welcome to the organic green doctor blog

i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

whats on my food

this website called  www.whatsonmyfood.org was discovered while
doing a followup reading on the potato experiment from last weeks
that posting was bothersome as the potatoes that werent organic
would not grow a vine but the organic one would

so i went to this website
clicked on apples because i eat an apple a day
as it keeps the doctors away

there was a list of 42 chemicals added to the apples
number one was thiabendazole
that word looks so familiar

i know where i recognize that word
when my wife she was in graduate school i worked as
a research assistant for a parasitologist
who was studying parasites in cattle and goats
we use to give that medicine to them to kill round worms

so if i eat apples then i wont get roundworms
the legend shows it to be carcinogenic and to possibly
be a reproductive and developmental toxin

what about carrots
well there are only 26 pesticides found on carrots
not as many on carrots as apples
at least thats what the fda says

lets see most have linuron on them
its slighly toxic to birds and aquatic life
wonder if its the one that makes those frogs have 5 legs and three eyes
but its ok for us to ingest it
wonder what it does to a rapidly growing baby or infant

one more
lets see what it says about taters
looks like there are 37 chemicals found on them
yep theres that chlorpham (chlorphane) that little girl did her video on
its number one
then theres that thiabendazole
guess if you all this stuff you wont get worms any more
then theres all those letters and numbers that dont sound good
2,4-d, dde-pp', dcpa, and pcb
wait pcb
wasnt that banned years ago
pcb is on our taters too
thats scary
if its got all those letters and numbers thats not good either

sorry i couldnt help it
when i went shopping i went straight to the organic section
and bought all my fruits and vegetables
and went out to my garden and pulled my pesticide free
organically grown veggies

this stuff on our foods cant be good for us and our kids and our pets

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, January 30, 2012

thats siri

havent talked to siri yet as i dont have an iphone 4s
but have seen video of people who have one and who talk
to her
wonder where her name came from
is she indian
or is her name just abbreviation for something
even google cant seem to answer that one

guess that will be the name of the future for kids
she sure is smart
just dont talk bad to her or shell let you know
sometimes people forget they are not talking to a
real person

the other day i called one of the megabanks to make sure
they had received the final payment on my house mortgage
the person i talked to said yes it had been paid for
and i would be receiving documentation later

i asked her hows the weather there by the way
thats when i realized i was really talking to siris sister
and not a live human being

may have to get me a siri phone

because of siri the volume of usage of the iphones has
increased dramatically so there is more data use than before

so has the use of the web to watch videos and movies
of course those cable folks are figuring out ways
to make money on us as we use more
they are like drug dealers
they have us hooked

they will be charging us based on how much data we

we use verizon wireless as we live just beyond anything
that works faster
they hit us with extra charges each month if we go over their
we dont download any videos or movies at all
but easily go over our limits each month

think these guys will be like the megabanks and will stick
it too us as we dont really have much choice except to
give up the internet

dont think that will happen any time soon
just bend over

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, January 27, 2012

scans, post video, post visit, workup

tried to post a beta amyloid pet scan of a patient with
mild cognitive impairment yesterday on facebook
that would not post so im posting it here

the red stuff is not suppose to be there
this is actually from a patient with alzheimers disease
but a patient with mild cognitive impairment who has
advanced some will look similar to this

that red stuff is beta amyloid
thats what is thought to be the cause or the end result
of whatever is causing alzheimers disease

if we can stop this deposition of the beta amyloid in the
brain or remove it early with meds or a vaccine then we
will be getting somewhere in the prevention and cure and
treatment of the big A

this is a glucose metabolism  pet scan

the red stuff in this scan is suppose to be there
its radioactively labelled glucose
the more the merrier
in mild cognitive impairment its reduced
and in the big A its even reduced more
the brain cells that are damaged cant metabolize
glucose well so they start dying

the other scan that is done is the volumetric mri

on the right is a normal beta amyloid with a normal
volumetric mri (vmri)
on the left is the abnormal beta amyloid with the red stuff
and just below this is an abnormal volumetric mri
with increase size to the ventricles in the middle that looks
like a bird in flight and the decrease in the hippocampal area
on the under surface of the brain
-the hallmarks of early alzheimers disease or mild cognitive impairment

these then are the three scans that i am aware of that are used
in working up alzheirmers disease or cognitive problems
the beta amyloid scan is only available in research centers but will
be available elsewhere in the next two years if the fda approves it

the volumetric mri and the glucose metabolism pet scan can be done
at many radiological centers now

hope this is helpful to those of you that have asked about them

taping the video was fun
dang sure was a lot of retakes
hate to see what it would be like to do a movie
the video staff taped an interview with me then with the doctor
i see doing an office visit with me then with the research director
doing an intake interview with me and then with the testing person
doing part of the neuropsychological testing (asked them to do
the part that i could do correctly)
this is will eventually be on their new updated website
will post it when its all completed

am sure they hate to see doctors as patients
know i hate being one
theres no changes in my medications and will do
a follow up in 6 months
not much to report

a close relative of mine has decided to undergo an evaluation
mainly as a baseline for future reference
the relative took the article that was written about my situation
to the doctors visit
she is now having an evaluation done that sounds like its everything
that should be done to evaluate someone

this is probably a good idea since
the relative is probably at a higher risk than most people because of
our shared genetic history
remember most cases of alzheimers ARE NOT genetic
it just happens that it probably is in our families genes

the earlier this is picked up
the earlier medication and preventative stuff can be done (we all should
be doing those things anyway)
the medications can delay things for awhile
it gives us time with our families
and in my case i savour each day
which i may not have been doing if i didnt know

good luck with the evaluation

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, January 26, 2012

another neurology appointment, video, study

well its time again
have to go back for my 6 month follow up with the neurologist
this visit i dont mind
its usually in and out
how you doing
tap tap on the knee
refill the prescription
see you in 6 months

its been 15 months since ive been officially diagnosed with
mild cognitive impairment amnestic type
thought to be possibly due to alzheimers disease
only time will tell for sure if thats accurate

during that 15 months i may have noticed a subltle change but on
all those neuropsychological tests ive had over that time period
there has been no significant changes
thats like a cancer patient getting a negative pet scan
its reassuring

but as i know this can remain stable for awhile then take off
like it has with my younger brother
he sure has progressed during these last 15 months
he has gone from driving himself to now not driving himself
not getting himself dressed and requiring 24/7  monitoring
i think about him a lot and wonder if ill be like him and when
the decline will happen

but i have to continue to move forward and accept the fact that
i really dont know what will happen
only time will tell

i am doing all the things you and someone like me needs to do to
prevent or slow down the disease
exercise, control blood pressure,control lipids, maintain my weight,
stay mentally active, socialize, and take my dam donepezil (aricept)

am afraid to stop it because i know it could be the one thing that is
slowing this disease down for awhile before it eventually takes off
if i stop it i could see a more rapid decline in my status
so i plan to continue it despite the side effects
at least its now a cheap generic

i and my wife she are trying to get things done now in this early time
as we dont know what will happen
we have a lot of travel plans and this is the year we are getting all our
financial and legal ducks in a row
we have paid off our house and our cars and this next month
we should be totally debt free
maybe ill call the dave ramsey show so i can scream were debt free
on his radio show

we enjoy each other more now than we ever have before
and know to savour each day as it happens

ive continued doing this blog and spend a few hours on it everyday
i also walk 3-4 miles a day and have taken up hiking trails in this area
sorry ive missed some of the beauty around here over the last 10 years

ive also started a habitat for humanity project that i plan to follow
through to completion
ok so im going to learn some skills i can apply to the redo of my old barn

i will start tomorrow delivering meals on wheels in this area
this is something ive wanted to do
my mother always looked forward to those meals and those
brief interactions with the person that delivered the meal

i have tried to read a real paper newspaper a day and read several
online news websites every day
i also read a book every day if possible
ok my stack is kinda high in my to read stack
havent made the kindle transformation yet
like the feel of a book and love to dog ear those pages
but know i will eventually have to give in and use one

i stay busy maintaining my 10 acres here at the country n and
my organic garden
i will never get all this stuff done that needs to be done here
but its fun trying

so hope in the next 15 months that things will not progress any
that will be good news for my wife she and i

stay tuned

today after my neurology appointment i will be interviewed for a
possible short video that will be posted on the alzheimers research centers
website at ut southwestern medical center
they have plans to update the website so it will be more useful for patients
families and medical providers
am glad to get to be a part of it
will post the website when its done

if you follow this blog you know that i am in the
alzhiemers disease neuroimaging initiative-phase 2 study at the
alzheimers research study in dallas at the ut southwestern medical center
its a five year study thats an extension of phase 1
its probably the most important research study on alzheimers that has
ever been done
it will define how patients will be evaluated in the future and will trigger
some of the research that will eventually lead to the treatment prevention and
possible cure of this diseaese

in april i will have my 1 year follow up visit
i will have blood work, mri scan of the brain, a neuropsychological exam
(i call it the torture test) then will get to go to annual visits after that
no spinal tap or pet scans until april of next year

when i take the neuropsychological exam i know when i take it exactly
whether i have improved or not
they dont have to tell me the results because i already know
so in october i had not changed and hopefully in april the test will
show the same

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

flexes, more taxes, rain

have continued the campaign to beat the flexes
those flex accounts that will try their best to keep your money
its your money not theirs
but they dont act that way sometimes

flexes 0
ogd (thats me) 4

i win

i have had several battles with my flex account this year
but after a lot of effort and documentation i finally won
total winnings were $1800
it was my money not theirs but they tried their best to keep it
im glad im retired or i wouldnt have the time to fight this battle

one person i helped had over $3600 dollars they had tied up
in disputed claims
try to talk to a knowledgeable person on the phone
they dont exists
there is not someone who you can talk to that will help you

sir we need the documentation in order to pay

through a lot of effort by this person and myself we finally got
the documentation we needed and found a lot of less known
deductions you could take but we finally got things where
she will not loose all her money

and we were not even talking to someone from india or pakistan

those flexes
we have decided here at the country n that theyre not worth the
   it takes to get your money back
no flexes here next year
ex the flex

15% its hard to believe someone making that much money only pays
thats enough to not elect mitt

newt at least paid his share at 31+%
now thats a little better
its a more presidential number
but am concerned where all his money comes from

obama paid 26% on $1.7 million
now thats presidential also

then ron paul
he hasnt released his numbers yet as
he made so little money last year hes embarrassed to release his returns
at least hes honest-wished the other politicians could be like him
bet he paid more % than mitt

the problem with rain in central texas is that we either dont get any rain
or we get it in bunches all at once
like tonight
cant wait to see how much rain we have and are getting

i am still only 50% full on all my tanks so i want all the rain i
can capture for my rainwater system
before each rain i adjust my system to maximize my rain collection
all roofs collect rainwater-garage, well house, bbq area, barn, and
even my arbour and of course my house
i also put out all my 5 gallon buckets
and do i have a collection ive accumulated over the years

this collecting rain water takes a lot of effort
but its always worth it when you take a shower or
wash your hair or wash your clothes or take a nice
cold drink of pure water out of the tap

yep its worth it

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

potato experiment, mitts taxes


this little girl did a simple experiment for some school project
its simple but shows what is going on in our food chain

if you wonder why people want to go totally organic then
this simple experiment shows why

i grow all my vegetables organically using compost most of which
i make myself
no chemicals in my compost

if this stuff does this to a potato what does it do to a growing

she went out and bought 3 potatoes
one from the grocery store
one from an organic store
one form an organic farmers market

her results speak for themselves

thanks ph facebook friend for this

mitt romney paid $6.25 million in taxes on $42.5 million
over 2010 and 2011
his tax rates were 13.9 and 15.4 %

my tax rate over those 2 years was 28 %
eg on $100,00 thats $28,000 in taxes

if i was mitt that would be $13,900 and $15,400
i could find good use of that extra $15,000 couldnt you

if he paid my tax rate he would have paid $11.9 million in taxes

no wonder THEY dont want to change the tax code but want
it to be cut more

theres those 1% again
winning while we lose

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, January 23, 2012

post hh, post football, post primary, post mailbox

well that was fun this weekend
working on a habitat for humanity project
using people who dont know what they are doing and
getting things done right
was impressive
there was a large group from a local business there volunteering
along with myself and a local high school student
dont remember being this aware and motivated as a high school

the project im sure looked like a large ant mound from the sky
with all these volunteers running around with boards
it probably looked like total chaos
but at the end of the day it was all done and done correctly
thanks to a core group of people that have done this before
that knew what they were doing

i interviewed the recipient
she is a single mom with two kids
she has to come up with the down payment then
she gets an interest free loan for 20 years on whats owed
the labor is free
she has to work on the project herself
she probably in the end gets a house that she pays half what it
would cost to build it

good experience for her and for us
will hope to follow this house through to its completion

what do i get from this
i get to feel like im helping someone
if you dont know how that feels i feel sorry for you

i learn carpentering skills that i can use on my country n
they are already tired of me asking all those questions

wow hope the super bowl game is this close and this good
as the games were yesterday
i was really not pulling for a particular team yesterday
am glad im not the raven kicker having to wait until next
year to kick again
what a long off season that will be
wonder if theyll axe him because of that miss

giants vs patriots
eli vs tom
two elite quarterbacks against each other
think this will be a good game to watch
if defense wins games it will be the giants

wish they played this weekend

well the democrats love the results of the republican primary
newt the grinch that stole the primary won
the democrats sure would like newt to win the nomination
i think they fear mitt the most
a moderate republican has a better chance to win than a
conservative one

the reason is that most americans are in the middle of the
political spectrum
the candidate that goes there will probably win
mitt has the better chance but the democrats can hope cant they

obama is really a moderate democrat despite what everyone is saying
hes not the left wing liberal that is painted by some
just ask those left wing liberals if he is one of them
dont think he is

mitt vs obama
that will be a good race to follow


every so often i have to replace my mailbox here at the country n
because a car truck bat a gun or something has destroyed my
i just replace it and move on
payback for past sins

well a facebook friend neighbors are always getting theirs destroyed
but hers is not
she painted hers camouflage

camo maybe thats the answer
dont mess with them is what that says
i do have a gun but it has a crooked barrel and i dont have any
bullets for it
but they dont have to know that

will get me some green and brown paint today

the oganicgreen doctor

Friday, January 20, 2012

nicotine, habitat


there are several ways to get nicotine into your system
smoke it in cigarettes
definitely not good for you
cancer heart disease emphysema throat cancer all bad stuff
can result from smoking cigarettes

smoke it in cigars
i always loved an occasional cigar
however long term use can cause similar problems as above

chew it as tobacco or dip it
seems nasty to me
then you got to spit it out somewhere
it messes up your teeth and can cause oral cancer throat cancer
esophageal cancer stomach cancer bladder cancer and who knows
what else
plus no one likes to kiss you if you chew or dip

you can chew nicotine gum
takes a lot of work to get that nicotine level stable

then you can use the nicotine patch
that would be my preferred mode of obtaining my nicotine

why am i wanting nicotine

there was a study recently where patients with mild cognitive impairment
were given nicotine patches to wear and others didnt get patches

on cognitive tests the ones using the patches regained 46 % of their
long term memory loss and those who didnt wear the patch showed
a 26 % decline in memory
the study was on a small number of patients
but shows promising the use of nicotine patches

seems like an easy thing for me to do
its better than smoking and
its better than forgetting things

now maybe i  can find those keys i lost last week


tomorrow i start working on a habitat for humanity house
the workers who build this house are mostly volunteer workers
i have always wanted to build a house to see how its all done
will learn things i can use here at the country n as i rebuild things
in retirement you need to give back to society in some way
this is one of the ways to do that and get some gain from it

will chronicle my experience with the endeaver as i go along

glad the weather is cooperating here for the start of this project

have a good weekend
i know i will

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, January 19, 2012



twinkies may be gone
the hostess company is over $800,000 in debt and is filing for
they cant stop making those
ive not had a fried twinkie yet
thought i would eat one after i had my cholesterol checked so
i could recover before the next cholesterol check

maybe they could make a deal with mcdonalds to sell them with
the quarter pounder that i wrote about recently
what a filling meal that would be huh

i dont eat twinkies now but just knowing they are there is important
thats almost as american as moms apple pie

support hostess buy a twinkie today
just dont eat it

he did it
he matched the money donated by a congressman to pay down the
national debt
he will be writing a check for $49,000 as representative rigell from va
donates 15% of his congressional salary to the national debt
any other takers anyone anyone
probably not

tax facts
myth 47% of americans dont pay taxes
fact all americans pay taxes

myth american people and corporations pay high taxes
fact the us has the third lowest taxes of any developed country
in the world

myth cutting taxes creates jobs and raises revenue
fact tax cuts reduce revenue and are not associated with
economic growth
never thought this made sense to me

myth our tax system is progressive because wealthy individuals
pay a disproportionate amount of taxes
fact at a time of income inequality the us tax system is flat
the top 1% are making more and paying fewer taxes

myth the fair tax or flat tax would be fair
fact it would make our tax system even more regressive
the bottom 20% would pay more and the top 1% would pay less
the middle class where most of us are would be hit the hardest

this is from the daily share which has a liberal bent to its articles
but i think most of this above are facts that are true

the prevailing theme of this and everything else thats happening
right now in the economy is that the middle class is getting
screwed and the top 1% are not

our chance to make a change is coming up this fall when we
have elections of the candidates who are picked by the super pacs
who may not be favoring the middle class

it almost makes you not want to vote doesnt it
but its a right i dont want to give up

where is that third party candidate and wheres the occupiers
when we need them

think ill take a prozac generic of course
ill just go for a walk with my dogs down to the river
and contemplate all this

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

super pac man


this is a play on words
its the next president of the united states
super pac man
you and i will not decide who the next president of the united states

it will be decided by a super pac who has millions and millions of 
dollars to use to elect the next president with almost no limit on how
much someone can donate and what they use it for

think a big old slush fund

a pac is a political action committee 
there are hundreds of these
the american academy of family physicians has one 
they take donations and use them for the issues deemed important
to family physicians
there are lots of rules placed on the pacs
how much you can donate and how the money is used

now take away all the rules and regulations and you have a super pac
an unlimited amount can be donated
it can be used for any political or sometimes non political reasons it 
wants to use it for
one superpac that is supporting mitt romney may raise close to half a 
billion dollars to support him and other candidates

ask newt how effective these super pacs can be in elections
it sunk his candidacy

all the candidates have a super pac that supports them 
even ron paul has one
mitt romneys super pac 
excuse me he cant have one 
the one that supports him and cant "communicate" with him just has 
the most money right now
and its using it in nasty ads 
prepare to throw up this year listening to these ads

the super pacs have both democrats and republicans scared this year
and theres not much they can do to stop it

thanks to a supreme court ruling that will probably go down as the worst
ruling they have ever done these superpacs have and will take over
the electing our next president 
one of the few ways it can be changed is if they reverse their decision
aint going to happen 

the only real rule is they can not have direct communications with the 
candidates they support
wink wink nod nod
we know how all this works

however this year if president obama and the republican candidate
-probably romney-dont use a super pac to support their candidacy
they will not win the election 

if this doesnt make you sick and make you mad at congress and
the supreme court and fear the top 1% or maybe the top 0.1% then 
we are all in trouble

theres really nothing we can do 
scary huh

think ill donate to a super pac
the one that stephen colbert has formed
through comedy it is exposing this biggest threat to our political system 
maybe ever

super pac man the next president

the organicgreen doctor 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

washin greens, plantin time, organic weed and feed

i am from the deep south and love turnip greens and other greens
in good old pot liquor with corn bread
just cant get them very often

this year i planted turnip greens along with swiss chard, kale, asian greens,
cabagge, asian cabagge, collards and brussel sprouts
cooking them all together in a pot of greens
um thats so good

my motherinlaw she is visiting us from california so as she is from the
deep south and had not had greens for a long time i wanted to cook
her up a pot of greens the day before she left

i went out to my garden and pulled all my turnip greens
if youve ever picked turnip greens you know that somehow they
attract dirt that gets all over the leaves and you cant shake it off
it has to be washed and washed to get them grit free

my wife she decided to help me out
she had read where you could put the greens in the washing machine
and wash them that way

my advise after this experience is dont ever ever do this

after she put them in the machine she left
that was smart of her to do that

i pulled the greens out and put them in a bag
they although shredded some were squeaky clean
good idea she had
i went back later
we have a side loading machine
it looked like the machine was still full of greens
i opened the door and it looked like a frozen bag of finely
chopped spinach had exploded inside this machine
what a mess
i managed to clean it up but did a lot of cussing while i did it

think ill just put some of her white clothes in there and wash a
load for her
theyll come out looking like green speckled clothes

decided instead to just wash some of my work clothes i wear to
work out on my property and garden

lesson learned
dont take shortcuts when cleanin greens

the greens were so good
think ill plant more today

we are on a week to two week run now of nice warm weather thats
unseasonably warm
so ive decided to go ahead and plant my potatoes and onions
i use the kiss method for planting taters
i dont cut them and dont apply sulfur
i just plunk the whole planting tater down the hole and cover it up

i have 4 ft x 12 ft raised bed that was prepared several weeks ago
with compost and an organic fertilizer and was allowed to ripen
i then will dig a 8 inch deep trench and plant the whole tater in the trench
and then cover it up
then as the plant grows i will bring dirt up around the stem which provides
more soil for growing taters

because im planting early and know that cold weather is still ahead i
also will sprinkle some pine straw over the plantings then cover it with
row cover
then just provide water if needed and let nature do its thing
then in may or early june ill have taters

will use a red potato that grows best for this area
the nursery knows which that is

then ill plant my onions
the bed prep was the same
i use fencing that has 4 inch squares and ive cut it in 4 ft widths
i lay this down on the bed and plant the onion plants in each square
using my gloved or usually ungloved finger to poke the hole
i water them in with a sea weed solution
sprinkle some pine straw loosely over them to help keep them
ground warm then
cover them with a row cover to get through the cold weather

we pull every other one as we need green onions and whats
left we pull usually in june
well worth all the effort
we will finish eating last years crop this week as we store them
for later use

will also replant some lettuce spinach broccoli asian greens beets
today for our late winter crop

dont use the weed and feed thats usually sold to kill weeds
besides being toxic to the environment and being banned in
the european countries its always used at the wrong times
this product can also damage your trees and shrubs
and cause frogs to have 5 legs and 3 eyes

always wonder why people who worried so much about their kids
diets and exposure to things would then go out and put this stuff
on their lawn and then let their kids play in it
just doesnt seem right

an organic alternative is corn gluten
its derived from corn
an ingredient in it inhibits seed germination
just put it on your yard and plant new grass seed and youll see
how well it works

the time to put it on is now and the next few weeks before the
seeds germinate
its best put out with a drop fertilizer unit

it also acts as a mild fertilizer
just spill some on your lawn and see how that spot will green up

and your kids can safely play on your lawn

save the frogs, the trees, the shrubs and your kids
use corn gluten to stop the weeds

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, January 16, 2012

dreams, football weekend

the aricept i take makes me have these vivid dreams that are
impressive well
i had a dream that
everyone would be treated the same no matter the color of their skin,
their religion, their sex, and their country of origin
we all are different each of us
we all came from different countries
i had a dream we were all equal

martin luther king had that dream
without his dream and his approach we probably would have
had a rift in our country that was as big as the civil war
a war still being fought today even though it has been 150 years
if you are white like me
you know what im talking about
some cant let it go
its time

there are places in the us that the king holiday is not celebrated
there is only one reason why
we should be beyond all this

if king had not come along there would have been war in our
streets that probably would still be going on today
guerrilla warfare like you saw in vietnam and iraq
we had bombings, areas burned, riots as it was
things would have been worse if he had not been here
and took the stand and approach he did

he is probably the greatest american in the last century
without him we would be in trouble today

MLK we remember you today
thanks for saving us from ourselves
we all have dreams because of you

probably the best game of the year was played this weekend
the saint 49er game was a good one
sure hated to see either team lose
drew brees is a winner or should have been
maybe its the 49ers time though
that coach has all parts of their game doing well
maybe well have a brother vs brother super bowl
wont that be a good one
bet the announcers would run that story into the ground

the giants are peaking at the right time
guess they were just getting some rest part of the season
too bad they have to play the 49ers next
that would make for a good super bowl game and storyline

that tom brady runs a laser offense
but those ravens are tough on defense

please do call text facebook or visit me next weekend on sunday
i will be in full football mode
my wife she has her instructions for that day
just leave me be
its my time of the year

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, January 13, 2012

travelling old, turn that tv down

thought a lot about getting it during our
trip to san francisco this last weekend

if you read this blog much you know what it is
its what i may get one day

as i boarded the plane and flew there and while i stayed
at my sons and new daughters place i thought about it a lot
wonder if ill be able to do this when that time comes

change is a problem with people with it
any disruption in their daily routines no matter how
small can cause problems

heck i already have that and have had it for years
i like a routine and schedule in my life that is predictable
dont mess with it please
ok ive learned over the years to allow things to disrupt this
schedule and accept it

right now i like to travel-just hate to fly as i get bad motion sickness
and take meds to prevent that from happening that make me drowsy
makes the flights shorts

wonder if ill stop liking to travel when it kicks in good

on the way back as i was sitting in the denver airport waiting to
change planes i watched an elderly gentleman who obviously
had it being coaxed into walking onto an escalator to get to his next
he didnt really want to do it but walking the distance without the
escalator was just too far
if youve been to the denver airport then you know what i mean
he finally got on and zipped down the way to his flight

sure made me think a lot about getting it and how my life and
my wifes shes life will change a lot when that happens
do i want to travel
or will i be content to stay here at the country n and enjoy whats

travelling can confuse someone with it
and can take a few days to recover
think i will want to stay home and enjoy what i have now at the
country n

if you are one of us who falls asleep on the couch or easy chair at
night and gets woken up late at night by those blaring tv ads then
i know you will appreciate the new rulings by the fcc

the new laws require that the ads cant be any louder than the
regular tv shows
man i cant wait
so now i can just sleep longer in that chair at night without being
vibrated out onto the floor by those loud car commercials
no my wife she will probably will just sneak in there and turn up the
volume herself
some things you just cant legislate

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, January 12, 2012

wrong pills, warren warns, its cold

what if you went to take an excedrin for a headache
and it knocked your socks off
made that headache or hangover go away
dang good pill that excedrin or

what if you took no doz to stay awake on a long drive
but instead fell asleep after you took the pill or

what if you were passing too much gas and or was belching
too much and you took a gas x to get relief but instead it
knocked you on your butt and you couldnt even f$%^

thanks novartis
they got pills all mixed up in their factory
seems they would leave a few pills in the assembly line when they
changed from making one pill to making another

seems some oxycodone got left behind and got mixed up with
excedrin gas x no doz bufferin

oxycodone is a powerful prescription narcotic opiate that is
a controlled drug

it always bothered me when our drugs were made overseas
as there has been many problems in the past but now it has
happened in the core of america in nebraska

(another reason to always look at your pills before you take them
if they are different dont take them ask the pharmacist about them)

if i opened a pill bottle and one of the pills wasnt the same as the
others i would be suspicious wouldnt you

these werent even generic pills but name brand pills
why are all these reports about the brand name companies

kinda makes you worry sometimes doesnt it

warren buffett
this guy knows what hes doing
wish all the rich guys were like him
wish all the politicians on both sides were like him

he agrees the rich dont pay enough taxes
he even offered to donate $1 to the federal government for each $1
that a congressman would donate
bet he dont get many takers

hopefully congress doesnt make this their new taxation law for
the rich
volunteer donations
yey right thatll raise a lot of money

the average us senator has a net worth of $2.5 million
the average us representative has a net worth of $750,000
and this doesnt include the wifes/husbands monies and retirement and
all the other benefits they make

seems congressmen do a lot better on stocks than the average
citizen does
wonder how all that happened

now if warren was in congress that would be understandable

it appears that congress are the 1% and we are mostly all the

no wonder things arent getting done up there
theres no incentive

if you live here in central texas its going to be cold today and
for a few days
protect your plants and your pets and your pipes

in the garden i have put a double row cover over my winter greens
hopefully it wont get too cold so this protects them
i also put the same double row cover over my garlic as last year
at this time the cover was blown off and i lost most of my garlic

watch those pipes
we will get in the mid 20s here at the country n so extra protection is
going to be needed

make sure the pets if they are outside have an extra source of
warmness-blankets lights etc

also make sure unfrozen water is provided for pets and wildlife

last year i got frozen plants and broken pipes luckily the pipes
were only in the garden area

stay warm

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


ROAD kill
when i was in san francisico i bought the sunday san francisco
its the least i could do since they are one of the online papers that
published the article on the interview done last month telling my story
(see newspaper article to the right side of this blog)

one of the articles that caught my eye was the roadkill article
we have a small curve as the road in front of the country n passes
our entry way
for some reasons animals arent fast enough to get across there and
succumb to the circle of life ie the automobile
we just let nature take care of them unless its a skunk
well even then i leave that one alone
i just change my walking route for a few days until it all goes away

deer, rabbits, possums, raccoons, the occasional skunk thank goodness,
a wandering goat, and recently a wild hog-thats not good since we
havent seen them here since we have lived here 10 years

i think what happens is that cars sound like they are slowing down
then they speed up to go around the curve as its banked nicely
like a good race track
i know because i sometimes like to zip around it myself

think thats how those drivers hit our mailbox
well sometimes its with a baseball bat
add mailbox to the roadkill list

thank goodness for those buzzards

in illinois a law passed over the governors veto
why would he veto this law
was he protecting the buzzards

but you have to have a furriers license to scoop up the remains
who has one of those
and if its a deer or a bear it has to be in season before you can
snatch that stuff off the road

leave it to the politicians to muck up a simple law
it should read
just pick roadkill up off the road and its yours

the law got started because a warden was going to fine a legislators
neighbor $350 if he scooped up a dead bobcat off the road
did he just stand there and watch to see if he got it or
did he set up a surveillance for this important illegal activity
of course the pelt was worth $200
so it just lay there and rotted and maybe the buzzards got it

one guy has a furrier license and just scoops things up
on his way to work
bet his truck smells bad in the parking lot at work
probably has buzzards flying around the parking lot

apparently russia and china create a high demand for furs as they
use them to stay warm

maybe this could be a way to import jobs back to america
pay people to scoop up pelts all across america to ship
to china
that will help to balance our trade and increase jobs here

guess ill just leave my roadkill where it is
dont need the extra cash right now

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

thats lyfe, its time bcs, score card


my wife she and i spent the week end in san francisco with
my older son he and my daughter in law rachel ray she and my
younger son he
we could easily live in san francisco
just walk to great places to eat within a few minutes
seems so different from our country n where we have to drive 30-45 miles
to get to these types of restaurants
there you have to have a designated walker instead of a
designated driver

ok i hate to travel as i have to take an antihistamine and antinausea
medicine when i fly so i wont throw up on the plane
its no fun to use that little bag
no fun for you and those people close by
so im wiped out the first day going and the first day coming back
but its usually all worth it

this time it was as we drove to palo alto
you know thats where stanford is
its also where a new fast food restaurant is called lyfe kitchen
love your food everyday
the concept is to have fast food that is healthy for you
a new concept in the united states
most fast food is part of the new health problem in the us
this is part of the answer to the new health problem in the us-obesity

the food is organically grown, fresh, healthy, good tasting
kinda like what we eat here at our country n home
no its not a vegetarian place it has meat
but its healthy meat and is cooked in a healthy way

i had the veggie sandwich with portobello mushrooms
of course the protobello hamburger i cook is better
my wife she had the arts unfried chicken-think oprahs chef-that is
baked not fried and free range of course
others had the fish mahi tacos, soups and salads
i wanted the eggplant parmesan but had to make a choice
they have beer and wine available also
organic and local of course

the size portions are good but not like what you see where
you get a huge plate full of stuff you cant eat at most places

the decor is all sustainable-bambo tables, recycle stadium seats, etc
they even have a shelf herb garden
a green decor with green food
my type of place

we want one in austin
there are plans to expand this concept

the website is lyfekitchen.com

ok bcs its time to do something different
we watched a 21-0 game that was boring boring

thanks to tebow time the night before we all got to
see what excitement a true bcs playoff could be like
so the football weekend wasnt a total lost

the bcs game should not be after the first nfl playoff weekend
what were they thinking
i almost forgot about the game after the games this weekend
thank goodness that travelling day drug knocked me out and i
slept through the last 3 quarters of the game

yes bcs guys its tebow time
thats the kind of excitement we need
do something different next year or youll start to lose us fans

my wife she signed up for a bowl thing at work
i picked them for her
enough people didnt sign up so they dropped it
those teachers dont get paid enough to wager on a game anyway

i kept up with all the games
didnt watch them all though

so i picked 14 wrong and 21 correct
even picked the godaddy.com game
my wife she wouldnt let me watch it though because of the commercials
always thought that was a porn site or something until i got my domain
for this blog and found out what the blog was about
deceitful advertisement

i picked the bcs championship winner though

the organicgreen doctor

Sunday, January 8, 2012

our dysbudget

thanks to sa from facebook for the information used in this blog

heres a household budget

annual family income                                 $21,700
money the family spent                              $38,200
new debt on the credti card                       $16,500
outstanding balance on the credit cards     $142,710
new budget cuts                                               $382

well yes they are in trouble

if you consulted dave ramsey the financial advice guy
he would say the only choice is to file bankruptcy
if you consulted clark howard the consumer guy he would
say the same thing
ask most financial advisors they would say the same
ask me and i would say win  the lottery or file bankruptcy


add 8 zeroes to everything and what you have is the
us governments budget
im not talking about the congressmen that are zeroes

united states tax revenue     $2,170,000,000,000
fed budget                          $3,820,000,000,000
new debt                           -$1,650,000,000,000
national debt                   - $14,271,000,000,000
recent budget cuts                    $38,500,000,000

what if we filed bankruptcy
the chinese would lose the most
then the whole world would be in the worst economic crash
ever imaginable

our only other option is to do what you and i would do
here at home
raise our revenues  and cut our expenses

how complicated can this be
why cant those zeroes in congress do this and hopefully
do it soon

lets just subtract them all and start with new ones who
are one of us and understands what needs to be done
no party needs to be spared

we need to occupy congress

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, January 6, 2012

what to do, tomater star

this is a question i get a lot especially recently maybe because of
the holidays
these questions come in on email, texts, facebook, this blog and in
personal phone calls or conversations

what do i do if i think i have short term memory problems or if a
relative has short term memory problems

its simple get it checked out
sometimes these things are treatable
sometimes what you are worried about is just normal aging

what happened in my situation was different
i did not go in looking for an evaluation or complaining of a problem

i had a normal mental status evaluation for long term care and passed
then 1 year later while volunteering for a alzheimers research study as
a normal volunteer i underwent a neuropsychological evaluation that
showed i had short term memory problems greater than expected
for my age and my degree of education
thus the mess i am in now was discovered

if you think you have a problem whether some one else notices it or
not you should get evaluated
the goal is to look for treatable causes-anemia, depression, low thyroid,
b12 deficiency, stroke, sleep problems etc
you want these things and not the big A

go to your primary care provider or neurologist or psychiatrist
and talk to them
if you think theres a problem dont take dont worry about it for an

you need a complete neurological history and physical examination
looking for abnormalities
evaluate any history of drug or alcohol abuse or head trauma or
family history of the big A

you need some type of mental status evaluation
-mmse (this one is not as thorough and is commonly used)
(it misses my deficits), its done in the doctors office
-moca test is more thorough in picking up a problem (it picks up my problem)
it is also done in the doctors office and
-a neuropsychological examination if there is still a question you should
have it done by a psychologist or neuropyschologist
the neuropsychological examination is the gold standard to use to evaluate
short term memory loss

you should be screened for depression
you should make sure there is no sleep disorders such as sleep apnea

here are the labs that are usually done
complete blood count, complete metabolic profile (electrolytes, glucose,
kidney functions, liver function tests), vitamin b12, syphilis screen, hiv test,
tsh (thyroid test for low thyroid function), urinalysis
these are looking for some of the treatable causes of memory loss

then if these are all normal you should have a mri of the brain to rule out
stroke, tumors, aneurysm, increased fluid, and shrinkage of the brain

if all these are normal and the mental status exam confirms a problem with
short term memory then it is possible that you are dealing with the big A

you and your doctor will need to look at all the information and make a
clinical decision on whether this is what you have-the big A

soon you will be able to get biomarkers done on blood, in the spinal fluid,
and beta amyloid pet scans to get a more definitive answer
i had some of those done

if it appears to be the big A
would recommend you start treatment as early as possible
it gives you time with your family that youll lose if you dont
it gives you time to prepare for the future
even though it wont cure you most people opt for treatment
i did

my wifes shes tomato she has at her school will become a tv star
this weekend on klrus central texas gardener at 1200 noon and
at 400 pm
ive told the story of that tomater before
will leave it to the tv show to do the complete job

cant wait to plant one of these weird ones this spring in the garden
and see what grows

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, January 5, 2012

mailbox war, ndd, pedometer


since we have lived at the country n we have had a continuous
mailbox war
i know its payment for the war we fought against mailboxes when
i was younger
i know that it is payback time for all the damage that was done to
those mailboxes
now i am the recepient of those attacks

the last one i replaced before this one was not really part of the war
an old guy hauling a trailor with a big ole bull in it missed the curve
and hit my mailbox
it looked worse than when we put that m80 in the one when we
were growing up
it was a thick metal one and parts were scattered everywhere
poor old guy i went to check on him and he was on ok
he was on aricept-heard that when the ems asked him his meds
wonder what stage he was at
wonder if he should have been driving
of course i take aricept and i drive

so the highway department replaced the post for some reason and told
me i couldnt put the big old lockable one up again
say what
so i put up a standard cheap one
figured if i was going to have to replace them frequently i would just buy
a cheap old plastic one
the highway department even put it up for me

numerous times recently ive found it left open
in the past people have been seen getting stuff out of our mailbox
so i was afraid they were after our mail again so

i went and bought be a metal lockable mailbox and just replaced
it myself
if they wont to steal mail now they will have to do a lot of work to
get it out

i know this is all payback for past sins
i can accept this

john dromgoole from the naturalgardener does a weekend
gardening show on klbj 590
the other day he used a new word he coined called ndd
nature deficit disorder
a new disorder that kids and some adults have now that so may
live in town and dont get a chance to observe and appreciate

here at the country n we live on ten acres surrounding by acres of
ranch land
there are no visible houses from our property
there is a clear view down to the tree line at the river

when kids come over i think at first they are overwhelmed by
all of this
at first a lot of them will stay inside or close to their parents or
with the tv or computer or whatever electronic device they
brought with them

once though when they go outside you can watch them start
wandering around
kicking a rock
picking up a stick and throwing it
then they will climb up on our old cedar stump
then they wander down and watch the chickens
they are mesmerized by chickens
then if our neighbor has his horses out they wander over
to the fence to pet them
before they leave they have checked out the full ten acres

if we wander down to the river then they are really hooked
they all wade in the water, throw rocks, skip rocks and
sticks in the water and just stand and watch
the water flowing over the rocks with its frogs and minnows
swimming about
i usually end up with new specimens for my small ponds

they never want to leave the river

when the parents get ready to leave the country n they dont want
to leave
they ask can we come back

there is a treatment
come here to the country n and we will provide treatment

got my $4 walmart pedometer
walked 4 miles on a hike along the lake
then walked another 1.5 miles the rest of the day doing things
here at the country n
ok so i was working on that mailbox and kept having to go back
to the barn to get tools and bolts and then clean up the mess i made
out front
no wonder my hdl cholesterol the good one has gone so high now
it use to be in the 20s and now is in the 50s

one way i trick myself into doing exercise is to put things in the wrong
place so i have to do a lot of extra walking to get things eg my garden
tools arent near my garden but are an acre away

now i have actual proof all this dysplanning is working

get your pedometer today and put on some mileage
youll lower your bp, your cholesterol, your weight and control
your diabetes better and
youll feel better
it will also treat your ndd if you have it

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

veggie tarian meal, fat burger, pedometer

no im not one of those
but i could be easily
(my rainwater brother is
he now has total control of his blood pressure and cholesterol
without medication)
i am almost a veggie tarian

eg our meal last night was roasted vegetables with cheese bread
sure was good
not bloated or full afterwards

i still like an occasional hamburger and steak and ham and chicken
and turkey and fish
i eat an egg every morning but
90% of what i eat is not meat

so for our new years eve meal we went to a restaurant in austin
called mothers cafe
its a vegetarian cafe
bet you could eat some of their food and not realize there was not
meat present

i ordered the chile relleno which i love to eat
this one had great flavor
it was better than the ones that i usually eat at the well known mexican
food restaurant here in austin
the difference is the flavor was much better and afterwards you dont
feel all bloated and full
so i had room for apple pie
great meal

interesting to note was that none of the employees were obese and
none of the many people who came there to eat were obese

the reason i brought all of this up was the new years resolutions i made
and probably all of you made to eat right
if you are not eating a lot of vegetable dishes you are not going to
make it on your resolution to lose weight


am sure many of you saw the film where the guy ate at a well known
hamburger restaurant 3 meals a day for 1 month
at the end he had gained a lot of weight
would have like to have seen what his cholesterol and fat levels were

my wife she and i walk a path on the highway and i will usually pick
up the trash along the way
this mile of road is kept clean by the country n crew

last week i picked up a box that had held a hamburger a quarter pound
one from the restaurant with the clown not named jack
i turned the box over and there was the nutritional info on the burger

i think the word nutritional was not the correct word
it should say warning consumption of this burger can cause diabetes,
high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and maybe alzheimers

there was 26 grams of fat in it
thats more than i probably eat in a week
there was  almost 2000 mg of salt
no wonder i use to get thirsty after eating one of these
there is 90 mg cholesterol
there is 1.5 gms of that bad trans fat stuff

and this is only a quarterpounder
wonder what a big mac has in it
so if you add fries and a milkshake to that
whoa no wonder we have an obesity problem here in the us

Sportline Step & Distance Black

one of the resolutions i have is to exercise regularly
remember i keep my resolutions as i pick the ones that i am
already doing
its the kiss keep it simply simple method of new years resolutions

i walk about 3 miles a day now
so i was wondering how much i really walked all day long
sometimes i will work outside all day and will walk a lot on
our ten acres here at the country n

so this morning i may have found the solution to the exercise resolution
not doing it problem
its the pedometer
in todays new york times health online section there is an
article on keeping resolutions that includes a section on pedometers

apparently if you attach a pedometer to your belt you will move more

those who wore the pedometer walked 2000 more steps or an extra
mile a day than those who wore a covered up pedometer
they also had lower blood pressure and lower body mass index

could it really be this simple

consumer reports this month just had an evaluation of pedometers
they have them for the smartphones that work well
they do use a lot of power though

they also rated clip on ones
the best rated was the $30 mio trace acc-tek
the best buy was walmarts sportline at $5
the best app pedometer was the accupedo for android at $4

in summary
eat veggie tarian as much as possible
avoid the big burgers
cook your own
get a pedometer-$4 is cheaper than a gym membership
make the numbers move on it

is it really this easy

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

thought, resolutions, those cowboys

the thought of the week from the alzheimers weekly newsletter

if we honestly ask ourselves which person in our lives mean the most
to us
we find it is those who have chose to share our pain and touch our
wounds with a warm and tender hand

to my wife she

you know you have to make resolutions every year
most people make ones then dont keep them
i took a different approach
i made resolutions this year
that i was already doing anyway
well most of them anyway

dont smoke-dont anyway stopped 35 years ago
dont drink too much-never do but do drink a glass of wine a day
dont overeat-dont usually but i did on thanksgiving and christmas

do exercise every day-may be part of the secret to longevity
do eat correctly-may be the other part of the secret to longevity

be happy-be happy and youll live longer
do make people laugh occasionally-think i do with this blog sometimes
do travel more-i could be on limited cognitive time so have to clear
my bucket list
do visit family and friends-my siblings and friends are aging and our time
is slowly dimming away-dont look back later and say i wish i had

do preach the gospel of alzheimers-do this some with this blog
answer questions a lot about it on face book, emails, phone calls,
and in private conversations
do give more talks on alzheimers this year-have some planned and
hope to do more-contact me if your group would like a talk on
do visit the caretakers and communicate with the caretakers
do stay mentally active as you get older-i do this blog every day,
read a lot and read the newspaper daily
do get restful sleep-damn donepezil (aricept) interferes with that
do give back-i start my first habitat for humanity house this month
and hope to continue to spread the word on organic green living
and alzheimers disease

do those things that make you peaceful with yourself

have a good year and keep those resolutions

not the dallas ones they are done for for the year
damn them
jerry just sell them and get out of the way

but the oklahoma state cowboys
they may be the best team in the country
could they have been champs if that plane crash not happened

wouldnt it be a great game to see the osu cowboys play
the winner of the lsu-alababama game

we would get a final answer
although in oklahoma that question has already been answered

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, January 2, 2012

soup bowls


those football bowl games have become alphabet soup bowl
it reminds me of eating alphabet soup as a kid and finding all
those letters but not seeing a word i recognized

pulled out my list of bowl games from my wife shes list from
work (she donated $5 so she could guess the winners
well she should have bought a lottery ticket instead
so i made the choices for her as i have more knowledge of the
different teams-my scores later)

so i skimmed the list for the rose bowl, cotton bowl, peach bowl,
orange bowl but couldnt find any
remember we always watched the cotton bowl growing up as
thats where arkansas always wanted to play

lets see cotton bowl is in dallas so lets find a bowl in dallas
it will be in the cotton bowl
all i could find was the att bowl at jerrys place
guess thats the cotton bowl
that jerrys taking over everything

surely they wouldnt call the granddaddy of them all the rose bowl
something else would they
yep its the vizio bowl
whats a vizio doesnt the rose bowl desire some name better like the
cadallac or lexus bowl
the vizio parade of televisions parade
something is just not right with all this

ok i know texas is playing in the holiday bowl
i know thats in san diego cause theyve played there before
so i looked everywhere and couldnt find the holiday bowl
guess since they didnt play good this year they got some bowl
that no one knows what it was
searched and searched then i found it
its the bridgepoint education bowl
say what
what kind of bowl game is that
know its not the championship game with a name like that
dont you wonder about an educational ?institution that will
sponsor a bowl game
anyway texas won and i got that one right

so i wanted to see rg3 play and knew he played in the alamo bowl
thats an easy one that has to be in san antonio
unless unless its the car rental bowl
surely not
there it is its the valero bowl
a gas station bowl
not fitting for a heisman champion
but it looked like they would all run out of gas before the game was over

so i want to see texas am play, oklahoma play, stanford play, and
boise state play
lets see texas am played and won the meineke bowl-use to be the
texas bowl
good name for texas am game the tail end bowl the muffler bowl

so lets see they are playing in the insight bowl those sooners
good name for a team that was to be in the national championship
use to be the copper bowl for tarnished teams

surely stanford would be in the vizio rose bowl game
andrews the qb
no its oregon and wisconsin
they are in the tostitos fiesta bowl with the cowboys
this will probably be the best game of all the alphabet bowl games

now lets see lets find boise state
they were in the top ten
they lost one game and should have won it
they would probably be in a later game against a big time
opponent to see if they was legit
couldnt find them for a while
there they are in the maaco las vegas bowl against arizona state
wow  we do need a playoff

looked for the bcs championship game so i could watch lsu and
alabama beat each other up and not score
what weird name would they call this one
oh the bcs championship game

lets see other ones are the famous idaho potato bowl,
the fight hunger bowl, the taxslayer.com bowl-im for that one,
all those bank bowls why cant they just cut their fees bowl,
the san diego credit union bowl-ill sure watch and support that one
the one i always watch
the godaddy.com bowl
its like the super bowl its all about the ads

we need a playoff system soon real soon
my wife she is losing her $5

the organicgreen doctor