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early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

use another method

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this npr article on vaping is a good one to read

when i was looking to use cbd in my battle with alzheimers disease prevention i was given several options to use to take it in
smoke it
vape it
use edibles like brownies my first choice of course or gummy bears
use a patch with it embedded in it
take a capsule

the reason you would smoke something or inhale it is that it gets into the system real fast
the same thing happens with sublingual medications where you put in under your tongue
ie nitroglycerin under the tongue can rapidly stop chest pain

taking it in orally and swallowing it can take longer for the drug to get into your system
since it has to go into the stomach to get degraded some before it gets absorbed
the effect from the oral version takes longer

using a patch gives you a steady state of medicine all the time
blood pressure meds hormones alzheimers meds nitrogycerin meds etc are used this way so there is no ups and downs of the drug in the body

now i didnt want to vape
i didnt want to suck stuff down into my lungs when i didnt have to
some meds like asthma meds work better that way ie asthma inhalers
i guess folks vape marijuana since it hits you faster

ive seen on the news lately where the vape pins all flavored up seem to be real popular especially with young folks
it does look cool to suck in that vape and blow that smoke out whatever that is out into the air
real cool looking
it taste goods

when i was young it looked real cool to puff on that cigarette like james dean did
hold it in for awhile
then blow the smoke all out
heck i learned how to make a train of smoke rings even getting a small one to float through a bigger one
man that was what cool looked like

is vaping better than smoking it like a cigarette or a blunt
yes it is better
i guess
the addiction is still there
there is a risk of long term damage to the lungs ie popcorn lungs
that doesnt sound good does it

why if they want to look cool and still get all that nicotine
just chew the gum
use the nicotine patch

they could wear the patch like a tattoo
maybe even draw on the patches to make them look real cool like

i watch those kids vaping
i see most are using one called juul

juul must be making a lot of money off those kids
hooking them for years to come

i guess we will have to wait a generation to see what damage has been done to those kids lungs
before anything gets done

so we may be raising a generation of kids and adults who have popcorn lung
have you ever seen a baby get a bad rsv infection
they develop the infection in the small tiny airways called bronchioles
the infection is called bronchiolitis

they have like a severe asthma symptoms of coughing shortness of breath wheezing

so popcorn lung is caused by a chemical in vaped cigarettes called diacetyl
its called popcorn lung since it was found in factory workers who made the stuff that put a buttery flavor in your microwave popcorn

vapers of cigarettes and i guess marijuana are at risk of developing popcorn lungs
its like a permanent version of bronchiolitis the babies get
except it doesnt go away or get better
it becomes chronic
sort of like
emphysema does from smoking cigarettes
emphysema affects the larger airways and air sacs
popcorn lung gets the tiney weanie airways

are we going to raise a generation of kids with this lung issue
are we going to stop it now before it gets worse

at least
get them to chew it or patch it
i dont mean chewin tobacco either
so they can breath as they get older
all you are dealing with then is nicotine addiction
dont let them start to begin with

the organicgreen doctor

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