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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

dont mess with a nerd


this morning i saw this video popping up on facebook
like i usually do i ignore these things but i noticed the folks posting it
they usually posted good stuff
so i clicked on it

i must say that belly laugh i had this morning sure felt good
ill be good for the day
ill be in a good mood all day
ill probably get caught laughing while driving while waiting in lines while just sitting around
hope no one thinks im crazy when i do

each year for the rose bowl those cal tech students figure out how to do some techno surprise
like messing with the scoreboard so it read cal tech 38 mit 9
no cal tech was playing a game but it wasnt football
another time they changed up the instructions for washington fans signs so the signs when held up said cal tech
theres more

so i always like those shenanigans cal tech did
those nerdy engineers tricking us
making us laugh
making us smile

so thats what this nasa engineer did when he decided to trick folks who stole packages off his porch
and others porches

this stealing stuff off folks porches is getting more prevalent

so if you want a real good laugh this morning
watch this engineer devise a package that hits these robbers in the nose
youll just have to watch it to understand
be sure and watch the repeats where he does it over and over again

just dont do this where your laughter will bother others

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

use another method

Image result for vaping
this npr article on vaping is a good one to read

when i was looking to use cbd in my battle with alzheimers disease prevention i was given several options to use to take it in
smoke it
vape it
use edibles like brownies my first choice of course or gummy bears
use a patch with it embedded in it
take a capsule

the reason you would smoke something or inhale it is that it gets into the system real fast
the same thing happens with sublingual medications where you put in under your tongue
ie nitroglycerin under the tongue can rapidly stop chest pain

taking it in orally and swallowing it can take longer for the drug to get into your system
since it has to go into the stomach to get degraded some before it gets absorbed
the effect from the oral version takes longer

using a patch gives you a steady state of medicine all the time
blood pressure meds hormones alzheimers meds nitrogycerin meds etc are used this way so there is no ups and downs of the drug in the body

now i didnt want to vape
i didnt want to suck stuff down into my lungs when i didnt have to
some meds like asthma meds work better that way ie asthma inhalers
i guess folks vape marijuana since it hits you faster

ive seen on the news lately where the vape pins all flavored up seem to be real popular especially with young folks
it does look cool to suck in that vape and blow that smoke out whatever that is out into the air
real cool looking
it taste goods

when i was young it looked real cool to puff on that cigarette like james dean did
hold it in for awhile
then blow the smoke all out
heck i learned how to make a train of smoke rings even getting a small one to float through a bigger one
man that was what cool looked like

is vaping better than smoking it like a cigarette or a blunt
yes it is better
i guess
the addiction is still there
there is a risk of long term damage to the lungs ie popcorn lungs
that doesnt sound good does it

why if they want to look cool and still get all that nicotine
just chew the gum
use the nicotine patch

they could wear the patch like a tattoo
maybe even draw on the patches to make them look real cool like

i watch those kids vaping
i see most are using one called juul

juul must be making a lot of money off those kids
hooking them for years to come

i guess we will have to wait a generation to see what damage has been done to those kids lungs
before anything gets done

so we may be raising a generation of kids and adults who have popcorn lung
have you ever seen a baby get a bad rsv infection
they develop the infection in the small tiny airways called bronchioles
the infection is called bronchiolitis

they have like a severe asthma symptoms of coughing shortness of breath wheezing

so popcorn lung is caused by a chemical in vaped cigarettes called diacetyl
its called popcorn lung since it was found in factory workers who made the stuff that put a buttery flavor in your microwave popcorn

vapers of cigarettes and i guess marijuana are at risk of developing popcorn lungs
its like a permanent version of bronchiolitis the babies get
except it doesnt go away or get better
it becomes chronic
sort of like
emphysema does from smoking cigarettes
emphysema affects the larger airways and air sacs
popcorn lung gets the tiney weanie airways

are we going to raise a generation of kids with this lung issue
are we going to stop it now before it gets worse

at least
get them to chew it or patch it
i dont mean chewin tobacco either
so they can breath as they get older
all you are dealing with then is nicotine addiction
dont let them start to begin with

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, December 17, 2018

its for roping not smoking

California Hemp Oil by BulbHead, Original USDA Organic, Unrefined, Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil Perfect Dietary Supplement & Beauty Oil
this photo is from amazon.com

hemp use to be used to make rope especially for ships way back when
president george washington use to grow it
no he didnt smoke it
well i guess he might have maybe he didnt inhale either

hemp and marijuana have the same scientific name
the difference though is they are different strains of that genus and species
cannabis sativa

marijuana tends to have more thc the drug that makes you feel good
hemp has less feel good and more cbd the drug that is more freely being used for different health issues especially neurological ones especially seizures that are difficult to control

way back in the 1930s a law was passed to make it illegal to grow hemp

supposedly because it was when marijuana became illegal to grow and use in the us
some think it was mainly political that hemp got included
something about nylon being made by dupont and there was a push by the power folks
now we call them lobbyists to block the hemp production so to eliminate the hemp competition to nylon
some say this is why hemp became illegal to grow

some say is commonly in the know of whats true you know

when you fast forward a few years
you see the tobacco farmers suffering in several southern states
like say kentucky

in kentucky they needed a new agricultural crop since the tobacco one was fading away
the kentucky politicians started working to get hemp oked to grow in the us on the federal level

the top politician from kentucky in power in washington
thats mitch mcconnell the head of the senate

he used his power and influence to get the approval of hemp production in the us
to be legal
this was all put in the big farm bill that just got overwhelmingly passed in congress
now it just needs a presidential signature

supposedly this will happen
kentucky and other states can legal grow hemp
but not marijuana
so federally you can legally grow one but not the other

hemp has a lot of cbd oil and very little thc less than 0.3%
its used to make ropes clothing furniture etc

there will be more cbd products become available now
hopefully more legal drug alternatives can be developed
something thats long been overdue

it does seem strange that when you look at the congress folks that voted for all of this
all were doing it for different reasons
most for the money crop involved
some for the social reasons
some for more medical uses
some hoping it helps open a new opening for legalizing marijuana on the federal levels since over half the states have at least legalized it for medical use

strange bed fellows
money talks doesnt it

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, December 14, 2018

alzheimers news-whats for breakfast

Image result for organicgreendoctor
i like the two cs

in fact i use to eat chocolate off and on all day
until i got put on aricept (donepezil) for my mci due to alzheimers disease 8 years ago
the donepezil interfered with my sleep
adding chocolate to that made the insomnia worse because of the caffeine

my compromise on the chocolate thing is if i have chocolate in the house that i need to eat
i eat it for breakfast
to stay healthy i eat my breakfast
then eat the chocolate as my breakfast desert
that makes me feel better that im being healthy

im always scouring news reports and research articles for things that may help slow down this disease
i look for things that arent complicated and are based on scientific research

here are two articles
article one
article two

article one
alexander spier spent three years in auschwitz and is a holocaust survivor
he was a multimillionaire who in his later years developed alzheimers disease
he had the type where you escape get paranoid delusional aggressive have anxiety pacing depression
this all worsened his last two years of his life
the antipsychotic meds he was prescribed didnt work well
the family moved him to a center that used marijuana to control his symptoms
it helped a lot
if you have had a family member who has experienced these symptoms as they spiral downward at the end then you know what its like
the prescription meds either oversedate them or dont work

after his death the family formed a foundation called the spiers family foundation
which now is financing some of the medical research that needs to be done on marijuana
to prove if it helps or not
the government cant or wont do the research that needs to be done
since marijuana is federally illegal

the only way he would take the marijuana was in edible granola bars

the edible that most people think of is the brownie edible
this is how i would try it as my morning chocolate
an edible chocolate brownie

an aside here
im reading a book written about my first cousins battle with alzheimers disease by her daughter
the biggest issue my first cousin had with her lengthy battle was the symptoms that mr spier had
she was institutionalized for awhile in a psychiatric hospital to regulate her psychotic meds which kept her at times oversedated
i wonder if the edibles would have helped her
knowing her family they probably wouldnt have used them on her

right now
im putting it in writing to my family
if i get all psychotic like she was or like mr spier was
give me my breakfast of coffee and edible brownie please

article two
this article is about coffee
it seems that dark roasted coffee whether caffeinated or decaf has a chemical that is produced in the roasting that seem to possibly lower the risk for developing alzheimers
in the study cited a 21 year study showed those who drank a lot of coffee like 3-5 cups had a 60% lower risk for developing alzheimers
thats good enough for me i say

ok so i was doing that anyway

here in a few minutes
i will make myself an extra strong brew of peets italian dark roast coffee
pull out my pieces of chocolates + a capsule of cbd
knowing that as i have this for breakfast
im fighting that war going on up in my brain
maybe winning a battle just a little up there

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, December 13, 2018

dont do it i said

Image result for cookie dough

she just looked at me
took a bite out of it

i said dont do it

she said

i said
two words why

e coli

now if you have read about food lately those are two words that most of us know
if you are one of the unlucky ones that got infected from eating contaminated foods
you would said the same thing i said
dont do it
its bad real bad if you get it

so my wife she was making cookies
there are two ingredients that are put in cookies that if you eat it as raw uncooked cookie dough
you can get one or both of these infections

known to sometimes get contaminated with salmonella
anything you eat from a chicken should be cooked well done cooked

it can be contaminated with e coli
a germ we all have but some versions can make you have the gis real bad
if you are young or immunocompromised it can kill you
as can the salmonella

in my medical career ive seen babies with salmonella meningitis salmonella pneumonia salmonella joint infections salmonella gastroenteritis
ive see babies die from it

i know
ive eaten cookie dough myself
before i knew better
not ever again

i dont like what happens if you eat it and get infected
it can definitely ruin a day and sometimes a whole week
or should i say runs

all i can say to my wife she as she makes her delicious monster cookies
dont eat the dough
dont do it

cook it first
ill take care of them for you

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

dear mr h-dont read or watch this until you get older


mr h you are now 4 months old
please wait until you are old enough to vote before you read todays blog

mr h has chronic kidney failure that is due to an obstruction that occurred before he was born that resulted in permanent kidney damage
this obstruction was relieved in just a few minutes after he was born
it was too late to save his kidneys
they are functioning well enough right now but will gradually fail more as he grows this year

now 4 months later
he is being added to the kidney transplant list with an eye to being transplanted some time after his first birthday when he gets over 10 lbs and around 23 inches tall
he has to be big enough to receive an adult kidney
the wait on the transplant list for a cadaver kidney can be over 2 years at his age
an adult may have to wait 10-15 years for a kidney
they get a live kidney donor

mr h takes
medicine 3 times a day to control his blood pressure
two medicines one once a day and the other twice a day to control his high potassium level
a salt solution nacl sodium chloride several times a day to keep his sodium level up
an antibiotic to keep him from getting a kidney infection
he receives a weekly injection of a hormone that the kidney makes that stimulates the bone marrow to make red cells
he takes a multivitamin drop each day

his blood pressure is kept normal
his potassium and sodium is kept normal
his blood count hgb hemoglobin is normal
for those medical folks his creatinine is 2.2

his growth is normal for his age
it is around 50 percentile for his age
he is the product of a tall day and a short mom
this growth needs to be maintain so he can reach his goal of an early transplant hopefully after his first birthday next year

if his kidneys fail sooner he will go on peritoneal dialysis using his abdomen
a tube is inserted into the abdominal cavity and fluid is ran in and out over 12 hours every day
this is done until a kidney becomes available
either by a live donor or a cadaver donor ie someone dies usually tragically and the family donates the persons organs so others can live

i certainly would want my organs donated that way if this happened to me
i cant donate my kidney because of the monthly infusions i receive and my age

an adult kidney can be used but it has to be a small one since it an adult kidney has to fit into a little toddlers belly

lucky for mr h he has blood type ab+ that makes him a universal recipient

lucky for the live donors is that people do just fine with just one kidney
many folks just have one kidney and dont even know it

below is a video of sarah hyland a star from modern family
she talks about her two transplants she has had

mr h will need one now then will probably need his second one in his late teenage or early adult years

ms hyland freely talks about what its like to get transplanted and what its like to be on dialysis
her story is what mr h is facing

for us mr hs family
this video is sobering
at the same time it is encouraging


the organicgreen doctor

Monday, December 10, 2018

the sound was out of this world

Image result for american flag on the moon in the solar wind nasa

i remember being glued to the tv and radio during the moon flights
one picture that sticks in my brain is
the one where the astronaut has stuck the american flag in the moon ground
the moon solar wind is making the flag flutter
in a slow motion way
but there was no sound with it

it is amazing to me that the space folks can lift off rockets to outer space
then land parts of it back on earth
onto a small area like a barge
like in a space movie

that happened last week when we were walking above the beach
see my blog on that what a way to go
then came the sonic boom later that i thought maybe was an earthquake
or something like that
it was the rocket landing back on earth just a few miles away
this happened this week

this is the recording from the insight lander on mars
it has recordings to monitor marsquakes
as the wind blows across sensors and solar panels you can hear the wind
thought to be about 10-15 mph

i listened with earphones and after the inital introductions i turned up  the sound as loud as i could
i swear i could feel my laptop and earphones vibrating in the wind
i felt like i was there

i also turned off all the lights in the condo and listened again
mesmerizing yes mesmerizing it was
i pretended i was there sitting in the dark
on mars
listening to the howling martian wind

its nice to escape this world with all our problems
just take a few seconds to forget about it

each time i did it i realized this was sound from our nearest planet millions of miles away
being transmitted via the internet to my laptop
then up into my earphones

just like i could be mesmerized with the moon solar wind on that american flag years ago
i am mesmerized by this mars solar wind

its an out of this world experience

who would have thunk it

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, December 7, 2018

alzheimers news-my alzheimers family tree

Image result for organicgreendoctor
yesterday as my son and his wife and mr h were driving down to ucla for mr hs transplant office appointment the topic of apoe 4 came up
i had just a few days before been down to ucla for my 3rd or 21st  infusions of the aducanumab experimental alzheimers drug
it was the 3rd if i was on placebo before
it was the 21st if i got the real drug aducanumab to begin with
again i really feel like i got the real drug to begin with

talking about this with them led to a discussion of the apoe 4 gene and what it means
could he have the apoe 4 gene she asked
he has the apoe 4 gene i answered since i have the apoe 4/apoe 4 gene
he probably doesnt have the double version since his mom my wife she probably doesnt have it
the same with his brother

an explanation is below
also if you look at all my siblings below my younger brother who died with alzheimers disease probably had the apoe 4/apoe 4 gene
if his kids asked me the same question
i would say yes you probably have at least the single version of the gene

should i get tested
no i said
it doesnt really matter yet
just take care of your health and it wont matter much about the gene
dont take care of your health and it will matter a lot

25% of you reading this have the apoe 4 gene
less than 3% of you reading this have the apoe 4/apoe 4 gene

this all made me start thinking about my family ancestry and how much dementia was in the family
so over time i have asked cousins and my two older siblings about aunts and uncles and grandparents and great grand parents if any of them had dementia
i knew there was a lot of dementia in our family i just didnt realize how much

i had never just put into a family tree before

so below is my family dementia tree
the D under a symbol means that the person has or died with dementia
some of the other relatives i dont know if they had it or not

when i looked at this family dementia tree
i worked my way to each one many i knew and many i didnt know
it when you see it like this seems sobering

ok so i cried again as i thought of my brother and mom and dad and aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents that had this awful awful disease
but thats ok if i cry sometimes

the eight symbols on the bottom right are me and my siblings
the one with the * and circle is me
yes i got that awful D by my symbol

the one next to me is my younger brother who was diagnosed in his mid 50s and died in his early 60s
the one on the end on the right is my older brother who was diagnosed a few years ago with mild alzheimers and now is fairly stable on his minimal symptoms
all the other siblings have been memory tested and are in the normal range for now

both my parents had alzheimers disease
my dad wasnt officially diagnosed but he had it when he died
my mom probably had the double apoe 4 gene
my guess is that my dad had a single apoe 4 gene
since i am double apoe 4/apoe 4 i got a gene for each parent
if my parents genes are as above then each of my siblings will have the apoe 4 gene
some will be like me and probably my younger brother and have the apoe 4/apoe 4 gene

should they be tested
no and yes
no it doesnt matter just take care of your health is the recommendation
yes if you want to know and if you really really really understand what the results mean
knowing does cause a momentary moment of melancholy but it did at least for me make me more aggressive in taking care of my health since the single gene increases your alzheimers risk by about 3-5 x
a double gene increases it by about 15-20 x

i had this momentary melancholy after i got my genetic results
again when i got my amyvid pet scan even though i knew it would be positive
then i moved on

have any of my siblings been tested
yes two of us have

if you look at my tree you will see that all my moms 4 siblings died with dementia
her mother my maternal grandmother died with dementia
her grandfather my maternal great grandfather mggf died with dementia

if you look at my fathers side you will see that at least two of his siblings died with dementia
some of his siblings i dont know their history
his mother my paternal grandmother died with dementia
he had two nieces and a nephew my paternal cousins that died with dementia

so you look at all the Ds in that graph you will see a lot of folks have dementia or died with dementia

it has to have a genetic component
my guess its the apoe 4 gene sort of known as the late onset alzheimers gene
it puts you at greater risk for dementia than those without the gene
the single apoe 4 gene risk is about the same as someone with diabetes who doesnt take care of their diabetes

things that accentuate the risk if you have the apoe 4 gene or the apoe 4/apoe 4 gene are
not controlling high blood pressure cholesterol diabetes weight exercise diet sleep stress etc
not controlling these if you have the gene makes it more likely you will get alzheimers disease
controlling these makes it more likely that you wont get alzheimers

if you have the double version it is even more important to be aggressive about your health

also smoking which was more prevalent in past generations also accentuates the risk for alzheimers especially if you have the gene

there are other genes that are being identified and will be indentified to put you or us at risk
these will eventually be available for testing in the future

for now
my recommendation is
should i get tested you ask
only if you are ready emotionally socially to handle it and understand what it means

i must say having my diagnosis and knowing i have this gene sure motivates me everyday

as i was writing this blog and reading about new blood tests for alzheimers disease i realized that my blood from the adni study and now with the aducanumab study is out there being studied at universities all over the world
i think since it makes me feel good if its true that somewhere in some university lab they have my dna or my rna or my blood serum and they are doing tests on it that will help discover either a test for alzheimers that we all can have done to tell us if we have it or if we will get it
they will discover some treatment for alzheimers that we will all get to use one day

that would make it all worthwhile if it was my dna rna or serum they used to make these discoveries
of course
i will never know if it was mine that was used

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

new treatment maybe

this drug that has been around for years is approved to treat this list of diseases or conditions

- Cancer associated with severe/chronic pain, nausea or severe vomiting, or cachexia or severe wasting
- Glaucoma
- Tourette’s syndrome
- Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
- Seizures, including those characteristic of epilepsy
- Severe and persistent muscle spasms, including those characteristic of multiple sclerosis
- Inflammatory bowel disease, including Crohn’s disease
- Terminal illness, with a probable life expectancy of less than one year
- Intractable pain
- Post-traumatic stress disorder
- Autism spectrum disorders
- Obstructive sleep apnea

this drug just got approved to also treat alzheimers disease since its been shown is some early research to possibly slow down the development of alzheimers disease
my approach with all this is if it shows promise
it wont kill me
it might help
im going to take it
the option is well right now theres not one

they approved its use for this condition
alzheimers disease

i guess you are wondering whats this drug that just got approved for use in alzheimers
it was marijuana

in minnesota since its passed its new medical marijuana laws which allow medical marijuana treatment of these conditions above

more will be added later

the ones that ive seen patients or friends use medical marijuana are
glaucoma its been used for this for a long time
pain if you talk to pain folks you will find that many of them have added marijuana to their treatments
chemotherapy side effects
loss of appetite especially from chemotherapy hiv aids
multiple sclerosis symptoms

if you look closely at these diseases
many of them are neurological
many are terminal or potentially terminal
many have inflammation as their cause
one pain has lead to opioid abuse which is the main reason our longevity in the united states has decreased the first time in modern history and has lead to the largest source of organ donations mostly from young adults

we need the federal government to get on board so that the research that really needs to be done on this drug can be done

in the meantime
what harm will it cause if you treat some of these diseases with this stuff
the alternative
there may not be one right now

i live in california
i obtained this bottle of marijuana softgels with 10 mg of cbd oil in them from a reputable company
thanks to california laws the regulation of this drug has made it easier to accurately dose this drug
i took them after i read an article that showed in animal studies that the cbd oil could lower the amyloid in the brain
true research in humans hasnt really been done enough yet thanks to the federal government but it needs to be done since this drug may help slow this disease down
in the meantime a lot of folks are using it for this reason
no it doesnt make you high since it has no thc in it

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

what a way to go

Image result for spacex launch vandenberg yesterday

yesterday after dropping our car off to have a routine maintenance done
i noted we only put 5000 miles on our car last year
i put almost 3500 on my car in the 18 months ive lived here

after leaving the dealership we headed to one of our favorite places to hike around here
its called the butterfly grove
its a large area of eucalyptuses that have become a place for the monarchs to congregate each winter
in the past there would be droves and droves of them
attracting lots of visitors each year
now not so much

with the drought a lot of the trees have died and fallen down all over the place
the local government agency that supervises the groves have put up signs saying that the trails through all the groves are closed off until its safe to go in there

also with the climate changing and its warmer and drier here the monarchs arent staying here much in the last few years

now my wife she and i havent always been rule followers
we broke the rules yesterday
into the butterfly grove we walked
yes there was a lot of dead trees felled and the trail was blocked in a lot of places
but a lot of other rule breakers had made a trail around these blocked areas
i wonder if they got arrested
no we didnt either

i felt like i was in the wooded area of southern arkansas
it was quiet except for birds and buzzing bees
yes we did see an occasional monarch fluttering all over the place
i stood looking up into those huge eucalyptus trees just wandering what a beautiful site that must have been
i guess it wont be happening again anymore

now thats sad

an illegal walk through the forest that we are glad we did
yes we werent alone that day
there were other rule breakers afoot

as we burst out of the eucalyptus forest we walked onto a flat bluff of several acres
that overlooks the pacific ocean
we stood multiple times as we hiked across this plateau
stopping to feel the breezes hear the waves see the boats in the distances see the birds chasing the waves down below

now this is true meditation

the nearby airport squirted its big planes out over this plateau as they edged upward into the deep blue sky
as we looked up with the bright sun at our back
there was this reflection off something that seemed to be headed right towards us
getting bigger and bigger
all i could think was the governments coming to get us for walking in the butterfly grove

my wife she said i think its a big drone heading our way

it got bigger and bigger and shinier and then it seemed to get this long long white tail
attached to it
what the heck is that
then it seemed to just go higher and higher and higher with that white stuff blowing out the bottom of whatever that was
then it disappeared deep deep way up high in the sky

later we heard this booming sound in the distance
i looked up wondering did it blow up or something

then i remembered that the space x falcon was being launched from vandenberg afb which is about an hour from here
the launch time as i looked at my watch was right now as we were walking

i would have loved to see all this at night it would have been beautifuler im sure

its funny just that morning as i was reading about the launch i thought we have to go and watch it get launched sometimes
i got to see it from afar standing with my wife she on that plateau looking over the ocean on one side then the illegal butterfly grove on the other side

this morning i read where folks could pay about $2500 to have some of their ashes put in a capsule
that allowed your remains to orbit the earth eventually burning all up in space

hummmmmm thats cheaper than a funeral

i plan to tell my wife she

thats the way i want to go

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, December 3, 2018

sb country n news-how sweet it is


this is a sweet yellow 1015 onion i planted a few years ago in my texas country n garden
the 1015s are the best onions that ive ever planted
this one above is sitting on top of my size 12 foot to get an idea of how big it was

if you take a 1015 onion and bite into it its sweet like a georgia vidalia onion
this 1015 onion is as good as the georgia one
kinda like the football teams texas is as good as georgia
they will be playing in the sweet bowl ie sugar bowl come jan 1st

also when you cut into the 1015 onion it doesnt burn your eyes

since moving here to santa barbara i am having to relearn how to garden in this environment
we are 2 miles inland from the beach and up on the edge of the beginnings of the foothills of the mountains
the climate is warmer and drier than the beach area
there is less moisture from the fog so there are less mildew problems where my garden is located

last year i planted about 5 different onions including some 1015 onions i ordered from dixondale farms in texas
the 1015 onions did better than the ones that i bought locally

the california organic seed company called renees garden seeds had these onions for sale
i looked at the listing
well i said thats my texas 1015s
then i looked where they were grown and it was the dixondale farms where most garden nurseries get their onions from in texas especially austin
i went right to the source myself and ordered them online
they appeared a few days later

what i have found from talking to folks is that i cant expect to get a big ole onion like i grew in texas but i can expect to get one half that size
now if i was further inland into warmer climates then i might reach that forefoot size onion

so it is with the garlic i now realize my garlic will be a smaller size no matter how well i grow it

i also learned that we have all these microclimates here because of the ocean and the mountains being so close together that the onions i need are short day onions
most sold here are intermediate day onions
the 1015 onion is a short day onion
i ordered two bunches of these short day 1015 onions

in my garden i set aside a 3 ft by 7 ft bed that i prepped for these onions 2-3 months ago
i dug out down 18 inches and did layers of cardboard newspapers compost mulch soil until i reached the top of where i wanted my bed to be
each layer was given a sprinkling of a good organic fertilizer and a soaking of fish emulsion seaweed and molasses
i also added a lot of worm compost from my worm compost towers buried between my beds
i also buried a 3 inch pvc pipe with 3/8 in holes drilled on the lower side then covered it with a drain sleeve
this will be how i water the onions deeply and will add the liquid fertilizer seaweed molasses mixture regularly
i also added a drip line to water the surface area when needed
this was covered up with a layer of newspaper and cardboard to let all that stuff stay moist and breakdown into the richest soil ever

come planting time the cardboard was removed then
following dixondales directions altered some to fit my bed i planted these onions 1 inch deep and 4 inches apart for a total of 85 1015 onions in this 3 ft x 7 ft bed

the two bunches were more than i needed so i will scatter the left over ones throughout my garden and the school garden and my sons garden and will give some to the community garden to plant

so here is the final look to my main bed
the brown round cap at the bottom is the cover to my buried pvc
the square concrete block on the right of the picture sits on my 5 gal bucket worm tower

heres hoping all this work will give me some onion chimes come the late spring like in these pictures from the texas country n garden

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, November 30, 2018

alzheimers news-ptcgsd

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we all know what ptsd stands for
post traumatic stress disorder

ptcgsd stands for post traumatic caregivers stress disorder

if you want to know what its like to have this caregiver disorder that i have called
take the time to read this latest blog by karen garner a wife mother excaregiver of an early onset alzheimers husband who died almost 3 years ago

i followed her blog for close to 5 years
it oozed with pain and with love

he a late 40s early 50s dad
healthy athletic military guy
struck at this young age with the disease we expect to see only in older folks
he with a young wife and two young kids

i started reading her blog not long after i was diagnosed
it was painful to read
all i could think was im not far behind him am i

he continue to worsen
all the grief she laid out for all of us to read see and feel

i somehow feel guilty at times when i think of him and her and their family and i think of my younger brother and his family and how he was struck so young also
its just not fair

i feel like i have had a reprieve that i wasnt expecting
but i am glad and gracious to have been given

is it fate
is it my healthy living
is it my medicine
is it this monthly infusion i am receiving now for two years
i dont know
although i do feel guilty sometimes
its this guilt and wanting to see my family age that motivates me

if you want to know what post traumatic caregivers stress disorder is like
take the time to click here on her last blog
read it
you will understand what those caregivers are going through when its all over with
its never all over with
is it
it stays with them forever

please dont forget them

when its my wife she and my families time
remember them

here is the link to karen garners latest missing jim confessions of an alzheimers wife blog
missing jim continues

if you read through her last 5 years of blogs you will need a larger box of kleenex

i received my for sure not placebo aducanumab infusion #3 yesterday
combine that with what i think was not placebo infusions before
then i am closing in on a full two years of infusions of this experimental drug that may slow down the disease some

lets put disease off as long as we can

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

sb country n garden news-fruta citrica

for years in texas i tried to grow citrus where we lived at the country n 40 miles north of austin texas
the winter temps sometimes would drop down to the mid teens
occasionally would be in the single digits
these temps are not compatible with growing fruta citrica

so i would get a citrus that would withstand mid twenties temps
put them in large pots
move them indoors to my small greenhouse with its heaters
move them out in the spring when things got warmer
my wife she would whine and complain when i would ask her to help me move them

even when i did all this they just didnt produce much fruit

when we moved to santa barbara i was amazed at all the citrus around here
just a few steps from our door is lemons and oranges
we could pick what we want

at the garden where i garden they have well over twenty citrus
many i dont even know what they are
but they sure taste good

i was determined to grow a citrus on my patio
i spent some time talking with the person that planted and cares for the citrus fruit at the communtiy garden
i did a google search also on how to grow them in pots

my favorite citrus is
the satsuma
i chose a dwarf satsuma tree that i got from a local nursery
i spent time talking to the workers there on what to do to grow these

a friend gave me a container she got off the street
i filled it with a high quality potting soil
remember put a $5 plant in a $50 hole rule
planted it

i thoroughly water it once a week
more when it gets hot
i placed it in the corner of our patio where it gets sun most of the day
each month i use this organic fertilizer with all its goodies
twice a month i water it with this fish emulsion seaweed mixture
i was greatly rewarded for the care i gave this plant over the last year
it has produced so far 20+ satsumas
when you pick them they just tear off the plant
they easily are peeled

i took one to ms b last night to see if she approves
she was busy playing with her bouncy ball
she wandered over
picked it up
ate all of it
she walked back over and said
can i have another one

sweetie i said
you can eat all 15 of them if you want
as i looked guiltily down at my feet
i ate the other 5 already

i approve them
my wife she approves them
the most important test is
ms b highly approves them

these are two reasons we moved here
to grow satsumas
to make ms b happy

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

my last trip home

no this isnt about our friends book last trip home
her last trip home was more disturbing
here is the link to my blog on her book
i titled the blog my last trip home

so now i have two blogs with the same title
her story
my story

well its just the opposite direction of her

i have 7 siblings
one my brother joe died a few years ago with alzheimers disease
the remaining 6 siblings live from the lower ozarks in arkansas down into texas to san antonio
a trip of about 600 miles total
their age ranges from 64 to 78
all are retired
like my wife she and i
we mainly only visited with my siblings

my recent blogs on alzheimers disease and how it may eventually affect me and my siblings made me realize that we my wife she and i need to seize this moment while we can
while we are healthy and able
to visit my siblings
i realize that now was the time

now we have a family reunion each year in the summer
my wife she and i had to miss this year because mr h had to be delivered early and was eventually in the hospital so long
we also wanted to wait to visit the bros and sises when mr h had stabilized
mr h stabilized quite well right now
so it was go we did

we made my last trip home

now i dont mean this is really my last trip home
since we plan to return to see everyone as long as we are physically able

what i mean is
i wanted to extract a good visit with each sibling and their spouses
really visit without entering those areas that we shouldnt go to
you know a really good visit
you know when that happens
it happened at every stop along the way

as we left each home
my wife she and i looked at each other
you know
that was really a good visit wasnt it

no we didnt run around and go places since we have seen over the years all we want to see of the area
all we wanted to do was visit

i guess
what im trying to say is
if i never got to go back home to visit family again
this one was the last one i ever got to do
i am happy
quite happy
quite content

my last trip home
was the best one

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, November 26, 2018

alzheimers news-yes i read about it

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yesterday several people messaged or called wanting to know if i saw or read about the new alzheimers research study

yes i said
ive known about this study now for a few  years

eight years ago i signed up to be in 2 studies at the university of texas southwestern at the alzheimers research center
click here and here to see a video on my wife she and i that they made and also a newsletter article on me

the studies were part of the tarcc studies and the adni 2 study

as part of the study i had to see a neurologist once a year for a neurological exam
several times i was honored to see the head researcher and director of the center

his name was dr rosenberg
picture a greyheaded man who looked like a research scientist but who also looked like a grandpa
his personality was that of a man whom you would want to be your grandpa

he would walk in with this yellow pad and start asking me questions
once when discussing my issues with sleep i told him i only took a tiny dose of melatonin at 0.25 mgm
he just smiled and said thats a placebo dose
i said well if it is its working for me

ive seen several neurologists over the last 8 years as part of research studies
each time i dont tell them i have weakness and abnormal reflexes in my big toe
a residual defect from my ruptured disk
it doesnt ever bother me

he is the only one that picks up that deficit on exam
the other neurologists miss it
he doesnt

he is business like but friendly then moves on
twice though he paused and became quite animated and excited about alzheimers research
spending a long time talking with my wife she and i

one was the biogen aducanumab study that i am in now
i started the study there but later transferred to ucla when we moved

he felt like many other well known researchers felt that this was an exciting study that may help slow down the disease

another time he started talking about his new alzheimers vaccine study that he and other researchers had developed
he felt like if it was effective as it was showing in animal studies that his new vaccine may help slow down the disease also

his vaccine uses skin cell stem cells injected under the skin
these induce the body to make antibodies against the amyloid and the tau tangles that cause the brain cell destruction in alzheimers

the theory is that the amyloid protein gets deposited first which kills brain cells
the tau inside the brain cells get tangled up and released
they then cause more brain cell destruction
then inflammation occurs leading to more destruction of brain cells

dr rosenbergs vaccine leads to antibodies against the amyloid and the tau tangles

my drug aducanumab is man made in the lab and given as an iv infusion
it attacks just the amyloid not the tau

thats part of the treatment im missing is the tau removal part

here is the article from forbes on dr rosenberg and the study

im excited about this new treatment
it moves the ball farther down the field

would i take it
i sure would
i would be lining up now to be in that first few folks who get his vaccine

if i had to chose between his and mine if they were both available
i would probably chose his since it does more to remove the bad stuff than my aducanumab will

im excited but sad that i may not qualify for this study since it may be awhile before this gets tested on humans
when i stop my aducanumab i will be ineligible for a long time for any new studies
if at all

thats a decision i made when i entered the aducanumab study
i viewed it as my last chance study

all that said
i am excited for dr rosenberg and his research study that may do more for slowing down the disease than my aducanumab

its exciting times for alzheimers treatments in the future
it may be there for our kids and their kids to take advantage of so they wont get the disease

i read about it
i cried
i know what it all this means for me and you

the organicgreen doctor