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Monday, June 20, 2022

covid 19-why younger kids should get the vaxxine


this last week the fda voted unanimously to ok the use of the covid vaxxine for kids under 5
many parents and grandparents have been waiting for this to happen for two years
now the cdc has given its final approval to give the shots
hopefully shots can go in the arm starting on tuesday

that age group usually does ok if they get covid
usually i say 
some dont fare as well
so far about 440+ kids in that age group have died from covid
covid is the 4th-9th leading cause of death in this age group according to 2 sources i read
sadly firearms are the number one cause of death in children now in the us

covid is the number one infectious respiratory illness that causes hospitalizations in this age group eg like severe croup

some kids this age get long covid

some kids get an inflammatory reaction called mis-c multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children  that eventually resolves in most but it takes months to recover and hospitalization to get them through it
it can attack multiple organs 

despite what you hear its not a benign illness like a cold

remember kids die and get disabled from covid
it will mostly be prevented with these vaxxines

the two approved are the pfizer and the moderna

the pfizer is a 3 shot series for kids 6 months to under 5
the moderna is a two shot series for kids 6 months to under 6

the efficacy studies shows pfizer may be better
but ive heard pediatric infectious disease specialist say they are essentially equal

pfizer uses a lower dose of 3 mcg
moderna uses a higher dose of 25 mcg

the bottom line is 
get one of them for your child in this age group

ms b recently got her booster
it caused her arm to be sore and she had no other symptoms

 mr hudson goes down to cedar sinai for his two year post kidney transplant office visit this morning
one thing to discuss is which will be the best for him to get
it may be the moderna since the dose is higher 
mr hudson will need 3 or 4 of them since he is immunosuppressed and wont respond as well to the vaxxine
the higher dosed moderna may be better for him since the dose is higher or the pfizer may be best since its efficacy may be better 
his pediatric nephrologist will give her recommendation today
whichever one he gets will be good for us 

we have spent the last two years shielding him from getting covid
we all around him are vaxxed and fully boosted
at the worst times he was good wearing his mask
he did miss out on a lot of social interactions but thankfully he had ms b to play with and a few limited friends that were from fully vaxxed families and careful families

he now gets to go to preschool starting this week
he is so excited and ready 
that he will get fully vaxxed and boosted it will be much safer and the fact this virus is less virulent than the original one

covid is the most contagious virus we see ie worse than measles
it can cause hospitalizations and deaths 
it can cause long covid
it can cause multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children mis-c  a serious disease in kids  
it can cause the kiddos to feel bad for a week or two causing them to miss school and daycare and preschool and to infect parents siblings and grandparents and to cause their parents to miss work
all good reasons to have your kiddos to get vaxxinated against covid 19

we are excited the moment has arrived

the organicgreen doctor

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