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this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

an ode to teachers

i wrote this blog about 6 years ago
it was to my granddaughter ms b
i would write blogs titled dear ms b
hoping one day when she got older she could read them to get a feel of how my wife she and i felt about her

my wife she was a school teacher
the year i wrote this was the start of her last year teaching
at that time we didnt know for sure that we would be moving to california 
a year later we were there getting to see ms b frequently during the week
a bond between us formed that will last forever
a move we never regret doing
even though we had to leave our beloved country n

that teacher ms b rode in the wagon with my wife she to sit in her classroom turned out a few years later to be her kindergarten teacher
an experienced teacher who had to teach zoom classes for a year to 20+ kindergarteners

how about yall try that for a whole school year
it would make you appreciate your kids teachers more

as the school year starts
think about your favorite teachers and your kids teachers
especially after you read this blog below

now ms b your gma had to start back to work this week
im not sure you know this but
shes a teacher
a teacha you might say when you start talking better

now you dont know what a teacha is yet
remember when gma and great gma took you in that wagon
down that long trail
over to that school where all those kids were playing
running around laughing and shouting having fun

you sat there in that wagon
all wide eyed you were

the lady ms sb that was leading that classroom
well she is a teacha
is what you gma is

so gma started back this week
getting things ready for the kiddos to come back next week
if the admin folks dont put them in too many meetings

now ms b
its so funny to see a room full of teachas
at these meetings
youll find out when you start to school
those teachas wont let you do nothing
no talking no texting no chewing gum
when those teachas all get together in those meetings
even when the head principal is talking
if they were students they would all get sent to the office
they talk
they text
they sleep
they chew gum
they get up and walk out

ms b
they dont practice what they teach
they are good folks though
they love kids well most of them do

ms b
they even dont hardly get no social security when they get old
some dont get none
not right is it
why your gma paid in for years
but will get very little if any when she retires

so it is with the life of a teacha
they love their profession and probably wouldnt do anything else

you know the ones that do
youll remember them forever

ms black ms olive ms dugal are three to come to my mind
that i had
the last one was special
yes youll have at least one of those

now ms b
your gma works part time
every other day
so shes off every other day
well ms b
she really works on that other day
doing her teacha stuff
that she use to do late into the night and all weekend
when she worked full time
no she didnt get overtime

now at least i get to see her some at night
and weekends
thanks to her being part time

so ms b
when you sit in front of your new teacha
i want you to think of your gma and her friends
they want the best for you
they are dedicated
they love their job
give em a hug
tell them thanks
dear ms b
hug your gma today thats my wife she
tell your new teacher
give them a hug
that means a lot to them
its better than a gift or an apple

the organicgreen doctor

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