welcome to the organic green doctor blog

i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Thursday, June 30, 2011

yes even more wedding journey

remember as you read this that sometimes bad things
turn out to be good things

so here we go
this could be a real bad day
we have 5 people in a small one bedroom apartment with
one bed and just enough cushions from the couches to make
3 cushion beds
we are all tired and im real tired and running on 2 hours sleep
and still wired from being caffeinated last night
this is not going to be good

(my best medical school friend would call this something that
i cant post on this blog but my wife she and i and he
knows what those words are)

so we called around and this is summer soltace celebration here
in santa barbara and there are no rooms available anywhere for miles
except for one room at a resort hotel here for $475 a night so we
booked it as i decided if it was $1000 a night i didnt care

so that was done so i thought

well here we went with 5 people with not enough sleep
so now we have to go to a luncheon for the guys and then
go to this museum for a tour-yeh thats all i need is to do
a 3 hour museum tour with no sleep and being grouchy at the
same time

this is not what i wanted to happen the day before my sons wedding
we wanted it all to go perfect
(it did eventually)

so we go to lunch and have a great meal at an old cafe here in
santa barbara then to that dam musem

so why did he/she decide to send us to this dam museum today
when we are so busy (and now so tired)

we arrived to this building on the top of a hill overlooking
santa barbara
oh my goodness we spent 3 hours there and none of us wanted
to leave
go to google and google dreier museum santa barbara to read
all about this place
got to hold one of babe ruths bats and swing it around
got to hold one of michael jacksons outfits from his first music
awards that sucker was heavy, saw one of only two honus wagner
baseball cards that exists, got to touch multiple items that were
worth $1000000 and so much more that it was so overwhelming
its hard to remember it all
(and thats not an mci problem)

it was hard to leave because we wanted to see more or all of it
as we know we might never get another chance to visit as they
only let selected groups tour the place
(check a bad thing became a good thing)

well guess that rehearsal dinner is more important

we called to let the hotel know we would be later getting in today
so they said
what reservation we dont have a record of a reservation
well now here comes a low point as we were just getting off the big
high from the museum tour
later it got better

next we had a mad dash back to the 5 person apartment now with
6 people to suddenly get dressed and make the mad dash to the
that was a lot of fun but we dashed to the rehearsal and
guess what
we 6 were the first ones there

we went through the rehearsal  wihout any problems
what a great weekend for the wedding
the weather was and is perfect
this is important as it is an outside rehearsal dinner and wedding

survived the rehearsal now to to the rehearsal dinner
i just wanted to get that toast over
hope i go first

we called (that is my wife she called) the hotel back as they
were checking on our reservations
answer is sorry mam we didnt make that reservation as we have
been booked for awhile and we havent had rooms available for
awhile either
now that sucks big time
6 people in one small apartment is not going to be good
the night before the wedding

we went on with the rehearsal dinner and we have to be in a good
mood as we are the hosts

lets see we are tired, i have to give the toast, some of us dont
have a place to sleep tonight but we will make this work
remember mistakes here will last a lifetime

as it turned out a bad thing turned out to be a good thing
because during the rehearsal dinner as we were visiting before we
got to sit down to eat a friend of my older sons finances shes family
said if yall need a place to stay while you are here we have a
guest room and another room you can stay in
without knowing we needed a place to stay

well the stars are starting to line back up again

(to that couple and their son we want to thank them so very
very much for allowing us to stay at their place and probably
saving the wedding journey weekend for us
and to allow us to have met you which we would not have got
to know as well as we did if we had not stayed at your house
thanks so much to j m and d)

whoa what a change in things thanks to someones kindness
another bad thing became a good thing

now that problem is solved
now to that toast speech
i got up did my speech and toast without crying too much
i had edited out a line about meeting my now daugterinlaws shes dad
and how i wished i could have got to know him better
and how i wished he could be here to enjoy this happy event
because i couldnt say this part even when practicing it without
i added part of it though at the last minute as i felt it was important
to mention him as his presence was felt throughout the week

we had a great rehearsal dinner that night on that cool pleasant
night at that amazing my wet suitcase sisterinlaws shes house
she did a great decorating job and a great job of helping us
host this event and also she gave a great speech and toast

(to my wet suitcase sisterinlaw you are an amazing person
thank you so much)

(ok i apologize now for getting your suitcase all soaked when
your husband and i put wet plants in your suitcase on one of
your trips to austin-please forgive me)

so a bad thing turned out to be eventually several good things

thanks to the dreier musem and to my oldest sons fiance shes
good friends and to my wet suitcase sisterinlaw shes great hosting

next the wedding day
(hint it was a great day)

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

even more wedding journey

well it continues on
its all a blurr right now
guess it would be worst if i had 5 daughters

well today we got all all tuxes picked up and i was given
my bow tie already tied so all i have to do is put all of it on and
im ready

tonight we went to a wedding dinner at trattoria mollie (google mollie
on my google search button) as she is a good friend of my future
daughterinlaw to be  
interesting lady the blog on her tells some of her story
we had a great time
a fun group of people were there
ate too much
great italian food

had decaf coffee that i think was not decaf and when i laid down
to sleep i was totally caffeinated
so thats what its like to do speed
that stuff lasted for 24 hours

(i even did not drink any coffee the next am as i still had
so much caffeine in my system)

then the first roadblock of the wedding week
one of the groomsman got stuck with no place to stay at
the last minute
all rooms for miles were booked
so at midnight he arrrived at my motherinlaws shes apt (a small
one bedroom apartment) and we ended up having five adults
for that small space

dang that was like college days or a road trip with partying friends
i slept on the floor on 3 couch cushions and would have slept well
on them except for the fact i was totally caffeinated
got 2 hours of sleep

no problem though as all i have to do today  is go to a noon
luncheon, go to a museum tour (a museum tour why a museum
tour), go to a rehearsal dinner, and give the dreaded rehearsal dinner toast
(am promised that is the only time i have to get up and talk)
and have to do all of this on 2 hours sleep

boy am looking forward to this day
i need a nap bad
more later

the goal here is to have a great wedding, have a good time, meet
new people, dont make anyone mad, and in the end have the
wedding couple look back on this forever as a great week

(think that mission was accomplished at the end of the week)

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

more wedding journey

well its the second day of the wedding journey week
this is written the week it happened but is being posted a
week later

we were awaken by a thunderstorm that hit austin
i had to go outside in it and get soaked real good
dang that felt so good

then i had to practice my toast to the bride and groom a few
times before we got ready to go to the airport
think i have it down now and it is reduced to one page
my wife she made me get rid of some of the stuff i was
going to say
yes its now reduced to a kiss toast

we made it to the airport at 430 am to catch our 600am
flight to santa barbara
however i parked the car and got pretty wet but it sure felt
good considering all the droughty dry weather we have had
wore shorts sandals and a long sleeve shirt

when i got on the plane i reached in my pocket to get my
motion sickness pill
its one of those that dissolves in your mouth but it instead
dissolved in my pocket
was a long flight to phoenix but the ginger ale and slow deep
breathing helped a lot
almost thought i was going to ruin the flight for everyone on
the plane but
made it ok

got me some new pills in phoenix got something to eat and
took a double dose and made it to santa barbara without
making a mess in the plane

the pill came in handy later after i had a glass of wine on the harbor
overlooking the santa barbara beaches
i got real sleepy and took me a long nap so that i felt recovered
when i woke up

we then went to our wet suitcase sisterinlaws beach house which
sits over a bluff overlooking the harbor and watched a sailboat
gala near sunset

sure was a beautiful sight

oh and it is so cool here-weather wise-it was in the 50s when
we got here
first thing i did was change to jeans layered clothes and shoes

eat your heart out texans and those in hot weather

today is tux day lets see if it fits
and tonight is a dinner at mollies in montesito
you can google her or google her on my blog to read about her
she is a friend of my older sons fiance soon to be my
daugherinlaw she

tomorrow a guys sports museum tour and the rehearsal dinner
maybe can shorten that toast some more

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, June 27, 2011

wedding journey the last week day one

well its the last week before the wedding
its time and here we go
on monday
i prepped my garden-its all prepped
i mulched the heck out of it as it is 100 + here every day
i watered the garden well with my drip rainwater system
then i picked all my green tomatoes so that they would not ripen
and go bad while we were gone

we picked them all

and will scatter them out over a table and let them
ripen inside the house (this is what we do in the winter
when we pick out fall green tomatoes before the first frost)

lets see i got my tux (not my texas tuxedo) ordered and it
should be ready to pick up at our place of destination
santa barbara california

i even got my hair cut-i was told i had to do that
no use arguing about that as it will grow again

we have to get our animals all ready for us being gone for a week
will start that tomorrow

will have to move rainwater around so that we will have plenty of
water for our tank ponds and for our animals as they are all on
automatic waterers

now i have to give a toast at the rehearsal dinner to my son and
his fiance
it will be in front of about 60 people and will be at my wet suitcase
sisterinlaws house in santa barbara
if you know me very well you know there is nothing i hate to do in
this world than to get up and give a talk or much less a toast

but i was told i had no choice
so i reduced it to one page and
have totally memorized it and can say it in my sleep and even
say it backwards (just kidding) and can even do it in my
donald duck voice

tomorrow is house prep and packing day
more later

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, June 24, 2011

myths, duct tape, wedding journey

here are more myths from www.caring.com

3     alzheimers only affects the elderly
the vast majority of those with alzheimers are older than 65
the percentages double every five years over 65
there is a form of the disease called early onset alzheimers that
can stike most commonly in the 50s but can occur in the 30s

4     most people with alzheimers are oblivious to their symptoms
most people with alzheimers realize something is wrong
they are aware that they are having memory losses
(seems cruel doesnt it)

many of them appreciate help sometimes if done gently when they
make a mistake due to memory loss or disorientation
as the disease progresses and symptoms worsen their awareness
of these deficits decline

(please dont correct me when i cant remember  a name)

5     my parent has alzheimers so ill probably get it too
having a parent or a sibling with alzheimers(my parents and close
relative have it) does increase your risk for getting alzheimers
compared to someone without it in their family
family history only increases your risk slightly

the role of genetics in the developement of alzheimers is being

the gene apoe-e4 is one of three common forms of the apoe-e
gene for alzheimers (1 2 3 or 4)
everybody inherents a form of this gene
inheriting apoe-e4 from one or both parents is known to increase
the risk of developing alzheimers

there are also other genes involved in alzheimers besides the
apoe gene

most late onset alzheimers dont necessarily follow a genetic pattern

a test for apoe-e4 is available
i have had this done and will post the findings in july
most genetic counselors and doctors dont recommend routine testing
i wanted to know where i stood so ive had it done

you can put duct tape on your broken nose piece or on a broke
ear piece of your glasses
if your glasses are grey no one may notice

while getting ready for our wedding journey i got out my suit
and took a piece of duct tape and rolled it into a circle
then used it to clean off the lint off my suit

well we are nearing the end of our wedding journey
starting on monday i will post my daily musings each
day of that final week

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, June 23, 2011

the glasses

so i wear glassses
and i am unable to wear those new lenses that will
turn into sunglasses when you go outside
i hate clip ons as im always losing them

so i found these sunglasses that i liked a lot
they fit right over my regular glasses

one day last year i was walking our two dogs to the
river wearing my favorite sunglasses
when we got down to the river it was real shadey so
i clipped them to my pants and walked up and down the river
with the dogs
as i was walking the dogs back to the house i realized i
did not have my sunglasses on
i reached down to get them and they were gone

i retraced my steps several times but never could find
my favorite sunglasses

fast forward several months

we had a retirement party for me at my house which was part
of our annual larrys weekend we had every year for the
employees and their families here at our house

one of the big deals is to walk down to the river and let the kids
all play in the river and catch minnows and frogs
as one of the kids was walking along the river bed he said
oh look here is some sun glasses

my wife she saw them and said oh my gosh those are his
long lost glasses

as you can see the glasses are covered from calcifications
from being under water at times for several months
i soaked them in vinegar for several hours and got almost all of
the calcifications off

we or i guess me and my glasses are lucky that we did
not have torrential rains that flood that river or they would have
been washed away

so i guess a bad thing (less rain) can be a good thing
(finding my favorite sunglasses)

well we finally got some rain yesterday
so thats what it feels like
knew if i irrigated my garden well that it may cause it to rain

am sure that the dry soil mulch and dry air will just suck up all of
that new moisture

a nearby city is going to stage 4 water restrictions here
as their water souce is about to dry up
the next step stage 5 is ever more restrictive
you can only use half of your allowed water use and no
outside watering is allowed

the next level is zero in that there is zero water left

as we have a rainwater collection system for our water source we
stay on various stages of restrictons 24/7
we now have 3-4 months of water left so hopefully well get more
rain before then
what if everbody restricted their water use like we do
maybe water would not be as much of a issue

sure enjoyed going outside and getting soaked
more rain please

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

opie the pony. dictums, cws


so my white on white relatives wife is a cowgirl
she is also a principal at an elementary school
she did this for the kids at her school
this is her new colt opie

enjoy this entertaining and cute video
if you have kids or grandkids theyll enjoy this one

so my white on white relative has these dictums
that he posts every year and sends out to all our relatives
so here is his dictums
i think they are all self explanatory

1   take care of your tools
i have a rake that i bought when i was in medical school
it still works well and has the original handle on it

2   dont spend windfalls
save them and over a life time they will accumulate as
monies needed later in life

3   be a turtle not a hare
if you dont know what this means then read the kids story

4   respect the life cycle
i am realizing how important this one is now

ok the aggies and longhorns are out of it
the cal bears look good
they are on a mission

florida though looks pretty darn good though

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

planking, monkey pod vine, christmas limas, garden stuff

ok so my niece started planking on facebook
so i started reading about planking
so i thought i could do that planking stuff

maybe ill do organicgreen planking
so here it is

rainwater harvesting water tank planking by
the organicgreen doctor


the monkey pod vine is growing
see my previous blog about the monkey pod vine
it now is reaching the top of our
arbor which is about 8 ft high
more later


the christmas limas that i blogged about recently is growing
its now at about 8 ft
its a long way until christmas
wonder if it will outgrow the monkey pod vine

hope it produces a lot of beans
more later

that black stuff in the picture is a sun screen that
ive put over my tomatoes and peppers to give them
some shade from our oppressive 100+ heat

dont put your seeds in the freezer
put them in the refrigerator instead

be mulching your garden
i have a 4 inch layer of mulch on my garden
i use a dripper under the mulch
this way my garden doesnt lose as much moisture in
all this heat

when i recently harvested my onions i overseeded the bed with
black eyed peas
they provide nitrogen back in the soil and provides peas for us
to eat and will turn the vines back into the soil this fall

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, June 20, 2011

texting ok, too big, docs vs nri, teachers pay, sports

so he could be our president
thats scary
he vetoed the texting while driving bill
so now you can text while driving
that should make things safer in texas now
dont know how many times ive dodged people
texting while they are driving

texting while driving is a right
wonder what else would be done if he was president
wonder what else hell do to protect us from big government

so watched too big to fail last night
that was scary also
realized how close we came to the brink of disaster and how
close we came to another big depression

it was nauseating to watch
the people who screwed up made off with all our money

at least they have enacted legislation to prevent all this from
happening again and all those responsible got justice done to them
oops nothing has been fixed

this all developed under both the republican and the democratic
administrations so they are both to be blamed

how come we arent all mad about this

where will elizabeth warren be when we need her the most

as a family physician seeing a lot of kids one of the things i
talked about with parents was gun safety with kids
keep them locked up or keep them
out of the house(the guns not the kids)

we all have seen the stories of kids shooting themselves or
their friends or family playing with loaded guns

now its is illegal in florida to have that talk with parents by their
childs doctor
doctors can be jailed for doing this

something doesnt seem right with all of this

teachers always seem to get screwed by the system

now in our state a law is being passed that will allow the
districts to lower teachers pay (aint it low enough as it is)
and to furlough them during the school year without pay

dont like golf
dont play golf
but i like sports and like to watch good players play
loved to watch tiger play before his life fell apart

watched the us open with mcllroy winning yesterday
its hard to believe that guy that looks like opey is that good
was glad he came back from his last disastrous outing to win
golf needs him

cws is in full swing
the florida gators are a batting machine
their 9th batter is better than a lot of teams best hitters
if they have other good pitchers they could win this year

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, June 17, 2011

myths, duct tape, hotndry

these are 2 of the myths of alzheimers from www.caring.org

myth 1
mom cant have alzheimers she remembers all kinds of things
alzheimers affects recent learned and recent memories
memories from the long past may not erode until the middle
stages of the disease
commonly recently diagnosed patients will recall things in the past
quite well

there are good days and bad days
sometimes they can appear normal
they also learn to cover up embarrassing signs of the disease
like disorientation or memory loss

myth 2
if you live long enough youll get alzheimers
alzheimers and dementias arent inevitable as you age
we all forget things
but not everyone develops a brain disorder that affects
thinking ability, memory, judgment, and eventually personality
and behavior like alzhiemers does
millions of people reach the 70s 80s 90s with good memories and
relatively little decline in their mental abilities

what do i notice
remember im early in this process
much earlier than people usually know they have it
probably very few people have known they have it this early

my problem is in short term memory loss that shows up on
several mental status exams ive taken in the last few months

when doing this blog today i had to print out these myths and
have them right in front of me as i cant read the myth on the
computer and then go to my blog editing page because i
cant remember what i just read
i compensate by printing it out so i can refer to it as i write
this does affect me in my day to day life but not where anyone
but me notices it
if i was practicing right now this could be a problem in caring for
patients-i could compensate like i do here but there is or was the
risk of making a mistake

the other thing i notice is that im not as detail oriented on my paper
work here at home as i use to be
if i dont stay well organized i could miss things
like appt times and bills that are due
i get my bills on my computer bank page so i cant miss them and
they are sent to my email address also
paper bills are always put in a red file so i dont miss them
if you had worked for me as a nurse you know that i would not
ever have forgot these things

some days i cant remember what i blogged on that day but thats
not every day
you know im the one that thinks these things up and writes them
down on my blog schedule

i know that some time in the future i wont be able to do this blog
anymore but its looking more like that may be a while

but i can remember things in the past very well much better than
my wife she does
i think thats why she and others cant believe i have a problem

its like this fog that is there that gets in the way that wont clear
like those we get here in central texas in the am that
arent severe so you cant drive but is still noticeable in the pasture
and creek streams

more myths next week

this is from one of my nieces facebook postings
thanks bt
duct tape is like the force-it has a dark side and a light side and
holds the universe together
may the force (duct tape) be with you

this is all not good
the last eight or so months has been the driest ever on record
for this area
most of the towns and cities around here are going to water
conservation measures and some are headed to severe
conservation measures

a town near here get its water from the river that runs through
the town however
the river is now a trickle and in a few days will stop flowing
now thats dry aint it

we need rain please

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, June 16, 2011

germans shine, light bulbs

well the germans decided no more nuclear energy for them
especially after the problems after the earthquake in japan
they will over 11 years replace nuclear power with renewable
energy sources

they made a huge commitment to solar energy several years ago
that commitment will be ever stronger now

there farmers use part of their pastures as solar farms
they get subsidies to put in these solar farms and make a
profit off the energy produced
its not much different than the subsidies given farmers already
in the us for raising crops or in some cases not raising crops

here at the country inn i would gladly donate 5 acres to solar panels
sure wish our government would make that same commitment

google has partnered with a company in the us called solar city
which will put in a solar system at your house and sell the
electricity to you at a guaranteed rate that is lower than
your electric companies rate with no outlay of money
the website is www.solarcity.com
or just google it

this is what the us should be doing
this is what the germans have been doing for years
hopefully well get there soon or well probably wait until
its too late

well the old light bulbs are going away
wonder if an old light bulb black market pops up
bet it does
americans dont like change

there is hi-halogen incandescent-which is like the old bulb
but is souped up with halogen and is only 25% more efficient
and is the cheapest of the new choices

there is cfl-compact fluorescent light-those are the spiral ones
they have traces of mercury and are 75% energy more efficient and
is second cheapest choices

then there is led-light emitting diode-uses a small semicondutctor
chip and is 85% more efficient and lasts 25 times longer
its also the most expensive
it generates much less heat

pay more now and pay less later for energy

knowing the black market though bet well see smuggling of
light bulbs into the us especially through mexico
sure our jails will fill up with people convicted for having more
than the legal limit of old light bulbs
bet the county we live in will do harsher penalties for those crooks
than they will in the county where austin is
lets fill those jails up with those crooks
thatll deter them from selling that illegal contraband

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

shes on our side, onion chimes

elizabeth warren
you should google her
she is on our side
whether you are a democrat republican independent conservative
liberal or moderate you should support her

she is head of the consumer financial protection bureau
so whats the problem with her
well she trying to truly protect us from THEM
you know THEM that screwed us all by almost breaking our
economic system
you know THEM that doesnt want elizabeth warren to be head
of this consumer financial protection bureau as she has done these
terrible things
she gave special counsel to multiple state attorneys in their
investigations of the robo signing scandal
she is the one who thought up and set up this consumer
financial protection agency that would protect us from all
the finacial shenanigans like predatory subprime mortgages
she has made bank disclosures easier for us to understand
she has made no more screwing the consumers by the financial
industry her top priority
she was influential in passing the consumer protecting dodd-frank
reform law

looks like the administration may let her go under the bus
there will go one of our true protectors against THEM

think about her when you dont have to pay all of those
fees for using your debit card, being able to read credit card
and  loan agreements
she was fought hard against using the tarp money from
bailing out the wall street fat cats as director of the commission
that kept an eye on where the money went

think she may have made THEM real mad at her

she will be missed if she is not kept
shes on our side

she gets to go in front of congress again next month
she stood her ground during the last one despite a brutal
you go girl
thanks for being on our side

so i plant onions every winter and harvest them every june
we store them for use through the summer fall and winter
this was a very good onion year
guess they like hot dry weather
of course i do use drip irrigation with rainwater whenever it
doesnt rain-which this year is a lot
i also use organic compost
this year all the compost i used i made myself
in my chicken composter

(whats a chicken composter-its the kiss keep it simple stupid
method of composting
just add the compost stuff into a bin the chickens can get to and
they keep the compost all mixed up for you and eat bugs and
seeds in the compost and add a little extra fertilizer to the mix
the only work i do is to shovel it into the garden)

i also added organic liquid fertilizer (used johns recipe from the
lady bug brand) every 2-3 weeks and added organic fertilizer every

this is what i ended up with-300 onions

so we made onion chimes out of them
well thats what they look like
chimes of onions

actually we take panty hose (buy cheapest i can find)
drop an onion down the leg then tie it off then drop another
one down the leg then tie it off etc
then we hang them up until we are ready to use them
we just cut off the bottom onion and the rest stay hanging
in the onion chime

just love the flavor of these organic green onions

the organicgreen onion doctor

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

flag day, bad e coli, cws


today is flag day
here is a good website that will tell you more than you
want to know about the flag
it is http://www.pueblo.gsa.gov/

flag day was officially established by a proclamation
signed by president truman in 1949 that made this day
the national flag day

go to http://www.usflag.org/history/flagday.html to read
more about the history of flag day

so that e coli that is causing illness is europe is a super toxic e coli

wonder if we have messed with mother nature a little too much
and we are paying for it now

different bacteria can exchange genetic material that makes
them more resistant to our antibiotics and a toxic bug can give
the genetic info to another bacteria and so it goes

saw a show on 60 minutes about a scientist that has developed
an artificial bacteria from scratch-he made the dna and genes
that make the organism work
thats scary isnt it

this new artificial bacteria may be used to make all kind of stuff

already e coli is used to make insulin, medicines, gasoline, break
down gasoline, eat algae,etc

sure could think of a lot of bad things that could happen from all of
this couldnt you
maybe stephen king needs to write one of his horror books about it

its not nice to mess with mother nature
she always wins in the end

whats the cws-its the college world series
its one of the few times i watch baseball on tv
used to like to play it or watch my kids play but
usually find it boring to watch on tv
however i enjoy the cws

this year both the texas longhorns and the texas am aggies are
in the cws together
they tied for their conference title
anytime either teams plays each other or competes in anything its
a great rivalry
sometimes it gets a little too passionate
it can ruin families, romances, split up schools, ruin businesses etc

(if you live in arkansas its the feeling arkansans have against the
texas longhorns and even though they havent been established
opponents in years the feeling of animosity still exists)

what a great cws it would be at least in texas if the two had
to play again to determine the winner of the cws

well see

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, June 13, 2011

dr watson i presume, new weatherman, bb

so watson the ibm computer that beat the humans in the jeopardy
contest earlier this year is now turning his attention to being a
medical doctor

wheres he going to hang that stethoscope
wonder if he recommends take 2 aspirins and call me in the morning

the ibm folks have fed all kind of medical stuff into watson
watson excuse me dr watson has access though to the internet
and using his 15 trillion bytes of memory he can analyze the
patients history
of course he cant shake the patients hand, pat them on the back,
interact with patients in a friendly way, read their body language,
and make decisions based on this information

guess he would be like some of those doctors that we all have
seen who are like a computer with no emotions or lack of bedside

there is a competitor called isabel that family docs can buy
the patient answers questions and isabel spits out the possible
there is a thing called the art of medicine that watson and isabel
cant duplicate

is this going to walmart medical care
just go up to the dr watson booth
answer those questions
get a print out and take it to the pharmacy or get those test ordered
or stick your finger in a hole in the computer and a blood sample is
taken and analyzed and youll get a computer voice with the answer

guess the dr watson ms isabelle could be available 24/7 though
maybe even be accessible by computer
could get the answer back via email, text, or watson voiced phone

you have diabetes eat this diet exercise and text me or email me
at 2am on sunday night what your blood sugars are

from her doctor it would be like this

sorry ms smith but it seems you have diabetes like your mother did
you remember the complications she had  
lets try to prevent them in you  
lets get your husband and children involved here also
know that you have a  lot going on in your life right now but this is
important to your health
lets send your to a diabetic educator and a dietitian and let us all
work together to see if we can get this under control
good luck see you in a month and tell your family hi from us

guess there will be no hows your mom , hows school, good
soft ball game, hows your kids, you look sad, why are you so happy,
you seem confused, you look like you are angry, you seem......
that cant be programmed

dr watson or will it be dr smith

well since im retired think i will seek some summer employment
think ill interview as the weatherman on one of the local tv stations

during the summer in central texas being a weatherman is so easy
heres all the weather report you need to give

its gonna  be hot and it ant gonna rain

well dirk made it last night
they finished off the heat at the heats place
dirk got mvp
sometimes to be champions you have to go through a lot of
how you respond to that adversity determines if you are a champion

not much different in real life is it

lets see if the heat 3 can overcome their adversity from losing
and see if they can respond to be champions

congrats to the mavs

the organicgreendoctor

Friday, June 10, 2011

the kit, walk to end, duct tape, bb

the kit
here is the kit in my possession
it is from a company that does specialized tests if ordered by
my physician
it does special tests for alzheimers

this kit with the spinal fluid that will be placed in the enclosed
test tube and mailed to them under ice will hold the answer
to what happens to me health wise for the future

i will undergo a spinal tap analysis for tau protein (a protein
in nerve cells that unwinds and causes a tangle of proteins inside
the nerve cells in the brain that keeps them from working) and
analysis for amyloid (a protein which is deposited in the spaces
between the nerve cells) which basically starves the nerve cells
so that they quit working and eventually die-thus the shrinkage
that occurs in alzheimers

they are both like a parasite that lays its eggs in the brains of their
the eggs sit for years then eventually hatch and grow slowly to
destroy the functions of the brain
it cant be stopped
it may be preprogrammed at birth
at least it allows you to live for decades before it takes over
many genetic diseases catch you at birth, infancy, childhood or
early adult life
the answer to the cure may be in that genetic control or
in interfering with the amyloid deposition or the tau unwinding

when the results come back i will either receive a gradually
mental death sentence that may take a few years to occur
(if positive may have a 90% chance of developing alzhiemers or
can receive a medical reprieve that may can give me a 10% chance
for the dreadful alzheimers disease)

the difference between the two is being able to function both
mentally and physically in my older years

that little box
that kit
it may hold the final answer
lets get it done

final reports soon

continue to support your local walk to end alz this fall
you can go to www.alz.org to find your local walk or
go to my organicgreendoctor.com team page to join my team
or to donate to my team (click on my team name on that page)
your kids need your donation and time

can be used to remove warts
can be used to hold cuts and lacerations together
can be used to hold a toenail back in place (ouch)
can be used to buddy tape an injured toe or finger
can be used to cover sucking chest wounds in the field
can be used as an eye patch

well the mavs pulled that one out at the end
win 1 of 2 at miami and dirk has his championship
could be another year wait for lebron for his

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, June 9, 2011

save electricity, no texting here, willies free, bb


most of the energy used to wash clothes is heating the
water so the solution is to wash with cold water
we do this out our house by washing and rinsing in cold water
of course we use rain water to wash our clothes

washing your clothes in hot water instead of cold water uses
as much electricity as leaving your refrigerator door open for
a year
now that puts this in terms where we understand the importance
of using cold water

also hot water shrinks, fades your clothes and they wont last as long

use a front loading washer as it uses 2/3 less water than a top loader
we switched to one of these a few years ago
as we are on rainwater for our water system we want to conserve
as much water as possible

or to be truly green get one of those things in the picture at the
top of this blog
yes a clothesline
i know those hoas ........

total electric power used each year for drying our clothes at
the country n is zero
they smell fresh
if done right dont need ironing
you get to get outside twice with each load
if you hang them out just before a rain they get rinsed again and
they feel even better when you put the clothes on

one draw back can be if you have a dog that likes
flapping clothes
we had one hes not at our place anymore who loved to go
after those big towels
flap flap flap he couldnt resist them

total investment needed to save over $300 a year is the price
of a clothesline

from article by michaelbluejay.com

if you have ever been to the alamo drafthouse to watch movies you
know what a great place it is to watch movies
foods good theres plenty of room can have a beer or glass of
wine with your meal

they tolerate no talking during the movie and no cell phones
going off
do it and you will be asked to leave with no refunds
its an absolute rule there

now add no texting during the movies
do it and youre gone

zero tolerance at its best

well willie got off again with a misdemeanor mj possession
seems like he had less than 2 oz in his buses possession
guess they may have lost some in the evidence room
no way did he have only that much

he just needs to get that mj rx from his doctor so theyll
leave him along

dang leave the king along
he almost had a triple double last game
he doesnt have to be the one to win all
the games
he if you watch him play does a lot of things
that arent stats that show up on the box scores

if miami wins tonight mavs chance are slim
if mavs win it may be tough for miami  to win
good series

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

wedding journey, russians are coming, bb

well the journey is continuing and is almost completed
this last weekend was the bachelor party
i wasnt invited

the rule was no tattoos and no hootchie hootchie girls
as far as i can tell that did not happen

do know that whatever my older son and my younger son
and his friends did wore them out
they slept off and on for 2 days afterwards

told my future daughterinlaw in jest that the tattoo was a
longhorn and was discretely done
she did not think that was funny
women are that way sometimes
finally admitted i was just joking

so my older son survived the weekend
he was worried at what may happen to him but
he said he had a good time and it was good to be
with old friends and his brother
wish i had been invited
although thinking back 40 years at some of my experiences
it was probably good that i wasnt there

next the wedding and its pregame events
more later

have worried about getting a viral attack on my blog
thought it happened the other day as i had gotten a huge
number of hits on my blog from russia
it was over a months worth of hits
looked over my control center and blogs and couldnt find
anything wrong

then i picked up newspaper and read an article about the bad
e coli that attacked people in europe and russia
it was felt to be from cucumbers in europe
i had written a blog mentioning cucumbers and e coli in the past and
thanks to google, bing, yahoo etc my blog was ided in their searches

felt much better after i figured that out
not a viral attack just a bacterial one

so on the bacteria veggie story
so russia and europe blamed the spanish and their cucumbers
for the contamination
later they blamed an oganic bean sprout farm in germany for the
genetically altered bacteria enterohemorragic  e coli that was
making everyone so sick
(just its name makes me nauseated)

now they dont know where its coming from
they sure have destroyed a lot of farms reputations
(remember the e coli scare in the us with the tomatoes
a tomato industry in fla was destroyed and they werent
the source of the problem)

was told it was not coming to the us so dont worry
well looks like its here now

my solution is to go out to my organicgreen garden and pluck my
armenian cucumber grown in my soil with compost from my
compost pile then
wash it off cut it into slices and apply vinegar and sea salt and
enjoy the flavor with out the worry of that e coli thing

no e coli here

this is a great nba playoff series
every game is close
now its 2-2 and its anyones game

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

garden porn, monkey pod vines, christmas limas, bb


so my wife she has a friend who
is very witty
she reads my blog a lot and
enjoys seeing pictures of my

she called those pictures
garden porn

so my medical school friend has a friend that has these vines
that grows along an arbor around his house in the summer
it takes over the arbor and looks so luscious

so we were talking and he said hey ive got a bunch of those
monkey pods you can have so you can plant them on your

here are those monkey pods

its the thing in the white cup that looks
an organism that you would see under
a microscope or something you might
see falling from the sky from outer space

here it is after its been planted for a few days

its the small string line vine in the middle of the picture
it sure grew out of that pod fast
then up that string
hope its not like one of those old horror movies from the
the 50s-the pods

will show pictures as it progresses this summer
hope it doesnt reach out and grab our cat

am a little concern since i cant find anything on google
about it
that means its not real and doesnt exist

so i read this article in a local paper about these christmas
lima beans that grow all summer and produce beans in the
so i ordered some
here they are

they are the size of my thumbnail
sure are pretty
so i planted them and they look like this

whoa they sure grew fast
they might outgrow the monkey not on google pod vines

supposedly they grow all summer and love the heat and grow
to about 10 feet long
then in the late fall you can harvest the beans and eat them
apparently they have a meaty taste and have a lot of
nutrition in them

hope they dont take over the garden like the monkey pod
vines seems to want to do

will post the progress of these vines as the summer progresses
hope we dont have another kudzu on our hands

lebron will have a great game tonight since
that reporter ticked him off after the game
am sure dallas will wish that reporter would have kept
his mouth shut

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, June 6, 2011

graduation-hope for the future, recovering drummer revisited, drummer duct tape, bb

so my wife she and i went to a high school graduation this weekend
after watching the students graduate, listening to the speeches,
watching videos and personally knowing many of the graduates
having spent time with them in my office discussing their plans
for the future i realize that these kids are being left our future and
it is being left in real good hands

these are our future doctors, nurses, teachers, professors,
researchers,ceos, politicians and maybe president
they are well qualified and seem more worldly and technically ready
for the future

i think they are ready and they will do a good job for us
you hear a lot about generation x and hear bad reports in the
news about how unprepared these kids are today but when you
spend time with them especially the brightest then
you know we are going to be ok

class of 2011 you were in the first grade when 911 happened
will that shape your impact on the world

class of 2011 you are our hope for the future

so this is the video that was on my blog last year
its about a drummer that fell down during competition but
managed to get back up and find his place and continue on
with the marching program

always felt that he should have gotten an award for his recovery
this band is one of the best in the state of texas
here is the video
he is the last white circle (drum) on the left

so i now have a great amount of respect for this drummer
he let me lift up that drum this weekend
dang that sucker is heavy

then he let me put it on my shoulders
the weight made me bend forward like i was kyphotic from
osteoporosis or was a stooped old man

it was so heavy i leaned back just to keep the big ole
drum up in the air
how does he march across the field with that thing on
how does he see where he is going
that big ole drum is in the way
its like having your windshield on a big old truck covered
with duct tape
i would just run over everyone

so as i was leaning back i turned to tell him that and i
knocked him over with that big ole drum

yep have a lot of respect for that boy now
he deserves an award

speaking of duct tape
so during competition this drum strap is white and shows up
against their green uniforms
everything has to be perfect you know for competition
tape, wraps, paints etc didnt work sooooo

when needed duct tape is always the answer
add that to the list

well it was the dwyane wade show last night
(his mom should have done a
spell check before she wrote his name on his
birth certificate)
heat now has the advantage
next game is must win for mavs

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, June 3, 2011

thanks blanket, indy winner,solar question, duct tape, bb


here is a picture of a quilt that was made by a volunteer
apparently volunteers from across the us make and donate
quilts to give to those of us who are involved in the research
study the adni-2 study

the quilter for mine is from laguna beach california
thanks for the good quilting and for the support

indy winner doug wheldon wore a loco for the
alzhiemers assoication on his jacket to show his support
for alzheimers education and research

his mom was diagnosed with early onset alzheimers at
55 years old
he has made alzheimers one of his focuses for educating
people about this terrible disease

a facebook friend wanted to know if you could store electricity
somewhere to use if the electricity goes off

you can store your electric production in large storage batteries
which are expensive and have to be replaced occasionally
with the batteries you pull electricity from them when its needed

most people opt to use the power lines as their storage battery as
the electric companies are required by law to allow you to do this
this saves on the cost of the total system however if the electricity
goes off then the system is automatically shut off to prevent
electricity being sent through the lines which can electrocute a
worker working on the damaged lines

basically im like you that dont have solar when the electricity is
off its off even if its sunny

when you read about people who are totally off the grid that
means they are using batteries only to store their power and are
usually not hooked to the grid

use it to repair panty hose
use it to make a clothes line while camping
use it to repair a watch band (did it once but when my
wife she discovered it had to buy a new band)\

use it to repair work gloves, work boots, hiking boots
(my wife she used some to repair her hiking boots once
while in big bend park as the nearest shoe store was
hundreds of miles a way
recently used it to hold my work boots sole in place as
the sole came off while in the middle of a construction

keep that roll of duct tape around

heat let that one slip away didnt they
mavs stole one
dirks finger didnt slow him down on that last play
did it

sunday game is in dallas
heat could be in trouble now

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, June 2, 2011

solar system, bb

a friend just put up a solar system on his house
these are the 32 panels on his south facing roof
this is where the electricity is produced as the sun
hits these panels

the electricity goes through this shut off switch
then proceeds on                                                                                                                                              

then it goes to this inverter which converts the electricity
to ac current for home use

then it goes to another shut off valve

then it goes to a pv meter switch which keeps up with
how much electricity is produced and how much is used
so that the electric company can monitor production and
either buy the electricity produced or give the customer
credit for electricity produced on his bill
eg if he overproduces electricity this excess production will be
held until he underproduces electricity
i think of this as the accounting meter that keeps up with it all
(the pv meter devise hasnt been installed when the pictures
were taken-he was waiting on the electric company)

then this is the net meter most of us have on our electric boxes
i get to watch mine spin backwards sometimes as will he
when he overproduces electricity

my system i have on my house will produce max 450 kw a month
his system will produce max 750 kw a month
thats if the sun shines all the time and the sun angle is ok

mine cost me $15,000 and i got no credits or discounts
thanks to the congress shifting those to other energy sources
at the last minute-someone else had better lobbyists
mine was placed in 2004
mine produces about 3000 kw a year

his cost $28,000
he got a $14,000 rebate from the city electric company
then he paid $9,000 himself
he got a tax credit for the rest
so he got a bigger system for almost half what i paid for mine
thanks to rebates and tax credits

his biggest problem was waiting on the solar company to
install the system
he chose one who was well established (same one i used) and
had a good reputation which means they were backed up on
their installations

he had no  problem with his hoa
he was the first in his subdivision to install solar panels and his
hoa was very anxious to do the first one to learn how to process
the request as they would like more houses to install them
not like a lot of hoas we hear about

the other problem he had was the delay in the electric company
coming out to install the pv meter
its not difficult to do you just plug the meter in after the system is
that took a few weeks of waiting just to get that done

now he is on vacation and the only thing on in his house is his
refrigerator so now his meter will spin backwards the whole
time he is gone
sure love to watch that happen on my meter
then when he returns from vacation he will use up the
credits he accumulated

there is not maintenance to the system once its installed
i have had the solar company out twice in 7 years
all related to lightening strikes which required replacing a
small $2 fuse

he also has sprayed radiant barrier paint on his roof in his attic
you can put your hand on the plywood roof in the attic and
it barely feels warm
you can stand in his attic at noon that day and not sweat
(this was on a hot day)

on the roof over his garage he installed a reflective aluminum
barrier that is rolled out and stapled in place
the roof there was cool to the touch

he also has a fan that kicks on if the attic gets too hot and the
hot air is sucked out of the attic

he has noted a significant drop in his energy use with this attic
reflective materials in the summer

would estimate that he will produce about 5000 kw a year of
electricity with his new solar system

wholl be next

if he mavs lose tonight they could be in trouble
if the heat lose tonight they are in for a long
battle as they have to go to the mavs american
airlines center for three games

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

tractor roundup, the answer-texting, 30k, bb


my neighbor puts new calves in his pasture every year
they get big over a few months
last time they were bigger and stronger than usual

my pasture is all native grasses    yum yum
two of them would just walk through my fence to get
to the good grass

my wife she and i would chase them out of there
finally got tired of doing this so........

got on my tractor and did an old fashion roundup
yahoo yahoo
did not know i was being filmed

just needed a good calf rope
maybe lasso those lower legs

none of it worked
he just ran right through the fence back to where
he belonged
he never came back though
maybe a grey haired guy on a john deere lawn tractor scared
the bejevies out of him

now the who (world health organization) has determined that
talking on cell phones with the phone in your ear-
you know like the guy at the airport that talks the whole
time your waiting for the plane and you have to listen to him or
at the grocery store in line while some lady talks about more
than you want to know about-
causes brain cancer
thought that was settled but now here it is again

guess texting is the answer now
would be nice for that guy at the airport and the lady at
the check out lane to just text

lets see texting while walking, texting while driving, texting while
shopping, etc can sure cause a lot of trauma

bet if they do a statistical analyis of texting and trauma and
injuries vs talking on the phone with the phone in your ear
causing brain cancer
bet that more deaths, injuries and mayhem will be caused by texting

maybe we should all just keep on talking on the phone and just
accept the cancer risk except for the airport guy and the grocery
store lady

30 K
have reached another milestone with this blog
over the  memorial weekend (the memoriable memorial weekend)
this blog hit the 30,000th viewing

this blog started on a saturday afternoon after a conversation with
my wife she and has developed into more since then

most of the viewers are from the united states but in order of their
total viewings are uk, japan, germany, philippines, russia, brussels,
luxembourg, etc

the most popular posting has been the last day thanks (12-22-10)
then the dreaded doctor visit (12-23-10) then mild cognitive
impairment (12-25-10) then hope for the future (12-21-10)

want to thank you the viewers of this blog

hope the blog generates an occasional smile and
provokes some thinking about what is going on around us

thanks again

well the heat burned the mavs
lebron is the answer
well see

the organicgreen doctor