welcome to the organic green doctor blog

i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Thursday, June 30, 2022

organicgreendoctor: garden news-its pumpkin planting time

organicgreendoctor: garden news-its pumpkin planting time: GARDEN NEWS-ITS PUMPKIN PLANTING TIME this is a row of pumpkins that was planted in our community garden by our multiple volunteers in some ...

garden news-its pumpkin planting time


this is a row of pumpkins that was planted in our community garden by our multiple volunteers

in some years we relied on outside sources for our pumpkin plants
this year we decided to buy our own seeds and start them in our greenhouse
we started these plants from seed about a month ago
i must say they look much more healthy than those we planted in previous years

so we manage the growing from seed purchase to using a really good planting soil mixture to really good greenhouse care to timing when the plants are ready to go into the ground

we hope this will give us even better yields

we will plant big ones and little ones and some gourds and even throw in a few watermelons and i will throw in a few okras
many folks around here havent seen okra growing before
gotta educate them some on southern foods

this large field earlier this year was a field of wildflowers and grasses
before that it was a field of a christmas tree lot

when the pumpkins are ready for sale this fall they will be harvested

before then we will have a several days of classes here with about 500 elementary students to come through our garden
they have one class under the oak tree about squashes and pumpkins 
they also usually get to pick their own pumpkin that we strategically place in paths we make like a maize through the patch

kids and adults love to wander through this pumpkin patch during the fall

we also have fall fundraiser events in this front area in the fall 
the pumpkin patch make a great backdrop for the event

we recruited several volunteers for the planting of the pumpkin days
i wasnt there that day as i was at ucla getting my lengthy tau pet scan
i did prep all the beds and laid all the drip lines so all the volunteers had to do was plant pumpkins

n the planting hole we add worm compost
water the plant in with a fish emulsion solution

before this the field was weedeated and all the plant material was composted in our compost system
20 yards of a rich compost was spread over the field
fertilizer was spread over the area also
it was then tilled in and raked out
i made the rows and did the lines

a fence was placed around the area to keep out rabbits 

our biggest threats to success are rabbits and gophers
the fence keeps out the rabbits and aggressive measures control the gophers

this is a pando view of the completed pumpkin planting of over 100 pumpkins
in the two beds to the left that arent planted yet will be a row of sunflowers and a row of corn
this will provide a path for the school kids to walk through and feel and touch corn and sunflowers
they all like to touch and feel them
we will also have some runner beans planted to run up the corn stalks
ie the three sisters plantings
google it if you dont know what that means

this patch will make money for the community garden
provide pumpkins to a lot of folks
provide a lot of enjoyment for a lot of kids and adults

its all worth it 

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited #140-this studys final report i...

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited #140-this studys final report i...: MY STORY REVISITED #140-THIS STUDYS FINAL REPORT IS DUE LATER THIS YEAR as i sat in the lounge chair at the ucla pet scan facility awaiting ...

my story revisited #140-this studys final report is due later this year


as i sat in the lounge chair at the ucla pet scan facility awaiting my injection of the radioactive label that would when injected attach itself to any tau tangles that have accumulated in my brain
i started reviewing my old posts from 8 years ago to decide what to write on today

this tau pet scan if i could see it would tell me where in the brain my alzheimers disease is active
if i knew where it was located i would sort of know what kind of symptoms i would have first as my disease progressed
if it was in the frontal lobes i might have more what i call a$$hole symptoms 
angry aggressive restless to name a few
right now i am sort of laid back a lot and dont let things bother me too much
i try to generally be nice to folks
i hope that doesnt change either

my last one was a year ago
i wish i could put them side by side to see if the disease has progressed or regressed some
they think that even though my  drug aduhelm or aducanumab removes the amyloid plaques from the brain it also may slow the development of tau tangles in the brain
it also might work some against inflammation in the brain

when my study is over with in two years they will be able to eg look at my tau scans and others ones i have done in the study to tell if that has happened

unless they release those copies to me ill never know what my results are

i know i know i signed a paper that i understood thats what would happen
i still would like to know 

this syringe has the radioactive material in it that was injected into my arm

it felt cool going in then i had no symptoms after that
i waited 90 minutes then the scan took about 30 minutes
total time at the ucla facilities was about 4 hours

the old blog below was about the a4 study or 
antiamyloid treatment in asymptomatic alzheimers study

in 2014 i tried to get into this study but i wasnt accepted since i had a diagnosis of mci due to alzheimers disease
this study wanted normal memory folks who have positive amyloid on amyloid pet scans
they then were given solanezumab monthly for several years

solanezumab works similar to my drug aduhelm or aducanumab as it binds to amyloid and removes it

the hope is that by treating folks before memory loss starts that the disease can be sowed down

several drugs since then including my drug aduhelm or aducanumab are doing the same studies

this study is different in that its being going on now since 2014
the results will be done this december 
everyone is anxiously waiting the results
the solanezumab doesnt work as well as these other drugs though

it will be a few years before the other drugs studies are completed

fingers crossed

note this study is closed to new volunteers

antiamyloid treatment in asymptomatic alzheimers study
they are looking for

people age 65-85 years old
who have normal thinking and memory

patients will have the new amyvid pet scan i have written about
so many times
it identifies those who have that beta amyloid in the brain
patients with alzheimers disease have beta amyloid in the brain

for those with positive scans  some will be given an infusion of a

new alzheimers vaccine
that will hopefully bind to the accumulated beta amyloid
and remove it from the brain
and hopefully remove it also before it can get stuck in the brain

if this all works then you wont get alzheimers disease or if you do
it will be much milder

folks i would jump at this in a minute as its right now my only hope
to slow things down beside those healthy things i mentioned above
i would be first on the list
except im too young to qualify

what if i told you
you can have a test that may show you may have alzheimers disease
but you could take this new drug that may make it go away
would you do it
no doubt i would

and i know that its really about helping your kids and your grandkids
your nephews your nieces
im afraid to say but it appears that once you get  alzheimers disease
and have symptoms then this stuff may not work as well

take the time to go to these two links
look for your state
and consider joining the study

researchers have to sort through a lot of volunteers to find those
at risk
they desperately need volunteers!!!

so dont give me this crap about you dont want to know
were talking about your kids their kids and future generations
being able to be treated for this disease years before it hits them

just think of your family member or friend who has or has had
this terrible disease
what if you could have prevented it from happening to them

it can only happen right now if you folks help us out in finding a cure

click here
a4 study
a4 study now is the time

to read more about it and to find one near you
they need more volunteers

please pass this information on to those who might qualify
this a4 study is closed but there are several others that have or will be starting up treating prodromal or asymptomatic or prealzheimers patients
those who have amyloid in the brain but dont have symptoms yet

you can find studies treating asymptomatic folks in studies by going to clinicaltrials.gov and typing in prodromal alzheimers disease and or a specific drug
look for any that are using the new antiamyloid drugs like aducanumab or lecanemab or donanemab

next for me 
another mri next week looking to make sure i have no microbleeds in the brain

i also have having my ocular migraines each week
they last for about 20 minutes them leave me with a few days of headaches easily controlled with an acetaminophen at maximum dose
is it the aducanumab doing this 

im not sure but the neurology folks dont think so 

is it all worth it
it may help me but it will also help those generations after me
consider doing your part to help

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, June 27, 2022

covid 19-maybe we dont need to be so worried now

here we are over 2 years after the covid pandemic started and many of us are scared to get out and do stuff that we used to do

in our county santa barbara county the infectious disease expert at our local hospital is able to give a ted talk like presentation that most of us can easily understand

if you watch it will probably ease many of your fears about where we are 

for me and my wife she we are quadrovaxxed
we wear our masks to go into stores or crowded situations
we try to do any get togethers or eating out at restaurants all outside

we have chosen not to fly yet or to go to any inside venues
well my wife she has done it twice with her mask on

we arent ready to fly yet
we have several friends and family that have safely done so

we know that we are unlikely to get hospitalized or die from covid 19
we just dont want to be put out of commission with covid 19 and feel bad for a couple of weeks
it seems the younger you are the better you do with covid

so watch dr fitzgibbons video and do what she says and you will do ok

the omicron variant with its two sub variants b4 and b5 are much more contagious but is causing less severe disease and hospitalizations and death
it also causes less long covid

most folks in the hospital with covid are there for other reasons

its not the same virus as the original wild type version
this wild type one was more virulent than the omicron 
it killed and maimed lots of folks

so these new subvaraints b4 and b5 will make you feel real bad like a bad case of the flu
it makes sense to protect yourself so it wont disrupt your lives
missing work school events etc plus just feeling lousy for days

most folks ive known who had it felt like that lousy for days

i dont like to feel lousy for days

she recommends as do i that you
wear a mask in crowded situations like parades concerts theaters stores travel etc
enjoy outdoor activities but if it gets crowded wear a mask
be real careful if you are immunocompromised for any reason
get maximum vaxxines eg i am fully vaxxed

its likely that most of us will get the virus this summer and fall 
some will get it more than once

it seems that the virus is becoming more like other coronavirus where it gets like them where they dont cause as strong symptoms as the original ones

interesting is that they are getting a more accurate picture of how much covid virus is out there by following the covid virus counts in our sewage
so many folks are self testing that the positive test counts pcr tests are not very accurate

watch her video and feel better about where we are

weve come a long way baby

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, June 20, 2022

organicgreendoctor: covid 19-why younger kids should get the vaxxine

organicgreendoctor: covid 19-why younger kids should get the vaxxine: COVID 19-WHY YOUNGER KIDS SHOULDCAN GET THE VAXXINE this last week the fda voted unanimously to ok the use of the covid vaxxine for kids und...

covid 19-why younger kids should get the vaxxine


this last week the fda voted unanimously to ok the use of the covid vaxxine for kids under 5
many parents and grandparents have been waiting for this to happen for two years
now the cdc has given its final approval to give the shots
hopefully shots can go in the arm starting on tuesday

that age group usually does ok if they get covid
usually i say 
some dont fare as well
so far about 440+ kids in that age group have died from covid
covid is the 4th-9th leading cause of death in this age group according to 2 sources i read
sadly firearms are the number one cause of death in children now in the us

covid is the number one infectious respiratory illness that causes hospitalizations in this age group eg like severe croup

some kids this age get long covid

some kids get an inflammatory reaction called mis-c multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children  that eventually resolves in most but it takes months to recover and hospitalization to get them through it
it can attack multiple organs 

despite what you hear its not a benign illness like a cold

remember kids die and get disabled from covid
it will mostly be prevented with these vaxxines

the two approved are the pfizer and the moderna

the pfizer is a 3 shot series for kids 6 months to under 5
the moderna is a two shot series for kids 6 months to under 6

the efficacy studies shows pfizer may be better
but ive heard pediatric infectious disease specialist say they are essentially equal

pfizer uses a lower dose of 3 mcg
moderna uses a higher dose of 25 mcg

the bottom line is 
get one of them for your child in this age group

ms b recently got her booster
it caused her arm to be sore and she had no other symptoms

 mr hudson goes down to cedar sinai for his two year post kidney transplant office visit this morning
one thing to discuss is which will be the best for him to get
it may be the moderna since the dose is higher 
mr hudson will need 3 or 4 of them since he is immunosuppressed and wont respond as well to the vaxxine
the higher dosed moderna may be better for him since the dose is higher or the pfizer may be best since its efficacy may be better 
his pediatric nephrologist will give her recommendation today
whichever one he gets will be good for us 

we have spent the last two years shielding him from getting covid
we all around him are vaxxed and fully boosted
at the worst times he was good wearing his mask
he did miss out on a lot of social interactions but thankfully he had ms b to play with and a few limited friends that were from fully vaxxed families and careful families

he now gets to go to preschool starting this week
he is so excited and ready 
that he will get fully vaxxed and boosted it will be much safer and the fact this virus is less virulent than the original one

covid is the most contagious virus we see ie worse than measles
it can cause hospitalizations and deaths 
it can cause long covid
it can cause multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children mis-c  a serious disease in kids  
it can cause the kiddos to feel bad for a week or two causing them to miss school and daycare and preschool and to infect parents siblings and grandparents and to cause their parents to miss work
all good reasons to have your kiddos to get vaxxinated against covid 19

we are excited the moment has arrived

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, June 17, 2022

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-it doesnt work in early onset alzh...

organicgreendoctor: alzheimers news-it doesnt work in early onset alzh...: ALZHEIMERS DISEASE-IT DOESNT WORK IN EARLY ONSET ALZHEIMERS DISEASE early onset alzheimers disease occurs in folks at a younger age than lat...

alzheimers news-it doesnt work in early onset alzheimers disease


early onset alzheimers disease occurs in folks at a younger age than late onset alzheimers 
it is caused by an inherited gene that causes about 1% of the cases of alzheimers
most folks you know who have alzheimers disease dont have early onset alzheimers 
it can be identified with a blood test

late onset alzheimers disease occurs in later life commonly after 65
many have the late onset gene like me the apoe 4 gene
this gene is different in that it increases the risk from 5-20 times but how well you take care of your life can determine if it causes you to have alzheimers disease

i read this week that a researcher said that if you could take all the healthy things you could do and put it in a pill and take it everyday 
you could probably prevent or slow down alzheimers disease

thats true with late onset alzheimers disease but not early onset alzheimers 

with early onset if you have the gene then you will get early onset alzheimers
these folks can be in their 30s 40s or 50s

a few years ago everyone including me was excited about the colombian study in patients with early onset alzheimers disease
i had a slide on it that i discussed when i did my alzheimers talks
one of the professors here at ucsb is involved with those studies

in a mountain region in colombia there is a group of native indigenous people that carry a rare gene for early onset alzheimers disease
they have the highest incidence of alzheimers disease in the world

roche decided to do a study there using their drug crenezumab that works similar to my drug aduhelm but differently to remove amyloid from the brain
the hope is that by removing the amyloid from these patients brains that their alzheimers disease will be slowed down or prevented

after being in the studies for 5-8 years the crenezumab doesnt seem to work in those folks

this has happened with other drugs used in patients with early onset alzheimers disease

in non early onset alzheimers like i have there are several drugs being tested including aduhelm that will be coming with final results in the next 2-5 years that hopefully show they will work in this type of alzheimers disease late onset the most common one seen

these drugs are also as i wrote about recently are being used now in clinical trials in folks who have prodromal or prealzheimers disease
folks with amyloid and tau tangles but have no symptoms
those results wont be available for several years

although these new findings with crenezumab are disappointing its not unexpected

heres hoping my drug aduhelm works on my version of alzheimers disease
time will tell

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, June 16, 2022

organicgreendoctor: garden news-we need to save rainwater

organicgreendoctor: garden news-we need to save rainwater: GARDEN NEWS-MANY OF US NEED TO SAVE RAINWATER its is getting dry across the southwest and western states the cities around here are starting...

garden news-we need to save rainwater


its is getting dry across the southwest and western states
the cities around here are starting to limit water use
next year the restrictions that are put on the colorado river collection lakes are going to be even more restricted

it will cause many farmers to go under
there will be potentially even more restrictions coming soon
water may become the new oil in the west and southwest

this is mr b a friend a patient a son of a friend who was interested in rainwater collection
i had this rainwater tank hat i had made from a 60 gallon plastic barrel given to me by a patient who worked for a local water company who got these tanks full of a liquid used to put in the water to help make it clean 
i took it and painted it this light brown color to keep light from getting to the water from the almost clear plastic
then i added a screen on the top to run in water from a gutter to to collect the water off his house

for him probably less than an inch rain would fill it up
at 30+ inches of rain a year in the austin area that would give him about 1800 gallons he could use on his property 

at the country n we went rainwater harvesting on a big scale
these tanks are 3000 gallons a piece
i had 6 of them
i had 3 1500 gallon tanks
i had 4 1200 gallon tanks
i had 5 300 gallon tanks
i had 2 60 gallon tanks

i collected off my house my barn my bbq area my garage my well house
it was about 4800 sq ft+ of collection surface
a one inch rain would give me about 2400 gallons of water
at 30+ inches of a rain a year that would be 72000 gallons a year

we used it for our water system

yes i occasionally would use the tops of the tanks to plank on

this was a 1500 gallon tank we donated and set up for the school garden where my wife she taught
they attached a water hose to the tank to water their numerous garden beds

now here in the santa barbara area there is even less water that falls from the sky
the average is around 13 inches
however last year we got about half of that

the soil gets real dry here
especially in our community garden in the areas we dont water

for some reason you dont see many rainwater tanks around here

in our community garden we have two chicken coops
i added gutters on them and found these two 60 gallon tanks online
a one inch rain will allow us to save about 60 gallons
in an average year we could collect about 750 gallons
we also get a lot of fog that leaves a few extra gallons during the foggy season

the water is used mainly to water new plantings in the garden and the greenhouse
i use it to mix up my fish emulsion thats used to fertilize the veggies

so thats 750 gallons that would have gone into the ocean

i ran the overflow line to my garden so if it overflows it waters my garden

these are 3 rainwater tanks i put in at the school where i volunteered at before the pandemic
i added one more later
so they fill up with a 1 inch rain
so in a years time they could collect around 3000 gallons to use

what if folks all over town would do this 
thats a lot of water that could be saved

from my perspective as a gardener there is no better water to give your plants than to use rainwater
im sure if you are a gardener youve seen how a garden will just explode in growth after a good rain
theres no chemicals in it
some say there is more ozone in the water after a rain storm
the ph is about right for the plants as its slightly acid

its a small part you can do to help those of us who live in these water restriction areas

some folks just put a row of 5 gallon buckets under their roof lines to collect the water
if your house is 20 ft wide the 5 gallon bucket will fill up with a 1 inch rain

i know folks who put a trash can under the eaves and collect the rainwater
that same house above with a 30 gallon can could collect around 15 gallons from a 1 inch rain
they just dip their watering cans into the trash gun

two of my 300 gallon barrels were connected to a drip line to all my native plants 
it would drain by gravity and would take days to empty out
that was the only water those plants got besides our usual rains

do your part
please your plants
save that rainwater

we did
we loved it
for drinking showering washing clothes washing dishes gardening washing our cars washing our dogs and more 

try it
do your part

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited #139-its still a sad song

organicgreendoctor: my story revisited #139-its still a sad song: MY STORY REVISITED #139-ITS STILL A SAD SONG   this song in the video in the blog i wrote in 2014 triggered a lot of emotion this am in the ...

my story revisited #139-its still a sad song


this song in the video in the blog i wrote in 2014 triggered a lot of emotion this am
in the video as the song is sung that elderly lady ms youngs mom reminds me of my mom as she went through the later stages of her alzheimers journey
it also triggers memories of my younger brothers journey down that same path

when will i be there
im not sure
ive realized i need to enjoy each day moving forward while i am cognitively intact

i teared up watching the video below
just like i did in 2014 when she sent me the link to watch the video

it for me was thought provoking today
about 2 years ago the alzheimers disease center at ut southwestern made
a video of my story with possible alzheimers disease
you can click here
or above on the blog page on
video on my story with alzheimers disease
and then
a newspaper article in the austin american statesman on
my story with possible alzheimers disease was published.
click here or above on the blog page on
newspaper article on my story

this video and article went nationally and i received a lot of emails and comments
and facebook hits because of it

one of the persons who has been in contact with me since is
dawn young a producer from new york

her mother and grandmother had or have alzheimers disease
she is presently working on a documentary on alzheimers disease

her music video called
who i am
recently won several awards

if you have a family member or friend who has had or has
this terrible disease
alzheimers disease
if you havent yet you will

then click on this music video
watch the video and listen to the music

i found memories of my mom dad and brother joe flooding back
of course ive cried every time ive watched and listened to this video

click here for the link
who i am video

here is the link to my new facebook page
my next aduhelm or aducanumab infusion is next tuesday at ucla
the following tuesday i have a tau protein pet scan to see where the tau tangles are at in my brain
where they are accumulating in the brain will be where i have my first symptoms
if its in the frontal lobe i may start having behavior problems first
if its in the speech area i may start having problem with speech

i could almost then predict what will show up first

since i cant see the results of the scans i just have to wait and wonder what will show up first
hoping its not the bad stuff

then in about 3 weeks i get another mri to make sure i am not having microbleeds

i had an ocular migraine in 2010 that lasted 30 minutes 
it was associated with a wavy almost like a silver streamer in my right visual field that starts small and spreads across about 60% of my visual field
i also have a residual headache thats relieved with acetaminophen 
i feel washed out for a day afterwards

my next one was about a year ago that was stronger and lasted longer
i was alone as my wife she was out of town
i almost called 911 to take me to the emergency room since i couldnt drive
these can also be a tia or stroke starting up
i figured it was an ocular migraine so i waited to see if it resolved
i also contacted the research director for the study a ucla neurologist who felt it was an ocular migraine since i had one before 
that was 12 years ago when i had my first one
this one was my second one

i also saw my private neurologist who also felt like it was an ocular migraine

i had never had these before 2010
my next one was 2021 as described above

now i am having them on an almost weekly basis
all my mris have been normal

last week i was working in the garden when it started 
i continued to work until it resolved
it was the mildest i have had

my concern and i voiced this to the research neurologist is that this was due to my receiving my aduhelm infusions since they have seemed to increase in numbers since i was boosted to the full dose of aduhelm at 10mg/kgm

we cant be sure its causing them
i might have to make a decision on what to do based on how i do with these ocular migraines

this one this week left me with headaches and fatigue and nausea for one day

i also have an appointment soon with my private neurologist and will discuss the ocular migraines

its possible if this is from the aduhelm that they will resolve

other neurology symptoms noticed in the study subjects receiving aduhelm had their symptoms resolve gradually and are able to continue the meds

im hoping this is what happens with me

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

organicgreendoctor: hepatitis

organicgreendoctor: hepatitis: HEPATIITIS wikepedia this article in the above link provides a thorough review of the liver hepatitis is inflammation of the liver from many...




this article in the above link provides a thorough review of the liver

hepatitis is inflammation of the liver from many causes

many times hepatitis is discovered by routine labs done on a chemistry profile that many of you have done at your doctors office

commonly those numbers are only slightly elevated
mine stayed slightly elevated for a couple of years

the causes of this are infection autoimmune diseases alcohol fatty liver drugs other diseases like cancer etc 

the most common infections are the viral hepatitis a b c d e
nowadays most kids are immunized against a and b as are many adults
im immunized against these two
hepatitis c is a sexually transmitted or from blood and body fluids
its a common finding in iv drug users
its now treatable with a very expensive medication
there is no vaccine for it yet
all adults should be screened for it with a simple blood test
if you have ever donated blood then you have been tested for viral hepatitis 

many folks have hepatitis c and dont know it
i use to screen folks even older folks and would occasionally find folks who had it
not treating it can lead to eventual liver failure

alcohol is a common cause of elevated liver enzymes
it starts with slightly elevated liver function tests 
it can become a chronic liver disease or can become liver cirrhosis
both can lead to death or liver transplant or liver cancer

some folks especially women can develop alcohol liver disease with only mild alcohol intake

nash like my name stands for non alcoholic steatohepatitis
is basically fatty liver 
its a common cause of liver failure or chronic liver disease in the united states
basically fat gets deposited in the liver and kills liver cells
another good reason to control your diet your weight your cholesterol your triglycerides

recently there have been an increase in pediatric hepatitis in the united states
half of the cases also have a virus infection called adenovirus
many of the cases have had covid
most have not had the covid vaccine
90% recover and 10% develop liver failure
some need a liver transplant
a few have died

when my liver enzymes were slightly elevated i had serial enzymes done regularly to make sure they didnt worsen

since them i no longer drink alcohol and i have normal cholesterol and triglycerides and i maintain a normal bmi weight and i eat a mind diet
my liver enzymes are now normal

i only drank 1-2 glasses of wine at night and rarely had more than that
my enzymes became normal before i quit drinking wine
i am on medicines to control my fats in my blood
i am on the diet mentioned above

i was screened for hepatitis c and hiv
i was not screened for hepatitis a or hepatitis b since i was immunized against both

they also slightly increased the lower limits of normal for the liver enzymes so my tests also are now normal because of that

these folks who have mild elevated liver enzymes may not have any symptoms at all
they should be monitored and have a basic workup mentioned below

if you have these elevated liver enzymes you should have some baseline evaluation done
starting with a good history and examination looking at diet history alcohol and drug history and sexual history

many times follow up labs return to normal
changes like i did may make them go down
they can be a warning though that something else is going on or that how you are living your life is the cause
dont ignore them

hepatitis in kids is not common
usually you will know they are sick
they may have fever nausea vomiting may have yellowish skin and yellow whites of the eye
youll know they are sick

adults with mild elevation are usually asymptomatic

usually these enzyme abnormalities can be corrected by taking care of your health

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, June 13, 2022

organicgreendoctor: inflation effects on us

organicgreendoctor: inflation effects on us: infLATION EFFECTS ON US kiplingers on inflation kiplingers estimates that inflation rates will peak at 9% this year i hope if thats true the...