfort was involved
how many visits it took
how much i hated the daily use of the temporary dentures
i had to wear during this time
how many pain pills i had to take after some of the visits
even the last one
which wasnt suppose to be uncomfortable
well he lied again
it hurt like hell
im glad its done now

i went throught 3 temporaries
chewed them to smithereens i did
i did wonder if maybe i grind my teeth at night
my wife she has never complained
but man was i ever rough on those things

this last weekend on a trip
i was trying to make it through to the end
the temporary broke in two places

my choice
go dentureless and look like someone from deliverance
well i went for this one
get me some superglue
glue that sucker together
i only needed 3 more days of its use

so into the store in a town 5 hours away i went
to get me some superglue
as i was walking in the store
i ran into this lady i had never met before
she looked familiar
she said you are dr nash arent you
i said reaching back into my facebook memory
you are ill make up a name mary ann
she had sought out my help with a relative who had memory loss
i didnt know her
the article on me several years ago thats at the top of this blog
that was picked up by the associated press had appeared in
her local paper
through friends she had tracked me down

small world huh
thanks to my need for superglue i got to meet her

to my friends house to put these temporary choppers together
first i superglued the tubes cap to my finger
i suprerglued my two fingers together
i got a big glob inside the choppers
held the three broken pieces real tight
i only got 10 seconds to get this all right
wiped the glob off
after 10 seconds
stuck it in my mouth
looked in the mirror
did i just superglue this thing to my teeth

for a moment i was afraid to see if i could remove it
wonder what the dentist would say to me
sorry you gotta just wear that thing till it falls out of there

all that did go through my mind

i looked in the mirror
there all over my tongue was all that glue
there all over the inside of my mouth was all that glue
this aint going to be good i thought
i slowly reached in
grasped the edges
pulled real hard like the dentist does when he pulls a tooth
this sucking popping sound was heard
thought i had pulled a tooth i did

in my hand
was those choppers
all chewed up they were
but they were glued together but moved like a hinge
but they were held all together

in they went for the next three days
until i got my new permanent choppers

now they made me show my id to get this superglue
guess they thought i would sniff it
fooled them
i ate it

as i was leaving the dentist that last day
when he was all finished with me
my new choppers all in place
looking better than the originals
i told him
you aint ever seeing me again

the organicgreen doctor

Saturday, August 13, 2016

alzheimers news-the final answer


Alzheimer's Texas

that is what i am searching for
a final answer
i realize that short of dying and getting a brain autopsy
that there is not a 100% guarantee that the answer is correct
i plan to come as close as you can in 2016

here is how you diagnosis alzheimers disease in
the year 2016

you go to the doctor with a partner to answer questions
from your doctor
preferably having filled out things like ad8 or the
21 question questionairre
looking for explanations for memory loss
i scored perfect on my ad8 and the questionairre
nothing in my medical history showed a cause
that my mother and brother had alzheimers and my dad
may have had it as well as aunts and uncles and a grandparent
i had high cholesterol but it was controlled with medication
my mild high blood pressure was controlled with low dose medication

so i had a lot of screening lab
the only abnormal tests were low b12 low vit d3 high homocystiene level
all of which puts you at risk for memory issues
these were easily corrected with taking supplements

a mri scan was done to look for brain shrinkage or other causes
of memory loss like too much swelling or masses or tumors
or old strokes
mine was normal except for two small white spots that
are a warning of microstrokes if you have too many of them
mine were considered not significant just a warning to
control my blood pressure and cholesterol

an in office memory test called moca was abnormal initially
a more involved neuropsych test was abnormal in that
it showed short term memory loss amnestic type
consisted with a diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment
the pre state before the diagnosis of alzheimers disease

this was compared to a normal memory test administered by
my long term care insurance provider three years before

so thats where you would be in 2016
just this diagnosis of mci amnestic type

not really enough to make those future decisions on
for me

so i went further which you can if you push your provider
knowing that insurance will not pay for this testing im writing about now

i had genetic tests done
no dominant alzheimers gene was found
i do carry a double gene apoe 4/apoe4 gene
putting me at an increased risk of 10-20 times of developing
alzheimers disease
based on how well i take care of my health

i had a spinal tap to check the level of bad amyloid and tau proteins
my levels were not normal but were in an indeterminate level
that was headed towards the alzheimers level but werent quite there yet
this was done 5 years ago
if i had one repeated now i would get a more accurate picture of whether
these levels progressed

i had a pet scan of the brain for glucose metabolism
mine was normal
in alzheimers there are large areas of no uptake of glucose
in early mci like my diagnosis these scans can be normal
becoming abnormal when the disease progresses more

the one piece the most important piece that is missing is

an amyvid pet scan of the brain
which shows the highlighted areas of beta amyloid

if you have alzheimers disease even real early
there will be lots of the bad beta amyloid present in the brain
years before any symptoms show up

i have had one 5 years ago as part of the adni study i am in
i signed a waiver to not get the results
i wish i had the results

so now in 2016 i am at the point that i want this final piece
of my puzzle
the amyvid pet scan
so that i can more accurately plan my our future together
knowing that further new tests are coming in the next 5 years

now i the other day when i was working alone in my garden
my place of reflection
my place of relaxation
my place of meditating

it dawned on me
that really i hadnt done this before because
when i was honest to myself
i was afraid to know this final piece of the puzzle
like when a big mass is no doubt cancer
but the biopsy gives you the final answer
its sort of like that
i was afraid
am afraid
to get that report
as of now there is this small area of doubt up in my brain
that maybe just maybe it isnt there
my memory has gradually returned to normal now

well folks
it is time for me to find out

ill let you know when it happens and will discuss the findings with you

help us fight this battle with this disease

lets put a boot to alzheimers

donate and or join my team organicgreendoctor
for the alzheimers texas williamson county walk on september 24th

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