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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Monday, July 22, 2019

organicgreendoctor: is this what its like to get old

organicgreendoctor: is this what its like to get old: IS THIS WHAT ITS LIKE TO GET OLD thats what i was thinking on saturday afternoon as i laid down for my afternoon nap a benefit of retire...

is this what its like to get old

thats what i was thinking on saturday afternoon as i laid down for my afternoon nap
a benefit of retirement
am i getting old
is this that decline starting

8 now almost 9 years ago when i retired i was on no meds except for a baby aspirin each day to help keep a stroke or heart attack away
now im not sure im suppose to be on it anymore
i sure wish medicine would make up their minds on that aspirin a day deal

each morning i go to my medicine container
you know the one with the days of the week on it
i have two of them
one for prescription meds
the other for supplements i take that may help ward off alzheimers symptoms for awhile
not proven but maybe they said
so the total between the two is 18 pills a day

do i need them i asked myself this weekend
i picked out the definite ones
my blood pressure pill
my cholesterol pill
my vitamin b12
my vitamin d3
my stomach pill
my alzheimers pill

so i looked at those pills

i have to have my blood pressure pill or my blood pressure goes up
i dont want to die from a stroke a heart attack maybe but not a stroke
so ill keep taking that one

the cholesterol pill now that one im wondering
when is the time that that one wont make a difference anymore
when is the sweet point where that one wont really matter anymore
i will request that my wife she have them take me off that one

my vitamin b12 pill i want to keep taking that one since im not absorbing the b12 like i should
if that level drops too low my memory will deteriorate faster
so far now ill stay on that one

my vitamin d3 keeps my vitamin d2 levels up since for some reason i cant maintain a normal level without supplement
for now ill stay on it
i will request my wife she have them take me off that one when i fall off the cliff

my stomach pill well i have to have that one as long as i am eating since i get marked indigestion if i dont
when i stop eating well just stop that one ill tell her

then there is my alzheimers pill
the aricept
when do you stop that one

i wish i knew
its the reason for my issues i have every day
upset stomach abdominal pain
lack of sleep
leg cramps
i know if i stopped it that one those symptoms would all go away and i would feel a lot better every day
there is a possibility if i stop it that my symptoms will take off down hill
i will tell you there are days i want to stop it and just not look back
then i see my two grandkids ms b and mr h and my two sons and their families and my wife she
i look and think about them and my life as im living today
i say
im not ready yet to do that and take the chance
ill just put up with it

so then
im down to maybe
my blood pressure pill
my vitamin b12 pill
my alzheimers pill
my stomach pill

i can live with that regimen

so if you take the view of well i just want to take the scientifically proven pills that will make a difference in you health
these are the ones

the rest
well they are just maybes
maybe they will help we just arent sure but maybe
maybe i dont want to deal with maybe anymore

i want to be like joe friday from dragnet
just the facts mam
just the facts

so i laid there saturday with my pillow under my knee with my hip flexed to relieve the aching in my hip and to slow down my muscle fasciculations and leg cramps
having just put my steroid eye drops in to control the iritis that has been flared now for 6 months from my two cataract surgeries on the same eye
having taken off my glasses since my glasses sit on part of the scar from my mohs surgery for basal cell cancer on the nose
having just took some indigestion chewables
having not gotten much sleep the night before because of the aricept

yes i laid there thinking about all of this
i fell asleep

when i woke up
i felt refreshed
there was no hip pain or calf discomfort or indigestion
my energy felt renewed
i put on my glasses
hopped out of bed

on for the rest of the day
having forgotten all that stuff i was thinking as i laid there

im not getting old i said to myself

the organicgreen doctor

Saturday, July 20, 2019

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-women get it worse

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-women get it worse: ALZHEIMERS NEWS-WOMEN GET IT WORSE well those of us who are married know that womens brains are just wired differently than men when it c...

organicgreendoctor: organicgreendoctor: monsters under the bed

organicgreendoctor: organicgreendoctor: monsters under the bed: organicgreendoctor: monsters under the bed : MONSTERS UNDER THE BED this monster came crawling out from under our bed this last week luc...

alzheimers news-women get it worse

Image result for organicgreendoctor
well those of us who are married know that womens brains are just wired differently than men
when it comes to alzheimers disease it appears thats true

what happens in alzheimers disease is that early on before symptoms start the beta amyloid starts accumulating in the brain
later a protein called tau protein which is normally found in healthy brain cells begins to unwind and causes brain cell destruction

this release of the tau protein unwinding and its destruction is what causes the symptoms you see in someone with alzheimers disease
in a typical late onset alzheimers patient the amyloid accumulation starts in the mid 40s to late 40s
the tau unwinding and brain cell destruction starts in the early 50s to mid 50s

one harvard research says amyloid is the match that starts the fire and  the tau protein is the wild fire that leads to all the brain cell destruction

the tau protein damage goes from brain cell connection to brain cell connection like a wild fire does
its thought to be like an infection as it spreads as it takes over the brain

womens connections are different than mans and goes to different areas than in a mans brain
this wiring difference may be what causes the disease to be worse in women

women use more brain energy than men do and early on in the disease this may protect them from early memory loss

women who work in the paid work force from early adulthood to middle age tend to have less early memory loss later in life than women who didnt

of course
all of us men knew that womens brains were wired differently

the women also tend to live longer than men
as you get older your chances of getting alzheimers disease increases
most older folks over 80 are women

so whats a women to do

 exercise is important
walking as a form of exercise is best
walking at least 8900 steps a day seems to be the sweet spot for helping
on my iphone thats a little over 3 miles a day
aside here i many days walk 3 miles just staying active
i also read in one article that walking just over 2500 steps is where the benefits starts increasing

diet google mind diet

dont smoke

dont drink too much

if a person is at risk for alzheimers they can decrease the risk by 32% by doing these things above
add controlling heath issues like weight blood pressure cholesterol diabetes makes this number goes even  higher

so women
you are at greater risk
your brain is wired differently
what you can do about it is
those things above

of course
if you do then you will live even longer than men do but will be healthier

the alzheimers associations international conference on alzheimers was held this last week in los angeles
here is the link to read about some of the research that was presented

there may be a trend to push healthy lifestyles to be the new prescription to prevent or slow down this disease

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, July 18, 2019

organicgreendoctor: monsters under the bed

organicgreendoctor: monsters under the bed: MONSTERS UNDER THE BED this monster came crawling out from under our bed this last week luckily for my wife she she was out of town and...

monsters under the bed

this monster came crawling out from under our bed this last week
luckily for my wife she she was out of town
didnt experience how scary it was
didnt get to hear me yell real loud to scare it off
hear me throw a pillow across the room to impede its progress towards me

i woke up finally
my heart was beating fast
dont worry i said to myself
its just a dream
an aricept dream

now when my wife she is here she usually calms me down
that night this last week
i had to do it by myself
it was scary
real scary
so real
of course
i woke up

thats what living in aricept world is like

whats aricept
its generic version is donepezil

its used in alzheimers disease to slow down symptoms
the earlier its used the more effective it is
i started mine real early than most folks

i think if there was a side effect that would make me stop it
it would be the dream issue
so far the dreams are mostly pleasant except when the monsters come out from under our bed
thats when
i consider stopping it
i dont
i know it may really be the thing thats making me do so well 8 years later
ill just keep on dealing with these monsters

once i tried using cbd since there was some evidence it might slow down the disease
my dreams got worse real worse real violent real unsettling even after i woke up even during the day so i stopped the cbd
the dreams got back to just the monsters under the bed
i can easily deal with
though sometimes i scare the bejjeevies out of my wife she

the monster above at the top of this blog is actually from our closet if the door is open
its real tall and scary
if i keep that door closed it doesnt come out
then this one
it comes out of the tv sitting on our small dresser
it has two lights on it that look like two monster misshapen eyes
moving forward to get you as you wake up
real scary
i must add at 200 am when you come out of a deep sleep in the attack mode
yelling and throwing pillows

this morning i am glad i didnt have a monster under the bed last night
luckily for me i woke up early before it escalated to them attacking me
i just got up
kicked the pillow on the floor
take that i said under my breath
as i went to the bathroom
i laid back down
went to sleep
finished the dream without those monsters

ill admit
monsters cant come out from under our bed since it sits on the floor like those beds in the hotel rooms
its a dream so you can change things if you want

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

organicgreendoctor: my story revisted 12

organicgreendoctor: my story revisted 12: MY STORY REVISITED 12 i made a decision after i was diagnosed with mild cognitive impariment amnestic type due to alzheimers disease that ...

my story revisted 12

Image result for organicgreendoctor
i made a decision after i was diagnosed with mild cognitive impariment amnestic type due to alzheimers disease that i would be open and freely talk about my diagnosis and how it affects my life and my familys lives
if you dont believe me just ask me about alzheimers disease and ill tell you more than you want to know
you know like if you ask an old guy about something he just goes on and on and wont stop
well thats me

i have three perspectives of alzheimers that are mentioned in this blog 8 years ago

now we had seen this disease up close and personal with them and my mother
we knew what we were up against

i also got permission from my younger brothers family to freely talk about his disease and got permission from my older brother to freely write about his workup and diagnosis
they both said sort of the same thing
if it helps someone else please do it

in my case i knew a lot more than some since i was a physician who had treated a few patients with alzheimers and had the knowledge to read and understand articles and research on the disease
you as ive learned can read about things and think you know about it and when it hits you its not quite like you thought
my wife she and i will learn
as my wife says in the video that was done by the university of texas alzheimers center we take one day at a time
we are preparing


i wanted to tell my story because it is therapeutic for me and for my wife she
at the same time as you follow my story you will be educated on alzheimers disease such that you will know more about the disease than most people do and more than most doctors know and more than i knew 2 months ago
hopefully you will know what evaluations need to be done if you or a family member should show signs of the disease

i have been on three sides of the alzheimers picture as a doctor treating patients now as a patient being treated which i dont like being a patient very much
as a family member dealing with a mother and close relative with the disease 
so i have seen all sides of the story of alzheimers disease

i hope not to make the mistakes with my wife she and i that were made along the way dealing with the disease previously

this disease will partially overwhelm the medical system in the near future as more and more baby boomers age

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

organicgreendoctor: tomato heaven

organicgreendoctor: tomato heaven: TOMATO HEAVEN recently i went to an organic farmers market near a friend we visited in north texas now when i left california i felt rea...

tomato heaven

recently i went to an organic farmers market near a friend we visited in north texas
now when i left california i felt real proud of my tomatoes
i saw the ones he grew
in the picture above are early girls and celebrities that i recently harvested
his were larger than mine
mine were tennis ball size
his were softball size
same type of tomato
big difference in size
ill explain below

as an aside he said you know i use to raise rice and soybeans in east arkansas
now this will make you feel good about what stuff gets sprayed on our food
he said you know that agent orange stuff
well when the military banned it the us government let us spray that stuff on our crops for another 8 years as the generic version of agent orange

on my trip someone i know said yep when i was younger i would spray that stuff around our soybeans
my leg would be blistered at the end of the day on the side i sprayed as i rode a horse around the crops
the horse had no hair on the side i sprayed on

makes you feel good about our food supply doesnt it

he the farmer told me he decided to quit farming that way and moved to north texas and started a smaller organic farm making a living doing it

we used his tomatoes and other veggies as gifts as we traveled to visit folks
that way we got to eat the veggies and matters as we drove around visiting

these tomatoes of mine the early girl and celebrity are two varieties that grow well here and obviously well in texas

i started them as 4 in plants i purchased at the ace hardware here
i potted them up to a 3 gallon pot and kept them on my porch and living room for a month
thanks to my wife she for putting up with this movable bunch of plants
the first week of march i planted them into my garden
originally i planned to plant 6 tomatoes but i ended up with 9 plants
two of them nature planted for me
one appears to be a heirloom plant the other a roma plant

i wrapped the early girl tomato cage with thick row cover to keep it warmer
now it doesnt freeze here but this tomato would get warm and toasty during the day
this early girl outgrew the others by a lot
when i left for vacation it was about 10 ft tall and loaded with tons of tomatoes
what i did was harvest the largest green ones off the plant
i would estimate around 20
i wrapped them individually with newspapers
put them in a large reusable grocery bag with a banana to help them ripen
then hug it in our kitchen closet

when i returned from my trip
i unwrapped them and what you see in the top picture is what they looked like on my return to california
i also now am putting green ones on a platter topped with a banana then placed a newspaper over that to see if they will ripen that way

now on my return
all the tomatoes in the garden mine and the other gardeners got a fungus that killed a lot of the leaves and caused rotted areas on about half the tomatoes
i was bummed
even with all that i right now in my condo have about 70 tomatoes in different ripening stages
so i guess i cant complain

i removed all the dead leaves and rotten tomatoes and added fish emulsion and seaweed and molasses over the plant and now have a lot of new growth so im hoping for another good crop of tomatoes soon

why did it happen
well in texas and arkansas its hotter and sunnier in the spring unless you get too much spring rain
here in santa barbara well it dont usually get hot
we get in may and june a fog layer that moves in overnight and may not leave until mid morning to mid afternoon
tomatoes dont like fog they like heat and sun
they are susceptible to a lot of fungal diseases
you have to plant them farther apart
trim the leaves up off the ground a foot
cover the ground with mulch like pine straw to keep water from splashing up on the leaves
this allows air circulation
even when you do things right like this year you still get fungal issues from too much moisture on the leaves

even with all this i lost about half of my tomatoes
what are left healthy are red and delicious

in fact ive eaten so many tomatoes in the last week my mouth is sore i guess from all the acid in the matters
i eat a tomato cuke squash onion mixed green sandwich each day for lunch
a mixed green salad with lots of tomatoes
a sliced tomato on the side for supper
im in tomato heaven right now with more tomatoes on the way

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, July 15, 2019

organicgreendoctor: gift of life

organicgreendoctor: gift of life: GIFT OF LIFE this picture is mr h when he was younger this below is about granger smiths son river smith and his gift of life granger s...

gift of life


this picture is mr h when he was younger
this below is about granger smiths son river smith and his gift of life

granger smith is a country singer
his son drowned in a tragic accidental drowning recently
he was three years old

i was so happy when ms b learned to swim knowing that if she fell in she could get to the side of the pool and get to the steps
its mr h who has to learn to swim
we hope to dunk him in the pool some since he is back from his eventful washington dc trip

soon though when he gets his dialysis tubes put in his little belly he wont be able to swim until after his kidney transplant
we hope to let him enjoy the water until then

for him to get a new kidney it has to come from two sources

a deceased donor

like little river smith who drowned in that tragic accident
this child saved 2 lives with his organ donations
a deceased kidney doesnt last as long as a live donor
it saves a life
his familys donation of his organs saved two lives

so for mr h we are looking for a live donor since it will last sometimes twice as long
by then innovation eg may lead to other ways to grow his own kidney when his first kidney fails
so he could get a kidney that was grown from his kidney cells

the deceased donation is one of happiness and wretched grief
the live donation like this one in this article is one of happiness

recently as i stood face to face with someone who wants to donate their kidney to mr h
i told them
it takes a special special person to do this
i would give my kidney to mr h if i could qualify
i would admit im not sure i could do it to someone else not kin to me
it takes a special person to do that

toddler river smith saved two lives that day at dells childrens hospital in austin texas
please read his moms instagram posting in the article here
yes i teared as i read her posting
it seems i and others did a lot of that last week

organ donation is a gift of live and a gift of love
make sure you let your loved ones know that if you die you want your organs to be donated
i did tell my wife she to please donate everything that can be donated
my eyes
i wouldnt want someone to get iritis or my cornea that has a scar from that agave thorn and those lenses that arent good
everything else is ok with me
of course
my brain is already been donated to ucla when i die

many drivers licenses have on them a place to put that you are an organ donor

remember lots of folks die waiting for organ donations

go to organdonor.gov for information on donating organs

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, July 12, 2019

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-its in the blood

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-its in the blood: ALZHEIMERS NEWS-ITS IN THE BLOOD i am frequently asked why did they stop the aducanumab study that you were in at ucla well no one know...

alzheimers news-its in the blood

Image result for organicgreendoctor
i am frequently asked
why did they stop the aducanumab study that you were in at ucla
no one knows
hopefully the company will say something at the alzheimers association international conference meeting in los angeles this week
maybe we will all find out why it was stopped
there are guesses but no one knows for sure why

the company that did the aducanumab study is presenting data on a new study using an antibody that is similar to aducanumab but works on a specific spot on the amyloid proteins structure
hopefully they will say something when they do that presentation

we all want to know
we all deserve to know
they biogen has promised to tell us eventually

i have one more visit at ucla in two weeks to do the final exit visit which will mostly consist of memory testing
for me i can access where i am when i take these tests
in two weeks ill know how im doing
they wont tell me but ill know

i am still looking for a new study but have to wait until the fall to reenter one
my getting in is complicated by the fact that my memory is in the normal range now
its possible that my amyvid pet scan for the amyloid could be negative if i got the real drug for those almost 30 months i was receiving the infusions
what that would mean would be i may not qualify for any of these treatment studies

i knew this when i entered the aducanumab study
i knew it was possible that i would be where i am now
i knew this the aducanumab might be my only chance to get an experimental treatment
that time has passed now im afraid

i read today in an alzheimers article the author said
preventive care may be better than treatment for this disease
that means
take care of all those alzheimers risk factors now when you are younger and it may be better than any drug being developed

i also read usc researchers say that anything you do that can help your blood vessels will help fight alzheimers
exercise diet weight control blood pressure control cholesterol control stop smoking dont drink too much you know all those healthy things we should all be doing

researchers know have developed a test a blood test maybe just a drop of blood blood test that will identify if you have alzheimers even before you have symptoms
it measues the biomarkers that are the gold standard for diagnosing alzheimers disease
they compared it to the biomarkers used now the spinal analysis of amyloid and tau and the amyvid pet scan for amyloid
the blood test was almost as accurate as those two tests used now

it is predicted to be available in the doctors office in 5 years

what do you do when you find out
until there is an effective treatment found
you do what that blood vessel guy said take care of your blood vessels
its like if you have really high cholesterol and you find out and you dont do anything about it
well you are gonna die from a stroke or heart attack or blocked arteries in your legs or an abdominal aneurysm or kidney failure
control the cholesterol and you will maybe die of old age
be it
with this new alzheimers blood test
you be positive
you need to take real good of your health

that seems to be the answer to alzheimers diabetes high blood pressure heart attack stroke maybe cancer
take care of your health
when you are young

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, July 11, 2019

organicgreendoctor: mr hudson does washington dc

organicgreendoctor: mr hudson does washington dc: MR HUDSON DOES WASHINGTON DC thats mr h peeking over trumps head in the arms of his mom his dad is looking down from above mr h i must ...

mr hudson does washington dc

Image result for hudson nash kidney disease
thats mr h peeking over trumps head in the arms of his mom
his dad is looking down from above mr h

i must say mr h did quite well for having to stand up on that stage for over an hour
luckily for all those up there that he is a good natured happy kid
lucky for him that he is that way since he has to endure a lot and will endure more in the future

when we were driving on our recent trip back to arkansas for our family reunion his mom texted us the speech that she gave during the ceremony shown on tv yesterday
as i was driving my wife she read it to me
i had to pull off the freeway since i was so blurryeyed i couldnt drive
i did the same yesterday again when i listened
i did it again last night sitting in the airport waiting for our plane to leave
im sure those folks around me was wondering why this greyheaded man with earbuds on looking at his iphone was crying

this means a lot
to hudson now and as he gets older
to all those affected and those who will be affected by kidney disease
some of you and your family will be affected also

when i heard about this new kidney plan
i was skeptical i must say
another government plan blah blah blah
if theres a chance it would help hudson i said then ill check it out
the folks from washington sent a lot of stuff to read
i sat down with my pen and paper to take notes
i started to read what was being proposed
as i sat there the first thing i wrote was
this looks likes something the democrats would do

then as i read further
the affordable care act set all this up
a czar for medicare and medicaid services for innovation was established
the latest one is standing to the right of the group
he is the bill gates of health care

this czar established by the affordable care act yes ie obamacare is able to act somewhat independent without so much interference from congress and the political system
they can be innovative think out of the box as needed
something politics sometimes wont allow

so this new czar was the right person at the right time to do this job

this kidney plan should be nonpartisan
i do worry that politics will be involved here
the democrats might oppose this since trump stands to gain politically
the republicans might oppose this since it sort of look likes what the democrats might propose

some things should be bipartisan
immigration should be but its not
womens and child health

this one kidney failure definitely is one of these bipartisan issues

so after doing a lot of reading and listening to presentations by the hhs secretary and the czar i feel like i can fully support this

we should see more live kidney transplants
less folks having to go to dialysis center since folks will be encouraged to do home dialysis
more financial support to those involved especially the live kidney donor
a new innovative way to pay for kidney treatment
an organization called kidney x has been set up made up of private groups kidney organizations and the department of hhs to provide money and to promote innovation in kidney care
the first research monies were recently awarded to researchers
one goal is a wearable dialysis unit
maybe one day they can 3d print a person their own kidney

medicare pays for a lot of the care for kidney disease no matter the age
hudson can get on medicare two months after starting peritoneal dialysis
he will remain on it for two years after his transplant
he has private insurance that will cover the bulk of the cost

its about time this is happening to our healthcare system
just a few months ago they did a similar plan for primary care as an option on medicare

what if we attacked all diseases like this new plan attacks kidney disease

yes as of now im all in

as i watched and listened i mostly watched hudson during the presentations
hudson did something for me
i know he was sending me a message
he got a hold of his dads alzheimers purple bracelet and played with it for a long time

i got the message
we are in this together these battles

to watch the full ceremony including his moms speech you can
click here 

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

organicgreendoctor: mr hudson will be the face of kidney failure today...

organicgreendoctor: mr hudson will be the face of kidney failure today...: MR HUDSON WILL BE THE FACE OF KIDNEY FAILURE TODAY mr h will probably be up soon ready to eat then get dressed for his big day today he w...

mr hudson will be the face of kidney failure today


mr h will probably be up soon ready to eat then get dressed for his big day today
he will be wearing this nice blue bow tie
my favorite color i must add

im not suppose to write about it
first i googled donald trumps schedule today
here is what it says
1110am est he will deliver remarks and sign an executive order to advance american kidney health

i said to myself as i read this
you know mr h is going to washington today to be the face of kidney failure
they have to be related

on politico up jumped yesterday this article on the same thing
i read it

so i put 2+2=4
i know now where hudson will be today at 1110am est
his mom is suppose to give a short statement on hudson and his condition
we plan to be tuned to cspan and the national 24 hr news channels ie fox news cnn msnbc to see if we can watch it live
if not
we will watch it delayed on the internet
links to be posted tomorrow with my thoughts on this

mr h your journey starts today

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

organicgreendoctor: mr hudson is on his way to washington dc today

organicgreendoctor: mr hudson is on his way to washington dc today: MR HUDSON IS ON HIS WAY TO WASHINGTON DC TODAY as you can see he will be all dressed up for the kidney event he is going to tomorrow hint...

mr hudson is on his way to washington dc today


as you can see he will be all dressed up for the kidney event he is going to tomorrow
maybe tune in to a 24 hour news channel around 1100 am est
if its not done live i will post links to it the next day
it could be on the national news wednesday evening

i have been asked by those involved to not write about more specific reasons for the event
afterwards i can write all i want to
thats why we i have been vague about why he is going to washington dc today

he has flown before about 6 months ago to a wedding in new orleans
he is going to advance his cause and others with kidney failure on this trip

besides the question of why we are being vague
the other most common question is
when will he get transplanted

when he gains a few more lbs around 4 lbs now i think he will be eligible to be transplanted
that should happen in the next year most likely
when he meets that magic weight he will get it unless he is doing well
if he is stable growing good eating well they will wait until there are downward changes

remember kidneys donated from
a cadaver donor only last 10-15 years
a live donor will last longer like 15-20 years

each year you can wait as long as the patient is doing well the longer it will be until the second transplant has to be done

this fall hudson will get his tubes put into his belly to ready him for home peritoneal dialysis which he will do until he gets his transplant

the longer you do peritoneal dialysis the greater chance of damage being done to the body
its a fine line deciding when to transplant

so for now
hudson is doing some traveling today
tomorrow he can do what he can and his family to advance the cause for better kidney care

i as a proud granddaddy couldnt be prouder of him and his family

go hudson go

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, July 1, 2019

organicgreendoctor: mr hudson goes to washington dc

organicgreendoctor: mr hudson goes to washington dc: MR HUDSON GOES TO WASHINGTON DC this cute face could be on national tv soon keep reading to know why he is going to washington dc read...

mr hudson goes to washington dc


this cute face could be on national tv soon
keep reading to know why he is going to washington dc
read his story below

this is mr h that i have written about several times since he was born 10 months ago
he had an early rough start for the first two months but has improved since

his name is
hudson joseph william nash
joseph after his maternal grandfather who passed before he was born
he would i am sure be so proud of mr hudsons toughness and good nature dealing with all this
william named after his paternal grandfather
that would be be the organicgreen doctor
yes he has been in the garden multiple times in his lifetime
as an aside his sister ms b was born by csection with a bag of my texas country n soil in a baggie lying under the surgical table
hudson well thats one of those millennial or generation x names

he was born early at 34 weeks by csection since he was found to have totally obstructed kidneys that as it turned out left him with chronic kidney failure or chronic kidney disease
his initial 6 weeks were pretty rocky
once i told my wife she that ms b needs to be brought into the nicu to see him even with all those tubes everywhere since i thought he wasnt going to make it
he was in kidney failure and heart failure
with treatment he lost almost 2 lbs of fluid caused by diffuse edema
he is a tough little bugger
the heart thing totally cleared
in fact he recently got a clean bill of health on his heart
he is otherwise a normal 10 month old doing what a child who was 6 weeks premature should be doing
laughing playing standing trying to talk eating well

as i say and others say when they see him
you would never know anything was wrong with him

he is in kidney failure
he takes a shot of epigen every 10 days to stimulate his bone marrow to make red blood cells
this hormone is made in the kidney
he takes a shot of growth hormone every day or he will whenever it gets approved by the insurance company to make sure he grows appropriately
he makes enough of his own growth hormone
his body becomes resistant to growth hormone so he needs more to keep his growth up
he use to take a blood pressure medicine called nifedipine or procardia three times a day for his blood pressure but he is off that now
he takes an antibiotic keflex or cephalexin to prevent a kidney infection since he has severe urine reflux that could damage his kidneys
he takes a strong salt solution called sodium chloride or nacl since his kidneys cant keep enough salt in his body
he takes sodium bicarbonate known as baking soda to keep his bicarb levels up
he takes a special prescription of calcium to maintain a normal calcium and phosphorus levels and vitamin d level

he has been on breast milk since he was born even though mom has to work every day during the week
this will be used as long as the milk supply holds up
breast milk works best for kids with kidney failure
its funny how a womans body knows how to make that milk just right
he is eating well for his age
he seems to me to be developmentally normal for his true age which right now is 9 months old

yes he looks like a normal baby
he is in kidney failure
he probably will start dialysis in a few weeks and will soon be put on the transplant list at cedars sinai in los angeles
waiting for a donor from this list may take up to 2 years
the longer one stays on dialysis the more damage can be done to the rest of the body
they would like to see him get a live donor instead
a live donated kidney can last twice as long as a donor from someone who has died
yes he can take an adult kidney if its not too big
hudson has to weigh 23 lbs to get his transplant
he weighs 18+ lbs now

when he does get transplanted he will be one of 68+-  kids under 4 years of age that get a live donor kidney transplant each year

his kidneys are slowly deteriorating
his bun which is a kidney function should be less than 15
his is 44
when it gets to 50 he will start dialysis until he is transplanted

he will have to have catheters placed in his belly
he will be in the hospital for a week or two
his parents and hopefully my wife she and i will learn how to do all that so he can have home dialysis

two things are going for hudson
he is healthy otherwise
he has such a sweet happy disposition

why is he going to washington
well in about two weeks look for him to be on the national news
he and his parents are going there
she his mom will talk at an event there
Hudson may be the representative sort of the poster child or face of chronic kidney disease
especially pediatric kidney disease

when the details of when this happens is known i will post it here and on facebook so that you can see cute little hudson in his little bowtie and suit

our goals in all of this are

1  to publicize hudsons case hoping for a live donor
since sometimes parents and family dont match up
he may need a non family member kidney
it helps to have several donors lined up so the best match is used
luckily for hudson he is a universal recipient being ab+

his grandparents are all too old
his dad is probably too big well not probably is too big
so that leaves his mom who is not tall
but its always possible that she wont match
plus they would like to save her for his transplant in his teenage years when he will probably have to have his next one
so they would like to hold her kidney in reserve for future use

once you get in the teenage and beyond years the wait for kidney donations start lengthening like to 8-11 years or longer
1 in 4 folks on the donor list die before they get a kidney

2  to find live kidney donors for other patients

3  to stimulate interest in live kidney donation and or other organ donations
since hudson is an infant he gets moved up on the donor list but it can still take up to 2 years
to get a kidney that way

4  to stimulate interest in chronic kidney failure or chronic kidney disease especially in kids

5  to stimulate interest in potential new kidney health care in the united states that may be soon proposed that will need bipartisan support

 here is hudsons facebook page

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