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i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
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Monday, April 18, 2016

there is a need

this weekend on my way home as i was driving on the
country roads to our house
after having spoke on my story and clinical trials for the new
alzheimers drugs
i thought
there is a need

folks need help
they need some answers
when it comes to having memory issues in themselves and their loved ones

on saturday i hung around listening to the other speakers
interacted with the attendees
many of them stopped me
asking me questions
i could see
they just needed someone to help them head in the right direction

that person or thing doesnt always exist
it should

here are some stories

one couple now retired
he was just diagnosed with early alzheimers
now sitting there talking to him you wouldnt realize he had a problem
unless you were really use to being around folks with memory loss

they had two questions
important ones that ive found dont get answered by the system very well

they want to start him on aricept (donepezil) and we want to know more
about it and its side effects
now they came to the right person to ask that question

i explained to them that they should consider taking it since studies
show that the earlier you start it the better it works and the longer
it works to slow down the symptoms
explaining it doesnt treat the disease doesnt stop it
it only delays the symptoms down the road
but that road up to that point may mean driving longer maybe working
seeing loved ones grow up etc
well worth it i explained
at least to me

then i reviewed all the side effects of the medicine
you can read about them but like me until you experience them
you dont really understand them
i went over the ones that i had and that others have told me they had
trying to explain that most of them get better over time

the stomach issues are usually the ones that make folks stop
the aricept early on
i explained ways to prevent some of the side effects
take it in the am on a full stomach do snacks every hour or two in the morning
makes the stomach thing a real non issue
these were all things their provider hadnt really emphasized to them

then they wanted to know about research
now here is a gentleman who definitely will qualify for treatment
the ones i want to get in

if they are willing to get involved and these drugs work
he might be able to get treatment that will delay or stop his disease
this year
he might get 5 years of treatment before the new drugs come on the market
he very well if it gets in the treatment group if the drug works
die at an older age of some other cause

then i met a person who is really like me
she seemed very intelligent
no sign like me that there is a problem
who also has gotten better with maximizing her health and is really
doing the same regimen i am on
who goes to the same alzheimers center that i go to
made me feel good to sit and talk with someone who was my equal

here is the link to the alzheimers disease center i use

then a young early 50 year old female whose mom had advanced
alzheimers disease is worried because she has just started to
notice problems with her memory
if you have it in your family you know what first comes to mind
the big A

now she had just had a physical and on leaving the room she said
oh i have problems with my memory

i explained to her
the best thing to do if you are concerned about memory issues
is make an appointment where the only reason to go is
memory issues
bring a list of what you notice
say im worried im getting alzheimers
make sure some workup is started
see my blog from two weeks ago at this link
alzheimers news-the sooner the better

another wife stopped me
my husband has early alzheimers
is on meds
he doesnt drive anymore
i leave him at home but i worry about doing that

she said our kids all live out of state
my suggestion to her if you think you are definitely going to move
in the future to be close to them as he worsens
dont wait too late to make the move
its harder then
move so he can get use to his environment and while he can still be active
dont wait until he is too far gone

then she wanted to go to this great caregiver conference
being sponsored by the alzheimers texas in temple texas
she didnt know if she should take him or not

i suggested as i looked at
her teary eyes
i said you need to always take care of yourself
you will learn a lot at this conference

i recommended she leave him at home
maybe leave someone with him so she wouldnt worry
take a friend
learn what you need to learn at this conference

as an aside here
you are a caregiver
see caregiving in your future
this conference is for you
it will go from diagnosis to death
its free
go to this link to sign up 
2016 alzheimers symposium temple texas april 29th

now as i was driving
i  thought of our family
there was such a need
wish we had had someone to direct us
instead of doing it by the seat of our pants

there is a need
someone to help folks

the organicgreen doctor

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