welcome to the organic green doctor blog

i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

organicgreendoctor: my story revisted #146-hope vs no hope at all

organicgreendoctor: my story revisted #146-hope vs no hope at all: MY STORY REVISITED #146-HOPE VS NO HOPE AT ALL   ive thought a lot about alzheimers disease recently two days ago was the 9th anniversary of...

my story revisted #146-hope vs no hope at all


ive thought a lot about alzheimers disease recently
two days ago was the 9th anniversary of my younger brothers death in the final stages of alzheimers
i think of the last time i saw him in his final stage
a month later he would die
finally he was at peace
i want my family to let me go when i reach that stage

yesterday my interview below i did with the being patient website and podcast was reposted on facebook

so this morning i went and clicked on the link to youtube and watched the interview again

i only teared up a few times

i realized that there is a lot of information in that interview that family and friends and patients need to know 

i suggest if you are in the alzheimers world as one of those folks that you watch this interview

i am speaking as a family member as a family doctor and as a patient
the trifecta i call it 

hopefully you learn something you can use in your alzheimers life by watching this video from my interview with being patient

beingpatient.com is a good alzheimers website to be following to help keep you abreast of whats happening in the alzheimer world

next week i go in for my #20 real drug biogen aduhelm infusion at ucla
i got 18 placebos at the beginning of the study
my next mri is in september

the title of the blog today is a statement i made about the aduhelm or aducanumab infusions

thats what it gives those of us with the diagnosis

hope vs no hope at all

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

organicgreendoctor: snakes can be good guys sometimes but not always

organicgreendoctor: snakes can be good guys sometimes but not always: SNAKES CAN BE GOOD GUYS SOMETIMES BUT NOT ALWAYS even this sidewinder rattlesnake can do good things  it eats rodents like rats and mice if ...

snakes can be good guys sometimes but not always


even this sidewinder rattlesnake can do good things 
it eats rodents like rats and mice
if you leave it alone it will leave you alone
its as afraid of you as you are of it
yes i have captured one of these before for my college biology class to use for a live display of the different snakes for our biology lab

in the last 20 years i have only had encounters with two snakes
one was the rat snake or chicken snake
it would get into our chicken coup and eat our chicken eggs
many times it would get stuck in the opening in the chicken wire 
where he got in ok but when he had an egg in his tummy he wouldnt fit back through the opening in the chicken wire
he was usually removed from the property

the other snake was a rattlesnake
i usually found them on our one mile walking path i kept mowed in our pastures
i usually left them alone and they just crawled away

once they were inside our 1 acre fenced in yard
that time i used my snake catcher made with a long 8 ft piece of pvc
thats how close i got to him
8 ft
i got him and dropped him over the fence 
he quickly slithered away
im sure he ate a lot of rats and mice in our pastures

in that area where we lived dogs and horses occasionally got bit by the rattlesnakes
they werent tolerated by folks in that area

i just left them alone

once our two dogs refused to go through our wooden gate to our pastures
as we opened the gate on the other side there was this biggest ole rattlesnake i ever saw in the 17 years i lived in that area

another time my wife she was sitting in our hot tub on our lst floor porch
i was on the second floor front porch looking down
i always say i wish i had had a camera at that moment
we had a 300 gallon rainwater tank sitting beside the hot tub
laying on top of the rainwater tank about 5 ft above her was a big ole rat snake
im sure my wife she would have had a heart attack if it had fallen on her head
thats when i wished i had a ring doorbell camera 

i never said a word and the snake left eventually on its own
probably went straight to the coop for a egg sandwich

another time at the country n i opened our kitchen pantry door
there staring at me was a big ole rat snake
i just closed the door
im not sure i ever told my wife she about that one
im sure that snake was hunting downs some mouse in our house

the scariest for me was this time 
i had planted an eastern cedar tree in the corner of our property
as i walked by it one day i noticed a big hole under the tree
lucky for me i had a pair of leather gloves on since i was moving brush out to my brush pile nearby
i got on my knees and reached under the cedar tree to fill up that hole which im sure some varmint had dug 
as i reached for the pile of soil
i heard that distinctive sound that we have all heard on tv
i knew it was a rattlesnake for sure
it was only a few inches away
all coiled up 
ready for action
i stopped
out of there

i then slowly crawled backwards
l stood up 
i walked away
a little sweaty
a little tachycardic

i left 
im sure he left also

so all those snakes i encounter were keeping rodents under control
except for that rat or chicken snake eating my eggs

the best thing to do is leave them alone

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, August 8, 2022

organicgreendoctor: here comes polio

organicgreendoctor: here comes polio: HERE COMES POLIO latimes.com this is a photo from the 1940s or 1950s from an iron lung polio ward in california these patients lived forever...

here comes polio


this is a photo from the 1940s or 1950s from an iron lung polio ward in california
these patients lived forever in their iron lungs
this was during the time when many of you and your grandparents and great parents were in their youth
polio was the worry every summer throughout the us
most of us knew someone who had polio and either died or had some permanent paralysis

came the polio vaccine
i remember lining up at a local school to get our polio sugar cubes as a young child

recently it was felt that polio had almost been eradicated in the world
our last case in the us was one 10 years ago

that changed recently 
a man in new york who was unvaccinated as a child was found to be paralysed from polio

had he been vaccinated he probably would not have gotten polio

in the us we only give the inactivated polio vaccine or ipv
its been killed so it cant cause infections
in some parts of the world they use an oral polio that is the attenuated version of the wild type polio called opv for oral polio vaccine
it causes immunity without causing polio outbreaks
sometimes folks get infected with this attenuated oral polio virus and get polio
some get paralysed

so in the us we only get the dead virus shot of polio or ipv
it cannot and does not cause infection

back to this young man who got polio
his was the attenuated poliovirus
its felt he probably got it from someone from another country that received the attenuated polio vaccine or the oral polio vaccine 

had he been vaxxed he would not be paralysed

polio has now been found in the sewage of two areas in new york
its felt hundreds if not thousands are infected with this polio virus in that area
most will do ok and recover without too much residual effects
not this young man

we have been able to eradicate smallpox from the world
we were close to eradicating polio but we arent there yet
the world needs to change to the dead virus polio shot called ipv that all our kids here in the us get
maybe we can get close to eradicating the wild type form the world and this attenuated virus wont be an issue

around 7% of kids arent vaxxinated against polio in the us
in some areas that number is higher
the antivax movement that killed so many folks from covid in the last two years may encourage more folks not to get their gets vaxxed

there is some vulnerability to those who are immunocompromised also

we need to worry still about covid
now its also monkey pox
for some we may have to add polio to that list

we shouldnt even be here on any of these 3 diseases

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, August 5, 2022

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-can a virus make another virus mak...

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-can a virus make another virus mak...: ALZHEIMERS NEWS-CAN A VIRUS MAKE ANOTHER VIRUS MAKE YOU HAVE ALZHEIMERS the answer to the question in the title is  maybe chickenpox is call...

alzheimers news-can a virus make another virus make you have alzheimers


the answer to the question in the title is 

chickenpox is called varicella zoster or vzv
use to we would catch it as a kid then some of us would get shingles from it later in life 
now most kids get the chickenpox shots as a child so they usually dont get shingles or an active case of chickenpox

the chickenpox virus stores itself in the body to come out  when you get older as those painful lesions that follow a nerve in the body causing in some folks debilitating pain
it can also leave scars and residual nerve pain

the chickenpox virus inkids can also leave scars called pox marks sometimes permanently disfiguring eg ones face

its called chickenpox because the pox lesions look like chickpeas thus its called chickenpox

the other virus is the cold sore or herpes simplex 1 or hsv 1
it also stores itself deep in the body and in the brain
it seems to cause outbreaks of cold sores some folks say during stressful times
its a cousin to hsv 2 that causes genital herpes

note both hsv 1 and hsv 2 can cause cold sores and genital herpes
but usually hsv 1 is cold sores
hsv 2 is genital herpes

these virus can be treated by oral antivirals that may help slow down the infection

research described in this article shows that possibly a flare of the shingles can cause an activation of the cold sore virus hsv1 in the brain to activate the formation of tau and amyloid protein and the resulting inflammation
this amyloid and tau and inflammation is the hallmark of alzheimers disease
this could potentially start the early stages of alzheimers in the brain

some scientists are advocating using these antiviral meds to help slow down or prevent alzheimers 

alzheimers has multiple causes and this viral theory may be one of them

just think having your child get their chickenpox vaccine could potentially keep them from developing alzheimers disease when they get older

their face wont get scared
they wont grow up to get shingles

maybe getting that shingles shot is a good idea too

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, August 4, 2022

organicgreendoctor: garden news-producing produce

organicgreendoctor: garden news-producing produce: GARDEN NEWS-PRODUCING PRODUCE this week at the end of my volunteering day at our community garden i went into my garden plot and did some ha...

garden news-producing produce


this week at the end of my volunteering day at our community garden i went into my garden plot and did some harvesting
in my plot i harvested a few green beans several eggplants a few sweet banana peppers a small bell pepper several different tomatoes a few jalapenos called tam or texas am which are mild jalapenos that are usually mild but sometimes a hot one will come through and a few zucchini squashes

as the weather warms up here the peppers will take off and even produce more
i have done a second planting of zucchini and of green beans

i also have a 20 ft row of christmas lima beans that should be ready in a  couple of months
i let them dry on the vine then harvest and shell them

then i harvested in my garden for my salads some malabar spinach red amaranth leaves arugula pursaline basil a few green onions from my multiplying onion crop that is coming back early this year swiss chard curly leaf kale russian kale and chicory
i also harvested from the main garden a few small tender leaves of the walking stick kale or collard tree for our salad

 i went over to the chicken coop where the 6 new chickens thanks to mr hudson and ms b who donated to us and are busy producing an egg a day per chicken
this day i took 5 for my personal use
the chickens slowed down their production for a few days after they were moved into our garden but have now gotten accustomed to the community garden and are at full production
we all love fresh eggs
they rarely eat their chicken feed since they have access to so much produce

our new garden manager is from the south and she and i have planted a row of purple hull peas and a half row of okra
this day i harvested a handful of peas and a few okra
i shell the peas and freeze them and when i get a mess then i will cook them up using my crock pot recipe
the okra i started eating raw in salads or in a rice dish 
i usually eat them as fried okra or in stews or soups or pickle them

as the weather warms up here some over the next 3 months the okra will start to really produce more pods
then we will probably start donating them to the food kitchens shelters etc

sorry the peas will be for the southerners in our volunteer group
the non southerners dont seem to appreciate purple hull peas or blackeyed peas like we do

then i wandered by our passionfruit vine and picked up a few that had fallen onto the ground
i dont eat them but my wife she does in her yogurt or in drinking water

each volunteer day i am bringing these veggies home for us to use

much more produce is being donated to the shelters and food kitchens right now like
malabar spinach swiss chard lettuce kale basil beans tomatoes squash eggplant peppers like bell jalapenos and poblano 

then i went back into my garden and in the corner of my eye i saw this red showing through all the green tomato leaves of my big boy tomato tomato
found this big boy tomato the size of a women's softball

we plan to use it as a slicer tomato for our impossible burger tonight
im sure it will hang over the side of the hamburger bun

my wife she also plans to use its sibling on a tomato avocado sandwich

its all worth the effort 

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

organicgreendoctor: my story revisted #145-my first alzheimers study

organicgreendoctor: my story revisted #145-my first alzheimers study: MY STORY REVISTED #145-MY FIRST ALZHEIMERS STUDY the first alzheimers research study i was in was the adni 2 study mentioned below there is ...

my story revisted #145-my first alzheimers study


the first alzheimers research study i was in was the adni 2 study mentioned below
there is now a adni 3 study being done
they added the tau protein pet scan and added the newer alzheimers blood test to the adni 3 study

in this first study i did i was originally going to be in the normal control group
they found i had mild memory loss that has lead to my diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment due to alzheimers disease based on a positive amyloid pet scan and abnormal spinal fluid analysis of amyloid and tau
plus the abnormal original neuropsych exam
my memory tests like the moca and mmse are now in the normal range

i had two spinal taps in the adni 2 study
the first i sent a sample off to a private lab for analysis for amyloid and tau
the second tap i had planned to do it again so that i could see if the amyloid and tau levels were in the alzheimers disease range
however researchers that day needed some spinal fluid for a ms study so i donated my extra fluid to then
i was never able to repeat my spinal fluid analysis in the private lab

this was the time in 2014 i was starting to look at potential treatment studies
the solanezumab study mentioned didnt show it worked
the a4 study with solanezumab will present its results in prealzheimers patients later this year
the bace inhibitors i mentioned below didnt show it worked in fact it made things worse
the nasal insulin was going to be studied but the mechanism for delivering it up the nose had problems
they are just now starting the nasal insulin studies

i didnt get in the a4 study since they wanted folks with no memory issues
i couldnt get in the solanezumab study since they were looking at folks more advanced in that study

it would be another 3 years before i got accepted in the biogen aducanumab study

i havent decided if i will do another study after the biogen study 
it would have to be a drug that showed a significant chance of slowing things down more than aducanumab

my next aduhelm or aducanumab infusion is in two weeks
this will be the fourth time i go through all these tests
i did them when i started 3 years ago
then i do them every year

i am a study subject in the early mild cognitive impairment
group in the largest alzheimers disease research study ever
its called the adni or alzheimers disease neuroimaging initiative
its a multicenter center study that takes the data it collects and
once its all entered each year it is readily available to researchers
all over the world
hundreds of research studies have been written from this data

much of the newer stuff thats known on alzheimers disease
comes from this study
the new treatment studies that are starting up now uses the
information from the adni study to guide their studies

today i will have done
blood work like you usually will get at a doctors visit like a cbc
and a metabolic profile and a urinalysis
as part of another study they will run a new alzheimers blood test
they are working on that will identify folks who will get alzheimers
looking at protein markers and inflammatory markers comparing
what they find with the other tests and scans i have done
right now the test is about 90% accurate

a full neuropsychological test that takes about 2 hours to do
its the hardest test to do for the study and the one i dread the
i jokingly call it the torture test
i dont even mind the spinal tap
this will be the 6th neuropsychological test that i have done for
this study
so i know when i take them if i have gotten worse or just stayed
the same
so far my results have been fairly stable
i know that if i have alzheimers disease that there is a point in the
future when a drop off will start to occur
they dont even have to look at my results
i can tell them the results when i walk out of the room

this year i dont get an mri
i have had 5 mris so far in this study
they all have been normal
they are looking at the under surface of the brain at the hypothalamus
to see if it has shrunken at all
thats where alzheimers disease all starts
right there

i also dont get the glucose metabolism test pet scan or the
amyvid pet scan this year
both these will show abnormalities in glucose metabolism or
in beta amyloid accumulation in the brain if alzheimers is present
i dont get these pet scan results as they are protected by the study 

then i dont get the spinal tap this year
they check for beta amyloid and tau protein accumulation in the
spinal fluid
abnormal levels of these two proteins occur in alzheimers disease
i had my fluid tested three years ago and its abnormal
last year when i had my tap done i donated the fluid to a ms study
that they desperately needed fluid for
foregoing a 2 year follow up at a private lab which would have
given me another point on the curve to look at

this year i will discuss with them
about trying to qualify for one of the new treatment studies that
are starting up using one of the new alzheimers vaccines
called solanezumab or one using nasal insulin or one using bace inhibitors

these are three of the new ways that if they work a patient could
be treated early on in the disease or even before symptoms start
a lot of hope is put into these studies

plus i will always continue doing those things we all should be
doing to stay healthy
and keep taking my aricept (donepezil)
would i do these studies again
yes i would

i have been properly and accurately diagnosed

now i just need to keep doing all those healthy things im doing
taking it one day at a time

the organicgreen doctor 

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

organicgreendoctor: why does smoke follows you around a fire

organicgreendoctor: why does smoke follows you around a fire: WHY DOES SMOKE FOLLOW YOU AROUND A FIRE wikipedia.org have you ever sat around a campfire then the smoke seems to just head your way so you ...

why does smoke follows you around a fire


have you ever sat around a campfire then the smoke seems to just head your way
you move around to the other side then it moves back towards you
its got a mind of its own
it has something against you
its out to get you

there is a scientific explanation why
lets see if i can explain it
if you read this and still dont understand it 
then read this nice article explaining the science behind this

basically when you sit down around a campfire you displace the airspace you are now occupying
there is sort of an air vacuum thats formed which pulls the smoke towards you

if for example you sit across the campfire from a group bunched together
the campfire smoke will head over towards them instead of you
try that at your next camp out to get back at your other campers

if you all sit equally spaced around the campfire it goes straight up 
unless of course
there is a strong prevailing wind

if you dont understand how this all work then read the article

i just need to find a campfire somewhere to try this out

that sure explains how the smoke always got in my face when i went to toast marshmallows in the campfire

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, August 1, 2022

organicgreendoctor: covid 19-be wary this winter

organicgreendoctor: covid 19-be wary this winter: COVID 19-BEWARE THIS WINTER   what happens in australia in their winter doesnt stay in australia its winter there now like most winters in t...

covid 19-be wary this winter


what happens in australia in their winter doesnt stay in australia
its winter there now
like most winters in the southern hemisphere the flu hits there
eventually those flus move to the northern hemisphere for our winters

this year in australia they are getting hit hard by a combo
the flu
its filling up hospitals there

here in the usa ie the northern hemisphere we have sort of been spared flu outbreaks the last couple of years
masking and some degree of isolation
those are pretty much gone from the scene
more than likely
what happens in australia in their winter will not stay in australia

expect to see an onslaught of the flu combined with covid here in the usa when the weather starts to get cold and we move inside

how to prevent it
its the same old same old recommendations

hand washing or sanitizing
avoiding large get togethers
vaxxinations against covid and against the flu
especially if you are in the vulnerable populations like older folks and immunocompromised folks and those with high risk diseases

right now most infections from covid are the ba.4 and ba.5
we are all vulnerable to get infected with it
you are especially vulnerable if you havent been vaxxed or infected before and are in the high risk groups

its expected most of us will catch covid 19 this year
most will fair well with the disease
around 350 a day are dying now
hospitalizations and death numbers arent as bad as with the original covid

there is effective treatment ie paxlovid that needs to be started within a few days of the onset of symptoms

there are rebound cases about 20%
most folks respond well to paxlovid
eligible folks are folks over 50 and those who are high risk

this fall the vaxxine booster will work against the wild type and against the omicron subariants
i have had my two shots and two boosters and i plan to get my fall booster when it becomes available 
i expect that to be an annual event
i will also add the flu shot again since there will probably be a resurgence of the flu in the us this year

right now we are having its predicted about 1 million covid cases a day

most of us will do well if we get infected
the vulnerable may not do as well especially if they are unvaxxinated or undervaxxinated

expect more flu and more covid outbreaks this fall
get your flu and covid boosters
wear a mask in high risk situations
avoid high risk activities 
dont let this make you a hermit
you can still safely do most things you usually do

beware this winter

the organicgreen doctor