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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

super pac man


this is a play on words
its the next president of the united states
super pac man
you and i will not decide who the next president of the united states

it will be decided by a super pac who has millions and millions of 
dollars to use to elect the next president with almost no limit on how
much someone can donate and what they use it for

think a big old slush fund

a pac is a political action committee 
there are hundreds of these
the american academy of family physicians has one 
they take donations and use them for the issues deemed important
to family physicians
there are lots of rules placed on the pacs
how much you can donate and how the money is used

now take away all the rules and regulations and you have a super pac
an unlimited amount can be donated
it can be used for any political or sometimes non political reasons it 
wants to use it for
one superpac that is supporting mitt romney may raise close to half a 
billion dollars to support him and other candidates

ask newt how effective these super pacs can be in elections
it sunk his candidacy

all the candidates have a super pac that supports them 
even ron paul has one
mitt romneys super pac 
excuse me he cant have one 
the one that supports him and cant "communicate" with him just has 
the most money right now
and its using it in nasty ads 
prepare to throw up this year listening to these ads

the super pacs have both democrats and republicans scared this year
and theres not much they can do to stop it

thanks to a supreme court ruling that will probably go down as the worst
ruling they have ever done these superpacs have and will take over
the electing our next president 
one of the few ways it can be changed is if they reverse their decision
aint going to happen 

the only real rule is they can not have direct communications with the 
candidates they support
wink wink nod nod
we know how all this works

however this year if president obama and the republican candidate
-probably romney-dont use a super pac to support their candidacy
they will not win the election 

if this doesnt make you sick and make you mad at congress and
the supreme court and fear the top 1% or maybe the top 0.1% then 
we are all in trouble

theres really nothing we can do 
scary huh

think ill donate to a super pac
the one that stephen colbert has formed
through comedy it is exposing this biggest threat to our political system 
maybe ever

super pac man the next president

the organicgreen doctor 

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  1. I've donated to Colbert's, now being managed by Jon Stewart. They're doing a fantastic job exposing this ridiculous ruling.