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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Wednesday, April 6, 2016


thats what i am hoping happens to the republican primary
that the convention this summer will be contested
in fact i hope bernie can gain on hilary so that their
convention would be contested also

Image result for republican convention 2016
man on man
wouldnt that make for great tv

the last several conventions have been
booooring to say the least
all scripted like a play
it almost insults ones intelligence

can you imagine what it will be like to see
trump get all ticked off cause he didnt get enough primary votes
to win
its mine all mine he would say
read the rules
if there is not a clear winner
after the first vote
its like that game
called musical chairs

maybe kasich will win
maybe paul ryan will win
maybe cruz nah the powers that be dont like him
maybe trump nah they sure dont like him
he will only get one chance to win on that first ballot
then he is toast
unless he decides to go third party
now wouldnt that make all this even more interesting

you have to remember
this is the way things use to be
hubert humphrey who won the democratic nomination
didnt even run in the primary that year
johnson decided not to run
robert kennedy was assassinated
he won on the first ballot

i think that they should pass a law
so that all conventions have to be contested
to draw more interest in the elections
something thats been missing too often in politics lately

heck i read this morning that in california
they may not be able to keep up with the number of folks
who will be voting this year
hiring lots and lots of election folks to handle the mass voting
they california are the last primary of the year
they may actually be the one that decides who are the
for both parties

who would have thunk this

i personally would like to thank trump and bernie for entering
the race this year
activating folks who would have sat out this election
can you imagine what it would be like if they hadnt ran

cruz vs hilary
boooooring for sure

the more people who vote
the better is our democracy for it

make it contested please

the organicgreen doctor

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