welcome to the organic green doctor blog

i am a family physician who was diagnosed with
early mild cognitive impairment(mci) amnestic type on december 21, 2010
this is a precursor to alzheimers disease
because of this diagnosis i have opted to stop practicing medicine
this blog will be about my journey with this disease
please feel free to follow me along this path
i will continue blogging on organic gardening, green living,
solar power, rainwater collection, and healthy living
i will blog on these plus other things noted to be interesting

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

the palace

at the country n we live here at the edge of a school district which
we really have no personal ties to
just taxes
most of our taxes it seems goes to this school district

ever so often a bond issue comes across the ballot
when i vote
i vote against them
this is why

mark cuban the dallas maverick billionaire owner
thinks that colleges and schools overbuild and

now colleges are a real drain on our economy
saddling our students our kids with millions of
dollars of debt that they have trouble paying off
they cant afford to live by themselves after graduation
they cant afford to get married
they cant afford a car
they have this albatross called school debt that follows
them for years and years
this is starting to hurt our economy

there is no control it seems on schools colleges and highs schools
building more and more buildings
extending their domain over more and more of us

this extends all the way down to the high schools
it seems worse here in texas

now this picture below is of
the athletic complex of a local large school district
this place is called
the palace
by everyone
except for the schools administration

its called the palace because of its cost
it came on board just as things crashed in the early 2000s
leaving a bad taste in folks mouths

now this is a school that recently was built near us
many of you may recognize it
im just glad i dont live in that district and have to pay
those property taxes for that school

a high school relative visiting from another state
which is more austere in its money management
was at awe
really at awe
at this high school

the student population being half what his was
the school complex being maybe 3-4 times his schools

then the one that pushed me over the top
was one like this old one in the picture below
well not that old as this one is about 10 years old
one now of 6 such complexes

the new one is 164 acres almost half a million yes million square feet
at the cost of $102+ million
remember thats just one school

again some of you make recognize this new one story
your kids may be going there next year

i drove by the new school being built for months
not knowing what it was
there was no label or sign outside the construction fence
just the names of the builders
i started guessing what it was
government building
nope its too vast
a new factory
maybe something like the space x battery stuff
some computer company like dell or ibm or microsoft
had to be something like that its too dang big

then the buildings just got bigger and bigger
overtime i realized what it was
the give away was the softball field the baseball field
the soccer field the foot ball field etc

those fields i realized as i told someone
those fields are so far away from the school they will
have to ride a bus to go play on them
its way too far to walk

yes its another massive texas high school
sucking lots of dollars away
building like that football field
a palace

we dont need these things i say

now i am a big proponent of education and colleges
we dont need this humongous buildings
we dont need to send every kid to college
they all dont need it
quit wasting money on kids to go to school who dont want
to be there
cant make the grades
now im talking about college on that one

a relative who teaches college gets this tearful student every year
if i dont pass your class i loose all my money im getting
some of it loans they have to pay back with nothing to show for it

he says not being mean now to himself
well if you would have come to class and took notes
and listened and read the material
you wouldnt be in this situation now
as the professor looks at the students gpa of close to 1

the test is next week is all he said
hes done his job

we build schools way too big
we waste a lot of money on them
we saddle college students with tons of debt
many of them dont even need to be there in school
some of the debt is a big ripoff
we need to control college costs someway

all of you reading this is affected by all this
maybe bernie is right
school should be free for those that really need to be there
and need the help

the palaces
shouldnt be happening

the frugile
the organicgreen doctor

Friday, May 27, 2016

alzheimers news-neuro


these researchers are doing research to see if doing these
healthy things over 18 months can slow the progression
of mild cognitive impairment thats my diagnosis from
converting to early alzheimers disease

it also appears to be good for all of us to do this
even those without memory issues or family history of memory loss

here is the link to the article

i think they can
i actually hope they can
i wonder if this is why my memory got better
i thinks so
i believe so

they use the acronym
n e u r o

n is for nutrition
eating the mind diet a combo of the mediterranean diet and dash diet
just doing this may push back symptoms for 5 years
if thats true
my five years may be up since ive been doing this for 5 years
i hope the good continues for a little longer

e is for exercise
i think of exercise as the newest drug to treat memory loss
increases blood flow to the brain
brings in oxygen nutrition and increases new blood vessels
all make memory better
plus you feel better doing it

now my exercise routine is not a gym thing
i move a lot working here at the country n
doing a lot of manual labor at habitat for humanity
eg i worked 4 hours this week cutting down trees
and stacking brush

u is for unwinding
meditation yoga are the best to do
relieving stress lowers the stress hormones cortisol in the
these hormones can hasten the onset of alzheimers disease

i use gardening and yard work as my form of unwinding
i frequently will stop for several minutes
listen to the birds
the turkeys the owls the whippoorwills even do calls back and
forth with quail
watch the butterflies and hummingbirds
enjoy the beautiful waves of wildflowers that are in our pastures

r is for rest
a good uninterrupted night sleep free of electronic devices
free of sleep apnea or other sleep disturbances

now i have really struggled with this over the last 5 years
the side effect of the aricept (donepezil) has left me with
only 5 hours a night
recently for the last 4 weeks i have been sleeping those
needed 7-8 hours at night
a life changing event for me
i feel so much better and am more productive
i can see looking back over the last 5 years how much this lack
of sleep has altered my life
i can only wonder how much it affected my memory
it couldnt have helped this not sleeping

i found a minimal minuscule dose of melatonin that seems
to work perfectly for me
its hard to believe that these few drops are making my life better
way below the recommended doses
i gradually tapered it down to the dose that worked
normal doses for me made be fidgety and not able to sleep

remember dont just start taking this stuff without discussing
it with your health provider
not every one can tolerate it
not everyone can safely take it

o is for optimizing social and mental activity
if you retire and become sedentary you will not do well
physically or mentally
you have to get out into the world and do things
listen to music plays concerts museums
socialize with friends neighbors

no couch potatoing allowed
when it comes to your brain

i aggressively try to do optimizing every days
all my volunteering is the conduit for optimizing
as is blogging

if you have a family history of dementia
or if you are having memory issues
you need to jump on this regimen
we all should be doing it anyway
it may
like what happened to me
slow down the process

Site logo
a reminder
we support the alzheimers texas
the former central texas chapter of the alzheimers association
it has always been an independent chapter
but this year it opted to go totally independent
all the money raised now all stays locally
all the research money goes to texas universities
all the education money stays here for programs in your communities
in the central texas area

so go to this link for more information
also this is the link to the upcoming walks

the first i will do is the williamson county alzheimers walk
in georgetown
on saturday september 24th

my team is the organicgreendoctor

consider donating and or joining our team for that walk

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, May 26, 2016


now i believe in karma
sometimes you have to wait for years and years
for her to take her revenge
she acts fast
Image result for karma

this week she did both
acted years later
acted within a few days

Image result for kenneth starr

kenneth starr was the prosecutor who went after the clintons
in the 1990s
he spent millions of millions of our taxpayer dollars to go
after the clintons
some reports say it was as much as 80 million bucks

he spent months and months investigating them
there were lots of common folks who
were caught in the wake of his investigation

we knew a lot of people who had to lawyer up
who didnt do anything wrong
who spent life savings to protect themselves
even though they didnt do anything wrong
they were emotionally and financially destroyed
a lot of bitter folks came out of that investigation
a lot of innocent folks

there were a lot of innocent folks
even the clintons never were charged or convicted of anything
just stupidity and bills oversexed sex drive
couldnt keep it in his pants

i still cant believe this country impeached a president
over an affair

this event the impeachment left a bitterness in politics
that still exists today
it probably will like the civil war never go away

so kenneth starr
got his karma this week
as he was let go as the no he was fired as the president
of baylor university

someone had to go because of the cover up of the sexual cases
in the athletic department
at least this time they didnt murder someone

still not sure why the coach didnt get axed
i know he wins games

kenneth starr as someone who hated your investigation of the clintons
you found nothing
destroyed lots of peoples lives
im glad karma
raised its head
bit you in the backside

karma you dont give up do you

then karma struck fast this week
enter the golden state warrior player draymon green
the offensive third wheel of their powerful offensive team
the team expected to win it all this year
the nba championship

now mr green is an aggressive player
his team is close to being eliminated from the playoffs for his
well lets just go ahead and say it
dirty play
hes got too many technicals this year
like red cards in soccer
you get one you sit out the next game
in basketball once you reach that limit you miss the next game
not a good thing for one of your good players to have happen
in the championship games

now mr green went up for a shot
as he finished his shot
out went his foot
to me it looked like he just flat kicked the other player in the groin
on purpose
i guess the refs didnt see it that way
the guy he kicked his a big ole 7 ft center who use to be
a rugby player
which means he is tuff as nails
well a kick in the wrong place brought him to his knees

now half of you reading this will know how painful that can be
how incapacitating that could be

so everyone thought well that was just an accident
the next game
he did it again
it again seemed obvious it was intentional
to me and all the sports reporters

my thought
flagrant technical the thunder shoots technical shots and gets the ball out
mr green is gone for the rest of the game
didnt happen though

but the nba responded later by changing the call to a flagrant foul
and a $25,000 fine
like making me pay a $5 speeding ticket
ill just keep speeding at that price

to me no justice was done for the obvious intentional injury
karma took over
remember now she always wins

mr green played like crap the next game
the warriors players all played like crap
they lost
the thunder are up 3-1 in the series
looking like the thunder will probably win and go to the nba finals

karma you not only got mr green good
but did you have to hurt the whole team
i like the warriors

i understand
dont blame her
blame him

please stay away from me

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

dear ms b-five things


now ms b i know you dont have a facebook account
but maybe one day you will
well maybe you shouldnt ever have one of those things

who knows what will be there when you get old enough
to have one

my brain couldnt even imagine what that would be
thinking back to when i was your age
theres no way i could have imagined all this electronic stuff
that kids have access to
sometimes for the good
sometimes though for the bad

now ms b
i read kim komando every day
she is the computer goddess

today she wrote about 5 things
to not give facebook about yourself
now you remember these ok

your phone number
they keep asking but i just ignore them
dont put your phone number on your posting anywhere
theres too many crazies out there
heck we all get so many trash calls anyway
dont help them find you
they dont have mine

your home address
now that one should be a no brainer right
but its done all the time
they dont have mine

anything work related
see that all the time
lots of folks done got fired cuz of this
im retired so no work related stuff for me
just volunteer stuff

your relationship status
oops i write your gma as my wife she all the time

your birthday
oops again

dont give them your finacial info so you can buy
stuff on facebook
didnt do this one

you can imagine what happens if a scammer gets a hold of all
this information
what havoc they would do on you and your families lives

heres is the link to her posting today to read more
just think about this
next time you start doing all this

i talked to a guy who works for a large company that is involved
with internet security
he does not have facebook
doesnt put pictures anywhere online of his family
he said
you would be shocked at how much the government
and private industry and crooks can find out about you
how much they have access to
well they already know most of it

ms b
i dont want you to have a cell phone
or ever get on the internet

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, May 23, 2016


now if you are in the medical industry you might recognized
this as a code for a medical procedure
a code that has been approved by
medicare medicaid better known as cms
all the insurances
all the medical societies for all the different primary cares and specialists
medicare pays roughly $86 for this service

now when i was in practice i always kept up with coding
thats what the doctor marks for each thing they do
insurance accepts these codes
as do medicare medicaid champus etc
each entity then pays for the service according to a fixed schedule
usually but not always private insurance pays more
but not always
some pay less than medicare pays

so this 99497 is an approved code
reimbursable by insurance
if your doc provides the service
most insurance pays for it

so what is the 99497 code
i call it the death panel code
remember all that death panel stuff from a few years ago
now its here
as it should be

as usual in politics they really exaggerate things
they gonna put those old folks out to pasture like
the indians use to do with their old folks
they knew apparently to just wonder off into the woods
so the story is told

the code covers the discussion of advance directives
let me just say
i have had one for 20 years
i plan to update it soon
it will say the same thing
if you put me on life sustaining mechanical machines
when there is  no hope for me
i will personally come back to this world
and send your soul to the devil

those who oppose this should be treated that way

now i did have some second thoughts about this
maybe i should have my wife she to keep me alive
no matter what
she will be a retired teacher and as such
will not qualify to get my social security when i die
like the rest of you will with your spouses
so i told her the other day
if they dont change the law maybe...

so these 99497 visits were what all the fuss was about
all i can say is thank you to whoever come up with this idea
its a discussion that we all need to have with our medical providers
our family
our friends
now medicare and insurances will pay for us to do it

you need a
living will
power of attorney for healthcare
power of attorney for finances
consider a no cpr maybe tatto it on your chest right where they
place their hands when they start cpr

looking at my family medical history and my personal history
i am going to die from either
heart disease
worse i guess
alzheimers disease

if its alzheimers disease
when i get to the point where i am not a functional human
mentally and physically
i want my wife she to bring out all my forms
they will say something like
my husband the organicgreendoctor being of sound mind and body
having utilized his 99497 visit to discuss this with his doc
now wants all this stuff put into service
there on all the forms it will say

let me sink or swim
dont you dare take me to no hospital
dont you dare push on my chest
dont you dare stick a tube down my throat
dont you dare put an iv in me
dont you dare put no feeding tube down my nose

its my time
let me please float away like the old timey folks use to

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, May 20, 2016

alzheimers news-common questions

each time i do my presentations on alzheimers disease
i get a lot of questions
well they never end those questions
once they start asking it seems this floodgate opens
all those questions that they cant find anyone to answer
starts flowing out 
like a flood running over a dam

i feel like i am a unique person to answer these questions
my family has been riddled with alzheimers disease
my mother and younger brother died with it
my father probably had it
my older brother probably has it now

i have mild cognitive impairment amnestic type the precursor
stage before alzheimers although my memory recently 
returned to normal levels

i am a family doctor who treated some patients with alzheimers disease
looking back i didnt do a good job so i know what some of these 
people are facing as they see their doctors
i am a research study subject in a large alzheimers study
i am awaiting new treatment studies that have promise

so they start asking questions i give answers based on my personal 
experiences and medical knowledge
i keep up with all thats going on in the alzheimers world
eg i read 10 articles on alzheimers this morning

someone always asks about aricept (donepezil)

i can guarantee that their doctors dont really know about its side effects
yes like me when i was in practice they can read about them
and have patients tell them about their side effects
i read about them and i personally experienced them myself
so i really understand them
most folks stop the medicine since they dont take it right
and because they dont understand that the side effects are worse
at the beginning but get better over a few weeks
its like taking chemo at the beginning of treatment
if you can get through it you will break through on the other side
with less side effects
patients just arent explained all this 
i try to go through each side effect with the audience

then someone always ask what do i do if i have memory issues

i always say
get evaluated
most folks dont have dementia or alzheimers they have some cause 
thats fully treatable
med side effects poor controlled blood pressure cholesterol diabetes
obesity sleep habits anxiety depression inactivity stress etc
a few will have abnormal labs like b12 folate vitamin d homocysteine
hormone levels
all fixable with replacements

then i tell them make an appointment for only memory loss and 
nothing else
go in prepared with list of symptoms
make sure a workup is done to include history and exam labs some
type of memory test maybe labs
if they are ignored go somewhere else

if the person may have dementia they should not go alone ever
do an online questionnaire on how they are doing
i always refer them to the 21 question alzheimers questionnaire online
fill it out and take it with you

is dementia alzheimers 

dementia is a general term 
alzheimers is one of the most common causes of dementia
others are vascular dementia lewy body dementia frontotemporal dementia
parkinsonism dementia etc

is there are cure

no i say 
not yet
but we are working on it

the best you can do to prevent it is 
100% take care of your health maximizing it all including 
diet and exercise
if diagnosed take initially aricept (donepezil)
it helps about 1/3, it doesnt help 1/3 they just get worse, 1/3 stay the same
consider entering a research study 
they need volunteers badly 
this is how we will  find a cure
there are treatment studies ongoing now and soon to start that show
promise in slowing down the disease and if we are lucky
they will stop the disease if treatment is started early enough

here is where i go

so those questions go on and on and on 
i stood and answered them for two hours before
people it seems are starving for answers

two things
i am always available to do question and answer sessions in this area
contact me via facebook via the link on this blog page
i also do a talk on clinical trials and on alzheimers disease and on 
my story

i will answer questions sent to me on facebook
and if appropriate on this blog
feel free to ask me


Alzheimer's Texas

we need money to help in the fight
each fall we do alzheimers texas walks in this area
come walk at a site convenient to you and donate what you can

outside of central texas 
you can do the alzheimers association walk to end alzheimers

we need your help

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, May 19, 2016

country n news-first honey, firewheel


this week i told my wife she
its time
we got our topbar hive a year ago
filled it with a nuch of bees
so this week i decided its time to check the bees
after donning my full bee suit
so the bees wouldnt get me
but i didnt have a suit for poor bouncer-see yesterdays blog

so i smoked them real good
that calms them down
although this time i think it just made them madder

as i was working through the different combs
i realized that they didnt have enough honey for me
to be robbing from them

now robbing isnt the right word
i provide them a safe place to live
for rent they are suppose to pay me in honey
a fair exchange i think
as a young hive they arent quite ready to pay up

as i was working my way through the hive
there was a small comb that they had built in front
of a bigger comb
it was about a fourth the size of the full comb

now in a topbar hive the comb isnt square like in a regular hive
its shaped like a horseshoe

so i needed to remove that extra one
lucky for me it was full of honey
i trimmed it off
brushed off the bees
laid it in a plastic container that my wife she was holding
placed the cover on it to keep the bees from trying to save
the honey
making my wife she a target for the bees
since she had the honey
didnt tell her that though
she walked away from the hive
she looked like the peanuts character pigpen
with all those bees flying around her

as she got 60 ft away she went through the gate
where mr bouncer was happily awaiting her arrival
thats when he got zapped
again read yesterdays blog

eventually the bees gave up on my wife she letting them have
their honey back
so she took it inside the house

now we havent harvested honey before
so i had went online to youtube to find a lot of videos
on how to get the honey out of the comb and processed

so i found a kiss method
keep it simply simple method
my approach to things in this life

i opened the plastic container
cut the comb into squares the size of a cracker
dropped them into a quart fruit jar
took a spoon and crushed the smithereens out of the comb
of course i took the spoon out and licked it real good
not wanting to waste any honey
i put some cheese cloth over the mouth of the jar
screwed on just the metal part of a canning lid
set that jar on top of another empty canning jar with a lid on it
being the duct tape person i am
i duct taped it together
i set them on the counter to wait
it looked like one of those sand timers that used to be used as a timer
i guess in the old days

it was exciting to see that honey as it slowly slowly slowly
dripped into the lower jar
we waited overnight
then the next day i set the complex duct taped jars in the sun
until they got warm
i poured the warmed honey into a small jar
for use to admire
take a taste of occasionally
treating it like a million dollar bottle of some special liqueur

ok so i dip my finger in there all the time just to get a taste
my wife she uses it on her breakfast each morning

heres hoping it lasts until we can get a bigger harvest
next month

dont you just love homesteading

this is a firewheel or indian blanket wildflower that is blanketing
our pastures right now

im sure some of their pollen is in this
country n honey

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

bouncer and the bee

this is a story about a city dog comes to the country

now this dogs name is bouncer
you can imagine why he has that name right
he lives in the city
lives closely with his human owners
well he has lived like a lot of city dogs a sheltered life
you know
what we have found is that in those dogs that have grown up
that way
there deep down is a lot of country in them
they just need to be able to release the country inner self

sometimes the learning can be painful

when bouncer first arrives he dont like the other dogs being
around him much
you see he is top dog where he lives
we got an alpha dog named maverick
a true alpha dog
he displays his alpha until the other new dog submits
then he totally ignores him
once he thinks he wins

then there is our dog marley
a golden retriever who is what i called a licker
he will lick you to death
pet him good and you have a friend for life

he doesnt care about the alpha stuff
he just wants to play with bouncer
run and play
thats all he wants

now when the bouncer owners delivered bouncer to us
for his week stay
they understand that he will be a country dog while here
he will i repeat he will be real dirty and smelly when they pick
him up
they have done this before so they know to bring a tarp for him
to lie on in the back of the car
i recommend that take him right to the car wash
do the supreme wash and rinse is what i said

now mr bouncer has two pleasures while here

he likes to immerse himself in marleys water trough
one i keep filled so marley wont use my ponds and destroy all the plants
a compromise he and i made several years ago

the other pleasure is going to the river
here i put on my mud boots
got my walking stick
they knew exactly what i said
they ran to the gate with tails awagging

now the trip down there is a fun
they seem to like the crooked route
visiting the neighbors paint horses
chasing field mice
trailing smells down the paths that the deer make
yes they like to roll all over the deer doo
why do they do that
now bouncer he added deer doo to his smell
then now bouncer he minds well like marley does
maverick he is independent and just goes at his own speed
and his own path
bouncer he stays close by looking back to make sure im close
no leash needed

then as we approach the river
all three are gone
they know where to go
i arrive to the banks of the river
bouncer his genes have kicked in
is in the river swimming and biting at the water
he doesnt know chase the stick yet
marley sure does
hell track that stick you throw downstream until he can get it
in his mouth
then swims back with it
gives it to me so i can do it again and again
until he finally tires
then i know its time to go

one good thing with all this fresh air is that
bouncer gets cleaned up some
so he wont smell so bad
maybe ill take him down to the river right before his owners
come pick him up
hell like that bath better than the car wash

i decided to check my bees this week
donning my white garb
now when marley and maverick see me do this
they go to the opposite end of the property
they forgot to tell bouncer though
they done made the mistake once
it only took once for them
to be curious about me messing with the bees

its amazing what one bee sting can imprint on your memory
permanently i may add

poor bouncer
he didnt know about bees
he was just curious and wanted to be near humans
now he was 60 ft away from me
when those bees get ticked off
thats a little too close

so it wasnt long when those bees were aswarming around and around
one took off looking for a nose or eye or face to avenge this attack
on his hive
now my wife she was all garbed up
marley and maverick they were safely tucked away in our garage
not moving or even blinking

poor bouncer
he didnt have a clue
that bee attack
sacrificing himself for the hive
ending his life embedded somewhere on bouncers face

oh my bouncer
i thought he must have been attacked by the whole hive
the way he rocked and rolled and whined and rubbed his face
and body in the grass
he looked like a bronc or riding bull that had a cowboy on his back
all around the property he went
until finally he got that bronco bee off his face

bouncer 0 bee 1

lesson learned
that city dog
bouncer will sure have a lot to tell his family
when he gets home

what happens in the country
stays in the country
thats ranch rules

the organicgreen doctor

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

dear ms b-thrill ride


now ms b
i know you will start to school in a few years
then next thing you will be driving
yes mom and dad that time will come real soon
real quick
youll be real surprised how fast that will be

now this is confession time
this is really why i run my meals on wheels route each week

as i run my meals on wheels route each friday
i drive from the pickup building where the meals on wheels is located
north along this road into a smaller town

now i drive slow on this road
since i got an expensive speeding ticket once

officer i said
i was speeding because i had to get these meals to these old folks
before they got cold
the meals not the old folks

it didnt work

in the small town i drive around it seems in circles like being on a
merry go round
i get spun out north like i fell off the merry go round onto this
long country road to my last three deliveries miles away
from where i started

lucky for me
when i finish i am only a few miles away
as the crow flies
from the country n

i have to or should i say i get to drive
like a race car driver
i drive
around sharp curves
up and down hills
over the river more than once
onto a smaller country road
where the curves are tighter and the hills
well when you go over the hills
if you go fast enough
you can become airborne

honking along the away as i zoom by
a former patient now much older who occasionally is out there
i always honk at him
give him the country wave
i know i must be a grey blur as i zoom by

im sure he says
those dam teenagers
they need to slow down

heck ive even stopped a few times to visit him
as he walks around his yard with his oxygen tank in tow
you shouldnt be out in the heat of the day i always tell him

usually though hes not outside
he is a country singer who still sings some with his band
in the area

past his house
its a sudden drop over a creek that floods sometimes
that keeps me from my joy ride
down over the creek i go
it seems like when i go over that bridge
my car hugs the ground
i seem to get propelled up like someone launched my car
like a rocket up the hill
to a sudden sharp curve to the right

man this must be what it like to be a formula one driver
a long half mile straight away
ok so i do speed on this
really too much speed
when i reach the 90 year old ladies house i always slow
im afraid she might be slowly backing out of her driveway
into my path
she would never ever see me
i dont wont to be the one that ends her living around here
as ive slowed there
i slow down even more to the speed limit
come to a stop at the highway we live on

i then return to reality
having had a thrill ride
of my youth

now ms b
dont you ever drive like this
maybe you shouldnt read this one

mama delete this one

the organicgreen doctor

Monday, May 16, 2016


no not the cigar
no not the country
the mavericks owner
Image result for mark cuban

thats who would make an interesting presidential candidate
he i think
has the good qualities of donald trump well he does have a few
without all the trappings of those bad things trumps says
against women
against hispanics
against muslims
against american indians
things he just makes up or lies about
heck he just called elizabeth warren pocahontas
id be careful on that one donald
you may have met your match with her
remember she is on our side us common folks

now mark cuban
he is a conservative who doesnt have all the social baggage stuff
that donald has
in fact he lives in a world dominated by minorities
the nba
his well part of his livelihood is dependent on his relations with
the black dominated nba

i have listened to him for years
i dont ever recall his making disparaging remarks on these minorities women
gays etc like donald has
he is brash and independent

just yesterday i was sitting reading and thinking
i thought
you know mark cuban would be a good presidential candidate this year
he has the uncanny ability to cut through all the garbage
to what is important
he fixes it

this is what we want this year
someone who thinks outside the box
outside of washington politics
who can and would get things done
making enemies of the establishment in washington
as he would go along fixing things here
in the usa

even though he is conservative
i think i could vote for him
he seems to have some of the conservative ideas that i could go along with

he has been in the real world
worked with all the groups that trump is trashing
many of them would vote for cuban

i read today he was approached as a third party candidate
sadly its too late for that
he should have jumped on board months ago
and done battle with trump and the others

now i havent watched any of the things they call presidential debates
i would definitely watch one that mark cuban was in

heres hoping
this will stimulate an interest a challenge for cuban
he always likes challenges
to start running for 2020

he could go from mavericks president to our usa president

i sure would give him consideration

the organicgreen doctor

Friday, May 13, 2016

alzheimers news-i said it again


yesterday i spoke to a group of folks who wanted to know
more about alzheimers disease

i like talked several minutes about why i am involved
in the alzheimers disease fight and some of my story
with the possibility of having alzheimers disease
i let them ask questions
the ones that they need answers to
this format is the one i like the best
since i think folks feel like they got some answers
they couldnt get from other sources
like their medical providers

i hope i gave them answers yesterday
sorry to say there is no solution yet to this alzheimers thing

i always get asked what can i do or what did you do to
make  yourself better

i always say like i did yesterday

no matter where you are in this alzheimers spectrum
normal memory
early memory loss
full blown alzheimers disease

the answers are the same for them as for me and for you

take care of your health
take care of your health
take care of your health

it wont stop the disease
but it might slow it down
even for a few months in some cases
but a few months can mean a lot when you are talking about memory loss

do this for a lifetime

start when you are an infant throughout childhood into adulthood
you not only may be able to prevent alzheimers disease
but also cancer heart disease stroke and probably other diseases

aggressively take care of your blood pressure your cholesterol
your diabetes your weight your sleep your mental heath as in
stress anxiety depression your mental and social and physical activity
maximize all of this
youll live longer and will be more disease free
maybe alzheimers free

you are what you eat or should we say what you dont eat

i told them to look up the mind diet
ok i said this a lot in this blog over the last several months
you will see it again if you keep reading it

it is probably the top thing a person needs to do in this alzheimers fight

a big new study is getting funded where folks will be put
on the mind diet to see if even in the short term
it can make memory better

what is the mind diet
here is a good article on it from webmd
its not complicated

eat leafy vegetables berries nuts fish some chicken vegetables
beans whole grains
limit red meat to 4 times a week
use olive oil as your oil
limit butter to one tbsp a day
drink red wine 1 glass a day
now i have that one covered
in fact if we go out to eat or meet friends for happy hour
i usually will just drink red wine instead of another beverage
limit fast food to once a week
limit pastries and sweets to 5 times a week
limit cheese to once a week sorry i changed mine to once a day

this diet was one that folks who live a long time seem to eat
all over the world
so some investigator didnt just make it one

it folks
is the cornerstone of our fight against this terrible disease
of course
cancer heart disease stroke obesity diabetes
debilitating hip and knee disease
blood pressure cholesterol sleep issues
it just makes you feel better

try it
if you wont do this
then make sure your kids are eating this way
so they can enjoy a longer more healthy life

support the local alzheimers texas walks to raise money to fight
this terrible disease
Alzheimer's Texas Walk 2016
here is the link to their new website

the organicgreen doctor

Thursday, May 12, 2016

country n news-more produce


each year as i garden for fun and food
i realize
i am glad i dont do this for a living

last year our 7 peach trees were loaded
when i say loaded i mean loaded
the limbs were touching the ground
thats how loaded they were
plus i even thinned them out a lot earlier in the season
the production was so great and the peaches just bigger
and heavier
down to the ground those limbs went

there were so many we couldnt keep up with the harvesting
so many became overripe
so we gave those to the country n chickens

now this year its a different story
we had a warm winter
each variety of peach requires different hours of cold weather
apparently this year
only 1 of those 7 peach trees met those criteria

now this tree that produced these peaches
the only one we will get peaches from
its an old old tree
in fact i almost cut it down
since the trunk looked so gnarly twisted rotten
wasnt sure how much longer it could stay alive

while listening to the garden show
john drumgole suggested just keeping those old trees
until they just fell over or died
so thats what i decided to do
i fully expect to go out one day after a big storm and  find
that this tree has blown down
so here is our one 5 gallon bucket of production of these sink peaches

i see frozen peach fuzzes and peach cobbler in our future

next we harvested our potatoes this week
we got a full bucket of them also
these were planted in mid january
i dig them up when the plants starting to die
it seems earlier and earlier each year now
climate changing i guess

these are stored in trays i save from the garden stores
in our garage in a dark corner
we will eat these over several months

its the onions
we got some biggens this year
these are all 1015s
called this because thats when you plant the seeds
i plant plants i buy in bunches of 25+
i planted close to 300 of them
occasionally eating some as they grow as green onions

these were planted in a bed where i have undergound pvc
about 36 ft worth with holes in them
i poured liquid fertilizer solution in the pipes to water them
you could almost see them explode in size
a few days after each watering

i waited to harvest them until the onions start to fall over
that time has arrived
these are stored in my garage and in my bbq area until the stalks
dry up
then the onions are trimmed up and put in panty hose
then hung from the garage roof
in onion chimes

we cut them down as we need them
providing us onions into the fall

im sorry but you cant buy this good tasting produce at the grocery store
maybe you can at a good farmers market
it just tastes better when you grew it yourself

try it yourself next year

the organicgreen doctor

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

it may not bee what you think

this is a small bottle of honey
that a friend harvested this year from his hive
its less than a month old
sort of a wild taste
the honey takes on some of the taste of whatever
pollen the bees are harvesting
this time of year its lots of wildflowers and trees
and shrubs and bushes

now this honey is all local
i know its 100% pure honey

i have been a beekeeper for a year now
only got stung twice
once on the rt cheek
once on the lip
now that one hurt real bad
like a severe brain freeze that wont go away

i havent harvested any honey yet
i know when i do that it will be
pure honey
no additives
all organic

before i had bees
my wife she likes honey in the morning with her breakfast
i would go to the store
being cheap like i am
im always looking to save money
i would go through the honey section
find the cheapest honey
buy it
bring it home
she would eat it
now since im an official honey beekeeper
i know
that that cheap honey i bought
probably had a lot of corn syrup in it
the label just didnt have it on the list of ingredients
thats why the honey is so cheap
they water it down with corn syrup
in some cases they actually use water to water down the honey
they usually china also use chemicals and antibiotics that are banned
in the united states
none of this stuff will be on the label

apparently china is bad about doing this
they sell it to larger honey selling companies in other foreign countries
who sell it to large grocery chains here in the us
who sells it to cheap folks like me trying to save a buck
who might just be able to save even more money
if he would just go ahead and buy corn syrup

now i know better
i know the difference in the flavor and the nutrition
i buy from a local honey person
if i am in the grocery store
i buy honey that is from a local honey farm
known to produce pure honey

that is
until i can harvest my honey
i will add honey to my local produce list from
the country n

she likes the wild native hone better
its healthier for you

dont you be fooled

the organicgreen doctor