welcome to the organic green doctor blog

i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Monday, April 25, 2016

our day

Image result for earth
last friday was earth day
it should be called our day
if we dont take care of our earth
we are all goners
its our day
our day to emphasize the need to do what it takes
so that this earth survives
if it doesnt survive
we dont

whats good for the earth
its good for us

dumping pollutants into the earth
well documented in the past
air pollution and chemicals from industrial wastes
killing our earth
killing us also

as goes the earth
we go

last week i sat at a friends table listening to this young person
who is from alaska
talk about the polar cap
how they use to be able to reach out from this building
touch the glaciers
now years later
you have to hike several miles inland just to see a glacier
how much warming has occurred
how much has melted there

then enter the chinese and russians up there on the arctic circle
working to use that route to transport things to europe and beyond
a route never available before
now thanks to whatever is causing this
they are both there trying to seek an advantage
maybe even more sinister reasons

climate change no matter what its cause needs to be stopped

i personally think its the cyclical events that happens with the weather
that has been knocked severely off kilter
by our human contamination of the air and water
so that it may not be possible to recover from all this

as i have said
we cant be wrong about this
if we are
we and our earth are
doomed to extinction
the dinosaurs

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, April 22, 2016

alzheimers news-sleep is


when she gave me the prescription five years ago
i didnt realize then that it would change my day to day life

i read up on aricept (donepzil) since i had ordered it several
times over the years for alzheimers
reading the side effects to my patients
not realizing what they really mean
now i have experienced many of them
but most of them i have developed a tolerance to
adjusted when i take it and how i take it
to minimize the side effects

the one side effect that i have fought daily
is the one of it affecting my sleep
i do take it first thing in the morning so its less likely
to cause problems at night

when i took it at night
i did not sleep
i felt like i had just drank a pot of coffee right
before bedtime

now over the last 5 years i have tried lots of things otc
and prescriptions for sleep
but nothing works
they almost make me agitated at night
so i stopped them

now my mom and brother took it at night without any
issues with it
my older brother takes it now in the morning
he says he has no problem with sleep

but not me

last thursday i slept 5 hours
couldnt nap on friday
last friday i slept 5 hours
my body needs 7-8 hours to function properly
now i have been compensating the last 5 years by taking naps
in the afternoon
how long is determined by how much sleep i had the night before

so as i gave my talk i was going on 5 hours of sleep and
a lot of coffee

i told my wife she this weekend
i cant keep functioning this way i have to do something
maybe even stop the aricept (donepezil)

but if i have alzheimers disease i know what that may mean
it the aricept (donepezil) may be the reason my memory has improved
stopping it may make that memory loss return
i am reluctant to stop the aricept (donepezil)
but am sure tempted to do so when the lack of sleep
is at its worst

ive found that i plan my life around taking my afternoon naps
even when i get them i still feel fatigued when i wake up

so this weekend
i met someone who was at the talk i did
she like me
goes to the same alzheimers disease center at ut southwestern
she like me
has mild symptoms and her memory has improved
she like me
is on meds
she like me
is on a version of the reversal of cognitive decline regimen
she like me
has an issue with sleep

so what does she do i asked since our cases were so similar
she takes melatonin
now ive tried that at various doses
i felt agitated all night and didnt sleep well
well she says i get mine in a dissoluble dose
a tiny dose
one i had not tired

so this weekend i spent some time researching again
what medicines to use that may help with the insomnia
i dont have trouble going to sleep
i have trouble waking up two hours earlier
like real wide awake

all the meds i found that were used i had tried
none really worked and i had intolerable side effects

there tucked away in the comment section of a nih article
on sleep issues with aricept (donepezil)
was this comment
i tried a tiny dose of melatonin
0.3 mg at night
it helps me sleep

so i thought
its worth a try
so i started searching where i could find that tiny dose
couldnt find it
but i did find a liquid melatonin
which has instructions 4 ml to get 1 mgm using a dropper
i tried the recommended dose
i absolutely slept a full eight hours
noticing a slight increase in vivid dreams
remember the aricept (donepezil) makes these vivid dreams
the melatonin makes them more real
i felt a little groggy
something that a cup or two of coffee fixed
i felt no need to take a nap
felt rested all day

the next night i tapered it down to 2 droppers then 1 dropper
now i am at 3/4 dropper
which is about 0.2 mgm melatonin
not a big dose at all

so this week as i told my wife she
i feel like a new person
i feel like i have returned to the real world
i feel like i have add all day long
getting all this work done around our property

i wished i had met this person months ago and had this conversation
tried this low low dose of melatonin for sleep

i know when i was in practice when i treated an elderly patient
i always used small doses to begin with
a dose i would use on a 5 year old child

thats what i am
an elderly child

but sleep is so refreshing to get enough of every day
i just hope it lasts

i know you do develop a tolerance to melatonin so the dose
may have to be adjusted some later

now then dont go and suddenly start taking melatonin for sleep
you have to be careful
just because its otc doesnt mean its safe for everyone

dont try it without discussing it with your doctor
i have talked with my doctor about this in the past

so sleep is
what i dream about every day

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, April 21, 2016

country n news-kills em dead


along the fence in front of the house i have made a bed
that is about 100 ft long
i brought in good soil several years ago
to make this bed that is 3 ft wide
it serves two purposes
to hold several xeric native plants that i never water
nature does that for me
after planting i covered the bed with a thick cover of
austin wod recycling native hardwood mulch
the bed is edged with a long row of limestone that was left
here by the previous owner

as our property has a slight slant towards the river
the bed also acts as a barrier to slow down any water runoff
that may occur during our texas downpours
this is called rainwater harvesting using berms or swales

so besides catching 30,000 gallons in our rainwater tanks
we also catch it with these swales or berms
also between my beds in the garden i have dug deep trenches
filled it with mulch and leaves so they are almost 2 ft deep
i calculated this will hold about 500 gallons of water
which keeps the underground soil moist during the
hot summer in my garden

now this long bed has these plants in them
texas sage  greggs mistflower  flame acanthus  jerusulem sage
texas lantana  mexican oregano  fire bush  possumhaw holly
wild arugula  lady banksia rose  pride of barbados
spineless cactus with a scattering of bluebonnets and
engelmann daisy
all providing color and flowers sometime during the year
the bees butterflies and hummingbirds love them

one problem though
is weeds
in the spring a carpet like growth of winter weeds occur
even on top of all that mulch

no roundup is used
beside being bad for the property
it would also damage these xeric plants

i have tried in the past to pull them up
an almost two day event
last year i just kept them weedeated
they go away in the hot weather only to return next winter

so i went to my handy dandy organic weed killing concoction
that is not toxic to the environment
unless you are the one getting sprayed
spray it on yourself and you instantly feel it
feels like fireant bites
it easily washes off

sprayed it on the weeds all 100 feet
and it looks like the above picture

i sprayed once in hot sunny weather
it doesnt work as well in cloudy wet weather
in a few days they look all mostly dead
in a week or so i repeat the spraying to get those
who survived round one

now this weed killer does not kill the deep roots
but in these winter weeds that doesnt matter
they roots die and help provide some nutrition to the soil

the recipe
1 oz of orange oil
1 tsp of dish washing soap
1 gallon of 9 or 10% pickling white vinegar

this is added to a pump sprayer
no water is added

its then sprayed on the weeds

kills em dead

be sure and rinse out the pump sprayer well since all this stuff
can damage the sprayer if left inside

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


yesterday as i sat on our old porch swing
taking a break from working in the yard
drinking a cool drink of our country n rainwater
i heard a buzzing
felt a sting on my left cheek
damn that mosquito i thought
they usually dont attack me
they love my wife she

i got to thinking about those mosquito diseases
like west nile virus
i had a patient once with this
he was sicker than sick
just short of hospitalization

also my neighbors horses got it once
spent time in a horse hospital they did
of course they didnt have horse medical insurance
out of pocket it all was

Image result for zika virus

then there is this new zika virus
its bad when it infects a pregnant female
eventually possibly leading to a baby with microcephaly
a sad condition dooming the patient to a life
of long term care
costing the health care systems thousands of dollars
costing families years of caregiving
like a live long alzheimers patient

in our part of the country
there is no immunity in the population against this virus
so its effects will probably be worse early on

Image result for zika virus

so i started looking around
my small ponds have mosquito fish in them
those without fish get mosquito dunks monthly
all my outside plants have their bottom pots turned upside down
so the water drains out onto the ground
anything that can have standing water in them is removed
even small things that hold just a little water
can breed the mosquito that carries this virus

spraying poisons is a waste of time
plus you breathe in more of that stuff than they do
cant be good for your kids and pets

here is a link to a video done by john dromgole from the
natural gardener on making a trap from a water bottle
click here to watch 

think ill try this

now i dont use deet or those other chemicals
i just try to control the environment closely
to get rid of their breeding sites
turning over pots
emptying buckets of water then turning them over
removing trash and debri from our yard
turning over anything that can hold water
if its there they will find it
making sure screens are on all our rainwater tanks
working to keep the yard mowed and weedeated
you can see them come out of the weeds when you
weedeat and mow
maybe citronella and other herbs may help
use a fan on the porch or deck while you are outside

the best way i keep mosquitoes from biting me
to invite my wife she
onto the porch swing to swing with me
those mosquitoes
they just love her

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

dear ms b-food for thought


now ms b i saw that picture of you last week
where you were sitting in that high chair
at that yummy mexican restaurant we always eat at
when we visit

seeing that picture then reading that article this morning
on 12 powerhouse veggies
made me think about we sure hope you like your veggies
well from that picture
you definitely like refried beans
does all of your cute little cheeks

now beans should be on that list but its not
we eat beans at least once a week
using my special vegetarian recipe
pinto beans or blackeyed peas really a bean but if you
are from the south you call it a pea
those infamous billie beans that your greatgrandmother
mails to us
she gets them at a mexcian market nearby

when we come to visit next time
we plan on bringing an extra suitcase
a billie bean suitcase
just for billie beans

so here is the list
some we never really started to eat until we moved to
the country n
they are all racked full of vitamins and nutrition
good for the soul good for the thought process
ie the brain

once is collard greens
the ultimate soul food
i saw a new orleans bbqer on tv cooking some
he use hog jowls
i use veggie broth and seasonings and butter and olive oil in mine

then there is swiss chard
i we started eating this one when i found out how easy it was to
its the easiest and most giving plant to grow in your garden
its pretty to look at
some folks use it in their landscape
especially the rainbow one
then there is asparagus
another one we didnt eat too much until we put in a
20 ft asparagus bed
plucked fresh eaten raw as you walk around the property
i have found is the best way to eat them
my bed is close to 15 years old
hoping for another 85 years for this bed
maybe ms b we will will that one to you when we leave this earth

then there are beets
taste best when grilled with veggies
we will have some tonight
warning it makes your pee red and your poop red
scared the beejeevies out of me when i first ate a lot of them
thought the big C had come to visit
now they are one of my favorite veggies when grilled
i just turn the light off in the bathroom

then there is bell pepper
if eaten organic or if you eat them from my garden
they are safe
great flavor sweet tasting when plucked right from the garden

then theres spinach
winter we eat regular old spinach
raw or in salads or cooked with greens
summer we eat malabar spinach
a vine that you only buy once
ours was purchased 15 years ago
it has reseeded now every spring
there are lots of folks growing our malabars descendents in their gardens

then greens like lettuces spinach chard
cutting them as soon as you can like mowing a lawn
i cut some spinach that i planted back in october yesterday
for a salad

then there is watercress
sorry i cant get excited over that one for some reason
feel free to try it
then kale
that popular powerful veggie
we eat the dinosaur and the curly leaf kind seen on the lower part
of the above picture
that top plant not on the list but should be
is an asian green
we eat them all winter and most of the spring until they go to flower
then the bees attack it and make honey for us

we are a ms b and bee friendly homestead

then broccoli
another one that doesnt always make it to the kitchen
now ms b you know what i snack on all day

then peas
real peas
we plant sweet peas and eat them all winter
in our salads
like the asparagus
rarely do they make it inside the kitchen

so ms b
i want you to like all these power veggies
so you will be a good and healthy soulful grandbaby
who will have a healthy body
and most important
a healthy brain

these are all on the mind diet
maybe another reason i am better now

oh by the way
just add a small taste of compost to each serving
to make your
digestion and allergies better
dont tell mom and dad

the organicgreen veggie doctor

Monday, April 18, 2016

there is a need

this weekend on my way home as i was driving on the
country roads to our house
after having spoke on my story and clinical trials for the new
alzheimers drugs
i thought
there is a need

folks need help
they need some answers
when it comes to having memory issues in themselves and their loved ones

on saturday i hung around listening to the other speakers
interacted with the attendees
many of them stopped me
asking me questions
i could see
they just needed someone to help them head in the right direction

that person or thing doesnt always exist
it should

here are some stories

one couple now retired
he was just diagnosed with early alzheimers
now sitting there talking to him you wouldnt realize he had a problem
unless you were really use to being around folks with memory loss

they had two questions
important ones that ive found dont get answered by the system very well

they want to start him on aricept (donepezil) and we want to know more
about it and its side effects
now they came to the right person to ask that question

i explained to them that they should consider taking it since studies
show that the earlier you start it the better it works and the longer
it works to slow down the symptoms
explaining it doesnt treat the disease doesnt stop it
it only delays the symptoms down the road
but that road up to that point may mean driving longer maybe working
seeing loved ones grow up etc
well worth it i explained
at least to me

then i reviewed all the side effects of the medicine
you can read about them but like me until you experience them
you dont really understand them
i went over the ones that i had and that others have told me they had
trying to explain that most of them get better over time

the stomach issues are usually the ones that make folks stop
the aricept early on
i explained ways to prevent some of the side effects
take it in the am on a full stomach do snacks every hour or two in the morning
makes the stomach thing a real non issue
these were all things their provider hadnt really emphasized to them

then they wanted to know about research
now here is a gentleman who definitely will qualify for treatment
the ones i want to get in

if they are willing to get involved and these drugs work
he might be able to get treatment that will delay or stop his disease
this year
he might get 5 years of treatment before the new drugs come on the market
he very well if it gets in the treatment group if the drug works
die at an older age of some other cause

then i met a person who is really like me
she seemed very intelligent
no sign like me that there is a problem
who also has gotten better with maximizing her health and is really
doing the same regimen i am on
who goes to the same alzheimers center that i go to
made me feel good to sit and talk with someone who was my equal

here is the link to the alzheimers disease center i use

then a young early 50 year old female whose mom had advanced
alzheimers disease is worried because she has just started to
notice problems with her memory
if you have it in your family you know what first comes to mind
the big A

now she had just had a physical and on leaving the room she said
oh i have problems with my memory

i explained to her
the best thing to do if you are concerned about memory issues
is make an appointment where the only reason to go is
memory issues
bring a list of what you notice
say im worried im getting alzheimers
make sure some workup is started
see my blog from two weeks ago at this link
alzheimers news-the sooner the better

another wife stopped me
my husband has early alzheimers
is on meds
he doesnt drive anymore
i leave him at home but i worry about doing that

she said our kids all live out of state
my suggestion to her if you think you are definitely going to move
in the future to be close to them as he worsens
dont wait too late to make the move
its harder then
move so he can get use to his environment and while he can still be active
dont wait until he is too far gone

then she wanted to go to this great caregiver conference
being sponsored by the alzheimers texas in temple texas
she didnt know if she should take him or not

i suggested as i looked at
her teary eyes
i said you need to always take care of yourself
you will learn a lot at this conference

i recommended she leave him at home
maybe leave someone with him so she wouldnt worry
take a friend
learn what you need to learn at this conference

as an aside here
you are a caregiver
see caregiving in your future
this conference is for you
it will go from diagnosis to death
its free
go to this link to sign up 
2016 alzheimers symposium temple texas april 29th

now as i was driving
i  thought of our family
there was such a need
wish we had had someone to direct us
instead of doing it by the seat of our pants

there is a need
someone to help folks

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, April 15, 2016

alzheimers news-lets stop it

Image result for organicgreendoctor.com images alzheimers
it was with great interest
for myself for family members and for others
that i watched the nova pbs special wednesday night
can alzheimers be stopped

you can actually click on the title above to go to a link
where you can watch the show online

it was interesting that much of the show was about
what i was planning on talking about at my presentation
tomorrow at
first united methodist church
401 east university
georgetown texas
sponsored by alzheimers texas
Image result for alzheimer's texas
i will be speaking at 900 am

here is the link to sign up for the talk
there are a few slots left

as i watched the show i kept saying to my wife she
thats what i am talking about this weekend
telling her what the speaker on the tv would say next
not sure she appreciated that much

the difference is that i am adding a personal twist to my talk
with my story

i am in research studies
awaiting approval to get into one of the studies discussed in
the show

what i have found is that i fall between the cracks
i am not consider normal so i dont qualify for the A4 studies
my siblings do as do many of you

you just to have to be willing to know that you have
preclinical alzheimers by having an amyvid pet scan
well described in the tv show

that i think is what is holding folks back
knowing that they probably have it

i always tell folks when i do my talk
i usually pick someone out in the audience
i could tell you that you have cancer would you want to know
if you have it i will offer you a treatment that may cure it
would you want to know

most folks always say of course

its not that way with alzheimers disease
the big A
its too scary
they just would rather not know

i personally dont understand
since i have begged to get into these studies
i know what the potential for me personally it is to start treatment
not wait for 5-10 years
it will probably too late for it to help much

it appears to work the best when started early

so i am waiting to hear if i get into the aducanumab study using
biogenes alzheimers vaccine via infusions

the problem for me
even though i have the diagnosis they are looking for
my memory has returned to normal for my age
there is a possibility i may not qualify
a real possibility
that i would have to wait until 2020 when the results of all these studies
come out to see if these new drugs actually work
wait for a unknown number of months and years before it gets approved
before i could be treated

sucks huh
my plan is if not accepted
Image result for amyvid pet scan
to get my amyvid pet scan for the bad beta amyloid in the brain
to know
as much as possible do i have alzheimers disease
for then i would have had all the diagnostic tests available in 2016
to make a diagnosis

if its positive
i will continue to maximize my health to its fullest
stay on aricept (donepezil)
stay on my supplements and vitamins
until it the vaccine becomes available

that is
if it works like they think it will

if it doesnt
this will be a big set back for me and all those others hoping
for new treatment

ill keep writing hoping to do so like the writer in the film
documenting his path his journey down the
alzheimers slope

lets hope
this stuff works
we can stop it

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, April 14, 2016

country n news-garden greens and more


things are starting to take off in the garden
when you walk down to the garden you can see
a lot of green from afar

one thing i have noticed is that things are bigger
and closer to harvest
earlier than in previous years
my 200 onions are starting to hit that last sprint
before its time to harvest them
its looking like an april harvest
the white part is starting to thicken
hopefully we will get some big ones
i know its close since some of them have shot up
their head of seeds as a prewarning
i cut them off and put them in salads

ill know its time to harvest when all the stalks
start to fall over
in the meantime we are gradually sampling them
using them in our cooking
once we harvest we go months without buying onions

the white pvc sticking up goes to an underground pvc line
thats used to water the plants 1 foot underground
i watered them recently with liquid fertilize underground
the next few days you could see the increase in size

the garlic are maxing out their growth
just now turning slightly brown on the edges
warning me that its getting close to harvesting
maybe a few more days in the ground
before harvesting
yes earlier than usual
there are close to 100 in that bed

our 20+ft bed of asparagus is continuing to produce
providing us with a delicious tasting right from the ground
flavor not found in store bought ones
so i ate all eight of them i harvested the other day
while i was working in the garden
just dont tell my wife she
although i know she has done the same thing

our bed of beans are starting to take off
these are bush beans french cut
at the end is the long asian beans that get a foot long
love the hot summers here

our tomatoes are growing good
slowed some by the cold weather
hoping we are for a good crop this year
we have several small green ones
we planted sweet 100 juliette early girl celebrity cherokee purple
brandywine tycon and arkansas traveler
these in the past have done well for us
hoping for the same this year

for supper last night i cooked a pot of greens
adding to a crockpot veggie broth olive oil butter crushed garlic
a bay leaf salt pepper to taste chopped onion chopped poblano pepper
balsamic vinegar brown sugar and a squirt of soy sauce

out to the garden
i picked this bag of veggies
onions garlic leaves carrots new potatoes curly leaf kale dinosaur kale
brussel sprouts baby cabbage swiss chard and spinach
chopped them all up
threw them in the pot
cooked them all day

my wife she made a pan of cast iron skillet cornbread
i added crushed black pepper to taste to the greens
a sprinkling of pepper sauce
a glob or two of peach salsa to help sweeten it some

my oh my
talk about soul food

it was food for the soul

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

two victims double tragedy

first let me say
what happened needs to be prosecuted to its fullest extent
could it have been prevented
but it probably was years in the making

early on in  my medical career i was involved in a committee
that reviewed child abuse cases
it didnt take me long to realize that the odds were stacked
against the child
parents would just move to another county or another state
the ball would be dropped
the abuse physical mental sexual would just continue
i would see cases come back that were the same as what
had happen in the past involving the same parent and child

also in practice i had to interact with child protective cases
knowing that sometimes it would take real bad things
to happen before the child would be removed from
the home
real bad stuff

so its with these past experiences with the system
many of them not good
along with the lack of good mental health care for folks
especially for the poor and underpriviledged
for a child that no one wants

a disaster in the making is what happened in this case
i am sure when this all goes to trial
if it does
there will be a lot of finger pointing at the system for
failing this child
now acussed of this horrendous murder of this
beautiful talented college student here at the
university of texas in austin

whenever i look at her picture
i feel this gut wrenching in my stomach
i get tears in my eyes
i feel angry that this happened
i can only imagine what the parents must feel

the first murder on campus since that guy shot all those
people from the tower here in the 60s

i sit and look at the picture of the kid that allegedly did
the murder
where did the system let him down
was it the federal and state and local government cutting
funds for mental health and child services
my guess is that will be shown to be part of the problem
with being put in abusive situations all his life
along with some underlying mental defect that was not
properly cared for and monitored
like a festering sore not allowed to heal

now i use to see a lot of foster kids in my practice
some of those kids were real lucky to have the foster parents
they did have
they were treated with love respect and discipline

there were a few foster parents undeserving of that name
most were ok

so i can only imagine what this kids life was like for almost 18 years
probably like when you take this nice gentle dog
beat him abuse him neglect him isolate him
that dog becomes a mean junkyard dog

so it may be with this kid

no matter if it was the system that led him to do this murder
if he did it
he must pay the price

we as a society also are paying the price
caring for him probably for years and years
wondering if there are more of them out there
i am sure there are
since our system fails many of them

the absolutely gut rendering tragedy
for the family and friends and society
for the loss of this beautiful young girl
what a tragedy this is

one was years in the making
the other was instantaneous

could they have both been prevented

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

dear ms b-here they come


the train is off the tracks and is heading your way
your air ways are about to be overran with a lot of garbage
for it seems
your state will be the final one that will determine
who will be the presidential candidate for each party

oh my
what fireworks will be going on around yall

now ms b
you just stick to the cartoon channels and dvds and things like that
nothing live
so you wont have to endure any of those ads
all that yelling and screaming and lies and half truths
that goes on
well it will go on
it will be like some championship sporting event
all rules meant to be bent

now ms b
this year its exciting
the young folks
called millennials are jumping on board
being actively involved in politics
they are making the democratic nomination be exciting

its not some young politician they are yelping for
an old grumpy jewish guy who is a socialist democrat
hes older than your grandpa
man they get excited over him
who would have thunk it

then there is this hillary lady
she could be the first women president
did you know she yelled at your gma once in a meeting
a long time ago
ok gma forgave her
but she knows now why hillary has got as far as she has

on the republican side
well all these young folks have gotten excited about this
orange looking guy with wild hair
who says strange things
but people so far havent held it against him too much
at least those who like him

then theres the texas guy named cruz
no i dont think he will get much of the hispanic vote
they dont like him for some good reason

now ms b
i am glad young folks have gotten involved in the process
we got to have them to make the system work
to keep things in order
all age groups have to be involved

i am hoping
ms b
that you will get involved when you get older
understand the system
go with the party that fits your belief system
no sitting on the sidelines like so many young folks have
in the past

maybe just maybe
you could be the first female governor of california
the second female president

just stay away from the clicker when all those ads start
stay on the nickelodeon channel

make sure your mom and dad vote
vote the way you want them to

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, April 11, 2016

lets stop it

that is my motto
everything i do has that in mind

what i eat
how i sleep
how happy i am
how much stress i have
no i dont ever feel stress anymore
its like im on weed or xanax or something
i dont ever get mad
well i can get vengeful sometimes
but i try to be subtle about that
how i take care of my health
how i plan my future
how i approach my future with friends and family

its all about how to stop it
its the elephant in the room

alzheimers disease
Image result for nova can alzheimer's be stopped

this week on your local pbs station
thats klru in austin
there will be this documentary

can alzheimers be stopped

it will be shown at 800 pm cst wednesday april 13th

if you have been affected by alzheimers disease in some way
thats most of you
if you are worried about what to do to slow it down
what the chances are to end this disease
watch this film this week

you can also watch it online at the above link

i have watched a couple of segments
one on clinical trials
you can get a feel for what its like to be in a trial
why someone does the trial
also you can see my wife she and i in the ut southwestern video
this link titled former physician takes action in face of possible alzheimers

some of what i plan to talk on this weekend at the seminar
at first united methodist in georgetown texas at 900 am is in this
well most of it actually
i just put a personal twist to it

did you know that if one of the new vaccine infusion treatments
shown in this video
one that i am trying to be involved with
if it works even to only
delay the disease for 5 years
if started in 2025
the number of cases will go from 8.2 million to 5.8 million
the amount of money saved society will be
83 billion dollars in 2030

we cant afford not to stop it

after you watch the film
you will see that we are about to enter an exciting time
in this fight against
alzheimers disease

the organicgreen doctor