welcome to the organic green doctor blog

i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

sooie pigs sooiee

this was on a frirends facebook     thanks betty

this is a parody of the geico commercial with the piggy crying
weeweewee all the way home

you may have to be a razorback fan to really appreciate this
especially after they beat lsu this weekend

click above or click on youtube above to watch this
go to www.youtube.com and type in geico little piggy
commercial razorback parody

sooiee pigs sooiee

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, November 29, 2010

degrees driven family, football


one of the motivations behind my blog is to overtime
leave some record of my family for my kids and their
kids to read one day as well as my siblings kids and
their kids
these will be all my views of how things were
remembering that i came through at a different time
in my parents lives than the older siblings did and also
the younger siblings

those of you that know our family may not realize how
poor we were the last few years we were all at home

there was a point in our lives when we had no
indoor bathroom  we had very little clothing and our
gardening helped to keep us with food during those years
thank goodness for mom and dads ability to can and
preserve food

from this home though something drove us to be
successful especially in education
have always tried to figure this all out but have not
been able to
know my dad had a bachelors degree he obtained during
the last of the depression and with the beginnings of  ww2
he taught school, was a baptist minister and later in life
also was an insurance salesman
know my mom had at least one year of college      she taught
school some early in her life  and later in her early forties got
her nursing degree

most  of us never had any money to go to school but by
working, getting scholarships, getting grants(benefit of being
poor), gi bills, work study programs, student teaching,
military college, and commitment to public service
in exchange for paid college and school

many of us took a tortuous and sometimes painful journey
to get our degrees but we all eventually made it

there are eight of us kids in the family
we have 3 retired military siblings
we have 1 retired fireman
we have a teacher/librarian, teacher/licensed counselor,
medical doctor, history professor, a retired pilot/certified
financial planner, and a teacher/librarian
we have 2 associate degrees
we have 1 who completed fire academy and who
also completed police academy
we have 7 bachelor degrees, 5 masters degrees, 1 phd, and
1 medical doctor degree

have always been proud of our siblings success in school and
their careers     but always wondered what there was that
motivated all of us

just dont know

the razorbacks looked good
they won and now to the bowl game
havent seen which bowl yet but it should be a major

longhorns are through
they dont desire a bowl game
now they have to smolder until next year
surely next year has to be an improvement

the local team where i practice won and now play
a team that has won the last 2 state championships
they played each other early in the year and the local
team crunched the other team
they play at texas longhorn stadium
should be a large crowd there
hope to make this game
go wolves

the organicgreen doctor

Sunday, November 28, 2010

testing one two three, my duck box

testing one two three
my website manager has lost some of my automatic email
have gotten some emails complaining that you are not
getting notified when i post an entry to my blog

have talked to my website manager and he thinks he has it
fixed now

if you get this blog via  email notification and do not want it then
email the website manager at organicgreendoctor@gmail.com
and he will take you off the list

if you read this blog and want to be added to the list just
email the website manager at organicgreendoctor@gmail.com
and he will add you to the list

was under the impression that if you signed up as a
follower that you would automatically receive a new blog entry
but now my website manager tells me that aint so

if you are a follower and want this blog  emailed to you then
email the website manager at organicgreendoctor@gmail.com

now that that  is fixed (i hope) i went into the bathroom
and looked in the mirror and had a good talk
with my website manager

i want to thank my nurse she and her husband he 
for taking the time out of their busy and stressful lives 
to do this shadow box for my duck collection

no i dont buy these things they just come through the mail
from california(my motherinlaw she)  and from patients
that go to disneyworld or disneyland or go to the disney store
to buy these for me to display  
want to thank all those folks(usually kids) for the gifts

these are the ones that the kids continuously knocked off the
shelves in my office      now they are glassed and box-
protected and are hanging on the wall where little hands
cant play with them

quackquackquack thanks

the organicgreen duck doctor

Saturday, November 27, 2010

wife gone, football

my wife she is gone 
she left earlier in the week to visit relatives 
no shes not mad at me
this is the holiday i had to work the day after thanksgivng

so spent the thanksgiving day with my brother he and 
his wife my cowgirl sisterinlaw she 
felt bad for her having to deal with two adult twins 
at least we napped a lot so she could get some 
mental rest 

my wife she comes home late tonight 
will pick her up at the airport
have a lot to do today to get ready for her return 

well been soaking those dishes for a week now so 
they should be ready to wash now 
we conserve water by not using a dishwasher 
so today my dishwasher is me 

all the food is gone in the house so have to shop 
for groceries this am to replenish the supply to 
where it was when my wife she left

well got newspapers everywhere-by both potties, on
my tv watching couch, by my chair by the window, on 
the kitchen table 
lucky for me had to start a fire in my woodburning stove as
the temperature is in the 20s here this am 
use newspaper pages rolled up and tied in a knot to start the 
fire      that took 2-3 days of papers there 
oh yeah left several in the car

have to clean the floors as worked outside this week and 
left some residual stuff on the satillo floors 

will leave the bed partially made so that she will feel 
like i couldnt get by with out her help 
also will leave a few unwashed dishes in the sink to
add to that feelling of couldnt get by with out her help 

have to make sure the house doesnt look too perfect when
she gets home   

am glad shes coming home tonight 

the razorbacks play lsu today at 230 pm at war memorial 
stadium in little rock     go hogs 

the local team where i work won and will now advance 
they lost their starting quarterback but like a lot of good teams 
they continue on winning as they have a lot of good players
go wolves

the other local team started the year out poorly but got 
better as the season went on 
they are now on a playoff roll
their game is today      go lions 

no pro games for me this weekend as will have to do 
honey dos all day tomorrow       sure she is making 
the list in her dreams 

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, November 26, 2010

whats happening in the clinic, football

this week have been seeing a lot of strep throat
still am seeing a lot of bronchitis      most of it is viral but
some cases have developed a bacteria infection which 
requires antibiotics 
some of the bronchitis cases have been wheezing a lot 
and have responded to bronchodilators in form of 
inhalers or nebulizing treatments

spent a hour with a dad who came in for fatique
but the real problem was his daughter was arrested
for the second time using metamphetamine 
he is devastated      they have spent several thousand
dollars on attorney fees on the two arrests plus has 
had her in drug rehab more than once and has 
used up all of the insurances benefits for rehab

this time she was caught in the county where i practice
thats not a good place to get caught even for speeding 
much less doing met
she probably will not  get off this time without jail time 
she may qualify for a 6 month drug rehab program with 
the legal system that requires incarceration the full 
6 months 

his fatique is all related to the stress from his daughters
legal problems

the same day saw a patient for depression followup who 
has a son that sneaked out at night and wrecked the fathers
car     the son had drug paraphernalia in the car and in 
his room       he is a senior who has done well up to now 
but now his grades are dropping a lot       she is afraid 
they will loose him in his senior year 
they are having him see counseling and has done restrictions 
on his activities
parents hug your kids     be thankful if things are going 
right with them 

well have one more chance for one of my teams to win this weekend
come on razorbacks beat lsu

first the cowboys lost     if you saw the game you know it was
the cowboys game until the end before drew brees blew in
and did his thing
will say the cowboys seem to have the umph again

well the longhorns lost to the aggies     will have to deal with
that now for a year
the aggies did look good though   
was the first loosing season in a long time for the longhorns

theres always next year

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, November 25, 2010

happy thanksgiving

hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving today
think of all we have to be thankful for

hope every one enjoys their get togethers with
friends and families

thanks to the troops overseas
am thinking of them today

eat turkey, watch football, visit with family
and take naps
that will be my thankgiving today

have a good one

cowboys play today at 3:00 pm cst
could this another step to a winning season
go cowboys       is hard to root against drew brees

longhorns at texas am aggies today at 7:00 pm cst
it will be windy cold with temperatures in the 40s
this game could make the longhorns season

the razorback vs lsu game is saturday at 230 pm cst
in little rock     should be a good game

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

cancer screening

here are some of the recommended cancer screening tests

skin cancer-look at your skin for changes in moles or new 
lesions      have a good skin survey by your doctor

do it in my practice when i do an annual exam or if the 
patient comes in with a suspicious skin lesion
the three skin cancers are squamous cell, basal cell, 
and melonoma

breast cancer-despite what may be written in the papers 
and what is on television, do a self breast exam yourself or 
your partner once a month looking for skin changes, lumps, 
unusual rashes, dimpling, or nipple discharge

if you find any of these have your doctor check them out
do an annual breast exam by your doctor 
do an annual mammogram starting at age 40 
this recommendation could change later 

most of the breast cancers i have seen have been  detected
from either findings on mammograms or on self breast exam 
most are found early and have a good outcome 

cervical cancer-have your daughters and sons immunized
against the hpv virus with the hpv shot(gardisil) 
this virus is what causes cervical cancer 

the younger they are immunized the more antibodies that are 
made against the virus so that when exposure occurs later in 
life the antibodies will attack the virus and prevent infection 
remember 80% of all adults may have been exposed to this
hpv virus

it is this exposure that causes changes in the cervix which 
causes cervical cancer  years later 
do regular pap smears starting at 21 years old or 3 years after 
first sexual encounter 
how often to do the pap smear is not agreed upon

i just recommend annual exams as it is easier to have patients 
come in annually to get the exam done than trying to keep up 
with is it annually,or is it every 2 years, or is it every 3 years 

two vaccines can prevent cancer-the hepatitis b vaccine can
prevent some cases of liver cancer(what happened to mickey mantle)
and the hpv vaccine can prevent cervical cancer 

prostate cancer-can be detected by annual prostate exam
and by doing a psa blood test      in my practice do this annually
on men starting at age 40 years old    
the psa test is not perfect but as of right now it is all we
have along with the exam to detect prostate cancer   

most of my patients who have a  positive 
psa levels turn out to not have prostate cancer    they 
sometimes have to have a prostate biopsy(ouch!!)
but have detected several prostate cancers with this test 
and with the exam

ovarian cancer-go to google search to the right and
type in ovarian cancer for an earlier blog on this cancer

colon cancer-can be detected by colonoscopy starting at
50 years old and then every 10 years if the colonoscopy is
if there is a family history of colon cancer it is
done every 5 years or more often if certain polyps are found

in my practice do an annual rectal exam starting at age 40  and
do an  annual fecal occult stool test for blood       if i feel a
mass or if the stool test is positive  then refer for a colonoscopy

testicular cancer-is a young mans disease      most of the
cases i have seen were detected by the patient with a
self examination

tell young boys at their sport exams or annual well child
checkups about doing this monthly exam
it is a curable disease especially if detected early
this is what lance armstrongs cancer was     he had a
10% chance of survival because his was so advanced

thankfully now most insurances and medicare now pay
for these cancer screens

always tell my patients i dont want to die from something
i could have prevented or have detected early

the organicgreen doctor


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

black friday experience

i do not ever go shopping on black friday
but did once and lived to tell about it
will not ever do a black friday ever again
am cured
hold my shopping for a wednesday am at 900am two weeks
before christmas      have a list, have researched what i want,
walk in the store and get it, pay for it and get out of there

this black friday experience has ruined my shopping pleasure

a few years a go was at home visiting my parents in a rural
state near here    
they lived about 15 miles from a small town of 15000
in this small town they have a walmart
walmart had their black friday deals advertised in the
local paper     its called black friday because of all the
bruises that you get from shopping that day

there was a tv advertised that i wanted to get for my parents for
christmas      theirs was an old one that was real old
my wife she and i had bought it when we first got married as
poor college students so you know it was not an expensive one

so on that friday morning i got up early and left at 5:00 am
to go to the walmart     figured that in this small town it
would not be busy if i got there early     would just go in and
get it before the big rush occurred    
the store was opening at 6:00 am

well was i ever wrong      when got there at 5:30 am the parking
lot was full     was able to park at the edge of the parking lot
the line was so long it took me almost 30 minutes to get into
the store

when i got into the store no one could move because it was
so full     am sure it exceeded maximal capacity allowed
by the fire department by two-three times the number

the whole time i was there never was able to get pass the
mass of people to to get any where near the television

looked up and there was a nephew       must be genetic this
black friday shopping      he called his wife on her cell
phone-she just happened to be in the television section    
she had one of the televisions sitting in the aisle as some
lady just left it there

guess the lady could not get it through the mass of people
to get it checked out

my nephew managed to get to where the television was-
i never could fight may way there      he lifted it up and
moved through the mass of humanity       now we had to
get it to the check out line-
the lady before had given up on that      my nephew he just
barreled through       we looked up     we were saved as
 there was another nephew he in the line about to check out-
yep its genetic  

you know what we did right     you bet     my nephew he
checked it out for us    
there was a lot of people p..... at us as we went past

but yes got that dang television      my nephew he(a tall
fireman who shouldnt have been in that overcapacity crowd)
 lifted it up and took it to my car (had borrowed my sons
toyota 4-runner)
after all that then the dam thing would not fit in the car

luckily my nephew he was in a large pickup truck
he drove it to my parents house for me

after my parents both died got the television and brought it
back here to use in our guest bedroom    

think about that black friday experience every time
i look at that television

learned my lesson

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, November 22, 2010

big pharma/pharmaceutical/drug companies fined for fraud, cowboys

one of the big pharma companies-glaxosmithkline was just
fined $750 million for committing medicare  and medicaid
fraud for selling defective drugs    
this is not a generic company

the drugs were the antinausea medication kytril, the topical
antibiotic bactroban, the antidepressant paxil cr, and type 2
diabetes drug avandamet

the drugs were contaminated by bacteria, were split in half,
or did not have the correct amount of effective ingredients,
plus other defects

a employee whistleblower turned them in    
she got $96 million
some states will get $160 million     most states could use
the money

the medicare/medicaid fraud team that investigated the
fraud was funded with $350 million by the health care reform act  
it has recovered $3 billion so far for medicare/medicaid fraud
pretty good investment huh      
add that to the benefits of the new health care law

a sgk spokesman regretted not manufacturing the drugs to
the appropriate standards     the facility that made the
faulty drugs has been closed
luckily no significant harm was caused by the faulty drugs
they just did not work-you continued to be nauseated, your
skin infection did not heal as fast, your depression was not
controlled, and your diabetes was not controlled

no wonder patients have a mistrust of the drug companies-
things like this do not help gain patients trust
am always hearing from groups that the generics are not
as well made- well heres your branded meds not working
and not well made

could they be on the come back
they looked good yesterday
even the old man qarterback ran for a touchdown
am sure most quarterbacks wished they had the
cowboy receivers to pass to

turkey day will be important as they play the saints
go cowboys

Sunday, November 21, 2010

rainwater harvesting system-maintenance, good football weekend

today is mantenance day for the rainwater harvesting system
we use here       we use rainwater as our only source of water 
please do a rain dance for us as we need rain around here

here is a picture of our filtering system

you can do a google search for rainwater on  google search
on the right side of this blog to read about the system we have

the rain falls on roof then goes through a roof filter then goes to
a sleeve filter to rainwater tanks     from there the water goes
through the 4 filtering systems above

once a month remove the white filter housing and clean it
well as below       a new filter is then placed   this is a
10 micron filter     it catches most stuff that may be in the

twice a year have to remove the blue  filter housing  and clean
out the blue housings       remove one at a time      wash each
with soap and water, irrigate it well, then sterilize it with a
cholorox-water solution      then irrigate it again, then put in a
new filter

the first blue filter is a white woven 5 micron filter
the second blue filter is a carbon filter that is a 2-5 micron filter
it catches any odors or chemicals in the water

the last blue filter houses the ultraviolet light     this  is replaced
every 12 months     it goes inside a quartz tube(broke
that sucker once-it was expensive and shut down my system
until could get a new one ordered)
this sterilizes the water

last thing do is put a chlorox solution in the the blue housing
with the ultraviolet light        the water is turned on and when the
solution reaches the faucets in the house the water is turned
off     let it sit for four hours      this sterilizes the whole

this is how we get our pristine water      great for drinking,
bathing, and cooking-and making coffee!!!

well razorback fans yall going to miss that quarterback
next year      know the pros are drooling over him
they almost did not make it

good thing that the auburn quarterbacks dad didnt get that
money from the miss state alumni or he may have beaten the
razorbacks in that close game

next week lsu  (texas fans can you say texas am game)
this is what this game is like

longhorns won and looked good doing it
they looked like the longhorns we were expecting
this year     of course the competition wasnt good

next thursday is the am and texas game
records dont matter    
a win would be good then
there wont be a loosing season

just give the ball to that big guy johnson and let him
pound the ball

go cowboys today       beat the lions
would be a good morale booster
jason garrett may be the answer(solution)

the organicgreen doctor

Saturday, November 20, 2010

plastic bags,local team wins

received an email from a relative about los angeles county
banning plastic bags in their county

think of the number of bags that is
think of the number of bags not blowing all over the
parking lots, freeways, school  yard, parks etc

think of the amount of plastic kept out of the landfills

think of this when you are out fishing in a lake or hunting
on a deer stand or walking in what should be a pristine
clean environment and there is that damn bag hung on
a branch flopping in the breeze or have your fishing
line or bait get tangled in a bag

we use reusable cloth bags when we get groceries
my wife she has them collected from everywhere
we keep them by the back door so as i leave to get
groceries  i want forget them
if i do i just ask the checker for paper please  then i
put the paper bags in my big compost pile and let
my backyard chickens work them over     they are
easily shredded in a few days

if your local government doesnt ban plastic bags
which most do not  then you can just not use them
and bring your cloth bags with you

pollution like with plastic bags, air pollution, smog,
groundwater pollution, plastic bottles  can make an area
almost inhabitable     even the chinese have recognized
this and have began some measures to fight pollution

those of you who live where i grew up talk to your grandparents
or read about the pollution that occurred from producing
oil in that area back in the 1920s-1950s

can remember my dad talking about the oil pollution and
destruction of the ouachita river fishing when he was
a child      it took years for the river to recover

now think about 50 years from now when your children
and your grandchildren are ready to retire and what
will the environment be like if we dont change things

one of the local teams where i live is in the state playoffs
for football    
you know here football is king
the girls teams tend to be ignored even though the
quality of athletes are as equal to the football team
they just dont get the coverage    guess thats another blog

the local team won and will now advance further

there goes their families thanksgiving and christmas plans

do think though this team has everything that is needed to
go all the way to the final game    they have "it"
even their band has "it"     they are one of the best
bands in this area       the band helps the atmosphere
a lot and can help the football team if they play loud
music at the right time of the game as this band did
at the end of a recent game which interfered with the
other teams calling audibles and calling signals

go local team go

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, November 19, 2010

whats happening in the clinic, football, first freeze

whats happening in the clinic this week is a upper respiratory
infection that is causing the kids to cough and wheeze
some have fever and some dont
may of them have been wheezing and have had to use
inhalers or nebullizing treatments to control the cough and
adults are getting it also but not as much as the kids

have also seen a few cases of the flu this week
so get your flu shots its not too late

had one child that came in this week
she was sitting on the stretcher looking ill
did not seem to be having any trouble breathing
her blood pressure and temperature was normal
however when her oxygen level(oximeter reading) was checked
it was low-down to 86 (normal should be 98-100)
despite several nebulizing treatments and oxygen supplementation
she could not keep her oxygen level up above 90

she was transferred via ambulance  to the childrens hospital
for admission
the following day she had not improved any
this child had never had asthma or recurring respiratory
am concerned she might have some underlying problem
that we are not aware of

the razorback play mississippi state this weekend
hopefully mississippi state paid their players enough this
week so they could be competitive

longhorns play florida atlantic
if the horns loose to them i am not even going to read
the newspaper on sunday

the cowboys looked good against the giants
turns out jason garrett uses the jimmie johnson approach
to discipline     looks like that may help the cowboys
maybe they have found their coach
well see on sunday against the lions

we had the first real freeze of the year
covered my stuff with row cover
went ahead and picked most of my tomatoes, peppers,
and eggplants and covered the plants up
we are due to have a warm week next week
so maybe can get a little more growth from everything

now will wrap the tomatoes up with newspapers and
place them in a rack in a dark room      we will eat
them as they ripen

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, November 18, 2010

followup on adni study(alzheimers study)

well went to the center for the initial evaluation for the
adni study
good thing was that i did not have to do a lumbar puncture
bad thing is that when i go back i have to get it done

but after going through 3 1/2 hours of psychological,
neurological, and neuropsychological evaluations the
lumbar puncture doesnt seem quite so bad

was warned by testers that that is how most people
feel who go through the testing

after the complete evaluation is completed in a few weeks then
a decision will be made as to which arm of the study
i will be placed in
bad thing is that for the adni study have to go through the
neuropsychological evaluation again

the mri scan and lab work will also be done after the followup
evaluation probably next month

no matter whether i am placed in the adni study
i will have labs and a mri scan and a neuropsychological
evaluation annually for as long as i live
i will be able to receive those results when they are done

if i am placed in the adni study i will get more evaluations
over a 2 year period
much of the labs and scans that are done in the adni study
are experimental and are not done outside of research
you cant go to a local xray place and get the
scans done or to the lab and get the genetic studies done
these results will never be given to me

the testing done outside of the adni study-routine labs, mris,
neuropsychological evaluations- though are results
that i will receive after they are done and can be used to
plan my future

overall am glad that i went
hopefully i will be able to contribute a small bit of information
to fighting this disease

i will blog in the future  about each visit when i go

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

alzheimers disease neuroimaging initiative(adni)

those of you who know me or my family know that
my mother had alzheimers and spent the last months of
her life in a nursing home before she died
we experienced the effects of alzheimers on a loved one
we saw the devastating effect it can have on a person and
their family
we saw the dwindling of our mother over time
we all dread this happening to us but know that it may
be coming to visit all of us eventually

our father before he died probably had early stages
of azheimers but his death from heart disease
occurred before the disease progressed too far

our close younger relative was diagnosed with azheimers at
the mid 50s

i am in an occupation where i can not afford to have any
cognitive difficulties as it could cause adverse effects on
my patients
this has been one of my fears for several years
should there be signs or evidence of impairment then would
want to discontinue working
so far have not noticed any problems that would cause me
any concern

i have wanted to get involved in a study so that i could be
monitored over time so that when the early stages occur then
i will know and can start planning my life appropriately and
can start medications that can slow the progress of the disease

for example i have purchased a long term care insurance policy
so that when the time comes in the future that i need more
care we have a safety net financially that will provide care
for me
usually in our family this occurs in the late 70s and 80s
but it can occur younger as we have seen in our family

today i start that journey on being monitored
my wife she and i are going on a 3 hour trip to a teaching
university so that i can be involved in a study they are doing
on early mild cognitive impairment  called the adni study

i will undergo 5 hours of testing today
i will undergo neuropsychological testing (hope they dont
ask me to remember names or spell correctly)

i will have blood test done to make sure my baseline health is
ok     tests will also be done on dna and rna to measure
markers that may be monitored in people with alzheimers

i will undergo a mri of the brain today that will look for any
changes to the brain

i will undergo a pet scan of the brain today that will be looking
for deposition of a protein and carbohydrate in the brain that
occurs in alzheimer patinets

i will under go a lumbar puncture
(the only sucky part of the visit) to test  for the protein
and the carbohydrate in my spinal fluid

after all of this done if i qualify will be entered in the study
hopefully as a volunteer normal control  but if i were to have
mild cognitive impairment which i dont think i have then i
would be put into the study as a study subject

they are picking 5 people from this location to be part of a
200 patient study nation wide

i will have to go their several times over the next 18 months
to do the same tests
i will continue to be monitored there after the study for as long
as i live

what benefit do i get from this
i feel like i am contributing my small part to help figure out this
terrible disease that will some way affect everyone who is
reading this blog
i hope that things i learn about myself may help my siblings
and my children and their children and....
i will know where i am with this disease as i continue to age
so that my wife and i can plan our  lives for the future

tomorrow will blog on what it was like being tested

the organicgreen doctor  

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

edible landscaping

an edible landscape is easy to do
have gradually been doing it over the ten years we have
been living here at the country n

it started with getting rid of the st augustine lawn
which required a lot of water and a lot of time to
take care of      more time to watch football  was freed
up when the grass was removed

over this area placed crushed granite walkways and
layers of native hard wood mulch
over time gradually have added beds and landscaping
all with native plants or with edible plants

first area did was raised bed area with herbs with each
herb having its on limestone raised bed(rocks from pasture)
planted lavender, thyme, oregano, sage, salvia gregii, and
rosemary  in this area
later added 2 lemon bushes to this area
have added blue berry bushes in two large pots also
my wife she can walked to this area and pick her herbs
she needs for cooking

large part of the yard where the st augusine was is landscaped
with native plants that are edible to birds and animals

have gradually added areas in large pots where have tomato
swiss chard, italian parsley, cilantro, multiplying onions, the
productive malabar spinach, garlic, and more oregano
my wife she walks on the front porch and cuts these when

built a large arbor that is 40 feet long and have planted
native vines on it for the beauty of the flowers and for the
seeds for the birds     have added and will add this winter
edible grapes to this arbor so can pick grapes off it when
the grapes ripen

plan to put a small edible garden with salad stuff and herbs
in a old large watering trough that is 10 feet wide
this has been placed over some grass (buffalo that
uses little water) in the front yard

also have a 8 foot pond that provides water for birds
frogs, fish and dogs and yes my friends wife-snakes

so most of my old st augustine yard is now mulched, granited,
and  is growing edible food for my wife she and i or you if you
visit and for the animals

why do this 
requires little or no water
its saves money-a small plant can produce a lot of
vegetables and fruit as it grows
herbs are freshly picked-can be $2-3 for a small bunch
of herbs at the store
know that when eat the food it is truly organic
no pesticides or chemicals are used
there is no contamination of the food with e coli or
there is no energy expended except for mine or
wife she-no pollution, no transport cost
freshly picked fruits and vegetables have more nutrition
in them than those picked weeks ago and transported
or stored some where else

its easy to do
saves money
you get exercise
saves water

why not do it
start with one edible plant in a bed
then add more gradually over time

the organicgreen doctor


Monday, November 15, 2010

deliverance river trip, how bout them cowboys

people have asked me about the river trip when i was
in medical school

have you seen the movie deliverance
well it wasnt quite that bad but close

as junior medical students we rotated together in groups
of fifteen students
we suffered through the year together  and wanted to do an
end of the year camping trip
we decided to do a canoe float trip down the buffalo river in
north/north west arkansas
usually the weather is warm and clear in late may

well not that year
there were ten of us that went together-future family
physicians, gynecologists, hand surgeon, general surgeons,
and pathologist
it turned out to be one of those experiences you always
remember but for the wrong reasons
can just hear the banjos playing now(like in deliverance)

we carpooled up that day from medical school
its was in the 50s windy and misty rain
we were expecting 80s and sunny
we should have stopped and came back home

we had our fishing gear and our tents
we were ready to go
no fish were ever caught

last week was opening my old medical school annual
and there was a picture of one of the traumatized shoes
from that trip      brought back the memories of the trip

we got there and set up camp then went to the canoe
renting place and rented 5 canoes      we did not return
one of them      the river kept it and probably still has it

the river man hauled us and the canoes back up river
20 miles    we got out   it was cold     it was windy
it was misty rain    the river was up and the river was fast
we should have stopped there   we didnt

we started the trip hoping for an 8 hour journey
we would fish and drift along      that day there was no
drifting going on

two of our class mates would take side trips on water
that would be away from the main river      then they
would come back onto the river later on     one is a
practicing gynecologist in the city where some of you
live who read this blog  the other is an hand surgeon in
a large metropolitan city     they almost never made it
into their senior year

we had gone about a mile when these two went into
one of their side streams but they never came out back
into the river      later their stuff in a plastic bag   their
apples  their ice chest came floating down the river

my friend and i were the closest to the side stream
the others were farther down stream
we rowed against that heavy current up the side stream
until we found them
the future hand surgeon was in the water holding onto a
rotten tree limb in the water      she was grasping the hand
of the future gynecologist whose whole body was under
water up to his chin     his head kept bobbing in and out
of the water      he had the look on his face    sure he
thought he was going to drown  

he managed to cry out   his foot was caught between
the canoe and a submerged log     the only thing
keeping his head above water was the future
hand surgeons grasp on his hand and her grasp
on the rotten limb

my friend and i climbed onto the bank and walked
to where they were      we could see a mangled canoe
under the water with the far edge under a log-this is
where the future gynecologist foot was lodged

we looked at each other and said lets go for it
we jumped in and when we did we hit the canoe
as we jumped in the limb broke and the future hand surgeon
started floating down stream  
the future gyncecologist head went under water
when we hit the canoe it pulled him under but
dislodged his foot and he popped back up to
the surface

now we had 4 cold wet shivering blue medical students
in one canoe       we reached the others     we all stripped
to our whitey tighties and the others shared their clothes
with us     the future gynecologist had only a pancho on
he took a bottle of wine and drank it on the way back
to the camp  shvering all he way

we had 18 miles of river to go so we just rowed as
hard as we could until we got back
turned the canoes in
we built a large fire to stay warm by and got more
clothes on
the shoe that was in the annual was the hand surgeons shoe
it  was placed too close to the fire and the toe was melted
thats the only picture  have of that trip

but the memories of that trip is more vivid than any picture

how bout them cowboys
maybe coaching change helped

the organicgreen doctor

Sunday, November 14, 2010

slug day 2, football

today is slug day 2
i wish
go to shop for groceries on sunday am at 600 am
just me and the stockers
get first choice on every thing
get to be first in line
checkers all know me
hate to go on wednesday my day off  
feel like im on the freeway in los angeles

am back at home with the fireplace going
we got frost last night
my  wife she said last night  you need to cover up the tomatoes
with that row cover
nah its not going to frost tonight
prediction was low 40"s in tv
well we are in a low spot
went to get in car to go to the grocery store
dang it had to defrost my windshield

may be in big trouble as my wife shes tomatoes may
have frozen    
well there goes my slug day 2
think she may have a list now for me to do

oh well sure enjoyed slug day 1
feel recharged at least until the cowboy game

razorbacks did good in their practice game

texas well maybe next year   may not win any more

cowboys today hope the coach change makes a difference

Saturday, November 13, 2010

slug day, football

today is slug day at our house
whats slug day
dont have to do nothing unless want to do it
dont have to get dress
dont have to work outside
dont have to make the bed
dont have to grocery shop
can lay around and watch tv or movies or read books
or magazines or newspapers
can watch all of the football games want to watch all day
can watch all those dvred shows have been wanting to watch
can nap this morning and afternoon if want to
thats what a slug day is like
usually is reserved for cold wet days
today almost meets those criteria

of course it is early and my wife she is not up yet
and she hasnt given her stamp of approval for this
to be a slug day
it may cost me something to get her to agree or
could just wait until next weekend when she is gone and not
have to get her approval

local high school where clinic is beat first team in play offs
70-20     should have used the mercy rule in that game
like the 10 run rule in baseball or softball
could be state champs if they continue to play well

razorbacks play utep should be a practice game

longhorns play oklahoma state   oh well maybe next year

cowboys  first game with new coach is tomorrow
could he be the answer
probably not    too much wrong with cowboys to fix
with just new coach

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, November 12, 2010

whats happening in the clinic, caterpillars, miami heat

whats happening in the clinic this week 
am seeing a lot of patients with allergies
the mold counts are high this week and probably will 
be high next week if we get rain 

runny noses, watery eyes, headaches, body aches, sneezing,
coughing, and just feeling miserable are signs and symptoms 
of allergies 

we soon will be into the dreaded cedar season here 
once the freezes occur then the cedar pollen starts to climb
if we have a dry winter then the counts will go sky high
sometimes it looks foggy here in places but it is the cedar 
pollen popping out 

this could be a bad cedar pollen season so be ready if you 
live around here

use loratidine (generic claritin) every day and use 
eye allergy drops to control my symptoms        
you can develop allergies at any age
sucks to get old 

am seeing a lot of strep throats in children      symptoms are 
fever,sore throat, headache, body aches and sometimes nausea vomiting 

diagnosis is made with strep test and treatment is usually with
penicillin or amoxacillin unless you are allergic to them 

saw an older gentleman who is 78 years old      
he was very active doing carpenter work every day      
recently he stopped doing that 
and is just sitting around doing nothing     
he has gained 20 lbs   his blood pressure has risen some     
his cholesterol has gone higher 
he is probably depressed and refuses treatment for that
he sits around all day and rarely gets out of the house now 

have convinced him to get out and walk every day 
office called him to remind him to go walk      
his wife told us he is listening to us   
hopefully he will continue the walking 

he was getting the dwindles-that downward path that older 
people take sometimes 

am getting caterpillars in my garden eating holes in the 
leaves of the green leafy plants-lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, 
swiss chard, mustards, etc 

if left alone they can destroy the plants 

the safe organic effective treatment is to use bt(baccillus
thuringiensis) as a spray or a powder on the leaves 
it will kill the caterpillars and not affect other insects 
it is safe to use on plants for human consumption 

miami heat lost again to the boston cleltics
is that experiment with the three stars going to work 
record is 5-4
time will tell     
must have a team to win championships 

the organicgreen doctor 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

crackly frito-lay bag,betty white, veterans day

please have you opened a bag of the crackly frito-lay chips
oh dont do it in a library or movies as you will be thrown
out for making too much noise

the bag was developed to be compostable in an
'industrial' compost situation-not sure what that means

consumer reports took a bag and put it in an aggressive
compost heap with leaves, wood chips and compost mix
guess what after 13 weeks everything composted away except
for that old frito-lay crinkly bag

what were they thinking
been there now- cowgirl sisterinlaw bought a bag for us to
eat with our grilled hamburgers this weekend while at
the cabin on the river-see earlier blog

so dang it was so loud-it flushed out the birds from the trees
you couldnt hear any one talking
and the people in the next cabin were bothered by the noise

buy a bag and experience it yourself
just dont put it in your compost pile

betty white the 140 year old actress always wanted to be
a park ranger but was not allowed to be one as she
was a female
she was recently made an honorary park ranger
by the park service
she is shown in the picture in the paper clutching a bear in her
ranger out fit
hope that guy from the commercial doesnt tackle her

today is veterans day
thanks to my three brothers who served in the millitary
thanks to all the relatives from years back and in the
present who have served  and are serving in the
take a moment today to think of the veterans

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ovarian cancer, alzheimers study

here are some of the stastistics

one in 58 women will develop ovarian cancer in her

about 21,000+ women were diagnosed with ovarian
cancer in a recent year

15,000+ women died of ovarian cancer in that same

if diagnosed early in stage 1 there is a 90% chance of

however only 20% are diagnosed in the early stages

symptoms are vague       see patients every day with
these symptoms      symptoms are bloating, upset stomach,
heart burn, fatigue, back pain, pain during sex, constipation,
menstrual changes, urge to urinate, frequency of urination,
pelvic pain, trouble eating, feeling full quickly

diagnosing is difficult

ca-125 is not a good screening tool as 20% of women
with ovarian cancer are negative     some women
will have a natural occurring ca-125  

ca125 is mainly used to monitor cases of surgically
diagnosed ovarian cancer

only 20% will have a family history of ovarian cancer

brac1 and brac2 genes(for breast cancer and ovarian cancer)
 are inherited via either parent     consider testing if there is
a positive family history of these two diseases

birth control pills may decrease the risk of developing
ovarian cancer

treatment is with surgery, radiation treatment, and chemotherapy

american cancer society says that eating right, being active,
and maintaining a healthy weight is important ways to reduce
your risks of developing ovarian cancer, other cancers, and
other diseases

for more information go to www.ovarian.org
this is the website for the national ovarian cancer coalition


next week will be going to a medical center for the
initial evaluation to be included in an alzhiemers study (adni)
as a control subject     will blog about this after each

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

composting in elementary schools, deer season here, coach wade gone

composting in elementary schools is going on in a
district near here
there are 80 elementary schools in the district
the plans are to eventually have all of the elementary
schools composting by the end of the year

rather than throwing everything in the garbage and
paying a disposal system to take it to the landfill
the schools will be saving the leftovers and not eaten
food to be sent to a composting center which composts
it and sells it as bagged compost
the district may save 12% on its garbage disposal bill

also included is milk cartons, napkins and other
compostable materials

the district calculates that 3 million pounds of waste
will be diverted each year from the 80 schools

many of the kids are now composting at home
now days kids are interested in recycling or anything
considered green    
these things willl be more important as
they get older and have to deal with worse problems
than what we have now with our pollution, our water needs
and energy needs
(from a review of article in local metropolitan newspaper)

its deer season here
we live a quarter of mile from a river that has a lot of

deer and turkey that are hunted
dont hunt but understand the hunting concept
my two dogs alpha dog  1 and beta dog  2 dont like deer season
at times it sounds like war has broken out near us
they both dont like the booming sound of the guns
beta dog 2 usually only barks when guns are shot off
near here

think that in the area close to us more deer are probably
killed on the highway than are killed deer hunting
thats how got my deer with my car
was an expensive deer and did not get to keep the
deer for its meat

the other time its bad here is with dove season
its louder because its closer to our house as the dove
are flying over our neighbors pastures

this noise is one of the few sacrifices have had to make
by living out here in the solitude of the country

just have to make sure my wife she doesnt make her trip
down to the river during deer season like she did once
when first moved here
my wife she was walking down to the river when she
walked by a deer blind in the edge of the pasture by
the river     there was a gun sticking out of the blind
my wife she decided to talk to the hunter which she
knew so that he would know she was there

my wife she doesnt like snakes but she aint afraid
of a hunter with a gun who doesnt know she is there

well he is gone now
what a nice guy
but hes the head guy so when the team falls apart like
that then its his responsibility

now the boys can move on
jason garrett is a smart guy
maybe a spark can be put into those guys
as the fire to play seems to be put out already

if they could just play buffalo next-
the worse team in football right now
or is that the 2nd worst team

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, November 8, 2010

bernie-the movie, lost maples, football

bernie the movie is being filmed in this area
it is a dark comedy based on an article published in the
1990s in the magazine texas monthly  
it is being described as the 'fargo' of east texas
-remember the fargo movie form a few years ago-ya ya

the setting is in east texas     actors with the roles in the
movie are jack black matthew mcconaughey  and shirley
mclaine     it is a richard linklater movie      
know it is going to be a funny movie

while filming the movie at a local high school jack black
took over the intercom system to do the morning
kids were scrambling to get their cell phones to record
jack blacks announcements

my nephew he (the one who fell down the water tank
but really did not in a previous blog)(and the one that
edited the video from a previous blog on the drummer
that fell down while marching) is an intern on the movie
he may have made it into the movie if he can survive the
editing process


spent the weekend at lost maples state park
see link below

the big toothed maple is found in the canyons of this park
they are the ones that are in the fall foliage that makes
new england area foliage so great in the fall
they are only found in this canyon in this part of the
united states

the foliage had not changed much this year but in
previous years it has been perfect
this picture is from 3 years ago when weather and
conditions were good

my wife she and i hiked the canyons and enjoyed the
quiet and peacefulness of this place along with the
clear water in the streams and rivers  
can only imagine  how beautiful the foliage in new
england must be

we spent the weekend with my cowgirl sisterinlaw and my
brother in a cabin on the river near lost maples
its always a relaxing weekend

now back to the grind

the razorbacks won against south carolina
they  looked good

the cowboys and the longhorns were painful to watch
still think they should play each other

the organicgreen doctor

Saturday, November 6, 2010

football,freeze warning

well will write about the team that has the best chance
to win out of the three that are followed and watched
on tv if games are available

the razorbacks play south carolina
at south carolina
the sly fox that carolina coach can be dangerous to play
just ask alabama
good luck hogs

longhorns are on a downhill slide that seems to be
similar to the cowboys downhill slide
they go to kansas state to play
longhorns always have a hard time playing there

the kansas state coach was brought back from
retirement     he is another sly grey fox of a coach
could be another loss for the longhorns

bring on florida atlantic or pacific or international
whatever that team they should beat  is called

now the cowboys
going to green bay to play on sunday night
it aint going to be easy
poor wade
think they should first change owners then look
at the coaching change
maybe the cowboys could schedule a game against
the longhorns or florida atlantic


may freeze here this weekend
cover your tender stuff (tomatoes, peppers, egg plant,
 basil, etc) with row cover  sheets  blankets etc

consider picking your tomatoes early to prevent them
from freezing(wrap them with newspaper-see old blog)

picked half of mine and covered the rest with a good
blanket of row covers

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, November 5, 2010

concussions, local football

concussions in athletes have been in the news a lot recently
see previous blog on football player in kansas that died
from a head injury      he had a previous concussion
in another earlier game      could this have been prevented

in a recent ama medical news there was an article on a
physician that works the side line for one of the top 10
college football teams

in a recent game when the team was behind their star
running back was diagnosed by the doctor as having
sustained a concussion and was not allowed to play
as a second concussion could lead to a major brain

the well known coach verbally accosted the
physician screaming at him that the running back
did not have a concussion and what right did he
have to hold him out of the game

the coach apologized sort of later
however in an interview later with espn he said
"as far as i am concerned he was fine 10 minutes
after he got hurt'

there are demands by coaches, athletes, parents  to
return players to playing too early
have felt that from them in my practice
but have always been aggressive at not letting them
go back too early     sons played sports and know how
much pressure is put on the players by coaches trainers
to go back to playing
sometimes they know which doctors to send players to

there is mounting evidence that there is long term impact
on athletes who get concussions especially recurrent ones

remember jason witten the tight end for the cowboys
continuously arguing with the doctors and trainers to go
back into the game     they held their ground

there are studies of football and wrestlers who have
sustained multiple head trauma that has developed
a progressive degenerative brain disease

have had a problem in the past with players denying
that they have any post concussive symptoms such as
headache dizziness blurred vision

many states including the one we live in have new rules to
protect the athlete      if a concussion occurs then the
player can not play that game and must see a physician
to get a release to play    they have to be symptom free

there are many guidelines available to follow    they all
are similar

the goal is to protect the athlete so immediate harm is not
done and no permanent harm is done

one of the local football teams where practice is located
won their game last night against a team that has been a
dynasty in football the last few years
they are now undefeated and top ranked in the state

many of the players in the game will be playing football
in college the next few years

hats off to them for a good season   good luck in the

they also have one of the best bands in the state
(remember the fallen drummer video in a previous blog)

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, November 4, 2010

fall color


these are plants producing fall color in the yard here

jefferson bean or hyacinth bean from a friend

4 o'clock from a friend originally from new orleans

canna from moms house

autumn sage or salvia greggi


yellow belle or esperanza   is a tough plant   never water it

four nerve daisy    is another tough plant   never water it


zexmenia   is another tough plant   never water it

blackfoot daisy   another tough one     never water it

milkweed   host plant for the monarch butterfly


blue plant is plumbago
red plant is turks cap


gayfeather    another tough plant


arugula     used in salads  
bees love its flowers

mealy blue sage   grows wild in yard and pasture


beta dog 2 running through lantana    real tough plant

the common feature of all these are that they can survive
most of them with out watering them  
they survive the hot dry summers here
they are very xeriscapic plants

they provide color to the yard when most plants are wilting
in the late summer early fall
most also provide seeds for birds through out  the winter
get a lot of bird activity during the winter as we provide a
good habitat for them and provide a water pond for them

the organicgreen doctor                                                                                                        

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

alzheimers disease neuroimaging initiative(adni), election-people have spoken

the national institutes of health(nhi) is expanding the azheimers
disease neuroimaging inittialtive (adni) which is a study that is
recruiting hundreds of new volunteers to help define the subtle
changes that may appear in the brains of people many
years before overt symptoms of alzheimers disease appear

over the next 5 years 1000 people aged 55 to 90 will be
enrolled at 55 sites in the us and canada-so there is a site
close to you

this second phase of the study is called adni2
the volunteers will be followed to help define the changes
in brain structure and how the brain functions as people
move from normal cognitive brain function to mild
cognitive impairment (mci)-see previous blog on this
which is the beginning or precursor to alzheimers disease

the study will use neuropsychological tests    mri s and
pet scans and biomarkers in the blood and spinal fluid
developed to track changes in the living brain
the biomarkers include beta amyloid protein and tau
in the spinal fluid    
genetic analysis of  the blood will be done

the study hopes to identify who is at risk for alzheimers
track progressioin of the disease and devise tests to
measure the effectiveness of potential interventions

the adni data base has been established so that as soon as
results are obtained researchers all over the world will have
instant access to the data

i have volunteered for the study and will do the initial
entry evaluation in 2 weeks at a university center near where
i live      this is a 5 year study but the plan is to be followed
well into the future      will have extensive neuropsychological
test  mri s     pet scans   blood tests   spinal taps
am willing to do this for myself   for my family  and hopefully
some useful information can be obtained for future evaluation
and treatment of this terrible disease

i plan to do a blog on this each time i go in to be seen and
will blog on the results of the study as they are published

to volunteer or get more information contact (adear)
alzheimers disease education and referral center at 1-800-438-4380 or

interesting is that this study is sponsored by the recovery act

the election is over-the people have spoken
dont always agree with the results but respect the system
we have in america in place to elect our government

i voted so feel have the right to complain if the government
is not doing its job

have always felt it was not good for one party to totally
dominant the election and have full control of everything

the president of one party   the senate will a small majority with
the presidents party  and a house of representatives with a
majority from the other party is  probably ideal as they will
keep the president and senate under some control

the bitterness between the two parties hopefully will get better
cant any of those guys think for themselves instead of
spitting out the party line all the time

maybe we need a new party that will sit between the far right
and the far left since the majority of americans are in the
middle anyway

the organicgreen doctor


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

today is election day-go vote, world series is over

today is election day-go vote
even if you dont vote right still vote
if you dont vote then dont complain about anything
dealing with politics
hear people complain about government all the time
llike to ask them did you vote
well no didnt vote
well if you dont vote you dont have the right to complain

although if you do vote make sure you vote the
right way

my wife she and i like to go to the local voting place here
in the country
its is a small town that is getting smaller
there is an old high school gym  that the community
keeps in good condition and is used for events etc

this is our polling place
it has an old feel to it that we enjoy
the old building has a smell to it       the people are
country friendly  the lines are small or are not existent

dont like to early vote because miss the experience of
going there and voting

well the world series is over
hats off to the giants
they did a good job
maybe next year rangers

lets see rangers, longhorns, cowboys
dang bad sport year

there is always basketball to look forward to
go spurs   go mavericks   go heat   go longhorns   go razorbacks

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, November 1, 2010

my friend hes birthday, garden update, bad sports weekend

my friend he has a birthday today
my friend he is one of those once a friend always a friend
my friend he and i met in medical school
my friend he and i were randomly assigned to do
a topic together on gout
my friend he and i have been friends since

my friend he and i did our junior year rotation together
my friend he and i worked hard but had fun
my friend he and i barely survived a lake fishing trip once
my friend he and i and our friends almost did not
survive a floating trip down the buffalo river
my friend he  and i worked in the same medical group for
several years
my friend he is responsible for our moving to this state

my friend he is a friend for ever  
my friend he is wished a happy birthday today
(wont mention which one)

here is the picture of my fall garden that will keep under
hoop row cover all winter

here is the same area a few weeks later

my wife she made a soup with swiss chard  cabbage
leaves   3 different kales   mustard greens   asian greens
garlic  onions   potatoes
all from the garden
my wife she added our motherinlaws shes beans-she
gets them from a mexican food  market (are tootless
beans which my wife she likes)

planted strawberries this weekend that will be ready
late spring 2011  yum yum
used compost from my chicken compost pile
mixed it in well   planted strawberries   then covered
ground with pine straw
the pine straw provides a mulch for the plants and
provides a surface for the strawberries to grow on

our tomatoes survived the cold onslaught this weekend
with only a slight nipping of the leaves
hopefully can get 2 more weeks of nice freeze free days
then can harvest them as per past blog

bad sports weekend here
longhorns and cowboys played the same-
rangers lost now must win all three games
not easy to do
cliff lee tonight gets a second chance

the organicgreen doctor