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because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
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Monday, June 6, 2022

covid 19-what to do if you test positive


from my reading and my understanding that whether you are vaxxinated or not if you catch covid
and if you are over 12 and in a high risk category or if you are over 65 years old then you should reach out to a medical provider to get a prescription for paxlovid
it is free
it is taken 3 pills twice a day for 5 days

i know of three people who took it and who noticed the symptoms resolved fairly quickly
none had a rebound case

there are a few side effects and it can interfere with certain medicines

you should isolate yourself for 5 days then when and if you are asymptomatic you should be able to go on about your business as usual

if you get symptoms after stopping the paxlovid then you should isolate for a five more days

the paxlovid has two pills with a drug that blocks covid from spreading and has the third pill with a drug that helps the first drug to get absorbed and hang around longer

it can significantly prevent hospitalization and death in those at risk groups

high risk means diseases like diabetes obesity lung disease like asthma or copd heart disease kidney disease cancer immunosuppressive diseases treated with immunosuppressant drugs like organ transplants and other diseases

if you dont fall into that high risk category you dont qualify for paxlovid
if you dont fall into this category the odds are you will not get hospitalized or die from covid

the unvaxxed folks are at the highest risk of being hospitalized or dying
unvaxxed folks are at about 25% of all americans
unvaxxed folks represent about 50% of the hospitalizations and deaths

taking paxlovid also may lower your risk for getting long covid
long covid will cost us millions and millions of dollars since we have so many folks with it now
even kids get long covid

we are losing about 250+ a day from covid
what number of deaths a day will be accepted by the american people as ok
around 200 deaths a day is the number from a real bad flu outbreak
how many is ok to have die each day before we quit worrying about covid

the numbers of covid cases are rising each week and will most likely to continue to do so through the summer and into the winter

its recommended that folks go back to masking in high risk encounters
thats what we do 

the best protection from hospitalization and death from covid is still full vaxxination
thats two shots and a booster
if at risk thats two shots and two boosters

it looks like kids under 5 may start getting their shots okayed on june 21 by the fda and cdc if all goes ok in the regulatory meetings

we are excited that mr hudson will soon get to stat his series
most likley his will be the three shot pfizer covid shot followed by one or two boosters 
since he is high risk

ms b just got her 1st booster 
she was proud knowing she was helping to protect her brother mr hudson
another good reason to be maxed vaxxinated is to protect those vulnerable loved ones around you

this covid thing is not going away this year or the next or the next
we are learning how to manage it so our lives can return to a more normal state

you can get free covid tests at covidtests.gov
its simple to sign up 
get yours now youll probably need them this next year

i realize that if i catch covid or if most of you catch covid and you are vaxxed that you will do ok without treatment
think a real bad cold

at risk folks are vulnerable to dying or getting hospitalized

if at risk and you get symptoms get tested then get your paxlovid pills to take
it can keep you from dying or getting hospitalized

there are also test to treat clinics available across the us 
you can locate them in your area at this link
they test you and do treatment

most folks reach out to their primary care provider

my wife she and i are quadvaxxxxed
ie two shots and two boosters
we have several covid test kits we got from covidtests.gov
since we are over 65 if we get symptoms we will test at home
if positive we will seek a prescription from our primary care provider
we will then isolate for 5 days

remember you have to start treatment within 5 days of the start of symptoms for it to work

here is a good review article on all of this 

get tested if symptoms develop
get paxlovid if you are high risk
dont spread it around isolate yourself if positive

the organicgreen doctor

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