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Thursday, July 11, 2019

mr hudson does washington dc

Image result for hudson nash kidney disease
thats mr h peeking over trumps head in the arms of his mom
his dad is looking down from above mr h

i must say mr h did quite well for having to stand up on that stage for over an hour
luckily for all those up there that he is a good natured happy kid
lucky for him that he is that way since he has to endure a lot and will endure more in the future

when we were driving on our recent trip back to arkansas for our family reunion his mom texted us the speech that she gave during the ceremony shown on tv yesterday
as i was driving my wife she read it to me
i had to pull off the freeway since i was so blurryeyed i couldnt drive
i did the same yesterday again when i listened
i did it again last night sitting in the airport waiting for our plane to leave
im sure those folks around me was wondering why this greyheaded man with earbuds on looking at his iphone was crying

this means a lot
to hudson now and as he gets older
to all those affected and those who will be affected by kidney disease
some of you and your family will be affected also

when i heard about this new kidney plan
i was skeptical i must say
another government plan blah blah blah
if theres a chance it would help hudson i said then ill check it out
the folks from washington sent a lot of stuff to read
i sat down with my pen and paper to take notes
i started to read what was being proposed
as i sat there the first thing i wrote was
this looks likes something the democrats would do

then as i read further
the affordable care act set all this up
a czar for medicare and medicaid services for innovation was established
the latest one is standing to the right of the group
he is the bill gates of health care

this czar established by the affordable care act yes ie obamacare is able to act somewhat independent without so much interference from congress and the political system
they can be innovative think out of the box as needed
something politics sometimes wont allow

so this new czar was the right person at the right time to do this job

this kidney plan should be nonpartisan
i do worry that politics will be involved here
the democrats might oppose this since trump stands to gain politically
the republicans might oppose this since it sort of look likes what the democrats might propose

some things should be bipartisan
immigration should be but its not
womens and child health

this one kidney failure definitely is one of these bipartisan issues

so after doing a lot of reading and listening to presentations by the hhs secretary and the czar i feel like i can fully support this

we should see more live kidney transplants
less folks having to go to dialysis center since folks will be encouraged to do home dialysis
more financial support to those involved especially the live kidney donor
a new innovative way to pay for kidney treatment
an organization called kidney x has been set up made up of private groups kidney organizations and the department of hhs to provide money and to promote innovation in kidney care
the first research monies were recently awarded to researchers
one goal is a wearable dialysis unit
maybe one day they can 3d print a person their own kidney

medicare pays for a lot of the care for kidney disease no matter the age
hudson can get on medicare two months after starting peritoneal dialysis
he will remain on it for two years after his transplant
he has private insurance that will cover the bulk of the cost

its about time this is happening to our healthcare system
just a few months ago they did a similar plan for primary care as an option on medicare

what if we attacked all diseases like this new plan attacks kidney disease

yes as of now im all in

as i watched and listened i mostly watched hudson during the presentations
hudson did something for me
i know he was sending me a message
he got a hold of his dads alzheimers purple bracelet and played with it for a long time

i got the message
we are in this together these battles

to watch the full ceremony including his moms speech you can
click here 

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