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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

the palace

at the country n we live here at the edge of a school district which
we really have no personal ties to
just taxes
most of our taxes it seems goes to this school district

ever so often a bond issue comes across the ballot
when i vote
i vote against them
this is why

mark cuban the dallas maverick billionaire owner
thinks that colleges and schools overbuild and

now colleges are a real drain on our economy
saddling our students our kids with millions of
dollars of debt that they have trouble paying off
they cant afford to live by themselves after graduation
they cant afford to get married
they cant afford a car
they have this albatross called school debt that follows
them for years and years
this is starting to hurt our economy

there is no control it seems on schools colleges and highs schools
building more and more buildings
extending their domain over more and more of us

this extends all the way down to the high schools
it seems worse here in texas

now this picture below is of
the athletic complex of a local large school district
this place is called
the palace
by everyone
except for the schools administration

its called the palace because of its cost
it came on board just as things crashed in the early 2000s
leaving a bad taste in folks mouths

now this is a school that recently was built near us
many of you may recognize it
im just glad i dont live in that district and have to pay
those property taxes for that school

a high school relative visiting from another state
which is more austere in its money management
was at awe
really at awe
at this high school

the student population being half what his was
the school complex being maybe 3-4 times his schools

then the one that pushed me over the top
was one like this old one in the picture below
well not that old as this one is about 10 years old
one now of 6 such complexes

the new one is 164 acres almost half a million yes million square feet
at the cost of $102+ million
remember thats just one school

again some of you make recognize this new one story
your kids may be going there next year

i drove by the new school being built for months
not knowing what it was
there was no label or sign outside the construction fence
just the names of the builders
i started guessing what it was
government building
nope its too vast
a new factory
maybe something like the space x battery stuff
some computer company like dell or ibm or microsoft
had to be something like that its too dang big

then the buildings just got bigger and bigger
overtime i realized what it was
the give away was the softball field the baseball field
the soccer field the foot ball field etc

those fields i realized as i told someone
those fields are so far away from the school they will
have to ride a bus to go play on them
its way too far to walk

yes its another massive texas high school
sucking lots of dollars away
building like that football field
a palace

we dont need these things i say

now i am a big proponent of education and colleges
we dont need this humongous buildings
we dont need to send every kid to college
they all dont need it
quit wasting money on kids to go to school who dont want
to be there
cant make the grades
now im talking about college on that one

a relative who teaches college gets this tearful student every year
if i dont pass your class i loose all my money im getting
some of it loans they have to pay back with nothing to show for it

he says not being mean now to himself
well if you would have come to class and took notes
and listened and read the material
you wouldnt be in this situation now
as the professor looks at the students gpa of close to 1

the test is next week is all he said
hes done his job

we build schools way too big
we waste a lot of money on them
we saddle college students with tons of debt
many of them dont even need to be there in school
some of the debt is a big ripoff
we need to control college costs someway

all of you reading this is affected by all this
maybe bernie is right
school should be free for those that really need to be there
and need the help

the palaces
shouldnt be happening

the frugile
the organicgreen doctor

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